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tv   CNN This Morning Weekend  CNN  December 24, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PST

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good morning and welcome to "cnn this morning." i'm martin savidge. >> and i'm whitney wild. a massive storm is blanketing the u.s., leaving thousands without power and making travel a mess.
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right now in buffalo a blizzard warning is in effect until tomorrow morning. all the impacts and when we'll see some relief coming up. the january 6 it committee lays blame squarely at the feet of former president trump. what's next in the investigation? ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is back home after a historic visit to washington, and he's warning ukrainians they could see more russian missile strikes over christmas. the next phase of this war and how the just passed u.s. government spending bill could help. plus from heartbreaking tragedies to shocking courtroom revelations, we've got a look at the top ten "crime & justice" stories this morning on "cnn this morning." ♪ yes, it is saturday, december 24th. merry christmas eve.
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thanks for waking up with us. >> merry christmas to everyone. sorry, martin. i was going to say merry christmas to everyone. i'm sure santa is working very hard to get those presents wrapped, ready to go. >> it's good to be with you all. we're going to begin with that, of course, frigid and frustrating start to the holiday weekend. more than 2 million are under winter alerts with the arctic blasts that's leaving freezing temperatures, powerful winds, and heavy ice. people from the east coast to the west coast are experiencing the coldest christmas in decades. in wyoming, the temperatures dropped to a negative 75 degrees. in parts of alaska, winds are gusting over 50 miles per hour. >> reporter: the weather today in general is really challenging. >> across the country, snow,
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ice, and powerful winds caused multi-vehicle crashes and left drivers stranded on roads and highways. many spent hours in these freezing conditions. now officials in four states are blaming the winter storm for at least 11 deaths, and they're reminding drivers if you don't need to travel, don't travel. it's not just the snow and ice. in new jersey and several cities across the coastal east, the snow brought major flooding. this morning thousands of homes and businesses are without power. the storm knocked out electricity to more than a million customers nationwide friday. meanwhile air travelers facing another frustration. this morning, more than 1,300 flights were canceled. this comes after 5,700 flights were canceled on friday. >> every solution we went to, we couldn't reach anyone. i stayed on hold actually for eight hours today and then was
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disconnected, so that wasn't fun. super frustrating because there's nothing they can do and there's nothing we can do. >> cnn's omar jiminez reports. >> reporter: from record snowfall in the midwest to dangerous road conditions in the deep south, now more than half of the country is under massive winter storm and windchill alerts. a blizzard whips through buffalo, storms ravage rhode island, wichita experiencing a whiteout. >> it's really hard to find where the worst weather is. it's just about everywhere from coast to coast. >> reporter: the extremewhat's s
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cyclogenesis. >> it's not safe for people to be outdoors. >> reporter: even texas is experiencing a deep freeze, and as arctic temperatures hit near the u.s. border with mexico, many migrants are now facing the harsh elements without shelter. almost 1.5 million americans are now braving the cold without power, some now stocking up to ride out the storm. the dangerous combination of ice and wind creating extreme road hazards and major disruptions to holiday travel. >> we all want to get to our loved ones for the holidays, but please, please pay close attention to what local authorities are saying, and if they're saying it's not safe to drive, it's not safe to drive. >> reporter: at many airports, transportation authorities say it may not be safe to fly either. more than 7,000 flights have been canceled today. >> it's changing by the minute. >> it's going to be a long trip. >> reporter: snow disrupting travel in seattle and create aghdam noe effect around the
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country. the frigid temperatures are expected to last throughout the holiday weekend, breaking 40-year records in the midwest and the plains. for millions of americans, this may be the coldest christmas they have ever experienced. >> omar jiminez, thank you. let's go to polo sandoval in new york. polo, officials are saying not to take chances. it doesn't matter how good your snow tires are, how good of a driver you think you are, the wind and the snow will always win. it's so dangerous out there. what do you see? >> reporter: on that point, we spoke to a couple of gentlemen who got stuck in a massive utility truck around the corner number matter how small or big your vehicle is, you run the risk of getting stuck. that's what we heard from the erie county spokesperson. we can see a little more than we
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were able to see yesterday, but, really, that doesn't mean much bus these winds have been relentless all night. our hotel, you could hear those windows rattling all night. i have to tell you the biggest concern right now according to officials here in buffalo and erie county are the hundreds of vehicles that authorities say were stranded overnight. these ware people who disregardd for one reason or another the driving ban. authorities are going to the vehicles and making sure they weren't there. there would be rescues overnight. even the first responders are getting stuck in this. so the most important message that we're hearing from authorities is shelter in place. whether you're in your home. even if you don't have power, you're cold, the cold interior of your house is much safer than being stuck in this. if you're in a vehicling run it
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every ten minutes. make sure the exhaust pipe is clear. and if you can flag a first responder passing by, do so. or call the non-emergency number. the rescues are expected to continue well into the morning. the wind is going to be the hardest part today. my face feels like a thousand needles. so it really is a dangerous morning out there. folks should resist the urge to head out. travel still impossible in and around buffalo. martin, whitney? >> let's face it. it's cold just about everywhere. go get warm. >> that extreme cold is gripping southern states not used to this kind of weather. migrants at the border due to title 42 are stranded, struggling to stay warm. >> we've got the latest from
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there. >> reporter: whitney, martin, it's been extremely difficult and dangerous for these migrants during the night and morning hours. they're doing everything they can to stay warm. they're essentially getting as many blankets as they can, trying to sit next to one another, trying to keep warm. there are children, there are families, and the shelter is prioritizing the women and the children. but a lot of these migrants here, they don't have the proper documentation to go into the sit-run shelters. they have opened the convention center, but the problem is that if they don't have the documents from border patrol, they will not be allowed in those city shelters because of state and federal law. the only shelter is this one, a nonprofit. they're at capacity. they had 130 people. that was their original capacity. they're trying to fit in at
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least 200, so they can get as many people as possible sleeping inside. look, a lot of these migrants told us they will do anything they can do be here, even if it's dangerous they're going into a bus. there is a bus here. they'll go in five, ten minutes to warm up, some of them sleeping on that bus, but not everyone wanting to do it because they're also worried. they don't know what's going to happen next and they want to stay in this country. they say they're doing it for their future and their children, so they'll go whatever they need to go through to remain in this country. martin? >> camila bernal, thanks very much for that. it's shaping up to be a cold christmas weekend for the majority of the country. let's go down to allison chinchar. she's tracking the weather. what do we have? more cold?
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>> more cold. the good news is we'll see a lot of the cold air recede in the coming days. take a look at all the areas you see here highlighted by the windchill warnings and windchill advisories. still, a very widespread area. it goes from the dakotas all the way down to portions of florida. again, it's not just the cold temperatures but the wind. buffalo, sustained wind of 32 miles per hour, but it's gusting to 56. you take the temperature they have and factor in the wind. if you're outside, any exposed skin is going to be dealinging with that windchill. cle cleveland, 25 miles an hour, detroit, around 30. when you mix the wind with the snow, you end up getting blizzard conditions. that's why you still have a blizzard condition. not that any new snow is coming down. it's picking up all the snow that's fallen in the last 24
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hours and blowing it down, reducing the visibility even more. most of the snow today is going to be limited to the great lakes region where you've got that lake-effect enhancement. most of these areas likely to just pick up an extra 2 to 6 inches of snow, but the couple of spots where you see the pink color, especially around buffalo, still not out of the question to pick up 1 to 2 foot of snow total. the high today in minneapolis, only 4 degrees. 13 for the high in chicago. even atlanta will not reach the freezing point today, but i have good news. warmer temperatures are on the way. just not today. we'll start to see the vast majority of the country seeing warm temperatures mid-next week and it will stay that way through at least the laffer half of the week. for christmas, while we have a
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couple of snow showers across the midwest for tomorrow, a lot of the other areas while cold, guys, will be dealing with some sunshine. >> allison chinchar, thank you. coming up later this morning, we've got tips to stay safe during the cold temperatures, including why it might be smart to skip that second cup of coffee. plus, the january 6th committee makes it clear they believe the cause of the insurrection was former president trump. the key takeaways from more than 800 pages of the report coming up. the massive spending bill, sending it to president biden for approval. some of the key items included coming up on "cnn this morning."
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make it your mission. learn how abbvie could help you save. this... is the planning effect. this is how it feels to have a dedicated fidelity advisor looking at your full financial picture. this is what it's like to have a comprehensive wealth plan with tax-smart investing strategies designed to help you keep more of what you earn. and set aside more for things like healthcare, or whatever comes down the road. this is "the planning effect" from fidelity. the house january 6th committee released its final report on the riot on the u.s. capitol which places the blame squarely on one person, donald trump. >> the panel's 800-plus-page document comes after interviews
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and an investigation into president trump overturning the 2020 election. we get an inside look over this historic report. >> and we fight, we fight like hell. >> reporter: the january 6th committee leaving no doubt that former president donald trump was the cingular one responsible for the attack on the capitol. the 845-page report saying none of the events of january 6th would have happened without him, drawing a clear line between trump's election denials and the violence that unfolded that day. after sending four criminal referrals for trump to the justice department, the committee is recommends he's barred from holding officer again, zeroing in on the constitution saying anyone engaged in an insurrection can be disqualified from serving again. >> no man who would behave that way at that moment in time could
3:18 am
ever receiver in a position of authority in our nation again. he is unfit for any office. >> reporter: house investigators say trump's and his inner circle engaged in at least 200 attempts to pressure officials to overturn results including this call with georgia's secretary of state. >> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have, because we won the state. >> reporter: the report highlighting other key players in the alleged conspiracy, identifying cheeseboro and eastman a part of the genesis campaign. >> if mike pence does the right thing, we win the election. >> reporter: this after the account act that's closer to becoming a reality as the house
3:19 am
and senate have each passed their own reform bills. but back in 2020 trump did not agree with every outlandish theory his team presented. >> the massive money contribution through venezuela, cuba, and likely china, and the interference with our elections here in the united states. >> when sidney powell repeated these conspiracy theories in a phone call to donald trump, white house's hope hicks says trump muted his speaker phone and laughed and said to those in the room, this does sound crazy, doesn't it? they wrote, president trump did not contact a single top national security official during the day. trump responding to the report, calling it a witch hunt, and today he is still falsely claiming he won the 2020 election. the committee's work is officially wrapped up, but we will see more in the coming
3:20 am
days. the committee plans to release additional transcripts from the more than 1,000 witnesses before the end of the year, but we should then see things begin to ramp up. a special counsel, jack smith, has issued a flurry of subpoenas in recent weeks. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. jessica schneider, thank you. daniel lippman is with us. this is a huge report. what is the biden administration saying and what are other officials saying about the official report? >> the biden administration didn't want to look like they were writing the report themselves. they're kind of letting congress get the glory here because they have to be wary of looking like they were interfering in the report in the first place because they have the justice department digging into whether trump should be charged with any
3:21 am
of these crimes the committee referred to justice department to. what i thought was interesting is you hear that many criticisms of the report from congressional republicans that got much attention when the report came out and also when they referred trump to the justice department because as trump gets weaker politically, republicans are kind of finally breathing in a sigh of relief that they don't have to -- that they're not threatened by trump as much. >> let's turn to what's going on among republicans in congress. so this week house minority leader kevin mccarthy had planned to block the legislation of the republican senators who voted for this spending package. how serious is he about blocking that? he is in a tough spot right now. i mean it's a really fine line between not alienating parts of his party, but moving forward in a way that is co-he's ivg and
3:22 am
cooperative with people he's going to have to work with. how does he balance all that? >> yeah, he's still trying to rally up the votes for his own speakership next month. that has been a very tough thing for him as he has a much smaller majority. he can't piss anyone off basically. if not, they might go to steve scalise's number two. i think he's secretly hoping the government stays funded and that congress passes this package because he doesn't want to have to pace as one of his first tasks in the new year if he becomes the speaker. he wants to focus on hunter biden and the border issues. as much as he's giving this 25-minute speech in congress, in the house of representatives,ing
3:23 am
how this is a terrible bill, i think behind the scenes, he's probably hoping they can take this off his chest and he can focus on concertive issues in terms of things that are huge spending bills. they don't get as much criticism because they're a republican party that likes spending. >> title 42 allows migrants to be turned backes. they don't want it to end yet because they want to be prepared for a huge influx of people expect to cross over the border. do you give us a sense why they think they need more time and why they feel they cannot handle this influx of issues?
3:24 am
>> dhs has had for a long time huge morale issues and their front line staff doesn't like the democratic administration sometimes because they're more hard-line. they liked working with trump who gave them love. biden has not even visited the border. but if you talk to people who are in favor of title 42 ending, they're saying there's no public health reason anymore to be denying these people and the administration has had almost two years to focus on ending this, which is a campaign promise from biden, and that, you know, you have a legal requirement that the government, if someone is presenting for asylum, they at least get a hearing. i think early next year we might see the final end of 42 as the
3:25 am
pandemic winds dourngs but you need to find some place to put the people. >> that's why there's the challenge. it's really hard to try to find places for them to go, especially in the cold weather, extremely challenging. daniel lippman, thank you so much. >> thanks, whitney. coming up, braving the cold. it can take its toll, but there are some ways to stay warm and keep yourself same more on what you can do to protect your family. that will be up next. wait, what? adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria detergent alone, can't. every year, millions of people find a health plan at during open enrollment. ♪ so they can eny more visits. ♪ have more meet and greets. and have less to worry about. with the new law, 4 out of 5 customers can find a plan
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welcome back. 28 past the hour. let's look at other stories. the house passed the plan. a shutdown would have happened yesterday. biden signed that short-term bill which provides enough time for the year-long measure to be formally processed and send to the prison. the spending bill including $45 billion in assistance to ukraine and more for disaster relief. plus there's a measure to ban tiktok from federal device and an overhaul of the campaign act aimed making it harder to overturn a certified presidential election. the jury in los angeles has convicted rapper and sinker torey lanez in the shooting of
3:30 am
megan thee stallion. lanez shot her in both of her feet after she got out of a car following an zbeenlt. lanez could be sentenced to more than 20 years in prison and possibly deported back to his native canada. we continue to track the storm that's impacting millions across the country. here's a live look at buffalo, columbus. buffalo sunday a blizzard warning until tomorrow morning, and in columbus it feels like negative 19 degrees. the weather can be dangerous and deadly. of course, the elderly and the very young are warned. we have tips on how we can stay safe when the conditions are so cold. >> whitney, martin, as cold temperatures grip much of the nation, there are several thing wes need to remember to stay healthy and safe in the cold. first of all, those who are most
3:31 am
vulnerable are infants and older people. dress infants warmly. if you know older people and they're alone, check on them to see how they're doing. also, alcohol and caffeine can hurt your body's ability to deal with the cold. be careful with caffeine and be careful with alcohol. don't drink too much. if it's cold inside, the heat isn't working well, do not use generators or a stove top or anything like that in order to stay warm. that can be a real fire hazard and be a problem. if you find yourself catching a cold in the cold, there's a reason for that. researchers looked at the nose. the nose is the first line of defense against germanys. the cells that line the nose, they don't work so well in the cold. they suffer in the coal. that's one of the reasons why we do catch colds in the cold. whitney, martin? >> thank you so much for those
3:32 am
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lysol. what it takes to protect. now to the war in ukraine. authorities say at least 35 people have been injured. the ukrainian military says two russian missiles struck a city in the donetsk region. the city's mayor says two schools, a dozen apartment buildings, and three homes were damaged there. this latest fighting, of course, comes on the heels of president zelenskyy's historic visit to washington to thank the u.s. for its support, and, of course, he wants to ask for more. >> your support is crucial not just to stand in such fight, but to get to the point to win on
3:36 am
the battlefield. we have artillery, yes. thank you. we have it. is it enough? honestly, not really. >> and joining us now is cnn military analyst, retired air force colonel cedric leighton who's joining us. i want to ask you just how well from a military perspective do you think that the president did in making his case to lawmakers and the american people? >> well, martin, good morning. i think he did at excellent job of outlining his needs, his requirements, and his future requirements. you know, he's in a very tough position. while ukraine has a defense industrial sparks it's based on the old soviet model. they've modernized a lot of things. we saw a lot of that at the very beginning of this war when they used, for example, the turkish
3:37 am
drones and indigenous drones. when president zelenskyy spoke to congress, he made it very clear, this is a fight that's going to continue because if it didn't continue, ukraine would cease to exist. i think from a political perspective as well as the military perspective, he did an excellent job of getting that point across. it's not a question of the nerve ending conflict. >> there's no question the way he delivered the speenks everything, extremely powerful and historic. president biden said zelenskyy made a very compelling case. we're just noting here t $1.7 trillion spending bill including $45 billion for more aid to ukraine. zelenskyy says that financial help is crucial. take a listen. >> thank you for both financial
3:38 am
measures you have already provided us with and the ones you may be willing to decide on. your money is not charity. it's an invotement in the global security and democracy that we handle in the most responsible way. >> i want to ask you about republicans in congress because they have said that the u.s. cannot give ukraine a blank check. could this be a hint that their support is waning? >> it could be, martin. for political purposes and accounts purposes, it's important to have a clear accounting of what exactly is spent, how much is gone and what should go in the future? the problem is it a signal of
3:39 am
waverly and not being fully implemented in providing aid to ukraine. it's a fine line. you don't want to be like afghanistan where people were m missing money and it couldn't be accounted for. but you want to do it at risk of de defeat. >> there are new weapons coming to ukraine from the u.s. including the patriot missile system. this is something that once launched can chase associate yet airplanes. does this change the whole dynamic of u.s. involvement? >> well, the rugs would say it probably would, however, you know, a lot of planes have been shot down over ukraine already in this war and even before this war. you know, ukrainians have not
3:40 am
lost the ability to fly some of their aircraft. the russians failed to achieve air dominance. this allows -- this patriot system allows ukrainians to not only maintain what they have in terms of air dominance and the ability to go if there there. they don't have that. won't get it with just one patriot. but what they will get is better protengz of their sfraks at least in certain areas. this kind of situation if they were to shoot planes down, it would probably result in a war of words, the firing of more missiles against the uukrainianl tu fact of the matter is what they'll have to do. it's something ukrainians have said they don't want to go beyond their borders when it comes to attacking the russians, but they may have to do that to
3:41 am
avoid russians attacking them. >> very well said. thank you very much. merry christmas to you. >> merry christmas to you, too, martin. so much. always great to be with you. >> thank you. still ahead, "crime & justice" and a look back at the top stories of the year. that's coming up next. and of course, puppy-friendly. we don't like to say perfect, but it's pretty perfectct., booking.yeah. every moment in life is a bet. like betting your favorite jersey won't shrink in the dryer. but life doesn't offer you up to $2500 back in free bets won if you don't win.ryer. so bet on america's #1 sportsbk, fanduel, and make every moment more. (vo) after fifteen years of the share the love event, subaru and our retailers have donated over two hundred and fifty million dollars to charity. in fact, subaru is the largest corporate donor to the aspca... ...and the national park foundation.
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this past year, travel gist and long-awaited tragedies for those gunned down at sandy hook. we have the crime & justice stories of 2022. mass shootings, explosive revelations in court, and the pardoning of thousands of americans. the most gripping
3:45 am
crime & justice stories of 2022. number ten, an inmate and his jailer together and on the run. >> a manhunt is on the way in alabama. >> reporter: police say lauderdale, alabama, victory white walked out the door with an inmate on the day he/she was set to retire. two were not related but may have had a clandestine relationship. >> she was a longtime trusted employee at our janld she just exploited the system. >> reporter: on the run for 11 days, the pair were eventually spotted in indiana. police there gave chase, which ended in the car crashing. vicky white shot and killed herself. casey white was charged with escape and taken back to jail in alabama. number nine, thousands of
3:46 am
convictions for marijuana up in smoke. >> no one should be in jail just for using or possessing maub. >> reporter: president joe biden pardoning americans convicted in federal court for simple possession of mary yuan possession. biden also ordered a review of how marijuana is classified under federal law, which could be a first step toward easing criminal penalties. number eight, an author facing a decades-old death threat attacked. >> salman rushdie is still in surgery after being stabbed. >> reporter: the award-winning author was stabbed multiple times as he was prepared to speak. the suspect, 24-year-old hadi ma tar was held down by the crowd until he was arrested. rusdhie lived in hiding after his novel "satanic verses" was condemned by iran's then supreme
3:47 am
leader in 1989. officials denied any connection to the attack. rusdhie survived but lost use of an eye and a hand. number seven. actors johnny depp and amber heard battle it out in a courtroom over defamation and abuse. dep sued over a 2018 op-ed penned by heard saying she was a survivor of domestic violence. heard countersued. >> she threw the large bottle, and it made contact. >> reporter: depp testified he bus the one oh physically and emotionally abused. the jury found heard liable, something difficult to prove, and awarded depp 15 in damages.
3:48 am
heard appealed but later settled the suit. number six, brutal killings in a college down. >> there are still no suspects in the killing of four college students in idaho. >> they were stabbed multiple times likely in their sleep. >> this incident has shaken our community. >> but the case remains unsolved. police have not located a murder weapon or identified a suspect. >> every day you wake up and think today's the day we're going to hear something. >> reporter: number five, the life of a man who killed 17 in a florida school spare d. >> life in prison on all counts, nikolas cruz. >> reporter: he pleaded guilty
3:49 am
to killing 17 people and injuring 17 others at the marjorie stoleman douglas high school in 2017. the jury was split. he will not be executed. >> you don't know me, but you cried to kill me. >> reporter: cruz now in prison with no possibility of parole. >> you stole him from us and you did not receive the justice that you deserved. >> reporter: number 4. it is being called the deadliest human smuggling incident in american history. >> human tragedy in san antonio. >> reporter: 53 migrants died after being left inside an abandoned truck in the texas heat. others found alive but barely. >> they were suffering from heatstroke, heat exhaustion. >> reporter: two men were arrested and charged in wecz with the transportation of migrants ruling in death. if convicted they could face the death penalty. number three, alex jones must
3:50 am
pay. >> a connecticut jury's massive judgment against alex jones for spreading lies and conspiracies. >> reporter: families of victims of the sandy hook shooting and an fbi agent who responded sued jones and his company for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. >> the whole thing was fake. >> reporter: for years jones called the 2012 shooting where 20 elementary shooting and six elementary teachers died, a hoax. the parents were awarded millions. two parents got $50 million. >> i'm just proud that what we were able to accomplish was just to simply tell the truth. >> reporter: number two, an average of two mass shootings
3:51 am
every day. >> people across the country have been rocked by more deadly gun violence. >> reporter: it shows there were more than 600 mass shootings where at least four people were shot excluding the shooter in the u.s. in 2022. >> we begin today with a tragic shooting in buffalo, new york. >> reporter: ten kills in a grocery store in a predominantly black neighborhood. >> police in highland park are responding to a shooting at the city's independence day parade. >> reporter: seven died and dozens were injured on july 4th outside of chicago. >> we're learning more about the suspected againman who murdered five people and injured dozens more at an lgbtq nightclub in colorado springs. >> i saw the outline of a man holding a rifle at the entrance of the club just probably about 15 feet from me. >> reporter: and now number one, children killed at school, law
3:52 am
enforcement failures, and demands for accountability. >> this scene is still unfolding at robb elementary in uvalde, texas. >> reporter: shots were fired quickly. over an hour they waited, not going into the classroom to confront the gunman. >> was this the right decision? >> sitting in hindsight, of course, it was not the right dec decision. >> reporter: law enforcement eventually entered the classroom and killed the gunman but not before 19 students and teachers were mortally wounded. they describe failures and overall lackadaisical approach of authorities. >> it's mind-blowing because they had a lot of time. >> reporter: robb elementary will now be torn down, and 21 families will never be the same.
3:53 am
>> she was the sweetest little girl who did nothing wrong. >> that was cnn's jean casarez reporting. still ahead, several teams will have a second opponent on this special saturday of nfl action. the bitter cold. that will be the biggest enemy on the gridiron coming up. preview of what some of the teams will face when they take the field later today. . ( ♪ ) give the gift of shine at zales, the diamonond store. did you know your health has more to do with your zip code than your genetic code? that doesn't seem fair. we agree. but where you ve determines access to doctors, green spaces and fresh food. that's why we grow our own. smart. we don't think it's right that some people e healthier than others just because of where they live. that's why we're delivering food to areas with less access to it,
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. bundle up in layers because the bitter temperatures the christmas eve just sos to line up against a whole bunch of nfl games and it's so cold. >> this is the day you get to wear all of them. coy wire, you played with the nfl for nine years. >> absolutely. and whitney being from ohio and michigan, there's nothing like it. the most wonderful time of the year. 11 games today, only two are being played indoor. the roughest conditions look look they'll be in chicago as the bears host the bills and cleveland as they host the samts.
3:58 am
both kick off at 1:00 p.m. eastern. expect it to be around 20 below at game time with gusts at more than 40 miles per hour. in cleveland there's up go a 45% chance that mother nature could let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. players could be walking in a winter wonder land. here's a photo of your boy, number 27, back in buffalo. baby, when it's cold outside, people have all sorts of tricks to stay warm, like rubber medical exam gloves. there's thick pasty cream you put on your arms, nose, face, and ears to cut the wind as well. the key is to take some good old tape and putting it inside your ear holes like this so the wind can't go through. it's tough to grab and put your helmet on, but it's worth keeping out. also in the gatorade bucket, it's probably hot chicken broth which has the sodium, but keeps
3:59 am
you war. one fan jerry edmund was subjected to heck ling of a raiders fan has been invited to sit in the club seats at the patriots game in foxborough today, be on the sidelines, a tend the pregame ceremony with jerry. i reefed out to jerry and asked how he kept his composure and grace, he said one thing i learned as black man living in america, any reaction tib response would result in a lose/lose situation for me. i didn't want to ruin my experience during my first nfl game doing something i would regret afterwards. he was offered tickets to attend the pro bowl in vegas in february. all right. a big night for alex ovechkin. he had been sitting on 800 goals
4:00 am
for over a week. late in the first against the jets, history is made. goal number 801. but in his closing minute, empty net. ovechkin is going to pass it off to his teammate but he's like, no, this is your moment, go get it, ovie. sure enough he fires it into the net for number 802, passing howe. now he has to sit behind wayne gretzky for a while. he had 894. who knows. we'll see if ovie can pull it off. >> the winning football coach third quarter get doused with chicken soup? is that it? >> that would be awesome. yes, hot chicken broth. i looked over one time and players were on the sidelines using it to warm their hands like a hot stick, that's how cold it was. >> good to hear from you. merry christmas. >> you too. >> the next hour of "cnn this morning" starts right now.


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