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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  December 11, 2009 6:54pm-7:00pm EST

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senator orrin hatch is well known as a staunch conservative republican on capitol hill. he's a mormon and has written and recorded a hanukkah song and cnn's jessica yellin managed to catch up with him. you have the music video, i know that. >> for tonight the first night of hanukkah senator hatch tells me which superstar he wishes would record his new hanukkah song. move over, here comes orrin hatch. ♪ come let's celebrate tonight ♪ la, la, la >> reporter: it's a new hanukkah song written by the senior senator from utah. ♪ eight days of hanukkah come let's celebrate ♪ >> reporter: hatch is mormon but
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says he's always felt close to the jewish community. >> we love the jewish people. we are revere what they've been through. we suffered with them. >> reporter: so how did this happen? the conservative republican likes to write spirituals and love songs when a jewish reporter suggested he try his hand at this, he decided to tell the story of hanukkah. >> this is what they filled with oil but they didn't have enough oil to keep it going. >> reporter: the song explains what jews call a miracle. others have tried their hands at hanukkah songs. ♪ >> reporter: and of course there's adam sandler.
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♪ it's time for hanukkah >> reporter: but the utah senator's tune is receiving raves from his peers. >> it's certainly right up there with unexpected. >> well, i have had people say they just love it. i've been stopped as i've walked through the halls. >> reporter: he can think ofsin perform the song. >> i wouldn't mind madonna performing it. she's a great performer and singer. >> reporter: and his favorite barbra streisand. >> she probably hates my guts because i'm a conservative republican. >> reporter: i did ask senator hatch if he would sing the song but he wouldn't. we really did try. he did say after i asked him that he would be open to collaborating on another hanukkah song with adam sandler or barbra streisand or madonn


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