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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  February 14, 2023 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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- [announcer] do you have an invention idea but don't know what to do next? call invent help today. they can help you get started with your idea. call now 800-710-0020. >> hello, and welcome to our
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viewers joining us here in united states and all around the world. you are watching cnn newsroom. and i'm rosemary church. just ahead, students demand action on guns in the wake of the michigan state university shooting. we'll discuss what needs to be done to prevent the tragedies we're seeing all too often in america schools. former south carolina governor nikki haley throws her hat in the 2024 presidential reign. but she will likely face some stiff competition in the republican primary. and as the death toll in the turkey syria quake continues to rise, images of rescue teams find a survivors under the rubble offer a glimmer of hope.
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we begin this hour in east lansing michigan. the community is mourning three college students killed in a mass shooting and praying for five others still in the hospital. we have new video showing students at michigan state university hiding from the gunman in the classroom. >> it's stupid. they already evacuated the other room. [screaming] >> get the [bleep] down. they said don't open the door. get that [bleep] down. >> terrifying moments there, and police don't know what motivated the gunman to open fire on the sprawling campus. then later take his own life. they say he had a history of mental health issues. east lansing's mayor ron bacon says he's had enough conversations. it's time to make it more difficult for dangerous individuals to have weapons.
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>> we don't have a complete generation that has grown up with this many times over, from the part of elementary school all the way up to now. and now, we're looking at this at the college level as well. so, they've lived with this the entire time. it's unfortunate that those with the abilities to even make the most minor changes have refused to and pretty much the entire lifetime at this point. >> more now on the victims, and the investigation from cnn's miguel marquez. >> students fleeing. a shooter, this, time on campus at a major university. michigan state in east lansing. >> i was shaking in the bathroom. it was just terrible. it is just, preparing myself for the worst thing ever. >> the shooting started around 8:30 pm in a classroom, just as the last class of the day was
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wrapping up. >> i was posted on the far side the class, and duck down. he came in and shot three or four times in our classroom. >> the shooter, 43-year-old anthony dwayne mccray, with no known connection to the school. made his way from the classroom to the student union building. two students were killed in the classroom, one at the student union. >> we had officers in that building within minutes. and in that building, they encountered several students who were injured. >> across the university of some 50,000 students, panic. >> my self and a few others that were with me, we took the heavy furniture from around the library and just essentially barricaded ourselves in to a study room to make sure we were safe. >> the dead, alexandria verner, saw four more brian fraser, and junior arielle anderson, both
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from goes point. aly van drew, a senior at the school, watch the shooting and response unfold, unable to believe what she had seen. >> every time i thought every time we freak-out. this is not thoughts and prayers, we need change now. how many times do we have to sit here and watch our students die, our friends die please. , something needs to change. students staff and residents now coming together to pray and cope with how this could happen here. the shooter's father tells cnn his son group bitter reclusive and angry after the death of his mother two years ago. the shooter was charged with carrying a concealed weapon in 2019. he pled guilty to a misdemeanor. his probation ended in may of 2021. mcrae, located with the help of alert citizen, just madison -- just minutes after police released his photo. and at the, rock a sort of community message board on
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campus, a question with no easy answer. how many more? >> so, michigan state university is home to the spartans. and this is the spartan statue on cabbage, which has now become a makeshift memorial were students and others have come to try and reflect on what has happened here. on the body of the shooting, there is a two page no found in his backpack in which he made reference to finishing off east lansing, and also seeming to threaten schools in new jersey, where he grew up. still unclear tonight as well is whether or not the two guns the shooter had on him were purchased legally in 2021. back to you. >> and less than a day after the mass shooting at michigan state university, u.s. president joe biden called on congress to take action to stop gun violence. >> and it is a family's worst nightmare. it's happening for too often in this country, far too often.
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well we gather more information, there's one thing we do know to be true. we have to do something to stop gun violence ripping apart our communities. >> tuesday was also the five year anniversary of the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. 14 students and three educators were killed that day. mr. biden marked the anniversary by announcing 200 and $31 million in federal funding to curtail gun violence. the funds will be used to create projects like red flag programs, as well as mental health and substance use treatment courts. ♪ ♪ ♪ there is a new republican contender for u.s. president in 2024. former south carolina governor nikki haley has formally announced her bid, making her the first major rival to challenge her old boss, former president donald trump, for the nomination. cnn's kylie atwood has more.
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>> i am nikki haley, and i am running for president. >> nikki haley telling her story to the american people as a presidential candidate for the first time. >> i was the proud daughter of indian immigrants, not black, not white. i was different. but my mom would always say your job is not to focus on the differences, but the similarities. and my parents reminded me and my siblings every day how blessed we were to live in america. >> the 51-year-old casting herself as the future of the republican party. >> it is time for a new generation of leadership. >> urging the gop to chart a new course. >> republicans have lost the popular vote in seven out of the last eight presidential elections. >> and highlighting her accomplishments as a two-term governor of south carolina, the state where she was born and raised. >> every day is a great day in south carolina.
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>> cutting taxes and leading her state through the aftermath of the 2015 deadly shooting by a white supremacist, at the mother emmanuel ame church in charleston. >> we turned away from fear, towards god. >> at the time, haley confronted a controversial issue, spearheading efforts to remove the confederate flag from the state capital. >> the biggest reason that i asked that flag to come down is that i could not look my children in the face and justify it standing there. >> in her now incident, haley also nodding to experience on the world stage as u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> china and russia are on the march. they all think that we can be bullied, kicked around. you should know this about me, i do not put up with bullies. and when you kick back, it hurts them more if you are wearing heels. >> but no mention of former president trump, who tapped her for that role. >> i just want to thank nikki. >> haley's entrance prompting
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praise from republicans. >> she's got all the qualifications for president. >> even though some are concerned that proud primary could benefit former president trump. >> to see some of the leadership coming out of south carolina is exciting, but i do have concerns if there are too many people on the ballot, by the time it gets to south carolina that that lessens the chances of anybody else coming out in this state. >> on wednesday, nikki haley will make her pitch in person for the first time here in south carolina, which is her home state. and then she is off to the races, headed to new hampshire and iowa to continue campaigning. kylie atwood, cnn, charleston, south carolina. >> the white house is sharing its leading theory about the three airborne object shot down over u.s. and canadian airspace over the last several days. given the limited information they have, officials believe they are balloons serving a commercial or otherwise benign purpose. now, u.s. lawmakers want to make sure the country is better prepared if more objects are
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discovered. cnn's phil mattingly has more now from the white house. >> well, even as a another day past with the recovery of three objects that were shot down by u.s. fighter jets over the weekend, without any clear answers, at least definitively to what they were, u.s. officials now saying they at least have a leading theory that these objects were not a threat, they weren't state owned, and they really weren't that problematic at all, despite the action that was ordered by president biden. as for president biden, he is still not speaking publicly about the issue. take a listen. >> the intelligence community said they are considering or looking at this to be potentially benign. but the president is taking this very seriously. and he's receiving briefings regularly. we're sharing as much information as we can, as possible. but we do want to make sure that the americans, american people understand that there is no need to panic.
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>> white house officials acknowledge there are still a lot of unanswered questions. they have top administration officials on capitol hill briefing all 100 senators in a classified setting to give them as much information as they possibly could. but to some degree, given just how difficult an arduous the recovery process has been because of weather related issues, they acknowledge that they may not ever have some of the answers they're looking for. and that, more than anything else, is what is driving a parallel effort that administration officials are putting together, putting together an inter agency task force to try to give mentality will be going forward on issues like this. puttd need to be or merits some type of force, some type of action, like we saw over the course of the last weekend. those protocols are expected by the end of this week. they will be driving the administration's approach going forward. but again, given how many unanswered questions remain, certainly, a lot of work to do behind the scenes. administration officials acknowledged this certainly took them by surprise.
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it's certainly something they did not plan to be grappling with at this moment in time. and that, that element of uncertainty, has driven what has been a very real process behind the scenes to get some type of coordinated policy approach on the books and then move from there, hopefully, when you talk to officials, with more information on these objects that they are still in the process of trying to recover. phil mattingly, cnn, the white house. >> turning now to wall street, where stocks finished the day mixed. [bell ringing] the dow dropped more than 155, points and the math deck was a 0.6%. that's after stronger than expected increase in consumer prices. the surge is fueling fears the federal reserve may raise interest rates for longer than hope. the consumer price index released tuesday shows inflation hit a three month high in january. but is still slowing on a year to year basis. the u.s. president says that is progress.
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>> today's report on inflation shows the good news is that inflation in america is continuing to come down. the it has fallen seven straight months. there's more to. go food prices at the grocery store coming down. gas prices are down $1.60 from their peak. real wages for working americans are up over the last several months. still to come >> still to come, the search and rescue team from california has responded to hurricanes and worked in war zones. but they tell cnn they have never seen anything like the devastation from the earthquake in turkey and syria. we'll have their story, on the other side the break. to your fairy godmother,r, alice. and, long lasting gain scecent beads. try gain odor defefense. be gone, smelly everything! scout is protected by simparica trio, and he's in it to win it. simparica trio is the first and only chew with triple protection.
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>> last week's catastrophic earthquake has now killed more than 41,000 people in turkey and syria. and that's what authorities know so far. nine days after the disaster, the rescue window is closing. but astonishing stories of survival are still emerging from the rubble. just a few hours ago, where that a 77 year old woman in southern turkey was saved 212 hours after that quake. turkish media say she was hugged by family members waiting at the scene of the rescue. and on tuesday, a handful of people were found alive after being buried some 200 hours and
11:19 pm
enduring all those violent aftershocks. three of them pulled from the debris in the car out of the stretch region of turkey. meanwhile, the u.n. says more humanitarian aid is flowing into northern and northwest syria and reaching areas held by rebels. that's after two more crossings were heard. the syrian government previously insist always go through the capitol. a search and rescue team from california is among the volunteers from around the world who have jumped into accident in turkey. and they say they felt compelled to help in any way they could. cnn's jomana karadsheh has the report. >> deep in the heart of turkey 's disaster zone, these americans are on a mission like no other they've known. as soon as the earthquake hit, volunteers from the los angeles county sheriff's department say they just knew that they had to be here. >> it's the type of thing that we feel strongly about because we volunteer to do search and
11:20 pm
rescue back in america. and so, it's one of the things that is burning in our heart, to get out there and how people if we can. >> they do mountain rescues, have responded to hurricanes, and even traveled to ukraine. but they've never seen anything of the scale before. >> the destruction here is incredible. we are in one city right now. where there's -- we could go to each and every building and know that there is someone that needs help there, and there are not enough people to help them> even though there are over 100,000 rescuers, we would need 1 million. this is just one city in a very large picture of turkey. >> on monday, they helped rescue a 17-year-old boy. the third life they saved this past week in hard-hit hatay, but there is so much to do here. >> we're looking at a pile of rubble the size of this building behind me, and we're standing there just on a pile of rocks. we knew that there were hundreds of people beneath us,
11:21 pm
and getting to them is near impossible. >> issues where we feel helpless and because so much devastation is being witnessed. >> it breaks our hearts. >> there's been times of complete happiness and joy because people are being found, so it's a rollercoaster of emotions. >> the group says that they are only here to support the people of turkey reeling from their deadliest earthquake. >> the people of turkey are doing the hardest thing they've ever had to do. they're having to unbury their own community, their friends, their loved ones, some of the people that we're working with lost their entire family, and they are helping to take other peoples families. >> there is no giving up. everyone here is searching for a 70-year-old grandmother, just one mission in one city in one massive earthquakes zone. jomana karadsheh, cnn, antakya,
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turkey. >> still ahead, searching for motive in the michigan state university shooting. i'll ask our security analyst what can be done to prevent more tragedies like this one. ♪ ♪ no two dreams are the same.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome back everyone. returning to our top story now. we're learning more about the gunmen who opened fire at michigan state university monday, killing three students in critically injuring five others. police say 43 year old anthony dwayne mcrae had a history of mental health issues and was also charged with a gun related felony in 2019. but authorities are still trying to determine a motive for the shooting. meanwhile, the gunman's father tells cnn his son had become bitter, isolated,, and evil angry after his mother died from a stroke two years ago. for more on this, i'm joined now by cnn national security
11:27 pm
analyst juliette kayyem. appreciate you talking with us at this truly tragic time. >> yeah, thank you for having me. >> so, we're looking at another deadly mass shooting in this country. the 68th since the start of the year. , this time at michigan state university. and yet, we're not seeing saturation coverage of this shooting. perhaps a sad sign that these deadly incidents have become a pretty normal part of american life. what needs to be done to stop these massacres happening again and again? >> well, we start with the obvious, of course, which is not simply gun ownership or the types of guns that are owned. and the debates that you're seeing here about assault rifle bans or other focusing on specific weapons. so, that's the obvious. then it is who or the age of the person who's trying to get access to these guns. although in the msu case, the perpetrator was older. in many of these cases it is
11:28 pm
younger males. so, do we want to put restrictions on their ability to purchase guns, as some states have done? but then obviously it gets to a culture of responsible gun ownership. which we sort of fail to discuss. anymore it becomes this debate here about the second amendment, my right, your right, who's right are we talking about, rather than, okay, these are weapons, some of these are weapons of mass destruction. can we get to a place where responsible gun ownership, responsible gun legislation becomes the baseline? >> and of course, as we tackle the issue of what to do about these constant mass shootings, we are learning more about the 43-year-old suspect, who had no affiliation with michigan state university, anthony mcrae, apparently pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor weapons charge back in 2021. so, how is he able to get a weapon and commit this heinous crime? >> so, by all accounts right
11:29 pm
now, so, we don't know all the details, because he pled to the misdemeanor it would mean once he served that probation period, it was lawful for him to buy a gun against. so in terms of just the way the legislation works and the way that the federal gun legislation works, this was not unlawful gun purchasing. so, that's just one piece of it. on the other hand, what we're starting to hear is a community around him that began to understand that he had become a violent, uncontrollable, and realistic about things that he was saying, and angry. that's what his father. said he became. angry his father said that he believes that his son did not have guns. that appears to obviously be not true. so, part of this is the community in the family that begins to send something. those sort of a hairs on the back of your neck. but that actually can mean.
11:30 pm
something in those are the kinds of interventions that either red flag laws are meant to focus on, or even just, you know social services the extent there accessible to people in the united states. >> and investigators are still trying to figure out the suspect's motive. >> yeah. >> in an effort to learn from this incident, to hopefully prevent future shootings like this. but of course, the frustration here is finding out past motives hasn't stopped future mass shootings. so, what does it achieve exactly to know why a gunman decides to shoot people en masse? >> so, in some ways though, understanding motivation has helped us understand are there intervention moments that can help stop these shootings? and it turns out that both the criminal justice research as well as social sciences research suggests that there are what we call sort of trigger points, moments in which the appropriate
11:31 pm
interventions by family, by social services, or law enforcement can assist. this is what the fbi is trying to get a handle on, to try to stop the mass shootings. of course, this is all defense, in many ways. i mean, it is sort of acknowledging that there are people who have access to guns that can kill lots of people quickly. but that is why we continue to study motive, to begin to understand a phenomenon that is, as you said, a sort of purely, uniquely american phenomenon. that here, we don't seem to get that. we don't seem to see just how this legacy is that we created. when you think of these msu students, i saw pictures of the three students that passed away, this is the generation that people might call generation lockdown. these are the kids that sort of came out of columbine, on the post columbine world. they are being raised k-12, sandy hook. they are doing the lockdown
11:32 pm
drills. they meant graduate from k-12. they go to their adult settings, colleges and universities. and one would hope that this would be an experience that could be open and free for them. and now, now what this case shows is they are generation lockdown for life, until we figure out this challenge that we have in the united states. >> yeah, it is tragic. and for our viewers overseas, confounding. it is for me, i'm sure it is for you. to juliette kayyem, always appreciate you for joining us. >> thank you for having. me >> two sources tell cnn federal prosecutors investigating donald trump's handling of classified documents are now asking a court to force one of his attorneys to provide more testimony. one source says prosecutors alleged in writing that trump used attorney evan corcoran in furtherance of a crime of fraud.
11:33 pm
last month, corcoran appeared before the grand jury for about four hours. a source says he declined to answer some questions, citing attorney client privilege. still to come, an extremely difficult situation on the front lines in eastern ukraine. an update on the fierce fighting their, just ahead. and only chew withth triple protection. oh, fleas and tickcks ♪ intestinal worms... wow heartworm disease, no problem with simarica trio. this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. for winning protection. go with simparica trio.
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11:38 pm
is the most significant and direct threat to countries in the alliance. nato's chief reaffirmed the commitment to helping ukraine. >> nato allies are providing unprecedented support to ukraine, to help uphold its right of self-defense. and from the start, we have been working very closely with the european union, determined to support ukraine for as long as it takes. >> ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy is calling the situation on the front lines in the east extremely difficult. ukraine says russian troops are continuing offensives from the air and on the ground in the next region. bakhmut is among the cities being targeted by russian attacks. the u.s. defense secretary says he expects to see ukraine conduct an offensive sometime in the spring. cnn's clare sebastian is following developments. she joins us now live from
11:39 pm
london. good morning to you, claire. so, as nato pledges to support ukraine for as long as it takes, what more are you learning about this fierce fighting on the front lines? >> yeah,, rosemary it's clear that we've seen russian efforts to fulfill what they've stated as their central goal of taking the donbas region, the donetsk and luhansk regions, step up in gear. the ukrainian staff talked about this morning about the fighting being concentrated in five different areas. and this really shows these of strain that this is putting on ukraine, because this is over quite a wide area, from kupiansk up in the border, to the kharkiv region, down to shock kurtz, which is indoor nets, which is more than 250 kilometers away. so, this is a wide area that ukraine is trying to defend. of course, this continues fighting that continues around the embattled city of bakhmut, which the russians have been trying to take for months now. we know that russia is deploying more and more
11:40 pm
manpower. the governors of both donetsk and luhansk region have talked about that in recent weeks. the governor of luhansk region, the ukrainian government, he says russia may be trying to sell a victory in that region, take over the whole of that region to bring something home, perhaps for the anniversary, which is less than ten days away, the anniversary of the invasion. he says there are less than ten settlements left for russia to occupy in that region. so, we know they're worried about the number of troops. there's now questions about whether russia may be bringing in more air power. the financial times quoting two officials briefed on the matter, saying western intelligence believes russia might be amassing air power on the russia ukraine border. the u.s. defense secretary asked about that said they're not seeing evidence of that yet, but they are worried about the amount of air power that russia could potentially deploy in this conflict, rosemary. >> our thanks to clare sebastian, joining us live from london. and thank you for joining us. i'm rosemary church. for our international viewers,
11:41 pm
world sport is coming up next. and for those of you here in the united states and in canada, all the back with more news in just a moment. ♪ let's go! ♪ what you gon' do? you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin'! ♪ ♪
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11:46 pm
sides of the aisle lashed out at big tech companies and called for federal legislation to regulate social media. cnn's brianna keilar has more. >> this is my son, carson bride, with the beautiful blue eyes and amazing smile. >> kristen bride is among the growing number of parents who have lost a child to cyberbullying. her 16-year-old son carson died by suicide in 2020, after he was harassed on a snapchat integrated app that allowed users to send anonymous messages. >> i woke to the complete shock and horror that carson had hung himself in our garage while we slept. we discovered that carson had received nearly 100 negative harassing sexually explicit and humiliating messages, including 40 in just one day. >> she's part of a group that testified on capitol hill about the dangers children face online. >> the constant exposure to
11:47 pm
unrealistic body standards and harmful recommended content led me towards disordered eating and severely damaged my sense of self. and, there i remain for over three years, mindlessly scrolling for 5 to 6 hours a day. >> the hearing coming just one week after president biden's call to action during his state of the union address. >> we must finally hold social media companies accountable for the experimenting they're doing, running children for profit. >> the ubiquity of social media in children's lives and the vehicle it provides for cyberbullying are also getting renewed attention as the cdc reveals a new report. it shows significant declines in youth mental health, increased suicide risk in 2021, especially among girls. >> the levels of poor mental health and suicidal thoughts and behaviors reported by teenage girls are now higher than we have ever seen. >> and as the story of adriana
11:48 pm
kuch, a 14-year-old student in new jersey was attacked by four other teenagers in her school's hallway, has stunned the nation. video of her attack was posted to tiktok. her father said she died by suicide the following evening. >> getting hit in the face with a water bottle than her adriana. what her adriana was the embarrassment and humiliation. they just kept coming at her. >> these social media platforms are operating in the days of the wild west. and anything goes. >> republican senator marsha blackburn and democrat richard blumenthal are reaching across the aisle to try to get legislation passed, after it failed last year. >> protecting our children is not a partisan issue. >> i hope that outrage will finally be channeled into overcoming, here is the really important point, the armies of lawyers and lobbyists that big tech has mustered to counter
11:49 pm
and combat this legislation. no more. >> there is absolutely no way that any one parent can feasibly manage the fire hose of online harms that are being directed at our kids every day. we need help from the federal government. and we need it now. >> we are monitoring two storm systems as they make their way across the united states, bringing with them the threat of heavy snow and severe weather. cnn meteorologist garrick -- derek van damme has more. derek? >> hey, rosie. it's almost like we have a one, two punch swing through the western central u.s. right now. two distinctly different storm systems, but both creating havoc, depending on where they are located. now, you can almost track the first storm system quite clearly on our satellite movement as it exits the texas panhandle and boost with the upper midwest. this is creating blizzard conditions on the back side of the storm system, western minnesota, as well as eastern
11:50 pm
sections of the dakotas. now, the second more powerful storm system starting to wind up across southern california and into the great basin. this is going to be the catalyst for some significant snow and the potential for some severe weather as well. take a look at the winter alerts that are spread out across the country right now. you can almost draw a line separating the two separate storm systems, one of the, north you can see the blizzard warnings in effect for western minnesota. the winter storm warnings ongoing with a secondary storm moving across the four corners. this is a, watch that shading of blue means within the next 36 hours, we'll look out for the potential for heavy snow. notice that it extends into northern sections of illinois as well. now, with both of these storm systems moving through, there is a significant amount of energy pent up with this and that is translated into high winds at the surface. we've got about 80 million americans under whalers. and you can see those extending from the great lakes to the ohio river valley. and more high wind warnings extend through the western and southwestern parts of the u.s.,
11:51 pm
including just outside of los angeles area. wind gusts could exceed 60 miles per hour. just look at the forecast wind gusts, with the secondary storm system as it reverses eastward, and encounters a significant amount of warm air. so, we know what happens when we get a collision of air masses. here we go, again a another round of severe weather possible across the deep south. here it is for wednesday. we have roughly 20 million americans that need to keep an eye to the sky from paducah to memphis to little rock, all the way south to shreveport and lake charles. and then more of a widespread severe weather and possible thursday, through the lower mississippi and valley, isolated tornadoes, damaging winds cannot be ruled out. and i want to draw your attention to the central portions of tennessee. some of our computer models here picking up several inches of rainfall. slight risk of flash flooding, and through that area. and you can also notice the snowfall starting to accumulate across much of the central plains into the great lakes in the midwest.
11:52 pm
this is just north of chicago, so madison, milwaukee, perhaps grand rapids, and traverse city, michigan, as well. all these locations expecting half a foot of snow. and of course, the cold air that settles in behind it. that will be short lived, unfortunately. you'll see that short dip in temperatures for dallas, then rebounded nicely, more the same for chicago. rosemary, back to you. >> thank you so much. well, the u.s. national transportation and safety board says it will further investigate a united airlines flight from hawaii that plunged towards the ocean after takeoff. the ntsb had previously said it was not investigating the incident from last december, even though a probe had been completed. a passenger on the flight from hawaii says the plane seemed fine after taking off, but then climbed at a concerning rate before it nosedived. cnn safety analyst david sisi say is even though systems are in place to prevent events like this, it's not always
11:53 pm
dependable. take a listen. >> they have on board sensing that tells them what's going on on the airplane. but they also have ground sensing as well, that tells them a lot about what they are going to approach. so, on both of those things, they should've kicked in. they should have known about it. whether they didn't, i mean, this is a very unpredictable event. even when you have all this technology behind you, it can be very, very unpredictable and hard to tell one that's going to happen or when it's not. >> federal investigators are reviewing multiple videos of the toxic train disaster in ohio. the train was carrying positives material when it derailed early this month, prompting evacuation orders. the wreckage burn for days, raising concerns for the safety of residents there. cnn's jason carroll has the latest on the environmental disaster. >> well, state officials here in ohio are now saying that anyone who was evacuated and
11:54 pm
return home are strongly recommending that some of those who returned home to drink bottled water. this is especially true of those who may be pregnant or breastfeeding. also including people who have private walls and have not had their water test. it so again, some people here are gonna be have to drink bottled water after result of everything that has happened. state officials say that the air quality is still safe. most of the contaminants, they, say has been contained in the water. but some of the contaminants are clearly still out there. they are awaiting municipal test results to come back from the city, in order to lift that recommendation that bottled water beat drink by some in the area. also as a result of the train derailment and the so-called so-called release that happen after it, they're also saying they're effort now is focused on for waterways. and so far, their best estimation indicate that some
11:55 pm
3500 fish have died from 12 different species. we've spoken to a number of people here on the ground who do not quite frankly trust what the government is telling them. they are very frustrated. and when the governor was asked about this, he was asked if you lived in the area and had to return home, would you feel safe living here? >> look, i think that i would be drinking the bottled water. and i would be continuing to find out what the tests were showing, as far as the air. i would be alert and concerned. but i think i would probably be back in my house but. >> i think that was a very good answer. >> again, state officials say they continue to test the air quality. they say it remains within safe limits. but again, there is a lot of distrust here on the ground. people just are not sure how
11:56 pm
safe they should feel. jason carroll, cnn, east palestine, ohio. >> and thank you so much for joining us. i'm rosemary church. i will be back with another hour of cnn newsroom in just a moment. do stay with us. hi, i'm michael, i've lost 62 pounds on golo and i have kept it off. most of the weight that i gained was strictly in my belly which is a sign of insulin resistance. but since golo, that weight hacompletely gone away, as you can tell.
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