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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 30, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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necessary. we love this country. we love our democracy. we love the congress and the house of representatives, the institution designed to be the closest to the people, and we're going to fight hard each and every day we have this honor to serve in congress, to deliver. i now yield to my good friend and amazing colleague, the incoming house democratic whip from the commonwealth of the great state of massachusetts, katherine clark. >> thank you, hakeem. good afternoon. i am so honored to be here with our leader-elect jeffries and caucus chair pete aguilar. it is truly humbling to be the
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next whip for the 118th congress -- >> hello, i'm ana cabrera in new york. we'll continue to monitor this press conference. but history made in the house today. you just heard from congressman hakeem jeffries who will be the first black leader to lead one of the parties in either chamber of congress. democrats just chose jeffries to succeed nancy pelosi in the party's top spot in the house for the incoming congress. cnn's melanie zanona is joining us from the capitol. jeffries is breaking a barrier that's been up for centuries in congress. this isn't just symbolic, though. how is he going to reshape things for house democrats? >> reporter: it is definitely a new era for house democrats. aside from being the first black leader of any party, he's also going to be the youngest leader at age 52. it doesn't sound that young, but around here it is compared
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previous leadership. giving more opportunities to be involved in writing bills and to give them more opportunities for high-profile positions. that obviously is a nod to some of the frustrations that have pent up in the democratic party for many years. but a big part of jeffries' job as minority leader is going to be beating back against the gop investigations and potential impeachment proceedings into president joe biden's administration. he doesn't have a good working relationship, if at all, with kevin mccarthy who is in line to become speaker next year. they've had somewhat of a contentious relationship in the press. we'll see how that plays out. there will be moments when they need to work together, mccarthy will be leaning on hakeem jeffries to supply him democratic party votes for things like funding the government or raising the debt ceiling. that's going to be a huge fight. but it's also important to point out that hakeem jeffries had the blessing of his predecessor, speaker nancy pelosi.
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he was part of her leadership team. my colleague, daniella diaz reported they hugged today during this election and during the speeches. another member saying the passing of the baton is the most important part of the relay race. that is the mood inside the democratic caucus right now. >> melanie, thank you for your reporting. let's get to the other big headline on the hill. congress making its move to prevent a devastating blow to the economy weeks before the holidays. the house holding votes to block a crippling railroad strike. all this at president biden's request despite objections from some of his labor allies. here is why keeping trains running is so critical for so many americans. experts say, if they stop, supply chains would halt, prices on everyday goods would surge even higher than they already are and millions of computers wouldn't have rides. bottom line, the u.s. economy would lose an estimated $1
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billion in the first week. let's get to cnn's chief congressional correspondent manu raju joining us. some saying this deal doesn't go far enough. lawmakers today are trying to get them more sick time. what's the status? >> reporter: they'll have that vote in the house to add more sick time, but it almost certainly will not get to the president's desk because of the process playing out here. in a matter of moments, we expect the gavel to come down and them to call the vote. they will have the votes to pass tentative rail agreement from september that does not include the paid sick time. that's a tentative agreement to avert the strike at that time between the railways and the industry and the workers. they will have the votes. in fact, right now 287 voted in the affirmative. they just need 218 to pass it. 79 republicans so far have voted for it. still on going. so far nine democrats have voted against it. that's the agreement without the sick leave.
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then there's going to be a vote to amend the agreement to approve guaranteed sick leave. then it's going to go over to the senate. that's where things will change. in the senate, you need to have an agreement between all 100 members to set a vote. they don't have an agreement yet. one senator is demanding an amendment to allow for the sick leave to be included as part of this package. that senator, bernie sanders. he says he will not agree to quick passage of the agreement until he gets that vote. there almost certainly will not have the votes to be adopted to the agreement which all means at the end of the day when it comes time for final passage on the final agreement, it will not include sick leave for these railway workers that they have been demanding. ultimately they're still trying to get the votes in the senate to pass the deal and avert the strike by this week. without a signoff from all members of the senate, they can't do that. that's what's happening right now behind the scenes.
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at the senate lunch, democratic lunch right now, labor secretary marty walsh and transportation secretary pete buttigieg are trying to urge them all to get behind it. they believe senators will support this because of their fears here, if they do nothing, the alternative could be a disastrous impact to the u.s. economy. that's the reality right now lawmakers are confronting. >> thank you for explaining the sausage making, manu. the next guest says he's de deeply -- peter kennedy is the director for the bmwed, a union representing roughly 24,000 track maintenance workers. peter, thanks for joining us. i know this issue of sick leave is an important issue for you. if we can put the graphic back up, i want to show our viewers, the deal as we know it that was reached back in september, a deal reached by the majority of unions previously.
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although i know your union was not one that signed off on this. it does include an immediate 14% raise with backpay to 2020, 24% pay increase by 2024, thousand dollar annual bonuses for five years, no health care cost increases. this includes the biggest raise in 50 years for union members. are you letting the perfect be the enemy of the good by rejecting this? >> thank you for having me on, ana. absolutely not. we appreciate the recommendations of the presidential emergency board, but, frankly, it was long overdue. railroads have made record profits year after year quarter after quarter, all while their services have deteriorated. the profits came at a time when the economy has faced numerous challenges including the covid-19 pandemic. the workers were put in harm's way and kept the country running. it made clear during the pandemic that railway workers need and deserve paid sick
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leave. i want to address something very quickly. health and welfare, you said there's no increases to that. the health and welfare costs will go up $100 a month for our members. that's a substantial increase, by the way. i also want to address one other thing about this. the implication is these workers are getting huge raises which, again, they're respectful. i heard congressman gray during the debate saying that railway workers make $130,000 a year, they make $160,000 a year. that's just a lie. a railway worker makes $85,000 a year at the end of this contract. -- i'm sorry, $80,000 a year. that's $3,000 less than what shils like graves received in political contributions. it's rich for a guy who makes $174,000 a year to get up there and rail against people trying to make his country run, trying to make his state move and get goods to the customers and to the people out there. it's just ridiculous and
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despicable and, frankly, offensive. >> you sent us a chart dealing with the sick leave issue. lots of people are trying to understand what kind of days off do these workers have. this isn't an official document, but it does explain how sick days work. it is eye-opening to me at least. zero vacation. only one personal day in the first year. again, no sick leave. only five vacation days and one personal day if you've worked between one and two years. still only ten day investigation and one personal day if you've worked two to seven years. i'm curious what do people do if they're sick? >> first of all, railway workers, the majority have zero paid sick days. we didn't get that paid personal day in the first year until this recommendation came about that we fought for. that aside, how it works when people are sick, is they're forced or cajoled by the railroad to come into work ill.
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so many times railway workers come in ill. if they call in sick, they get penalized, get disciplined. >> what kind of discipline? >> they get issued demerit points. even people who have a doctor's appointment are issued demerit points right now for missing work. the reason why is because the railroads, along with wall street, have decided to run these operations for solely the benefit of profit. they have cut 45,000 workers from the workforce in the last seven years. so there's nearly 100,000 workers left to run the freight rail system in this country under virtually the same rail traffic that existed prior to these deep cuts. when somebody calls in ill, the reason why the railroads won't let them take off is because they don't have anybody to fill that void. they don't have any extra bodies to take up the slack -- >> stand by for just a moment. forgive me for interrupting. just in. big development on capitol hill. fill us in, manu. >> they just passed the house
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did, the bill to avert a rail strike. this just passed by a bipartisan vote in the united states house, 290-137 was the vote. there are 79 republicans voted for it. there were eight democrats who voted against it. largely bipartisan. this essentially would implement the september rail agreement between some of the unions and the industry. it does not have the paid sick leave the labor unions have been demanding. the house is about to vote on an amendment to include on the paid sick leave. because of the process the house is using, the senate can ignore the paid sick leave provision and pass the bill, does not include it, implementing the september agreement reached between the two sides. this was expected to happen in the house, expected also along party lines, some bipartisan support. kevin mccarthy, the republican leader, as he walked through the chamber told me he was going to vote against this plan. so it's uncertain whether it had much support among top
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republicans. it did have 79 republicans who voted for it and democrats who voted against it fewer than ten. eight democrats voted against it as the rest of the democratic caucus voted for it. this passed the house today. the question now is how quickly will it pass the senate as democratic leaders are pressing to get it done tomorrow in the senate with bipartisan support. the expectation is it will get there. they still need to reach an agreement to schedule the vote. >> let's bring back peter kennedy, representative of one of the unions that was against this deal. you just heard, it passed the house, likely to pass the senate. no paid sick leave. what's your reaction? >> my reaction is there's still a lot of work to be done here. there's supposed to be a concurrent resolution to that resolution or that bill. look, it needs to pass. railroad workers deserve paid sick leave. this country would not function without these people. we need to get this done. this is not a democrat or republican issue. this is an american issue. this is an issue about
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protecting the economy, about protecting the railroad workers and protecting our supply chain. if they can pass a bill to put us back to work, then they can also pass a bill that makes sure we have basic protections when we need it most and when we're most vulnerable. >> we know president biden has called himself the most pro labor or pro union president ever. i know he wanted this. he wanted congress to take action, like we just saw. you don't agree with it. is he the most pro union president ever? >> i think president biden is the most pro union president ever based on my experience. one thing i want to point out here, i don't think he really wanted congress to intervene. what he really wanted was the parties to reach a voluntary agreement to avoid this sort of crisis, this standoff. the fact of the matter is the railroads in their utter arrogance, they refuse to engage with us in any sort of meaningful way. if they did engage with us meaningfully throughout this
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round, we would have never needed a presidential emergency board, never needed congress to step in, never needed president biden to make a public statement like that. all this comes down to is the bad actors which are the railroads. >> peter kennedy, i appreciate your perspective, thank you so much for taking the time. >> thank you for having me on. >> good luck to you and your union workers. officials say at least two people are dead in alabama after severe storms ripped through the southeast. there are reports of at least 30 tornadoes and the damage is extensive. we have images out of mississippi, a steeple blown off a church, a grocery store also damaged, the same county where you see an uprooted tree fell right smack in the middle of a mobil home. take a look at this from greene county, alabama. the rough, the walls ripped right off this apartment building. cnn's tom sater joins us. the threat isn't over yet. what are you seeing?
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>> if you live louisiana, mississippi, alabama, even georgia, you can hear the sound of chainsaws and generators. we have a little line making its way into northern areas of florida, losing its punch. when you look at the overall picture -- again, two fatalities as you mentioned. on november 4th we had two fatalities in a major outbreak. this is the second one. very rare. 30 reports of tornadoes. over twice as many warnings. men and women of the national weather service extremely busy as first responders, firefighters, law enforcement. not all the damage you see was from tornadoes. a lot of wind reports, 65, 70 miles per hour. numerous communities such as mccomb, mississippi had three warnings, columbus, mississippi, three as well, montgomery, alabama. remember all the snow that fell in buffalo? it won't be as much. but the lake-effect snow system is still in full force. powerful winds continue to brush area to the north. could have flight delays.
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notice the temperature gradient dropping. the next story, the next system. seattle broke a record in november going two weeks without any measurable rain and got 1-5 inches of snow. they got another one knocking on the door a couple days later. crazy november. two fatalities. it was not a tourist visit. we have verdicts to prove it. for the first time in nearly three decades a jury has found americans guilty of conspiring to overthrow the u.s. government on january 6th, and more could soon join them. plus, the united states survives a must-win match in a geopolitical pressure cooker to reach the knockout round of the world cup. its star player suffered a big injury in the process. we have the details. and killer robots? san francisco just gave an okay for police to use them on the job. stay with us. you're live in the "cnn newsroom." and lunchboxes perfect for any party. popool parties...
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for the first time since 1995 a jury has found americans guilty of conspiring to overthrow the u.s. government. in a short time from now, attorney general merrick garland will deliver remarks on that historic conviction which found two leaders of the oath keepers, founder stewart rhodes and associate kelly meggs guilty for their involvement in the january 6th insurrection. this marks the first time a jury has agreed that elements of the capitol attack were part of a pre-planned effort to overthrow the government and subvert the constitution. it's a major win for the justice department even though it was a split verdict on that top line count, three of the defendants were found not guilty. all five defendants were found
10:22 am
guilty of obstructing an official proceeding. let's break this down with defense attorney and former federal prosecutor shan wu. shan, what verdict did this send? >> i think it sent a message that the justice department is capable of pulling together such a factually complex and comprehensive investigation and getting a conviction. in that sense, it was a must-win for them to have a string of acquit talls on this would have been disastrous. i think it sends a message to the other oath keepers awaiting trial and the proud boys that there's real jeopardy here. they've shown that they can convict people. there's a deterrent effect for sure. >> there are two more seditious conspiracy charges in the works, one with the proud boys and another with other january 6th cases. how does this outcome factor into your approach? >> i think there's a lot of talk
10:23 am
about how seditious conspiracy is super hard to win. i don't know that it's necessarily true. it's very rarely brought for thankfully good reasons. it' a question of doj not having a lot of practice with these kind of cases. you can take some lessons out of the acquittals here and conviction. there was a uniform conviction by the jury on the obstruction of the official proceeding. as a prosecutor i might take from that that that concept is a little easier for the jury to grasp. i might want to make my presentation of seditious conspiracy more akin to the obstruction one to make it more easy to access for the jury. >> sedition and that obstruction count carry 20-year maximums, but a judge could choose to exceed that or go below. what factors do you think this judge will consider when he issues sentences? >> the sentencing guidelines will take into account things like criminal history. i think on rhodes' part, he may
10:24 am
have some sympathetic factors with that. but i think the core issue of concurrent versus consecutive sentences, ana, usually goes to whether the judge thinks the two convictions are arising out of the exact same actions. if it was just the seditious conspiracy and obstruction, likely i think those could be concurrent, but there's some other charges including obstruction of justice. those could be run consecutively. >> we'll see because i know the sentencing is expected to happen in the next 90 days. thank you very much, shan wu, for being with us. >> good to see you. a moment eight years in the making. the united states defeats iran in a must-win world cup match supercharged by intense geopolitical tensions and very real life and death implications for the iranian people. unlike anything we've seen in recent sports history. the u.s. and star player christian pulisic were up to the task.
10:25 am
>> making a big run. it's meant for him. pulisic scores! >> pulisic laying it all out literally and ending up in the hospital with a pelvic contusion. the u.s. advances to the knockout round, the sweet 16 for the first time since 2014 where they'll face the netherlands, the eighth best team in the world. cnn sports anchor don riddell is live in doha. that must have been electric in that moment and at the end of the game. focusing forward, don, the head coach of team usa spoke with cnn this morning. what's he saying about this win and, of course, the big question mark regarding kppull sick. >> when you consider all the buildup and the tensions and the atmosphere inside the stadium,
10:26 am
it was deafening, i was close to the iranian fans. it was a wall of noise. i went to bed and my left ear was ringing on the power. the only time they went quiet is when pulisic scored. it was a huge goal. the americans had to win that game. now to the round of 16. this is where things get entering. they need pulisic back. if it wasn't for him, they might not be in the knockout round. the mood music sounds like he's probably going to be okay, but they're not quite saying that just yet. this is what he told us. >> he seems to be doing good. just spoke with him a couple minutes ago. we'll see what he can do on the training field tomorrow. hopefully he'll be ready for the game against the netherlands. in terms of his contribution to the group, i've said all along, when one of your most talented players is also one of your hardest workers, you know you're in a good spot.
10:27 am
>> reporter: obviously he'd love to be back out there, the biggest game in his international career. >> there are very real concerns now over what happens to those iranian players. cnn has learned their families were threatened after they didn't sing the national anthem ahead of the first game they played. what could they be facing back home? >> reporter: it's really, really difficult to know. the menace is real. the team left this evening. they'll be back in tehran. iran is a very short flight. not all the players will be going back to iran. many of them are based in europe. i think the concerns are very, very real about what will happen to some of those players because there were definitely moments in this tournament where their behavior, admirable though it would be from a western point of view, was not what the regime would like to have seen. >> don riddell in doha for us. go team usa. a man allegedly cad fishes a
10:28 am
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about that horrific catfishing case in california. a former virginia state police officer posed as a teenager when chatting online with a 15-year-old girl in california, then traveled across the country to meet her and then allegedly killed her mother and grandparents. he was killed friday in a shootout with authorities. now we're learning the girl is with child protective services getting medical treatment. josh campbell is live at the riverside police department. what more are we learning about this investigation? >> reporter: ana, new details about what's happening behind the scenes. i was talking with detectives in riverside and they say they're pouring through what they're calling the digital crime scene. there's the physical crime scene, also a significant amount of digital evidence that they have to go through because, of course, this began with this
10:34 am
online scheme called catfishing, where someone pretends to be someone else. we're told this 28-year-old former virginia police officer stands accused of trying to entice this 15-year-old minor here in southern california, began this online relationship in which the suspect was allegedly pretending to be a 17-year-old. he ends up driving from the commonwealth of virginia here to southern california, and last friday is when tragedy truly strikes. police say a neighbor called 911 after they saw this minor being led to a vehicle. authorities were able to track that car. the suspect then engaged in some type of altercation with police. he was shot and killed. the minor was unharmed. at the residence authorities found a truly gruesome and disturbing scene. the house was set on fire and they found three bodies there, the grandparents of this 15-year-old as well as her mother. again, a very tragic, horrific incident here. authorities say they're working backwards to try to determine when this relationship started, whether this suspect had
10:35 am
potential other victims he was dealing with. authorities here say they want to know how he got past a police background check to become an officer in the first place in virginia. we also heard a truly emotional press conference from members of the victims' family, speaking out specifically to parents out there, warning them about what they need to do to try to ensure this type of online scheme doesn't end in tragedy for their families. take a listen. >> in this tragic moment of our family, our grief, we hope some good will come from this. parents, please, please know your child's online activity. ask questions about what they are doing and whom they are talking to. anybody can say they're someone else, and you could be in this situation which i do not want for the world. >> reporter: finally, the 15-year-old victim here that
10:36 am
survived, she is in child protective services at this hour. authorities are still trying to interview her. they haven't done a full interview. they can only go to her for short periods of time. obviously she has been through a lochlt while she was not physically harmed, a representative here for the family tells us she's suffered significant mental trauma. >> josh campbell, what a story. thank you. killer robots. san francisco supervisors just gave police the okay to use them. this measure still has hoops to get through before law enforcement gets final approval. the headline alone makes you stop in your tracks. joining us is san francisco police chief phil scott. it's good to have you here. how do you anticipate using this kind of robot? >> good morning, ana. thank you for having me on. the headline is somewhat misleading. these devices, these robots have been in use in san francisco for over ten years.
10:37 am
and our use of force policy is all about protecting the dignity and sanctity of life. these robots would be a last resort. unfortunately, if we ever have to exercise that option, it means either innocent lives have already been lost or are in the balance and this would be the only option to neutralize that person, putting those lives at risk or the person who has taken those lives. our use of force policy already lays out how we use what's known as noise flash diversionary devices. we've had this capability for many, many years. our technicians and our special weapons and tactics officers who use these types of devices are highly trained, highly skilled, and they know what they're doing. what we have asked for is the ability to use robots in the
10:38 am
event that we have that wo worst-case scenario where lives have been taken or in the process of being lost, and it is unsafe to send an officer to that door, to that structure, to that location where this is happening, use robots. >> chief scott, you said that you've had robots for a number of years, but in this case what's new is you could use them to kill. who would be making the decision about when to use a lethal robot? >> well, if -- in the event we had to exercise that option. first of all, the ordinance that requires the local government to approve the use of this type of equipment is a fairly recent state law. in our ordinance that was passed yesterday by our board of supervisors, it has to be the rank of a deputy chief, assistant chief or chief of police who would authorize the use of the robots in that
10:39 am
manner. i just want to reiterate -- >> please go ahead. >> that the equipment is already in our possession. we have never had to use it in that way and i hope we never have to use it in that way. we need the option to be able to save lives in the event that we have that type of tragedy in our city. that's what this is about. >> so how exactly do the robots work? are they operated by a uniformed officer who would be the one actually pulling the trigger? or are they sort of preprogrammed to make split second decisions? >> no, they're not preprogrammed. they are operated by humans. our officers who are trained to operate these robots are very well trained and very skilled at what they do. they're not autonomous. they're not programmed. they're operated remotely by officers who are very trained to do just that. i have all the confidence in the
10:40 am
world in our technicians. we use them on our bomb calls. we've been using them for years. but we also have had dive diversionary noise devices for years. these are explosive charges, ana, potentially dangerous and potentially lethal. what we're doing and what we've been required to do by law is be transparent about how we could use this equipment. we don't want it to be a secret to anybody. we have nothing to hide, and we want to make sure that we can protect our public. these events, these mass killings are all too common. god forbid one happens here. we just need to give our officers the tools to do their jobs. >> san francisco police chief bill scott, thank you so much for sharing that with us. >> thank you. ahead, new hope in the fight against alzheimer's. and all you bosses out there, you might want to listen up. we've been tracking the first large-scale four-day workweek
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implements a four-day workweek, you'll like these results. a large-scale study across countries including the u.s. found a shorter workweek pays big rewards for employers, and i assume employees as well. cnn eas's terry edge has more. >> your four-day workweek, employers who wanted to return to a five-day workweek? zero, zero employers wanted to return to a five-day workweek. workers who wanted to continue with the four-day workweek? look at that. 97%. i don't think we're exactly shocked about that. let's look at the data. how productive were workers on a four-day work? employers rated their performance 9 out of 10 on average. the average company revenue compared to last year, it was up 38%. productivity way up on a
10:47 am
four-day workweek. >> what's not the like? you showed us 97% of employees also liked this. what are they saying? what is it that helped them to be more productive specifically? is it evidence that this is something that could stick, maybe even expand? >> what did employees say? the improvements. how did employees feel about four-day workweek. stress down, fatigue down, down, insomnia, something i suffer from down, physical health up, mental health up. this is just one study. if we take it wider, do american workers want a four-day workweek? look at that. 70% nationwide support it. just 9% oppose. this might be the beginning of something new, ana. >> take that segment, bottle it up, spread it. let everybody learn. thank you, harry. good news finally today, the british royals are heading to boston. why william and kate are in the
10:48 am
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. this just in, house lawmakers moments ago added the provision for rail workers to an agreement that they had just passed. lawmakers voting to increase the number of paid sick days from 1 to 7. this is all an effort to prevent the railroad strike that would cripple the u.s. economy. right now the original agreement is expected to pass the senate, but this paid sick days part, it doesn't appear to have the numbers to passes in the senate. real results that could come with some real risks. an experimental drug appears to show promise in slowing down
10:53 am
alzheimer's. researchers say the trial results raise safety concerns. cnn medical correspondent elizabeth how co hen joins us now. this sounds hopeful. how promising is this new drug? >> it definitely got some results that give some hope. i want to be clear, this is not a cure for alzheimer's. if you're thinking the person i love with alzheimer's, this is going to make it go away, that is not going to happen. let's take a look at the results. they took 1800 study subjects who had mild or early stage and divided them into two groups. the group that got the drug, they had cognitive decline, but it was 27% slower than those who did not get the drug. also, those who got the drug, they saw a reduction in the levels of am ma lloyd, the plaques that are in the brain with alzheimer's. here's the big question. is the potential advantage of this drug, when you see these kinds of, you know, these kinds
10:54 am
of facts here, will those facts translate into feeling different? will alzheimer's patients feel different? will there be a noticeable difference? will their lives change? will there be such an advantage it's worth the risk i'm about to tell you. there were adverse events associated with this drug. 17% of the patients who took the drug had brain bleeding and 12% had brain swelling. now, some of the folks who had the placebo had those too, but not nearly to that proportion. that's what the fda will have to decide, is should they approve this drug? they fast-tracked it and we expect to hear something in a matter of weeks. it's interesting, the study authors themselves, said in the study, longer term studies need to be done to evaluate the efficacy and the safety of this drug. ana? >> we all know someone with alzheimer's. it's heartbreaking and there seems to be so little throughout to help them. this doesn't turn out to be the answer, is there more in the
10:55 am
pipeline? >> there is more in the pipeline. they are a different -- many of them are a different class of drugs than this one. if this one doesn't work out the way we hoped, there are others in the pipeline. it will take years. ana? >> elizabeth cohen, thank you for the reporting. william and kate, the prince and princess of wales, are in boston today. it's their first u.s. visit with their new royal titles and their first time on u.s. soil since prince harry and meghan markle moved to california for their private life. will and kate will take part in the earth shot prize award ceremony, the initiative william founded to tackle environmental challenges. they'll also visit the mayor of boston during their three-day visit to learn how the city is tackling climate change. thanks so much for being with us. that's going to do it for us today. i will see you tomorrow. as always same time, same place. until then the news continues with alison and victor right after this. don't go anywhere. it was just t so easy to find a car within my budget. i'm just happy i was able t to pick this baby.
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golo worked for me when i thought nothing would work for me. the first few weeks were really astonishing how quickly and how easily it came off, how much better i felt, what a change it made so fast. i feel like anything is possible after accomplishing what i've done with golo. hello, everyone. i'm alison camerota. >> i'm victor blackwell. we begin with an urgent warning to parents from the family of three people murdered in their california home after their teenager was apparently catfished by an online predator. police say austin lee edwards killed the teen girl's mother and grandparents and


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