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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 5, 2009 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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many others. lots of insights. remember, can you now follow us on both twitter an facebook. go to our website, for links and information. while you're there, try the weekly world affairs quiz, the fareed challenge. fareed challenge. i will see you next week. -- captions by vitac -- the fraj tragic death at one of the happiest places on world. a monorail crash in disney world. ousted president manuel zelaya says he will return to honduras today. the people who ousted him though say his plaent won't be allowed to land. are iran's religious leaders abandoning their support for president mahmoud ahmadinejad. some surprising statements from some of that country's top clerics. you're in the "cnn newsroom" where the news unfolds live on this sunday, the 5th of july. i'm brooke baldwin.
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can you imagine, it is especially shocking because disney world seems so perfect. famed monroe rail system at disney world in orlando, florida is shut down today after an overnight crash that killed the operator of one of those two trains. the victim we're now told identified as a 21-year-old austin winenburg. it happened around 2:00 this morning. i talked to an eye witness who told me a moving train ran into the back of a train that was stopped on the tracks there at that station. >> the picture you're looking at now is actually once you brought trains back to the loading dock. what we first saw we were just getting off the ferry. we were probably one of the last families in disney because it closed today at 1:00 in the
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morning. we were trying to -- we were actually leaving the park and we got off the ferry, we were going towards the exit to eventually get the tickets. we were about to the end and we heard a loud explosion. when we all looked back, the two trains had crashed and pieces of the monorail were actually falling to the floor beneath it. people were running under it. 10, 15 seconds later they moved the trains towards the loading dock. >> i followed up, asked him if he saw anyone onboard the train. he told me he helped a family of six get off the trains. >> there was a complete family on the train coming from epcott. the first actual first train, the first car. >> were they getting off easily?
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did you see ems? did you see emergency crews on the scene? were they able to walk away if. >> when we got upstairs, we were there 10 minutes, 15 minutes before police and fire rescue got on scene. we got the doors open and the family was able to come out. they were just shooken up. i guess they didn't know what was going on because you couldn't see forward. they came out. kids were crying. it was about want to say a family of six, mother, father and the kids. >> family of six. well, despite some of the pictures you just saw, there were no reports of any serious injuries to any of the passengers. the disney world monorail system normally carries 150,000 passengers each and every day. we did get a statement from disney world, disney's vice president for public affairs releasing this quote -- today we mourn the loss of our fellow cast member, our hearts go out to his family and to those who
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have lost a friend and co-worker. the safety of our guests and cast members is always our top priority. the monroe rail orail is out of and we'll continue to work closely with law enforcement to determine what happened and more importantly the next steps. some influential iranian clerics are now questioning the legitimacy of the country's presidential election that is a challenge to iran's supreme leader who supports president mahmoud ahmadinejad's re-election. it is called the dom clair gi. they're made up of top clerics and seminary stooishts students and they issued a statement saying, "it is astonishing in an election in plain sight of all extensively used public funds in order to promote one of the candidates and employed government power to bring in votes." iranian tv reports tehran has released a journalist detained two weeks ago. a british embassy detained with
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eight colleagues is expected to be released today. today britain's foreign secretary delivered a warning to iran. >> what is significant is that the whole of the european union, actually the international community more broadly, is absolutely united in saying that there is no place for this sort of intimidation or harassment and that will be consequences if it continues. i think that is an important part of this equation. >> he says he wants to keep diplomatic channels open. how significant is the split with iran? what kind of power or influence might they have the people over the ayatollah? we'll have an expert in our 4:00 hour eastern time right here on cnn. the stage is set for what could be a very dramatic showdown in honduras today. ousted president manuel zelaya is vowing to return to the capital there but the country's interim government says they won't allow his plane to land in the airport. if he does show up, they say
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they will arrest him. karl penhaul is at the airport there. karl, set the scene. i understand some pro-zelaya demonstrators are marching toward the airport. who do you see? >> reporter: very much, brooke, the line is being drawn in the sand right now. behind me one of the vehicles that's just gone past, a pick-up truck with riot police and another one has just gone past. there are now literally of both riot police an soldiers standing just down there about 20 yards away from where i am now. a military helicopter has just flown overhead. on the other side of that line of riot police and soldiers, thousands of marchers who are marching in support of the ousted president manuel zelaya. when i say "thousands," i can tell you that they were coming along a four-lane boulevard and i looked from a bridge and that line stretched back for about a mile and a half. i still couldn't see the end of that march. it's by far the biggest march
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that we have seen in support of the ousted president in a week since he was deposed by a military coup. though supporters just want to make it to the airport is. their aim is to secure a landing site for president zelaya because he has said that he will return to honduras today via the capital's airport. we've already heard that he is on his way to the airport in washington and has every intention of returning. that's now setting a stage for a clash between the protestors and the riot police as as the protestors want to come through. brooke? >> we understand zelaya's not alone on that plane. the u.n. general assembly president is on board as well, there is an entire other plane to support the oas leaders. you mention this line in the sand. what might happen politically next if this sort of stalemate continues? >> reporter: well, politically what has happened is that the interim government, the
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government that was ushered in by that coup one week ago, has said that it will not allow president zelaya to land. they've already withdrawn permission for his plane to land and the airport right now is partially closed. what they've said is if zelaya does land in honduras they will arrest him. they accuse him of trying to extend his mandate through a power grab. they are also accusing him of treason. but of course he's very popular with the poor and working classes because of his efforts to reduce random poverty here in honduras. but politically today isn't going to be the important factor. what's going to be decided, the outcome of this today is likely to be decided on the street, and it may be decided with violence, brooke. karl, we'll keep you near a camera. we'll see what does happen when manuel zelaya eventually lands fanned in fact he is arrested and what happens on the street. karl penhaul live in the honduran capital. thank you.
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president obama leaving later today on another overseas trip. his first stop -- moscow. for meetings with the russian president dmitry medvedev. the trip also includes stops in italy, ghana in africa. senior white house correspondent ed henry has a preview. >> reporter: the president's first stop here in moscow all about trying to warm up the u.s.-russian relationship which got down right chilly in the bush years because of tensions with then-president vladimir putin. mr. obama and top aides talking about hitting the reset button. so far in his outreach, the current russian president dmitry medvedev has been bearing some fruit, russia recently signing on to sanctions against north korea. both sides hoping this week to officially announce that russia has now agreed to allow u.s. military equipment to fly over russian territory, very important at a critical juncture in the war in afghanistan. both sides also hoping to announce this week cuts in nuclear arms. mr. obama appears to be trying
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to work through some of the sticking points by driving a bit of a wedge between medvedev and putin who's still around as prime minister. >> the old cold war approaches to u.s.-russian relations is outdated. it's time to move forward in a different direction. i think medvedev understands that. i think putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new. >> reporter: mr. obama also lobbying for russian cooperation in dealing with iran's nuclear program. that of course will be a major topic of discussion at the president's second stop in the middle of the week when he goes to italy for the g-8 summit. in addition to iran, of course afghanistan, as well as the financial crisis, climate change, and the industrialized nations trying to wipe out global poverty, all major topics of discussion there. the president will wrap up his trip next weekend in ghana. obviously there will be a lot of international attention on a visit to ghana by the first african-american president. ed henry, cnn, moscow.
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as for the vice president, joe biden, admitting the obama administration made a mistake in sizing up the economy several months ago. >> the truth is there was a misreading of just how bad an economy we inherited. now, that doesn't -- i'm not laying this on -- it's now our responsibility. so the second question becomes, did the economic package we put in place, including the recovery act, is it the right package given the circumstances we're in? >> biden says he stands by the administration's stimulus package. he says it will create more jobs as the pace of spending picks up. the vice president says it's still too early to tell if a second stimulus package might be needed. if you are one of the 1.6 million people who have registered for a chance to attend michael jackson's memorial service next tuesday at the staples center, better check your e-mail. you could be receiving notice right now.
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out of all of those registered, only 8,750 people will be chosen, and then each will receive two free tickets for tuesday's services in los angeles. coming up later in the hour, a cnn i-reporter will share his memories of michael jackson with me pem's tell me how he got the news, about jackson's untimely death and how he also shaped his career.
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news across america now. a third person has died from injuries suffered in a massive
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fireworks explosion there in north carolina. official say a truck filled with fireworks blew up yesterday as crews were setting up for a show on okracoke island. two other workers we're told are if critical condition. it is still unclear what triggered the massive explosion. talk about terrifying, this accident here in merrillville, indiana. a pedestrian bridge packed with people leaving a fireworks show collapsed there into the lake. at least 16 people were hurt, several of them, as you can imagine, plunging into the water and had to be rescued. new legal troubles today for former washington mayor marion barry back in the headlines. he's been charged with stalking. he was arrested yesterday after a woman flagged down a u.s. park police officer to make the complaint against him. barry who is currently serving as a d.c. council member was charged with misdemeanor stalking. he's been released. mr. barry served six months in prison back in the early '90s after being videotaped smoking crack cocaine in an fbi sting. we are waiting right now to
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hear the results of autopsies on the bodies of former nfl quarterback steve mcnair and a companion of his. mcnair and a 20-year-old woman were found shot to death in mcnair's condominium in downtown nashville, tennessee. police say mcnair was shot several times. as for the woman, she's been identified as 20-year-old sahel kazemi. she was killed by a single gunshot and a pistol was found near her body. police will not confirm it was a murder-suicide. they say they aren't looking for any other outside suspects right now. they also say they don't think mcnair's wife was involved. autopsies were conducted today. we might hear about them any minute now. a news conference is set for later on this hour. when we see that, we'll get it to you live. the search for a serial killer is becoming even more urgent now with the death of a fifth victim. cnn's richard lu i-reports now from gaffney, south carolina. >> reporter: abby tyler, a much
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loved 15-year-old died saturday morning two days after being shot. cherokee county sheriff says she is the fifth victim of a serial killer within one week. her pastor remembered abby. >> very vivacious. very quick smile. she lived her faith every day. she got that faith from her mother, her father, her grandparents. they passed that faith to her. she lived that faith every day of her 15 years. she was a good model for all of us. >> reporter: abby was with her father at family business on thursday when she was shot. her father was pronounced dead at the scene. this picture of the family is from her church. killings began a week ago with the shooting of peach farmer klein cash at his home. on wednesday the bodies of 83-year-old hazel linder and her daughter were found bound and shot. police have issued this sketch of the suspect, a white male in his 40s with salt and pepper hair.
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gaffney, population 13,000, is on edge trying to celebrate the holiday weekend under a blanket of fear. taking precautions but also scared, one shop owner and resident told us how his son reacted to the concern of a serial killer. >> he was actually fearful and scared and asked me not to stay up late because he was afraid that something would happen at the house because of what he hears. it is constantly in the news. people are talking. that's what they've been hearing for the last few days. he was fearful. he was scared. and he was concern for my safety. >> anybody works up here, somebody has a fear arm at all times just for protection. >> reporter: you always wear it? >> no, just working up here, open like this, i wear it up here working. it's always in the glove compartment or the dash but i do carry it in my car all the time. >> reporter: that's a more common reaction in this town as dozens of federal and state and local investigators work to track down the killer.
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>> richard lui now joins us on the phone from gaffney. richard, gaffney is so small. i know they're so hard hit by this. you were at one of the memorial services. you just e-mailed me it was for two women killed wednesday, mother and a daughter. now a report of another death overnight. what can you tell me about that? >> yeah, brooke. we just learned overnight there was the death of a male. a coroner saying that no immediate connection, county coroner, no immediate connection that he needs to perform an autopsy which could happen today. also an affiliate on the ground here that we were speaking with earlier wsp said this person that passed away overnight looks to be a male in his 40s. it could be a beating type of attack. that's yet to be determined. that was overnight. there's also another death that they are looking at on july 3rd. 35-year-old woman, female, was in a traffic incident. evidently what she did, according to the cherokee county pio is that she committed suicide in the midst of being
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pursued in a traffic incident. this is absolutely horrific for this county, as you've just described, brooke. we're now seeing seven deaths in a space where they see only three to six to seven within the last two years. they are certainly mourning today. in fact today we are sitting in front of one of the churches, first baptist church. they're lined up to give their respects to both gina parker and hazel linder, both mother and daughter, both schoolteachers that lost their lives. >> that is awful, richard lu i-reporting on a tough story. thank you. hopefully you took a good look at that sketch that some of the authorities in gaffney have put together. if you recognize that man, from cherokee county sheriff's department, if you recognize this sketch, call your local authorities. a major hollywood studio joining what we'll call the green wave. a newly opened sound stage incorporates the latest in sustainable architecture and
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guess what? i'll be your tour guide. stick around.
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hollywood powerhouse warner brothers has recently completed
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the first-ever green sound stage. i'm taking you in on the tour. big stars, elaborate sets and lots of lighting. in hollywood, making a movie takes money. but at warner brothers headquarters, their focus is on green of a different kind. can we take a ride in it? >> hop in zbloonchts. >> reporter: from the front seat of her solar powered golf cart, shelly is driving the studio's environmental charge. >> you can imagine that when you do make television shows and films have you a lot of materials. >> reporter: shelly's job is to look behind the scenes and find ways washer brothers, which like cnn is owned by time warner, can reduce its impant on the environment. for the latest projects, stage 23, believed to be hollywood's first green sound stage with sustainably harvested lumber on set and energy efficient lighting. >> the perimeter lights, house
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lights, cat walk lights, we have some cooling technology that uses nighttime cooling for the data rooms. so we really focus on reducing the energy use. >> we face a convergence of crises. all of which are a concern for life. >> reporter: sometimes it's green message takes center stage on the silver screen in documentaries like "11th hour" and the movie "siriana" climate neutral by investing in renewable energy. >> for me i try to have the smallest carbon footprint than i can. >> reporter: even the stars like "the closer's" kyra sej wij are playing lead roles in reducing their environmental impact, on the set her crew has barred plastic water bottles. they eat off of biodegradable plates and recycle old scripts. >> these are basically your lines on them. mine are highlighted.
2:26 pm
instead of using fresh virgin paper for this, what we do is use sides -- what we do is use paper that's already been used for scripts. so we -- as you can see, you can read the other lines from an old script and this is not -- this is all recycled and used paper, recycled by us. >> we think in the long run it is good for business. >> reporter: warner brothers' ceo barry meyers says green investments pay off long term and he advises even smaller studios to follow suit. >> don't just assume anything that you're going to try to do environmentally is going to be economically not sustainable. i think you should look at it and try to take some investment, look at how and in what way that investment pays back. we found that it really works. >> reporter: shelly says the challenge is changing a culture. but anyone can help play a part. >> no matter what you do, whether you're a journalist or a
2:27 pm
film editor or a builder or whatever you do, you have some impact and you can actually play a role in reducing that impact. >> reporter: even in hollywood, with the glitz, the glamour, and now the green. kind of a cool assignment. thank you, warner brothers, for taking me inside. green sound stage, they're waiting with beated bret for this certification from the green building council. they should know by the end of the year. some of the green measures, yes, they are very costly up front but they say they really do pay of long term. so who gets to attend michael jackson's memorial service? thousands of people are finding out right now. check your e-mail. plus could there be a national day of mourning for the pop icon? we will tell you who's calling for that honor.
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sedgwick. happening right now, questions swirling today about
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what caused this disney monroral in orlando, florida. it happened about 2:00 this morning. a 21-year-old operator was killed. the disney world monorail system normally carries 150,000 passengers a day. honduran troops have seized control of the main airport in the capital just hours ahead of what could be a dramatic showdown. ousted president manuel zelaya is vowing to fly home. honduras's interim government says his plane will not be allowed to land. president barack obama leaving on an overseas summit today. he is expected to hold two days of talks with his russian counterpart dmitry medvedev. the trip will include stops in italy, and ghana, africa. probably not surprised by this number. a staggering 1.6 million people have now registered for a chance to attend michael jackson's
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memorial service tuesday. then out of that number, the 8,750 people who will actually receive tickets should be getting e-mail notifications within this hour. check your in-box. each winner will receive two free tickets to tuesday's services in downtown los angeles and we have heard the family has not yet decided exactly whether jackson's body will be brought to that memorial at the staples center arena, nor have they officially announced the location for jackson's burial. the cause of jackson's death still a mystery today. it is not expected to be determined until the toxicology tests are complete and those results should come back in a couple of weeks. the reverend al sharpton now calling for a national day of mourning for michael jackson. he spoke at a church in l.a. a short time ago. that's where we find our correspondent susan roesgen. she was at the service. i imagine the church was packed. >> the church was packed and the church was rhode island up, by what reverend sharpton had to say. we are waiting for him to come
2:33 pm
out and talk to the media here, try and get some more information george tenet about the jackson family. but inside he called the media coverage of michael jackson's death disgraceful and disrespectful. he also said it was a double standard that we do not treat other celebrities, other entertainment who have died in the same way. of course at cnn we've done very respectful tributes to michael jackson, but reverend al sharpton had the crowd on its feet when he said we in the media are not being fair. >> i'm saying show the same respect for michael and michael's family that you showed for frank sinatra and elvis presley. >> reporter: now he did call for a national day of mourning but we don't know the specifics of that. i believe that he would have to have some sort of presidential declaration, perhaps even the approval of congress for a national day of mourning and he called for an expedited or rushed job to get the postal service to put out a michael jackson stamp. brooke? >> that's unbelievable, i hear a
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lot of noise around you. a lot of people are getting out of that service. susan roesgen, fliv l.a., thank you. join us tuesday for round-the-clock coverage of that memorial. family, friends, fans saying good-bye to a worldwide music icon, michael jackson, the mechanicalial, cnn all day tuesday starting on "american morning," 6:00 a.m. eastern time. grammy award winning singer dion warwick sharing her thoughts and memories of michael jackson. she sang on the song "we are the world." jackson co-wrote that all the way back in 1985. don lemon spoke with warwick and her son damon elliott about that experience. ♪ >> reporter: talk to this about this experience, miss warwick. >> i've always described the experience as something that you really had to be there. very difficult to describe it.
2:35 pm
it was a room full of incredible artists, all on one chord. most of the artists that were in the room had been invited by quincy jones and they came directly from the american music awards to a recording studio. i was performing and i was sent back to l.a. on a private jet so i could be a part of this. quincy called me and said, listen, you got to come in to l.a. tomorrow. i said but i'm working. he said, well, he said you're going to be working here because have you to be here. it was the most incredible event that i've been a part of in a long, long period of time. >> was damon around for that? damon, you didn't get to share that with your mom? at least you've heard her speak of it but you weren't there for
2:36 pm
any of the taping. were you? >> actually, i was around. of course, you know, i had to go to part of it because i'm the biggest michael jackson fan breathing. i'll say that. and i begged mom and she let me be a part of it. and one of many special occasions i was part of with mom. >> "we are the world" and related merchandise raised a total of $63 million for famine relief in africa. michael jackson's music served as a muse for a lot of musicians, including one of our own i-reports. he had a band that covered jackson's songs of the 1980s. ty joins us from string field, massachusetts via skype. ty, i can't wait to show some of these pictures. first, did you sign up for tickets to go to the memorial? >> no, i did not. i knew i wouldn't be able to make it. fy was able to make it, i would have. >> it is a bit of a haul from massachusetts to l.a.
2:37 pm
you started banging on the drums when you were 5 years old. were you a musician at heart. you've grown up being in a couple of different bands but in terms of how michael jackson really shaped your career, you couldn't get a gig until when? well, basically what happened, my band started back in the early '80s, we were knocking down all the club doors, trying to figure out how to get a gig. finally one club in downtown springfield said can you guys do a michael jackson tribute? of course we wanted the opportunity to perform so we said, "sure, we can." we put together a tribute and tell you what, new start took off right after that tribute. it was fantastic. >> this is you as michael jackson. then in the other picture you are rockin' out that white jacket, my friend, in the bottom left picture. you still have those outfits? you fill have the gloves? >> well, they're somewhere. i'm mott sure where they are right now but they are around. >> final question, ty. when we talk about michael jackson and we talk about his life and his legacy, how will
2:38 pm
you remember the king of pop? >> oh, man. well, i got to tell you, michael jackson was special among musicians in general. michael jackson, his music was from his heart. his dance moves was from his heart and just everything about what he did just basically came from his spirit. michael jackson, rest in peace. >> fair to say he changed you not only as a musician but personally speaking? >> i didn't hear that. >> would it be fair to he changed you not only as a musician but personally? >> yes. yes, he did. just you know -- anything to perform like michael and just be -- he just worked hard and he -- to be -- definitely. >> ty, thank you for sharing your words. good luck if you can find that white glove anywhere. love to see that some time from
2:39 pm
your picture. ty, thank you. coming up in our 4:00 eastern hour we will talk to twin sisters who knew michael jackson as a friend. we'll hear what they say about the icon they knew. they say the lonely but a kind man. they were backstage with him. also tonight, cnn's don lemon had will take an in-depth look at michael jackson's life and legacy, his childhood, his music and his finances, and his influence. "cnn presents" "michael jackson man in the mirror." 8:00 herein only here on cnn.
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thunderstorms hitting parts of the southeast. and a break -- hallelujah -- break in the heat wave for many of us. karen maginnis has details in the weather center. you said earlier you like rain. you like the heat? >> no. yeah, i really do like the wet weather and getting some across the southeast, much-needed rainfall but the severe weather's found just to the south of atlanta right along that alabama and georgia border. we'll be watching this throughout the afternoon. but this watch expires right around:00 for this evening. also some pretty good thunderstorms expected across than tennessee river valley.
2:43 pm
just like we saw yesterday. but here we go with the heat. yesterday champaign, illinois was 68. yeah, that's not necessarily hot. but it was much warmer in anchora anchorage, juneau and fairbanks, alaska. even in chicago, only about 72 degrees. temperatures running way below normal there. seattle 84 degrees today but there is a weather system moving in off the pacific. those temperatures are dropping back to more near normal levels. that will put them generally speaking right around 73, 74 degrees. all right, our chance for thunderstorms today across the deep south as this frontal system starts to wave a little bit further towards the south. still another hot day in the pacific northwest but we'll see those temperatures as i just mentioned drop to more normal levels as we go into the next several days. severe thunderstorms also possible across the eastern edge of the rockies.
2:44 pm
brooke, back to you. >> 70s in alaska. who knew? karen, thank you. it is a very special independence day weekend at the statue of liberty. for the very first time since the 9/11 terrorist attacks visitors are allowed to go up inside the statue's crown. the statue's been an american icon ever since it opened up in new york harbor back in 1886. >> reporter: for generations of immigrants, the statue of liberty was the first glimpse of america. for returning soldiers and sailors, it was a re-assurance, welcome home. for generations of tourists, it offered a breathtaking view of america's biggest city. >> you come to new york, it is not new york until you see her. >> reporter: in the early years, visitors could go all the way up to the statue's torch. 305 feet above ground using a staircase in lady liberty's arm. but in 1916, with world war i raging in europe, german saboteurs blew up an ammunition depot on the nearby new jersey shore. officials feared the force of the blast had weakened the
2:45 pm
statue's arm. they closed the torch to the general public and visitors could only climb as high as the statue's crown. that was the way things stayed for 85 years. until another nearby attack that had an even bigger impact. the 2001 attack on new york's world trade center raised fears lady liberty could be the target of a similar assault. liberty island was closed for three months. the statue itself was closed for three years. finally in august of 2004, visitors were re-admitted but only to the statue's pedestal. officials said that even if the terror threat had eased, the narrow, steep, spiral staircase leading up to the crown was unsafe for crowds. new york mayor michael bloomberg tried to put the best face on things. he claimed the view from the pedestal observatory is actually better than the view from the crown. >> this observatory also offers for the first time visitors to the statue the kind of sweeping panoramic views of new york harbor that really were not accessible from the narrow
2:46 pm
apertures of the statue's crown. >> reporter: despite the political spin, visitors still wanted to go up to the crown and two months ago the government dd
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. >> is there any indication she


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