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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  April 12, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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i'm still going to walk up town. ♪ yes i'm going to walk and leave you all alone ♪ >> that's not only a blues aesthetic, that's an american aesthetic. you can't get more americans than new orleans. -- captions by vitac -- >> larry: tonight, chelsea handler rips on hollywood's cheaters. >> you think that's funny? >> larry: tears in into their mistresses. >> look at my forehead. >> larry: reveals her own sexcapades. >> somebody just didn't wake up looking this magical. >> larry: gets on her knees when she has to. what kind of woman sleeps with her boss then breaks up with them and keeps her job? yes, it's chelsea.
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she has no shame. >> i want to know what you drink to keep your body like that. what i'm drinking is not working. >> larry: is there anything she won't talk about? hope not. >> oh, really? >> larry: next on "larry king live." chelsea handler is here. she's the star of chelsea lately on "e" and is a "the new york times" bestselling author. her new book "chelsea, chelsea, bang, bang." we have the book in our hands. it's a runaway bestseller. he's come down our little runway. >> thank you for having me. that was quite an introduction. >> larry: you were with us once but not here. you were at the spelling mansion. >> we interviewed -- you had me go and do a tour of candy spelling's mansion. >> larry: is that a highlight of your career? >> it was one of the ridiculous highlights. you've been there?
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>> larry: never been in. >> it was pretty amazing. >> larry: would you live there? >> would i live there? with her in the house or not? i don't think so. >> larry: okay. >> i don't think i need a house that big. >> larry: 500th episode of "chelsea lately" is this month. do you have a special program planned for april 13th? >> we don't plan that far in advance. we don't take our show seriously enough. >> larry: are you thinking about number 500. >> we are. we're excited. it goes by rather quickly as you know. >> larry: 25 years. >> if we could get somebody amazing like david hasselhoff or paula abdul. those would be my top two, yeah. >> larry: you told entertainment weekly talk show hosts shouldn't humiliate their guests, let the guests humiliate themselves. is that your method? you figure you just give enough rope? >> i like to, yes, i don't think it's fair to invite somebody into your living room then to skewer them or make fun of them. i mean, they're coming into your house, so to speak, and i think it's nice to be as pleasant as
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possible and if you can help them or if they're -- if they're on their way to making a fool out of themselves not to get in their way. >> larry: do you have an agenda? >> not really. i don't have an agenda. >> larry: you were in the war of words, i understand, with one of jesse james' mistresses, michelle "the bombshell" mcgee. last night on your show you fired back for some comments she had made about your looks. check this out. >> one of the writers said she wrote on her facebook page and said "chelsea lately" made a comment about me. what i said is i guess she doesn't read magazines which makes sense since she basically has one on her face. she goes, it's funny, chelsea. then she went on to write, chelsea, here's some free advice. use some of that botox from your forehead and put it in your flabby underarm skin. i've seen better wings in a bucket of kfc chicken.
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until you've dipped my wings in 11 herbs and spices or blue cheese dressing and taken that needle you use, first of all, look at my forehead you dumb [ muted ] okay? >> larry: this is relevant to the growth of our society. >> this is important, larry. i -- >> larry: why? >> i made number one noo"the ne york times" bestselling author. the feud is not important. the show is very silly, and we like to -- i like to poke fun at myself and poke fun at others. when somebody like that makes a comment about me i like to stand up for myself. >> larry: you should. >> i'm outspoken and a comedian. you shouldn't really say anything to me unless you're ready to hear it back. >> larry: would you have her on the show? >> no. i wouldn't. >> larry: because? she's become a personality? >> no, because you know, there's just a level that i don't want to go to. i think we probably experimented that with a little bit when the show started. but we've been around now for a couple of years and we're
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starting to get our feet underneath us or our feet wet i should say. she's just not the type of person. it's like heidi and spencer like montague or plat or whatever their names are who i call herpes one and herpes two. i wouldn't want them on the show either. it doesn't speak volumes about the kind of person i am. it's a silly show but not a gross show. >> larry: were you a fun nny ki? did you make people laugh in class? >> i don't know that people found me amusing. i thought i was pretty hilarious. a lot of people thought i was probably super annoying. >> larry: we don't associate pretty women with fun, with funny. >> are you hitting on me right now? >> larry: no, i'm not hitting on you. >> just checking. you said pretty. >> larry: usually pretty women we expect pretty women not to be funny. >> there's a lot of pretty funny women out there. >> larry: that's different. that's pretty funny women. not funny pretty women. >> got it. >> larry: what do you make of this jesse james/sandra bullock thing? >> i think that's bad.
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with tiger woods that happened and you were stunned by the amount of women that came out and forward and it just kept coming and it was a snowball effect. then you start to look at him with such -- you just have -- i, myself, lost a ton of respect for him. just, you know, laziness with which it was conducted. and, you know, not thinking about your children and your family. then when another person in the spotlight this happens to, it's just kind of -- it's like something's going around. you know? like people just are hornier than ever or something. i don't know what to make of it. i love sandra bullock. everybody loves her. she's had an amazing year. you hope that he's goishe's goi figure this out and be okay. i have sympathy for her, more than the swedish one married to tiger woods. >> larry: why not for her? >> i feel like the way she's -- i don't know why. maybe because i've seen sandra bullock in more movies. i'm not really sure.
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for some reason i like sandra bullock. i think everybody kind of likes sandra bullock. >> larry: anyone ever cheat on you? >> probably. >> larry: do you know? >> no -- yes, yes. in high school. i don't think people come forward with that information. i mean, you find -- oh, no, yeah, i wrote about it in my first book. my english boyfriend. i walked in on him with two girls actually. >> larry: he was british? >> yeah. >> how did you react seeing him with two girls? >> i called the police first of all. >> larry: that's a crime? >> in my book it was. they didn't show up but i called them anyway. i think i keyed a car. i was 21 so i was pretty angry. if you're 41 you're going to behave that way somebody you trust and love cheats on you. i try not to cheat on my boyfriends when i have them. >> larry: you're monogamous person? >> i try to be. i think it's a nice way to be. it's a guide -- >> larry: do you believe in sexual addiction? we did a whole show on it last night. >> did you? >> larry: do you think there's such a thing? >> i don't know. i think maybe there must be.
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i think there's also -- i mean, it's a form -- i don't know what it's a form of. i think it's more common for a man than for a woman to be addicted to having sex. we're so over it by a certain time. you know, when it's new and exciting it's fun and it's great, men constantly have to search for that. i think not that women don't, but more so i think men really need that rush of feeling like -- >> larry: conquest. >> like look what i did to you, mm, boom, boom. >> larry: as in the title of your book. >> that's bang, bang. >> larry: same thing, isn't it? >> yeah. >> larry: why isn't chelsea on "dancing with the stars?" and who's going to the white house correspondent dinner with the scoop straight from chelsea? after the break. okay, class, our special guest is here -- ellen page. hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! hi, ellen! we're going on a field trip to china! wow. [ chuckles ] when i was a kid, we -- we would just go
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>> larry: kate gosselin is competing on this season's "dancing with the stars." the judges don't think she can dance and she's branded an offstage drama queen diva. watch. >> teaching ever before. >> all it was was the fact that i wanted to see. >> it was my fault. this whole thing. >> you're not hearing what i'm saying. and what i'm saying is -- >> i heard you all day. >> i'm done -- i'm done today. >> i've tried everything. i've been mr. nice guy. i'm done. i quit.
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>> i don't get it. >> larry: a star. >> she is a star, larry. >> larry: what's your reaction to her? >> i think it's a statement of where we kind of are in this world along with the part i play in it which i take full responsibility for. >> larry: you put yourself in the same class? >> no, absolutely not. i would never marry an asian man. i don't like the people that are famous because of something like that. >> larry: because of being famous. >> because of being famous. i guess she had a lot of children. she doesn't seem like the nicest person in the world. i don't know what kind of mother has that many children -- i don't know how many children she's up to right now would be on "dancing with the stars" because from what i hear the rehearsals are laborious. it's four to six hours a day. you have eight children. that's important. >> larry: why are we as a society fascinated by her?
12:13 am
>> i'm not really sure. i wonder that when you see somebody like her on the cover of magazines every week it's kind of really scary. so many people are out there doing valuable work. you know and you look at like a "people" magazine which used to be really good nice magazine you could go to for real stories. not like a "star" or "us" weekly. they have someone with plastic surgery on the cover or heidi montague. it's what consumers want. why else are they doing it? it's important to let people have their 15 minutes then we let them go. >> larry: she's gotten more than 15. >> she's gotten a lot of minutes, so hopefully they'll be up with this "dancing with the stars" tour. >> larry: you turned down "dancing with the stars," correct? >> yeah, i have a job. i didn't need to do that. >> larry: did you have any inclination? a lot of people watch it. >> i don't really have a desire to dance in public, whether i'm
12:14 am
cressed in a sequin gown or not. i don't think that's really my forte. i also don't really love reality television. i have to talk about it on my show a lot. so i absorb so much of it that i'm familiar with it. there comes a point where your i.q. comes to question. you feel like your brain is melting. you were talking about how you get to interview people every day, athletes, politicians, actors or whatever or philanthropists. it is why you probably are able to do it every day because you get to diversify and talk about so many different aspects. >> larry: every day's different. >> right. hopefully you will retire soon so i can take over a job like this. if i talk about kate gosselin one more year, i'm going to shoot myself in the head. >> larry: seven, eight years from now. i retire. they give it to you. they tell you, your first guest is kate gosselin. >> wow. but in a format like this, it's like you can have a real conversation. it's not so presentational.
12:15 am
when you go on the late night shows. if you're looking at me, i can, if we're communicating. you know, if you're on my show you're kind of presenting something. you're being funny, you're watching the late night shows, it's kind of like there needs to be a joke. if i can sit down with kate gosselin and have a heart-to-heart with her, that would be interesting if i didn't have anything better going on that day. >> larry: chelsea has something about entourages. in fact her posse is in the greenroom watching it this very minute. how many people, does it take, look at this, to get chelsea on tv? we will find out after the break. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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discover how to grow the business of you... at >> larry: in addition to everything else chelsea's doing she's touring with her standup comedy. this saturday, she has two shows at the northrop auditorium in
12:19 am
minneapolis. she'll be at the gibson amphitheater in los angeles april 30th. she lives in los angeles. and is that entourage still in that room there? >> that's my brother and jenny, my friend jenny and her sister, jojo. >> larry: jenny mccarthy. >> jaerks. she's here because it's autism month. april's autism month. >> larry: do you feel you need people behind you? is that it that these people have to be here to support you in this? >> no, my brother is visiting out of town. he's my cpa also. he's coming here to slap me on the wrists. >> larry: it's april 15th soon. i get it. >> he's there for that. >> larry: you will play a handler for a bratty teen in a photo shoot in "harper's bazaar." you talk about hollywood entourages in that. you say some are delusional. your publicist, steven devain. how did you decide he's your publicist? >> i decided he has an amazing presentation.
12:20 am
he's going to love this. he's on camera. >> larry: wait a minute, we're going to make a star here tonight. you're now looking, ladies and gentlemen, across the world, looking at a publicist. >> he's a great guy. his brother is a great guy. my agent, kevin devain, a big family like i do. they come from a good family. he's even handed. by doing my show, as you well know from doing your show, you deal with a lot of a-holes that are publicists. >> larry: really? >> that are worse than the -- they think they're the celebrity. >> larry: correct. i won't mention any names although i would love to -- >> larry: go ahead. >> no, i won't. you know, it's nice to have somebody that's -- >> larry: have you had other publicists? >> i have. yeah. i always had good publicists. he's a great guy and i wanted to take it to the next level. >> larry: in the movie "days of wine and roses," you're too young to remember it. jack lemmon, future father-in-law, asks him what he wants to do for a living is
12:21 am
public relations and there begins a ten-minute scene that's impossible to explain, right? how do you explain a publicist? >> it's hard. you come in this business, you think of people who have publicists as ridiculous, why would you need it. as you gain more and more momentum you need somebody acting as a conduit to help you make the right decisions and help you kind of manage your time and what will help. you know, when you write a book you want the book to do well. you want the right publicity. you want to have a tv show, you want to come on shows like this or reach audiences you're not normally reaching. it's good to have someone with that kind of experience. >> larry: why are you so open about things like masturbating or cheating? >> that's you projecting. >> larry: you write about it in your book, don't you? i ask you because you wrote about it. >> i didn't expect you to read my book, larry. i have to be honest with you. i thought you would ask me questions about it. >> larry: i was told. >> i'm open about things like masturbating because i think
12:22 am
it's -- i think it's refreshing to be able to talk about things that people tell you you're not able to talk about. whenever i talk to my girlfriends or my sisters or my family about that i'm going to be able to talk to everyone about. there are certain ways that people think they need to behave and i feel like, why? we're all here to have a good time. >> larry: no taboo? >> i don't feel that way. there's base and then there's having a sense of humor. i don't like to be disgusting. i do, kind of. but i like to have a really good time. i like to laugh a lot and that kind of stuff makes me laugh. it might be considered potty humor, it is considered potty humor. i don't think i'm a potty person. >> larry: first and foremost, standup? >> i'm a comedian. yeah. standup isn't my one true love. i love doing my tv show more than i love standup. >> larry: you do? >> it reaches so many more people and you're able to go and
12:23 am
do something in a half hour and see it that night is a really great instant gratification. >> larry: there's nothing like standing on a stage by yourself and making them laugh. >> to be quite honest, i love to have people around me. >> larry: look at the green room. >> being on the stage as much as a lot of people love that alone feeling it's great to walk out to a crowd, going to minneapolis this weekend to the northrop auditorium to do two shows. it's 4,000 or 5,000 seats, to walk out and have those people screaming for you is the most amazing feeling -- next to being a football player or something where you have a stadium or dan cook. it's a pretty great feeling. but the tv show, i think is -- >> larry: that's your baby. >> i get my friends around me. we all get to talk. that's my favorite thing. >> larry: if you're a man and have red hair, chelsea has a special message for you. remember, there's always dye. more after this. to a well-equipped buick lacrosse. get inside each. and see what you find.
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>> larry: welcome back. chelsea handler is our special guest. her new book is "chelsea chelsea bang bang" and she hosts chelsea lately on "e!"
12:27 am
jay leno is weighing in on the recent upheaval on late night tv. he thinks conan o'brien got a raw deal. take a look. >> conan got screwed. i got screwed. i mean, this is tv. the reason show business pays a lot of money is when you get screwed you have something on film. if you're a nurse or a cop, you're screwed out of your pension, you're screwed out of your pension. tv, you walk away with money. conan was treated terribly. i was treated terribly. guys make a decision. i think conan will come back and be strong. >> larry: you're a late night -- you're the only female late night host. >> mm-hmm. >> larry: what do you make of this whole leno/conan? >> it's unfortunate. conan is a great guy, hilarious, good guy. and jay leno is a great guy too. jay gave me my start in -- it's the first show i did a standup on. i've been on the show so many times and he's been great to me and i always -- i will always have a loyalty to him.
12:28 am
unfortunate situation to be in. i don't envy either one of them. >> larry: you don't blame the network? >> blame nbc, it was a disaster. why would you do that? why would you move someone around? it's like missing the forest for the trees or whatever that saying is. >> larry: can't see the forest for the trees. >> i mix things up. i tend to. >> larry: cute. >> but it's very -- it's not great to get a job like "tonight show" and have to walk away from that. that can't feel great to anybody. especially to somebody like that. he's a great guy. he will succeed. whatever show he does is going to be a huge success. and that's all i can say. i don't really -- i wasn't involved in it. >> larry: you like them both. >> of course. yeah. >> larry: do you ever go beyond "chelsea lately?" >> i think so. i'm starting to see a way out. >> larry: you want out already? >> no, i don't want out. i'm very fortunate and i have a great life. but after talking about celebrity.
12:29 am
it goes back to what we were discussing earlier. it's a half hour, it's a very fast-paced show. it's more like junior high compared to what jay and conan do, which is more of high school. it's more -- i would love to be able to go on and do other things when my contract is up and kind of branch out and be able to talk about politics and sports. i don't know about sports, but i'd like to be able to talk about them. >> larry: you learn a lot by asking. >> yeah. >> larry: in your second bestseller, "are you there, vodka, it's me, chelsea." implying you drink a little. >> i'm chelsea and i drink. her name is belvedere. i can send you a case. you want a case? >> larry: why do you choose that brand? >> the best vodka out there. >> larry: they all taste the same. >> they don't. >> larry: bitter. >> they don't all taste the same. have you ever had belvedere vodka? >> larry: if coca cola could do for me what vodka does to me i'd
12:30 am
never drink vodka again. it's true. you can't say it's great taste. >> it's not the best. it's weird because you don't think beer tastes good until you get older and you appreciate a nice cold beer after you do a long hike or something. >> larry: on a hot afternoon. >> or something ridiculous. >> larry: you wrote being a head headed man is pretty much a lose/lose situation. you didn't have conan in mind? >> i did send him a note when he moved to california saying wear sun block. because your skin is really, really white. >> larry: are you against redheaded men basically? >> in general, it's a ridiculous look. is that why you're wearing the red suspenders? >> larry: no. >> don't get defensive. >> larry: i'm not getting defensive. i said no. >> i like redheaded women. redheaded women can pull it off. redheaded men need to figure out a situation besides the one they're in. >> larry: you could never fall in love with a redhead.
12:31 am
>> i was involved sexually with a redhead for a short period of time. >> larry: how? you hate them? >> i slipped into a situation i couldn't get myself out of. i documented it. one of those bocks. >> larry: what was it like in the morning? >> i had to put on sunglasses. it was bright. it was very bright. it wasn't pretty. >> larry: we'll be right back. we don't want anything... slow us down. but even in your 30s... ...your bones can begin to change. overtime, you can begin to have bone loss. calcium and vitamin d work together to help keep your bones strong. and yoplait gives you... ...20% of your daily calcium... ...and is the only leading yogurt with vitamin d in every cup. keep your bones strong every day... ...with yoplait. john is a ford and lincoln mercury service technician. very smart. we were just discussing the circumstances by which a person can find himself in four separate places at one time. i didn't really say that. but people come in here for tires, brakes, batteries and oil changes. so it's possible? yes.
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>> larry: we're back. me with a twitter question for our guest. the question is, chelsea, who's your favorite person to interview in. >> my favorite person to interview is you in between our breaks. i'm learning interesting information about you. >> larry: going to have me on your show? i'd go on the show. >> you're very interesting. >> larry: no kidding. >> you are. a lot of people don't think that about. you are. i'm kidding. >> larry: why anger the host? >> i'm not. >> larry: a key member of the "chelsea late llately" team is i chelsea's sidekick, chewy. >> i like it when he puts his pinky out. that's how he does his pinky when he drinks shirley temples. >> taking the test next month for u.s. citizenship, thank you very much. >> cover your ears, chewy. i'm trying to make him feel like he's a full grown. if he sees something about his
12:35 am
little fingers, i don't want you to know he's different. you look like a little dj. >> check this out before you wet yourself. >> stupid. >> larry: one might turn this a gimmick. how did you come up with the chew master? >> well -- i like that. i -- i like little people and i like corpulent people. i like big heads and big bodies on small things. >> larry: really? >> i like when there's a lot of -- >> larry: let's examine that. >> i don't know what it is. some people would call it a fetish. >> larry: would you date men smaller than you? >> no, no sex with them, no. >> larry: what's the fascination? >> i want to squeeze them like fat babies. i really like -- >> larry: you wouldn't date a midget? >> no, or a baby. i like little people. i like them when -- he's so cute to look at. >> larry: how did you find him? >> i said go get me a little nugget. and they came back. >> larry: they found chewy. >> they brought back a couple.
12:36 am
but no one was shaped like him. >> larry: where did they find him? >> i guess at the nugget factory. i mean, he's originally from mexico. thank god he got out of that mess. now he's living the high life. he's got a great life with me. i truly love him. he's part of my family but i do like to abuse him. >> larry: you do. >> verbally. >> larry: you get some sort of kick out of that. >> i have a thing for hefty -- i like fat people. >> larry: you posed in bikinis, right? in magazines? how do you look at yourself. were you a very sexy person? >> do i think i'm sexy? >> larry: yeah. >> i have a lot of confidence. that could be sexy to some and a turnoff to others. but i don't look at -- i don't know how to look at myself. i haven't thought about that question, which is probably a good thing. >> larry: are you a good girlfriend -- >> in bed? >> larry: are you good in bed?
12:37 am
>> i think i would give myself a "b." on a good day. >> larry: because there is no "a." are you a good girlfriend? >> i could be a good girlfriend, yeah. i'm a lot to handle. but i think i give a lot too. i reciprocate well. >> larry: want to be a mother? >> not that i know of. >> larry: why not? >> you know, i have a lot of nieces and nephews. i have eight or nine i think now. i love them so much. they give me like, you know, a lot of joy and happiness and a lot of that joy and happiness comes from walking away when they are in a bad mood. you know, you get the best of them when you're their aunt. i get the best of them. i don't know if i would want a child to have to deal with my life or me. i don't know if that's fair. i would rescue a child. if there was one that needed a better home, then i would totally take a child in. but procreating doesn't sound so appealing to me. >> larry: really? >> yeah. >> larry: an instinct of a woman.
12:38 am
>> i don't have that instinct. i have an instinct to be maternal toward a child or any young thing. >> larry: or anything with a big head and round body. >> if god could guarantee me i could have some ridiculously sized headed baby then yeah i would go for it. >> larry: if you knew you could have a baby with a big head and round body, you'd go for it. >> yes. if i could make my own nugget, i would do that. >> larry: that would take quite an epidural. who's hollywood's next train wreck, chelsea will give us a clue next. absolutely! i have a lot of stuffiness at night. it wakes me up. i have allergies. ♪ you're right. i'm getting more air. -oh, yeah. -oh, wow! [ female announcer ] for two free samples, go to you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicines in tylenol or aleve. the medicine in advil is the #1 doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this.
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12:41 am
12:42 am
>> larry: we have a call. let's take it. ontario, hello. >> yes, hello. >> larry: go ahead. >> caller: larry? i just wanted to ask -- >> larry: chelsea -- >> caller: who out there makes you laugh? >> who makes me laugh? not people that are trying to, usually. my friends make me laugh, but there's always people who are trying to be funny like david hasselhoff or paula abdul. >> larry: why do you keep mentioning him? >> it's the first thing that pops up in my mind. i should come up with a better answer. it's become a pat one. i get a lot of humor out of things not meant to be humorous. vy a little bit of a -- >> larry: you see things funny. >> i see things funny that a lot of people would take seriously. >> larry: humor is a turn-on to you, a man is funny. >> yeah, absolutely. if i man -- i like a man that can keep up with and be quick
12:43 am
and go back and forth. there's something very -- >> larry: you think you're intimidating to date? >> on television, pretty, stand up. you think it's hard for a guy to come forward and ask you out? >> probably. i wouldn't ask me out. i mean, i would imagine -- nobody is asking me out. i'm assuming it must be hard. >> larry: you sit home saturday night and not working. >> i sit home saturday night and watch reruns of "the golden girls." >> larry: vanity fair once described you as a comic with a beverly hills bimbo look and a bent mouth. compliment? >> i don't know if i take it as a compliment but it's true. i do have a mouth. i talk the way that i talk. my father used to tell me i talked like a truck driver and finally realized maybe i am a truck driver. >> larry: maybe you are. >> maybe in my heart that's what i was born to do. i have intelligent thoughts and things to say. i like combining the intelligent
12:44 am
thoughts with toilet humor. i think the two things can live together in a nice happy space as long as you conduct yourself with -- in the right manner. >> larry: who's the next celebrity train wreck, do you think? >> i don't know. there's a lot of little kids out there that are getting a lot of fame. >> i had justin beaver on my show today. he came. he's pretty confident for a 16-year-old. >> larry: how did that happen, him? >> a lot of girls go to malls and like to hear little boys play music with their bangs and their hair. you have young sons. do they have that hair that comes to their eyes? >> larry: it's coming. >> at 13. watch out for it. it's very difficult when you see these people, you know, to be successful so early, i don't know how you sustain that. >> larry: too much too soon. >> i didn't get real success in my mind until i was probably 30, 28, 30. and i waited tables for a long
12:45 am
time and i appreciate it. >> larry: what kind of restaurant? >> all restaurants i was fired from. >> larry: for being incompetent. >> not incompetent. just for being -- >> larry: you were rude to custom customers? >> i didn't have a lot of patience for people who had to decide what they wanted for lunch and took -- >> larry: so i sat down -- i'm a quick decider. if i sat down and looked at the menu and i came over, what would you do? >> first of all i would compliment you on your suspenders. second i would say, you're straightforward -- if somebody is lingering and at lunch and act like it's an affair and can't figure out what they're going to have, i would say, make up your mind, your mess. what are you going to eat? i don't like people taking that long a decision about lunch. >> larry: doesn't that hurt tips? >> i didn't get great tips. i'll be honest with you. it did hurt, tips. i was efficient. i was a good waitress. got the order in. i didn't want to sit around and talk about it for too long.
12:46 am
>> larry: chelsea is from new jersey. what does she make of the hit show "jersey shore" next. [ male announcer ] when we built our first hybrid, youtube didn't exist. and facebook was still run out of a dorm room. when we built our first hybrid, more people had landlines than cell phones, and gas was $1.75 a gallon. and now, while other luxury carmakers are building their first hybrids, lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles. and that's quite a head start. ♪ and that's quite a head start. ♪
12:47 am
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12:48 am
>> larry: chelsea, you were born and raised in new jersey. it's a setting for a number of reality shows right now including mtv's "jersey shore."
12:49 am
watch the sample. >> two girls upstairs and two girls downstairs. >> what's going to go down? >> i don't play this game anymore. >> they want to put me in jail. >> this summer is going to be awesome. i just need to sit back and enjoy the ride. >> this is the best place on earth. >> larry: there's also "real housewives of new jersey." what do you make of this jersey thing? >> well, i mean, larry, i'm from new jersey so i'm proud to be from new jersey. i'm from a nice part. there are really -- there are parts of new jersey that look like "the jersey shore" and what's depicted on that show. it's pretty -- it can be pretty crazy. so, when people get upset and say, oh, people from new jersey get mad about the depiction and they say, oh, how can you say that, they say, i'm from there. it is like that. >> larry: because it's between new york and pennsylvania? >> yeah, someone told me that, it's like the middle child of those states. maybe, i didn't see all of new
12:50 am
jersey like that. but these reality shows all -- i mean, they're all ridiculous. why not get new jersey in the mix. >> larry: cheap, though. >> cheap. >> larry: where are you from? >> livington. >> larry: that's a really upper class. >> well, it was upper class but my parents were just like right beneath middle class. >> larry: we'll talk about them. our cnn hero of the week was a successful five-star chef. gave that up to serve in the streets of his hometown in india. he delivers food and care to hundreds of india's most destitute for free and does it 365 days a year. watch. >> because of the poverty india faces so many people are being abandoned. i saw a man eating his own human waste for food.
12:51 am
it really hurt me so much. i was working for a five-star hotel as the chef, but the old man changed everything. my name is t. krishman. i feed and care for the abandoned and mentally ill. i get up at 4:00 in the morning. every meal is being prepared fresh. people are waiting for us. they totally rely on the food which we give. we are feeding almost about 400 people three meals a day around the clock. the happiness i see in their face keeps me going. i take energy from them. i want to save my people and i feel this is the purpose of my life. >> larry: amazing. 1.2 million free hot meals served since 2002. to tour the home where krishman plans to house those he serves or to nominate someone you think is changing the world, go to more with chelsea handler on april fools' day. i don't know the connection, next.
12:52 am
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may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. i'm glad you came, grandma. oh, me too. if copd is still making it hard to breathe, ask your doctor if including advair will help improve your lung function for better breathing. (announcer) get your first full prescription free and save on refills. >> larry: we've got a celebrity tweet for you from ryan seacrest. >> ah! >> larry: you always stroll into "e!" wearing lycra and spandex. how often do you work out and what do you do and does chewy spot you?
12:55 am
this is only from seacrest. go ahead. >> i do a lot of pilates to try to keep myself together. and chewy doesn't spot me. >> larry: what does that mean, spot? >> it means your workout partner, ryan works out a lot. whether you can tell or not. >> larry: you can tell. >> and a spotter is somebody who helps you so you don't strain your back. >> larry: chewy can help you? >> no. ryan's trying to be funny, and a comedian he is not. >> larry: chewy can't help. >> chewy can't spot anybody. he couldn't spot a turtle. >> larry: chewy is an apparatus for you. >> he's an appendage. >> larry: lots about your family in your new book. by the way, your late mother was mormon and your father was jewish. >> you're married to a mormon woman. >> larry: you were raised, how? >> i was raised not mormon. >> larry: does that mean you were raised jewish? >> they asked me to choose between judaism and mormonism and one sister told me with mormonism you can't drink, can't have caffeine and can't have
12:56 am
sex. i was like, i'll take the dreidel. >> larry: lots about your family in the new book, especially with your dad, it's not exactly father knows best stuff, but here's an example. to be very clear, this is from the book. "my father had no friends, so when he says anything intimating that he does, i know more likely than not that he's referring to one of his jamaican girlfriends. none of my brothers and sisters can get an honest answer from him regarding his personal life and to be honest we'd rather not know the details. we just know he's very secretive, has a prescription for cialis and frequently has over young black jamaican women who are supposedly cleaning and hide in the bathroom when someone drops by his house unannounced." how did your father react to that? >> my father said to me when the book came out and i was doing the press for this book initially a couple weeks ago, he said, please stop telling people i'm dating my jamaican cleaning lady, because people are going to think i'm unavailable. and i said, that's your biggest problem with the story, that you're unavailable? that you're off the market. so you're dealing with a
12:57 am
ridiculous person. >> larry: is he in jersey? >> he's in jersey, watching right now, i'm sure. >> larry: you've broken up with your longtime boyfriend, the ceo of comcast which owns the "e!" network and will soon own another. we had several tweets asking if it's awkward having your ex be your boss? >> i would say, yes, it's awkward. we don't see each other, so luckily i'm in a different building than he is. we don't see each other. >> larry: why'd you break up? >> it was just time to move out. >> larry: still love him a little? >> oh, yeah, i'll love him a lot for a long time, but it was time to -- >> larry: he would have been a nice catch. >> he would have been a nice catch. he was a catch for four years while we were together. >> larry: did you live together? >> we did. >> larry: wow. >> i had to really get my clothes in a hurry. >> larry: okay. we sent the king cam out to get some questions. here's one about chelsea's books. watch. >> hi, i'm christina.
12:58 am
chelsea, why do you write so many books about having sex? >> i only write one book about having sex, but it probably seems i wrote a lot more, just because by the essence of speaking about sex, people think you're having way more than you you're actually having. >> larry: you haven't had a lot? >> not recently. >> larry: in the past? >> in the past i've had many sexual partners but not as many as one would think somebody who wrote a book about. i don't have, like p 100. >> larry: jenny mccarthy is -- >> jenny mccarthy is my dear friend. it's autism awareness month and i know you do a lot on behalf of autism awareness. >> larry: this month we're going to do a lot. >> so does jenny. she works really hard and got me involved in generation rescue. so i want people to know they can go on to rescue. they can go on there and vote and it helps the family get $250,000, an autistic family that needs the help. and i've donated and it's an amazing cause and i spent a lot of time with her son and what
12:59 am
she's doing is really amazing. >> larry: if jenny were not with jim carrey, would you date him? >> would i date jim carrey? i don't know. >> larry: he's funny, he's good looking, he would seem to be everything you'd want, except he's not a midget. >> he's not nearly little enough. jim is way too tall. i like to keep my guys beneath -- you know, like the same height as chewy or ryan seacrest. >> larry: would you date ryan seacrest? >> absolutely, in a heartbeat. every girl -- who wouldn't want to date ryan seacrest? >> larry: well, what if we bring you two together? i'm a friend of ryan. >> do it. >> larry: what are you laughing at? >> ryan doesn't want to date me. >> larry: too old? >> too old? i'm 35. >> larry: for ryan, that's too old. >> you're right. thank you. i was like, he's going to start with my age now, too? people think i'm older than i say i am.


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