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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  February 12, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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years ago when the cheyenne from the east attacked the s broker in the valley. i grew up in cheyenne, the wolves of heaven, will your supinated themselves solid yellow. i want to be a yellow wolf of heaven. they disappeared into the lightnin g.
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♪ >> hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. just ahead. [cheering] kansas city fans are in for a long night of celebration as the chiefs defeat the eagles for the super bowl lvii title we're live at the stadium with the highlights. the u.s. military shoots down another high altitude object, what officials are saying about the most recent incident in growing frustration in turkey as rescuers dig through the rubble many are wondering why the government response has been so slow and why there weren't more preparations to begin with. >> live from cnn center. this is cnn newsroom with
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rosemarie church. >> thank you for being with us we began with another shootdown of unidentified object flying in u.s. airspace. this time recovery teams are directing their attention to something shot down over the great lakes region the pentagon says whatever it was it was not believed to be a military threat but the order to send up an f-16 was given out of an abundance of caution, cnn has more on what we know and what we are still waiting to hear. >> for the third time in as many days president biden ordered the takedown of an unidentified object in north american airspace the leader shootdown happened on sunday afternoon there was an object seen flying at 20000 feet over michigan's upper peninsula in nearing lake year-round, an f-16 fighter jet shut it down. officials have described the
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subject is being attachable in shape with strings attached to but kn no discernible payload. officials say it's connected to a radio contact that was founded montana on saturday evening initially fighter jet were sent up into the skies and montana on saturday to track down a possible object they did not find anything and that lead nor calm to believe it was a rater anomaly. on sunday they reacquired the radar contact and did find the unidentified object flying over wisconsin and in michigan. ultimately there was concern because of the height the object was finite, 20000 feet which could pose some threat to civilian aircraft. also concerned about the path it was taking the military leaders recommended to president biden that he shoot it down and ultimately he issued the order. this is just the latest in a string of puzzling events of aerial craft being seen in the
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skies above the united states starting with the suspected chinese by balloon shot off the coast of south carolina nine days ago. somebody questions about the other objects that were shut down one off the alaskan coast on friday and another shot in the yukon allocated on saturday. officials have been very careful and cautious about how they're trying to describe some of these objects. they say they are still waiting for more information. some of the big questions facing this administration is exactly the size of the items and also the origin and what their purposes are all of the questions that they are hoping to get answers to as the recovery options are all underway. cnn the white house. >> earlier i spoke with cnn senior political analyst about the curtis' and president biden has been getting about the slow response to the unidentified flying objects in offering few details about them.
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my question to run, what are the political ramifications for all of this. >> first clearly the posture on the subsequent intrusions has been very different than the original chinese balloon where they waited until across the u.s. out in the open ocean before they tried it now they're shooting them down much quicker which may be implicit acknowledgment of some of the criticism. any foreign-policy challenge any national security challenge is an opportunity and the risk for our president. they political strategist will tell you the baseline requirement the voters expect in a president they seem to be in control of events and events are not in control of them and nothing gives them the opportunity to demonstrate that kind of command as a national security challenge. the risk of course, it seems if events are overrunning you the people get to be very concerned. i think right now biden with his
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decisive action still seems to be on the right side of the equation but we're going to have to see how this unfolds and what exactly is behind it, leslie clark was on cnn today and he said we don't know if this is an uptick in activity where we are simply seeing and discovering activity that was always there and we did not know it before. rosemary: you can watch my full interview with ron bronstein and the next hour. this all started with our suspected chinese by balloon last weekend. the big question of the four incidences connected? let's get perspective from cnn beijing bureau chief stephen young, good to see you. what is been the reaction so far from the chinese officials and media outlets to the u.s. shooting down the fourth unidentified flying object and what are they saying about a ufo spotted over china's eastern coast?
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>> the chinese government has not officially responded to the latest development but the foreign ministry daily press briefing is about to start let's see what they have to say, the media has been reporting the story and perhaps not surprisingly approached rain the u.s. military actions as absurd and exaggerated the global times newspaper for example in the editorial comparing the u.s. actions as a clumsy performance art and i quote them here, the grand takeoff of the u.s. warplanes apparently satisfied some people's appetite for the china threat goes on to say it's not a good sign for the world of the country with a strong unchurched august military with this extreme emotion and sees everything as a threat and just wants to destroy it. this language echoing the official government stance after the u.s. shut down the first confirmed chinese balloon that the u.s. has overreacted, the chinese insist the device was
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civilian and drifted off course because of weather even though u.s. officials of many experts disputed that. the u.s. is now announced sanctions of six chinese entities related to the balloon according to cnn reporting as sweeping global intelligence gathering effort by the chinese state. the chinese for their part have been pushing back very hard all these allegations and we are expecting them to condemn the latest sanctions and announce their own threat of countermeasures. as you mentioned the development on sunday the state media and maritime authorities as saying they have spotted their own ufo off the coast of east china and the preparation was underway to shoot it down warning local fishermen to avoid the dangerous area but also turning telling them to take photographs for evidence and collect debris if conditions allowed that story obviously went viral giving the timing and the chinese military previous promise to take similar
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actions after the u.s. shot down the balloon. so far we have not heard much updates after the initial report came out, but the silence fueling more curiosity and speculation. >> stephen, joint events with the latest from beijing. many thanks. rosemary: the kansas city chiefs are the nfl champions after a thrilling high-scoring super bowl lvii they beat the philadelphia eagles 38 - 35 on a late field goal with seconds left in the game. this was the scene in kansas city after the chiefs won the second title in the past four seasons the chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes was named the game's most valuable player days after winning the league's mvp award for the season. meanwhile in the big apple than prior state building was lit up
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and the chief scholars to celebrate their victory. for more on the game cnn sports andy sholes is at the stadium and glendale arizona. he joins us live, the chiefs won the super bowl in the late field goal, what a battle it was between hurts and homes. >> it was, it did not disappoint, you can't say enough about the chiefs quarterback patrick mahomes an incredible performance for him, a gutsy performance on a bad ankle. he now has two super bowls into mvps in the first six seasons in the league, the only player ever to accomplish that. as we mentioned jalen hurts into the game as super bowl lvii it was hurts and pressing early on he set a super bowl record with one passing touchdown in the first half alone but in the second half patrick mahomes shined even on a bad ankle the
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chiefs on three straight touchdown drives in with the game on the line in the fourth quarter is really when patrick mahomes came through in clutch he would have a long run here as he scampered to get the chiefs into field-goal range in the closing seconds. the chiefs would end up winning and what of the most exciting super bowls we've ever seen 38 d the super bowl mvp. >> you can't say enough about what this guy means to kansas city in the steam. >> i told you before the season we have coach andy reid and travis kelce, frank clark, were you to be the kansas city chiefs, were you to beat the kansas city chiefs and we're going to celebrate this right here baby, we're going to celebrate this the right way. >> what a performance it was from chiefs head coach andy reid he was dialing up great play after great play the wide
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receivers were wide open on a few of the touchdowns. this is reid sackett super bowl title cemented him as one of the greatest coaches in nfl history, listen to how happy he was after the game. >> what does the moment mean to you and he. >> it means a lot i could kiss you right now but i'm not going to do that. >> you just gotta be happy for andy reid he went through so many years of being so close he was the eagles head coach for 14 seasons, he got them to the super bowl , he could not get over the hump now he won two titles there in kansas city. he has done somebody times he says he's going to enjoy this win by eating a bagel cheeseburger. rosemary: fantastic, you're clearly having a good time, andy sholes joining us from glendale arizona. many thanks. single riata had fans saying please don't stop the music with her stunning halftime show.
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the highflying performance was the biggest set for the singer in years since stepping back to focus on family, acting and her cosmetic line, fans commented on what they thought to be a baby bump in the hollywood reporter says she is indeed pregnant for the second time. the superstar ran through multiple hit songs and made a sea of dances dressed in white and she closed the show with her song diamonds with a sky full of fireworks proving rihanna still knows how to work it. an act of vandalism caused comcast outage and parts of philadelphia on super bowl sunday but fortunately many of the affected customers have their service restored before the super bowl of fiber-optic cable had resulted in the interruption of service to a few thousand customers in the philadelphia area. still to come, earthquake relief trickles into turkey and syria. many say it's not nearly enough. difference. a representative weigh works in.
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hit turkey and syria a week ago. incredibly after more than 160 hours emergency crews are still finding people live under the rubble of collapsed buildings but now after surviving earthquake victims are trying to survive the bleak conditions they face in turkey hundreds of thousands are being displaced in a living a makeshift shelter, some are struggling to stay warm others are reeling from the trauma of losing their loved ones in the midst of all the uncertainty a few glimmers of hope have appeared in turkey and syria reporting on the miraculous rescue center defied the odds. >> reciting a prayer hoping for a miracle. this time the prayers have been answered. a weekend of remarkable rescues
11:19 pm
several survivors pulled to freedom after almost a week buried beneath the rubble. smiles of relief. this son telling his mother, we are here, we are with you. in this little girl still in a state of shock but free at last, time however, is quickly running out the french rescue team working overnight to retrieve the body of a 6-year-old boy, retrieving the dead the colonel tells his team is also a crucial part of their job in northwest syria the grief is almost too much to bear. rescue workers here say they are no longer holding out hope for more survivors. this is a region already decimated by president brutal war now crushed under the weight of one of the worst natural disasters this region has seen
11:20 pm
in a century. >> no matter how horrific this disaster was no matter how big this crisis was we have seen and lived through such terrible for. >> eight has finally arrived and serious territory and volunteers say is simply too little too late. across the border, like has been transformed. this elderly woman says she lost everything but these are tears of joy a phone call from her son to tell her that he is alive. for others hope is dwindling fast this young woman sits waiting for news her mother and sister are still beneath the rubble beside her. they are dying under there she says and i am dying here. >> now is the death toll continues to soar, grief for some is turning to anger and calling for accountability are
11:21 pm
only growing. cnn festival. rosemary: let's discuss this with unicef's representative to turkey, thank you so much for talking with us. >> think you rosemarie for having me. >> not enough relief is getting into turkey and syria why has it been so difficult to get the aid to those most in need particularly children who survive this earthquake? >> earthquake as everybody knows now as really heated through the night a lot of infrastructure is being damaged. it was quite difficult and challenging. in the airport in the surrounding province and it was difficult to create to deliver.
11:22 pm
however, many people have tried their best in the rescue team have come as you know from all over the world to support. now the golden window of the rescue phase has been over and the number of casualties is really high. children of the 4.6 million that we are leaving in the area of the provinces that have been affected in 811,000 of them were refugees. rosemary: of course as you know to the lives lost the numbers are just shocking out there, what is your biggest concern as the window starts to close on rescue efforts to get survivors out from under the rubble and turkeys government faces mounting criticism for the slow response and for allowing poor building construction in many cases. >> the scale of this disaster is
11:23 pm
unprecedented so i think it would've been really complicated for any government to act and react very fast. what is happening right now there is already a lifesaving humanitarian support that has been requested and we are working with the government together and we have a connection partner. in terms of what you mentioned we know prosecutors are opening an investigation and hundreds of construction companies are already being detained. what counts now is still the rescue like to take care of the people that are at temporarily shelter and facilities and of course municipalities. so the needs are huge and the needs are washer supplies,
11:24 pm
facilities to be able to cope with the pressure of protection issues increase accompanied minors all of those are needs that we need to face and there is no one organization or government that can do it alone so collective efforts needs to be put at the table they have plans that will be covering the three months but we already planned up to six. rosemary: what is your plea to the rest of the world right now in terms of the greatest need for the survivors of this tragic earthquake? >> lifesaving humanitarian goods are absolutely needed. and to come to international organization and ngo to support. as needed we are moving and changing very quickly we need to pre-position supply in a
11:25 pm
different way and different provinces and different scales. to give you an example we are grateful to the u.s. government immediately from day one able to flex close for children, medicine, it's very important a problematic response. but to allow the people to decide why the rapid needs assessment that is continuing. >> regina, thank you so much for talking with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. >> post-tropical cyclone gabrielle is approaching northern new zealand bringing strong winds, heavy rain and large swells at least 58000 people are without power a across northern island and dozens of schools and university
11:26 pm
across oakland are close monday, radio new zealand reports domestic flights in and out of the city have been canceled stranding prime minister chris hip kids in the city the storm is expected to weaken slightly on monday and tuesday. still to come a warning for americans in russia as the war in ukraine nears the one-year mark we will have the latest details straight ahead. more on the airborne object shot down over north america, why officials say they are tracking than before. that is when we comeag pet back. ♪ ♪ shop appliances now backed by the lowe's price promise. ♪ ♪
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rosemary: welcome back everyone. more now on the top story for a third day in a row president joe biden has directed the military to shoot down an unidentified flying object. this one was spotted sunday over northern michigan. it is now the fourth airborne object the u.s. military has taken down and north american airspace in just over a week starting with the suspected chinese spy balloon last weekend. u.s. officials say they took action after the initial incident to enhance radar capabilities which could explain the uptick in objects detected the past few days military leaders say it's unclear what the three most recent objects were or where they came from. >> the united states is again urging citizens in russia to leave immediately an updated
11:31 pm
travel advisory. the state department is calling for u.s. citizens to leave russia on exercise caution warning the risk of wrongful detentions and being singled out for harassment this as russia continues its attack on the front line in eastern ukraine. ukrainian military says two dozen rocket attacks were carried out on a 24 hour. focused on don -esque region. scott is following he joins us live from london. is ukraine any closer to getting the fighter jets they say that they need? >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy recently came back from europe where he lobbied for the long range missiles and fighter jets and where the ukrainians had success was getting one western ally to commit to sending a weapon before the others followed suit the best example of that recently with tanks where there is a dozen countries committed
11:32 pm
to sending tanks to ukraine in the very first is poland. when it comes to fighter jets yes some countries, france, netherlands, portugal saying they're open to this idea but nobody is actually committed with the polish prime minister has said, if it were pulling deciding ukraine would get the jets but over the weekend in an interview the polish president added to the complexity around this question by pointing out a very simple fact, poland is not in a position to send the fighter jets, f-16s because this country has less than 50 of them so sending a small number of these jets would really have big ramification for the actual fleet of polish jets he also said plenty of complexities involved in sending them around maintenance and technical servicing which would mean any decision for poland to send the jets would have to be made by
11:33 pm
ned antonito collectively. you had the uk being the first to commit to training the ukrainian pilots on western fighter jets but the defense minister downplayed that recently saying these may come in handy after the war rather than doing it but ukrainians continue to insist the ukrainian ambassador to the uk said the reality is we've heard this before we heard with tanks, long-range artillery and eventually these countries have come around. rosemary: ukraine is warning that fighting is heating up in the east, is the front line moving? >> any gains or incremental at this point but what we know according to the ukrainian military, the attacks have been quite relentless over the weekend with artillery, airstrikes and also stepped up the tax with heavy fighting in and around ukrainian stronghold which is better brickwall for the russians in their attempt to
11:34 pm
move the front lines to the west. ukrainian military says this is not a matter of the russians wearing down ukrainian troops this is actually a matter of ukrainians wearing down russian troops to prevent them from launching any kind of a large-scale attack they also knowledge the routes in and out of the town as of late have been restricted because of heavy fighting there. it seems the spring of fence that they have been warning about they say the temple of the fighting has really started to increase. rosemary: thanks to scott mclean joining us live in london. just ahead a disturbing new development and the use ofere th artificial intelligence.hy we artificial intelligence.hy we we will have a report from beijing. a e promise.
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to learn more, visit your local xfinity store today. rosemary: welcome back everyone a disturbing development in the spread of misinformation, video
11:38 pm
technology is being used two create pro china propaganda videos that are being distributed on social media, selena wang has details. >> hello everyone this is wolf news i am alex. >> at first glance they look like news anchors and the top leaders of china. >> on second glance you might notice something uncanny, how their voices don't online with their mouth movements that is because they aren't real people they are deep fake avatars made with artificial intelligence. it's unclear who is behind this but last year pro china bought accounts set them out over twitter and facebook. >> this is the first time we've seen this on a fictitious person moved in a politically motivation this video was in operation which we've been tracking since 2019 and
11:39 pm
routinely amplifies narrative that aligns with beijing's strategic interest. >> research issued a report on the broader campaign that says impart more videos portray the u.s. in a negative light the focus on any other theme. presented as a lawbreaking hedge minister wrapped by civil strife and feeling in the fight against covid-19. this meeting is a great significance. >> they pushed china's geopolitical agenda. >> gun violence has killed 40000 people. and it exposes america's shortcoming, the u.s. national security on artificial intelligence says a.i. is deepening the threat posed by cyber attacks and disinformation campaigns that russia, china and others are using to a full tree our society, steal our data and interfere in our democracy. >> hey there, i am anna. >> a there i'm jason. >> the fake news anchors were made from technology from
11:40 pm
british artificial intelligence technology. let me show you had a your own video. i'm on the website create a free a.i. video and for the script how about have the avatar say hi i am a correspondent for cnn. they said i'll get the video in my e-mail and just a few minutes. >> i am a correspondent for cnn. >> the website shows the technology is mainly used for corporate training and marketing videos, the company said in a statement to cnn the recent videos that emerged are in breach of our terms of service and we have identified and beyond the user in question. graphical says the news anchor deep fake videos are low-quality and did not get a lot of traction on social media. >> but this technology is spreading rapidly around the world. a few years ago a chinese tech firm made the deep fake video of then-president donald trump
11:41 pm
speaking mandarin as a demonstration to promote the company's technology innovation conference. chinese state media has even created a whole team of a.i. news anchors they are showing it off as a novel new technology that can mass-produce shows with the anchors i work 24/7. the proliferation of deep fake videos makes it dramatically harder to combat disinformation. experts say it's used by foreign and criminal actors will only grow vending our reality. selena wang, beijing. rosemary: thank you for joining us i am rosemary church, world sports are up next, interviewers in north america i will be right back with more cnn newsroom after a short break. stay with us. the ♪ ♪
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rosemary: returning to our top story the u.s. has shot down three different airborne objects in north american airspace over the last three days the latest was taken down by an f-16 fighter jet over michigan. officials say it did not pose a military threat. cnn national security analyst juliet saves the incidents are much more likely to happen with an increased tracking ability in the u.s. >> i will put this in the categories of what we know and what we don't know. what we know since the chinese balloon incident a week ago and learning of other infiltrations of the chinese of the balloon in years past, norad, north, and other agencies in what we call open up the aperture of what we're looking for, they are
11:47 pm
getting lots of positives that they did not get before. most of that is going to be known airplanes, whatever it may be but they're going to be a lot more things that raise the level of concern. that's the first thing that we know, the positives were anticipated more positives. what we can't answer now is this bigger aperture picking up lots of stuff that has essentially been forgiven, because they did not pose a threat or is it part of something organized for whatever surveillance or to speculate about china and all of these incidents i'm sorry it is not right right now, we do not know what the objects are they are described as vw, we don't know if there's balloons attached to them we need to
11:48 pm
understand what's going on there is a wider lens of surveillance that is picking up things. we don't quite know what they are and our tolerance for after what happened with china is lower we are going to shoot it down if it is unmanned and hurting commercial, threat to commercial aviation and shooting it down will not harm americans in the homeland that is essentially what is going on. the speculation is really premature at this stage. >> u.s. president joe biden has yet to comment on the incidents despite confirmation the order the last object to be shut down. u.s. officials say they have been acting out of an abundance of caution. a lawyer for former u.s. put under president donald trump says searchers for classified materials of trump's property are complete, typically confirmed additional documents were found for a search in december and turned over to the
11:49 pm
justice department. among the items that have been handed over. an empty manila folder marked classified evening summary. they told cnn trump had been using the folder as a lampshade. >> he has a landline telephone next to him in a bed and a blue light on it and it keeps him up at night so he took the manila folder and put it over it so it would keep the light down so he can sleep at night. it is this folder is is classified evening summary on it is not a classification working pretty is not anything that is controlled in any way there is nothing illegal about it. >> on friday cnn reported that the folder was among the items turned over by trump's legal team in recent months, and edition two more materials with classified markings and the laptop belonging to an aide.
11:50 pm
more than 5 million people across 11 states in the u.s. are under winter weather alerts, the national weather service says two separate storm systems have prompted it to issue the warnings the first storm is impacting the four corners region. it will shift to the east and bring a mix of rain and snow through the upper midwest by the middle of the week, the second storm system is currently impacting the pacific northwest both portland and oregon could see several inches of snow. not even valentine's day aside from inflation here in the united states. a survey says consumers are expected to spend $200 a piece for their special someone this year. the national retail federation says that's an increase of $20 from last year, those numbers add up quickly with americans expected to spend more than $25 billion on the special occasion, cnn mike has more from los angeles.
11:51 pm
>> right now were in the center of the flower market in the heart of the flower district the largest flower district in the united states. if you look at everything that we have, the theme of our reporting the demand is still so high even though we have inflationary pressures just look at the activity that we have right here all of the beautiful roses for valentine's day. there is perhaps a record that could be approached with valentine's day sales the roses in profusion of flowers this year if we take a look at the graphic that we prepared last year spending was under $24 billion but this year spending is probably going to approach the national retail federation south of $26 billion, demand and inflation fueling the projected rise but we spoke with the ceo of the flower market just before we came on the air. listen to what he told us about what goes into the prices of all of these flowers. >> there are many factors where cost of flavor, cost of
11:52 pm
transportation and general cost of fuels. all of those factors boiled into the actual delivery of the rose product, flower product whether here at the market side or into the consumer side you will see all those numbers baked in to the actual cost. >> example of the most expensive thing that you could get here at the flower mall 200 roses, $400. even though inflation is relatively high people here, vendors say the demand is also expected to keep up and be high well into valentine's day. mike valerio, cnn los angeles. >> a harvard educated ceo who is the mother of two young children decided it was time to take a step back, way back cnn chloe introduces us to the 40-year-old intern. >> is the book that everyone seems to be talking about this week, it is a memoir called my what if here by alisha fernandez
11:53 pm
miranda it is a true story how she is a mom of two living in scotland working as an executive of her own company, she decided to take a step back and become an intern, take a listen. >> had a somebody almost 40 land and internship you ask everybody they know if they would be willing to hire you for free to come and do a job even though i was harvard educated ceo and my resume it was so, so difficult to find people to agree to take me on most people that i applied to the ghosted man did not respond so the way that i found my internships was by literally checking to everybody and you on linkedin, e-mailing people to have coffee to me needed talks about the job and introduce me to people they might know it was so incredibly difficult to find people agree to hire me for free even though i have a lot of experience, also being an intern
11:54 pm
at 40 was definitely a better experience than doing at 20. i was a lot wiser and a lot more perspective and i think i was able to appreciate the whole experience a lot more. >> alisha said coming from cuban roots definitely shaped reviews of success but she says now that is all change. >> my definition of success was molded by this attribute second generation cuban-american, my dad immigrated from cuba in the 60s and i grew up with that mentality that i think a lot of people who grew up with me, we made a lot of sacrifices in order to help you succeed and achieve all the things he wanted achieve. to my definition of success was really about climbing the ladder getting the next title and promotion, making sure i had all the things that it looked like i was supposed to have from the outside. when i got there i found maybe that wasn't supposed to be my definition of success at all. now after going to the experience of the internship when i think about success i
11:55 pm
really try to think about mi being challenged in my learning, is this something that makes me uncomfortable or has a high chance of failure in this case which i should definitely do it. and to chase after the things that bring me the most joy, life is short. try to take that forward into everyday. alisha is back working for company overseeing things but not with such oversight and the company and she is still working with some of the companies that she interned for the. i gotta say i think she's onto something. back to you. rosemary: thanks to cnn we for that. he may not of been playing for a championship, the buffalo bills safety the mark hamblin made it to the super bowl in arizona to watch the game pretty posted this picture of himself with nba superstar lebron james. he also talked about his recovery and his first interview since suffering a cardiac arrest dirty gabe on january 2.
11:56 pm
he told fox sports he's thankful to get a second chance at life and he eventually wants to return to the football field, great stuff. coinciding with the beginning, team roughened fluff due to not once again in the 19th annual pub people this year's participants came from 66 in emotional tears across the u.s. one from the caribbean island of the dominica the puppies wagged, weaved, chimed their way across the playing field to pet adoption, team fluff ended up as top dog. but all of them are winners of course, animal planet says every pup ever featured on previous pub people's since 2005 have found a home. the show's longtime referee explains why. >> we have a lot of things that we riffed on from the nfl we draw inspiration from human football. they have tom brady we have tom
11:57 pm
berkey, dave jail and hurts we have tail and hurts and josh allen and we have josh allen hounds. in addition to all of that i'm so happy to say we have the most amount of special needs dogs ever. we have dogs with the missing leg or their death. but the point that the on the set to show you that they can play just as well as anybody able-bodied dog out there. some of them do even better. >> a pomeranian mix named pickle was named mvp most valuable puppy. thank you for your company and rosemary church i will be back in just a moment with more cnn. ♪ let's go! ♪ what you gon' ' do? you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'n'! ♪
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