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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  February 9, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and all around the world. i'm kim bruen herber. ahead on cnn newsroom. clinging to hope that survivors can still be found, trapped under the mountain of rubble in turkey and syria. well, the u.s. vice president, mike pence was subpoenaed by the special counsel investigating donald trump. what we learned from his testimony. and, russia's new offensive appears to be getting underway in zaporizhzhia's energy infrastructure among the targets. it is ten a.m. across turkey and syria with the death toll from monday's earthquake has now risen to more than 21,000. the hopes are fading that rescuers can find any more
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survivors. this is the scene in southern turkey, emergency crews blow their whistles when they hear noises under debris that call for silence. but the destruction is immense, an entire neighborhood reduced to rubble under the thousands of families left homeless. many are sleeping in their cars or on the streets in freezing temperatures, even those who still have homes are afraid to go inside for fear the buildings might collapse. there is a miracle, there you can hear the shelton celebrations as rescue crews pull a mother and their six-year-old daughter from the wreckage. meanwhile, turkey's foreign minister says the country has received offers of assistance from 95 nations and 16 international organizations in turkey's longtime adversary, greece is sending supply and
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search teams. but, no matter how much aid is getting, through it's nowhere near enough union official says that people in turkey and syria need more up absolutely everything. cnn's jomana karadsheh reports. >> and the lines in the road, a devastated city cry for help after by a nation in shock, united in plane these men tell us that they drove more than eight hours caring diapers, water and bread. whatever they can do to help students get all the need. destruction in every corner of the city to spare mother nature's wrath. >> so, even the part of the city, you can still see that there are cracks all over the building. they sustained damage, so we're gonna help the walk through here pretty fast. we just don't know how stable the structures are right now in second, shattered, live a district. the city in its people left broken. i am confused.
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i don't know how to feel. senseless. he has been out here, searching for his friend. they would be left under this apartment building. no professional rescues here -- just volunteers. during the floor plan of the surge in the. thursday, i was really hopeful. but this is the fourth day. i'm running out of hope. even happy endings, here, are overshadowed by the collective grief. he flew back from his home, in london, to find his sister and other relatives. it's a miracle they made it out. they were buried under the rubble for 15 hours, he tells us. >> i am speechless. i'm in a dream, a very bad dream. i am here and so many of our friends are dying here. so many are relatives. they are dying, my feelings are collapsed. i'm barely breathing at the moment. >> around the corner, we find him overseeing the search
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machine here, four days, he's desperately been trying to get his parents out. >> our government helps, but it's not enough, obviously. so, we are trying to get our people by our own. and we need to. we need everyone who can come and help us. >> he tells us that he saw his mother's -- under the rubble. >> i am not able to reach. or she's there. i see her but i cannot touch her. i understand, my mother is dead. i'm trying to get my mother. >> with every passing hour, for many, here the agonizing wait ends. as the gut wrenching reality sinks in. germany karachi, cnn, a scandalous, turkey. >> just a shattering scene there. let's head to a stumble on cnn salma abdelaziz. and salma, what is the latest there where you are in turkey and in syria as well?
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>> absolutely, kim, we are tracking developments particularly lee in syria, access there for journalists. they are relying on aid workers and volunteers on the ground to give us information. they tell us the latest death toll is nearly three and a half thousand people killed, more than 5000 people wounded and, kim, the need on the ground there is just enormous. people who absolutely are in dire need of help were in dire need of hope. even before this tragedy unfolded. we did see, yesterday, a very first yuan aid convoy able to cross into rebel health northern syria. we do have some images to show you of what that place looks like, this tiny on clay, right in the north in the province. really, a community of people who have had to rely on nothing but themselves. it has been absolutely devastated by this earthquake, it's relying by this volunteer group, white helmets have been working. more than 90 hours since the
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disaster began nonstop 24 hours trying to pull people out from the rubble of their homes. we understand, according to the white helmets against, that tens of thousands of syrians have been made homes by this tragedy. pictures to show you as, well people simply living on the street. the sidewalks are now their bed, their vehicles are whatever shelter they have. they're huddling in grows of freezing cold temperatures and they are absolutely in dire need of aid. and whereas, of course, between certain rescue operations happening and able to pull people alive out of the rubble. i know we have this one image of this very adorable little boy who was found alive, pulled out by these white helmets. that was a day and a half or so or go. now, many days into this tragedy, there are fears that no one would be found alive, that is a very similar story to what is happening here in turkey. of course, these rescue
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operations are soon going to turn into recovery operations. and, what you're gonna hear from these many, many desperate families that are missing thousands and countless of loved ones on the ground is that they just want the dignity at this point him. of being able to get their loved ones out of the rebel, and bury them. so that they could finally see their piece. >> yes, absolutely heartbreaking, salma abdelaziz, inestimable, thank you so much. >> an important milestone in the u.s. justice department investigation into the capital riot in the role of former president, donald trump may have played. the doj had subpoenas trump second in command, former vice president, mike pence who wants testimony and documents related to the two men's interactions in the weeks leading up to the 2020 election. >> officials also want to know about pence's interactions with trump on the day of the riot itself. cnn's reporter has details. >> a historic milestone in the
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justice department investigation of donald trump, and his allies for trying to overturn the 2020 election. the special counsel, jack smith, has issued a subpoena to the former vice president, mike pence, seeking documents and testimony in the january six investigation. prosecutors want the former vice president to testify about his interactions with trump, leading up to and after the 2020 election, and the crucial days before rioters who believed trump's claims of both fraud, attacked the u.s. capitol. this all follows months of negotiations, between the justice department and lawyers for the former vice president. among the issues that we expect to come up, donald trump's claim of executive privilege for a conversation with his vice president. pence, who is considering a run for president, published a memoir in november, in which he described some of his interactions with trump as the former president sought to overturn the results of his election loss to president joe biden. pence's team knew that the
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books publication raised the prospect that the justice department will likely seek information about those same interactions as part of criminal investigation. the results are notable that to pence's former aides have already testified to the grand jury going in twice after a judge compelled additional testimony, overriding trump's claim of executive privilege. evan perez, cnn, washington. all right, for more on this i want to bring in areva martin, who is a civil rights attorney and legal affairs commentator. joining us live from los angeles. thank you so much for being here with us. so, how critical do you think this could be in terms of getting a possible indictment against donald trump? how big do you think this is? >> i think this is a really big deal, kim. presidents who have been subpoenaed, you can look back to bill clinton, richard nixon, even thomas jefferson. but i don't think in the history of this country we have seen a former vice president subpoenaed to give testimony
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against a former president that he served under. and i think that this move, this very aggressive move by the special counsel signals that he's getting close to the end of this investigation. we know that pence would not give testimony to the national congressional committee that was investigating the insurrection. but now he has been issued a criminal subpoena and it will be interesting to see if he tries to fight it because you know others that have tried to use executive privilege and other tactics have not been successful. >> so, what specifically, then, do you think that they're hoping to learn from pence? a couple of things, we know that donald trump had private conversations with mike pence leading up to january six when he was pressuring mike pence to reject the electors that had been sent by each, state after the november election and we know that he said, what he, had decertified by the votes of the
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people throughout the country. so the question is, is there information in those personal and private phone calls between donald trump and mike pence that gives additional information to the investigators to the department of justice who is investigating donald trump we know for potential criminal charges? >> all right, so he hasn't been shy about talking about what trump asked him to do. but you raised the prospect of him invoking executive privilege. if so how long, how complicated a fight would that be. and also, could donald trump also step in here and claim executive privilege? >> well, we've seen donald trump tried to do that and some of the other cases, some of the other officials have been subpoenaed to testify for the granbury. , and it's been an unsuccessful tactic and in some ways it appears to appear right out of trump's playbook to cause delays and to obstruct investigations against him. in this case, unlike a civil
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case, a criminal subpoena, the invoking of the account of executive privilege, i think it would move very quickly to the court system. because, he's already tried. he's already. lost and, more importantly, there is some speculation that mike pence, even though there is reporting that he has been in long negotiations with the justice department, some experts opined that maybe this is covered for mike pence. and mike pence wants to give testimony about what happened leading up to the january 6th insurrection. and then having to do so under oath before grandeur gives him some cover. because he is running for president. he does need trump's biggest disappoint him if he's going to be successful in this bid for president. and, we shouldn't forget, mike pence was a public servant, he wants to be, again, a public servant. he wants to be president of the united states. if you want to be president of the united states, you have information about someone who is committing a criminal act, someone trying to overthrow the
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legitimate vote of the people, he should want to give that testimony. he should've wanted to give it to the january six committee, and he should definitely want to come forward and give it to the department of justice. >> yes, he has been sort of covering his tracks, both trying to throw himself under the bus but also trying to appeal to his voters because, as you say, he made plans to run. so, you know, it has been more than two years here since january 6th. why do you think this is all taking so long? you seem to hint though that this could be winding down, and we might see indictment soon? >> yes, i don't think that we can overstate how unusual, how dramatic, how extreme what happened on january six's. we have not encountered a sitting president, encouraged, galvanized a mob to attack the u.s. capital. and to have a former vice president who has not
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voluntarily given his testimony, given information, come forward and tell the american people and the department of justice what he knows about this insurrection. so we are in uncharted waters. and the prospect of a criminal indictment of a former u.s. president is, again, puts us in a very uncharted waters in terms of the justice department. which is why we saw the department of justice appoint a special counsel. because of the delicate nature of this investigation, because of the political implications. so we know that merrick garland has been incredibly thoughtful and careful in trying to balance what this means. not just legally but politically for our country. >> plenty of twists and turns to come. i am sure we really appreciate your analysis, areva martin, thank you so much. >> thanks kim. >> and, in the coming hours, the president of brazil will join president biden for talks amid a jump-start relation between the two countries.
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lula da silva arrived in washington, thursday, and you can see his motor -- performing with president biden at the white house, lula will meet with a number of democratic lawmakers. this is a lula's first official visit to the u.s., after defeating jair bolsonaro in october runoff election. ukraine takes more russian artillery fire, just as president zelenskyy makes a case for more weapons to fight back. still ahead, the ukrainian leader holds talks in brussels as energy facilities back home become targets again. stay with us. it's a storm that crashes, and consumes, replacing thought with worry. but one thing can calm uncertainty. an answer. uncovered through exploration, teamamwork, and innovation. an answer that leads to even more answers. mayo clinic. you know where to go.
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all right, we are getting word of new russian strikes targeting energy facilities in the ukrainian city of zaporizhzhia. ukraine says the city was hit at least 17 times in one hour on friday morning, but it's still unclear how much damage the starts cause. no, it happened after ukrainian officials say they're seeing the beginning of an anticipated russian ground offensive, as the russians escalating attack in your hunt region, near the city of -- what ukraine says, moscow hasn't had much success yet. russia says the offensive is, quote, defective underway. cnn crews on the ground say the efforts of fighting still doesn't amount to that. meanwhile, president zelenskyy met with eu leaders in brussels on thursday. he called for the delivery of western fighter jets to. kyiv and his speech, he said ukraine is fighting europe's
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battle. he areas. >> we are protecting europe from a regime that has proven that it only has one desire to destroy the freedom of europe, to be an authoritarian master on the continent. all, right for more, scott mclain joins us from london. so, scott, what's the latest on these attacks and the ukrainian warnings of more to come? >> hey, good morning kim, yes, so ukrainian officials say that the air raid alert is in effect for the entire country right now. they are warning about a potentially widespread russian missile attack in the country. there have already been explosions reported in the city of kharkiv. and also in separate. remember, these places are on the frontlines. but they are cities that ukraine's top national security official warned earlier this week could be part of a renewed russian offensive. it means the cities where russians have never held before. of course, during these types of missile attacks, the russians are typically going
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after energy infrastructure. the, we have also seen them hit very clearly, civilian targets as well. and, in anticipation of these potential strikes on energy infrastructure, there have already been preemptive power cuts in the kyiv region to take into account for that. in zaporizhzhia, the local city officials say that there were 17 strikes in the space of just one hour. that is the most that they have seen since this full scale invasion, actually began. they're just trying to assess at this point, what kind of damage they're actually looking at. yesterday, there were sort of sporadic missile attacks, there were attacks in coming with the runyon made shot head drones, potentially a russian tactic, to sort of wear out the air defense system in anticipation of something a little bit more substantial. today, that i think is what the ukrainians are concerned about. and this seems to make the point for the ukrainians that they need more in the way of their own long range missiles. their own fighter jets.
11:23 pm
and that's what president zelenskyy was in europe, yesterday, to try and. get, and while his chief of staff said the issue of fighter jets and long range missiles was resolved, based on what the european leaders actually said, it is difficult to see how anything has actually been resolved. of, course he has managed to chip away, a little bit. he managed to get the brits, earlier this, week to commit to training ukrainian pilots on nato standard fighter jets. but, beyond, that no one is promising any actual jets. the polls have gone the for this saying that, look, if they were deciding on behalf of nato that they could provide, them yesterday, he had the pollution busted or to the u.s. saying that it would be a turning point even if europe needed just decided to send them. even though it would be months and months before they could potentially actually reach the front lines. beyond that, you are seeing plenty in the way abroad gestures of support for ukraine. can, but you weren't seeing a lot in terms of specific promises.
11:24 pm
there were some hopeful signs. for instance, the portuguese prime minister saying that, look, there is no red lines around sending jets. but frankly they just don't have any to send them. and obviously, european leaders made it clear that they are discussing continually this issue of fighter jets. but obviously, the russians, they are listening as well. president zelenskyy said, that look, we need to do this faster than the russians. well, the russians announced they'll be stepping up their production of their own weapons and response to this tour of zelenskyy, in their, words begging for weapons from the west. kim? >> all right, thank you so much. scott mclain in london. >> well, russian casualties mounting the wagner mercenary group, made a surprised announcement. it will no longer recruit russian prisoners to fight the invasion. tens of thousands have already been sent to the front lines, and it's not clear why the strategy is shifting. cnn's frederik plankton reports. >> wagner mercenaries and
11:25 pm
brutal battles around bakhmut in eastern ukraine, among the assault, force convict, charging in waves suffering devastating losses. wagner boss of, -- groups battle efficiency, but now -- we have completely discontinued the recruitment of prisoners into wagner pmc, he writes. those who work for, us now, are fulfilling all of their obligations. ukrainian intelligence recently gave cnn access to cnn recruited by wagner who, the ukrainians captured on the front line. they said that they were speaking with us, willingly, but we're disguising their identities for their own safety. there were 90 of us in our first assault, he says, 60 died in the first assault, killed by mortar fire. a handful remain wounded. the men say they were essentially cannon fodder, but retreating is not allowed. we were given the task of taking a place, and we had to take it at any cost, he says. we couldn't retreat without
11:26 pm
orders because if we didn't comply, we would be killed. for months, prigozhin personally went to russian jails with his offer, even for murderers and rapists. fight six months in ukraine and if you survive, you will be free. only a handful in my unit came from money, he says. most can because they had long jail sentences, but there were also some who had only 12 days of their sentence remaining, and they went anyway. the ukrainians believe that wagner has so far sent around 50,000 convicts in ukraine, with a massive attrition rate. as high as 80% killed, wounded, captured, or deserted. prigozhin, though, seems unfazed by the losses. their contracts have ended, they're going home, he just said. but why would prigozhin say he's changed what he feels is a winning formula? he didn't give any reason, but one possibility might be that the russian defense ministry has sidelined wagner and is now
11:27 pm
fully taking control of recruiting convicts. at least that's the view of prisoner advocacy group, russia behind bars. >> [interpreter] prisoners are difficult to deal with. some russian soldiers might not like fighting alongside prisoners in trenches. but there is big potential and it's easy to recruit masses. [end of translation] >> russia's defense ministry did not reply to our request for comment, but our military intelligence believes there is a power struggle unfolding. >> [interpreter] the leadership of the russian armed forces is going to belittle prigozhin's role, he says. so that he cannot strengthen his position in the kremlin hierarchy. [end of translation] well of, course there could be various other reasons why he seems to be changing his strategy, here, in ukraine. and, announced he is no longer going to be using convicts on the front lines. he could simply be running out of people willing to go. even in russian jail, certainly, it seems as though the word is spreading that the attrition
11:28 pm
rate for convicts recruited by wagner is extremely high. it could also be a shift in russia strategy that makes that kind of warfare less effective on the front lines. it's really unclear, certainly, we're not hearing from moscow as what the reasons could be. fred pointed, cnn, kyiv, ukraine. >> all right, still ahead, the latest on the massive earthquake it between turkey and syria. all that digging through the rubble by hand to find more than do -- two dozen relatives. stay with us. people remember ads with a catchy song. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance,
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the u.s., canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber, this is cnn newsroom. u.s. house says, unanimously passed a resolution that symbolically were brooks china over its expected by reuben. sources tell cnn that it's believe that the chinese president was unaware of its deployment. meanwhile, there is still a deep divide between lawmakers over the shutdown of the balloon with many republicans outraged that it didn't happen sooner. also learning new details about
11:33 pm
the balloons capabilities as the fbi examines its components. cnn's alex marquardt has the story. >> the biden administration and pentagon facing a bipartisan barrage of questions today on capitol hill, for the chinese surveillance balloon. >> you guys have to help me understand why this baby wasn't taken out long before. >> accused of a lack of alarm and criticism over the decision to not shoot down that balloon sooner, when it was near alaska. >> the fact of the matter is, alaska is the first line of defense for america. >> in four different, often tense hearings, administration officials stood by their argument that it was safer to let the balloon cross the country while also gathering intelligence on chinese capabilities. many democrats satisfied, many republicans still rejecting the white house and pentagon's positions. >> next time, we will not wait for it to go all across my state, all across the lower 48
11:34 pm
and then shoot it down. >> officials now tell cnn that there was a warning, he defense intelligence agency, the day before the balloon entered u.s. air base near alaska. when it did on january 28th, fighter jets were sent off to i. d.'d the balloon, but it was decided to let it fly on, where that northern trajectory and collect intelligence on. suddenly, officials said, it took a strange turn south towards the lower 48 states, crossing into idaho on january 31st and eastward across the country. after it was decided to not shoot the balloon down overland, spy planes were sent up to monitor it. the administration determining that the balloon was no longer sending information back to china, sources say, and the u.s. trying to block it from gathering more intelligence on sensitive u.s. military sites. this balloon, just a small part of a broader, years long chinese balloon program that was believed, the state department says, flew over more than 40 countries. >> united states was not the only target of this broader program, which has violated the sovereignty of the countries
11:35 pm
across the five continents. >> the balloon program run by china's military, officials say, in part, out of hainan province, the southernmost tip of china. china outraged of the shootdown, demanding the return of the remnants of the balloon. the u.s. refusing, instead sending the recovered pieces from the ocean to a fbi lab, where analysis has begun. so far, that includes the canopy wiring and some electronics. >> we have learned that the plane was carrying sophisticated electronics that are capable of surveillance of signals, like communications and orator. so far, what the fbi has collected has just been what was on the surface of the water off of south carolina. fbi officials say they have not yet seen the payload where most of the surveillance equipment would be. this is the first time that the fbi as investigated a spy balloon like this one, and officials say that they are analyzing the components for possible criminal charges. alex marquardt, cnn, washington.
11:36 pm
u.s. president added state of the union arguments and a member to keep battlegrounds states ahead of his likely bid for reelection. biden visited, florida state filled with senior citizens and highlighted his support for two programs they love, social security and medicare. he also took some strong swipes at one of florida's republican senators. cnn's priscilla alvarez has details from tampa. >> president joe biden visited the state of florida on thursday, where he sought to drive home the message that he wants to protect social security and medicare, and issues that's where the fierce this reaction during the state of the union address this week. it's also a place where biden sought to seize on the opportunity to come to the home state of florida senator, rick scott, who was the architect of a proposal that would sunset federal legislation, including social security and medicare in five years. now, the president, of course, also came to a state that it is
11:37 pm
the home of two potential gop challengers in 2024. but, in his remarks, on thursday, he focused on that proposal from scott. and he referenced the spirited debate from the state of the union. he called scott's plan, quote, outrageous. instead, quite simply, that he would veto. it now, senate minority leader, mitch mcconnell, has said that this was a plan that would not gain traction. scott himself, on cnn, pushback on claims that he wants to cut social security and medicare. but it's clear that the white house sees this as an opportunity to seize on the key issues coming up to 2024. and, potentially, make up some ground would senior voters in florida. again, all of this, in a state where there are two potential gop challengers. and, as we await, a potential reelection announcement from president biden. >> priscilla alvarez, cnn, tampa. >> all, right coming up here on cnn newsroom, the southwest meltdown, millions of customers left stranded over the holidays. what one airline --
11:38 pm
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the death toll is now close to 22,000 in turkey and syria, and survivors say that the earthquake did not kill them. but the freezing cold might. more than four days on, still life beneath the rubble. emergency crews say the chances of finding more survivors are slim. one man in syria has been digging through the debris for two days straight, without. sleep looking for members of his family. he said, he's been able to retrieve ten bodies, but 20 others are buried in the wreckage. here he is. >> we have survived airstrikes. and now, we are killed in an earthquake. there is no power but from god. we do not oppose god's will. but, we are truly a distressed people. >> no matter how much aid is
11:43 pm
getting through, it's nowhere near enough. still, many families are hoping against hope, their loved ones are still alive. cnn's becky anderson reports. >> a miraculous moment of survival, a father and his two sons, rescued 76 hours after that massive earthquake struck turkey and syria on monday morning. omar is one of their cousins. he helped to dig them out. >> we are trying to reach them. and, we had contact with them. we had a call, buy mobile phone -- >> more than 100 people lived inside, according to the residents. and, it's omar's love for family that drove him to assist the rescuers, shifting through the rubble. painstaking work, first, the rescuers and volunteers and must dig and then plead for silence to hear any sign of life.
11:44 pm
repeating the process until they get closer. >> neighbors, friends, relatives and bystanders all joining together in the freezing cold to pray, hope and wish for a miracle. >> until, finally, almost 56 hours on, contact was made with one of them in the rubble. but it still took many more hours to finally freedom. omar says, about his uncle and two cousins survived with no injuries, his aunt didn't make it. >> this is already -- because they would do the same if we were in the same situation. >> one family's story, giving hope to a grieving country. >> becky anderson, cnn and, gaziantep. >> the first to you and aid congress caused into northern syria on thursday, carrying desperately needed supplies for earthquake victims. >> the border crossing is the
11:45 pm
only humanitarian corridor approved by the u.n. between turkey and rebel held areas of syria. delivery is critical for syrians, a living in those territories, and not under the government control. the secretary general says more help is underway. but, much more is needed. additionally, antonio guterres says the group's lead more than one way into northern syria. here he is. >> this is the moment of unity, it is the moment to politicize our to divide -- but it is obvious that we need massive support. and, so i will be, of course, very happy if the council would reach a consensus to allow for more crossings to be used. >> so, if you're looking for information on how to help earthquake survivors, you could go to, slash impact. and, there you can find a list of organizations working on rescue and relief efforts. in south africa, the ongoing electricity crisis of prompted,
11:46 pm
presidents ramaphosa -- south africans have been severe-ing's -- forcing people, businesses and essential services like hospitals and funeral homes to arrange the workaround scheduled blackouts known as a little chatting. ramaphosa outland anti corruption reforms during a state of the nation address. and he said he would appoint the minister of electricity to oversee all aspects of the country's electricity response. >> well, remembering a music lesson -- just ahead, the music,
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that is the sound of air space history, space at six, testing the engine of what's expected to become the most powerful rocket ever built. the company founded by elon musk, known as a static fire on thursday. it's super heavy rocket booster, simultaneously ignited 31 of its 33 engines. which is enough to reach orbit. now, the test lasted only a few seconds, but it's one of the last major hurdles before spacex flies to launch 400 foot tall star rocket into space. possibly, in a month or two. south book airlines is promising to fix the problems that led to the airline's holiday meltdown. the december debacle saw more than 16,000 flights canceled across the u.s.. millions of customers stranded, mountains, lost luggage, the airline said faulty crew scheduling software led to the chaos. southwest chief operating
11:52 pm
officer, testifying before the u.s. senate committee in washington on thursday, this message was simple. it's our fault. he areas. >> i want to sincerely and humbly apologize for those impacted by this. it caused a tremendous amount of english, inconvenienced and missed opportunities for our customers and our employees. let me be clear, we messed up. >> they said that they have updated the crew schedule and shot four and returned all of the lost luggage to the proper owners. it's also refunding passive wars for reimbursing travelers from out of pockets. ♪ ♪ ♪ a beautiful song, -- singing one of his timeless songs from the austin powers movies. his signature melodies made in one of the most important contributors in the american songbook, composer died on wednesday at the age of 94. cnn stephanie elam looks back at his life and his career.
11:53 pm
>> legendary tunes, bird backtrack, was one of the 20th century's most accomplished composers. his music spent generation, providing the signature hits for acts like the carpenter, dusty springfield, luther van dross, tom jones and dion war when. >> bscharach the law buried with other songs rioters including -- the third of his four wives, his second wife was actress angie dickinson, the high-profile marriage lasted 15 years. bacharach was born on may 12, 1928 in kansas city missouri as a young man he won a scholarship to the music academy of the west and had a short stint in the army before becoming the music director for actress or lina dietrich, a sign for his career where music
11:54 pm
and movies would intertwine. ♪ ♪ ♪ baccarat won an oscar for raindrops keep falling on my head. the theme song from but cassidy in the sundance kid, and another for the movie score. he took home his third oscar for the theme song from the film, arthur. ♪ ♪ ♪ he also won six grammys. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen mr. burt bacharach and -- >> bacharach career featured a resurgence in the late 90s. -- and he teamed up with artists like r&b crooner, john -- ♪ ♪ ♪ he also paired with british rocker, elvis costello on the song for the film grace of my heart. ♪ ♪ ♪
11:55 pm
in 2012, president obama paid tribute to the songwriting duo bacharach and help david, with the nation high assault word for popular music, the -- price. >> but began with a collaboration in the late 50s, quickly became a partnership that produced dozens of top 40 hits. burt and have never been limited to one genre or generation. >> some criticize bacharach's music as easy listening. he didn't seem to mind. >> what i saw, it was sent to, meet three guys waiting in elevators. one elevator was lifted and, seemingly, the other was bacharach. so >> i thought, that's very flattering. >> bacharach said his songs came from what moved him. and it was his music that, over decades, moved so many. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ [applause]
11:56 pm
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