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tv   CNN This Morning  CNN  February 1, 2023 3:00am-4:00am PST

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haystack was discovered earlier today, 11:13 local time just two meters from the road. the search took place in a stretch of the australian highway that is about the size of the coastline of california. and they did it very slowly. they swept the area with these vehicles that had these specialized radiation detectors onboard and drove slowly up and down the highway in both directions at only 30 miles per hour. as for the size of the pellet, i want to quickly show this graphic to you. super, super tiny. it's just about the size of the tip of my pen, yet they managed to find it. >> unbelievable. >> i'm surprised it was lost in the first place, but glad it was found. kristie lou stout, thanks for joining us. i'm christine romans. "cnn this morning" starts right now.
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the invesco qqq legacy classic is back on tnt. >> that was fun! >> if you're wondering why we're tired this morning -- >> oh, wait, are we on the air? >> yep! >> how are you guys doing? >> it was an awesome game. i feel energized by stuff like that. >> you were the last holdout. >> in alabama, there's a whole thing in the fourth quarter, everyone holes their fours up, because you don't leave the game in the fourth quarter. he does not live when he fans leave the game. i cannot leave early. it's like in my soul. >> and you were the first to go. >> i was like, we've got to go. >> so much fun. thanks, boss, for going to the game. >> we had fun last night. thanks for joining us. good morning, everybody. that was a knicks/lakers game. we'll talk a little bit more about that. but now we have to get to the news, because there is a lot going on.
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today, tyre nichols' life will be celebrated in memphis as the city prepares for his funeral. authorities also say that even more videos are set to be released. what will the body cam reveal this time? plus, this. >> i would not run if president trump ran. >> that was then, this is now. quite an about-face. first former governor nikki haley was not going to challenge donald trump. now she is. when she plans to make her big 2024 announcement as she positions herself against her former boss. and this -- >> if i spotted all relevant partie, i'll certainly consider it. >> a potential mediator between russia and ukraine. that's israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu who sat down with jake tapper, his first interview with cnn since he has taken office again. more on that exclusive ahead. >> a very wide-ranging interview. lots to get to.
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we'll begin in memphis where the parents of tyre nichols are demanding justice as they prepare to bury their son. the funeral set to begin just hours from now as the fallout over the brutal police beating keeps growing. cnn has obtained the initial police report, which paints a vastly different picture from what we saw on that horrific video. cnn has also learned the city of memphis is preparing to release even more videos. civil right leaders and vice president kamala harris set to attend tyre's funeral. last night, tyre's family spoke at the same sanctuary where the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. gave his final mountaintop speech on the eve of his assassination in memphis. >> keep fighting for justice for our son and my family, protect my wife, because she's very fragile right now. we need that for her. trust me. and we've got to stay strong for her. so, just for tyre. >> justice for tyre! >> justice for tyre! >> justice for tyre! >> justice for tyre!
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>> and cnn's ryan young is covering the story for us. he's live in memphis right now outside of the church. good morning, ryan. as we prepare for tyre's funeral, there are a lot of developments in this case. what can you tell us? >> absolutely. there's still a lot of pain in this community. people asking questions about the police department and that initial incident report, because in that incident report, it doesn't talk about the escalation of force used against tyre. >> reporter: tyre nichols to be laid to rest later this morning. his funeral will be held at the mississippi boulevard christian church in memphis. last night, nichols' family was joined by national clergy and reverend al sharpton at the mason temple, the same sight dr. martin luther king jr. gave his last speech "i've been to the mountaintop" the day before his assassination in april 1968. >> the need for justice has brought us here again. >> reporter: sharpton, who is scheduled to give a jewely at nichols' funeral called for police reform. >> we are going to continue to
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fight this fight around police brutality and killing. until we get federal laws changed. what happened to tyre is a disgrace to this country. we all tyre now. >> that's right. >> and we're all going to stand up with this family. >> that's right. >> reporter: this as we are learning more videos are set to be released from the investigation into nichols' death. and we are seeing for the first time a picture of the initial police report filed just hours after the traffic stop that says that nichols was pulled over for reckless driving. the report contradicts police video released last week. it states nichols started to fight with officers and says that he was grabbing for detective martin's gun, further stating he began actively resisting and pulling the duty belt and grabbing officer smith by his vest. the report lists one of the officers as a victim.
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the report does not mention the officers punching and kicking nichols. officers are seen discussing this at the scene. >> we got him out of the car, we said, hey, bro, you good, bam! he almost hit me. he reached for my gun. >> reporter: personnel files found by cnn show that several of the cops' associated with his death include history of violence, including emmitt martin who joined in 2017 and had two separate suspensions. nichols' family wants these officers held accountable. >> keep fighting for justice for my son and our family. >> i've been fighting my whole life. the one fight i need to be at, i wasn't here. you know? and at the end of the day, i'm never going to forgive my brother. >> reporter: don, this has really had a big impact on this city. i spoke to two police officers
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off-camera yesterday in memphis and they say this has totally changed the way they see policing in their own city. they know they're going to have to do a lot of work with the community. they're asking some of the same questions about what's going to happen next, because obviously, this investigation is still ongoing, and we're still learning new details as the days go on. don? >> considering the jewely for george floyd, all eyes will be on memphis to see what -- and hear what the reverend al sharpton has to say about tyre nichols. thank you, appreciate that, ryan young, in memphis. the manhunt in kboregon for man accused of kidnapping and torturing a woman ended with benjamin foster dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound following an hours-long standoff on tuesday night. law enforcement officers had surrounded a property in grant's pass, oregon, where he was believed to be hiding under a house. it is the same home where a woman was found beaten, bound, and unconscious last week. authorities were concerned that he was using dating apps to try to find new victims. the stakes are high, expectations low for today's meeting between president biden
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and house speaker kevin mccarthy at the white house. they're going to sit down this afternoon. the president and speaker have both essentially set their terms ahead of these talks on the debt ceiling. the goal is to break the current stalemate to avoid what could be a devastating financial default. but that's easier said than done, and no one knows that better than cnn's lauren fox, who is live for us on capitol hill this morning. you know, lauren, this meeting is going to happen this afternoon, but what are we really expecting to happen when mccarthy and biden get in the same room with each other? >> i do think there is an important distinction, kaitlan, between a meeting and a negotiation. what you're going to see today is really a meeting of both the speaker of the house and the president of the united states, who are going to have to deal with complicated issues, not just on the debt ceiling, but on spending in the year ahead. so they need to begin this conversation. for the white house, they have drawn that red line. there are no negotiations. as part of an increase to the debt ceiling, they reiterated that repeatedly yesterday, ahead
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of this meeting. meanwhile, for kevin mccarthy, he's been doing a lot of preparation, trying to make this more of a negotiation today when he sits down with the president. he's been consulting with important chairmen, including jason smith of ways and means, as well as patrick mchenry of financial services. he's also been talking to newt gingrich, the former house speaker who has extensive experience in these kinds of high-stakes negotiations, kaitlan. republicans will meet today at 9:00 a.m. as a conference to try to get their messaging all on the same page. but a lot of challenges going into this meeting for kevin mccarthy today. >> yeah, mainly where they are wanting these cuts to come from. also today on capitol hill, you're reporting that that vote to remove congressman ilhl omar from the foreign affairs committee could happen as early as today. does he believes he have the votes to successfully kick her off that committee? >> reporter: he does believe he has the votes, and this comes after a hard-fought negotiation
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with some of his members, who are now feeling more comfortable, who are saying there is due process language included in this resolution. victoria sparks saying she is now comfortable with voting to oust ilhan omar from committee. but obviously, this took way longer than many people expected. this was supposed to be a simple vote for republicans. it has proved complicated once again because of this narrow majority. >> and notable that it was seen as that emergency resolution last night, given what we saw during the speaker's fight over needing 72 hours. lauren fox, thank you so much. we'll check in with you back this morning. >> all right. and now this! when you're looking a run for president, you look at two things. you first look at, does the current situation push for new leadership. the second question is, am i that person that could be that new leader? that, yes, we need to go in a new direction? and can i be that leader? yes, i think i can be that leader. >> check and check. that is former south carolina governor nikki haley nearly two
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weeks ago giving a clear pitch on her qualifications to be president of the united states. now she's making it official. a source familiar with her plans says she will announce her bid on february 15th in charleston. let's go to our kylie atwood, she is live in d.c. so not only the first republican to challenge donald trump officially, but someone who said that she would never do that. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. this is major news overnight, because we've all been waiting. after we saw that fox news interview, where she clearly indicated that she believed that she is a good person to run, to be president in 2024, we are all waiting to see when she would jump into this race. because as of now, it's going to be a one on one competition between her and the former vice president. she believes that she can bring new leadership to the table, but as you said, she has said in the past that she wouldn't run if the former president ran. let's just listen to how she phrased that. >> if he runs again in 2024, will you support him?
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>> yes. >> if he decides that he's going to run, would that preclude any sort of are up that you would possibly make yourself? >> i would not run if president trump ran. and i would talk to him about it. that's something that we'll have a conversation about at some point if that decision is something that has to be made. >> reporter: and she had that conversation with him in recent days. the former president told reporters over the weekend that nikki haley gave him a call, saying that he was considering jumping into the race, and he told her that she should do it. clearly, they had that conversation. this announcement is expected on february 15th in charleston, south carolina. >> kylie, big news, as you said, overnight. thanks very much for that. >> certainly -- i don't know, it is surprising news considering the interview she was hinting in the fox news interview that you played that she was going to run for president. but the problem that she has is donald trump and i think the thing that is good for her, possibly, is donald trump. so there's a contradiction
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there. she's going to have to answer some questions about it, because people like her that she was in her cabinet. >> what do you think? you were covering the trump white house during this, and the way also that she, you know, ended her role in the trump white house. >> i mean, it's going to be tough for any of these people who worked for him to run for office. obviously, mike pence is another person we're expecting, mike pompeo as well. now nikki haley. seems like she's going to be the first one to actually get in the race and actually put her name in the ring first, since trump. she would be the only other republican running. i think that's where it's going to be difficult for her. because one question that i heard from people yesterday after this broke in the post and courier and kudos for them for breaking this, is, you know, you don't want to be the only one that he's going after. that is going to be the situation if she does announce as soon as kylie is reporting on february 14th. that's going to be the challenge. it's not that -- she already knew that this was going to be the challenge with trump when it's just the two of them. that's going to be the focus. >> she spoke to him, and he said -- it is reported that he
3:14 am
encouraged her to get into the race. >> he said that, yeah. >> but she's the only one for now. to other people who want to get in the race, finally it, offers them cover, because now they can say, well, she's in the race and i'm not the only one. and she'll take the initial heat and they'll be able to come along and take the eat. >> and he may have told her that she should get in the race, but trump said that no republicans should challenge him for this nomination. >> did he mean? >> exactly. also this morning, russia says it's preparing for a maximum escalation of the war in ukraine in the coming weeks, that's according to a top ukrainian national security official, who says his country is not excluding any scenario in the next two three weeks. he says the russians are gathering materials and doing drills in preparation for what could come next. all of this is the context for israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, what he told jake tapper when he said he would consider serving potentially as a mediator for russia and ukraine, but not unless he is asked. >> if i'm asked by both sides,
3:15 am
and frankly, if i'm asked by the united states, because i think you can't have too much cooks in the kitchen. if asked by all relevant party, i'll certainly consider it. but i'm -- i'm not pushing myself in. i think this is of monumental importance, because i think the peace of the world is at stake. >> there's a lot to discuss here. netanyahu went on to make the case that israel is helping ukraine right now by attacking iranian weapons productions that are being used to attack ukraine. but he refused to acknowledge whether israel was behind drone attacks on an iranian military plant over the weekend. look. >> did israel carry out this strike in iran over the weekend? >> i never talk about specific operations with the exception, i think, of our raid on iran's secret nuclear archive. and every time some explosion takes place in the middle east, israel is blamed or given responsibility. sometimes we are, sometimes we're not. but i will say that there is --
3:16 am
you're right. there's an overriding mission that i have. and i came back and ran in these elections and was elected the sixth time -- for the sixth time, because i have three overriding goals. one is to thwart iran's nuclear ambitions. the second is to expand the peace dramatically, to end the arab israeli conflict, as a lead into ending the israeli palestinian conflict. and the third is to boost israel's incredible economy. the first is first. the first is iran. i will only say this, that i will do everything in my power as israel's prime minister to prevent iran from getting a nuclear arsenal that is expressly directed at annihilating us. and they also say, not only death to israel, but death to america. >> back with us now, kylie atwood at the state department. what has the state department, kylie, said about these attacks? >> listen, the state department also hasn't said anything really about these attacks. not confirming or denying that israel was behind them.
3:17 am
but i do think the fact that the prime minister is not coming out and saying that israel wasn't behind them is a pretty good indication that they were. because these are the types of things that we have seen israel do against iran's military, against iran's building nuclear program in the past. and this is one thing where the biden administration and where israel are actually on pretty similar pages right now. because we saw that iran nuclear deal fall apart. there have been no real efforts to revive that deal. and so both of these countries are watching iran's nuclear program incredibly closely. the secretary of state saying in israel that the united states will doe everything in its powe to prevent iran from developing a nuclear weapon. >> thank you, kylie, appreciate that. a two-second clip of audio is taking center stage in alex murdaugh's double murder trial. was it really a confession there? the defense team slowing it down for the court to hear more clearly, plus.
3:18 am
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confess to murdering his own son or did an investigator simply mishear murdaugh while he was distraught and sobbing? murdaugh's defense team got the chance to grill that investigator during the double murder trial and they slowed down the audio clip for the whole court to hear. so let's get some explanation here. i want to go now to randi kaye, following the trial, walterboro, south carolina, is where she is. good morning to you. randi, that investigator says that he is sure about what he heard. how did that play out in court? >> reporter: yeah, don, that investigator thought that he heard a confession from alex murdaugh, and that would have taken place during his conversation that murdaugh had with investigators back on june 10th of 2021, just a few days after the murders. so as you said, they replayed that in court. the defense pressed this investigator on it, trying to get him to change his mind. it was a pretty dramatic moment as they slowed the tape down. watch what happens. >> according to your testimony, he says, "i did him so bad." >> that is what i understand him
3:23 am
to say, yes, sir. >> reporter: alex murdaugh's defense lawyer cross-examining a special investigator and witness for the prosecution. the goal, to clear up what he heard or thought he heard alex murdaugh say that seemed to sound like a confession. when alex was interviewed by investigators on june 10th, 2021, just a few days after his wife and son were murdered, he said this when talking about his son, paul. >> it was just so bad, i did it so bad! >> the witness, special agent jeff croft with s.l.e.d., the south carolina law enforcement division, said he thought he said, i did him so bad. but the defense said he said, they did him so bad. >> did you consider that to be some sort of confession on june the 10th. >> it was something that we were defg going to follow up on him. >> why didn't you ask him right then and there, why didn't you ask him, what do you mean by
3:24 am
that, alex? >> again, it was early in the investigation. >> so what were the things going through your mind when you heard or misheard, "i did him so bad," like, i wasn't a good dad? i spoiled him? or i killed him? what was going through your mental note? >> there was a mental note that it was definitely something that we needed to follow up on and ask at a later time. >> the defense replayed the part of the interview in question at regular speed. then slowed it down to a third of the speed and played it again. >> your honor, we would like to play it again at one-third sp speed. >> it's just so bad. they did it so bad. >> did you hear "they" then? >> no, sir, i did not. >> but you would agree that the jury gets to decide what he said on that tape. that's the best evidence. >> yes, sir. >> reporter: the defense also
3:25 am
got that same witness to say the gun room wasn't one collected from his house. the ammunition wasn't a match either. >> none of the shotguns you brought yesterday, according to the ballistic reports fired the shots that killed paul, correct? >> i do not have the lab report in front of me. >> have you ever found the murder weapons? >> not that i'm aware of, sir. >> and you didn't find any similar ammunition on june the 8th or anytime after that? >> i did not, sir. >> reporter: still, john bedingfield, alex's second cousin and a captain with the south carolina department of natural resource also testified for the state. he told the jury he built ar-style rifles for alex murdaugh, the same type of rifle the prosecution says was used at the murder scene. >> how many blackouts ar-style rifles did you make for alex murdaugh? >> three. >> and when was that last one made? >> 2018. >> april? >> april 2018.
3:26 am
>> reporter: and when court resumes today in just a few hours, a computer crimes expert who was testifying for the state will be back on the stand. he did forensics, don, on maggie murdaugh's phone and he said it was moved long after she was dead, that the camera tried to open for one second for facial recognition, but it wasn't maggie's face, so it didn't open. also, he said there were five missed calls from alex murdaugh and two text messages long after she was dead. one said, "call me, babe." so now the jury will have to make some sense of that, don. >> this is all fascinating. randi ckaye, appreciate it. we've learned the fbi searched donald trump's former think tank office after they found classified documents there. what it could mean for the investigation. >> so mr. trump, i understand you're not going to answer any questions today about your preparation with your counsel, is that correct? >> should i say this or respond
3:27 am
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you see new york there this morning. we also are getting new video this morning showing former president trump being questioned under oath in new york's $250 million fraud lawsuit against him, his company, and three of his children. he pled the fifth more than 400 times during that deposition, at the beginning explaining why he was doing so. >> anyone in my position not taking the fifth amendment would be a fool, an absolute fool. under the advice of my counsel and for all of the above reasons, i respectfully decline to answer the questions under the rights and privileges afforded to every citizen under the united states constitution. this will be my answer to any
3:32 am
further questions. >> and he meant that. here's a sampling of how that deposition went. >> i decline to answer the question. i decline to answer the question. same answer. a same answer. same answer. same answer. same answer. same answer. same answer. same answer. same answer. >> quite a difference from what we saw trump on the campaign trail in 2016 and what he said about people who plead the fifth. >> the mob takes the fifth. if you're innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment? when you have your staff taking the fifth amendment, taking the fifth so they're not prosecuted. when you have the man that set up the illegal server taking the fifth, i think it's disgraceful. have you seen what's going on in front of congress? fifth amendment, fifth amendment, fifth amendment, horrible. horrible! >> but, you know, there's the tape. >> here's the interesting part, he's right about anyone in his
3:33 am
position would be a fool not to take the fifth amendment, except you have his prior history of the fifth amendment, he's insinuating that it makes you guilty and a mob figure. so there's a contradiction there. >> always good when you have see the video of these depositions. >> you went to law school, wouldn't you advise -- >> oh, my god! i want for a full year! i don't have a full jd and i'm not a criminal defense attorney. >> does that necessarily mean guilt by taking the fifth amendment? >> people take the fifth for various reasons. >> that's all you'll say. this morning, we are saying -- in a serious turn, we are learning a lot more about the biden classified documents search. what we've learned this morning is that the fbi actually seasearch ed president biden's former think tank office in november after that notified the national archives. this is another search and one by the fbi. a justice department official tells cnn that search was done
3:34 am
with the cooperation of the boyd legal team. our paula reid joins us now. what i read from this, tell me if i'm right here, is the big picture is we didn't know about this one either, right? >> exactly. this raises a lot of questions about just how transparent the president's lawyers and the justice department are being about everything that has transpired here. because, poppy, here's what we've learned about this, quote, search from our reporting. it was less of a search and more of a visit to an empty office. it was a standard step that you would take anytime classified materials are uncovered. this happened a few days after the justice department first learned about these documents. they went with the permission of biden attorneys to this office, but we've learned that all the documents by that point have been handed over to the archives. it was a largely empty office with just some furniture. but again, we are told by former justice department officials, this is a standard thing that you do to just assess the location and make sure there aren't any other documents or any other problems that would complicate this. so we know a few days later, the attorney general asked a u.s. attorney to conduct a review and decide if a special counsel
3:35 am
should be appointed and he said, yes, absolutely they need a special counsel and we've learned that he starts as soon as today. >> do you have any reporting on why the biden legal team did not disclose this search right away? it was in november. >> it's a big question, poppy. they're not commenting. also, questions for the justice department. while they do not traditionally always share every investigative step that they take, they did take unusual steps here. they held a press conference. the attorney general offered an almost unprecedented timeline of everything that had happened here, and that was an opportunity to put everything out on the table. part of why he did that timeline was to clean up some of the incomplete statements he made about the president's attorneys about how much classified material had been found. he did reference an assessment that was conducted. this search, this visit was part of that assessment. but also of questions about transparency and why they're not getting out ahead of these facts, and instead just letting it leak, drip, drip, drip. >> it seems like again and again not getting out ahead with things that he could just tell us have happened.
3:36 am
paula, thanks very much. embattled congressman george santos says he is going to at least temporarily step down from his committee assignments. details on how he came to that decision, ahead. plus, a new study says that eating ultra-processed foods may be linked to an increased risk of cancer. what you need to know, straight ahead.
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- [announcer] do you have an invention idea but don't know what to do next? call invent help today. they can help you get started with your idea. call now 800-710-0020. embattled republican congressman george santos has now decided to step aside, step down from his committee assignments in the house with the spotlight on the lies that he's told about his life. in recent days, he's taken more of a combative approach to the backlash, even making excuses for his behavior. >> and i know that a lot of people want to create this narrative that i faked my way to congress, which is absolutely
3:41 am
categorically false. i've worked hard. i've built ground up, a career, through experience and through knowledge and through self-education. and, you know, i think it's amazing that i have to sit here and be spoken down to on a regular basis yet again by the media. >> being spoken down to by the media. here's the truth of how george santos -- he did fake his way to congress. he did not build the career that he claims he did. he did not have the experiences that he claims he had. look at this moment when he was pressed about apologizing. >> i've made my sincere apology multiple times. i earlier said it, that i thoroughly apologize for lying about my education and embellishing the resume. i've made that very, very clear. i don't know what more can be said, other than admitting, is there anything more humbling, humiliating than admitting that on national television, kaitlan?
3:42 am
>> a new poll shows that 78% of voters in his district believe he should resign from congress. joining us now to talk about that interview is cnn media analyst and axios media reporter, sarah fisher, along with our cnn political commentator and columnist for "new york" magazine, errol louis. errol, you have actually interviewed george santos, so i'll start with you, because you know him, you've interacted with him. what do you make of what he's saying in this interview now that he's decided to temporarily step away from these committees? >> it's a good idea for him to step down, because he's got a cascading number of legal problems that will really require his full attention. just on that level, probably a good idea. maybe a little bit less of a distraction, politically speaking. he got away with murder in that interview, i have to tell you. he said, i'm sorry that i said i had a college degree when i never attended the college. that's the least of it! there are so many other obvious fabrications that have come to light that he didn't even acknowledge, saying that his grandparents were holocaust survivors, saying that his mother died on 9/11 in the world
3:43 am
trade center when she wasn't even in the country at the time, saying that he worked at goldman sachs when he never worked there. on and on and on and on. this is a real serious problem. i'm not sure he even personally recognizes the depth of the deception, which really accounts for the fact that people have said, this is not just some politician who embellished a little bit or who broke a couple of promises. this is some other thing altogether, which is why so many people in his own district have said, we don't want this guy to be our congressman anymore. >> can we listen to him saying, basically, it's never going to happen again, learned his lesson. here's that part. >> and i've learned my lesson, and i can guarantee you that from now on, anything and everything is always going to be above board. it's largely always been above board. i'm just going to go the extra step now to double-check, cross-reference everything. >> i just have so many thoughts, but i'm more interested in, how
3:44 am
do you cross-reference your own lies? you either tell the truth or you don't. >> it's just too little, too late, even if errol louis -- errol louis, oh, my god. even if george santos were try to pursue his run in congress, he doesn't have the support of anyone anymore. he's built this entire campaign on lies. now he's saying he doesn't even republicans allied with him, he doesn't have his district allied with him, he doesn't have democrats allied with him, so he can't be effective. and the whole time in that interview, he kept saying, well, i was elected to do a job and i'm here to do the job, you're not going to be able to do the job because no one wants to work with you or trust you anymore. >> full transparency, i said, why are you stepping away from your committee assignments. and he said, i'm not stepping away, i'm reserving my seats to be taken at a later date while these distractions are resolved. i'll continue to work on constituent services and putting bills together. how is he going to do that considering everything that you just said? how is that possible? >> it's not possible. you need to be able to work across the aisle, you need to be able to work with your own party. and i think the biggest challenge for him is that at
3:45 am
this point, he's a fun thing to cover. the media loves to take a look at every single one of these missteps and every single one of these controversies, so it's going to be hard for him to ever weed himself out of the position that he's in. >> and he's under investigation. it's not even just controversies over morality and decisions and things that he said about 9/11, there are real questions about his finances that he has not answered and amending his fec filings, questions that he has also not answered. but if it's too much of a distraction for him to be on these committees, how does he not justify in his mind that it's too much of a distraction to be in congress, period? >> listen, there was a remarkable press conference a couple of weeks ago where the entire local delegation, the people that serve at the state level, the city level, the towns and villages that are part of the district, and all of these representatives came together and said, we're not going to refer constituent cases to this office. and a neighboring congressman said, i'll take the burden, just send the people to me. so it's unclear whether he's going to be able to have any work coming through that office. there's even been some reporting about what his staff members are going through.
3:46 am
you don't necessarily want that on your resume. you know? so you're going to have a largely empty office when it comes to legislative work, when it comes to constituent work, a demoralized staff that is wondering what the heck they're doing there. the whole thing seems to be spiraling downward. the only thing we know for sure is that you can't just kick out a member of congress unless there's an overwhelming vote of the entire congress. and that doesn't seem to be likely. >> you'll have to see if the whole sort of trump "blaming the media" strategy works when the media is just reporting on what you actually said or did. >> we've got to go. there's a lesson here for the media in all of us to have dug deeper in him and a lesson for focus that chose not to pay the money to do -- >> not just the media, but also those who ran against him -- >> i was just going -- you took the words out of my mouth. >> and local news, which broke the original story in long island. the local papers are dying. >> people need to pay more attention to that and that was good journalism by them. thanks, guys, very much.
3:47 am
sarah fisher, errol louis. >> coming up on cnn this morning -- >> our colleagues over from cnn are here. don lemon, poppy harloe, kaitlan collins, chris licht. >> we were courtside at madison square garden for the knicks/lakers game last night. look at us, hanging out on the court! we played a little basketball, too. how did we score? this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again. what do you mean? these straps are mind-blowing! they collect hundreds of data points like hrv and rem sleep, so you know all you need for rerecovery. and you are? i'm an invesco qqq, a fund that gives me accesss to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay.
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s skoo. i mean, you know, just hanging out on the front row of the lakers/knicks game. that's not even a humble brag. did you have fun? did you have fun? >> i had a ball. >> i had so much fun. and i feel like the bar is set so high for me now, because i've only been to one other nba game. it was against the lakers, kobe
3:52 am
bryant was there, so to go see and lebron james play, my face liked that the whole game. i was like, i can't believe i'm this close to lebron. >> tell people what he looked like on the court? >> a greek god. the court looked like it was this big compared to all of them. >> that's the thing i was saying to you. i was like, oh, look, we're on tv, it looked like we were not paying attention, because we were watching the screen right front of us. but when you're that close, the satellites are so tall, you don't see that on television, how tall they are. >> it's incredible. it was electric in there last night, too. >> it was such a production, i was saying to you. and my husband is like, are you texting me on tv. watch the game! >> i was looking at us on tv. >> we looked ridiculous. >> by the way, can we talk about how many famous people were there. >> i was going to say, there were so -- emma -- emma stone, right? >> kirsten skarsgard. >> chris rock. >> skarsgard -- alex skarsgard, whatever. >> the giants player who threw the football.
3:53 am
>> john stewart was there. >> who's football player? >> spike lee came over to say hello. >> danielle jones. >> spike is going to the funeral in memphis today, is going to do a documentary. lebron's entire production team was sitting on the front row. >> everybody wants to watch that game. >> it was great. >> it was one of those only in new york nights. >> we loved it. we're going to brag about it. and thank you to warner brothers' discovery. we got the boss' seats. >> it was a lot of fun. also this morning, we stayed up late, but we have a lot going on. we have a new study about what you should be eating for break f fast. new data highlighting how harmful certain foods may be for your health. according to a study out of the united kingdom, consuming more ultra-processed foods might be linked to a higher risk of cancer, especially for women. for more on this, let's bring in cnn medical correspondent, dr. tara narula. no one better to talk about this. some people at this table may or may not have had some processed foods last night. i won't name -- >> hot dogs. cotton candy.
3:54 am
>> this is a real issue. and especially if it's more concerning for women. what is the data here? >> so ultra-process foods, we've talked about these before. these are things we love to eat. frozen pizzas, cereal, snacks, but they're really low in nutritional value. many are added with fat, salt, and sugar, and they make up a huge part of the american diet. almost 50% of our calories come from ultra-processed foods. there is an association with them between type ii diabetes, but we know that cancer is responsible for one in five deaths worldwide. ultraprocessed foods in this study, researchers wanted to see the association with 34 different types of cancer. they took 200,000 individuals in england. they were average age of 58. they gave them food questionnaires over several years. and they followed them for ten years. and what they found was that for every 10% increase in the amount of ultra-processed food in their
3:55 am
diet, they did see a 2% increase in overall cancer incidents and a 19% increase in ovarian cancer incidents. and then when they looked at mortality or dying from cancer, there was also a 6% increase overall in dying, a 30% increase in dying from ovarian cancer. and a 16% increase in dying from breast cancer. >> this is a concerning list. i expected hot dog, but packaged soups, sauces. >> yep. >> sweets. >> yeah, it's -- it is, as i said, it makes up so much of what we eat. >> this is why when you talk about obesity and gaining weight, right, we have so much ultra-processed foods here. and if you notice, if you go to europe or italy, you eat tons of pasta and whatever and you come home -- >> they say the french don't get fat. >> you haven't gained weight and you don't feel ads horrible, because it's not process ded. >> it's huge to point out, this is not a cause/effect study. association. >> by the way, all the processed
3:56 am
foods we ate last night, the lakers did win 129-123 over the knicks. i may not have had a hot dog, popcorn, and cotton candy. >> thank you so much, doctor. alec baldwin charged with involuntary manslaughter in the fatal shooting on the set of the movie "rust." why prosecutors accuse him of being reckless. that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ get it with gurus. cargurus. (vo) with verizon, you can now get a private 5g network. so you can do more than connect your business, you can make it even smarter. now ports can knowhere every piece of cargo is. you and where it's going.ter. (dk worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdowns and der their own replacement parts. (vo) (foreman) robots cannice work.reakdowns
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it's a very sad situation. obviously, we're heartbroken.


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