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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  February 14, 2023 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ hello and welcome to our viewers joining us here in the united states and all around the world. you're watching cnn newsroom and i'm rosemary church. just ahead, we are learning more about the suspect in a deadly mass shooting at michigan state university. we'll look at how the community is responding and the latest on the investigation. plus, the u.s. senate is set to meet, as new details emerge about three airborne objects shot down over north america. and hopes are fading in syria and turkey. but people are being found alive after that major earthquake. we'll have a live report from istanbul. live from cnn center, this is cnn newsroom, with rosemary church. it is 3:00 a.m. in east
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lansing, michigan, where police are trying to figure out the motive for a mass shooting on the campus of michigan state university. three people have been killed. five others are hospitalized, in critical condition. >> oh, my god. >> akers dining hall? >> this was the scene as students fled when the shots rang out. the first 911 call came in at 8:18 p.m., local time. the officers were on the scene within minutes and located several victims. here's what some of the students told affiliate wxyz. >> we were locked in the rooms, and the guys were telling us to
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run for our lives. and i sprinted out as fast as i can into the woods. from there, i thought the side of the campus would be safe. and i got a text from my brother saying that they're over near that area. and i entered akers. and i came into akers, and people said to run. it was a terrifying experience. >> i had friends texting me before the incident even happened. we started to barricade doors. i heard go, go, go. everybody just trampled through. they got over here from way over there. it was horrible. >> police say shots were fired at two location on campus p and there were fatalities in both places. so far, they have not identified any of the victims publicly.
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police released this photo of the suspect a few hours after the shooting. a squad car noticed a man matching the transcription near campus just a short time later. officers say the man pulled out a gun and fatally shot himself. >> that suspect is, we now know, is a 43-year-old male. that 43-year-old male is not affiliated with michigan state university. he's not a student, faculty, staff. we have no idea why he came to campus to do this tonight. that is part of our ongoing investigation. >> the university has canceled classes and all school activities for the next 48 hours. the campus lockdown has now been lifted. the president of michigan state spoke to the community,
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thanking police and others for their efforts throughout the night. she vowed the school would come back together stronger than ever. >> this is a day of shot and heartbreak, here across our campus and our region. it's something that's unimaginable but has been imagined in other places and other times but we just can't imagine that it's here. we're devastated at the loss of life and want to wrap our warm arms around every family that is touched by this tragedy. and give them the peace that passes understanding in moments like this. our campus grieves. we will all grieve. and we will change overtime.
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i want to thank the asu president and the msasu for the leadership. to our police and all of those in the east lansing, lansing area, to our governor, senators and all of the folks who have reached out to make sure that we at msu know that they are standing by our side. to our students, we will take two days where we will move to emergency operation to give ourselves time to think and to grieve and to be together. to faculty and staff, we will provide to all of you, the next few days to think and grieve and come together.
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and the spartan community, this family, will come back together. >> the michigan state shooting suspect is dead but the search for motive is only beginning. andrew mccabe explained earlier. >> fbi and their colleagues are going through the history of this person to understand what his motivations were, to understand what brought him to this moment in this community at this time. michigan state, this community is struggling to understand why they are the latest in what is a uniquely american experience and understanding and experiencing a mass shooting in their midst. it is the job for law enforcement to understand as much as they can about what brought this person to this moment and this mass shooting.
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>> the shooting, once again, raises the crucial question of security on college campuses across the country. cnn national security analyst ju ju ju juliet kyam explains. >> my own university will have a larger police presence. in a way to make people feel comfortable in their where yabt . this is a big campus. there's no way you can make it safe and have it be a campus. it's just a jail and we have to accept that. >> earlier, the mayor of east lansing, michigan, also spoke with cnn about the shooting and the community's response. >> a lot of support tonight. we had our congressperson here with us. our state representative and our chief and our staff here.
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we're the support team backup to michigan state who has their own police force, michigan state police and the fbi, were all present on the scene. we are in our command center supplying support. we'll pick up and piece things back together as a community. it won't be easy. but we'll start there. our students are about half of our population. we call it the town-town relationship. michigan state is strong and vibrant. we consider ourselves spartans here in a big ten city. whatever impacts michigan state impacts east lansing and the capital region. we're all in this together. governor whitmer has been in contact. other local officials and everyone else. it's a regional approach to things. that's what happened with law enforcement and everything else. we're one big region along with the capital city of lansing.
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we host many things. the celebration of security are a constant conversation for us. it shows the difficulty to predict the unpredictable and readiness for that. but we do spend a lot of time our time on planning for and executing and drilling for public safety and even, you know, mass casualty type events. and the community responded accordingly. >> that was east lansing mayor ron bacon speaking to us a little earlier. we're getting this statement from chris brown president of brady united against violence. as we are recognizing the fifth anniversary of the deadliest high school shooting in history, we're experiencing another school shooting. this is the 145th school shooting since packrkland. and it remains wholly devastating to live in the only country in the industrial world
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where we regularly wake up to this horrific news. much more to come on this shooting ahead here on cnn, including any new details about the gunman and his motive. and we're learning about the objects shot down over the u.s. and canada over the weekend. we'll have the latest from washington.
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more, now, on the latest developments from michigan, where police say a suspected gunman, suspected of killing at least three people on the michigan state university campus is dead, apparently from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. five other victims have been hospitalized with injuries. >> our hearts have been with
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those who have been affected by this senseless act of violence. as a father, i can only imagine how parents are feeling right now. this will be the beginning of a long healing process for everyone who has been affected. >> police released this image of the suspect they were looking for after monday night's shooting. they confirmed he was 43 years old and not affiliated with the university. they say there's no longer a threat to the campus. and a shelter-in-place order has been lifted as they investigate the shooter and his motive. members of the nhl's detroit red wings who play their home games just an hour or so away from the michigan state campus are speaking out on this tragedy. >> tonight, i'm coming into the locker room and hearing the news. we're all just pretty devastated
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by it. our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone. just the students and all of the families. it's very sad. we dealt with this last year. it's not -- just hurts. hurts the heart. we feel for everyone involved. >> the red wings' head coach echoed those thoughts, saying he has children approaching college age and the shooting is gut-wrenching. in the coming hours, the u.s. senate will get a classified briefing about the three objects shot down over u.s. and canadian air space over the weekend. but ahead of that meeting officials have revealed new information. the objects shot down over alaska and over canada's yukon territory are said to be carrying unknown payloads.
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all three objects apparently look similar and have different shapes, none as large as the chinese balloon shot down more than a week ago. cnn's phil mattingly has more on washington's reaction. >> we are laser-focused on confirming the nature and focus. >> reporter: three days. three objects shot down by u.s. fighters, no precedent. >> efforts are actively under way at all sites to find what is left of those objects so we can better understand and communicate with the american people what they are. >> reporter: and no shortage of unanswered questions, driving a robust all-of-government response from president biden. >> every area of government will understand and mitigate the events. >> reporter: recovery efforts on the objects is critical. >> they are coming up with a comprehensive analysis of how we
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deal with this present and future. >> and white house allies are raising concerns. >> in the absence of information, people will fill that gap. >> reporter: a new task force with an underscoring of the u.s. approach. >> we're recognizing these with extra vigilance and see them in different ways. and president biden has made the decision that we're not going to allow those over u.s. territory. >> reporter: with fighters on three separate occasions, using a missile to take down objects over alaskan air space, over canada's yukon on saturday, and over lake heron on sunday. all in the wake of a chinese spy balloon last month. these objects are different in appearance and capabilities. >> first of all, these are not posing a threat to the united states or to persons. these are benign objects from what we can tell. >> reporter: with current and former officials signaling they don't believe they originated in china. >> does that mean you think it's china? >> no.
12:20 am
i do not. >> reporter: or any other state actor. but acknowledging there has been a shift in radar parameters, even as the white house dismissed the idea of political pressure has contributed to the rapid escalation in the use of u.s. force. >> this isn't reactive to the chinese spy balloon that there was political pressure and we're going to act quickly to take down any objects over our air space because of the pressure that came from -- >> these were decisions based purely and simply on what was in the best interest of the american people. >> reporter: all as they tamp down any theories tried to extra terrestrial or alien origin. >> there's no indication of alien activity with the recent takedowns. >> reporter: we haven't heard publicly from president biden after the three-consecutive days of shootdowns from objects. he is engaged and briefed regularly on the matter. he's been consulting with people
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inside the government and with one foreign leader, canadian prime minister justin trudeau, who is involved in this process throughout. and officials say they will be keenly interested in keeping the hill informed. capitol hill will get briefed on the issues. some have been briefed. there's going to be an all-senators briefing on tuesday. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. china is defending the actions of a coast guard ship in the south china sea. the philippines says the chinese vessel pointed a military-grade laser at one of the ships last week, temporarily blinding some of the crew. ch china claims the ship trespassed into waters without permission and the coast guard was defending sovereignty. the philippines says it was delivering food and supplies to a grounded navy transport ship. the bureau of labor statistics will release a key
12:22 am
gauge of inflation today. january's consumer price index. wall street is hoping for more evidence of falling prices. the dow gained 375 points on monday. the nasdaq was up 1.5%. the s&p 500 gained more than 1%. let's quickly check the u.s. futures markets. they are down but only slightly. we'll keep a very close eye on that. this week, a judge in georgia is set to release parts of a grand jury report, which focuses on efforts by donald trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election. it's expected to include an introduction and conclusion to the panel's findings and will describe concerns they had about possible perjury. cnn's sarah murray reports. > >> reporter: a judge in georgia says parts of a grand jury report that looks at efforts by donald trump and his allies to overturn the 2020 election in georgia can be made public later on this week.
12:23 am
but only parts. the judge said the special grand jury that's been looking into efforts by the former president and his allies trying to determine if any crimes were committed, most of that is going to stay under wraps. including most paimportantly, whether the grand jury recommended if anyone should face charges. but the introduction and the conclusion and another important section of this report can be made public. a section about whether witnesses perjured themselves before they came before the special grand jury. the judge wrote that the special purpose grand jury discusses its concern that some witnesses may have lied under oath during their testimony to the grand jury. because the grand jury doesn't identify those witnesses that conclusion may be publicly disclosed at this time. that's what's coming on thursday. the judge did not want the meat of this report released because a number of people who went before the grand jury, they're not allowed to have their lawyers in the grand jury. he mentioned there could be people named in this report that never appeared before the grand jury, former donald trump would be an example of one of those.
12:24 am
either way, this ruling is making the district attorney in fulton county, over seeing the investigation, pretty pleased. she has no plans to appeal this decision. last month, her decisions on whether she's going to bring charges against anyone are imminent. sara murray, cnn, washington. it has been eight days since a powerful earthquake leveled entire neighborhoods in turkey and syria. and even as the death toll has risen to more than 36,000 people and the u.n. says rescue efforts are coming to a close, the race to save lives is not over yet. earlier today, emergency crews found two more survivors in turkey and carried them out of the rubble. one of them was a teenager who was reportedly located when the search team heard his voice under the debris.
12:25 am
nada bashyr joins us from istanbul. it's incredible to think they are pulling people out of the rubble. what is the latest on that rescue effort and the effort to get aid to those in need? >> reporter: it is incredible, rosemary. look, more than a week on and rescue workers say they are still hearing voices beneath the rubble. there's still hope there could be survivors buried beneath the rubble. and of course, that rescue effort is continuing, not just teams from turkey, but search and rescue teams that have traveled in from across the globe. a team from australia, a specialist team is coming in to help with that search and rescue effort. of course, the window for finding survivors is closing very, very quickly. and now, the focus is shifting more to a recovery effort. and of course, there are thousands of people impacted by the earthquake now left homeless. and that aid effort is of
12:26 am
crucial importance. we've seen that here in istanbul, where there's been an outpouring of support. we were live from an aid center yesterday where thousands of volunteers are working around the clock to sort through these donations to be distributed to southeast turkey. we were speaking to one of the coordinators at this center. she told us this simply isn't enough. they need more aid, more donations, more support from the turkish government and more support from the international community. she said they did not want to be forgotten by the world. and we have to deal with the situation in northwest syria. for days, we were told by the white helmets, the volunteers leading on the search effort, they had no hope that survivors were beneath the rubble. this turned into the recovery effort. they say they felt abandoned and continue to feel abandoned by the international community. we're learning now that the
12:27 am
syrian government has come to an agreement with the united nations to open a further two crossings for aid to come into the rebel-helder the toifrs northwest syria. this simply isn't enough. according to volunteers, too little, too late. this is a region devastated by war at the hands of president bashar al assad. people are dependent on assistance. and the aid is not enough. it's less robust than the aid we're seeing coming into turkey. and the turkish government has infrastructure in place. and we've seen that firsthand. but the focus for the next few weeks and the next few months will be on getting aid and humanitarian assistance and support to those impacted by the earthquake. thousands and thousands now made homeless and with very little else to support them. rosemary? >> that is critical. nada bashir joining us live from
12:28 am
ist istanbul. thank you for that report. and further how to help victims go to and you will find a list of organizations working on rescue and relief efforts. as fighting continues in eastern ukraine, nato defense ministers are looking at how to support the country, drawing a meeting in brussels. more in a live report just ahead. dry skin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural. treat it that way with aveeno® daily moisture. formulated with nourishing, prebiotic oat. it'slinically proven to moisturize dry skin
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so boost your bottom line by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. welcome back, everyone. an update on our top story this hour.
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police say the suspect in a mass shooting at michigan state university has killed himself. he opened fire at two locations on campus late monday, leaving three people dead and five others in critical condition. police are trying to determine a motive. they say the 43-year-old gunman has no affiliation with the university. students describe the chaos. >> it was in the akers dining hall. once you hear the go, go, go or the run, it's really -- you got to take care of yourself first. you got to get out of there. so, i get out of there. and i text my friends. it's my roommate. got to make sure he's okay. my other roommate's back there. it's more you had to take care of yourself first and once you got out of there and got to where the police led you to, then it was a procedure of texting friends and family. >> a campus-wide lockdown has been lifted. but michigan state has canceled
12:34 am
classes and activities for the next two days. ukraine's defense minister will soon be sitting down with his counterparts from nato for a two-day meeting in brussels. he wants to focus on protecting ukrainian skies, building the tank coalition and military support. all that taking place as intense fighting continues around eastern ukraine. cnn correspondents are tracking the latest developments for us. scott mclean is in london. and nic robertson is in warsaw, portland. what can we expect from the upcoming nato meeting? >> reporter: we can expect from the ukrainians they will continue their push requesting fighter jets. it's beginning to gain a little traction. no country is committing. no country is saying that it's completely off the table. but they're not -- they don't appear to be moving very fast
12:35 am
towards a decision. they will be -- we'll hear from the nato secretary general, a call for nato's member nations to increase the ammunition production. yesterday, he said that ukraine is using more ammunition than the nato partners are actually producing at the moment. and that's not a sustainable situation when you're in a war of attrition, against russia who has vast staockpiles of ammunition and equipment. there will likely be a request to move forward on that. and we'll probably hear from the polish defense minister outlying poland's choice that the best way to train the ukrainian crews on leopard tanks is in two brigades. the more modern v6 version, some
12:36 am
nations are providing along with the version that portland is providing, the v4 version, to build for poland to lead the way in training and getting ukrainian troops ready with that particular version of tank. we heard from poland's president who was watching some of the first of the ukrainian troops getting trains on the leopard tanks here in portland. he hopes that the united states will contribute to that brigade, with the version four brigade, with the abrams tanks. the training here is part of a larger structure. but it is an accelerated training program. the polish officer in part of the training along with norwegian and canadian training officers said that the normal training speed is about eight hours a day, five days a week, for operatives. and at the moment, they are giving the ukrainian troops 12
12:37 am
hours a day, 6 days a week. and they hope to have the crews ready within a month. >> scott, what is the latest on the intense fighting on the front lines? >> the latest we have is over the last 24-hour period between air strikes, mismissiles, there's about 90 to be dropped and particularly difficult in a town that has taken on importance on the front lines. the ukrainians call it an unwinnable forfortress. that is not new, the russians have tried and failed to take it for months. but they appear to be making progress. there is now fighting house-to-house, in the actual town. and according to our cnn team on the ground and also military sources in the area, it appears that there are supply lines that are being cut off by the
12:38 am
russians at this point. the russians are also making some progress and trying to surround the town, having claimed to have captured a nearby town just a few miles to the north. a spokesperson of the ukrainian military says that is not true. the battle there continues and there's ongoing fighting but the ukrainians are in control. what the military is acknowledging is that the russians do have access to actually strike the supply routes in and out making things particularly difficult. all of this will surely color the tone of the discussions that nic mentioned taking place in brussels today. you had the nato secretary-general calling on weapons to be access rated. and the russians are able to use their size and numbers where
12:39 am
they lack in quality. and one good example of that is a town that is caught on video showing basic strategic blunders criticized even by russian military bloggers. troops trying to attack this elevated town straight-on and being mowed down by the ukr ukra ukrainians. it was like shooting turkeys at a shooting range. rosemary? >> nic robertson, scott mclean, thank you both for joining us. and still to come, a couple of winter storms are expected to impact the western united states today. we'll go to the cnn weather center for details.
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more on the mass shooting at michigan state university. police say the suspect has died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. this was the scene on monday. at least three people were killed and five others are now hospitalized in critical condition. police say there's no longer a threat to the campus and a shelter-in-place order has been lifted. authorities have released this photo of the suspect earlier. they say he was a 43-year-old man who had no affiliation with the university. but the motive for the shooting is still unknown. high wind alerts are being issued by the national weather service for much of southern and eastern united states. and comes as we're monitoring
12:45 am
two winter storm systems that are impacting parts of western u.s. cnn meteorologist derek van dam has details. derek? >> hi, rosie. i'm monitoring two separate storm systems that will impact the country from west-to-east. many locations feeling the impacts of these storms. i'll do my best to differentiate between the two because there's two different storms. there's the first low pressure trekking through the four corners region. lots of snow throughout the area. that's going to move towards the upper northwest in the next 24 hours. the other low pressure and associated cold front is entering the equation across the pacific northwest. this is the second storm that will bring powerful weather across the midsection in the second half of the workweek. you can differentiate and separate the storm systems with the winter weather alerts. the first storm, through the four corners.
12:46 am
it has its eye on the upper midwest. that's where we have winter storm watches in place. the second testimostorm system g winter storms. and high wind alerts from dallas to el paso and los angeles. you can see on the storm showers are possible from chicago to st. louis. there's snow on the cold side of the first storm. and the snow piles up once again across the colorado rockies and throughout the pacific northwest. you can see the first storm moving through. and then, our secondary, more powerful storm system that's going to interact with warm, humid air. we know what happens when that takes place. we get a collision of air masses and the severe weather chances go up. we have a slight risk of isolated tornado activity. damaging winds and large hail. memphis, shreveport, and little rock. this is for wednesday.
12:47 am
let me point you in the direction for thursday. several tornados according to the wording from the storm prediction center where you see the yellow, from the gulf coast all the way to the ohio river valley. you will feel it in places like chicago, new york and detroit. rosemary, back to you. >> thank you, derek. passengers on a flight from hawaii endured a terrifying incident when their plane started plunging towards the water just after takeoff. details on what happened and what federal investigators are saying. that's next. science proves quality sleep is vital to your mental, emotional, and physical health. and we know 80% of couples sleep too hot t or too cold. introducing g the new sleep number climate360 smart bed. the onlyly smart bed in the wod that actively cools, warms, and effortlessly responds to both of you.
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back to our top story this hour. three people have been killed at michigan state university after a mass shooting on campus. authorities say the suspect was a 43-year-old man who later died from a self-inflicted gunshot moon. he was not affiliated with the university and not determined a motive for the shooting. for the next two days, classes will be canceled as police investigate. a united airlines flight took a plunge, nearly nose-diving into the ocean after takeoff. it happened in december but is just now coming to light.
12:53 am
gabe cohen has more. >> reporter: a 777 diving towards the ocean just after takeoff. >> it felt like a rollercoaster. >> reporter: rod williams was traveling home with his family. >> you start counting your blessings. you ask, is this the last time you will see your family? >> reporter: the flight takes off from maui, climbs 2,200 feet, and plunges 1,400 feet toward the ocean, falling for 21 seconds, reaching just 775 feet above sea level before abruptly leveling out and ascending once again. the plane, that can carry more than 300 passengers was mostly full according to williams. what did pilots tell the passengers? >> they got on the intercom and said, ladies and gentlemen, you probably felt a couple gs on that one. and everything's going to be fine. it will be okay. >> reporter: the crew itself reported the incident after
12:54 am
landing safely in san francisco, according to the faa. after its investigation, the pilots who have a combined 25,000 hours of flight time, received additional training. but neither the faa nor united will say why the pilots ended up in a dive, telling cnn, those safety investigations are confidential. >> they are being corrected to prevent this behavior from happening again, which indicates to me that something occurred that could have been prevented by the crew. >> reporter: les is a retired 777 captain from a major airline. >> what could have happened here? >> there's numerous things that could cause a distraction. and they may have unintentionally lost control of the airplane to the extent that the altitude decayed. >> reporter: it's unclear if weather played a role. with a severe storm pounding parts of hawaii that day. >> it was torrential. >> reporter: hours earlier, 36
12:55 am
people were injured during extreme turbulence during a hawaiian air flight to honolulu, after a cloud shot up in front of the airplane in a matter of seconds and there wasn't enough time to avoid it according to the ntsb. it's been a rough few months for the aviation world, from cancellations to system meltdowns. two near-collisions in new york and austin. and now, this mysterious incident with little explanation. this wednesday, the faa's acting administrator is set to testify in front of the senate commerce n committee about all of the recent problems. and a spokesperson tells cnn that this incident will likely come up during that questioning. gabe cohen, cnn, washington. i want to thank you for your company. i'm rosemary church. cnn newsroom continues next.
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