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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 30, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PST

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good morning, everyone. i'm bianna golodryga. >> congress is looking to avoid a railroad strike, this after warnings from president biden that, for the doing so, could cripple the u.s. economic. lawmakers are also facing a looming government funding dec deadline. >> plus oath keepers founder steward rhodes, and kelly meggs,
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both found guilty of sedition activities. both facing a maximum 20-year prison sentence on that the charge. the threat for severe weather continues today, as 20 tornadoes ripped through thet l the house looks to move the rail package forward. manu raju is on the hill. the big question, are the votes in the house and on the senate to get this through? >> there are votes in the house. i just spoke to steny hoyer, and asked if all democrats are expected to vote for the measure. he said that some probably are not. there will be enough republicans to support that, so he called it a fudge factor to eventually lead for this bill to be approved.
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so the democratic leadership set up two votes today to placate concerns on the left that this was silent on the issue of paid leave for workers. they had another vote for paid leave, and another to -- now, the senate is a different question. the senate can ignore the issue about paid leave altogether, and just pass the underlying bill to implement the agreement, which seems the most likely path that will ultimately go into law, but the senate is the abbig questio going forward. there will need to be an agreement to set the vote on the rail deal. there is not an agreement yet, because some democrats, some members of the democrat tick caucus, including bernie sanders, want a vote to implement the paid sick leave. some republicans have raised concerns as well, they may have
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suggestions for amendments so, that process needs to work out, as they're hope to pass this by the end of the week. still uncertain if they can gem there, as they move through this lame-duck session. >> house democrats are to vote on their leadership. hakeem jefferson is expected to succeed nancy pelosi. does he have the votes? >> reporter: he does, and he doesn't have any opposition. it should be a relatively smooth transition, something that was uncertainly after nancy pelosi announced her decision to step aside, but by the decisions by number two and three not to seek those positions, and instead allow for a new generation of democratic lead ters to go forward, they're expected to get those positions essentially by
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voice votes. and jeffries could be the first black leader on capitol hill in history. >> manu raju, thank you. joining us is the white house bureau chief for the "the washington post," and cnn p political analyst. talu, if i could start with you, allize will be on what the senate does, in terms of averting a rail strike. what is the likelihood that the senate will not only pass the one vote, the legislation that was great to in the preliminary deal back in september to avoid it, but also the second vote that the house is taking up, and that's paid leave. >> yeah, this is crunch time. a lot of these senators are going to have to realize whether or not they're going to stick to their principles and try to stand up for labor, or realize
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that if this -- if we allow a rail strike to happen, that this could tankle economy. this could have a harsh impact. i do expect the senators to try to make their point, try to, you know, at least stick their flag in the ground and say this is what i stand for, and ultimately get behind the idea of trying to avert that rail strike. >> you have an interesting collection of folks that seem to be pushing for -- bernie sanders, you might expect that, but marco rubio, a couple others republicans mentioning that. will we have a bipartisan vote here possibly, at least on signalmen -- well, railroad workers, whereas in the past, nobody has had any progress of getting it through on a national basis.
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>> i think that there is a possibility for that, a few of the democratic sources i've been texting with on the hill are hopeful that, given the signals they have seen from some republicans like senator marco rubio maybe there could be a deal struck here, adding seven additional days sounds reasonable, which is that the separate bill that the house is going to vote on. nancy pelosi is doing it separately, technically if they do run out of time -- december 9th is the deadline -- if they run out of the time, the bill that just covers the rail deal could be sent to the president's desk. i think that you are going to see a push -- a bipartisan push, to really try to fit this paid sick leave in there, if they can. >> on this theme of
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bipartisanship, we did see the senate come together yesterday and protection same-sex marriage and pass that bill. we obviously have this potential deal, which looks like it will pass as well, avoiding the rail strike. what about funding the government? the deadline is december 16. is that going to happen? there's some rumbling that it may be extended to december 23rd, right around christmas time. >> every year in december we go through this issue, where we figure out how to fund the government for a few days, buy more time for the negotiators. i do think the fact that we are seeing some bipartisanship moving forward, some of the inclusions, you know, moderate republicans that have come on board. some of those members could be part of the building block as
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well as fund the government far into the a future. so democrats are trying to republican leaders -- in line as well. it's no small thing, right? jeffries will be an entire generation younger, as well as at the lower levels. on the republican side, is kevin mccarthy likely to be the next house speaker? or is it still up in the air? >> i think it's city very up in the air.
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for mccarthy to even get there. we've seen how he's been playing this dance to try to appease the conservatives t. the freedom caucus, i should say, members like marjorie taylor greene of his caucus, because he needs as many of those votes as possible as he can get. on the democratic side, yes, it is a major shift, a generational shift when you go down the line. hakeem jeffries has long been seen as the likely heir apparent. in recent cycles, there is angst among the democratic caucus how long nancy pelosi was staying on, but they seem to be having a very seamless transition now. more than 25 tornadoes tore through the southeast overnight,
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killed two people, injured one person in alabama. those are some powerful wins. by the storm -- this is in green county, alabama, and here's something our ruian young showed us the last hour. however, many touched down in mississippi, the threat for severe weather continues today for three states, alabama, florida and georgia. and entire communities are devastated there. ryan young is back on the ground for us in mississippi. ryan, the sun is up. talk us through what you are seeing. >> reporter: sobering, really, when you think about it. when we talked to the fire administrator last hour, he was honest. people called 911, they were desperate. they needed help, and they were able to rescue them.
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when you look at damages like this, what is that 911 call like when the tree slices your home in half? people are actively try it is to get their houses back together. this gentleman is pulling out -- as he's cutting down the tree at the same time. there has been a massive amount of power outages in this area. as we are talking, you can see the crews in the distance that are -- we do know at least three to four rescues, everyone is okay, but we got the sad news about the people in alabama who lost their lives. when you see the path of destruction, you can understand
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the power of this wind. you see people getting a slight hug. that woman didn't have a jacket earlier. she was learning about her house, so we've been trying to give some people time to work some of these portions out. they said everyone has been helpful so far. look at that truck. that truck actually still works, but you can see how damaged it is. when we turn to the side here, a lot of people heard that siren, but then all of a sudden, the tornado took that as well. it will take time to put it back together. we'll be here through the day as they try to deal with this. ryan young, thank you. still to come this hour, the justice department now celebrating a major win in court, this after two oath
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keepers leaders were convicted of sedition conspiracy. plus, experts say more people are adding to the credit card debt this holiday season. could this mean trouble, as there are still some concerns about a recession, though there were big strong economic numbers today. a new experimental drug is showing promise when it comes to slowing alzheimer's, but are the potential side effffects worth e risksk? we'll discuss, next. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. for more on the new boss, here's patrick mahomes. oh, the meatball out! i thoughhe never fumbles. the new bway series. what's your pick?
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miller testified to a federal garage on tuesday, this part of the january 6th investigation, that makes the former white house speechwriter the first known witness to testify since the doj appointed a special counsel. >> let's get to kaitlan polance for more on this. what make stephen miller a key witness? >> jim and bianna, it's that stephen miller was there. he was in the white house, having conversations with the president. we know there are several people that the prosecutors who have been working on this. there are top pence advisers, top people from the white house counsel's office. now stephen miller is going -- and what we know and that's
7:19 am
miller was working as trump's chief writer, but as he was preparing to deliver this to the crowds, who went and -- miller had a 25-minute conversation with the president oaf that went words of mike pence, this idea telling supporters there should be pressure on pence to block the election. miller took that out, it got back in, but he would have been witness to the gearing up for trump's speech at the ellipse. >> thank you. a major win for the department of justice. oath keepers leader stewart rhodes and eye high-ranking member, kelly meggs, both found
7:20 am
guilty of sedition conspiracy. they both face a 20-year max mustn't sentence on the charge. >> a jury convicted all five defendants, inclof obstructing official procedure. andrew mccabe is with us. good to have you on this morning. elliott williams said this is significant, they're charged for the simple fact that people don't often try to overthrow the government or disrupt the peaceful transfer of power. >> he's absolutely right about that, and thankfully, right?
7:21 am
it's such an obscenely horrific thing to do to our process, and it rarely happens, which is a good thing for you. but i would turn your attention to the operational impact of these verdicts. by that, i mean how these vertebrae will impact the ongoing threat of domestic violence extremism. even though it's a hard case to prove, and even though it's rarely ever charged, the justice department is willing to go there. they have the evidence necessary to bring these charges, and they have now shown that they can convince a jury this sort of activity should be punished to the absolute extent of the law. that sentence a very strong message to that extremist community this sort of behavior will not be tolerated. i think that's exactly what we have seen in the words of fbi director wray, his comments after the verdict said exactly that -- this sort of thing will
7:22 am
not be tolerated. >> on that note, it was interesting to hear from rhodes' ex-wife this morning on "cnn this morning" she was rather surprised at the conviction and relieved, because she said he was able to get away with so many things that she never felt he wouldn't be health to account. she couldn't even get a restraining order against him. but she also said this wouldn't reduce support for him. >> i think she's probably right, but historic lil, if you go back to the 1970s, and really the rise of the paramilitary side of groups affiliated with the ku klux klan. they started engaging in paramilitary training, and then that activity was highlighted by law enforcement, it was charged
7:23 am
largely at the state level, and some folks were punished for that, and some of these sites were shut down. that prompted a change -- not the eradication of the we have to be more covert. but the underlying extremist beliefs will not go away. >> there's a lot of parallels to the way terrorist organizations organize themselves. >> it's the idea of a conspiracy, and overthrow the election. are there lessons from these
7:24 am
convictions here that tell us any about the potential investigations? >> absolutely. there's show waves through the communities of future defendants. the current defendants are the proud boys trial, the second oath keepers trials, they're reevaluating their defenses right now. for those folks who may be on a next round of indictments, people at the higher levels of people responsible for the damage for the order nicing of that rally. they have to say, here's a guy who god punished severely, not for going to the capitol or not breaking in, he didn't even walk on the ground that is day, but
7:25 am
it was his organizational activity, hi leadership that really got him in trouble. that opens up a whole new door of culpability for people at the highest level. >> that's a remarkable point, something we'll watch closely. andy mccabe, thank you so much. >> thanks. highlighting the u.s. and france's commitment to exploring space. vice president harris and french president macron are touring nasa's headquarters. more on the fremplg president's visit that includes an official meeting as well with president biden. 12 hours!! not coughing? hashtag still not cougughing?! mucinex dm gives youou 12 hours of relief from chest c congestion and any type of cough, day or night. mucinex dm. it's comeback season.. how many rooms are in there? should we go check it out? yeah. we get to stay here all weekend! when you stay at arbo... i call doing the door code! ...the host doesn't stay with you. it looks exactly ke the picture. because wiout privacy in your vacation home...
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french president macron and his wife brigitte are in the u.s. today. this hour macron will be at nasa headquarters with vice president harris. he also plans to visit the state department and arlington national cemetery. >> m.j. lee joins us. why now and what's ahead for the visit? >> reporter: definitely a keep moment for the u.s./french relationship, but it kicks off with the french president spending time with the vice
7:31 am
president. they were, as you said, set to spend time at nasa. this will provide a great visual, but heavy on symbolism. they can draw attention to one of the many areas that the u.s. and france have worked together on, and just? general cooperation between the two countries, but torrie really is the big, make, diplomatic day, where the bidens host the ma chron right here, already just walking around me, you can see a number of french flags on display, as they prepare to welcome the french president and his wife to the white house. we are going to see a big arrival ceremony in the morning, and then obviously the bigb big bi-lat meeting, and then the
7:32 am
dinner in the evening. there will many things to talk about, including the war in ukraine, that that war has unleashed, and they're also expected to talk a lot about china, one administration official say that the two countries should speak from a common script when it comes to china. they will certainly trade notes on dealing with xi jinping the president of china. also, iran is supposed to be another major issue that the two leaders are expected to talk about. as you noted, this is president biden's first state visit, and official say that, in and of itself just goes to show how deep and far-reaching that relationship between the u.s. and france is. >> m.j. lee, thanks so much. this afternoon investors will be watching closely as federal reserve chairman jerome powell delivers a critical speech at a critical time. many experts will be looking for clues whether the central bank
7:33 am
will close its interestings in interest rates, this as a new report shows the economy grew much faster than expected in the quarter, up nearly 3%. we are? a historically tight job markets. the number of openings dropped to 10.3 million. let's bring in jenna smilic, an economic reporter at "new york times." good to have you back. thanks for having me. "the washington post" reported, at the most recent meeting, there was general agreement, it's getting to time to slow the increases, or at least not as big increases. is that what is expected? do we expect to see the fed chairman hint at that in his public comments today? >> yes. they have made it extremely clear they're getting ready, but
7:34 am
tries to communication that slowing down does not mean stopping in. >> would we expect a big confidence response? >> i think that's what chair powell is trying to avoid today. i think you should expect confirmation that, yes, we're moving toward a slower pace, but also an emphasis on the idea that interest rates are going higher than previously expected, that the central bank could keep raising interest rates well, and the fed just doesn't think its job is done yet. >> and up significantly from the preceding two quarters, but a
7:35 am
very strong black friday. >> is there talk of the fed achieving that magic soft landing here? >> the federal reserve is still hoping it can achieve that. i think that package hats become narrower hand narrower. it becomes much harder to pull off a gentle landing. >> meaning we still have a lot of dollars. among consumers right now, you're seeing consumers are increasingly looking for deals, but there's a chance they'll
7:36 am
consume right through small price increases. as long as that remains the case, it could be harder to wrestle this inflation under control. >> there's word they're spending from the savings built up from the pandemic. the rate of increase has slowed somewhat in recent months. when you talk to folks how does the fed read it? >> when you talk to economists, they'll say things are looking better. there's a lot of reasons to think that inflation has peaked. when you talk to the fed, they will mostly tell you it's way too soon to declare victory. by way of context, the fed is aiming to 2%, so year nearly four times what the fed is aiming for. this feels bad to anybody on the street or trying to shop for
7:37 am
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the world's largest active volcano spewing lava still, and now it's creeping toward the island's main highway. >> look at those pictures. the governor signed as emergency proclamation, which allows the government to issue alerts. no communities are in immediate danger, but conditions could change. >> i'm mesmerized by those pictures. a potential new treatment for alzheimer's, getting high praise for the alzheimer's association, the new drug appears to slow the progression of the disease in critical trials, but it also is raising concerns about some adverse reactions. >> for more on this, cnn's
7:43 am
senior medical correspondent elizabeth cohen joins us now. how promising is this new drug? and given the side effects, is it worth it in terms of what researchers are saying at this point? >> bianna, essentially that's what the u.s. food & drug administration has to decide. they fasttracked this drug, but the study authors themselves say that longer studies need to be done. so efficacy, first, what they did, they took 1800 people between the ages of 50 and 90 who had mild early stages of alzheimer's. hat goff a ploo seo, hat the dripping. the half that got the drug did see a decline, but 27% slower. also, the folks in the drug group they lower levels of amyloid.
7:44 am
so the two big questions are, well, that's good, no question, but is that enough to make a difference? will they be able to function better? will their families notice a difference? the second question is, what about the side effects? that's a serious question for this drugs. 17% of the people who took the drug on the study, 17% had brain bleeding. another 12% had brain swelling. now, to be clear, some of the folks who took the placebo had those two things, too, but nearly at rates that high. the media has reported on two deaths of the participants. the company said the deaths are not societied, but it will be interesting to see what the fed does. >> put this in context. alzheimer's is sadly a hope-free zone. there hasn't been a lot of hope in treatments out there. is this enough?
7:45 am
or is there something going after the gunk in brains of people who suffer from this, is that at least a promising path? >> sure. that is a promising path. this is a monocolonial antibody, others out there as will, there was one that came out last year, and there was a lot of hope for it. the hope didn't quite pan out. it's really not being used terribly widely. however, there are hundreds in the pipeline. some of those work differently. they're different classes of drugs. the hope is those might be even more promising than these. >> so many people suffering out there, and so much money and research going into this. hopefully we consolidates get that perfect match and cure at some point. elizabeth cohen, thank you. well, up next, russian lawmakers passing new laws that crack down even further on the lgbtq community. why one russian couple is defiantly sharing their love for
7:46 am
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. any day now, russian president vladimir putin is expected to sign a bill to put even harsher restrictions on lgbtq community in his country. now, the law would ban russians from all ages from, quote,
7:51 am
praising homosexual relationships or publicly suggesting that they are, quote, normal. that includes advertising, books, films and any form of media, but one prominent russian couple has been leading an effort to change the kremlin's views. they publicly shared the news of their wedding and also protested the war in ukraine mikhail, good to see you, misha thank you for coming on with us. you shared your pictures of that special day, where you marry jean-michel in portugal. you have left russia now, an expat after protesting the war, so living in europe. on that day, when you posted those wedding pictures, you said
7:52 am
that we got married, love, freedom, truth and happiness, time to start liberalization from yourself. what do you mean by that, liberalization? >> you know, actual ly we've go a lot of -- and i think that, hmm, we've got -- after the war has started, we all have to think about our own responsibility and about our own guilt and what we should do and what we could do. i think that is very important for any russian and that was my wedding toast. we can now -- voting for, so we
7:53 am
have the to -- and it's fighting again the war, and getting m married, we are setting that precedent. and this anti-lgbtq law follows a similar law passed in 2013. for many people watching at home essentially russia losing this war, and why focus on this community when there's so many existential threats? i don't know how else to describe it, but other than his obse obsession, with the community and tieing it to the west specifically?
7:54 am
>> sure, i don't think it will surprise you there's a lot of official to be really gay, and we don't know anything for issue there were a lot of -- who became the first-time -- the first proponent of that so-called anti-gay law back in 2013, and now is the most ardent supporter of the new law. besides, a lot of people from putin's inner circle are supposed to be gays, so it's -- these are the widespread rumors. i don't think those rumors are reliable but definitely for the
7:55 am
inner circle, it's not a crime it's obviously they are privately okay with that. but they consider that it's a very -- they consider the russian population to be very homophobic. >> very homophobic and conservative. you talk about this hold that the kremlin still has over the population and the media, but you say that may fool the russian public, bud doesn't fool the inner circle, given that the war is not going at the speed he hoped it would. do you believe he's vulnerable. >> i think he's --, especially
7:56 am
after the latest news from the front line, it was offense for the russian group to lead so it's probably the first time, ever, since the beginning of the war it's obvious for the inner circle that he's going to lose, and there's no way ute for themselves so probably they are thinking of for their person weighing to escape that sith ways. they are still voting for any law he proposes, publicly supporting him, but we're close to the end. >> his power is waning. listen, it's great to have you on. congratulation to you and jean-michel. take care. >> thank you. thank you for joining us today.
7:57 am
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