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tv   Inside Politics With Abby Phillip  CNN  December 4, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the digital age is waiting. well, we fell in love through gaming. but now the internet lags and it throws the whole thing off. when did you first discover this lag? i signed us up for t-mobile home internet. ugh! but, we found other interests. i guess we have. [both] finch! let's go! oh yeah! it's not the same. what could you do to solve the problem? we could get xfinity? that's actually super adult of you to suggest. i can't wait to squad up. i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. two days to go until the final election of a stunning midterm year. >> i'm not that politician.
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i don't look or dress or talk like one. do i? >> this is not about right and left. this is the difference between right and wrong. >> who had the momentum in georgia? what impact will it have in washington? plus spewing hate. donald trump refuses to denounce anti-semites. >> there is no room in the republican party. >> but is it enough to turn gop voters against? president biden repays a favor. >> thank you, thank you, thank you, south carolina! >> democrats in the palmetto state saved his 2020 candidacy. he wants them and not iowa to kick off the party's primaries. "inside politics" now. hello and welcome to "inside
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politics sunday." overtime is nearly over in senior citizen -- georgia's election. all eyes are on this tuesday. democratic senator warnock and republican walker spent the final days urging voters to head to the polls and making final arguments. >> i'm not mad he doesn't know what to he's talking about. he thinks he should be a united states senator. >> voted with joe biden 90% of the time. i don't know what he is doing. he's doing the wrong thing for the georgia people because with georgia people are sick and tired of it. >> the latest cnn poll shows senator warnock with a lead and
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there have been long lines at the polls and momentum seems to be with the democrats outspending republicans by 2 to 1 on the air waves. eva mcken is spending months in the peach state of georgia covering the race and joins us from atlanta. it is a busy weekend for senator warnock but folks asking where is herschel walker. >> reporter: that's right. good morning to you. two days left until the votes are counted. they could not be ending the campaigns more differently. warnock holding three events yesterday. walker having none. he was at a tailgate event. senator warnock began with union workers that went out to door knock for him and then ended with a big aapi and the
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community is described as an overlooked part of the elect rat and in this state you can't overlook any group anywhere. these candidates have to campaign in big cities and small towns with every demographic. walker has long argued that senator warnock is too closely aligned with president biden. that is not an argument heard from him. the campaign knocked senator warnock for missing key votes in washington the last few days on the trail and not in d.c. >> every single vote has to be brought out to the polls. what are you hearing from voters there? >> reporter: if you go to the long lines here in atlanta they'll tell you, listen. it shouldn't have come down to the runoff.
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they describe walker as an embarrass. but speaking to his supporters they say they think he is underestimates and the ground game in the state is underestimated. abby? >> thank you so much for the great work on the ground. let's discuss this and more with jeff zeleny, heidi, julie davis of "the new york times" and adam harris. in this race it is now kind of the basics really which is are voters go inch to default to the candidate who is in the opposition party running on this issue of the economy or are they going to focus on this? a cnn poll asks which candidate do you think is well qualified? warnock with a 25-point advantage. has good judgment.
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17-point advantage. that's what on the warnock side it boils down. >> and despite that the race is close because it is georgia and a key battleground state. even know the senate control is not hanging on georgia it matters tremendously. but the real question is those ticket splitters back in november who voted for brian kemp and then senator warnock do they leave the votes the same or change because of the check on the biden administration? the democrats are not overly confident because the voting period was shorter so there are some unknowns and no doubt that some republicans are not thrilled with how walker is campaigned.
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he is absent. >> the entire reason to jeff's point is 200,000 voters voted for kemp and not warnock. are those folks coming back out for the guy that they dissed on the ballot the first time and the folks that marked a straight republican going to come out with so much not at stake for the republicans, meaning the senate majority. if you look at what's invested outspent 2 to 1. who are the surrogates? i think there's less motivation to help who's considered a flawed candidate when you don't have the senate majority at stake. >> the absence on the republican side is notable. on the democratic side former president obama was in georgia making an argument to voters
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that walker doesn't deserve to be in the senate. >> since the last time i was here mr. walker has been talking about issues that are of great importance to the people of georgia. like whether it's better to be a vampire or a werewolf. this is a debate i must confess i once had myself. when i was 7. then i grew up. in case you're wondering, mr. walker decided he wanted to be a werewolf. >> yeah. it is funny. it is funny for sure but i wonder is that argument just for the warnock voters who can't stand what walker represents or is it also trying to appeal to
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even some republican voters who held their nose and might have voted for him the first time? >> down the stretch the warnock campaign is trying to make it about character and competence. our candidate has that and the walker campaign does not. you have 1.9 million voters at the polls. 370,000 voters on the last day of early voting. you have seen rhetoric around our candidate. warnock is effective and of course still a lot of votes to be counted and something to the tune of 4.5 million. but i think that they should feel likely very comfortable going into tuesday. >> i think what we are hearing former president obama try to
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duplicate is the feeling that drove this a month ago. mcconnell said some turned off voters so i think democrats are trying to exacerbate that dynamic and make sure that given how close the result was on election day some leaning voters in the middle decide not to show up or look and say no thanks and just either vote for warnock or not at all. >> yeah. this early vote period the critical for the democrats to maximize the advantage. just to take a quick look at where we are in early voting. women about 56%. in november 53%. if a democrat you probably like that number. same with black voters, outpacing where it ended up in
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november. but younger voters explains why you see warnock hitting the college campuses nonstop trying to get that number up. most likely. and for democrats the argument is as you were saying, jeff, about the balance of power in the senate. they need the extra vote to make a difference between relying on warnock or a joe manchin. >> without question. like i said earlier on committee assignments. it is a big deal but they have been split 50/50 on every committee so democrats with the majority give a full majority to take some power away from manchin and sinema and the vice president. >> down pennsylvania avenue for vice president kamala harris. yeah.
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joe manchin is happy he may not have to be in the line of fire. next, a shake-up in the democratic party calendar could leave iowa behind and treated to images like this from the all-important iowa state fair. >> is it cold? >> it is ice cold and tasty! delicious. going to go well with the pork chop. ve to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: reallyly? >> tech: that's service the way y you need it. >> siningers: ♪ safelite repai, safelite replace. ♪ i brought inin ensure max protein with 30 grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks. uhhhh... here, i'll take that. [woo hoo!] ensure max protein, with 30 grams of protein, one gram of sugar and nutrients for immune health. i was born here, i'm from here, and i'm never leaving here. i'm a new york hotel. yeah, i'm tall. 563 feet and 2 inches.
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we're investing for our clients in the projects that power our economy. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. democrats are on the brink of the party's biggest primary shake-up in decades. friday the dnc's rules committee approved president biden's proposal to reshape its 2024 nominating calendar. if the full dnc give it is go ahead south carolina would take iowa's coveted spot at the first in the nation followed by nevada and new hampshire.
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georgia and michigan to round out the five earliest votes. the populations may be small but they have had a big impact on election cycles for the last 50 years. >> new hampshire, tonight has made bill clinton the comeback kid. >> iowa, i love you. >> you have done what the cynics said we couldn't do. >> as i stand here tonight breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa! >> iowa and new hampshire used to make or break candidates and the campaigns until 2020 and also when i think the democratic party had a very public conversation about whether the nominating process was actually
5:18 am
producing nominees that appealed to voters. i think that this change from the memo written by president biden to the dnc is about centering black and brown communities at the beginning of the process, not the end. >> absolutely. at the very core this is about emphasizing the base of the party. reaching out early. seen black voters turning out for canes. acknowledging the diverse coalition to build starting in south carolina to nevada with the large latino population i think for president biden and the coalition that he formed in 2020 and for democrats that's the vision of the party they look for. >> i don't want to ignore the parts not just about race. you have in michigan
5:19 am
representation from the midwest, working class communities in the south. south carolina and georgia. those are voters who are more conservative than some of the democratic primary voters of new hampshire and iowa. >> this is decades in the making from michigan. debbie dingell said they are lobbying for a long time because michigan representative of the country. you have detroit and flint. rural areas like the cherry farmers at 75. you have the unions which are huge base of the democratic party so look. the big argument for iowa and new hampshire is small states allowing upstart candidates less well-known to get a foothold they might not have otherwise had but the way they structured
5:20 am
this new hampshire will not be four days later but a question to prioritize the funding and a chance to reassess and part of the proposal is every four years potentially looking at this because it is since 1970s iowa had the stronghold. >> the model of iowa and new hampshire first was about the more retail aspect of campaigning when you are not as known. this is a clearly calendar and geographic makeup that advantages president biden who is a known quantity and can campaign in all the places all at once. if you're an upstart candidate that's more difficult. inform invenevada is a huge sta.
5:21 am
there are a lot of factors at play but this is a way of going straight to the base of the party and aspects of it. unions, people of color to give them a voice earlier on. >> two things just to highlight. the time between south carolina and nevada and new hampshire is three days. that's not a lot of time but nevada won't go quietly into the night. a senator from new hampshire says i strongly oppose the deeply misguided proposal. the law is clear and the primary will be the first in the nation. maybe iowa acknowledges that after what happened in the caucuses two years ago they can't really complain but may not be as easy as saying this is what we want to do. >> it is not. we'll talk about this because there's a state law in iowa and
5:22 am
new hampshire saying they go first. who cares? >> that's what the dnc are saying. >> i think history will show that it is a different time now but going back to look at the clips of young senator barack obama in 2007 i covered that campaign and it wouldn't -- it is clear that most people didn't give him much of a chance. he put together an iowa coalition of young and old people and he won iowa and that showed that he could win elsewhere but certainly the history, jimmy carter, as well. republicans still go in iowa so the republican candidates in 2024 will be heading there. >> georgia showed us organizing happens in other places and i don't think that we can assume it is only demonstrated in iowa.
5:23 am
we have seen it in georgia to great effect for the democrats. next, kanye west profezzes the love of hitler and in silence former president trump is making it clear where he stands on the matter. the greatest sandwich roster ever assembled. for more on the new boss, here's patrick mahomes. incredle - meatballs, fresh mozzarella and pepperon- oh, the meatball's out! i thought he neverumbles. the new subway sers. what's your pick?
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and our demands on the internet increase. that's why we just boosted speeds for over 20 million xfinity customers, on us. so you get more of the speed you need for day and night streaming. more speed you need when you're work from homeing. and more speed you need as your family keeps growing. check in on your current speed through the xfinity app today. former president trump's dinner guests are still spewing hate and just when you thought can way west's anti-semitic rhetoric couldn't get more vile it did. take a listen to what he had to say this week. >> i see good things about
5:28 am
hitler. this guy that invented highways and the very microphone i use as a withdrew sirn you can't say he did anything good. every human being has something of value they brought to the table. especially hitler. there are a lot of things i love about hitler. a lot of things. >> we play that to understand what's out there in the open right now. this is a man that former president trump chose to spend time with. he is also a man whose rhetoric former president trump refuses to condemn. the republican jewish coalition issued a statement saying in part enough is enough. but when is it enough for the former president and his party? we're back with the panel here. the astonishing part of all of this though perhaps not surprising is that trump still
5:29 am
hasn't condemned any of this and doesn't really seem to be any kind of effort to get him to. >> the difference between 2016 and today is stark in that trump has been platforming this extremism and mostly with a wink and a nod and refused to condemn david duke in 2016 but now playing qanon music at his rallies? he is talking about exonerating the january 6 insurrections who have been convicted. and this. speaks very loudly. given that you have west's comments so upsetting to so many americans. the question is whether voters now are going to reject that. seems like a lot of people in the party are ready to be done with him but this is similar to 2016 with the institution of
5:30 am
national security experts in the republican party saying they didn't support him and the voters are said we'll make that decision. >> the striking thing is that we have seen some leading republicans particularly in congress say this is abhorrent. he should not -- these people should not ever be part of the republican party. they pushed back on the views of c kanye west and nick fuentes and not called on trump to publicly disavow this. not that he would. i think republicans see that as a losing battle but as a leader in a party hearing this abhorrent rhetoric it behooves you to call on everyone to push back and reject it. we don't see that happening and i think as you said at this point it is not surprising
5:31 am
because they learned that calling on the former president to reject comments like this and people like this and ideology like this doesn't work and i think they are worried about alienating some voters who they know in the base will tolerate or support this. >> it is probably about 35% of at least the republican electorate that is fine with pretty much anything that trump does but just to add to what you are saying the big picture here is an emergence of a candidate seems to be running on extreme inch. this is a truth social post yesterday saying a massive fraud allows for the termination of all rules, articles and regulations even those found in the constitution.
5:32 am
you do enot have to take a leap to figure out what he is talking about this guy claims to be the leader of the republican party . >> he runs to those most enthusiastic about him and what the lack of condemnation of radical extremist views says is he views the people as the sort of base and those most enthusiastic of him and a subversion of democracy to move past the constitution is a subversion of democracy so i think as we move to 2024 that has to be in the back of your mind that a leading candidate for the republican party is actively moving towards more radical and extreme views and funneling down. >> you mentioned the january 6
5:33 am
insurrectionists. this is at the heart of the former president's re-election campaign. listen to what he said at a fund-raiser for the families of january 6 insurrectionists. >> patriot freedom is what it is about. what they have done to torment people and go after people like never before. we will be as you know looking about it and talking about it very, very strongly. in the coming weeks, months, and year, year and a half during the campaign. >> tells you a lot about where this is all headed. >> it does. as though the midterm elections didn't happen. it gives republicans i talk to donors, elected officials so much angst and pause that this is at the forefront because this is not where the conversation should be for a winning message
5:34 am
for the party but the base of 35% is all he likely needs to win a primary so he'll keep saying things like this. will they be diminished. will he consume the oxygen in the race ordy min oished by the controversies? feels different to me than 2015 and 2016. >> everyone has been given pause but no one is organizing an effort to marginalize trump. this is happening in a broader context in which conservatives are grappling with the figures in their midst and kanye west back on twitter and now musk is a he are to the right. rick scott thanks him for then
5:35 am
suspending kanye for being an anti-semite on twitter. i want to thank the suspension of ye. same weekdayly stormer is back on twitter. seems to be playing around with the forces in the republican party and got to decide who's in the camp and not. >> it is unleashed. i think "the new york times" had a story this week showing since musk took over twitter anti-semitic tweets went up 60%. there is a market for this and if there's a big split field aen a lot of republicans running 35 pat35% is a huge number. not saying that they are all
5:36 am
anti-semitic or this message appeals but they will go along with it if there's strong trump supporters. look past it. there's a portion that it directly appeals to and that's the truth unfortunately. >> yeah. strikes me that the condemnation is not strong enough because it is not going away. these people are very much emboldened. what does the new house democratic leader think of kevin mccarthy? we have brand new cnn reporting on that coming up next. for any party. pool parties... tailgates... holiday y parties... even retirement parties. man, i love parties. subway keeps refreshing anand refreshing why do dermatolologists choose dove? the dove beauty bar, is gentle. it not only cleans, it hydrates my skin. as a dermatologist, i want what's best for ouskin. with 1 moisturizing cream, doves the #1 bar dermatologists use at home.
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not flossing well? then add the whoa! of listerine to your routine. new science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss. for a cleaner, healthier mouth. listerine. feel the whoa! we have new reporting this morning in his first major interview since being elected democratic leader congressman jeffries is telling cnn how to win back the majority. an advantage that he touted this
5:41 am
week. >> sometimes we can have noisy conversations but as we showed time and time again on issue after issue after issue at the end of the day we always come together, find the highest common denominator and get things done for every day americans. >> cnn's reporter landed that interview joins the panel now. jeffries is known to be disciplined political figure and landed at the top of the pack without much ado about it. tell us what you learned about the generation of the democratic party plans to lead. >> i met him in 2006. he is a very careful guy, carefully working the way up and have a major change in democratic leadership that ended with not a poept for him or two
5:42 am
deputies. three people who with clark and aguilar, the leaders in the house who none were in congress when barack obama was elected in 2008. replacing people in that are 80s and how to get the rapidly changing democratic party and caucus on the same page with a singular goal in mind to defy history again making a republican majority a two-year majority. they think they can keep progressives in check and not causing trouble for where the agenda would want to go. easier in the minority without having to think about deals to work the way into law but also about hitting republicans a lot on extremism. i asked jeffries do you respect kevin mccarthy. he said we serve in congress together. >> you asked him and he said we
5:43 am
serve in congress and asked if he respects him jeffries said i respect he is the current republican leader and maybe the next speaker. perhaps he could have taken a few more jabs. >> mcconnell went to the floor of the senate and started hitting on jeffries saying he attacked the judiciary. i asked jeffries about that. he says it seems like most of america rejected donald trump but that's a decision. he said going on the attack and not talking about what they want to get done for americans going right back on to message there is in line with the republicans. i think you will see that be what they do a lot. >> you made a good point about the relationship with the progressives which is a big test why two years to sort it out in the minority but here's a taste
5:44 am
of what that relationship has been like between jeffries and the squad. these are actually the quotes. jeffries said there's nothing more uniting than being in the majority. aoc told axios that learning together is something to learn. booker said you are part of the caucus, too. it's a benefit of the doubt. >> i think they are definitely are. this is easier in the minority. the whole plan is to try to get democrats to win back the house and want two years about the republican majority. we'll see if he can hold it together but elected swiftly so gives you a sense of his support and respect with colleagues. >> on the republican side it is
5:45 am
not going to be that easy for mccarthy trying to wrangle the votes to get to 218. he seems confident but the opponents are equally confident he won't get there. >> do you think you'll have 218 coming to the floor? would you step down in the race? >> no. we will have 218. i'll get there. >> he won't be speaker. he won't get to 218. i hope he will say and recognize for the good of the country and the party and congress i'll pull myself out. >> won't be easy and republicans think they will have multiple ballots on this. >> it is a math problem made worse by the jafact that the majority is small. the democrats will vote against him on the floor. needs 218. there are five people and more privately are saying that that
5:46 am
group is much larger. lost more than 36 nominated for speaker by secret ballot and doesn't have the votes right now. what he is saying is he won't step aside willingly. the problem that he has looking back nancy pelosi did face a similar issue four years ago with about three dozen people in the caucus who had voted for her to nominate her for speaker but four years ago she was meeting with people, cutting deals with them. there were more than a dozen members democrats who she figured out a way to get on her side. mccarthy is dealing with people who don't want anything except for his head. don't want him to be speaker. >> it is a chaotic few weeks. >> you heard say they can't be won over. >> exactly.
5:47 am
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the front-runner treatment. that is what florida governor ron desantis has been receiving this week despite the fact he hasn't made it clear he's even running for president. at least three different publications have taken a deeper look into the newly re-elected governor. some of the coverage was, shall we say, less than flat trg. mark leibovich in the atlantic writes, quote, people who know him better and have watched him longer are skeptical of his ability to take on the
5:52 am
president. he prefers to keep his ear buds in, his step away from the vehicle vibes are strong. ron desantis is quite the favorite of the political class in washington, the donor class, so on and so forth. heidi, the voters will decide and we really don't know whether this is going to translate on a national stage. >> right now these profiles also coincide with some polling from reputable republican firms that show that desantis is doing a good job in this very early stage of coalescing the trumpy side of the party along with the traditional, reagan republican side of the party. we all know and we all lived through 2016 when we saw that trump does a great job at brand, mostly branding his opponents. once desantis becomes more of a known quantity, really that's up in the air. right now a lot of these polls also show that people -- a lot of people don't even know who he is or what he's about.
5:53 am
yeah, once he gets more onto the stage and trump has a bite at him, it could really change. >> some of the polling in addition to what you just mentioned also indicates that compared to trump he might do better than trump at competing against biden. here is a marquette poll that shows biden would lead trump by ten points if the election were held today. biden versus desantis, that's an even race. that's what makes desanity feel good about his chances, perhaps. again, to heidi's point, very few people know him. at the end of the day, once you get out of the bubble and you're interacting with real people, that starts to affect things. >> without a doubt. he comes into this very strong in the sense that he had a very strong re-election, an incredible re-election in florida. yes, he has coalesced a lot of donors. we have no idea who the republican nominee will be or who the front-runners will be. he starts out in an amiable
5:54 am
position but so did scott walker, the wisconsin governor in 2014. you don't want to win the primary of 2023. you want to win the primary of 2024. i also think you'd rather be him than than some of the other republicans. fox news has taken quite a liking to him. do you have to shake hands and be in living rooms like you used to? donald trump showed us you didn't. he had rallies and things. it's far too early to say he's going to be a nominee. he's in a decent spot. >> there's scott walker who leads a tight gop pack in the iowa poll. this was january 2015, and bush, jeb bush surges to 2016 gop front-runner in december 2014. >> there are risks to peaking too early, to being seen as the antidote to whatever ails the party. as much a z it's important as
5:55 am
republicans love to see the poll numbers that show him neck and neck in a race with biden, the bigger challenge for any republican candidate in this day and age is the primary. we know trump will be a presence. we know he has mastered that process of winning a republican primary. of course it will be very durcht this time around given the mix of candidates and given how much a head of steam desantis seems to have. that is going to be a huge obstacle for him to get over. we really don't know how he's going to do when voters start to take a much closer look at him, those republican primary voters who are so important to even get to the point where he's maybe facing president biden. >> that's exactly right. maybe trump didn't do all the hand holding, but he had a hold on people, related to them in a certain way. that's it for us on "inside politics sunday." up next, "state of the union" with jake tapper and dana bash. jake's guesting include
5:56 am
secretary of state anthony blinken and senator sherrod brown. be sure to tune in this tuesday evening for our election night coverage of georgia's senate race. our coverage starts on tuesday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. i will be there all night. hope you will be, too. thank you again for sharing your sunday morning with us. have a beautiful rest of your day. l-new subway series menu the new monster has juicy steak and crispy bacon. but what about the new boss? itit looks so good it makes me hangry! settle down there, big guy the new susubway series. what's your pick? at fidelity, your dedicated advisor will work with you on a comprehensive wealth plan across your full financial picture. a plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to lp you keep more of what you earn. this is the planning effect.
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georgia rematch. once again georgia votes. >> you all sound like you're ready to win a


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