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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  February 13, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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healing will begin as soon as possible. there will be a continued police presence during that timeframe as well. we'll have ongoing communications on to -- we will definitely be here and this is our campus. it's our community and we will overcome it. >> thank you. a close by saying that we will hold another news conference in the morning. we will announce that time once we confirm the time it will be right here. we'll continue to use this location and will announce that time together back in the morning to share additional information if there's any updates that we can provide will provide updates. thank you. >> we've been listening to the latest news by the either michigan state university, campus police, in the deputy
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chief of police. bring us up today. a gun that was a 43 year old man, no connection to the university of former staff member, not a former student so that continues mystery continues why he killed three people and wounding five people. they remain in critical condition in hospital. i'm john vause. thanks for watching, news continues with rosemary church after a very quick break. just the three of us girls. i never thought twice about feeding her kibble. but about two years ago, i realized she was overweight. she was always out of breath. that's when i decided to introduce the farmer's dog to her diet. it's just so fresh that she literally gets bubbles in her mouth. now she's a lot more active, she's able to join us on our adventures. and we're all able to do things as a family. ♪ get started at
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hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. i'm rosemary church. we are following breaking news from the campus of michigan state university or a mass shooting has left at least three people dead and five others in the hospital. some of the wounded are set to
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have life-threatening injuries. suspect in the shooting is also dead. police have yet to identify him or his motive saying only that he was 43 years old and not affiliated with the university. >> the suspect in this incident was located outside of the msu campus it does appear that that's suspect has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. it is confirmed that he is deceased. this truly has been a nightmare that we are living tonight but we have remained laser focused on the safety of our campus, our students and the surrounding community. we are relieved to no longer have an active threat on campus. while we realized that there's so much healing that will need to be taken place after this.
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>> police say the first 9-1-1 call came in shortly after 8 pm local time. officers were on the scene within minutes and located several victims. students say they got an email message from the school warning them to shelter in place soon after the shooting started. that lockdown has now been lifted. >> i had friends texting me before the incident even happen, and we start a barricade indoors, method i was safe. i didn't think anybody would get true. we started barricading, i heard go, go, go, everybody just travel through. everybody got out of their, they ran out of here from out of their. it was horrible. >> michigan state's president spoke just a short time ago. theresa woodruff says she is devastated but vowed the university will overcome the tragedy. >> tonight our spartan hearts
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hang heavy. this is a day of shock and heartbreak, across our campus and our region. it's something that is quite unimaginable but has been imagined in other places and other times but we just can't imagine that it's here. we are devastated at the loss of life and we want to wrap our warm arms around every family that is touched by this tragedy and give them the peace and passive understanding a moments like this. our campus grieves. we will all grief. and we will change overtime. we cannot allow this to continue to happen again. >> and we are getting the statement from chris brown, president of brady united against gun violence and i'm quoting here. just as we are recognizing the
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fifth anniversary of the deadliest high school shooting in history, we are experiencing yet another school shooting. this is the 145th school shooting since parkland and it remains wholly devastating to live in the only country in the dust real world where we regularly wake up to the significant news. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe spoke earlier to cnn about the next steps in the investigation into the suspected gunman. >> the fbi and their colleagues will go through all of the history they can pull together on this individual so the likely execute search warrants at his residence and on his vehicle and anyplace else they can associate with him. don't identify all those electronic devices they can associate with him, computers, laptops, cell phones, all that sort of stuff. they will look at his social
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media, they will look at his internet service providers, email providers, things of that nature, to try to understand what is motivation might have been in embarking upon this incredibly dreadful act that he engaged in this evening. there is a lot of work for investigators to do here. basically building a timeline of events and statements and writings and postings on social media. and i think they can associate within that might shed light on is intense and, i suspect that investigation will go on for quite some time. >> that was andrew mccabe, former deputy director of the fbi. and cnn senior law enforcement
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analyst. earlier, the mayor of east lansing also spoke with cnn about the shooting as well as the communities response to the crisis. so >> we got a lot of support tonight. our state representative, julie brixey and our chief and staff, were back up to michigan state police in the fbi patrol present on the scene. see we're here at the command center providing support. but as of tomorrow we won't pick up and again to piece things back together for the community. it won't be easy but we will start there. our students are about half of our population so we have a real relationship with them. michigan state is strong and vibrant. we all consider ourself spartans here so whatever impacts michigan state impacts east lansing in the capital
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region. we're basically all in this together. governor whitmer's been in contact with our other local officials so it's a regional approach to things that's kind of what happened tonight as far as law enforcement support and everything else. we are kind of just one big region here along with the capital city of lansing. public safety and security, the constant conversation for us. just shows the difficulty to predict the unpredictable and readiness for that but we do spend a lot of our time on planning for and executing in drilling for public safety, and mass casualty type of events. i think the community respond accordingly. >> that was east lansing mayor ron bacon speaking with us a little earlier. much more to come on this shooting ahead here on cnn, including any new details we learned on the gunman and his possible motive. and we're learning more about
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oh! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ more on the breaking news we're covering this hour. police say a gunman suspected of killing at least three people in the michigan state university campus is dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot.
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at least five other victims have been hospitalized with life threatening injuries. school officials say the incident as shaken the community. >> our hearts are with those who have been affected by this senseless act of violence. giving an update like this is never easy. as a father, i can only imagine how parents are feeling right now. this will be the beginning of a long healing process for everyone who's been affected. >> police released this image of the suspect they were looking for after monday nights shooting. they later confirmed he was 43 years old and not affiliated with the university. they say is no longer threat to the campus and a shelter in place order has been lifted as they investigate the shooter and his motive. in the coming hours, the u.s. senate will get a classified briefing about the three airborne objects shot down
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under u.s. and canadian airspace over the weekend. but ahead of that meeting, officials revealed new information about the objects. the items shot down over alaska has been as described as a metallic objects broke into several pieces. both it and the object shot down over canada's yukon territory are said to have been carrying unknown payload's. all three objects apparently look similar but have different shapes, not as large as the chinese balloon shot down more than a week ago. the u.s. military says they have nearly completed recovery as much of the blue as they can from the coast of south carolina. now their focus is finding any parts that may have drifted out to sea. cnn's oren liebermann has more now from the pentagon. >> more questions than answers after u.s. fighter jets roared into the skies of north america for the third time in as many
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days with a mission. shootdown. something >> we assessed whether they posed any kinetic threat to people on the ground. they do not. we assessed whether they were sending any communication seem similar's. they do not. we look to they were maneuvering or had any propulsion communications, we saw no signs of that. >> here's what we know about so far but the objects in the sky. according to u.s. officials, the object shot down ten miles off the coast of alaska on friday was a metallic object broke up into several pieces when it fell to the sea ice from 40,000 feet. the second object shot down over the yukon territory on saturday appeared to be a balloon with a metal payload hanging underneath. according to a pentagon memo sent to lawmakers monday and said to cnn across sensitive u.s. sites before i was down. the third object shot down sunday afternoon over like hearing was described is a octagonal object this time
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traveling at 20,000. feet >> were gonna confirm what they are what's we've confirmed. i answered a question, have not recovered any debris from the three most recent shutdowns. >> the objects were detected after a shootout of a much larger object chinese spy balloon with a payload of three school buses. nor outages to the raiders to make them more sensitive. and radars now set to intercept russian bombers are picking up slower smaller objects. >> obviously there's is some sort of pattern there the fact that we are seeing this significant debris over the past week is reason for interest in close interest attention. >> one of the reasons that we think we are seeing more is because we are looking for more. >> national security adviser jake sullivan alida team on how u.s. handles -- one thing we do know --
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>> there is no indication again no indication of any aliens or extra terrestrial activity. >> pentagon say the latest objects did not posing a direct threat to people on the ground but according to multiple sources, even allies of joe biden worry about the silence from the commander in chief. >> we have been think is transparent's candy. i won't speak for the presidents personal speaking schedule but he has been deeply engaged in every one of these decisions. >> as for the ongoing recovery efforts for the blood off the coast of south carolina, the chinese spy balloon, they say a significant portion of that balloon has been recovered. a salvage vessel has been on the scene since friday, divers have amenable to work every day because of the conditions of the water there, rough seas eventually. but they have been able to recover a significant portion, that includes a structure, and some electronics that will be analyzed by the fbi.
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oren liebermann, pentagon, cnn. >> the bureau of statistics will release a key gauge of inflation in the coming hours, january's consumer index. all streak is looking for more evidence of fall when prices. the dow gained many points. the s&p gained more than 1%. so let's bring out the critical u.s. futures and you can see they're pretty flat in negative territory but only just. we'll keep a very close eye on all of that. high wind alerts have been issued by the national weather service for much of southern and eastern united states. it comes as we are monitoring to winter storm systems that are impacting parts of western u.s.. cnn meteorologist derek van damme has the details. >> a rosy, not the meteorologists at the cnn weather center are watering two separate storms that will impact the storm from west to
11:23 pm
east many locations feeling the impact of these storms. domestic differentiate between a two, because they are indeed two different storms. there's a low pressure tracking through the four corners region. lots of snow dropped in the area and that's gonna move towards the upper midwest through the next 24 hours. the other low pressure in associated cold front entering the equation across the pacific northwest. this is the secondary storm that's a little more powerful and will bring us a chance of severe weather across the eu nations middle section through the middle of the work week. you can the first storm again moving through the four corners. it's got its i said in the upper midwest, as we have winter storm watches in place. secondary storm system, more powerful system, moving across the pacific storm west. from billings to portland. lots of energy associated with these two separate systems. we have 70 million americans
11:24 pm
with high wind alerts. this includes st. louis, dallas all the way to el paso and los angeles. lots of rain as well. it see on the -- from chicago st. louis, there is the snow on the cold side of the first storm. in the snow piles up again across the colorado rockies and through the pacific northwest. you can see the first storm moving through that are secondary more powerful storm, is going to interact with warm humid air. we all know what happens when that takes place. we get that collision of air masses and. slight risk of tornado activity. that this to shreveport and little rock this is for wednesday. let me point you in the direction of thursday. several tornadoes according to the prediction center. where you see the shade of yellow. that includes the yellow gulf coast and the cold arctic blast of air moves in. it'll be short-lived but you'll feel it in places like chicago,
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new york as well as detroit. rosemary, back to you. >> thank you so very much. still to come, the very latest on the deadly shooting at michigan state university including what police are learning from their initial investigation. plus, northwestern syria may soon get more access to earthquake relief. details from president usher aside.
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talk to our switch squad at your local xfinity store today. we return now to our breaking news out of michigan or at least three people are dead, five others injured after a mass shooting on the campus of michigan state university. police say the suspect has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and provided this update on his identity. >> that suspect is we now know is a 43-year-old male. that 43 year old mail is not affiliated in any way with michigan state university. it's not a student, staff
11:30 pm
faculty or staff. and we have no idea why can the campus to do this tonight. that is part of our invent ongoing investigation. >> police added that the victims were found in two separate locations including at the student union. and we have learned that all five people injured in the shooting are now in critical condition. more than a week after a powerful earthquake leveled neighborhoods in turkey and syria and left at least 36,000 people dead, u.n. says rescue efforts are coming to a close. now emergency crews are set to focus on getting more help to victims. in syria, the president has agreed to open to additional border crossings from turkey to deliver aid to the rebel held northwest. it comes after you and eight shift martin griffiths met with butcher assad to discuss relief efforts. griffith says the u.n. will also help move aid to the
11:31 pm
northwest from government controlled areas. meantime in turkey, emergency crews have found survivors more than 180 hours after the earthquake struck. among them a 13 year old boy who had been held trapped under the rubble. some of these developers of these collapsed buildings are now under investigation in turkey. state media reports some of already been arrested. cnn's nada bashir joins us now from a stumble with more. so nada, eight days after the earthquake, more than 36,000 people have lost their lives, rescue operations are now coming to a close and survivors in turkey and syria are desperate for food, shelter and clothing. how can we get the aid to those earthquake survivors? >> well getting the aid to those in need is certainly a key focus. that search and rescue effort eight days on a still continue
11:32 pm
despite that window for finding survivors closing very quickly as you heard there from the u.n. warning. in fact we heard from rescuers, now they say they are still hearing voices underneath the rubble or than it is on sincere the quake. we have seen these miraculous rescues over the last few days. in the early hours of this morning, a ten year old girl was reportedly pulled from the rubble, another survivor. so there's still some hope there are many across southeast turkey holding out hope that their missing loved ones maybe still alive underneath the rubble. this is shifting from a rescue effort to a recovery effort very quickly. there's a huge emphasis and major focus on offering support to those survivors who have lost absolutely everything. we read in a distribution center and is double, one of two here in the city which has been sending aid to the affected regions. more than 20,000 volunteers there working around the clock
11:33 pm
to sort through donations including blankets, food, clothes, health care as well as toiletries and electric heaters. because of course it is so cold over there, many are now homeless, thousands in fact. but we spoke to one of the coordinators leading on this effort. she said this is not enough they need more help, we need more aid to get out of the affected areas, and we need more support from the government and from the international community. speaking state media we've already heard officials denying shortages in aid being sent over to the southeast. that remains a key focus there. vessel know that foreign rescue international teams who have been here. they are sending in a specialist team to support in that rescue and recovery effort as well as specialist equipment. thousands of foreign support staff have been sent into turkey to continue that effort. rosemary? >> not a beshear, joining us
11:34 pm
now for his, double thanks so much for that live report. >> david literally is the executive director of the syrian american medical society and he joins us now from southern turkey. appreciate you talking with us. and of course you and your organization are in turkey and syria trying to help survivors in the aftermath of this deadly earthquake that is stolen the lives of some 36,000 people. aid is we have been talking been very slow to arrive particularly in syria where the humanitarian situation is already dire. what is happening on the ground right now in terms of people who need it getting access to this aid? >> yes, the situation [inaudible] 12 years of war. so this is the last thing the
11:35 pm
people needed. we have been treated over 2000 injured from the earthquake northwest syria in eight of our hospitals. to the hospital's been so badly damaged we had to evacuate. two others are damaged with still still functional. we've had been working around the clock. the hospital has been full of patients. unfortunately we confirmed a least 300 dead in syria. we have medication and supplies now but the supplies are dwindling and we need to replenish them soon. we need the borders open a better accessibility for supplies to get it. we are sending a large team of american doctors into syria today to support some of our workers who've been working around the clock. >> and as you just mentioned your organization has been calling in the international community to reopen all border crossings, including those into northwest syria to help increase this flow of humanitarian aid and support to the region. and now of course we hear syria
11:36 pm
's leader beshear assad has agreed to expand u.n. aid access from turkey for just three months through two border crossings. i'll be interested to get your reaction to that? >> we had one of the border crossings open prior. there are over 4 million people in northwest syria than a great need. nearly of them have been displaced several times and needed aid over the years. we welcome, the opening so the more humanitarian items can get through to a population in great need. behind me and in turkey, near the syrian border, you can see cranes operating, a building a gun down, many perished, men are still digging trying to rescue. some may be living but it is still terrible here.
11:37 pm
in turkey, the government is set up temporary shelters obc in town squares in town after town. some towns are hardly recognizable from what they used to be. communities are simply gone. >> and survivors of the earthquake in syria is while everybody is dealing with freezing conditions with very little aid. they say that they have been forgotten that help came too little too late. people in turkey feel much the same of course. but with the eyes of the world now watching this horrifying aftermath play out, how might things change for the survivors. some some of them saying they might have even wanted to perish than face the aftermath of this earthquake. >> survivors of this earthquake are traumatized. they have to care for their families to keep them going.
11:38 pm
they are mourning as well as responders. so it's extremely difficult. yet as the sun rises they are doing everything they can to provide additional help. so our first priority is our staff both here in turkey and in syria. that staff have lost almost all of their family so we are mourning with them and try to support them in this very difficult time. >> it's a tragic situation for all of those people involved and what you and your organization is doing is appreciative all of us. david lili, thank you for talking with, us appreciate it. >> my pleasure thank you. >> still to come. as fighting rages in eastern ukraine, nato defense ministers are set to focus on how to maintain support for the country during a meeting in brussels. more and a live report, just ahead. lelet's go! ♪
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back to our breaking news now.
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police say the suspect in a mass shooting on the campus of michigan state university is dead. at least three people were killed and five others are hospitalized in critical condition. this was the scene on monday while the suspected shooter was still on the loose. police say there is no longer a threat to the campus and the shelter in place order has been lifted. authorities say the suspected shooter apparently took his own life. they released this photo from earlier. police told reporters he was a 43 year old man who had no affiliation with the university. still no word of a possible motive. ukraine's defense minister is laying out his agenda ahead of a meeting with nato defense ministers set to begin in brussels in the coming hours. he will be pushing key issues including protecting ukrainian skies, building the tech
11:44 pm
coalition and, stability and military support. that meeting take taking place as intense fighting rages in eastern ukraine occur including in around bakhmut. ukraine is disputing russia's claim that its forces have captured a nearby village and says back what remains the focus of russia's main attacks. in the luhansk region one, forces russia's continuous high rate of attacks and what he says probably had two massive attacks. nato secretary general says allies will step up and sustained support for ukraine as he warns that russia is already launching its new offensive. cnn's scott mclain is following developments for us. he joins us now live from london. good morning to scott. so nato say the start of a new russian offensive is already underway now will be discussed in the organizations upcoming meeting with the ukraine
11:45 pm
defense group. what's likely to come out of that meeting it what is the latest on that new russian offensive? >> things are undoubtedly different difficult on the frontline. this town of bakhmut which is taken on a size of an important in this war. the crane is called a fortress. that's not new the. russians have been trying to capture this town with little success but what's new now is that they seem to be making some progress. according to military sources on the ground and our own team, russians have had some success in cutting off some key supply roads around bakhmut to make it ukrainians harder to get supplies. and because russians are inside of the time, ukraine can't use artillery. it can't use tax to try to push the russians back. right now stand a house to house fighting inside of the actual town. russians seem to be making town progress in the outskirts of
11:46 pm
town and trying to surround it. they have claimed that they captured a village near bakhmut a couple of miles north called crazy horror. a spokesman for the ukraine military said plainly that is not true. the fighting there continues and ukraine continues to be in control of that down. but what the ukrainians are acknowledging though is that the russians are able to fire on those main supply routes. they say they are trying to launch their own attacks to push the russians back and prevent those attacks from taking place. all of this will surely color those meetings taking place today in brussels between western defense ministers. 50 defense ministers from around the world interested in supporting ukraine. the nato secretary general says the look, these western allies ought to be sending weapons quickly because the so-called spring offensive has already
11:47 pm
begun and, the russians argue new attempt to where they're use your size advantage to wear down the cranium's. ukrainians say look, they will need to sort of very quickly and how to get more production of ammunition because he says e ukrainians are burning through it faster than the west can actually produce and. this case in point, some large caliber artillery the wait for those is almost two and a half years if they were to be order today. rosemary? >> thanks to scott mclain for that live report from london. still to come. officials have now publicly released body camera videos from the night alex murdoch's wife and son were killed. we'll have a detailed report when we return. customizes your home insurance, here's a little number you'll never forget. did you know thahat liberty mutual custo— ♪ liberty mutual. ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ ♪ custom home insurance created for you all. ♪ ♪ now the song is done ♪ ♪ back to living in your wall. ♪ they're just gonna live in there?
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returning to breaking news we
11:52 pm
are following this hour. a least three people have been killed and michigan state university after a mass shooting on campus. five victims are wounded and have been hospitalized in critical condition. authorities say the suspect was a 43 year old man who later died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. they say he was not affiliated with the university and have not yet determined a motive for the shooting. over the next two days classes will be canceled as police investigate. alex murdoch's trial will resume in the coming hours with more testimony from a pathologist. on monday, the court release body camera videos from law enforcement officers who arrived the night murdoch's wife and son were killed in 2021. cnn's randi kaye has more. >> both gunshot wounds to the.
11:53 pm
head >> it's just before 10:30 pm on june 7th, 2021, the night maggie and paul murdoch were murdered. this is body cam footage from -- it was first on the scene mom moments after arriving he spots alex murdoch. >> i want to let you know because of the scene i did get a gun and brought it down here. is >> it in the vehicle? we have a? tanya >> knowles just leaning up against the side of my car. >> you're fine turnaround for me. >> i don't have. any >> yeah i see that. >> first responders have testified in court they never saw any tears. moments before sergeant greene arrives, murdoch also offers his testimony why someone would kill them. >> this is a long story. my son was in a boat wreck, he's been getting threats, most of it's been benign stuff we didn't take seriously. he's been getting punched.
11:54 pm
i know that's what it is. a key moment in the body cam footage comes when sergeant greene asked murdoch when he last saw's family. listen carefully to his answer. >> when was the last time you were here with them or talk to them or anything like that? >> it was earlier tonight. i don't know the exact time. i left, i was gone probably an hour to half to my moms a song about 45 minutes before the. >> alec told investigators he was not hold at the time of the murders and had seen his family and hours. but remember, at trial the state revealed evidence of video recording extracted from paul murdoch's phone. he was taken just before minutes before he and his mom were killed, recorded at 8:44 pm. prosecutors and more than a handful of witnesses say that alec murdoch's voice in the recording. putting him at the murder scene
11:55 pm
around the time of the murders. on the body cam video, we also see for the first time this bizarre exchange between alec and deputy buford mcdowell who arrives on the scene. in the middle of talking to sergeant greene about his wife he pauses to greet the deputy. >> maggie murdoch, how you do? >> i'm okay. >> alec also asked the deputies several times of his family are dead. >> did you check? and >> i've got medical guys, that's what they're gonna do okay? >> check in the third dead. they are dead aren't there? >> yes sir, that's what it looks like. >> on some of the body cam video, alec murdoch is seen pacing around the property. he's making phone calls including 1 to 1 of his
11:56 pm
brothers. >> the police are here now, the police are here. now >> in another clip he asks the deputies to get a surviving son buster on the phone. >> can get a police officer to get my older son in columbia? >> randi kaye, cnn, walterboro, south carolina. >> and we want to thank you for watching. i'm rosemary church. i'll be back with another hour of cnn newsroom in just a moment.
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