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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  May 2, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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2 million people in boston will have to boil their tap water before drinking it after a catastrophic water main break. 8 million gallons are leaking out of the pipe because of it. deval patrick says it's to know what it will take to contain that leak. i'm don lemon. cnn, the most trusted name in news. this is cnn breaking news. hello, i'm natalie allen from cnn center become to the viewers in the u.s. and around the world. first, breaking news out of new york to tell with you, times square is shut down as police have found a suspicion package in a car. hotels and restaurants in the neighborhood are on lockdown currently. officials say there was a call that a car was on fire. that happened at about six hours ago. police tell cnn they have found
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propane tanks, powder and an apparent timing device. again, new york times shut down after a car was found about six hours ago to be on fire. smoke was coming from the fire. and we have reports that it was a nissan pathfinder with connecticut plate that was located on 45th street between 7th and 8th avenues. the officer apparently noticed a box inside the car with smoke coming out. the officer apparently told officials at the scene they were using a robot. you can see the robot there in this picture that we have up on the screen, to search inside the car. the police department's public information office has said the box and other items found in the search are not confirmed at this time to be a bomb. the law enforcement store said police did find propane
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cylinders and a gas can among the items. the source says these supplies could be used by street vendors. the marriott marquee hotel wasn't allowing anyone to enter or leave the hotel saturday night. and again, at least one nearby restaurant has closed. we have with us now on the phone, cnn correspondent out of new york, susan candiotti hopefully can bring us more on the developing story in times square, susan? >> reporter: natalie, the latest we have, if you have not reported this already is that an fbi spokesman tells us they do have a presence onsite there, sort of a joint terrorism task force. of course, right now, even the fbi acknowledges while the situation is obviously being taken very seriously, there still are a lot of things to be sorted out and that's what's happening at this time. new york city bomb squad has been on this case for several hours. they are still trying to figure out just exactly what was causing the fire inside the car.
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was there something -- obviously, the situation is suspicious. but if there's something nefarious going on. they're trying to work this out. as we have reported, one of our sources tells us, they did find a couple of gasoline cans in there, propane cylinder, among other things, with the so-called box within the box. and this box was smoking which is what caught the attention of a foot patrol officer to begin with. now, it's an idea of trying to figure out just exactly what this was all about, natalie. >> right. so they don't know what they have there as we can see on the screen. that robotic arm is inside that suspicious right now trying to assess if there is danger. susan, you can perhaps give us some perspective for people just joining us where this is. and what the scene would be on a typical saturday night in new york. we have it at 45th street
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between 7th and 8th avenues in times square. >> reporter: that's right. that's right. well, if anyone has been to new york, even if they haven't, certainly they have seen the crowds there on new year's eve. and this is in the heart of the theater district. and so, on any saturday night, it's very crowded with people out and about. and on this particular evening, they have very, very warm temperatures throughout the day. and so it is a balmy evening. so perhaps on this 1st day of may, there are even more people out there than there normally might be at this time. as a consequence of the roads in that area being shut down and part of this is sort of a pedestrian area, they've also closed off some additional streets in that vicinity, strictly to vehicular traffic. and so as you've already mentioned, you have some restaurants that are within this area that had to close down. there are certain hotels that might be blocked off on one side of the street more than the other. and you heard about what
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happened to some of the theaters that are within that perimeter. they had to not raise their curtains tonight on a saturday night. but i have seen some interviews done with some people who are out on the streets, some tourists who said, well, they have a lot to look at even if they didn't get to a theater tonight because this obviously has created quite a spectacle. >> absolutely. are there any news conferences planned? or do your contacts give you any sense how long they think they might be with this car? >> reporter: for now, no news conferences are being planned. however some police spokespeople from the new york city police department are going to be arriving soon onsite to answer any questions as additional information becomes available. so they will be there as the night wears on and hopefully, there will be an answer before the sun comes up. but of course, there's no
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guarantee on this. the thing is that this is being treated very cautiously. this, for example, standard operating procedure for the joint terror task force to be keeping an eye on this. the department of homeland security out of washington, d.c. is aware of the situation and is monitoring it at this time. but for now, they have to sort things out before they can figure out exactly what they have here. >> all right. they just don't know at this point. thanks so much, cnn's susan candiotti, wrapping up for the audience. once more, times square is shut down. police has found a suspicious package in a car. hotels and restaurants shut down and theaters went dark. officials say there was a call that a car was on fire six hours ago. inside that car, police have found propane tanks, powder and an apparent timing device. they're continuing to investigate with this robot.
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this is probably going to be an all-night situation when they look into what is and what isn't going on with the car. and we'll, of course, stay on top of it and bring you any developments. for our domestic viewers, you will be watching "larry king live." our international audience continues on with the news. >> larry: tonight, president george w. bush. >> look, larry, i am a uniter. not a divider. seriously. i can't divide. >> larry: the president bill clinton. >> i'm more nervous than dick cheney's best hunting dog. >> larry: stephen colbert. >> the guys like us we don't pay attention to the polls. we know that -- that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in reality. >> larry: and wanda sykes. >> even the media you know you
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guys have been very favorable towards the president. you know it's funny to me that they've never caught you smoking but they somehow always catch you with your shirt off. >> larry: next on "larry king live." welcome to a very special weekend edition of "larry king live." the black ties and cocktail dresses are now in washington tonight where the white house correspondents' association dinner is under way, and as usual, we expect lots of great comedy, lots of laughs and over the years, i've interviewed some of the best political comedians and impersonators around. in 2006, i sat down with steve bridges, remember him? his dead-on impersonation of george w. bush at that year's gala. gave us two presidents for the price of one. great stuff. >> members of the white house
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correspondents' association, distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, here i am. [ laughter ] here i am at another one of these dang press dinners. could be home asleep. little barney curled up at my feet. but no, i got to pretend i like being here. >> larry: mr. president. >> hey, larry, good to see you. great to see you. >> larry: welcome aboard. >> thank you, thank you, a pleasure to be here. it's -- thanks for having me. it's always good to face the media, set the record straight. >> larry: you've had some differences with the media. >> it's true. you're darn right i have. you know the media makes -- makes -- it makes me look like i'm not smart by emphasizing when i misannounce a word. and that's just nonfair you know?
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and it's such a good thing, larry, that i can turn a phrase. because i can. i can turn it upside down, inside/out, down side/in, i can turn it and usually when it's all said and done it comes out the way i want it. >> larry: you're really getting into it. you feel that the media misrepresents you? >> absolutely. listen, listen, i never pretended to be the smartest -- the brightest bulb in the knife drawer but i did attend an ivory league school. i just never let it go to my head. >> larry: you're faced with a lot of criticism, mr. president, let's be frank about it. your medicare plan has come under major criticism, being too complicated. >> listen, i know a lot of folks are confused about -- they're confused with the d-section. but i can assure them that it's not a whole lot more painful than the old c-section. it's true. >> larry: you still believe it's working? >> absolutely. the medicare plan is working. listen, this is a substantial increase in medicare coverage.
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and this increase will cover all of our seniors let me just tell you something -- >> larry: forgive me for laughing. you have a way with words. >> yeah, yeah. let me tell you something, larry, older citizens face the highest risk of death in this country. >> larry: no kidding? >> seniors die every day. i declare a war on natural causes. we're going after them. >> larry: what are the accomplishments in the office, in your administration, that you are most proud of? >> well, i tell you what, i have -- i have pushed this congress to make -- to make a lot of changes. i urged them to abolish the marriage penalty. the marriage penalty is wrong. being married's penalty enough. >> larry: i know you're joking about the first lady. and speaking of laura, does our first lady play a big part in your decisions? >> hang on, let me give her a call and ask her.
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>> larry: speaking of marriage. >> uh-huh. >> larry: you recently tried to amend the constitution to ban gay marriage. was this a political ploy, frankly, to rally the base? >> no, no not at all, it was not political. my feelings are well known on the issue of gay marriage. and let me just say this about gay marriage, larry. you a -- you -- you can't make folks have a gay marriage. sure, at first, there's the wedding cake and the dancing, but after that, it gets tough. real tough. >> larry: but you're against gays marrying, aren't you? >> no, i'm all for it. i think that a gay man should be able to marry any woman that he wants. let me just get back to something serious, to my proudest moment. you asked about my proudest moment. i think it would be maintaining a strong economy while spreading freedom all around the world.
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>> larry: well the feds raising interest rates, once again. is that a sign that the administration, frankly, is worried about the economy? >> huh-uh. listen, larry, as you know i inherited a recession from my last administration but i assure you that i'm all over this economy -- both at home, globally, and abroad. we are. we're on it. i'm serious. >> larry: are you worried about national debt? >> huh-uh. don't worry about the national debt. >> larry: don't worry about it? >> no, it's knew problem. i'm not worried about it. >> larry: but we're facing an enormous national debt, do you have some sort of plan to deal with it? >> i do. i do. i'm asked every day, mr. president, what about the debt? i'm not worried but i understand the concerns. and my plan is a proposal that i've just put before congress to sell canada. and -- >> larry: sell canada? >> they're not using half of it. >> larry: what about your border crisis with mexico?
12:14 am
>> larry, i don't think it's a crisis. >> larry: hmm. >> we have a lot of folks sneaking across the border in order to find a better way of life. and upon seeing our gas prices, they're sneaking back. it's a win/win. >> larry: good point. >> yeah. >> larry: but you welcome immigrants, right? you want them to come? >> absolutely. it is my hope that foreigners just, like american citizens, can come to america, they find good jobs, good high-paying jobs that will eventually be lost overseas to china. >> larry: why did you decide to use armed national guardsmen to watch the border with mexico. >> because dick cheney wasn't available. >> larry: seriously, though, does the national guard have the resources to handle the demand? >> let -- yes. there are plenty of guards people. i'm even putting national guard troops along the border with puerto rico.
12:15 am
i'm still not sure if they're a part of our country or not. i don't know if they're sort of a state, or not a state, it's weird. they ought to make up their mind. what's their deal? >> larry: we'll be right back with the president of the united states. i was short of breath, so i couldn't always do what i wanted to do. but five minutes ago, i took symbicort, and symbicort is already helping significantly improve my lung function.
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i'm absolutely delighted to be here. as is laura. she's hot. moy caliente. >> larry: we're back with the 43rd president of the united states, george w. bush. you've made changes in personnel recently. are you planning any more changes? >> no, me, what? no, i'm not going. i'm staying. >> larry: is dick cheney staying? >> oh, yeah. yeah, dick's staying. yeah. yeah, i think -- yeah, he is, yeah. >> larry: i don't think you two are allowed in the same place anymore, is that right.
12:18 am
>> really? >> larry: well, that's what i hear. >> well, it's true. i never know where dick cheney is you know? if i'm the decider, he was the hider. seriously. i never know where he is these days. there's -- larry, there's days where i'm sitting in the oval office i walk out to the hallway and yell "marco?" >> larry: now in your cabinet you're standing by donald rumsfeld as secretary of defense. >> uh-huh, absolutely. absolutely. i have absolute faith in our secretary of defense. look, rumpy, people don't know he's doing a good job. people don't talk about the progress that we're making in iraq. i think it's so important to remember that iraq has now had free elections. not expensive ones like here in america. it's a big difference. and we're rebuilding iraq, larry. and we will continue to rebuild iraq. otherwise there will be a space between iran and jordan. >> larry: never thought of that. is osama bin laden still a big concern?
12:19 am
>> oh, we're going to get him. we're going to get osama. we know a lot about him. he's -- he's a terrible man who thinks that this is just a game and this isn't a game. come out, come out, wherever you are. sucker can hide. >> larry: you must be very pleased with the job that secretary of state condoleezza rice is doing? >> i am. i'm -- condi is a fabulous secretary of state. she's a wonderful woman. very smart. keeps me informed. reads the newspapers. >> larry: some folks around the world see america as, frankly, a bit of a bully. >> well, i dare them to come say it to my face. look, larry, i am a uniter, not a divider. no, seriously. i can't divide. not worth a lick. but with condi's help, a wonderful secretary of state. i have learned to adapt to different cultures. now when i'm in russia, i walk like a russian.
12:20 am
when i'm in egypt i walk like an egyptian. i'm sensitive now to different customs. and you know what they say? when in rome, do as the romanians do. >> larry: so you believe that we're making progress in the area of foreign policy? >> absolutely. look, 25 years ago, there were 45 democracies. today there are 122 democracies. some of them i ain't even heard of. there's a bulgarian, sambuca. we've got the ickey. the ickey stands are here. >> larry: you're still, though, let's be frank, you're facing serious threats from north korea. >> we are and we're going to deal with it. one of the questions i face is why can't we unite north and south korea? and i say to people, be patient. we haven't united north and south dakota yet. and we will. takes time and we're going. we're going. and i tell you something else
12:21 am
we'll bring kim jong-il to justice. but the how and why is for the iraqi people to decide. i feel strongly about that. >> larry: have you seen al gore's movie on global warming? >> nope, i haven't, but i will. i'll take a look at it. look, global warming is a tough sell in washington, d.c. nobody in political office wants to reduce the amount of hot air and our nation's capitol that is our greatest resource. >> larry: back with more of president george w. bush, or at least someone who looks and sounds very much like him, right after this. y allergies put me in a fog. now i'm claritin clear. claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms without drowsiness... i stay as alert and focused as someone without allergies.
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the media really ticks me off. the way they try embarrass me by not editing what i say. >> larry: during this tsunami in hurricane katrina you enlisted the help of your father and bill clinton. >> uh-huh, yeah, yeah. my dad -- my dad and president clinton, they've -- they've done some great work for disaster relief. they've spent a lot of time consoling people who've lost their homes. they both know what it is like to lose a home, the very same home. >> larry: did you -- does it surprise you they get along so well? >> no, no, no, it doesn't. it doesn't surprise me at all. it helps keep mr. clinton out of trouble. it's like sending your college kid on spring break with mr.
12:25 am
rogers. i always think it's a kick in the pants. mom calls it, dad's inappropriate relationship. >> larry: so you've become friends? >> absolutely. i respect president clinton. i do. he was the first democrat to win a campaign since jimmy carter. that's not an easy task. democrats have lost more than a jamaican bobsled team. but i do, i admire president clinton. he was the first president not to improve health care, the first president not to put an end to lobbyists, the first president not catch osama bin laden. >> larry: have you been to his library? >> yes, i have. i have, yeah. i understand they call it the william jefferson clinton library. it sounds better than bubba's bucks.
12:26 am
>> larry: are you worried that bill clinton is helping hillary clinton in the campaign? >> bill's got the pants. he just doesn't like to wear them. i'll get in trouble for that. just kidding. >> larry: you bet. >> shame on me. >> larry: i don't read the papers. do you ever talk to president clinton regularly? >> we do, we do. >> larry: oh good. >> yeah, we swap e-mails. he's he would love to hear from you. >> arnold schwarzenegger baffles me. he's married to a kennedy. >> i think it's great. i like around, we both married up. you know why maria fell in love with him, don't you? arnold was the only boyfriend strong enough to carry uncle teddy home.
12:27 am
>> sure, it's dangerous. if they ever get divorced, maria gets half of california. whatever half she wants. let me say something, larry, arnold has done a wonderful job. when at the took over that state, they were $22 billion in debt. he did a great job of putting it in words that californians could understand. he told them, no tango dinero, dudes. >> larry: you know arnold. did he ever take steroids? >> i don't thing so. not enough to play major league baseball.
12:28 am
>> larry: mr. president, are you frankly concerned about your recent poll numbers? >> i'm not very popular in the polls or americans either. if i wanted to be loved in the polls i would have run for president some poland. >> larry: is it true your brother jeb might run in 2008? >> i hope so, he could use to lose a couple pounds. i'm all sorts of hot water today. >> larry: do you believe that history, that great book of history, will be kind to you? >> absolutely. i always did well in history. it's math and spelling that kicked my butt. listen, larry, i will trust the judgment of the american people. i will leave the white house with my head held high. i will do it. i'll tell you one thing, i ant leaving the toilet seat down.
12:29 am
>> larry: the hugely talented steve bridges. he'll be back, but when we return, stephen colbert.
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>> larry: on this white house correspondents' dinner night, we want to take you back to the 2006 event and stephen colbert's appearance. funny, yes. but not exactly a barrel of laughs for president bush. watch.
12:32 am
>> tonight it is my privilege to celebrate this president because we're not so different, he and i. we both get it. guys like us, we're not someone brainiacs on the nerd patrol, we're not members of the factionista. we go straight from the gut, right, sir? that's where the truth lies right down here in the gut. do you know you have more nerve endings in your gut than you have in your head? you can look it up. now i know some of you will say i did look it up and that's not true. that's because you looked it up in a book. next time look it up in your gut. i did. i believe the government that governs best is the government that governs least and by these standards we have set up a fabulous government in iraq. i believe that everyone has the
12:33 am
right to their own religion, be it hindu, jewish or muslim. i believe there are infinite paths to accepting jesus christ as your personal savior. most of all i believe in this president. now i know there's some polls out there, saying that that this man has a 32% approval rating. but guys like us, we don't -- we don't pay attention to the polls. we know that polls are just a collection of statistics that reflect what people are thinking in reality. and reality has a well-known liberal bias. so, mr. president, please, please, please pay no attention to the people who say that the glass is half full. 32% means the glass -- it's important to set up your jokes properly, sir. sir, pay no attention to the people who say the glass is half empty because 32% means it's two-thirds' empty. there's still some liquid in
12:34 am
that glass, is my point. but i wouldn't drink it. last third is usually backwash. okay. i stand by this man. i stand by this man because he stands for things. not only for things, he stands on things. things like aircraft carriers and rubble and recently flooded city squares. and that sends a strong message that no matter what happens to america, she will always rebound with the most powerfully staged photo-ops in the world. the greatest thing about this man, is he's steady. you know where he stands, he believes the same thing wednesday, that he believed on monday. no matter what happened tuesday. events can change. this man's beliefs never will. >> larry: next, president clinton with a twist. don't go away. and that was an executive order.
12:35 am
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( tires screeching ) there's never been a better time... ( tires squealing ) to have bad tires. come to meineke and save $20 on two or more tires. at meineke, you're always the driver. >> larry: as our special presidential edition of "larry king live" continues it's now our great pleasure to welcome the 42nd president of the united states, william jefferson clinton.
12:38 am
welcome back. >> thank you. >> larry: mr. president, thank you for being on our show with us. >> well, thank you, larry, for having me. i tell you i haven't been on tv for quite a while so i'm more nervous than dick cheney's best hunting dog. >> larry: you seemed, though, have done a lot of interviews lately. any reason for this? >> well, i tell you what i've got a lot of projects in the works and i want to be very clear on this one point. i am hiding from hillary. i'm kidding you, man, i'm kidding you. she would have loved to had been here, larry, if nothing else but to say hi and roll her eyes. >> larry: i also understand you're busy on the speaking circuit, right? >> i am. i am. i've been touring my one-man show. hillary calls it the wizard of is. >> larry: and she approves of you traveling on the circuit? >> well, early on i thought about being a motivational speaker. but hillary frowned on my motivations. so now i just speak about my foundation.
12:39 am
and then i hang around and i take photos. they're only 200 bucks a piece and they're $300 if you want them provocative. >> larry: you have seemed to have mended your marital relationship. have you found peace at home? >> well, you know that's a good question. i'll say this, hillary did spend a few months watching the movie "kill bill." but we've -- we've reestablished trust with a lot of love and a lot of patience. >> larry: what's the toughest part about being an ex-president? >> you know the toughest part is losing the job title. that's the toughest part of all. i mean without the title i'm just another rhodes scholar named bubba. >> larry: how do you compare your presidency with another one? >> that's a good question. as you know, i was the first president to appoint janet reno
12:40 am
as attorney general. to be honest with you, i was surprised to find out that anyone found out she was a woman. i'm not here to compare. maybe if i were a vain person, i would go on and on about how we balanced the books and created more jobs lowering the debt and protecting the environment. that's just not me. >> larry: have you seen al gore's movie? >> you know, i have. i think it's an important film to see that. i will say this, al was a good vice president. and if you will look closely at his record during his eight years in office, you'll see that he never shot a single american. he just -- he just invented the internet and e-mail so we could all be spammed to death. >> larry: you feel dick cheney should had been censored in some way? >> not at all. huh-uh. i was a little miffed that he shot the only lawyer in america that i don't owe money to but you know what i understand dick's dilemma.
12:41 am
i hunted a don quayle. back in the '90s i wish i would have shot some those lawyers i really do. >> larry: so you don't resent republicans with their attack while you're in office? >> no, i sure don't. i mean maybe a little bit, okay let's be honest here. the truth is my impeachment hearings were a dark, dark time in american history. but let's look at the good that came from us. c-span had its very first pg-13 rating. they did good. you know i -- i tell you, larry, i have to respect the republicans. because what they want to do is they want to reduce the size of government. now i just don't think that indictments are the right way to do it. >> larry: so you have some compassion for george bush? >> oh, i do, i really do. you know the job of president, it is a ton of pressure and there are no days off. there are days you just want to sit down, relax, and google your own name. google your own name. that sounds dirty. >> larry: it does.
12:42 am
we'll be back with the 42nd president of the united states, william jefferson clinton, right after this. don't go away. sfx: coin drop sfx: can shaking when you own a business, nothing beats the sound of saving time and money. and it's never been simpler to save - with regions lifegreen checkg and savings for business. you'll enjoy free online and mobile banking. and with regions quick deposit, you can deposit checks right from your desk. drop by and get started with a business financial review through a regions cashcor analysis. it's how business gets into the rhym of saving. regions it's time to expect more. as we're finishing up, i mention i'm going to the bathroom more often. he checks it out. good thing. turns out... my urinary symptoms -- such as going frequently, trouble going, flow starts and stops... and going often at night -- are due to bph, also called enlarged prostate.
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i know we're here to honor you here tonight because of the work you do, but this dinner is
12:45 am
a pittance compared to the testament to your profession last week, which opened its doors to all of the news seem. the newseum. the newseum. this opening actually got a lot of favorable press coverage. evidently you journalists have a lot of friends in the media. >> larry: welcome back to our special presidential edition of "larry king live." we're talking with the never dull mr. president bill clinton. mr. president, do you miss the attention that came with the job of president? >> oh, i miss it, i do. you know everything, though, i have to say this, everything that i ever said during my eight years in office was always amplified in the media. and a lot of times it would just come back to haunt me. for instance, i was the one who coined the term "new democrat." i was also the one who coined the term "nude democrat." and i remember how i always used to tell people, i used to always look into that camera and i used
12:46 am
to say "i feel your pain. well it turns out that was heart disease. >> larry: speaking of which it was surprising how fast you recovered from the surgery. >> yeah, yeah. i'm taking much better care of myself. you know what happened was it gave me a good perspective on life. i was shocked to hear the doctor say to me i had acute angina. i told him i was flattered but i was already spoken for. so just back off. >> larry: how did the surgery change your perspective? >> you know what it did, larry, it taught me to appreciate the little things, like aspirin and bacon bits. i totally agree with president bush's remarks about america's addiction to oil. i, too, was addicted to oil. also butter and grease, salt, mayonnaise, stuff like that. i don't know what i miss more the white house or white castle.
12:47 am
>> larry: but heart surgery you've got to say hasn't slowed you down any, has it? >> huh-uh, it hasn't. in fact tonight i want to let folks know that i am introducing my new ex-world leader diet plan. i call for americans to eat less junk food. i'm calling it just say whoa. >> larry: the president's father seems to have become quite a good friend of yours. >> yeah, yeah, george senior is. he and i -- we're having a great time. we're doing a lot of traveling together. we're helping people out. i tell you what i feel like a college kid who's on spring break with mr. rogers. but we have -- we have gotten to know each other really well and do some really good work. >> larry: you seem -- it's unlikely, but effective team, isn't it? >> oh, it is, it is. yeah he actually calls me his other son, which is what he always used to call me, he just shortened it a little. i asked him if his real son, the president, was jealous of our
12:48 am
friendship? and he said that george doesn't know the meaning of the word "jealous." he was serious. >> larry: and in the meantime, what do you have coming up? >> larry: there's a respect there? >> absolutely. george senior once told me that barbara was like a stradivarius violin. i told him that hilly is like a stradivarius headache. i've learned not to spoke for hillary. you could say she's flirting with the idea. i stay out of that game. i don't flirt with new ideas.
12:49 am
i don't make eye contact. i don't say hello. you're a good looking idea, i just say keep on moving. gone. no matter what, i support hillary. i really do >> larry: do you feel she has a good chance of winning? >> i believe she has an excellent opportunity 0 do wonderful things for this country. hillary has wonderful president sal qualities, heck, she pardoned me before she became senator. >> larry: in the meantime, what do you have coming up? i'm working to preserve my legacy. i don't want to be remembered as the man who built rush limbaugh's house. >> larry: so you're traveling as a speaker, running a foundation, what do you do to relax? >> you know what i do, i spend a lot of time at my presidential library down there in arkansas. you ought to come by. you should. you ought to stop by. >> larry: i was there when it opened. >> that's right, that's right. fantastic. as you know we have the only book in a nine-county area. i'm going to let you in on a little secret here, just keep an eye out for me next year on "dancing with the stars." it's going to be fun.
12:50 am
>> larry: we'll be looking forward to that. >> uh-huh. >> larry: thank you so much for being with us, mr. president. >> thank you, real pleasure. thank you. >> larry: next, comedienne wanda sykes. she had president obama laughing out loud at last year's white house correspondents' dinner. >> larry: it was a night that you never forget, june 1985. i had a feeling that night that this show would make it. when you get down to it, it is who, when, where, where and why? here i am, asking bad-ass questions. i do my best. her. put the remote down and listen. this intervention brought to you by niaspan. so you cut back on the cheeseburgers and stopped using your exercise bike as a coat rack. that's it? you're done? i don't think so. you told me your doctor's worried about plaque clogging your arteries - what did he call
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>> larry: to close it out, we'll leave you with two of the best. >> the sadness that president clinton feels about leaving the white house. believe me, mr. president, there is no one sadder than i am about you leaving. bought my house, you bought my car. i have everything i owe to you. i conhave done it. one thing i most admire about president clinton, he's the only president i know going back to his high school reunion. to me, that's very cool. to me, that's the on reason i would want to be president just so i could go up to my high
12:56 am
school reunion. just to walk up to that knotty cheerleader, still too busy for the leader of the free world? how's your husband's amway business working out? that's pretty cool. because president clinton had wonderful, wonderful international clients. remember that day in the rose garden. remember when they were all in step. i have never seen -- take a look at that footage. take a look. ♪ [ laughter ] >> why do the ads always have to be so negative? these attack ads that the american public doesn't like. i'm going to show you a couple local ads that ran in california with fringe candidates. you be the judge. >> he says, he's not one of the
12:57 am
fat cats. he denies his tice to the milk lobby. if that's true, what's he trying to cover up? vote dog. dog. he says he stands for family values. does this look like family values. haven't we seen this type of behavior before? vote cat. >> i'm sorry, i had to do one. i'm sorry, mr. president. i had to throw one in. i'm sorry. i'm sorry. i feel terrible. i just had to do one. it will never happen again. don't audit me. i don't want to go back to cuba. >> the category tonight, top ten favorite, george w. bush moments. top ten favorite, george w. bush
12:58 am
moments. [ applause ] here we go, number ten. oh! number nine. >> it feels good, do it. if you got a problem, blame somebody else. >> number eight. >> the issue of immigration stirs intense emotions. in recent weeks, americans have seen those emotions on display. on the streets of major cities -- [ laughter ] >> number seven. [ laughter ] >> number six. >> that be a stable iran, iran
12:59 am
that is capable of rejecting iranian influence. i mean, iraq. >> number five. >> i like to fish. [ laughter ] >> number four. [ laughter ] >> number three. [ laughter ] >> number two. >> doing a better job of talking to each other. the left hand now knows what the right hand is doing. [ laughter ]


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