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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  November 27, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EST

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>> larry: tonight, global superstar mariah carey. ♪ on her new marriage. ♪ boy, why you so obsessed with me ♪ >> that happened very quickly. >> larry: on michael jackson's memorial. ♪ where there is love >> it was very tough for me. >> larry: her fans. her family. are you with child? and the abuse bombshell she drops exclusively to us. >> abuse has several categories.
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>> larry: and then shakira, the sex symbol and singing sensation, shaking up some serious issues too. she wants to change the way children are educated. can she conquer all of this? next on "larry king live." ♪ i want you to show me >> larry: hey. we are excited to welcome back to "larry king live," mariah carey. the grammy winning superstar, top selling female recording artist of all time. her new album, i clutch it here, "memoirs of an imperfect angel." the first single "obsessed" has gone platinum and appearing in the new film that everyone is raving about called "precious." it's great to have you. the last time you were here was in 2002. seven years. >> seven long years. >> larry: what kept you so long? >> you didn't call me and invite me, and every time -- though
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every time i watch you in "america's sweethearts," classic. that's why before we get started, i was like kiki and i was waiting for someone to tell me to push my hair back. but no one did. >> larry: it was a great movie. >> you were a great sport. >> larry: what do you mean by imperfect angel in the title? >> well, i had written a song called "imperfect" and sort of wanted it to be -- it didn't make the album. but i wanted it to be something where basically everybody but mainly like, you know, young girls or kids just growing up in school would understand that, like, it is okay not to be -- try to be perfect like the people in the magazines and everybody that we see that weighed two pounds and things that are unattainable. you know what i mean? >> larry: size 0. >> yeah. size 0 which is a fabulous invention that we all love. >> larry: so here's a song called "imperfect" and the title is in the title of the album,
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but don't include the song. so the obvious question is why do it? >> why? one of my very dear friends and someone i love a lot, mr. l.a. reed, the chairman of island def jam, he didn't really like that song that much and i had so many songs so when i came up with the title for this, i was just actually talking to nick, my husband, and we were just thinking memoirs because i'm always writing little things and i never finish them and it's moments and things. and so we put it together. and it sort of means like songwriting, this and that, it's okay. believe me i know i'm not perfect. and -- >> larry: you're putting it in the next one? >> the song? actually, i'm doing remix album that is going to come out soon, and i'm so excited about it.
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>> larry: putting it in. >> i got to put it in. >> larry: you did this show in december of 2002. here's something you said. listen. you don't have a hunger to be in love? >> you know what? i think it would be nice. it would be nice. my problem is i can't trust people. you never know what their agenda is. it's like you befriend somebody, listen to their problems, you know? they talk about their stuff. you talk about yours and then they're lying to the world saying you had an affair and a relationship with them and it's like, you know, for me at this point, i'm not sure that's anything's worth it unless somebody spectacular comes along. >> larry: that could happen tomorrow. >> you never know. >> larry: uh-huh. it did happen. along came nick cannon. married him in april of 2008. actor, comedian, rapper, tv personality, how did that happen? >> ceo of teen nick, nickelodeon. that happened very quickly. i met him in 2005. >> larry: you have?
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>> yes. on the teen choice awards. they were giving me an award. he said i'm not doing this unless i can give this to mariah. so he gave me the award and then he just stared at me. he didn't really talk and i said, well i like all of the -- thank you for the nice things you have been saying about me because every friend i have would be like, man, that dude nick cannon really likes you. i was like, really? i don't know if i trust that. and then we got together again in, you know, a couple of years later and we got a chance to talk and we connected on a lot of levels and here we are. >> larry: you're 11 years older? let me see that. let me see. that signals ships. >> he designed it. >> larry: not bad. you're 11 years older. is that a problem at all? >> i'm 11 years old. i'm actually 12. >> larry: you are? based on knowing you i would bet on 11. but being 11 years older than him, is that a problem? >> no.
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because we're both -- we like the same things. we both like -- we are really both big kids. like, we both, like, roller coasters. he rented out six flags for me and had a party. and -- >> larry: you rented out six flags? >> he did. and surprised me. >> larry: that's a nice surprise. >> it was a very nice surprise because like i said i'm eternally 12 and i like festive moments. i don't -- i really don't like being a grown-up. it is not fun. i never wanted to be a grown up but then i have to go into my business and be very serious and specific and blah, blah, blah and afterwards i call somebody and laugh and -- >> larry: inside you're 12 years old? >> eternally. that's what i say. >> larry: do you want to have children? >> yes. but this particular moment and by this particular moment i mean this month or the next month,
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i'm probably -- i'm not sure what i'm doing but my schedule is out of control. it's out of control because i've never promoted a movie and an album -- >> larry: at the same time? >> and really been devoted to both things. i'm trying to be there. i love lee daniels. he really took a chance with me. >> larry: he directed you in the movie? >> yes. >> larry: we'll get to the movie and show clips. this month, next month, you could have a child in seven months? >> yes. >> larry: are you with child? >> right now? i'll have a swig of my scotch and let you know. >> larry: take a swig and i'll wait. that would be great news. that would be the happiest thing in your life. >> it would be the happiest thing in my life but what i'm saying is right now with this movie coming out, and with the next few singles from the album and those things that i'm doing, i need to focus on that because i cannot do the having a child
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thing halfway. i wouldn't just be like, oh, i'm having a child, yeah. let me get a nanny to give her the baby. take the kid. like, just doesn't -- >> larry: you don't want that? >> that doesn't work for me. i don't believe in that. >> larry: so when you do have children, you're going to be less showbiz, more mom? >> yeah. i'll always be showbiz. come on. i can't help it. it's in my genes. my mother was an opera singer. i'm clearly dramatic. >> larry: clearly. >> so, you know, it's the way it is. i can't help it, darling. it doesn't work any other way. >> larry: did you say you're in love for the first time? >> yes, i did. >> larry: so the previous times, you felt you were but weren't? when you were -- this is, of course, upon reflection. >> reflection is an interesting thing. yes. when i was very young, i was like, this is amazing. somebody wants to take care of
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me and help me and la-la-la, but not realizing it was a two-way street, and i was doing the same thing for them. so, you know, it was kind of -- >> larry: controlling? >> it was a little stifling, yes. and other situations i was in like puppy love and it didn't really -- >> larry: nothing like the real thing? >> nothing like the real thing, baby. >> larry: mariah carey performed by the way, at michael jackson's memorial in july. tough day for her. we'll ask her about that, relationship with michael. the album, the movie when we come back. sfx:racking of a taillight. female valve: hahahaha...i am strong like the ox.
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♪ why are you so obsessed with me ♪ ♪ boy i want to know ♪ lying that you're sexing me when everybody knows ♪ ♪ it's clear you're upset with me ♪ ♪ finally found a girl that you couldn't impress ♪ ♪ last man on the earth still couldn't lift this ♪ you're delusional you're delusional ♪ you're losing your mind ♪ >> larry: that was a clip from the video for "obsessed." "memoirs from an imperfect angel." the number one on billboard's dance club and radio charts. the song has gone platinum. >> yes. >> larry: pretty good. great song. >> it's really cool but the funny thing everyone asks me why did you dress up as the stalker. >> larry: yeah. >> the guy in the video. who are you depicting and blah, blah, blah. and i say, i look like my
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brother to me. i look like a different version of my brother. >> larry: what does he do? >> he does several things and he hates when i talk about him on tv, so i won't, but i love him. >> larry: it was tough day for you, michael jackson, doing that. >> it was almost impossible. were you there? >> larry: yeah, i was. ♪ just call my name and i'll be there ♪ ♪ just look over your shoulder >> larry: that was a sad, sad but glorious day in a way. it was incredible. >> it was very sad. and i was not told that the casket was going to be there. i didn't know. like all my singing friends like that i really revere and think are good, we always say, we can't imagine singing in a funeral because your throat closes up and, you know, especially if you're emotional and then they said all of a
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sudden, mariah, you are going on first. and i was like, i didn't know what to expect. so i just wanted to do justice at least to the song and i didn't feel that -- that i -- i don't know. it was -- it's not about the perfection of each note. it is really about the feeling. >> larry: that's all that counts at a thing like that. >> it was -- >> larry: you are not in the studio doing an album. >> no, you are not. but it was very tough for me. i just saw "this is it." >> larry: you like it? >> yes, i did. did you like it? did you see it? >> larry: i didn't yet. did you get along well with michael? >> i did get along well with michael, i think. we had different -- all kinds of different conversations. >> larry: you ever record with him? >> no, i didn't -- i recorded on a song he had written after 9/11. >> larry: oh, group song? >> yes. >> larry: yeah. >> and then i also song with him on stage a couple of times. >> larry: you're the
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best-selling female recording artist of all time, more number one singles than any soloist, including elvis. >> don't say that. people get freaked out. >> larry: does that put pressure on you that the next album has to be a hit? >> no, because -- >> larry: the company expects it, though, don't they? >> i'm sure they like it but they've got to work to make that happen, too, because it's not just me. i have to make the song and believe that it's a hit. and sometimes we disagree on which is the bigger hit. and i delicately ask, will you guys please listen to me just sometimes? just sometimes when i really believe in a song? >> larry: mariah is it returning to acting with a role in the new film "precious." it is getting a lot of buzz. we'll take a look at her in action in 60 seconds. inate ware. streamline your supply chain, and even reach new global markets. so your business is more adaptable, more efficient and more profitable.
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hey, the opportunities are out there. seize them with ups. is anybody else thirsty? ♪ oh darling because you'll always be my baby ♪ >> larry: we're back with mariah carey, who has pivotal role in "precious."
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it is based on the novel "push" by sapphire. mariah is a tough love social worker. here's an intense excerpt with mariah's character and precious played by a newcomer gabourey sidibe. >> you don't even like me. >> have we not been in this room together for like a year? discussing your life. >> does that mean we like each other because we discuss my life? >> i can't speak for you. i can only speak for me. and i do like you. i do. >> so are you italian or what color are you anyway? you some type of black or spanish? >> what color do you think i am? i'd like to know what color do you think i am? >> my throat is dry. >> your throat is dry? >> it's really hot in here. >> it is kind of hot in here. i'm going to go get a soda. >> larry: mariah carey like you have never seen her before.
9:18 pm
we'll talk to her about her role in "precious" and why she says she had to drink the ugly juice to play the part, next. ♪
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what's the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about -- you have to talk to somebody if you want your check, sweetie. can we talk about the abuse in your household? you know what i'm talking about. >> you sit there and judge me
9:21 pm
and you write your notes on your pad about who you think i am. >> larry: by the way, mariah carey's "memoirs of an imperfect angel" is the dmub onumber one album in america today. why did you take the role in "precious"? a role they considered helen mirren for. an english actress. didn't have to be a black or white or young or old. didn't have to be pretty. why did you take it? >> well, i had just worked with lee daniels on another independent film which i feel like that was our learning experience of how to work together and our, you know, we're very close friends now. and i just trust him and i really believe he knows what's right when it comes to his projects. so at the last minute, they did say -- he did tell me that about helen mirren. and i hope it's correct because i don't want to run around spreading lies but i mean, that's daunting and i didn't really know that's who they had considered. clearly, this oscar winning, fabulous actress.
9:22 pm
and he just said, look. i need, you know, this is last minute and i know it but -- but -- and it was only three days before. >> larry: oh really? >> yeah. so my prep time was -- and -- >> larry: how about the question of playing down the looks? >> well, here's what he said. i'm going to make you under and then we're going to make you over on a couple of things, like a little moustache on the sides. >> larry: i noticed that. >> a little rag, you know? stuff that's really pretty. i love it. if i do my own makeup. joking. so he knows that and it's funny going with brett ratner that directed "obsessed" and he said it's every nightmare you have. it's overhead fluorescent. it's this and that. things you can't stand. why i considered it, i love "push" the book, the novel by sapphire. i had read it a long time ago, when a friend of mine named
9:23 pm
rhonda gave it to me and said if you don't read this, you can't leave. i was like, okay. and then i read it and pretty much changed my life. and i read it again. and it stayed with me for years and finally i guess people had been wanting the rights to "push" and sapphire had been turning them down to make it into a film. big people. and when lee got the rights and when i found that out, i was like i'm so excited for you. i'm so happy. not thinking there was a role for me and not thinking that he would really consider me for it. i didn't, you know, i was just happy for him but when he called me and said i have to make you. you won't like how you look and you have to lose the whole, you know, diva thing which is like such a tired thing because i know what a diva really means. i have an opera singing mother. people don't know what it means. but, you know, so i said, okay, fine. >> larry: tell you what. look at the way you look now. let's take another look at "precious." watch.
9:24 pm
>> i don't want you to sit there and judge me. >> you shut up and let him abuse your daughter. >> i did not want him to abuse my daughter. >> but you allowed him to hurt her. >> i didn't allow him to do nothing. she told you, i did to her. who else was going to love me? hmm? who was going to make me feel good? >> larry: what ugly juice did you drink to play that? >> it's a really good stuff and i'm going to market it. it's called i want to be in the movie and this is what's required. i've been working on my craft for a long time. people never want to let go of the whole "glitter." it's eight years later, people. let's move on. and lee saw me in a film with mira sorvino who i really love and she gave me a chance to be one of her like sidekicks in this movie, "wise girls" and that's where he got the idea
9:25 pm
that he wanted to work with me initially so that's, you know, one of the things that made me say, i'm going to get this thing -- do this thing right. and i have to lose -- not only my physical situation, but my mannerisms, the way i speak. >> larry: you have to act. >> but for real, because he really wanted to lose every inch of me. >> larry: tell me about the young lady, precious. the young lady playing -- >> gabby. she's a find like i've never seen before. like she is an amazing young talent. and this is her first film. and monique is incredible in this movie. the whole cast is really amazing but i have to really discuss monique because when i played miss weiss, i had to be -- i had to be as strong as the character and the lady she is playing is quite evil and the abuse that happened was beyond intense.
9:26 pm
so they want a check from me and i was very emotional during the scene because lee makes us go over and over and over. and i had to stop myself at one point and just wipe that tear and pretend like -- i didn't want anyone to see. i needed to remain strong. >> larry: yeah. mariah's been performing in the spotlight for nearly half her adult life. how's her career, her voice changed with the years? that's ahead. stay with us. i hired him to speak. a lot of fortune 500 companies use him. but-i'm your only employee. we're going to start using fedex to ship globally- that means billions of potential customers. we're gonna be huge. good morning! you know business is a lot like football. i just don't understand... i'm sorry dick butkus (announcer) we understand. your business could use a pep talk. visit
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♪ our love will never die no you'll always be a part of me ♪ ♪ i'm part of you indefinitely ♪ boy don't you know you can't escape me ♪ ♪ oh darling because you'll always be my baby ♪ >> larry: some brilliant person once said that the only constant is change. so mariah, you've changed over the years. in fact -- >> a sparkle in my eye is gone? >> larry: the smile is just a careless yawn. >> see? i just wanted larry to sing. >> larry: i know those. >> and later you'll sing the mariah song for me again? >> larry: okay. in this album, you have what? you have taken part of your life -- early pictures? later pictures? what? >> this in particular with the curly hair and microphone is new. i just did that and the one on the bottom from the first album, the back of the first album.
9:30 pm
that's the front of my first album, the little picture in the middle and actually nick suggested to do this because he said, who else can do the same look, like, at this point? he sees me at home and it is the no make-up 12-year-old thing that he likes of me. and this necklace is from him. that's the only difference, the m.c.c. >> larry: how have you changed? have you changed vocally? >> you know what? i did a cover of foreigner's "i want to know what love is" on this album. for the people who really -- >> larry: wasn't this the song you wrote? or didn't write? >> yeah. the one song i didn't write and only done a few remixes, three maybe. "i'll be there" that was michael's and "without you" harry nielson. and they've always been very scuffle for me. and i wanted to do this as a more worldwide thing because internationally people like songs they have already heard a lot.
9:31 pm
so i did it because i wanted to be like, okay. i will give you a straight vocal performance and that's what we'll do. and i actually -- you know? i know that the people that like my older stuff like that. but, see, i've evolved and i've been doing different music -- i mean, musically, by the time i got out of my first marriage, well, actually one year before that, i worked with an artist called old dirty bastard may he rest in peace and we had a number one record for eight weeks on the hip-hop charts with the song called "fantasy" based on a loop by the tom tom club. and that's what i love. so you can still hear the voice. you can still hear all that but i always try to lean a little bit more r&b because it's what i like the most. but i still -- there's a song called "hate you" believe it or not. but it stands for having a
9:32 pm
typical emotional upset and it's breathy in the beginning and then it gets -- it builds vocally but it's -- it's the new single in addition to "i want to know what love is." and i just feel like, you know, maybe people would have wanted, like, certain people want me to belt all the time. i don't like to belt all the time. it's boring as hell. i like to -- >> larry: there's a new at&t commercial that plays off of your image as a pampered diva. you seen it? >> yes, darling, i have. >> larry: let's look and get a comment. >> e-mailed you the list. the plane just landed. go! >> i need an order of orchids. thanks. excuse me. i'm looking for a dog bed. >> what kind of dog? >> oh. this kind. >> nice job. >> oh. dude, i just made out with mariah carey. >> larry: all right. you knew they were going to do that, obviously.
9:33 pm
you participated. >> i knew sort of. i didn't know what he was going to say at the end and i participated and i was like, oh, the diva thing, that's new. but, you know, i had fun. >> larry: what is a diva? >> well, technically, a diva -- and i know this because, like i've said a zillion times, my mom sang opera and other types of music. a diva, probably the first definition would be a talented vocalist, usually an opera singer. that's a first definition. >> larry: most associated with opera? >> yes. >> larry: when did it come to the mariah careys and chers? >> thank you. you're telling me they took a leap down? >> larry: no. when did it come from the opera? the high c world? >> i think they started -- i don't know when. honestly, i don't know when. i grew up hearing my mother talk about certain opera singers that she knew and say so and so is very much the diva. >> larry: it's a negative, right? >> no.
9:34 pm
but that's just her, how she kind of would speak. she meant it like she's a diva and she's talented. talent was always in there. but the second definition in the dictionary probably, i could be wrong, so i'll acknowledge that, is a difficult woman. and i don't like that they have to put women there but that was back in the day when they wrote those, you know, dictionaries. so but now, it's like everybody's a diva. the cupcake lady. the diva of cupcakes. you're the diva of, you know, whatever it is. sand. you make great sand castles. it doesn't have the same connotation. >> larry: it lost its meaning. >> to me it has. >> larry: much more with mariah carey after the break. for being the most fuel efficient car company in america, well, then how do you explain all this?
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♪ boy, why you so obsessed with me ♪ ♪ obsessed why are you so obsessed with me ♪ >> larry: whitney houston, put in the diva category, whatever that is, you recorded a duet for "the prince of egypt."
9:38 pm
"when you believe," the film, "prince of egypt"? >> yes. >> what do you think about all the trouble she's endured? how do you think she's come out? >> you know, i don't follow all the tabloid, gossipy stuff, because when i worked with whitney, i had a great experience. i mean, she -- >> good or bad? >> she's really good. she's influenced thousands of singers. that's what she should be -- people should talk about, because i don't know her personal business and i really have a hard time believing that most things are true. >> larry: you know rihanna? >> yes, i do. >> larry: what did you make of that story? >> oh, yeah, yikes. i don't know. i think that -- i can't imagine if i had been like -- i was very, as you know, sequestered when i first started. if i was allowed to be, like, young and with a young boyfriend who is also a star, you know, you're working and you're both -- i don't know what goes on. you know what i mean? so i wasn't really allowed out of the house.
9:39 pm
so i can't imagine what she went through. >> larry: so you've never been abused like that? ever been hit by anyone? anyone ever abuse you? >> abuse has several categories. >> larry: you've been emotionally abused? >> emotionally, mentally. >> larry: why is it hard to get out of it? >> well, it's scary. if someone -- there's other things and other times in my life and things i will eventually talk about when i write my book. and people that have -- it's nobody in my family or anything like that, but just certain things that also make me identify with "precious," the movie. you know, i just think you get into a situation and you feel locked in. if your situation is similar to one of the situations i've been in, which i won't talk about.
9:40 pm
>> larry: you don't have to -- but it is hard to get out? >> for me, to really get out, it was difficult, because there was a connection that was not only a marriage, but a, you know, business thing where the person was in control of my life. >> larry: you had a downturn in 2001, went to a hospital and everything. but bounced back. did you ever, during that time, think you wouldn't bounce back? >> never, because i had so much faith and i'll never lose my faith ever. hebrews 11, if anyone wants to look it up in the bible. very important thing. i know it's not cool to be a person that's, like, i'm a believer, i believe in god, but that's the truth with me. and i'm not saying i'm perfect, believe me. but that's actually a connection that nick and i have, and so, you know, i never lose hope.
9:41 pm
i never lose faith. and i think my mother helped to instill that in me in terms my career. she would say, don't say "if i make it" say when i make it. >> larry: more with mariah. i'll sing a song for her too when we come back.
9:42 pm
>> larry: mariah carey is our guest. her new album "memoirs of an imperfect angel" is the number one r&b album in the country. her fragrance is forever. you have a fragrance? >> i have three, larry. you're not following the fragrance game. the fragrance game is pretty -- it's doing good. >> larry: do you select your fragrances? >> i was told elizabeth arden and this is true that i am the hardest working person they have ever met in terms of even a designer or a celebrity that
9:43 pm
worked on their fragrance. like, i worked from the inception. >> larry: smelling? >> smelling. deciding. you know? they first started out to see what i like, and try to trick you, to see if you just don't know what you like and i was really on it so they're like, okay. we want to work with you more and more on the fragrances. >> larry: this is the problem for fragrances. from a man's standpoint. they have the fragrances in the store. they start to all smell the same. one after the other. how do you tell the differences? >> there are different -- i don't want to go on a tangent but there are different notes as they call them ironically. >> larry: notes? >> notes. so you will have the musk note which would be more of the male situation. but we put in the female, too. then there's the gourmand note. and i think karl lagerfeld used the scent of bread and that's genius but i used several different things.
9:44 pm
>> larry: how does nick handle the fact that his wife, as talented as he is, is more famous? >> i think that he, look, he's really talented. my two favorite films he's been in, his performance in "bobby" and in "drumline," that's -- i knew him as, you know, his film work. i wasn't really -- like he's had several shows he's created. >> larry: yeah. >> i don't think it is like -- i don't think it is a contest. and i don't even know that i am more famous. i don't know. do you know what i mean? it is hard for me to answer the question because i -- i feel like we're a couple, and we're usually together. and if people are -- >> larry: more people know you than know him. he would admit that. >> who knows who's screaming at who? >> larry: back with mariah in 60 seconds. ♪ i want to know what love is ♪ ♪ i want you to show me ♪
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ahead tonight on "360," new details on the couple that crashed the white house state din they are week. as you can see from this official white house photo, they actually shook hands with president obama, the secret service tonight is taking the blame for the breach in security. but still, how could something like this have happened? we're keeping them honest. also, tiger woods, the golf superstar crashes his suv right outside his florida home.
9:48 pm
how did it happen and why? what is the real story here? we have a live report from the scene, the police chief also joining us this hour. those stories and much more ahead tonight on "360." ♪ way out here, they got name for wind and rain and fire ♪ ♪ the rain is test the fire is joe ♪ ♪ and they call the wind mariah ♪ >> where's the rest? ♪ mariah, mariah, they call -- i got a bad cold. ♪ they call the wind mariah >> and i would join in with you but i haven't slept since 1823 so -- >> larry: they call the wind mariah. an e-mail question from seth in boston. which tells us a little bit about where your future is going. you mentioned you're recording a christmas duet with your mother. the opera singer, patricia carey. can we expect another christmas album from you? >> yes, you can. >> larry: when. >> very soon. >> larry: this christmas?
9:49 pm
>> it's not going to make it for this christmas, because i'm barely -- we're like thanksgiving now. i'm getting my skills together for my first thanksgiving in l.a. with nick's family and maybe some of my family. we'll see what's going on. >> larry: your earlier christmas album was a big hit. >> every year it does its thing. >> larry: "all i want for christmas is you" is a great song. >> yes. i wrote that song on a little casio keyboard. piece of whatever. >> larry: are christmas songs recorded in august? >> they usually are. because you have to make your -- >> larry: i no. you sing "frosty the snowman" and it's 92 degrees. >> yes. but i put a christmas tree -- but i love christmas. i'm obsessed with all things -- i actually have a santa claus, because, of course, he exists. he comes to the house and we go to aspen every year, and he comes to the house and i have real reindeer, live reindeer at the house. >> larry: uh-huh.
9:50 pm
>> yeah. >> larry: okay. and nobody is perfect. >> but guess what? i like that. that's festive. and usually, i'll do something charitable with kids and that whole thing, because they reall whole thing because they really freak out over it. it's fun. but, yeah roshgsding in august for christmas, i just put a little christmas tree there and try to get festive. >> larry: how do you try to make a christmas album different? i mean you do the traditional songs, right? >> well, i try to -- i was going to write three new songs. and i wrote three new songs for that album. and, you know what? what i love is that people always tell me they play my christmas album every year, whatever religion they are. they just want to get into the christmas spirit. >> larry: you are one of my favorite people. you're the best-selling female recording artist of all time. more number one singles than any solo artist, including elvis. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for having me. and for singing to me.
9:51 pm
>> larry: you should have sang with me. >> we'll plan the duet next time. >> larry: okay.
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
>> larry: we close out tonight's show with shakira, the grammy winning music superstar. the new album is "she wolf." she is the founder of the barefoot foundation and a unicef good will ambassador. we welcome you to "larry king live," we hope first manufacture visits. she's on the front cover of "rolling stone" where they call her "conquering the world." and she's also on the front cover pictured with many outstanding figures, on issue called "the world in 2010." what was that like to be included in "the economistist"? >> i'm very surprised and humbled to be in such good company on the cover of "the economist" which is one of my favorite magazines. actually, it's my favorite magazine of all time. i got to say. honestly. >> larry: was it because of your -- because of the. [ speaking spanish ] which is? >> barefoot foundation. >> larry: which does?
9:55 pm
>> well, since i was 18 years old i've been working on this foundation. we establish this foundation in colombia. since then we've been trying to provide education, high quality education and food and psychological support and offer efficient infrastructure as well, building schools for those children who live in extreme conditions of poverty and conflict and children who have been displaced by violence. colombia is the second country in the world with the largest number of displaced people after sudan. >> larry: at 18 you came up with this? >> i did, actually. because, you know, when i was 7, 8 years old, my dad went -- he had a financial crisis. we went bankrupt completely. and i remember that i was very upset when i first real yied that he had sold all our furniture and our air
9:56 pm
conditioning, you know, the weather is cruel. and he had sold both our cars. i never had a car again until i was able to buy one for myself. so i was very upset with my parents. i couldn't believe how they failed at business. and i remember vividly that they took me to the park and they showed me the kids, the orphan kids who live in that park barefoot, sniffing glue, trying to deal with the tragedy of their own lives. and they wanted to show me that. they wanted me to gain perspective on what was really worse than my own reality. and i think that left a mark in my mind and my impression of my mind. since that moment on, i just grew up really committed to two things, one, i want to succeed. i want so vindicate my parents's situation. but i wanted to also do something about those kids. as soon as i had the chance and as soon as i had my big first international success, when i was 18, decided to establish our
9:57 pm
foundation in clolombia. >> larry: you do that new rendition of "give it up to me" at the american music awards. many people seeing your sex persona, you're a very sexy driven act. you know. that you might be surprised at your philanthropy. do you run into that? that people realize you have this other side? >> i don't. i don't find a dichotomy within me. i don't two different people. i don't think the person working on the field in colombia in our schools and the person on stage are two different people. i don't think that's my alter ego or anything like that. i think these are just different facets of my personality. and my own, you know, inner desires to be helpful and useful in society. and i always wanted to become a part of the solution of the things and issues that i saw that i never agreed with. and at the same time, i have this passion for art and dance
9:58 pm
and music. and i think i've always shown this interest since i was a little child. >> larry: equal passions. >> equal passions. they grew with me hand in hand as my career developed, also my foundation got a little bit bigger and bigger. but we started really small. and now we have the fortune to service about 6,000 kids in colombia and 30,000 families. >> larry: your new album is "she wolf," explain that title. >> you are sure? >> larry: is that a song on the album? >> excuse me? >> larry: is that a song on the album? >> yes, there is a song on the album called "she wolf." the idea, the concept behind this word i think is to by him bollize t i symbolize the modern woman. the woman who is free of prejudice. a woman who knows exactly what they wants. and a woman who listens to her
9:59 pm
desires, to her subconscious desires. and sort of liberates herself from the chains and the limitations that society imposes upon us and breaks free through cages and -- yeah, a woman who wants to be free. >> larry: did you write it? >> yeah, of course. >> larry: do you write your own stuff? >> i do. of course i have collaborators and co-producers. >> larry: do you think you might go into politics some day? >> thank you, but, no thank you. no. >> larry: president of colombia? >> oh -- political, yes. i think we all should be political. we all have the duty to participate in the decisions that shape the future of our nations. >> larry: we owe it to it? >> yeah, we all have that right and that duty at the same time. but of course pig a political charge,


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