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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 5, 2009 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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for links and information. make sure you tree the challenge. thanks for being part of this program this week. see you next week. there will be consequences. britain and the international community turn up the heat on the iranian government about harassment and sbim addition. new evidence tonight that the opposition anyway be gaining ground. a deadly mystery. what's behind the death of a former football stair and his girlfriend? police speak out tonight. have you seen this face? if so, run and then call police. they say he's a serial killer. laid to rest. new details emerging about michael jackson's public and private memorials. what role is his family's religion playing in the services? we talk to a close family friend. the news starts right now. i'm don lemon in los angeles. the latest developments in the michael jackson story are just ahead, but tonight in iran there are growing signs of political
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discontent among the country's religious elite. high-ranking clerics and seminary students have called last month's presidential election skewed. it's the most direct challenge yet to the supreme leader who declared president mahmoud ahmadinejad the undisputed winner. stanford university iranian scholar spoke to cnn a short time ago about the rising dissent. >> sometimes regimes that have big cracks in them continue to survive by cracking people's bones, and this is exactly what this regime has tried to do. >> even though public street demonstrations have been shut down, they've taken to the roofs at nights to shout yelling god in great. this demonstration has been going on for three weeks now.
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we've been covering the tensions in iran since before the election. he joins us now by phone from philadelphia. thank you very much. what exactly does this mean for iran? >> reporter: i think with the end of the protests in iran, the obvious question is now what? is the opposition movement over? was the government successful in crushing the opposition's voice and is it business as usual? when you have a development like this, the answer is no. the dissent and defiance in iran is not over, but it looks like it shifted into a different form, and that shift appears to show cracks in divisions within the religious establishment, don. >> speaking of the religious establishment, tell us more about the clerics, their influence in all of this. what is their influence? >> reporter: this is a seminary where you have some of the top scholars of shia islam in the world. they were started decades ago by the father of the islamic resolution. they don't lack clout and
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credibility. they usually stay out of politics. they come out in direct opposition to the president, the establishment, and the supreme leader himself itall la ham any. they're saying these elections were illegitimate. here's how we illustrate the apparent cracked that forms within the religious establishment. on one land you have the supreme leader who is supposed to be the ultimate word on most matters. he's come out squarely behind president ahmadinejad. on the other hand, we have influential clerics who are clearly rejecting the most powerful man in iran. >> does this reignite the opposition movement? they've been protesting, but does it ramp it up even more? >> reporter: they haven't been protesting out in the streets, but this is certainly a positive development for them. the government has shown no hesitation in aggressively going after average citizens and even opposition political leaders to
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shut them up. clearly, it's not easygoing after senior clerics with batons and clubs. imagine security forces and the revolutionary guard going after senior clerics. it won't be as easy. this is important for the hundreds of thousands out in the streets and protests. they wonder who is next and who is going to lead us. do we have anyone in the establishment willing to carry our cause? it looks like this particular group does. >> reza, talk to us also about the british embassy employee. the british government had a very stern warning to the government in iran. >> reporter: they have. this is at thtehran and london locking horns. they're shifting and blaming all the turmoil of the british government. they have one in custody, and here you have the for her rin
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men ster david milli ban saying if he's mistreated there's consequences. the face-off continues. >> reza, we appreciate your reporting. thank you very much. in the meantime in central america, high drama in honduras tonight. zelaya ousted one week ago anyway coup took out from dulles airport. he's on a jet bound for the capital of honduras. the announcement that zelaya was returning home sent cheering supporters into the streets, but it is not clear, not at all clear zelaya will actually arrive or what will happen if he does. a live report from carl penhall just moments away. in just two hours president barack obama leaving for russia and a two-day summit with medredev. ed henry is in moscow with a
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preview for you. >> reporter: the president's first stop here in moscow, all about trying to warm up the u.s./russian relation smip which got downright chilly in the bush years because of tensions with putin, mr. obama and top aides talking about hitting the reset button and has out reached to the current russia government has been bearing fruit. russia recently signing on to sanctions against north korea. also, both sides hoping this week to officially announce that russia has agreed to allow u.s. military equipment to fly over russian territory. very important. both sides hope to announce this week cuts in nuclear arms. mr. obama appears to be trying to work through some of the sticking points by driving a bit of a wedge between medredev and putin, who is still around as prime minister. >> the old cold war approaches to u.s./russian relations is outdated.
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it's time to move forward in a different direction. i think medredev understands that. i think putin has one foot in the old ways of doing business and one foot in the new. >> reporter: mr. obama is lobbying for russian cooperation in dealing with iran's nuclear program. that will be a major topic of discussion at the g-8 summit. in addition to iran, of course, afghanistan as well as the financial crisis, climate change and the industrialized nations trying to wipe out poverty. the president will wrap up his trip next weekend in ghana. there will be a lot of international attention on a visit to ghana by the first african-american president. ed henry, cnn, moscow. >> all right. here at home alaskan governor sarah palin decision to resign at the end of the month is sparking a lot of reactions. on friday she mentioned everything from family concerns
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to desire to work for political change beyond alaska. >> though it may be tempting and more comfortable to kind of keep your head down and plod along and appease those demanding, hey, just sit down and shut up, but that's a worthless, easy way out. i think a problem in our country today is apathy. it would be apathetic to hunker down and go with the flow. >> on the sunday morning news carl rove described her move as risky, and conservative columnist george will invoked the word quitter. over in iraq vice president joe biden, her democratic rival in last fall's election says he gives her the benefit of the doubt. >> i respect her decision. i don't -- i don't know what prompted her decision to not only not run again and also to step down as a consequence of the decision not to run in 2010.
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i take her at her word. it had a personal ingredient in it, and you have to respect that. >> in a facebook posting to supporters yesterday, governor palin offered a small hint about her future plans. in her words, quote, i look forward to making a difference with you. let's talk more about sarah palin and other hot stories in the political world. cnn's deputy political director paul steinheiser joins us. when i listened to the announcement, i didn't understand what she was talking about. what is she talking about? >> you're not alone. a lot of people are confused, and i think the big question is does this mean that she wants to run for the white house in 2012? nobody really knows. mixed signals here. but if she does decide to run, some may call her a quitter for dropping out with a year and a half left in her first term as alaska governor. you heard some of that criticism
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today on the sunday talk shows. in that same facebook mention, she said that she, sarah palin has done more in two and a half years than some governors do in two terms. that's how she will fit back against that strategy. >> there is something -- you know, in this country americans are very big on a work ethic. you work and stay there and hunker down. that's her word. and you work through it even if you don't like what's going on and work within the system to make change. is that not her belief in all of this? >> i think she would believe -- yeah, listen, she, of course, has a strong work ethic, you would say. at the same time sarah palin is somebody who plays by her own rules. she goes her own way. this is a very, very good example of that. this was quite a surprise to everybody, don. >> absolutely. let's talk about another governor here, let's talk about mark sanford. he's been in the news and some say way too much lately and he should just be quiet.
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so talk to us about that. >> you know, it's just the opposite, right? they have a year and a half left in their terms. sarah palin is giving up and stepping down, and governor sanford is trying to hold on. he spent this past weekend with his wife and their children down in florida. i guess he was trying to make amends and see if he can repair the marriage. there have been calls, as you know, this past week, a lot of calls for his resignation by the top republicans in the state, a republican congressman as well and others in the state saying it's time to go. a big thing is whether he and his wife can repair their damage, because he needs her to survive. she was instrumental for his victories in congress and his victories as governor, two terms, two elections. he needs her by his side. they're both back later today, and what we don't know if they're back together or separately, don. >> well, we should probably leave them to their private matters when it comes to their marriage. if they're calling for him to step down, that's a loud, loud
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voice to overcome there. deputy political director paul steinhouser. thank you very much. let's turn to the tragic death we reported on last night. we hear from police just moments ago on the violent death death of a former nfl quarterback, steve mcnair. the search grows more urgent the for a serial killer in south carolina, and we want you to be part of our show tonight. twitter, facebook or is how you get on the air. when she gives me that look. when at last we're alone. when we both decide. announcer: today, guys with erectile dysfunction can be ready with another dosing option from cialis. cialis for daily use is a clinically proven low-dose tablet you take every day, so you can be ready anytime the moment is right. so relax and take your time. tell your doctor about your medical condition and all medications and ask if you're healthy enough for sexual activity. don't take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as this may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. don't drink alcohol in excess with cialis. side effects
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honduras. this is from honduran tv. this is a capital city, and the honduras president ousted last week is trying to return. this is at the airport. as we said, it's a high stakes drama playing out in the skies. he left an airport in washington, d.c. here in the united states earlier and was trying to land at this airport. you can see the chaos there right now. not sure if they're going to allow him to land. when he gets there if he's going to be allowed back in power. it's a developing story we're following closely here. you can see the drama in all of the folks at the airport. i'm watching these live pictures come in just as you are. we're here at cnn watching this, and we are watching our -- getting this from telesur.
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we'll keep close watch on this story for you. our carl penhall is there amongst the chaos, and we're trying to get him up for you. as soon as we do, we'll bring him to you live. very interesting what's playing out there. back here in the united states, was it a murder suicide? nashville police are not yet saying as they investigate the shooting death of former nfl star quarterback steve mcnair and 20-year-old sahel kazemi. she's described as his girlfriend. her name is kazemi. the bodies of both were found yesterday at a downtown nashville condominium, and police discovered a gun under the body of kazemi, who apparently had been dating the married mcnair for several months. >> while it is clear that steve mcnair's death is a homicide as the result of being shot four times, the police department is not yet classifying miss kazemi's death.
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she does have a single gunshot wound to the side of the head, but there is more investigation required. we're going to be interviewing persons throughout the day today and probably for the next several days. i would expect that it will be a number of days before the classification is placed on miss kazemi's death. >> steve mcnair's death has stunned nashville and the entire nfl community. he played 13 seasons of pro ball, all but two years with the tennessee titans leaving -- leading the titans to the only super bowl appearance. sahel kazemi's family is already speaking out on the tragedy talking to cnn affiliate wsmv. kazemi's sister says she can't believe the deadly turn of events or what could have led up to them. >> she was very young, very pretty, very loving. she would never hurt a person.
6:18 pm
outgoi outgoing. a really very independent, very strong woman. we were supposed to be celebrating fourth of july. around 5:00 i got a phone call from my brother. he said go watch the news. i went in to watch the news, and i saw it. we both were saying that's her, because they did not release the name until 11:00, 10:00. we were hoping that it is not her. we had a feeling that it was her, because she would be the only young woman with him at that time, as far as we knew. >> nashville police said in a press conference last night that miss kazemi was arrested for dui earlier this week. both mcnair's and kazemi's bodies were found discovered yesterday afternoon. we're working with our
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affiliates and sources to get the latest on that. while much of the country enjoys the fourth of july, no such celebration in cherokee county, south carolina where the killing of five people within a week have authorities hunting for a serial killer. we join you now from gaffney, south carolina, the center of that manhunt. >> reporter: you're right. an absolutely somber day in gaffney, south carolina. pallbearers arrives here at first baptist church. they're here for gina parker and her mother shs, both teachers. co-workers of parker came in a school bus to this service that started four hours ago, finishing roughly about an hour and a half ago. they were also still in the pash parking lots and packed with cars of family and friends attending the memorial remembering the two women. this is what some of them said
6:20 pm
as they entered the church. >> she was my seventh grade schoolteacher, and i loved her dearly. my heart really goes out to all of the citizens of gaffney, south carolina because he's sick, and only god knows the reason. >> we as a small community are going to work together as a whole no matter what color. we need to stick together, because this needs to come to an end. too many innocent people are losing their lives. >> that's from one of the our affiliates. gina and hazel were killed wednesday at the mother's rural home, found bound and shot. they were the second and third victims of what the cherokee county sheriff is calling a serial killer. he believes the man who did this is a white male 6'2" with is
6:21 pm
salt and pepper hair. they believe he's driving an early '90s two-door ford explorer. they follow up on many, many leads here in gaffney. >> richard lui, thank you. keep that picture of the suspect up for a little while. if you have seen that man, make sure to call police. police say that is the face of a serial killer, and you heard our richard lui report. he has killed five people within a week, within a week. a final farewell. new details tonight about the funeral plans for michael jackson.
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pulpit takes the media to task for its coverage of michael jackson, and there's new information about the private funeral service for the jackson family. for the latest on all of this, let's join our susan roesgen.
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you're outside the church where al sharpton took on the media today. >> reporter: he would not say anything bay funeral. i asked when and where is the funeral, and both times he said, the public memorial is 10:00 a.m. on tuesday. in case he misahead us the first time, when's the funeral? again, he said the public memorial is at 10 a.m. on tuesday. he didn't want to say what he knows about the funerals. he's been meeting with the family for the last week. we got a strong thint there will abe funeral on tuesday at beverley hills. any told reporters staff are meeting with the jackson family
6:26 pm
to plan a package of events on tuesday. and through the process of interview we know that jermaine jackson and the family is planning a private service on tuesday. there is a possibility they will have a funeral at forest lawn cemetery before the public memorial on tuesday. that's putting things together based on what the assistant chief told us today. reverend sharpton will not say anything about it it. don. >> a lot of people are talking off the record saying it will be tuesday. again, those are just people talking about that. i found it very interesting, reverend sharpton apparently blasted the media today. what did he say? >> reporter: boy, he took us to task. he took media in general to task. this fiery sermon, as you said, don, had the congregation here behind me on his feet. he said the media can be disrespectful of michael jackson, disrespectful of his legacy, had denigrated michael jackson, and he had the media didn't treat michael jackson's legacy fairly. he said remember how the media
6:27 pm
treated frank sinatra when he died and elvis? reverend sharp ton tsd both men are personal problems but they weren't talked about in the media before the funeral. of course, throughout the past week, ever since michael jackson died we have done many, many tributes to michael jackson. we have pointed out he had 13 number one hit and the best seller album of all time, "thriller," that sold 50 million copies. we've look at the terrific history of this man. this was reverend sharpton's words to all the meetd ya. he didn't want to hear anything bad about michael jackson until after the funeral. >> there is something about saying let's not speak ill of the dead, and i have not seen a lot of the coverage because we've both been working this story. with all due respect to reverend sharpton, i don't know if he's talking about cnn and our coverage. i think we've been very respectful of michael jackson and his legacy, and we have to
6:28 pm
tell the whole story. he had a controversial life, end of story. thank you very much for that. former secretary of state colin powell, you can add him to the long list of people with fond memories of michael jackson. on "state of the union" he tells our john king that the early years of the jackson 5 will always be his favorite memory. >> he was a great entertainer, and he crossed so many lines with his skill and the skill of his brothers. i always remember him most vividly as a young boy with his brothers, the jackson 5. he's fresh, exciting with the fros in the early '70s and singing the wonderful songs, "abc." don't ask me to as i understand it. that's what i remember about michael. >> joining us in los angeles is cnn contributor brian monroe, he's the vice president sxed for yal director of ebony and jet magazines and he has conducted -- he conducted the
6:29 pm
last interview with michael jackson. let's talk about that. thank you for joining us here. let's talk about this. like i said, with all due respect to the reverend sharpton and jackson, all of these people, you know, i have heard some negative things about michael jackson, but i've also heard some very respectful coverage. what are they talking about? what is he talking about, i should say? >> i think the coverage of the story has been tremendous across all the mediums, but it reflects the complexity that michael jackson was. he's a complex man and amazing entertainer and creative force that many haven't seen in our lifetime and he had his complexities and his controversies and his drama in his life. i think the coverage is reflecting both sides of that story. as we get closer to the services, you will hear a lot more about the life that he lived and his kids. >> when you had the controversy surrounding and the questions surrounding his death, you can't get one consensus on when there's going to be a funeral and all of these things. so that does add to the
6:30 pm
circus-like effect of it. you have to admit that. i do have to say, and i, you know -- i'm going to be honest. when i spoke with joe jackson, the father, and i asked him the question about the family and he responded by promoting his record company and next day he held a press conference to clear that up and he did the same thing. i said, well, maybe people are giving you the benefit of the doubt that maybe it's your state of mind or grieving. he said no, i'm strong. in one sense even a family member is adding to some of that coverage. >> it has been, you know -- he was certainly in the center during your interview right before the awards. he is indicative of everything that's been around michael jackson. the strength of the family, the controversy of the family, the brothers have each tried to create their own lives but also have come together. i talked to someone close to the family yesterday. inside that house they're trying to come together, trying to take care of the kids. the kids are there with the cousins. >> right. >> it is a complexity of michael jackson we're seeing right now.
6:31 pm
>> especially the mom. that is a strong mother, katherine jackson. my hat's off to her. she's taking care of her baby and her baby's babies and trying to maybe sure that everything is provided for them. i have the utmost respect for her and also janet when she came out to the b.e.t. awards. i have to tell you that most african-americans feel the same way, because eight in ten african-americans are following this story like never before. >> we saw that those that say they are michael jackson fans, 51% of americans say they are. that's tracking closely particularly with women and african-americans and oddly enough with democrats. >> you hearing anything about the service, public or private? the tickets? what about the tickets that all the people are supposed to get? >> they are supposed to be notified today. i know that they had to wash the list. make sure there wasn't duplications and those automatic programs that try to register you automatically. they're trying to wash that out
6:32 pm
of the system. >> brian monroe, thank you very much. our conversation took a turn i didn't think it would take. that's what we're here for. we really appreciate it. he'll help us through the michael jackson coverage. he's a contributor here at cnn now. thank you, sir. appreciate it. tune in for cnn specials presents on the life and times, the music of michael jackson, man in the mirror airing tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern only here on cnn. tuesday just us for around the clock coverage of the memorial celebrating the life of this worldwide pop icon as family, friends, and fans all say good-bye to michael jackson. michael jackson, the memorial, cnn all day tuesday starting on "american morning" 6:00 a.m. eastern. on tuesday is when you'll start to hear about the tribute and emergen michael jackson's legacy as well it should be. more political turmoil in iran and new trouble for mahmoud ahmadinejad as some top clerics
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we want go back to honduras and the airport there. this is -- boy, again, i'm looking at these pictures as you see them here. this is the airport where the ousted president is expected to land. these pictures from telesur, which is honduran television. we're working to get our carl penhall up to explain to us exactly what is going on.
6:36 pm
we know that the ousted president, manuel zelaya, is now approaching the airport there in a venezuelan. he's asked the military that kicked him out to please let him land in the name of god. there's some fires that have been set there. again, we don't have control of this video, because this is coming from someone we work with in honduras. i don't recall the affiliate, but it's telesur television. i'm trying to make this out as you are. it's interesting to see all of this going on, especially playing out live. can you blank the prompter for me, please. carl penhall is there at this airport. we know that this -- it started last week when we got word of a coup, and then it played into -- spilled over to a couple of days ago. we know that manuel zelaya was kicked out of the country, and
6:37 pm
that he came into the united states. he took off from dulles airport this afternoon here and then went to try to land at this airport. so he is asking that the army there, the military let him land. again, as i said, in the name of god. this appears to be chaotic. okay. now we see it better. i couldn't make it out. maybe the cameraman was moving around. there is chaos there when you look at it. you can see motorcycles on the ground being burned, people are chanting there. again, this is from telesur at honduran television. let me read some of the information off the wires here. speaking live from the plane on the telesur network, zelaya said he was minutes away from landing. that was a short time ago. he faces arrest by the interim honduran government.
6:38 pm
he asked the that the soldiers oupg the airport instead return their allegiance to him, in the name of god, the people and justice. but the politics who ousted him aren't backing down, and violence has broken out and a huge crowd surrounding the airport on sunday with at least one person killed so far. that's according to an associated press photographer at the scene. we're going to go to cnn's carl p penhall. this is all developing as we speak. carl may not hear me. he may be doing a report in progress. do we have carl available? carl, can you hear us? this is don lemon in the u.s. >> reporter: don, right now we're at the airport at the capital. thousands of supporters of the ousted president manuel zelaya have gathered there.
6:39 pm
they have come because they know in the next few minutes they're due to land the plane here. on the one hand the interim government and the military has said they will not allow that plane to land. if they do, as soon as mr. zelaya steps foot on honduran soil, they will arrest him. on the other hand mr. zelaya's supporters turned out here in mass. if he's arrested, they will try to take the airport and put a human fort around him to protect him and take him away to safety. at the last moment we have heard shots fires, shots being fired by the honduran military. we heard the commotion here on the other side of the airport. we were told by another cnn team on the ground that team gas was fired as well. from the march organizers here, we are being told that we initially understood there were shots in the air, but we understand from march organizers that some of zelaya supporters
6:40 pm
may have been injured or killed in the shooting. we're still awaiting for official confirmation on that. they're talking about two people injured or even killed. still waiting, as i say, for confirmation for that. now, in the next few moments as i say if mr. zelaya's plane lands and the thousands of protesters here break and police lines on this side of the airport. they fired at police up there, and then blocking the entrance to the airport. we also have a dozen assault guns and we also know that out there on the airstrip as well, dozens of soldiers have been deployed there. they will try to surround the president's plane. don. >> that's karl penhall following this developing story. we'll continue to monitor those pictures and get information from carl penhall as the day and evening progresses here on cnn
6:41 pm
so you won't miss any of it. our produce rerz monitoring those pictures. we have more international news to tell you about. political rumblings inside the iran are growing louder tonight. some high-ranking clerics and seminary students are adding their voices to the discontent over the presidential election. they call the election skewed. it's perhaps the most direct challenge yet to supreme leader ayatollah new hampshire any. he has expressed doubt over the legitimacy of the vote. can the current regime stay in power in the face of growing high-level des sent from the nation's religious elite. my guest is trea parsi. he's also an author. treata, it's good to see you. >> good to see you. >> is this a chink in the armor
6:42 pm
of the government in power there. if you have all theedz clerics speaking out against this election? >> it shows from the very outset you had severe split in the government, and those splits have become even greater. the opposition's strongest card right now is the fact that the ahmadinejad faction, the ham knee faction has lost legitimacy. as long as they have enough time and continue to play that card of the lack of consistency, it's difficult to see how the khamenei/ahmadinejad will survive. >> talk about that. they're in power. they control it. they're in power now. >> that is true, but in the past even though this is a government quite unpopular, they have legitimacy amongst some of the people. now, even those elements are starting to turn against what
6:43 pm
they view as a fraud by ahmadinejad and the fact that the supreme leader so strongly sided with ahmadinejad, even though his role is supposed to be more of someone who is tilting the balance, not someone completely taking the side of either faction. that has lost -- that has caused him to lose a lot of legitimacy. without that legitimacy, you have to rule by force, and i'm not so confident that this government will be able to do so. >> i'll get to the force because i'll ask you about the police or the people out on the street and the revolutionary guard and all of that. if you say that they may not be able to stay in power, then what happens next? i mean, does this mean that mousavi will suddenly come into office? is there another election? what happens next here? >> i'm not 100% sure, but more likely at some point they will try to strike some sort of compromise. so far ahmadinejad and khamenei have been reluctant to engage in
6:44 pm
discussions about a compromise. i'm not so sure that's a strategy they will pursue. >> we're talking about des cent. what about the revolutionary guard? what about the people that are out, and you saw people saying they were beaten? are they still siding with ahmadinejad here, or are you seeing decent among there? >> clearly the higher echelon of the irgc are still siding with ahmadinejad, but even before these elections, we knew that there were splits within the irgc as well. not necessarily that it will turn against the government as a whole, but not this more partisan type of approach that they've taken lately. so there is question marks, and this is the difficult that ahmadinejad has been faced with. he's trying to present himself and his election as a -- he's trying to make sure that internationally he's recognized as the president, but increasingly you're starting to see question marks not just
6:45 pm
because foreign leaders are not dealing with him in the way they thought he would, but aulsz because internally there's more and more people starting to express their descent. >> thank you very much. as the world prepares to say good-bye to michael jackson, it's sad to say there are con artists looking to cash in. we'll tell you how to protect yourself. the little red wagon representing a similar time. the times, they are changing. >> we pushed the boundaries. >> this is not your father's wagon it's called cloud nine, it features a slick design, cup holders and of course an ipod connection. >> we read appropriate it like an automotive company, like a concept car. >> why would this small family-based company fix something that's not broken?
6:46 pm
>> most of our competitors are larger companies. to compete against those companies, we really have to be innovative. >> designed with cutting edge tools, radio flyer is taking this one simple toy into the 21st sent century. >> we can take a product from the sketch pad to a prototype to show our customers what we come out with next. >> this version of the cloud nine would sell for around $1,000, that is if it were available in stores. it's not. radio flyer is just toying with the idea for now. gary tuchman, cnn, chicago. ( instrumental music playing ) - announcer: live a little... - ( crickets chirping ) - ( helicopter whirring ) - ...a lot. the first-ever is convertible from lexus.
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6:50 pm
for these tickets? are they transferrable? >> they're not transferrable. anytime any time there is a rush for anything, whether it's tickets or really anything that the public wants to get their hands on, scammers will be the first ones to get out there and take advantage of people who are unsuspecting. the rush for tickets, don, leaves it wide open. >> oh, boy, okay. so what are they doing? what are they saying that they can get people tickets or what? >> well, of course, yeah. they're playing -- they're playing up the willingness for people to do just about anything for people to get those tickets. we know historically scammers and hackers will leverage anything in the media to turn it to their advantage and take advantage of unsuspecting individuals. so tragedies play well for that. >> -- try to capitalize on that, yeah. you said internet security companies went on high alert for scams related to michael jackson
6:51 pm
even before his death was confirmed? why, christine? >> they did. they did. as soon as he was in an ambulance on his way to the hospital, the security companies around the world were already saying, be on high alert. it's just a matter of time before you start to get scam e-mail with hackers, malware programs, that type of thing attached, and they were dead on. michael jackson's death is about as good as it gets unfortunately for scammers. it's too delicious for them to leave alone unfortunately. >> thank you very much for that. tuesday, make sure you join us for round the clock coverage of the memorial, celebrating the life of this icon, as family, friends and fans say good-bye. michael jackson, the memorial, cnn, all day tuesday, starting on "american morning" at 6:00 a.m. eastern. discover card customers are getting 5% cashback bonus at the pump. now more than ever, it pays to discover.
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all right. what do kids in the united states think about life in africa? and what do africa kids think about life in the united states? cnn's soledad o'brien investments a school in mississippi where african-american and african students come together and learn more about one another. >> reporter: he feels at home on the rural mississippi campus of the piney woods school. this primarily african-american boarding school is a world away from the impoverished south
6:55 pm
african village he grew up in. his mother still lives there. >> i don't know how he came out of this because if you can look at the -- some of the kids at his age, they've been destroyed. >> reporter: like many of the international students here, gadaffi came to the school with expectations about the united states. >> when i was at home, one thing that i saw the united states to be was a paradise. this is a place where you go and everything, you know, is delivered to you, almost like in a gold place. >> reporter: on community service trips, he's seen that life for some americans is surprisingly familiar. >> you had a lot of people that were illiterate. places where you could see, you know, were vandalized by poverty. places where, you know, hiv/aids is still common. those are the three things that
6:56 pm
are currently affecting south africa. >> reporter: he also had expectations about african-americans. >> the media -- when i was back home, you know, portrayed an image to me about african-americans that made it seem as if they were these aggressive people that did nothing constructive with their lives except occupy prison space. >> reporter: school president, rej nell nichols, says it's a common misperception. >> if you see "cops" you go, okay, everybody's like that. >> reporter: the stereotyping goes both ways. >> i think africans were uncivilized tribe, the jungle. you remember "the lion king" from your childhood pretty much. >> reporter: sydney smith now says her roommate makes her work harder. >> i need to take these opportunity because they're not always going to be around. >> reporter: nichols says learning about each other is the most important lessons these
6:57 pm
students will walk away with. >> that's why i like having the mix of students here because here they're getting an opportunity to dialogue and to create u.n., united nations, here. >> you have to, you know, try to find common ground with other people, you know. it never hurts, you know, to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to another person and learn from them. there's so many things we can learn from each other. >> reporter: soledad o'brien, cnn, reporting. >> soledad, thank you for that. while other reporters are covering the stories developing every day in the black community, soledad o'brien has been work on some special stories you'll see on july 22nd and 23rd when cnn presents "black in america 2." right here on cnn. welcome to our mcdonald's.
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