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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  November 22, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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thanks for watching this cnn special investigations unit hour, "killings at the canal: the army tapes." tonight, "dancing with the stars" and the big countdown millions have been waiting for. who will waltz away with a coveted mirror ball? the last contestants standing are here to preview the finale. donny osmond. ♪ kelly osbourne. mya. and their partners. consider the odds for and against them. plus, a samba surprise.
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one of the eliminated couples dances on to the set. judge carrie ann inaba is here with me, tom bergeron, next on "larry king live." good evening. i'm tom bergeron sitting in for larry king tonight. our topic is one i know well. i've been getting ready for nine weeks to do this show. it's the finale of the ninth season of "dancing with the stars." the result show's tuesday. we'll crown a new winner. with us are the finalists. all-around entertainer, fabulous dancer. i know he's told me himself, he's in vegas, donny osmond. now, donny's sister marie finished -- >> how are you, tom? >> i'm good, buddy. marie finished third in season five of "dancing with the stars." he and marie are headlining in vegas at the flamingo. kelly osbourne's here in the studio with me. she's a reality star, singer,
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and the daughter of ozzie and harriet nelson. mya, grammy-winning, multiple platinum recording artist. she's the founding and executive director of the mya arts and tech foundation. it's going to be that kind of night. this is fun for me because -- you know, we've gotten to know each other over the past nine or ten weeks. and now i risk alienating the three of you by fwriling you on "larry king live." >> can i just say something right now? >> of course. >> being on the show right now, you never really know what's going to happen. that's why i think it's such a popular reality show. because you look at the three finalists. you've got mya, who's the most amazing dancer. and sometimes i wonder who's the professional. because she's so good. you've got kelly osbourne -- >> yeah. >> -- who's like the ultimate cinderella story now. then you've got the last man standing here. it could go any way right now, any way. >> okay, all right. excuse me, donny, just a note to the producer, we were saving donny kissing up to the other
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contestants for segment four. we'll just move that up. let me -- let me just ask you guys. this has been a crazy week for you. between the show monday and tuesday, you're going to have to dance four dances in your quest for the mirror ball trophy. how you holding up, kelly? >> you know, i'm doing surprisingly well. i kind of changed my schedule around a little bit to where i rehearse in the morning and then i have a break and i come back and i rehearse till night. sometimes it goes a little later than midnight and you have to be up and back in the studio at 8:00 in the morning and you get really tired. but it's part of it. it's the excitement. it's the challenge. it's fun. it really is, believe it or not. >> oh, i can see -- i told you on one show when you came over to me, getting ready for the judges, it's fun watching you have fun. and that was true back i think in week three or four. but as you've grown as a dancer,
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it's been even more fun to watch. >> it's just, you know, i never thought in a million years that i would find myself through dancing. it just seemed so weird to me because -- i mean, i was such a tomboy. i still kind of am. but it just -- it allowed me to get in touch with a side of myself i never even thought existed. >> that's cool. mya, how you holding up, with this last week of training? >> well, my body's definitely in a lot of pain. and i have tons of bruises on my legs that i am sporting. >> yes? >> and, you know, we are going into overtime at this stage of the competition. overtime, around the clock. >> right. >> even until like 2:00 a.m. the expectation is very high for the finals. and we want to go out on that floor and of course have fun, but we also don't want to look a mess. so we are putting in the work. >> now, donny, you're also doing the vegas show this week on top of getting ready for four dances. how you holding up? >> okay. [ laughter ]
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>> tom: that's kind of creepy, buddy. >> well, i got to tell you, it is -- it has been a huge challenge. just like they were saying, we got four dances this week. and four shows a week on top of that here in vegas with marie. >> right. >> but, like kelly said, you know, we are having a good time. it's a dance show. we are really enjoying this process. our bodies ache like crazy. i'm dancing on a broken toe. kelly -- she can barely walk because of the pain in her feet. i mean, every single one of us have aches and pains. but at the end of the day, it's a dance show. and we are enjoying it. >> tom: see, this is why hosting -- >> -- great opportunity. >> tom: hosting is the cushiest gig on this show, let me tell you. we're going to look at everyone's dances from this week. we're going to start with donny and kym. here they are doing the samba. >> can i come in? ah! >> that was very good.
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i don't know what you're doing with your feet. that was really good. i'm going to go through your legs. then go woo woo and look at my butt. ♪ ♪ choo-choo ♪ woo woo cha boogie ♪ choo-choo choo ♪ take me right back to the track jack ♪ >> donny and kym, you guys certainly know how to work a room. >> somebody can work a room. this is the guy. ♪ well you don't know me ♪ for i never knew >> you can really play it. like watching a lifetime movie. romantic, emotional. drama. oh, take me. >> tom: bruno, bruno, relax, take a chill pill. so later in the show, donny, i want to go back to what also happened this past week, the
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tango, because i have never seen anybody beat themselves up as much as you did. we're going to get to that a little later on. i couldn't help but notice, kelly, you brought your pretend dog with you. >> um, you're being inappropriate. no, seriously, it's my dog. >> tom: he's a pomeranian? >> yes, i have such separation anxiety i can't go without him. fy left him in there, you'd probably hear him out here. >> tom: sort of like having aaron carter here. >> yes. anyway, it's -- he just sits there and sleeps and hangs out. don't you? >> tom: let me ask you guys about what i think is one of the most pivotal dances of the final week. and it has made some couples champions. it has cost other couples the championship. that's the freestyle dance. mya, what do you guys have up your sleeve for that? >> we are still trying to figure
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that out at this stage in the competition. >> tom: because it's friday. >> there are four dances to worry about. so we've covered two so far. we're still sort of working on the choreography for the second one. we haven't gotten to the third, which is our freestyle. >> tom: really? >> yikes. >> tom: are you nervous? >> i'm very nervous at this point. there's so much under our belts to cover. we have -- we want to do a great job. and it's an amazing experience. but this week is unlike any other week in the entire competition. >> tom: how's your freestyle coming along, kelly? >> we finished it last night. it's so -- it's something you would never expect like me and louis to do. but we're kind of -- we're doing something really different. i'm even doing like four lifts in it, which are terrifying me. >> tom: which you can do in the freestyle. >> four lifts going on in it. and it's just, it's very busy, but at the same time, i think it's really important to show off what we have learned during the show. >> tom: great. you saw a bit about donny and his training and his dance. we're going to focus on kelly and mya when "larry king live" returns.
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>> tom: welcome back to "larry king live." i am tom bergeron from "dancing with the stars." let's look at another pair of finalists. here are kelly and louis, this week, not in training, but actually dancing.
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quickstepping. ♪ ♪ 99 red balloons floating in the summer sky ♪ ♪ 99 knights of the airway super-high-tech jet fighters ♪ ♪ everyone's a silverhero call the troops out in a hurry ♪ ♪ as 99 red balloons go by >> tom: all right. wow. look at you move. and we will show that tape of donny doing the samba a little later on in the show. this was a really important dance for you. >> it was. and i actually hadn't been able to complete the thing from start to finish prior to actually when i was about to dance. and because my feet were so bad, i couldn't walk on them.
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i actually had to have my feet injected and numbed. and i think the only reason why i was able to keep up with louis is because i kept such a tight hold with him. i would feel when his feet hit the ground. even when my feet hit the ground, i couldn't feel them. so i didn't know if they did or not. i was just crossing my fingers and hoping for the best. ended up being minus one step. i never thought i could do that, so afterwards i was so excited. >> tom: that was the day we talked i think prior to rehearsal. i could see that you were upset. and i was just saying when you walk into that ballroom, the energy of the audience, they want you all to do well, even if they've shown up -- >> it's the most amazing atmosphere in the world, being in that studio, because you've never been somewhere where everybody wants everyone to do well. it doesn't matter if they're rooting for you or not. >> tom: you feel that as well, mya? >> there's nothing like live performance. you give and you receive. when you're on that dance floor, it's magnetic. it's energetic. it's electric.
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there's no other feeling like it. >> tom: donny, one of the things i found in all the seasons when your sister was on, really going back to our first season, is that even though you guys were all competing against each other, you form friendships and bonds that outlast any given season. and that's true on this one, too, isn't it? >> it sounds like a cliche when you say we pretty much have become a family backstage. but it is true. it's more than just a cliche. all 16 couples when we first started, it was a family. and, you know, you've been doing this for a long, long time, tom. when somebody gets kicked off, you get closer and closer to that trophy. it's such a strange juxtaposition because you're losing a friend. and it's going to be nice to have all 16 couples there for the finals. but be standing up there with mya and with kelly and myself, to be honest with you, we're in the finals, all three of us have won. here's the challenge -- we -- each one of us want that trophy so badly. i would love it for mya. i would love it for kelly.
9:15 pm
i really would like it for myself. but it's a very strange -- like i said juxtaposition to be in because they're my friends. >> tom: yeah. well, you know, it's also been interesting just to watch you guys blossom to varying degrees on the show. we're going to round out the top three with mya and dmitry. this is from earlier this week, as -- i hope your solo's in this. it was the salsa, wasn't it? oh, man, that was good. watch them do the salsa. ♪
9:16 pm
♪ last night i dreamt of san pedro all of nature wild and free all of nature wild and free ♪ ♪ this is where i long to be this is where i long to be tropical the island breeze all of nature wild and free ♪ this is where i long to be la isla bonita ♪ >> tom: i love the reaction of you. you almost look bashful about your own solo. >> i don't watch these performances afterwards. i go on to the next immediately. i'm not comfortable watching myself. >> tom: really? >> yes. >> tom: kelly, this was fascinating to me. you completely went up on your solo. you forgot it completely, right? >> it was one of those moments. i swear to god, i was like, please don't start giggling. please don't start laughing. because something happened. like i completely forgot what i was supposed to do. so i just sat there and, like, and like made it up as i went along. somehow ended up working. when i met louis again and i checked, we had this one second of please don't giggle, please don't laugh. we made it work. it ended up being really good. when i watched it back, i was like -- all i was doing was like waving my arms like this. i was thinking it's ridiculous. >> tom: it reminded me -- >> the same thing happened with dmitry and i the first night. i forgot two parts of my salsa.
9:17 pm
he's like, turn, get down, go down. >> it's like instant fear and you feel like an instant failure. i just couldn't help but be like, i cannot believe this is happening. please don't laugh, please don't laugh. you wouldn't -- if you didn't know the dance prior, you would never know. >> tom: well, good for you. that's the wonder of live tv. carrie ann inaba, who is going to be joining us in a bit, she's written an exclusive blog about dancing and what it means to her. read it only at carrie ann is here with us. i think she's touting some paddles. all right, international shipping.
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9:19 pm
>> last night, excellent jive. in this was as good. >> i'm actually going to disagree with you. i thought this was better than last night. you have to let go. shimmy it up. ♪ funky as i am i think it's going to be really exciting. you're a diamond in the rough. i love that performance. >> dirty little girl! yeah yeah yeah! ♪ i like to move it move it ♪ we like to move it >> top-notch performance. >> tom: very nice, okay. >> mark, the way you flowed from your tricks back into your dancing was effortless. i'm so -- back in top form. you went wrong a couple, four times maybe. maybe five. >> tom: all right. now, joining us in sexy casual wear, is carrie ann. come on over. >> why thank you. >> tom: come on, my dear.
9:20 pm
how are you? >> i'm fine, how are you? look, it's girls night. >> tom: it feels like we've had a coup of "larry king live." we just have to be careful this doesn't become the same tone as our dress rehearsals. which tend to be a little spicier. but you're not there for those. >> i'm not included. >> we were talking about how -- because mya asked tom and i what -- do people write your dress rehearsal for you or is that off the cuff? because we sit back there in the red room in dress rehearsal just waiting to see what he's going to say next because everything is just so funny. >> he's crazy. >> tom: see, in the dress rehearsal, when you wait to hear what i'm going to ad-lib in the r-rated version it breaks you up. in the actual show, when you wait to see what she's going to say it freaks you out. what do you three regard as your roles? is bruno -- did bruno ever say, okay, i'll be the nutball and
9:21 pm
len can be the crusty brit and i'll be the lift police. >> he's not so crusty. i sit next to him. there's no crust. >> tom: didn't mean literally. >> i think bruno just came out like that into the world. and he's -- the thing with bruno, he learned english by watching films and so he speaks very colorful. it's kind of -- remember, english is a second language for him. and then len is just older and has very set ideas of what ballroom is and what it should be. comes from that world. so rightly so should have those ideas. i come from a whole different world. first of all, i'm american. whole different world than the other two. and then my background, i believe that the dance is all about, you know, the hold, not just the technique, not just the performance, but the connection, the excitement. all the things you almost can't quite speak about. >> tom: just so you guys at home know, bruno and len, one of the reasons they're not here now, they're also judging the mothership of "dancing with the stars," which is strictly "come dancing" which is the show in
9:22 pm
england which birthed all the "dancing with the stars" shows around the world. they have been, all this season, flying to england, judging that show and then coming back and judging ours. >> and they get crankier and crankier. >> tom: they do. which i love. wardrobe malfunctions and more still to come. we're just getting warmed up on this special "larry king live" preview of the "dancing with the stars" finale. ( music playing ) get the taste of a home-cooked meal at work with new marie callender's home-style creations-- a delicious meal made fresh from your desk. just cook them, strain them, mix them. marie callender's home-style creations. a little touch of home for lunch. find them in the soup or pasta aisle.
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>> tom: welcome back to our "dancing with the stars" finale preview. i'm tom bergeron sitting in for larry king. who is getting his suspenders re-aligned tonight. we are joined by our stars' dance partners. kym johnson is paired with donny. >> hi. >> tom: kym, hi kym, how are you? >> i'm good, tom, how are you? >> tom: i'm good. now, kym, as you may know, is a former australian amateur ballroom and latin champion. she debuted on "dancing" in season three after winning the australian version of "dancing with the stars."
9:26 pm
>> yes. >> tom: louis van amstel has been teaching kelly all that she knows. he's an emmy nominee, former u.s. professional latin champion. and seven-time dutch national amateur champion. i'm going to start treating you with more respect. >> thank you. >> tom: and -- wow. and dmitry chaplin has been putting mya through her paces. dmitry transitioned from the competitive reality show "so you think you can dance" to "dancing with the stars" last season and he's twice been nominated for the nobel peace prize. some of this i'm making up. donny and kym, by the way, have had an incredible run. earlier, we showed you the initial meeting and things like that. here now -- and i'm serious this time -- is a look at donny's samba from earlier this week. ♪ i can tell you're hurt by that look on your face girl ♪
9:27 pm
♪ i could make you happy baby satisfy you too ♪ one bad apple don't spoil the whole bunch girl ♪ >> tom: now what made this particular dance all the more amazing, donny, was that it came on the heels of a tango that was an unmitigated disaster for you. i felt so bad for you. what happened on the earlier dance that night? >> i'm going to let kym start this explanation. >> yeah, i feel terrible. i got caught in my dress, first of all. i don't even know how it happened. suddenly, my legs were all tangled up in half of my dress it seemed. it just kind of threw us. it was hard to get back on again. >> when you tripped that tripped me. and then i just went off to cleveland at that point.
9:28 pm
and kym was yelling at me, now, do this step, do this. i have no idea what you're talking about. >> i got -- i just remember getting really hot and flustered, like -- >> i have never seen you like that before. the sweetest lady on the planet says "do this step!" >> i was just trying to get you through it. >> dragging me across -- >> it was -- >> tom: i could see that. where i was watching, from the row i go to when you guys are dancing, i could see in your face it was a look i hadn't seen before. >> tom, can you imagine -- >> tom: and you're so hard on yourself. >> well, we worked really, really hard. kym and i -- we all worked so many hours in the studio. we completed a dance. you saw it in the dress rehearsal. it was flawless as far as i was concerned. we did a dance and choreographed a dance that will never be seen. and it was a very important one for me. >> yeah, but you are very hard on yourself. you really beat yourself up. it was horrible after that
9:29 pm
tango. to come back and do the samba was difficult. >> tom: that was the mark of a pro right there. i think the fact that you -- within minutes you were able to come back. right, carrie ann? >> yeah, that was pretty incredible you came back. you really came back by the third dance i thought. >> tom: oh, really? >> the third dance was amazing. >> the person who got me back on stage was my son. he came backstage, pinned me up against the wall and he said, dad, be the professional that you are, snap out of it, get back out there. he got me back on stage. >> tom: nice, nice. >> oh, wow. >> tom: that's good to know. you know, "dancing with the stars" has transformed many of our contestants, maybe no one more so than kelly osbourne. we'll look at her incredible journey and i'll still see if that dog's real. so we've brought in a team of experts to help. one suggestion is to make your shipping more efficient with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. shipping's a hassle! weighing every box...
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>> tom: welcome back. we're previewing the "dancing with the stars" finale here on "larry king live."
9:33 pm
i'm tom bergeron. kelly and louis have bonded over dancing. we'll do a video rewind and see them in action. >> gosh. >> i'm so excited. >> i'm excited. how are you? let's do it. swing. like a beautiful lady. >> you got the wrong partner. ♪ well i've been saved >> the wild child rock princess transformed. >> can you not make those noises, please? all dancers do it. i will never understand why. ♪ i like peanut butter ♪ i like toast and jam ♪ let's go baby >> i was impressed with myself. ♪ it's time for a holiday
9:34 pm
>> very well done. >> thank you. >> good performance. you should be happy. >> thank you so much. >> tom: what fun. what was that you said to her? that was your what moment? >> beige moment. >> tom: oh, the beige moment. bruno. >> you have no idea what that did to her. >> tom: bruno, just so the folks watching, bruno said that, right? it wasn't a compliment. >> no. >> tom: he said you danced beige. what did he mean? >> boring. >> it was bland. >> i don't think it stood out. it wasn't your fullest potential. it wasn't colorful enough. >> that word to me was like someone going "you're boring." it literally -- it lit a fire inside me because i was like, i am not boring. and, like -- but it did what it needed to do because i came out the next week and, you know, broke through to the next level where i needed to be to stay in the competition and i'm really lucky because every single week, somehow, i managed to keep learning what i'm doing and -- >> the comments that you guys made this season, both bruno, len and you, carrie ann, they have been so on top.
9:35 pm
when they were harsh, they were needed. i was laughing when he called her beige. i was like, yes, thank you. >> sometimes people -- we always get booed when we say something negative. often it does help with a breakthrough. you get genuinely angry. or upset. then you're working with real emotion, which takes you to the next level. >> tom: the concern i had watching -- because i -- in all honesty this is no disrespect intended -- i didn't think you'd be here. >> i didn't either. >> tom: at this point. and the reason -- the reason i didn't think you'd be here is i didn't think you were ever going to get past that little crisis of confidence you were having in the early weeks. and i think you've blown through that admirably. >> it's incredible what this show has done for my confidence. and i think if it wasn't a competition, it wouldn't have done it. i think that that -- the little competitive voice inside your head is, like, you have to keep doing this. you can't give up. this is the only time you get to do this. and, you know, as you get more and more comfortable with what you're doing and every week it's a tiny little bit easier with the nerves, you start to realize
9:36 pm
what you really are capable of doing. i have little moments of it. >> it's team work as well. you have to be patient as a partner. not push too hard. but also sometimes push harder. >> oh, don't listen to him. >> oh, come on. >> because he's got this whole big thing he does where he gets me to a place where he knows i'm just about to cry and he'll say something to me to make me cry because then it will push me to the place where he needs me to be. >> i don't do that to you -- >> it also lets it out. >> exactly. >> then what he does, he realizes he made me cry and he'll get superemotional. he's like, i'm sorry. then we both cry. and then it's like -- >> i love this story. >> tom: dmitry is this your technique with mya or does she make you cry? i can't figure out -- >> in some other ways maybe. >> no, we have physical -- >> physical confrontation. >> tom: you've had physical confrontation? >> that's because of his difficult choreography that he doesn't have a good time simplifying. >> sure it's choreography? >> yes, i would never do that intentionally.
9:37 pm
yes. >> the amount of time -- like, i smacked him in the head, elbowed him in the head. >> at least in the head. >> our very first day of dancing, i accidentally kicked him in his man part and i felt like ooh. >> i think next season you should put a clause in the contract that says all guys should wear cups, period. >> tom: almost like the other show i host. donny, how are you and kym doing in that department, in terms of -- >> okay. i'm okay. >> tom: is she hard on you? >> kym is one of the sweetest -- she's one of the sweetest ladies. we're both so exhausted, right? >> yeah. >> but -- >> i haven't made you cry, have i? no. no, i haven't. >> tom: all right. we're going to take a break. we'll get the "larry king" commemorative cups out. the first perfect 30 this season is next. mya and dmitry will tell us how they got the judges on their side, after the break.
9:38 pm
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you have choices. ask your doctor if symbicort is right for you. (announcer) if you cannot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> tom: the "dancing with the stars" finale is tuesday. here on "larry king live" we're handicapping the last contestant's dancing. we've seen the others. now it's mya's and dmitry's turn to shine. let's look back and see when their magic started.
9:41 pm
>> oh, my goodness. dmitry is the perfect partner for me because, number one, he's cute. number two, he's tall and cute. number three, he is incredible. i thought this was going to be like the simplest dance in the world. >> oh, yeah. that's what i thought too. ♪ i realize the dream ♪ and i visualize the love that came to be ♪ >> that was beautiful. well done. >> that was music in motion. the girl was magnificent. ♪ >> i couldn't find anything to criticize. >> this quickstep is like really fine champagne. after you taste it, nothing else will do. ♪ it ain't worth a trip to paradise ♪
9:42 pm
>> tom: now, there was that moment when len said i'm disappointed -- people were booing. he said, i'm disappointed because i couldn't find anything to criticize. what made that a special moment was he was a tough one to please for a while. >> i have to say that len's criticism definitely lit a fire up my behind. i didn't know exactly what the rules were. i didn't know what the guidelines were. i didn't know what the definitions of gimmicks and creative choreography were. so we took all of the criticism and analyzed ourselves from week to week. at one point, we were at the bottom about to go home. and do our knockout dance to fight for our lives. and that is a scary position to be in. standing on those steps under those lights, spotlight, by the way, waiting for your name to be called to say "you're safe." that didn't happen until the end. but you never want to feel like that again. so you go into that studio. and we went and bought beds and tents and slept there. and then the next week, after
9:43 pm
some harsh criticism, we came out and finally pleased all three judges for the first time and that was a feeling like no other. >> tom: i bet. now, as that was going on, dmitry, the early criticisms, trying to find a way to bring all the judges together, was that increasingly difficult for you? were you bringing the so-called gimmicks to the choreography? did you have to change your strategy? >> well, kind of had to, yes. because i'm kind of a rule breaker. so -- on the season, yeah. so but yeah, it was kind of difficult. because at one point we didn't feel like we had to be limited by choreography. we wanted to be creative and kind of look out of the box. on the other side, also, it's important to follow the rules, not just come out. not to do, like, some, you know, crazy stuff. it was kind of hard to figure out what exactly len was looking for. >> tom: i can't figure him out
9:44 pm
sometimes. >> he was tough on you guys. >> carrie ann definitely made a point with one of my weaknesses. and i have to admit it, is the connection. this is a partnership. and this is the first time i'm getting to dance with a guy in my life. it's what we ignite for a crowd together. that was definitely one of my weaknesses from week one to probably six or seven. i'm just now getting it. it's all about trying to learn something really, really fast. and not overthink when you're on the floor. >> tom: it's interesting, to hear you describe it that way. because back -- back in the production office when we're talking behind your backs -- [ laughter ] and i said, i said, i think -- i think mya's finally come out of her shell now. and somebody else was saying, well, maybe she's been holding it back, holding it back. but it really was just you becoming more confident. >> for people who have more experience dancing solo, it is a very difficult transition to make, to learn the partnership
9:45 pm
and to trust that way. it's really tough. i feel for you guys. >> thank you for that. >> what i find interesting -- what i would like actually to happen more, we have all these rules, we got those e-mails from production -- >> no lifts. >> tom: all right, you know what, guys, we got to break. you can certainly argue off the air and i'll share that with you. when we come back, who's got what it takes to win the coveted mirror ball trophy? back in 60 seconds. some lunch. you hungry? yeah. me too. (door crashes in) (broadview alarm) (gasp and scream) go! go! go! go! go! go! (phone rings) hello? this is mark with broadview security. is everything okay? no. someone just tried to break in. i'm sending help right now. thank you. (announcer) brink's home security is now broadview security. call now to install the standard system for just $99.
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the proven technology of a broadview security system delivers rapid response from highly trained professionals, 24 hours a day. call now to get the $99 installation, plus a second keypad installed free. and, you could save up to 20% on your homeowner's insurance. call now - and get the system installed for just $99. broadview security for your home or bususess - the next generation of brink's home security. call now. welcome back to "larry king live." i'm tom bergeron. let's see how far they've come. watch. >> my expectations are really high and i felt i was going to get a bit more. >> mya's been pushing herself really hard and is under a lot of pressure. >> let's do that again. again. one more time. this is like punishment, you know that? >> seven, eight.
9:47 pm
one, two, three. >> some of the stuff we're doing, it's really, really hard. i want to make it more difficult. i want to prove my dancing ability is good enough to make it in there. >> as a performer, i'll tell you what, donny osmond is second to none. i cannot believe the energy he gets out there on every dance. >> how old is this guy anyway? he acts like he's 3 years old on sugar. >> okay, seriously, we're going to do this 100 more times until you get it right because you keep getting that bit wrong. >> can we make a game out of it? >> one word to describe my brother? dedicated. i'd love to see my brother win. i think it would be fantastic. >> great job! >> mya went from being a little girl not wanting to dance or sing outside of the living room to dancing on "dancing with the stars," and i'm extremely proud of her.
9:48 pm
>> winning this competition would mean the most to me. i'd love to show this maryland girl has what it takes to bring home that trophy. >> "dancing with the stars" was a hesitant step in the right direction for me. because i started off being one of the most terrifying miserable experiences of my life. why am i sweating like i'm in the shower? it's why i've been fat my whole life because i hate sweating. because i stuck to it, it's opened up a whole new door for me. >> she's an incredible young woman. i look at her and i go, she's ours. >> everything has changed. it's all through dancing. i never, ever thought these words would even come out of my mouth. >> aw. >> tom: all right, who do you want to win season nine? that is tonight's quick vote. go to, cast your ballot. still ahead, more "dancing with the stars" the finale preview when "larry king live" returns.
9:49 pm
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all right. welcome back to a special edition of lar"larry king live." it's the dancing with the stars finale preview. i asked the two couples here with me earlier. i want to bring donny and kim back in from vegas. how is your free style coming, guys? because that's the dance -- for example, last season, less than one percentage point separated the winning couple from the second couple. i think the free style is what won it for shawn and mark. how is yours coming along? >> the pressure's on. i've lost you guys for a second. >> sure, you did. >> the rules don't apply for
9:52 pm
free style? >> there are no rules. >> good. >> you can lift. you can lift as many times as you want. >> she's lifting me throughout the whole thing. >> whatever you want. we've had so much fun. >> except for ballroom. >> you can do anything you want, i think. >> we've taken a direction -- >> you can -- >> we've gone the direction of carrie ann, lynn and bruno have basically criticized me for being the performer, right, and more technique. >> it's just going to be massive performance. >> massive performance! >> he's the ultimate showman. it's going to be full razzle-dazzle. >> the only thing i would sunlight -- >> will be some technique. >> okay. >> it's full on what we're doing at the moment. we're exhausted from it. but it's going to be fun. >> the only thing i would suggest, donny, and i say this, and marie knows that i love her. but steer away from floppy doll dances. all right? yeah.
9:53 pm
don't do floppy doll dances. >> i'll tell her you said that. >> i'm sorry. that was one of the best things i've ever seen. >> not in my book. >> i think that is one of the best -- the best things i have ever seen in my life. it was amazing. especially when she went into the running man. >> she did the running man as a doll. >> i don't remember. >> bless her heart. >> earlier maya said you guys haven't quite arrived at a decision about this yet? >> that's your question. i'm sorry. >> it's okay. >> you are in agreement. you just haven't started he hearsing it yet? >> we're doing other dances right now as we have four this week. so we're still trying to work out the megamix. >> okay. yeah. >> and remember everything. >> that's going to be a new edition to our finale, our
9:54 pm
finals on monday. our mystery dancers are next. which of the eliminated couples has their last live dance right here next? find out after the break. american renewal. helping doctors help patients. in healthcare advancements cancer detection medical records, health for more people. means never forgetting is everything. is happening. right now. to stay in tune with life after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more. only one a day women's 50+ advantage... has gingko for memory and concentration. plus support for bone and breast health.
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just what i need! one a day women's.
9:56 pm
welcome back to a special edition of "larry king live." we're here giving a preview of the finale of "dancing with the stars" season 9. joining me now, come over here with me. joanna and derek huff who are still getting over having been voted off last week. >> i know. >> so close! >> the losers' corner over here. >> it's true every season. donny is saying he misses you. >> oh, well i miss everybody. it's been such an amazing experience. and i miss you guys.
9:57 pm
>> no, really, it has been. especially, like, everybody that's in the final. everybody deserves to be in the final for one reason or another. we're just rooting for everybody. >> that's cool. one of the things you were telling me during the break is -- don't divulge anything. you had a killer free style move, right? >> yeah, i did. i had a really interesting move for this season. i'll just have to save it. >> we've all talked about the journey of being on the show. how has it been for you? how are you different from when you started 10, 14 weeks ago when you started training? >> gosh, such an amazing experience. it definitely made me stronger and more competitive. and definitely made me realize i could really do anything that i want as long as you have the dedication and take the time and focus. obviously a great partner helps as well. >> we're going to put you to work again now, if we can.
9:58 pm
whatever you goi what are you going to dance for us? >> the salsa. >> the knock out dance. since we got knocked out! ♪ ♪ >> derek and joanna! >> my workout for the day. >> it's amazing you haven't gotten a concussion and you
9:59 pm
don't talk in a soprano by this point. what's the panel say? >> ten! >> ten! >> all the way. ten all the way. >> ten! >> oh, and donny and kim give you a ten fingers. >> we give you tens. >> fantastic. >> who's your pick for the finale? >> you know what, it's a tough call. because everybody's so amazing in their own way. but kelly and i kind of bonded more throughout the week. so i'm rooting for my girl kelly. but all of them are amazing. >> yes. that was very diplomatic. now four people hate you. >> joanna who? >> don't tap dance now. >> joanna who? >> who do you think, derek? >> you know what, it's a dancing show. for a dancing competition i think


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