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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 4, 2009 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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and then dance with this kind of a jacket on that weighed 15 to 17 pounds. really amazing stuff here. >> thanks, thelma. good reporting. we'll see you tomorrow. tonight on the program, breaking news. a former super bowl quarterback is found dead in a woman's apartment. police manhunt. a serial killer on the loose. five people have been murdered. we are live. political curve ball. sarah palin speaks out about her decision to step down as alaska's governor. is a presidential run in her future? and a family in mourning. singer deon warwick, a close michael jackson friend, spent the last few days with the family. she tells us how they're doing tonight. our breaking story tonight, just over year after retiring from the nfl as a top quarterback, steve mcnair is dead. police found his body today inside a nashville condominium. he and a women had been shot to
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death. the case has police digging for answers. >> at this point, we don't know the circumstances of the shooting deaths. the investigation is going to be conducted by the police department's centralized homicide unit. those detectives have assembled here at the scene and the condominium still has to be processed. there's a lot of work yet to be done. it's going to take many hours to process the scene. i don't have any answers for you now as to what's happened, who's responsible, what the circumstances are. >> police say mcnair was shot in the head. they say the female victim was not his wife, michelle. a law enforcement source identifies her as a girlfriend. no one has been arrested in the case. mcnair's career in the nfl began in 1995. he would go on to spend 13 seasons playing the game he loved. here's a look at some of his career highlights. >> steve mcnair was a small-town boy with big-time dreams and a throwing arm to match.
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as a star quarterback in mississippi, mcnair was recruited to play football at several major universities, but they wanted him to play on defense. determined to play quarterback, mcnair went to alcorn state, an historically black university, where he became one of the most prolific passers in college football and was nicknamed air mcnair. his senior year, he was featured on the cover of "sports illustrated" and was the third overall pick in the 1995 nfl draft by the houston oilers. mcnair became a starter in 1997, the same year the oilers moved to tennessee. in 1999, he led the team to the franchise's first and so far only super bowl, becoming just the second african-american quarterback to start on the game's biggest stage. it was a thrilling game which ended with the titans coming up just short of the goal line for what would have been the winning score. mcnair never would get back to
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the championship game. but was the nfl's co-mvp with payteyton manning in 2003. he left the titans after 11 seasons and played two more with the baltimore ravens before injuries took their toll. mcnair retired after the 2007 season with more than 30,000 yards passing, good enough for 28 thrth on the all-time list. bud adams said of mcnair, he played with unquestioned heart and leadership and led us to places that we had never reached. steve mcnair was 36 years old. also breaking news out of south carolina. a manhunt is under way for a suspected serial killer. police say that serial killer killed at least five people in the past week, initcluding a 15-year-old girl. richie louie joins us from gaffney, a small town known for its peach orchards, now in the middle of a very big crime. richard? >> that's right. good evening to you, don. we have learned just over seven
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hours a ggo from the county coroner that an alleged serial killer had claimed his youngest victim. abby tyler died saturday morning, two days after being shot. the sheriff says she is the fifth victim of a serial killer within one week. her pastor remembered abby. >> very vivacious, very upbeat smile. she lived her faith every day. she got that faith from her mother, her father, her grandparents. they passed that faith to her. she lived that faith every day of her 15 years. she was a good model for all of us. >> reporter: abby was with her father on thursday when she was shot. her father was pronounced dead at the scene. this picture of the family is from her church. the killings began a week ago with the shooting of cline cash at his home. on wednesday, the bodies of 83-year-old hazel linder and her
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daughter were found bound and shot. police have issued this sketch of the suspect, a white male in his 40s with salt and pepper hair. the town of gaffney, population 13,000, is on edge, trying to celebrate the holiday weekend under a blanket of fear. taking precautions, but also scared, one shop owner and resident told us how his son reacted to the concern of a sealier killer. >> he was actually fearful and scared and asked me not to stay up late because he was afraid that something would happen at the house because of what he hears. it's constantly in the news. people are talking. that's what they've been hearing for the last two days. so he was fearful. he was scared. and he was concerned for my safety. >> i have a firearm for protection. >> do you always wear it? >> no. just working up here in the open like this, i'll wear it. it stays in my truck all the
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time. i do carry it in my car all the time. >> reporter: that's a more common reaction in this town as dozens of federal, state, and local investigators work to track down the killer. and, don, this is what we're seeing here. terrorized. it says it all on friday's paper. that is what the town is dealing with as they begin to celebrate july 4th. we've just heard five minutes ago, a flurry of fireworks. you see the dichotmy, don. the preparations are well under way for tuesday's memorial service for michael jackson. when registration closed an hour ago, about 1.6 million people had had signed up for a chance to get tickets to the service. beginning tonight, 8,750 people are being randomly selected to each receive a pair of tickets. e-mail notifications will be sent out tomorrow. also, cnn has confirmed that singer jennifer hudson will be among the performers at tuesday's service. as for the investigation into what caused jackson's
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death, the latest focus appears to center around reports of a powerful drug found in jackson's home. cnn's drew griffin has the latest. drew? >> don, the los angeles times, the latest to report that diprivan, according to one of its sources, was found in jackson's home. this is the very powerful medication used in surgeries basically to put people under. and the l.a. times is reporting that bottles of it were found inside that home, leading to more speculation the drug could be involved. what we do know is michael jackson asked for diprivan by name just months ago, telling this nurse in april diprivan was the only drug that could help him sleep. >> yes, that was odd. >> without asking for a regular, old sleeping pill? >> yes. i said, have you taken sleeping pills? he said, they don't work. he said, i don't want those things. they don't work. i want it in an iv. i don't want pills. i don't want any pills.
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>> reporter: cherylin lee says diprivan is administered in an iv drip, instant sleep. jackson traveled with the doctor in the mid-'90s that traveled with what's known as a complete clinic. and sleep problems, past surgeries, injuries, left him at times dependent on prescription drugs. >> he was really addicted to these prescription drugs. is that right? >> in my belief, yes, from what i know, he was. >> reporter: while officially investigators have mentioned no drug or drugs, the direction of the investigation has this week pointed towards drugs michael jackson may have been taking. on monday, detectives returned to jackson's rented home and left with what we are told were medications. the federal dea was asked to join the investigation and later in the week, california's attorney general's office announced it, too, was involved, trying to trace possible
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supplies of medications and who may have administered them. but, don, this remains a death investigation even though others may be involved in this. there is no crime at this time being alleged. don? >> all right. thank you, drew. tonight, i spoke with officer jim mcdonald, the first assistant police chief of the lange police department. i second him about criticism that the lapd did not secure jackson's home properly and may not have gotten all the evidence needed to investigate this case. >> as i mentioned, we have good people out there and those people will go to the scene, make the determination. there's always people who will criticize from a distance and feel it should have been done different. i think they make the call at the time based on the information they have. as the investigation concludes, we'll be able to determine better maybe things could have been done differently. maybe they were done on target. so that's something that remains to be seen, but we're comfortable in moving ahead with the investigation.
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>> the assistant chief also told me that tuesday's service could be the biggest event of its kind ever, but hie repeated the plea of officials that anyone without a ticket should just stay home. make sure you stay with us for more on the michael jackson story. make sure you join us at the bottom of the hour when queen latifah shares her memories of michael jackson. be sure to tune in for a cnn presents special on the life and music of michael jackson, "the man in the mirror" airs tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. she says her career as governor of alaska is about to end. sarah palin also lashes out at the media. plus, one from legend to another, deion warwick tells us how jackson's family is doing. also, we want you to be a part of our show tonight. we'll get your responses on the air.
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sarah palin has made a career out of defying conventional wisdom, and she is at it again. her stunning announcement that she's going to resign by the end of the month has everybody talking. her term is supposed to run through december of next year. during a speech outside her home yesterday, palin talked about everything from family concerns to a desire to work for political change beyond alaska. >> though it may be tempting and more comfortable to just kind of keep your head down and plod along and appease those who are demanding, hey, just sit down and shut up, but that's a worthless, easy thing. that's the quitter's pway out. i think a problem in our country is today is apathy. it would be apathetic to hunker down and go with the flow. >> that speech left a lot of people puzzled, but today governor palin posted a facebook message that offers a few clues to her future. she writes, the response in the main-stream media has been most predictable, ironic and always detached from the lives of
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ordinary americans who are sick of the politics of personal destruction. how sad that washington and the media will never understand it's about country. and though it's honorable for countless others to leave their positions for a higher calling and without finishing a term, of course we know by now for some reason a different standard applies for the decisions i make. but every american understands what it takes to make a decision because it's right for all, including your family. governor palin ended her facebook statement with these words. now is the time to rebuild and help our nation achieve greatness. god bless you and i look forward to making a difference with you. well, the palin announcement shocked everyone, it seems, from washington to her home town of wasilla, alaska. let's talk about it now with michael kerry. thank you very much, sir. i've been reading a lot of what you wrote, and you say this is the end of sarah palin politically. why do you say that? >> that's a pretty definitive statement, but i wrote in the
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los angeles times i don't see how she can recover from this. i don't see how somebody can say i'm running for president and my biggest step is i have this job, it's difficult, i quit. >> a lot of people are responding to this saying sarah palin seems to blame the media a lot for her own faults. do you find that true with your writing and what you -- >> well, it's not so much personal with me, but she's been feuding with the daily news, the anchorage daily news, and the other media up here. she's had a very difficult time with what would pass the political establishment up here, the political leaders. she has very little support in the legislature. it's kind of a sad thing, but there are a lot of people who are glad to see her go in government and public affairs. >> i would have to say that most americans believe that hard work and sticking it out even when you're not happy and if you think that it's business as usual then you work within the system to make that change.
10:16 pm
does sarah palin not believe in that? >> no, i don't think that's the case. i think this is very personal. she has made it clear she's very upset about the way she's been treated by the media, as you said, and others. i don't think we really know the whole story here. some people think she's going to get some kind of job or career opportunity or she's going to go on television. we don't know what it is. she may just be fed up with government. but i think everybody, even her supporters, would agree it's very strange for a governor to say, i don't want to do this anymore. i quit. >> if she does have aspirations beyond being governor, for being, you know, to be the president of the united states possibly one day or even vice president, she was on the ticket with john mccain, would it not be best for her, sir, to serve out her term and try to do it in the -- >> people assume that she would do exactly that, she'd serve out her term. she might not run for reelection
10:17 pm
again, but that she would be willing to serve out her term. so for most of us, it was pretty shocking and pretty strange and we don't know what's next. >> there's a lot of rumors out there. do you think this is something personal that we don't know about with her? >> i think it's personal -- >> or does she have bigger aspirations? is. >> investigating a crime scene, rule out the obvious. i'm not saying this is a crime at all. that's not what i'm saying. but if you just look at her situation, i think she just didn't want to do this anymore. and found that she was in too many conflicts and too unhappy and there may be economic opportunities that come in this. there is a conspiracy theory, mostly on the left, that the federal government is going to indict her. i'm very spectacle of that, that there's some big court case weighing on her. i'm very skeptical of that. my impression is that she became very unhappy and didn't want to be governor. >> michael, thank you. >> thank you.
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families of military members were invited to the white house today for the fourth of july. the president and first lady played host to about 1,200 families, providing barbecue, music, and entertainment. president obama also spoke to the crowd about their sacrifices on behalf of the iraqi people. >> because the courage and capability and commitment of every single american who has served in iraq, a sovereign and united iraq is taking control of its own destiny.
10:21 pm
iraq's future now rests in the hands of its own people. as extraordary of an accomplishment as that is, we know there will be difficult days ahead. that's why we will remain a strong partner to the iraqi people on behalf of their security and prosperity. >> america's birthday is also a special day for first daughter malia obama. it is her 11th birthday. happy birthday to malia. even though they're far from troops, troops in iraq are not letting the holiday pass without making the best of it. somewhere in that thick yellow haze, the all-american pass time of softball was the order of the day. both sides played hard and they played to win. also marking the fourth in iraq, vice president joe biden. among his official duties today was presiding over the
10:22 pm
naturalization ceremony for 237 servicemembers, swearing them in as american citizens. >> on this fourth of july, i'm reminded that you're carrying the torch of our founding fathers of 233 years ago. and, yes, as of today, they're your founding fathers. so get used to it, guys. they're your founding fathers. >> adding to the symbolism, the ceremony was held in one of saddam hussein's former palaces. in afghanistan, fierce gun battles today in the eastern province of paktika claimed the lives of two u.s. service members. at least 42 taliban fighters were also killed as they launched two separate attacks on american posts. to the south, thousands of u.s. marines this week moved into the southern province of helmand, one of the largest military operations in the region to date. helmand is more than a taliban stronghold. it was once the bread basket of
10:23 pm
afghanistan with bumper crops of wheat and corn. well, today those crops have been largely replaced by opium poppies, the raw material for heroin, morphine and other narcotics. 90% of the world's mophene comes from afghanistan. fireworks are a joy to watch, but they can also be dead le. fourth of july turns deadly in the south. also, the queen speaks out about her idol. queen latifah remembers michael jackson. ( tires squealing ) the first-ever is convertible from lexus. live a little-- a lot. - hello! - ha! why don't you try a home cooked meal... with yummy hamburger helper? oh! tada! fantastically tasty, huh? ummm, it's good. what would you guys like? hamburger helper. what?! one pound... one pan... one tasty meal!
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the annual essence festival is under way this weekend in new orleans. it has become the premier showcase for african-american art and culture in the country. take a look at these live pictures coming from there. this year, due to the untimely death of michael jackson, nearly every musician and performer are
10:26 pm
paying their respects. jackson's signature songs are being performed through the unique filter of new orleans jazz. not a mourning, but a celebration of his life. organizers believe this year's festival will set a record crowd. it is a veritable who's who of african-american celebrities, movie stars, musicians and performers. and all of them seem to be struggling to understand the death of michael jackson. listen to what singer and actress queen latifah had to say. >> it's just such a -- i don't even -- every time i try to figure out how i feel about this, i don't know how to feel. because it happened so suddenly. he is the greatest entertainer to ever live. he's the greatest entertainer ever. i grew up with this guy. you know, little kid, me and my brother in the kitchen, you know w the jackson 5, trying to robot and all this kind of stuff when we're little kids.
10:27 pm
you know, there's so many memories that you have of him, and they all reflect so many of the songs that he created. his work with quincy jones, the way they lined up together and just made magic happen. his dancing, how natural he was. i was just watching "thriller" and i'm like, how many people can dance as good as the train dances in their own video? michael. janet. they can definitely do it. justin maybe. usher. there ain't too many of them. but definitely nobody like him, you know, who -- to today, these routines stand up. there's nothing like it. there's never been anything like it. but i think one of the beautiful things -- i mean, i hope that he's remembered for that beautiful spirit, that fun, mischievousness that you see in the "scream" video. i love that side of michael, when he's just being bad and just tricking somebody or
10:28 pm
running, you know, just doing something really funny, being playful. but also that he really cared about people. he seemed to always care all his life about other people. and as much as he was in front of the camera, it just didn't -- he didn't seem like the kind of person that would just take from someone or do someone wrong. he seemed like he genuinely cared about other hopeople. i hope that people remember him for that and his music and how he opened up the world to people like me. he was international. i never saw a black man really who wasn't in politics travel the world like he did, getting the love that he did from all kinds of people who couldn't even speak english, who would dress like him and sing his songs and cry at the sight of him. he brought that kind of joy, that kind of emotion out of people. to this day, you know, when you see a whole prison full of koreans dancing, doing his -- i mean, it's awesome. it's really awesome.
10:29 pm
and that's what i hope people really, really remember about him, just how great he was as an entertainer. and how much he did for us. he definitely did that much for us as black people because he showed a different version of who we were seen as around the world. you know, we're not the thug, we're not the criminal, which is what you would see a lot back in the days when you'd go overseas and look at tv. it's ozlike black people being shown in some derogatory way. or we're starving. or we're a dictator. you know, but michael made us -- he showed what we could really be, how amazing we could be, how talented we could be, how smart we could be, what great business people we could be, what family people we could be. i'm really honored. it's just sad. >> the queen talking about michael jackson. queen latifah. make sure you tune in for a cnn presents special on the life and
10:30 pm
music of michael jackson. "man in the mirror" airs tonight at 11:00 p.m. eastern. let's go back live now to new orleans. i couldn't see the monitor earlier. that is charley wilson. former lead singer of the gap band on stage here. a lot of people paying tribute to michael jackson at the essence festival down in new orleans. memories of michael jackson. we'll talk to dionne warwick who just visited the jackson family. gw @@ñúñ@í@í
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a tragic start to the fourth of july holiday today in north carolina. in the outer banks, a truck
10:33 pm
carrying fireworks blew up while being unloaded. two people died and three were critically hurt. ferry service to the island was temporarily shut down, but has since resumed. lightning is blamed for another july 4th tragedy in florida. sheriff's officials in polk county say a church group had gathered to celebrate the holiday when the lightning struck. one person died. more than a dozen others were injured. investigators are on the scene of a plane crash in southern california. the privately owned aircraft crashed near an airport about 100 miles north of los angeles killing the two people onboard. a fire department spokesman says the crash sparked a large grass fire, but no one on the ground was hurt. the victims haven't been identified. what was it like to work with michael jackson on one of his most personal songs? we'll talk to the man behind "have you seen my childhood." also, queen latifah speaks out about her idol here on cnn.
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hi, i'm daniel cullgon from georgia. just want to wish my family a happy fourth of july. i love you, babe. i'll be home soon. i wanted to get to this story earlier, but we had problems with getting the video out of iran. the government of iran has successfully shut down most large street demonstrations, but the protests have not been silent. for the 21st straight night, protesters have used a rooftop at night to shout allah akbar.
10:37 pm
the former president who backed opposition candidate mousavi was quoted today in the iranian media in support of the protesters. he had been largely silent in recent weeks. well, today he said the election brought an awakened consciousness to the country but the aftermath has left a bitter taste. we tried to get that story earlier, but we had problem gets video out of iran. it is the fourth of july weekend, and we are watching nature's fireworks tonight. >> yeah, we've seen quite a bit of activity really increase during the afternoon and charleston, missouri, they had severe thunderstorms there. and the report of a possible tornado. now, we do not have any severe thunderstorm watches, but at one time we had six, at one time. all the way from kentucky through tennessee and back across oklahoma. those have been discontinued now. but i want to show you something else. what's happening in the pacific northwest? the heat was on today in seattle. the temperature made it to 87
10:38 pm
degrees. it wasn't a record, but those temperatures are running about ten to 15 degrees above normal. also, in portland the current temperature at 90 degrees. now, for sunday, it's still going to be a fairly warm day. maybe not quite as hot, but we've got this weather disturbance that's still out in the pacific. so as this moves on shore by monday, those temperatures are going to be back near normal. temperatures right around 72, 75 degrees. we're also expecting another round of thunderstorms, maybe making it across the deep south, don. need a little bit of wet weather these days. it's been a little bit dry. >> all right. thank you very much for that, karen. we'll get you now to nashville, tennessee, where a news conference is getting under way in the death of football player steve mcnair. >> i see everybody is still -- everybody ready? >> we're live. >> all right. an examination of the bodies at the crime scene showed that steve mcnair was shot multiple
10:39 pm
times. his female friend suffered one gunshot wound to the head, it appears at this moment. a pistol was found near her body. autopsies will be conducted in the morning and we may be able to -- >> okay. we're having some problems hearing there in nashville. let's get back to it. let's get back to it. >> was found close to her body. as far as the circumstances of how the bodies were discovered, shortly before 1:00 today, wayne nealy, a local sporting goods dealer who is a close friend of steve mcnair's, who co-rents this condominium with mcnair, went by, again, shortly before 1:00. the door was locked. he unlocked the door, went in, saw them on the sofa, saw mcnair on the sofa and the woman on the floor.
10:40 pm
but at first, he didn't think anything was wrong. he walked to the kitchen. when he walked back, he saw the blood. he exited the condominium. he telephoned mcnair's friend, robert gaddy. robert gaddy came over to the condominium. >> do you know when this could have taken place? >> we know from a witness that mcnair arrived at the condominium in the early morning hours of today, perhaps around 1:30 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. we know also from that witness that the woman's vehicle, the 2007 cadillac escalade, was already there. >> do we know if they were out at any point last night together and if that could have led to what later happened inside the condominium? >> i do not know of where they may have been last night or whether they were together last night. >> what was their relationship? do you know what their relationship was? >> well, from what i understand, she was a friend. she was a friend of mcnair's.
10:41 pm
the vehicle, the 2007 cadillac escalade is registered to both her and mcnair. and it gives an address of jefferson street. i think he has a restaurant now on jefferson street. >> was there any activity at the blue moon this morning with regard to a woman maybe confronting mcnair, accusing her of anything and threatening his life? have y'all heard anything about that? >> i'm not aware of anything at the blue moon. >> have you heard reports of him being at the bar on division last night? >> i don't know that. >> has his wife been questioned? >> mrs. mcnair obviously is very, very distraught by what has taken place. police department chaplains did visit michelle mcnair as her residence. at this juncture, we do not believe that she is involved, but i need to say also that we have not ruled anything out.
10:42 pm
while we may be leaning certain ways based on evidence at the scene and wounds on the bodies, we have not ruled anything else. we may be able to make definitive classifications of this case tomorrow after the autopsy. >> was a note or anything like that left in the apartment? >> i'm not aware of any note. >> even though y'all aren't ruling anything out, does this circumstance look like it could be a murder/suicide? >> well, i'm going to give you facts and then let you all report the facts. let me give you the facts. an examination of the bodies shows that mcnair was hit multiple times including a gunshot wound to the head. an examination of the woman's body shows that she sustained one gunshot wound to the head and a pistol was found near her body. both individuals were in the living room. mcnair was found seated on the sofa. the woman was found on the floor
10:43 pm
very close to mcnair. >> given the circumstances, are you all still pursuing looking for any possible motive, pursuing other suspects? i know you're exhausting all avenues right now, but are you leaning towards one way versus the other or are you still actively thinking suspects are out there? >> the forensic evidence will lead to the classification of this case. you all know the facts as i have presented them. the deaths are not being classified at this moment. the classifications will be made after the testing, the forensic testing, and the medical examiner's work. i'm sorry? >> what kind of time frame does that generally entail? >> i was just going to say that dr. levy did send a physician to the scene. a doctor from the medical examiner's office was present. he did the examination of the bodies at the condo and that doctor intends on doing the
10:44 pm
autopsies in the morning. so we would expect to have some classify kaication detail perhan the morning or at least after the autopsy. >> what do you know about woman? is she from nashville? >> she was arrested by metro police in the early morning hours of thursday on a dui charge. she was driving the cadillac escalade on broadway. she was spotted speeding at 12th and broad. the stop was actually made at 9th and broad. at the time the stop was made on thursday morning in the early morning hours of thursday, steve mcnair was a passenger in the front seat. she appeared to be under the influence of something and she was arrested for dui. mcnair was not deemed to be in violation of the law and he was permitted to leave the scene, which he did by taxi cab. to the best of our knowledge, she does not have any family or relatives in the middle tennessee area.
10:45 pm
the chaplain made contact within the past 30 minutes with a brother who lives in florida. >> do we know where she was staying in the nashville area or where she lived? did she live at that condominium? >> the arrest report on thursday morning gave an address of an apartment on bell road. >> does she work here in town? if so, do you know where? >> it's my understanding she worked at dave and buster's. >> was there any information on the gun, who it may have belonged to, anything at this time? can you tell us anything about the weapon? >> no. you all -- when i told you earlier that the scene needed to be meticulously processed and it would take a long time, i meant exactly that. the gun was not readily apparent as officers first arrived at the scene. the scene was locked codown and experts responded with the latest in technology to go over the scene. and it was later in the processing that the gun was actually discovered.
10:46 pm
the bodies were not moved until the medical examiner's staff arrived and that was about the same time as the torrential rain hit. >> is there -- are there still people being questioned by investigators tonight? are you looking for anyone? >> i think the best way to answer that, john, is at this moment, nothing has been ruled out. but as far as actively looking for a suspect at this moment tonight, the answer would be no. we'll be with the medical examiner tomorrow. the detectives will be with the medical examiner tomorrow as the autopsies are conducted. we'll have something to say sometime tomorrow. >> certainly you guys are sensitive on any murder scene, but the fact that this involves a celebrity of this caliber, can you just talk about that? >> well, all murder scenes generate the same type of police
10:47 pm
response. the same experts who came to this scene come to all murder scenes, those including -- who are not well-known. mr. mcnair's death is very tragic. yes, he is a very familiar face in nashville and across the country. but the crime scene experts, the detectives who are working this case work cases day in and day out of persons who don't have that same notoriety. >> all right. that is don aaron with the metro nashville police department. you hear him talking about this case involving former quarterback steve mcnair who was found dead earlier today by a friend. i just want to go over the points here as i was taking notes. he's saying that he believes that mcnair arrived at the home of this young lady overnight about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. this morning a friend telephoned the home, did not get an answer. then went by the house, did not
10:48 pm
notice anything wrong at first. he saw one person on the couch and then on the floor. police are saying that steve mcnair had multiple gunshot wounds to the head. he was shot multiple times, including gunshot wounds to the head. she was shot once in the head. a pistol was found nearby. they're expecting to have an autopsy in the morning. and, again, also very interesting, they're saying on thursday that this woman who was found dead today was picked up on a dui charge. she was speeding in nashville. mr. mcnair left in a taxi cab. they took her away. they're not saying what the exact relationship was between the two. they're also saying at this point that they are not looking for a suspect. so you decide what is going on. they're saying that the cadillac escalade that was on the home that she was driving thursday when he was picked up registered
10:49 pm
to her and to stevemist n mcnai. they're saying that mr. mcnair's wife is distraught. they don't believe she's involved, but they're not ruling anything out. if you look at the circumstances here, you can make up your own mind as to what went on in this situation. police expect to have some sort of answer about how this happened tomorrow after forensics experts start looking into these two bodies and combing over them. we'll have the very latest on this, including the latest on the michael jackson investigation as weal when we come back.
10:50 pm
it's been a tough week for americans looking for work.
10:51 pm
467,000 more jobs were lost in june. the first time in four months that the number of job losses rose from the month before. overall, we've lost 6.5 million jobs since december of 2007. maintaining any type of business in a recession is a challenge, but how about a small business offering products for less while also trying to turn a profit? stephanie elam takes a look at one business that others can learn from. >> just thought wow, all these books out there that the bookstores are saying no, i don't want it. but there's totally value in those books, get them up on the internet and someone will buy them. >> reporter: building and maintaining a successful small business in this environment is a challenge, one that xavier and his partners know all too well. when they were in school, the bookstore wouldn't buy back their used textbooks. so they tried selling them on it worked. and the idea took on a whole new chapter. >> there's great stuff in there. i promise you.
10:52 pm
>> reporter: with more than 2 million books at any given him in this indiana warehouse, the owners think they have a book for everyone and a small business plan others can follow. >> we bring a lot of stuff in even in full truckloads, about 50,000 pounds of books in at once, drop it off in the bay and put it on the shelves. >> reporter: after funding the business themselves for the first five years, the founders got a small business administration-backed credit line in 2004 followed by a $2.4 million venture capital investment in 2008. all to build up the website and the better world books brand. as other small businesses have struggled, they have seen their revenues grow from $4 million a year in 2005 to projected $31 million in 2009, and all the time, helping others buy books at a cheap price. >> the cheapest they find would be $3.48 with free shipping. >> reporter: the books are donated by libraries, bookstores and college campuses from across the country. every day, better world brings
10:53 pm
in 40,000 to 50,000 books sending just as many out. >> we've sold orders up to 5,000 books at once and we sell a lot of single-book orders. our average order is three or four books. >> reporter: the founders built the company on the foundation of the broke college student. so textbook deals remain at the heart of the business. >> what's cool about us, we price them at market level. you may be getting a $100 book for $10. >> reporter: and better world books believes in giving back. it donates 5 to 10% of its revenue back into the hands of libraries and literacy programs around the world. stephanie elam, cnn, new york. a family in mourning. singer dionne warwick spend the last two days with the jackson family. she tells us how they're doing. i would say convenience
10:54 pm
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10:56 pm
with damon elmliott and his mom dionne warwick, after learning of jackson's death. ms. warwick told me how the jackson family is coping. >> i flew out to los angeles a couple of days ago. these past two days, i've been at the home and had time to spend with katherine and the rest of the family. and this is -- it's a very difficult time for them as, you know, we all should understand that. but i know that the family is strauc strong enough. they'll get through this. it will take a bit of time. it's going to take a lot of time for a lot of other people who were dear to michael and thought of him as a loving, giving, caring, sharing person that he was. he will be remembered for that, believe me. >> and i'll give you the last word about your friend, michael jackson. >> i just want to say, mike,
10:57 pm
wherever you are, we all love you, the world loves you, we mourn together and i just want to let the brothers and sisters know and katherine know and joe and everybody at the house that anything you need, we're there. we're there for you. >> damon elliott, who is a producer and a successful entertainer, entertainment person in his own right. and his mom, who just happens to be the talented dionne warwick, very close friends with the jackson family. can you give them our condolences, okay? >> certainly. >> yes. certainly. >> thank you both very much. sorry for your loss. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> diane warwick and damon elliott. you can watch that entire interview. go to you can see that interview as well as an interview with record
10:58 pm
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