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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 17, 2009 1:54pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's the best video you have never seen from the apollo 11 moon landing. where is it? nasa has no idea. the story from tom. >> one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: it is the iconic image of our efforts to explore space. now, as we approach the 40th anniversary of man's first visit to the moon, nasa has restored and enhanced the original grainy
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black and white images, including that one that riveted the planet. >> that looks beautiful. >> reporter: astronaut neil armstrong, setting foot for the lunar surface on july 20th, 1969, the new video is an improvement over the original. they believe that somewhere out there is video that could take our breath away, images like this with you sharper and clearer than anything seen before. the problem is, no one knows where it is. >> liftoff of "endeavour." >> reporter: regular shuttle images and the crisp color images they transmit have space fans ai little spoiled. we forget how complicated it was to transmit pictures from space to earth in 1969. here is how it worked. a small camera built into apollo 11 scanned the lunar landing in a unique format unsuitable for regular tv.
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those images were transmitted to tracking stations in southeast australia and california's mohave desert where they were converted to a standard format and sent on to houston, losing picture quality every step of the way. veterans of the apollo mission recently reminded nasa that the technician that both ground stations recorded the transmissions on to special tapes which if converted now with modern technology would produce the highest quality images of man on the moon ever seen. a search has been launched but three years into it, after scouring multiple nasa facilities, there is no sign of those tapes. now, many fear the spectacular images on them, images far superior to anything we have ever seen, may be lost forever. tom foreman, cnn, washington.
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>> nasa says it seems they were erased right here on earth. it is not the same but you can get a new view of the lunar landing on twitter. check out 40. they are sweeting ttweeting thes it happens. we are waiting to hear on a reporting arrest in the steve mcnair case. we will take you back there. as you recall, the former nfl star was shot to death on july 4th by his mistress who then killed herself. they tell us they have arrested the main who provided the gun to her, adrian gilliam, a convicted murderer. we knew this story wasn't going away. we didn't bank on it becoming more mosh which had. burr oaks cemetery outside of chicago, four workers accused of
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digging up remains and dump them and reselling plots and pocketing cash. thousands of people wondering if their loved ones are resting, not so much in peace but in place. get this, they might not never know. dna testing might not help identify the remains that are dug up. they would have to test relatives from all those buried at burr oak to find dna matches. there are about 100,000 graves and the records are in shambles. the whole case, a truly morbid mess. they have state of illinois rethinking the way it governs cemeteries. it turns out, there were red flags raised over burr oak in the past. >> reporter: burr oak has been besieged by problems for years. conditions were so bad the better business bu roe has given the cemetery an "f" rating for the past two years. one woman reported finding two feet of dirt on top of a
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headstone. another family arrived to bury their mother and found the burial ground had not been dug. they explained they were totally disgusted with burr oaks and they could not make up for the mental damage. >> legally, there is no law that says they can't do that, then they can do it. >> reporter: the major is no fan of the way burr oak has run its business but he thinks concerns about double burials are overblown. >> a cemetery is not required to hold that space forever. so at some point, some bones were probably disinterned. >> reporter: that doesn't explain burr oaks missing headstones, broken burial vaults and bones discovered across the property. governor, pat quinn announced a
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nine person panel that will seek to strengthen the state's lax laws regulating cemeteries. >> it is important that we get to the bottom of all the facts and make sure we protect the public interest and the consumer interest of the state of illinois. >> this seems morally wrong, i guess. that's the only way i can put it. it's not right. >> reporter: he was running power lines in the burr oak grounds in 2005 and reported a grisly discovery to the police. >> we started noticing bones, legs, arms, hands sticking out of the ground. >> that was ben bradley from our chicago affiliate, wls. the court-appointed caretaker is hoping to get the cemetery back up by august 1st and hoping that the staff will be able to help most families find their buried relatives. now, the murder case out of florida, the killing of a
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florida couple with a house full of special needs children. the two victims laid to rest. the questions about their death and their alleged killers, nowhere near laid to rest. ed lavandera reports. >> reporter: family and friends have gathered for funeral services for byrd and melanie billings in pensacola. wf t before the services, the family addressed the one question, just what was inside the safe taken from the billings home? >> as a result of the intense speculation regarding the motive of the crime, i have been authorized to tell you that the safe that was removed from the billings home contained only children's prescription medication, important family documents, and some jewelry of sentimental value. hopefully, this will put to rest the intense speculation and
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rumors that are swirling about the billings family. >> reporter: we have reached out to prosecutors and investigators to determine whether or not what this attorney is saying is accurate. that safe, we have learned, was found on the property of pamela long wiggins, the eighth person arrested. she has been charged with accessory after the fact. authorities tell us that that safe was found in their backyard. we were told yesterday this he were going through the process of figuring out what was inside that safe and cracking it open. now, to indonesia and brazen attacks on neighboring five-star hotels. suicide bombers struck the ritz-carlton and jw marriott in jacarta. police say the crime could have been worse. we get the latest from dan rivers. >> reporter: police investigation into this double blast in the center of jakarta is well underway. they are focusing on several
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different elements. they will be looking at this ctv footage which shows a man wheeling a suitcase through the ro lobby of the hotel. then, seconds later, a blast goes through. they are looking closely and seeing if there is any clues they can gleam from that. they will also be analyzing a third bomb that was found on the 18th floor of the marriott hotel which didn't detonate. we are being told they think the explosives in that bomb are similar to a cash of explosives that were found a couple of weeks ago in west jarva. the house, the cash of explosives were found in has links to the most wanted man in indonesia. the police think he is part of a spl splinter cell that has links to. the moments they are beginning
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to point towards j.i., this group that operates across the region that has hit the marriott in 2003, they have carried out devastating bomb attacks in 2002 and again in 2005. so far, it is early. so the scene is still sealed off as the police do their work. we will find out more over the weekend. dan rivers, cnn, jakarta. the nypd says it deployed dozens offer critical response vehicles to new york hotels within minutes of the indonesia attack. authorities insist that was just a precaution. there is no indication that attacks are being planned in new york. reaction is pouring in from washington to the terror in jakarta, swift and angry. jill has reaction for us. >> reporter: just a few minutes ago, we had a briefing by robert wood, who was a state department spokesman. he told us that the total number of casualties still is
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undetermined but they can say that there were at least eight americans injured. they believe that no one was killed at this point among the americans, that those injuries to the americans are not life threatening and a number of people, we don't know the exact number but they have been taken to singapore for medical care. at the briefing here at the state department, they are not speculating on who might have carried out those two attacks. secretary clinton, actually, when this happened, was on her way to india. she did make a statement and essentially said the threat of terrorism still remains. you remember back in february, secretary clinton did visit indonesia. at that point, she was praising indonesia as the world's largest muslim majority democracy. it was really a success story. at this briefing that just took place, robert wood was asked
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about that. he said, these attacks do not undermine the believe that this is indonesia, a democracy that is thriving and that these attacks will happen. it doesn't change that picture. finally, the united states has asked -- has offered any type of help. it could be the fbi, forensics help. the government has thanked them but so far is not asking for anything. kyra? >> jill dougherty, thanks. senate hearings for sonia sotomayor are over. what's next? we'll tell you. (man) i'm rethinking everything...
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we are just getting word the president of the united states going to hold some type of event at 3:15 eastern time. ed henry joining us from the white house. what do you know? >> reporter: the president will be speaking 3:15 eastern time in the diplomatic room. it was not on the president's public schedule. we have been hearing rumors he might add an event. usually, on a friday afternoon, he will move on and not speak. this shows clearly this white house is getting nervous about the drumbeat of bad news on health care reform. they want to put out their best asset, which is their president, to try and push back. yesterday, he did the congressional budget office, the umpire in these budget disputes saying they believe that the house democratic health bill as well as the senate will add on
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too much debt. it will not cut the cost that the president has been promising. that is bad news for this white house. a second bit of bad news. earlier today i was speaking to a key moderate democratic senator, ben nelson, of nebraska. he was saying he came to the white house yesterday in a private meeting and told him he thinks he needs to give up this august deadline that the president has been pushing so hard for. in the last few moments, my colleague, dana bash, has obtained a letter that ben nelson and five other moderate senators have sent to the senate leaders and say, look, slow down. they still want to get health reform done by the end of the year but they think it is being pushed through too quickly. i think the president has been involved in this debate but trying to keep some distance and let congress work out their differences. it looks like it is starting to sputter on the hill and it is significant that this president is no you taking on a greater role. he realizes it may befalling apart. he wants to get some momentum
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that he is starting to lose. supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor, the hard part would seem to be over after four days of hearing. three gop senators are now publicly in sotomayor's corner, including the senate's only hispanic republican, mel martinez. as brianna keeler reminds us, the hearings were an ordeal for nominee and critic alike. >> reporter: gun rights dominated the discussion as sonia sotomayor spent her last day on the hot seat. >> my constituents understand that the right to own guns hangs in the balance. it may very well hang in the balance with your ascendency. >> reporter: as republican sen torey, tom coburn pressed her.
2:15 pm
>> would you want a judge or nominee that came in here and said, i agree with you, this is unconstitutional before i had a case before me, before i had both sides discussing the issue with me. i don't know that that's the justice that i can be. fel fellow republican, lindsey graham, said he may vote to confirm sotomayor. >> i think, fundamentally, judge, you are able, after all these years of being a judge to embrace a right that you may not want for yourself, to allow others to do something that are not comfortable to you but for the group, they are necessary. >> reporter: even he addressed her off-the-bench comments, including her wise lat tea na remark. >> you said some things that bugged the hell out of me.
2:16 pm
>> i regret that i have offended some people. i believe that my life demonstrates that that was not my intent, to leave the impression that some have taken from my words. >> you know what, judge, i agree with you. >> reporter: not many republicans seemed won over. >> you appear to be a different person, almost, in your speeches and in some of the comments that you made. >> reporter: still, with sotomayor's confirmation almost certain, democrats were already looking ahead. >> the experience and wisdom will benefit all americans. when you walk under that piece of vermont marble over the door of the supreme court, speaking of equal justice under law, i know that will guide you. judge sotomayor, thank you. god speed. >> pushing forward, what's next?
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the judiciary committee has scheduled a meeting for tuesday. any member can ask for a one-week delay. for chairman lahey, the ultimate goal is a full vote before they leave on their august recess. she is only seven years old and she feels like she has a story to tell. so does her publisher. one of the young stars of "slumdog millionaire" already has an autobiography. caused all this?"ater "but i don't even live near the water." what you don't know about flood insurance may shock you. including the fact that a preferred risk policy starts as low as $119 a year. for an agent, call the number on your screen.
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live pictures out of nashville. we want to remind you, we are waiting to hear from federal
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prosecutors any minute now on a reported arrest in the steve mcnair case. you may recall that the former nfl star was shot to death on july 4th by his mistress and then she turned the gun on herself. apparently, law enforcement sources are telling the associate press they have arrested the man who provided that gun to her. as soon as that news conference happens, we will take it live. relief from the heat in parts of the midwest and a threat of big storms around washington, d.c. is what chad myers is tracking in talking to us about. hey, chad. >> hi, kyra. right along i-95 from d.c. down through petersburg, i am going to start zooming in for you. we will take this map. i want you to notice tied waters right there. that would be hampton road. here is richmond in petersburg. we have a retaiting thunderstorm. i am not sure why there is not a tornado warning. not a hugely pom lalted area but this is part of where i used to live, richmond. there is stony creek. this is about to move over the
2:22 pm
e i-95. around exit 31, maybe 32. that is probably not a major area of concern for a lot of people but this area of weather could grow as we get into the rest of the day. here is the cold weather. that cool weather you talked about. it is a big cold front for this time of year. this will sweep away the humidity. it will sweep away the temperatures and we will go from almost 100 degrees today in dallas well down into the 80s and morning low temperatures probably into the 60s. look at the highs today, minneapolis, only 64. i will move you ahead to tomorrow. things even get cold ter as we slide things up. dallas goes to 88. memphis, 83. chicago, 70. it is the cold front that drops all the way down to the gulf of mexico. we might get one front like this every few years in the middle of july. enjoy the weather this weekend anywhere east of the mississippi.
2:23 pm
kyra? >> all right, chad. take a note. >> i am not going anywhere except my haus, a staycation this weekend. by eight or nine, lots of kids are into books. very few have cowritten one. very few have gone from slum to stardom to scandal in their first decade. zain verjee reports. >> reporter: from the streets to the store shelves, "slumdog millionaire" star star robina ali is telling her life story in slumgirl dreaming. she is nine years old. for her fans, age is just a number. >> she has had so many experiences already, so many stories to say. you have a little minioscar there. >> reporter: she grabbed the headlines since her oscar night. the stories have taken an ugly turn. her father was accused by a london tabloid of trying to sell
2:24 pm
her to an arab sheikh. a mother and stepfather were caught on camera fighting over her discuss stowed. the slum house she lived in after her huge success was among the homes torn down by authorities for being built illegally. she is hoping her ration to cities to rags stores sells many copies. >> people who are generally interested in how a nine-year-old goes to living in a slum in mumbai to becoming a movie star. >> reporter: disney singing sensation, miley cyrus, was the grand old age of 16 when her book, "miles to go" came out and alex gervin stole the public's heart when he stole his book at the age of nine. zane verjee, cnn, london.
2:25 pm
the "half blood prince" making a whole lot of money. it is coming out. passing a $100 million mark worldwide in its first 24 hours on screen. the best single day total yet. in fact, it has already earned back almost half of what it cost. warner brothers is said to have spent $250 million making that flick. people pouring into the streets of tehran cheering on a cleric who is challenging the regime and questioning the presidential election. things got violent. we will check it out in our international desk.
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pretty powerful iranian cleric challenging the regime in iran. >> a lot of drama taking place in tehran today. tens of thousands of people, some reports saying hundreds of thousands of people showed up to hear ayatollah rafsanjani speak.
2:29 pm
the biggest name among the opposition mir hossein mousavi. also was this man. look at him with his turb ban off. there were lots of reports that he was attacked by members of the basij, the government volunteer militia. it looks like he is somewhat disoriented and his turbin is off. this video shows a man surrounded by supporters and there is tear gas in the background. so a lot of activity before and after the sermon. let's go and show you pictures inside the sermon taking place about 1:15 p.m. local time in
2:30 pm
iran. there, you see him inside the sermon, listening to ayatollah rafsanjani. many eager to hear what he would say. would he support the opposition or the regime. indeed, he delivered some criticism to the regime saying the aftermath of the elections has left a bitter taste in the nation. here is some of what he had to say. >> translator: doubt has been created in people's mind. we consider that to be col amity. one doesn't have any doubt and is moving ahead with their large and a large portion of the people who think they have doubt. >> aft one-hour sermon, there were more protests outside tehran university. there you see thousands of people outside the gates.
2:31 pm
in a few seconds, you will see security forces coming out on motorcycles and there you see the opposition supporters scattered. very interesting, inside tehran university. usually, during friday, people are urged to say, death to the usa, death to america, death to israel. today, when they were urged, instead of saying that, they kept saying, god is great. an apparent show of defines to the organizers of friday prayer. also, we show you this. there were a number of arrests. among them, according to mir hossein mousavi's facebook page, human rights activist was arrested. he was walking with a group of women's rights activists when unidentified plainclothes man pulled her into the car. things have quieted down
2:32 pm
throughout tehran. a big day. this was one of the biggest shows, protests that we have seen with the opposition over the past few weeks. >> reza sayah, thanks so much. he will be in a cast for a while. he is in good sfirt. a smiling pope benedict the xvi left the hospital. the vatican says he fell in his room overnight at his vatican home in the alps. he underwent a successful 20-minute operation. the cast has to stay on for months. he managed to celebrate mass before heading to the hospital. nelson mandela turns 91 tomorrow. he doesn't want cards or gifts. instead, the legendary civil rights leader wants people around the globe to spend time doing good deeds for others. he and his wife hope this will start a social movement that will go on long after he is gone. mandela's birthdays are traditionally big celebrations. this time, he is spenting it at
2:33 pm
home in south africa with his grandkids. an african-american president may soon be a latino supreme court justice. our carol costello will look at whether we really need affirmative action anymore. if you're taking 8 extra-strength tylenol...
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a day on the days that you have arthritis pain, you could end up taking 4 times the number... of pills compared to aleve. choose aleve and you could start taking fewer pills. just 2 aleve have the strength... to relieve arthritis pain all day. president obama spoke last night at the naacp's annual convention telling them that there is still work to be done to end discrimination in the u.s.
2:35 pm
>> the pain of discrimination is still felt in american. african-american women paid less for doing the same work as colleagues of a different collar and gender. latinos made to feel unwelcome in their own country. muslim-americans viewed with suspicion, simply because they kneel down to their god. by our gay brothers and sisters still taunted and attacked and denied their rights. prejudice has no place in the united states of america. >> with an african-american president in the white house and a latino supreme court justice. >> reporter: affirmative action helped sonia sotomayor get into elite schools like princeton. >> i am a product of affirmative action. my test scores were not
2:36 pm
comparable of that of my colleagues at princeton or yale. >> reporter: keep in mind, back then, only 12% of law school students were women and only 7% were minorities. today, the numbers have changed dramatically. today, almost half of law school students are women and 23% are minorities. minorities and women overall seem to be excelling, a black president, a woman secretary of state and the list goes on and on and on. >> i'm just saying. >> reporter: time to say no to affirmative action? >> for us to operate under the nomenclature of affirmative action, to operate on racial preferenceings and quota is idiotic. >> reporter: supreme court justice clarence thomas wrote, i graduated from one of america's top law schools but racial preference had robbed my
2:37 pm
achievement of its true value. >> let's have it go away. >> i think it is time to consider ending it. >> i don't think it is relevant anymore. >> there will always be some group that will need it. >> i believe that affirmative action should never have been in place in the first place. >> reporter: others say, not so fast. there is just one black senator and two hispanics. >> the day we have a no, ma'am know for the supreme court and we don't bring up the word latina or woman. we will say, here is our new nominee, we are going to ask her questions. >> next wednesday and thursday, cnn investigates the most challenging issues facing african-americans. july 22nd and july 23rd hosted by soledad o'brien. special reports on people finding groundbreaking solutions to transform the black experience. the governor of florida has a mission for this man, joining
2:38 pm
a pie on this posse and hunting them down. you are going to meet him and his scaly friend.
2:39 pm
2:40 pm
problem outside, state has just launched a python patrol of sorts. greg graziotti is on it. you also brought your pet. is that right, greg? >> it is not actually my pet but we did bring a python so the people know what we are hunting. >> i was told you are an owner of a python. is that right? >> yes. as a matter of fact, we breed pythons for a living is what we do. we don't specifically work with this species anymore. that's what we do as a living. >> got it. explain to me -- we will get to the breeding pythons in a moment. if you don't mind, obviously, this has become a big problem in florida. the case of this young girl that was stangled was heart-wrenching. how will you go about trapping these pythons and u thanizing it? >> as far as capturing the animals, it's pretty simple. we reach down and pick them up,
2:41 pm
depending on the size of them. we do keep some equipment with us, like this snake hook that we will use to move the animal around. as you can see when we touch this animal, he wants to get away from us. we can go ahead and reach down and control the head with the hook as we are doing that. eventually, we work our way up until we get ahold of the head and then the animal can be placed in a bag or burr lap sack or something like that. >> wow, you make it look so simple. >> after 30 years of working with these animals, it really is farrell simple. it is not at dramatic as everybody makes it seem as far as capturing the animals. the hardest problem is locating them. >> i want to get to the point of the fact that people have these as pets and you breed them. at the same time, this is also a very deadly creature. we saw what happened to the 2-year-old. so, tell me why you are a part
2:42 pm
of this new patrol on a voluntary basis, i understand, to go out and euthanize these pie thons. what is the major concern here. >> the biggest concern is not public safety with these animals. these are out in a remote area of the everglades. its more of an ecological concern for us, the fact that they compete for food source and also may eat other animals that we are trying to protect out there in the everglades. the pet trade animals, they have done a good job of putting in regulations here in florida, making people have the proper licensing permits and they have also inspected those individuals to make sure that the cages of those animals are secure. unlike the tragedy that happened earlier this month was an unlicensed, unpermitted individual that had that animal. >> so why breed them? >> just as people have done for years with all animals, it is
2:43 pm
just an animal that we like. as reptile lovers, we hate the fact that these animals have to be euthanized but now once these animals are in the everglades, they are wild pie thons at this point. the animal i am holding in my hand, you can see extremely how dos sill this animal is. it was bread in captivity and been handled from the time it was a juvenile animal. these larger pythons that we find in the everglades would not make good pets. there is really no place to put those animals. fwc has made the decision that the animals would be euthanized and possibly the hides and meat may be used in another market. >> have you ever been bitten by one? >> the juveniles that we raise at home, we get bitten quite often. again, with the larger animals, the bite might be slightly more
2:44 pm
severe but it's not anything life threatening just to receive a bite from one of these animals. >> advice. you say they are not necessarily a threat to humans. they are out there in the everglades. let's just say. we are talking about 100,000. if someone comes in contact with a python, what's the smartest way to respond? >> the biggest thing with any snake -- most people are not going to be able to identify one snake from another. with the pythons, their large size may give them away. the lorn the larger they get, the slower moving they get. if you walk away, you won't have any problems. we have yet to have any problems with any of the wild animals out there being a problem for people. >> you breed them. you are obviously comfortable with them. you are a reptile lover. how do you deal with having to euthanize the ones that are out there in the everglades? >> again, it is not something that we want to do. unfortunately, it is something
2:45 pm
that has to be done. you know, would i rather somebody else do that part of it, yes. as a permit holder, that is something that i signed on to help restore the exhoe ecosystem of the everglades. thats part of the job we have taken on. not something we like by any means or want to have to do but it is necessary at this point. >> we will be eager to see how quickly you can get after these guys. greg, appreciate you and the visit by your good friend there. >> thank you very much. florida has snakes. california has squid. some divers have been roughed up by aggressive five-foot long flying squid. the animals usually stay down in the depth but have surfaced in shallower waters lately. they hunt in schools of 1,000 or more. researchers think that there may be a year-round population
2:46 pm
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i think i'll go with the basic package. good choice. only meineke lets you choose the brake service that's right for you. and save 50% on pads and shoes. meineke. think about this. exactly one year ago today, you were paying the highest price for gasoline ever recorded. how much have prices come down since then? will they keep heading lower? allison? >> reporter: last year on july 17th, the nationwide average for a gallon of gas hit $4.11, the highest price ever. today, the average price is $2.48. a drop of nearly 40% from the
2:50 pm
all-time record. how much more money is that in your pocket. we went ahead and did some back of the envelope calculations. assuming you drive 13,000 miles a year and get 23 miles per gallon, the difference translates into savings of more than $900 a year. not too shabby, kyra. >> that's a pretty fair chunk of change. what's next? will prices continue to decline? >> analysts expect them to fall more. they could dip below $2 in some markets. they don't expect to see last year's lows, when we saw gas $1.60 to $1.70 a gallon. this summer, it gos as high as $2.69 on june 21st. it lost steam as more americans stayed home during the traditional driving season. prices have fallen for the past 26 straight days. we could see prices slip even more if oil continues to decline. crews hit an eight-month high of more than $73 a barrel on june 30th. it has come down more than $10 a barrel since then. we can't forget.
2:51 pm
it is hurricane season. there are a lot of gasoline refineries along the gulf of mexico. with he could see gas prices spike again. kyra, no one sees it getting close to the record high we saw a year ago. we had that pain at the pump. we couldn't stop talking about it, kyra. >> thanks, allison. as always, team sanchez working on the next hour of the "newsroom." what's going on? >> obama's health care plan, trouble, big trouble. >> there are a lot of people that aren't happy with it. >> they are not happy with it because it is starting to look now, you saw that bco report, like it is going to be costing the american taxpayer more money. look, the whole idea with this was, we are going to be able to save a lot of money if we finally have a health care plan in this country. the cbo report that came out yesterday seemed to be looking at it and saying if we do this, it is going to be costing americans even more money. plus, you have all the money going into stimulus.
2:52 pm
some democrats are going to the president and saying, you may need to slow this thing down. so we've just learned that he is calling a news conference and he is going to have that in about 15 minutes. you are going to see it live on our air. there is a scramble going on. that's what's going on. >> we will follow the scramble. your water is right over there. colleen has it for you. >> he have why, it's water. in jail for a year but for not paying child support. wait. the child is not even his. how can that be? (announcer) listening to you.
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listening and saving you money is how... ♪ [ female announcer ] looking for a stronger bath tissue that leaves fewer pieces behind? ♪ fortunately, there's charmin ultra strong. with its diamondweave texture, charmin ultra strong is soft and more durable. more durable so when compared to the ultra rippled brand, it holds up better. fewer pieces left behind. and soft for sure. charmin ultra strong. look for it in the red package. for those who prefer moist wipes, try charmin freshmates for a cleaner clean. brazil is one of the top
2:56 pm
vacation destinations in the world. for some of the people who live there in shanty town, it's a struggle just to survive. our cnn hero of the week is helping brazilian kids find hope in the midst of their hardship. i've never seen any plays as beautiful as rio de janeiro. it does have its dark side. there is violence all over. >> the bad things that happen here. >> it's the kids who have it toughest here. >> sometimes i get scared. >> they don't have many options. kids die every day making the wrong choice. every time i see it, the first thing that comes to my mind is potential. i am a judo olympic medalist but the best part of my life is changing people's destiny.
2:57 pm
i usually would show the kids that we can't let ourselves get used to the violence that surrounds us. we have to fight back somehow instead of fighting the streets. learn how to use your energy in the right way. >> i feel less afraid. it helps me win lots of championships and helps me feel very proud of myself. >> helping kids avoid the wrong choice is one of our goals. they don't need to follow their destinies everyone told them they can have. they can change it. they are the true heroes. the united states first double hand transplant patient has started to move his fingers a bit. jeff kep ner had the surgery in may in pittsburgh after losing his hands and feet a decade ago to a bacterial infection.
2:58 pm
so far, he doesn't have any feelings in hits new hands because the nerves haven't grown into them yet but his dream. you will love this. to feel his wife's hands touching his. >> she is holding my hand but i can't feel that. when i get all my sensation back, i want to be able to feel her, you know, feel her hand touching mine. >> well, kep ner says at first he didn't want to have the operation but now he says he is really glad that he did. yes, the impossible is possible in georgia. you can be a deadbeat dad and not even have a kid. amazing. here is the quick back story. 1987, frank hatly thinks he fathered a son. for 13 years, he paid the state back for public money and the mom that she had applied for. then, in 2000, hello, dna tests show he is not the father. georgia still wanted its money, about $16,000 in back payments
2:59 pm
from the pre-test result days. hatley kept on paying. they tossed him in the slammer for a year when he couldn't pay. wednesday, a judge let him out and the court must decide if he still owes. you have to wonder. what a year of this guy's life is worth? two, is a guy a deadbeat if he still keeps paying money for a kid who is not even his. three, shouldn't the biological father man up and pay up? that does it for us. have a great queek kend. rick sanchez takes it from here.


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