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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  December 4, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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hello and welcome to "cnn newsroom" from all around the world, the u.s., and canada. i'm kim brunhuber in the "cnn newsroom." heartbreak for the u.s. after being knocked out of the world cup. we'll have today's matches. plus picking a president. not just about iowa and new hampshire anymore. and lava is creeping guard an important highway in hawaii right now. our meteorologist will talk about the threat to the big island. the world cup round of 16 is underway in qatar, and saturday was a good day if you root for argentina and the netherlands, but not so much if you back the
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u.s. or australia's soccer rews. the netherlands ended dreams of u.s. world cup glory. you see the dutch celebrating at the hotel after the match there. they beat the americans, 3-1, sending them home to co-host the next world cup in 2026, and the dutch aren't the only ones celebrating. have a look here. in saturday's other match, australia put on a strong showing against heavily favored argentina, but it wasn't enough. you can see them there. buenos aires fans of argentina were ecstatic after their win. they're going to the quarterfinals. here's today's round of 16 matches. first defending champions france face poland and england takes on senegal. a half aworld away from the tournament, but on the minds of football fans is brazilian
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player pele as he received treatment at the hospital. the three-time world cup champion has been hospitalized since tuesday for a respiratory illness as well as ongoing monitoring on his cancer treatment. his doctors say he's stable. cnn spoke to some of the fans in qatar. listen to him. >> watching him was the first professional game i saw in 1975. one of the reasons -- this is my 11th world cup. i've been going since spain because that really hooked me. watching him and his ability hooked me into watching soccer and watching the world cup. >> he was sort of this mythical figure pele who has made all these goals and done these wonderful things for brazil. there was sort of that original image of that superstar who could do anything. >> cnn has coverage all over the globe.
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cnn owes coy wire is with me here in atlanta and an dy schols and don riddell are joining us. don is from the netherlands. it looked all too easy for the dutch. >> reporter: yeah. hey, kim. that was the difference between the two teams really. it was just all about the finishing. the dutch were absolutely clinical. we'll show you the highlights from the game because when they got their chances, they were ruthless. when the u.s. had their chances, they kind of botched them. you know, the dutch looks really, really good and they've been flying under the radar in this tournament. they're starting to get going
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and it's going to be interesting to see them when they run into argentina in the next game. good work by the u.s. i think when the dutch settles and looks back on this campaign, they'll be pretty happy with it. one of their star players had this to sayy afterward. >> you know, we had a mission from the beginning. you know, this four-year journey changed the way america views soccer, and i think this tournament, the performances we put in, we accomplished that. >> reporter: it was a huge night for leeny messi. would you believe he's playing in his fifth world cup? but he never scored a knockout goal. he was very well taken as well. a touch of the old messi there.
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he's playing in his 1,000th game. this was his 100th time capturing his country. out of the 1,000 career matches, he's scored 789 goals, which is absolutely extraordinary when you consider he's a great crater as well. he makes goals for other people, and yet he still manages to score so many for himself. argentina. the netherlands next. that's a rematch of the semifinal back in 2014. argentina won. that dutch fans and their players hoping for some revenge coming up this weekend. >> all right, don. so let's look ahead to the england/senegal clash. it's been a tournament for the underdogs. england, of course, are favoreds here. but they have to be wary. what are you hearing from the england camp? >> yeah, they do have to be wary. they do look really good. you remember they were semifinalists four years ago and they make the final championships. senegal, though, having an
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amazing year. they won the african cup of nations tournament, beating egypt in the finals. then they had to beat egypt again to get here. so they will be a tough task for the english team, even though england have never, ever lost to an african team. the other match today features the defending reigning world choins france. they are looking pretty good. they're up against poland, who i saw play argentina in the group stage, and based on what i saw, i don't think they're going to have too much to offer. they have one of the most strikers. they've not been the most ambitious on this. i expect the french to get through this one. england/senegal, i'm going englarngd but i think it will be a tough match. >> we'll see. it's going to be an amazing match. don riddell in qatar. thank you so much. so with me now is coy wire with "world sports."
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coy,while obviously most of the attention is on the pitch, teen world cup stars are sending their thoughts and prayers to possibly the biggest name in world soccer, pele. first of all, do you have an update on what's going on, his health condition? >> yes, i do. shout-out to don riddell who's going round the clock. pele, you know, widely considered the greatest perhaps of all time when it comes toing so -- comes to soccer. 12 goals in 14 games and he scored 1,281 goals in his professional career in 1,360 games, almost a goal per game. 82, he was admitted to the hospital for cancer treatment. in 2021 he went through surgery to remove a cancerous tumor.
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soccer stars, as kim mentioned, past and present, flooding to social media to wish him well. they're urging followers to send praise to the king. that's his anything name. here's more from fans at the world cup with regard to pele. >> we send our bet wishes to him. incredible footballer, incredible person. >> translator: brazil is a soccer nation around we grew up hearing stories about pele from our parents. >> whenever you talk about pele, i get sentimental and think about the icon he is for the whole nation. >> tpele said on saturday, i wat to keep everyone strong and
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positive. i'm strong with hope and want to thank everyone. i want to thank my medical care treatment and my love for god. i'm full of energy, and watch for brazil in the world cup too. kim? >> coy, when this came out, of course, the internet was flooded with all these highlights of pele, and i was watching them see all these moves, the controversial turn and the chop. you can't state how important he was on the pitch and also as an ambassador to the world for soccer. >> he's one of those game-changers if you will that totally shifts the paradigm of what is and what is possible in sport. you don't see that very often via tiger woods, michael jordan, wayne gretzky. steph curry even today, changing the way the game is being played, that's what he did. all those players who grew up
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knowing about him, they want to be like him. what an inspiration this could end up being for brazil, who has probably the best odds to win the world cup. neymar injured, but expected to be back to play for them. you can see they would maybe use this as a rallying point to further their chances of pulling out a win there in qatar. >> yeah. just a legend. we all wish him well, of course. thanks so much, coy. we really appreciate it. all right. we're now just two days away from the final vote of the 2022 midterms, the u.s. senate runoff in georgia. tuesday is election day when voters will choose between democratic incumbent raphael warnock and republican herschel walker. more than 1.8 million people have cast earl by ballots. dianne gallagher has been
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following it and has this report. >> reporter: we're approaching the end of overtime here in the georgia senate runoff election as both candidates are making their final pitches to voters. senator rah fame warnock with a busy saturday, which is pretty much in line with the way his schedule has remained throughout this four-week runoff period. he spent the morning talking to unions and he did another rally in a different part of the state and then returned to atlanta for an aapi victory fund event full of surrogates, politicians, entertainers, and his fellow georgia center jon ossoff who was elected in 2021 in yet another runoff race. look, warnock has a busy schedule on sunday as well. his oh poerjts republican challenger herschel walker had a much more relaxed saturday, which is also in line with his campaign strategy during the
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runoff period. he didn't hold any public events but he had a tailgate before the s.e.c. championship game. walker, a football star for the university of georgia. he won the heisman and national championship back in the '780s. he took plenty of selfies and shook hands with supporters at the tailgate before the game. but he didn't talk to the media, and that's something that's pretty much been a trend for him throughout his campaign in in runoff period. again, a much more relaxed schedule. he has one event scheduled on sunday. both candidates trying to reach those voters that did not cast some of the 1.85 million ballots during the early voting period. they note there are still voters out there, and they need to convince them to come out on tuesday.
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dianne gallagher, back to you. >> cnn's special coverage is expected to start at 4:00 p.m. next tuesday. now, even before the georgia race is over, democrats are already looking to overhaul their primary daryl for the next election. if approved, it could make south carolina the first state to hold that crucial contest. later this hour we'll speak with a law professor about the proposed changes. meanwhile the last of the u.s. house races has been called for republican john duarte in california after his democratic challenger conceded. as it now stands, the gop will hold a slim 22-house seat majority in january when democrats rejected to have 213 seats. former u.s. president donald trump is calling for nothing less than, quote, the termination of the american constitution so he can be reinstated into power. on his truth social platform, trump accused tech getting
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together with democrats. twitter debated over whether to post a story about hunter biden and his laptop. they thought it could be the result of a russian hacking operation. but trump had this take. it allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the constitution. well, the white house responded swiftly saying, quote, attacking the constitution and all it stands for is an an athema to te soul of our nation. russian shells and rockets are raining down on ukraine. we'll show you the latest video and aftermath.
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we're getting reports of strikes in southern ukraine. artillery and rocket fire hit areas near dnipro overnight. u.s. defense secretary is slamming russia over attacks on civilian targets in ukraine. he said on saturday those attacks were clearly intentional. here he is. >> with deliberate cruelty, russia is putting civilians in its gun sights. russian forces have killed thousands of ukrainian citizens even as millions more have fled. russian attacks have left children dead, schools shattered, and hospitals smashed. >> meanwhile russia says russian vladimir putin will visit an occupied part of you krarngs but
2:21 am
it's still an open question as to when. he'll go to the donbas region in due course. they declared regions that make up donbas were annexed in october, but those annexations are illegal under international law. for more on all of this, will ripley joins us from kyiv. will, let's start with this. tell us more about those overnight strikes. >> reporter: well, what's unfortunate, the unfortunate reality for people living in southern ukraine, particularly in zaporizhzhia and dnipro is this is a reality of daily life. they have to live constantly with the possibility that russian shells and rockets could come raining down at any moment. they've been happening almost every day for the better part of nine months, the entirety of this war. the purpose, ukrainians say, is to inflict tair rohr on the popul population, to have them never feeling safe. if you look at the damage from
2:22 am
overnight because this was happening during the overnight hours, the time people should be sleeping, resting and preparing for the next day t monumental task that is facing many parts of ukraine, which is rebuilding the power grid and, you know, continuing on with life. yet these shells and rockets rain down, hitting homes and damaging them. nobody was hurt or killed in this incident, but, of course there are many incidents where they're home, inside, and injured and killed by these random attacks on innocent people. these are not military installations being targeted. by and large, these are civilians. these are people trying to live their lives, trying to sleep through the night. but that is something that's imupon in these areas under constant russian attack. there is growing concern here in kyiv. the foreign minister telling cnn exclusively earlier this week that their attacks are not only going to continue but really escalate. they're expecting a major
2:23 am
russian onslaught like we saw last week on wednesday targeting the civilian infrastructure, particularly the power grid. so they've been in the plo says of trying to rebuild as quickly as possible. the power stations that were damaged, trying to install new power lines and transformers, they have lots of equipment coming in, but they anticipate the russians have been biding their time, waiting for the situation to stabilize. right now in kyiv they're at 70% capacity. they have these rolling blackouts where power will be on for, you know, three or four hours and then they'll be off for three or four hours, and that's kind of the way the people schedule their days here in the capital. you get farther outside the capital, there are many in ukraine that have electricity for a few days even as tells plummet lower and lower as winter sets in. so if this russian attack comes to fruition or like last week where they shot 70 missiles and
2:24 am
rockets, it could plunge much of this country back into darkness at a time they need electricity and defense systems, whether from the u.s. or other places like germany. a decision needs to be make very soon to protect the power grid sogs this winter is not a winter of struggle for millions of people in ukraine who are literally in the line of fire literally. >> absolutely. will ripley, thanks so much. appreciate it. ukraine yuanian appreciate it. ukraine yuan president volodymyr zelenskyy said the world didn't go far nuchlt he said russia will still be making lots of money for its war chest and criticized major powers for not setting the war cap. here he is. >> translator: the discussion of price caps, that is on limiting the export price of russian oil, has ended in the world. unfortunately without big decisions as you wouldn't call
2:25 am
it a big decision to set such a limit for russian prices which is quite comfortable for the budget of a terrorist state. russia has already caused huge losses to all countries of the world by deliberately destabilizing the energy market and the world cannot bear the weak aroundment. it's a weak decision. >> a new batch of ukrainian dwran is headed to some of the people who need it most. the first cargo ship under the grain for ukraine program has docked with 25,000 tons of food bound for its neighbor ethiopia. they've raised more than $150 million to send the country's grain to africa and the middle east. more than 60 ships are expected to follow. according to president zelenskyy, they'll help more than 5 million people who are facing starvation. georgia voters will soon determine who will fill the last remaining seat in the u.s. senate, but even before that race is decided, democrats are
2:26 am
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xfinity customers, on us. so you get more of the speed you need for day and night streaming. more speed you need when you're work from homeing. and more speed you need as your family keeps growing. check in on your current speed through the xfinity app today. watching us here in the united states, canada, and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." voters in georgia are just days away from determining the outcome of the last u.s. senate seat when they go to the polls on tuesday, but even before that race is decided, the democratic national committee on friday
2:30 am
approved a plan to dramatically reshape the party's 2024 presidential nominating calendar. the new plan would bump up the iowa caucus from the top spot in south carolina, the first state to hold a primary. it would move georgia's primary ahead of super tuesday. we get the details from cnn's arlette saenz at the white house. >> reporter: president biden has proposed upending the calendar the democrats use, removing iowa from the top spot and replacing it with south carolina. the rules panel at the democratic national committee approved the president's proposal, which now needs to be voted on by the broader committee early next year. president biden's argument for making these changes is he wants to see a more diverse slate of state advance early say in the nominating contest. iowa and new hampshire are the two that have typically gone first and they have more predominantly white populations, but now president biden wants to
2:31 am
see south carolina moved to the very start of the calendar. it would then be followed by nevada and new hampshire on the same day and then add in georgia, which has become a battleground state in recent years followed by michigan to represent the midwest. now, there are some steep challenges to actually getting these dates enacted. each state has their own primary date and own process for doing so, and iowa and new hampshire have it enshrined in their law they go first in these nominating contests. there's also a challenge in that republicans plan on holding their contest in the same order, but president biden is hoping the presidemocrat igs national committee can push for these changes for 2024. arlette saenz, cnn, the white house. we're joined by our guest from los angeles. thanks so much for being with us. changing the order of the
2:32 am
primaries, democrats have been talking about it for a long time, so why now? >> well, the calendar's changing because our politics have changed, the party has changed. i mean it's just a reflection of the reality that the base is more demographically diverse than ever. the party has evolved to really address a challenging time in our country's history and, frankly, there are new states that have been crucial to the party's electoral successes that the party probably feels like it has to respond to. iowa and new hampshire have been first and second for decades, but they're honestly majority white states that don't really represent where the party is right now. >> you talk about crucial to success, iowa played a huge part in barack obama's rise. i want to read you this. a member of the iowa democratic party talked about the importance of small states, quote, democrats cannot forget about entire groups of voters in the heart of the midwest without doing significant damage with
2:33 am
the party for a generation. so i want to ask you, is that overstating it given the democrats' election tomorrow track record there, or does he have the point? >> the thinking is a bit dated. absolutely true that president obama was able to raise his national profile by winning the iowa caucuses in 2008, but president obama also ushered in an era where we relied on the internet and social media outlets to get the message out there. things have changed in the last decade. whereas the iowa caucuses used to be central for little known candidates to really get their name out there, for example, jimmy carter in 1976 won the iowa caucus and that sort of cemented iowa's caucus as a nachlgt little known candidates don't have to do that anymore. they can field their notoriety
2:34 am
on the internet. >> how will this change the calculus for democrats campaigning the messaging and types of issues that they'll be focusing on then? >> i think it will have a huge impact. candidates will have to tailor their messages to reach a broader swath of the party. no longer do they have to focus on the issues that affect iowa and new hampshire. south carolina is potentially going first. new hampshire is still in there, right? nevada. and so what that requires candidates to do is appeal to a broader piece of the electorate. and honestly there are some upsides to this. so if a candidate during the primary stage develops a message that appeals to voters in those states, then during the general election it becomes easier for candidates to pivot and use that messaging in order to appeal to the country at great large. there are benefits to having a
2:35 am
primary message that appeals to the entire country in some ways. >> all right. but some of these states, they may not go without a fight, you know. here in georgia, for example, the primary date is set by the secretary of state, a republican who may not be inclined to help out democrats. and new hampshire has a law that says it has to be first. so you could be setting a standoff between the dnc and important swing state here. so there are costs to consider here. >> well, kim, it don't be the first time. it's easy to forget that political parties are private organizations. i know they're heavily regulated by the state. the primary process is paid for by the state, but they maintain important amendment rights that they can bring up in litigation should this become an issue. it's based on the willingness to move the primary datelet. they set their rules and procedures and states are
2:36 am
somewhat limited in their ability to conflict with it. it's just that because states are so heavily involved and most of our elected officials come from one of the major political parties that we forget that political parties are actually private organizations that have constitutional rights. >> all right. so i want to ask you this. when biden was running n the primaries in 2020, his win in south carolina, that changed the momentum and it's credited essentially with saving his campaign. so should we read anything into this that biden moving south carolina first, that he may be running again? >> maybe it's good politics, right? we should read into the fact he's trying to be response irv to the electorate that put him over the top. that's very point. i know our tendency is to think about it as maybe a bad thing, that he's trying to cater to constituencies. if the party ignores the core base that elects their candidates, then the party does so at its own peril.
2:37 am
>> all right. we'll have to see whether it comes to pass. i really appreciate your analysis of this. franita tolson, thanks so much. >> thank you. the investigation goes on in the kill of four university of idaho students. authorities say they've received thousands of tips from the public so far, but they still haven't named the suspect three weeks after the murder. cnn's 's reporter has the late >> they don't have a suspect, a motive, or a weapon. people are very worried with how long it's taking, authorities trying to clear some things up. they say they're aware of a sixth roommate that was on the lease. they now say they've reached out to this roommate and don't believe there is any involvement there.
2:38 am
that roommate moved out before the school year started. the two who survived are not believed to be suspects either. there were people that interacted with two of them. there was survey frns from a food truck, a driver who brought them home that night. police are saying those people are not suspects in the kasem and there is another key suspect in the case. they believe this is a targeted attack, but what they're now saying is that they cannot conclude whether it was the house that was targeted or the students that were targeted. there's a lot of confusion about this. in their latest statement, police saying this. there is speculation without factual backing, stoking community fears and spreading false facts. so essentially what authorities are now saying is wait.
2:39 am
wait for our investigation. they say they're making progress behind the scenes, but there is still a lot they're not saying, and that's why many in this community are still in fear. camila bernal, cnn, los angeles. all right. still ahead, tourists flocking to hawaii as the world's largest active volcano erupts for the first time in nearly four decades, but there are new concerns. we'll have a report coming up. stay with us. if you're living in the darkness of bipolar i or bipolar ii depression, caplyta can help let in the lyte.
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xfinity customers, on us. so you get more of the speed you need for day and night streaming. more speed you need when you're work from homeing. and more speed you need as your family keeps growing. check in on your current speed through the xfinity app today. these are live pictures, just spectacular in hawaii as the world's largest volcano continues to spew lava. as you can see, u.s. geological survey says mollenen rock from mauna loa has crept more than two miles toward a major highway, though the speed of the flow has slightly slowed down. but the state's governor tells cnf, if the lava crosses the
2:43 am
highway, it could be a, quote, tremendous inconvenience. let's bring in our professor of volcanology and geo chemistry at the university of hawaii at mauna loa. how close is it to being a threat to the infrastructure and to the people? >> well, currently, kim t lava flow has come down off of a relatively steep slope on the northern flank of the mauna loa volcano in an area known as the saddle rj which is the relatively flat ground. so this change in ground slope has caused a slow of the advanced rate of the lava flow, and rather than moving in a forward direction, it's still moving forward but also spre
2:44 am
spreading, so it's difficult whether it will reach the highway. however, in the latest update that came yesterday morning from the u.s. geological survey, they thought that it might be as much as a week away. >> okay. so lava a week away and moving slowly, but the air and ash are potentially more dangerous. so take us through what makes that such a hazard for people. >> so, tissue volcanos emit materials in a variety of ways, three primary ways being volcanic gases, volcanic gas or articulates in the atmosphere as well as lava flows. and so of those three types of materials, the volcanic gas output from mauna loa volcano is rather substantial. if you've seen any of the footage or bluish white particulate in the atmosphere, it looks like smoke. it's actually sulfur die ox it. it's acidic gas, a respiratory
2:45 am
irritant. the kilauea volcano that's 30 miles away and actively erupting has produced high levels of sulfur, and the additional output from mauna loa could put the air quality in the state or at least the big island into a rather dangerous zone. of course, winds change quite dramatically from day to day during this time of the year, so depending on which way the winds are blowing, only one or another sector of the volcano may be impacted by the gases. the volcanic ash is a similar situation that a style of eruption that's occurring right now is producing roughtily coarse material that's distributing and falling on people's homes and cars and so forth near the coastline, but rather limited compared to times in the past. >> so all of this, i mean, it's affecting tourism, but paradoxically, it's not keeping
2:46 am
folks away. it's actually attracting tourists who want to get up and close, you know, and personal to a volcano. given what you just said about the dangers of the gases, is that a good authentic or potentially ready dangerous for many people? >> well, i'm of the opinion that the more people can learn about and experience natural phenomena from a safe distance such as an active volcano, the better. we want to have an educated populous. we want people to be able to experience the beauty of nature. but i emphasize from a safe distance. of the three kinds of hazards, the three gases are the least easy to detect for people unless you're in a very high concentration zone, but, you know, not being exposed to them for too long would be important. carrying a wet towel to put over your mouth to breathe through if you're going to visit the lava, most people experiencing the lava and the tourism numbers have been very high that are
2:47 am
normally off-season. they're experiencing it from a distance. they may see it from their hotel. many tens of kilometers away on the coast. those who are venturing out at night are urged to take caution to bring protection clear. a surgical mere core individual mask won't protect you from the gases, but something damp over the mouth will. >> appreciate the beauty, but stay far enough away. the volcano science community has been preparing a response to this. you knew it was going to be happening this eruption. to make sure that you don't miss a crucial research opportunity here to sort of study this and measure this in real time. so how do you go about studying a potentially dangerous eruption, and what are you hoping to learn? >> the approach that scientists take to studying active eruptions is very kind of multi-dimensional, very multidisciplinary. we're interested in all of the signals that the volcano is making both in terms of its gas,
2:48 am
how the ground is deforming, earthquakes and so forth, but in addition to what the materials are being erupt ready composed of, not just their bulk composition but the size and shapes of things they contain such as crystals and gas bubbles known as vest tackles, we look at how space and time during this eruption and correlate them with the way the eruption is behaving to help understand how varying conditions in the subsurface in the magna chamber feeding this eruption in the days before the eruption and continuing through the eruption are affecting the progress of the eruption. each eruption is a little bit different. and when we're able to study them in great detail, and, of course, the hawaii volcanos are the best monitored, the more we're able to understand this phenomena and provide the information to people around the world living in and around
2:49 am
volcanos that might erupt. >> yeah. it's fascinating. beautiful as we look at live pictures there. let's hope it doesn't do any damage to people or property. i really appreciate your insights, ken rubin. appreciate it so much. >> aloha. >> aloha. r next period. qulipta® can help prevent migraines. you can't always prevent what's going on outside... ...that's why qulipta® helps what's going onon inside. qulipta® gets right to work. in a 3-month s study, qulipta® significantly reduced monthly migraine days... ...and the majority of peoeople reduced them by 50 to 100%. qulipta® blolocks cgrp-- a protein believed to be a cause of migraines. qulipta® is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie could help you save on qulipta®.
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as you can see for millions of american fans, saturday's world cup loss was a huge disappointment. the u.s. men's national team was eliminated after falling to the nether labds. the dutch will face argentina in the quarterfinals on friday and the u.s. heads home. now, this is australia where fans also felt heartbreak after their soccerroos lost on saturday. australia put on a strong show against argentina, but it wasn't close enough. we have angus watson in sydney, but first andy scholes in
2:54 am
atlanta at a team usa watch party. >> reporter: team usa fans across the country going through a range of emotions today, including those fans right here in the irish club in atlanta. this place holds about 600 people. a line around the building as people just wanting to be in here, be a part of this atmosphere, and the team usa fans that were here got a gut punch right before halftime when the netherlands scored to go up 2-0. but team usa, when they battled back and they scored that goal in the 76th minute, this place went absolutely bonkers because they were back in it, they had a chance. it didn't turn out the way team usa fans had hoped. theynded up losing the game, 3-1. but all the fans i talked to, super optimistic about this team's future. >> i'm really happy for our boys. i'm really happy they made it this far. i want to say, 2026 when it gets here, we're incredibly excited.
2:55 am
>> we're a young team and we have a lot of potential. this wasn't their year, but that's okay. we're looking forward to the next one. >> it's unfortunate the way it turned out, but i think we played well through the group stage. i'm really excited about 2026 and the hometown. how much more excited can we be. we've got a young team, one of the youngest teams and it's really exciting gong fired. >> reporter: the soccer fans have a lot to look forward to with the world cup coming here in 2026. if the atmosphere is anything like it was at this pub here in atlanta, it's going to be an amazing time. in atlanta, andy scholes, cnn. this is the magic of the soccer world cup. the atmosphere that only the world game can bring. some 20,000 fans packed into the soccerroos fan zone here in s sydney to watch their team take on largent teen, the last 16 of
2:56 am
the fateful world cup. they could not silence the magic of messi and his argentina team. >> against one of the top teams, we've done well, 2-1. you know, can't be more proud of them. >> reporter: so argentina and lionel messi through to the next round of the competition. but fans here in australia will tack so much joy from their team's dissipation in the tournament. the soccerroos showed they weren't here just to make up the numbers, taking one of the tournament favorites, argentina, right down to the final moments of this match. and people will leave here looking forward to what the future can bring to the future of english football. angus watson, cnn, sydney. that wraps up this hour.
2:57 am
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