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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 18, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: this is an area that just in 2003 was ravaged by hurricane fabian. this storm igor that may be coming through is a hurricane that's following a similar path, and might bring some of the same type of damage. fabian killed four people, caused damage across the island and knocked power out for up to three days. this time with this storm, igor, we spoke with the minister david birch. he says they're ready. >> we're ready. i'm very pleased to say that, you know, we are taking it seriously, and we don't normally because we got threats of hurricanes all the time. but we have an emergency management organization that's well geared up for this, and i'm pleased to say that people are taking it seriously and they are prepared for it. we will suffer some damage, no doubt about it. this is the biggest storm in about 23 years. a little stronger than fabian
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even. but people are prepared and we build for hurricanes. so i'm not at all concerned about damage or loss of life if people do what they're supposed to do and people do what they are prepared to do. >> reporter: igor is a much bigger store than fabian, much wider. so keeping that in mind, if the storm just comes close, it's going to be big enough to cause all kinds of damage in bermuda. let's send it back to you in the studio. >> reynolds wolf, thank you so much in a very windy bermuda. the surf is kicking up there. jacqui jeras is here. igor would be the first threat and then karl or does it matter in the timeline? >> karl is pretty much over with. maybe just some showers. igor is one of the big focuses as this is a powerful hurricane and could make landfall in bermuda. this is a huge hurricane, so even if that eyewall doesn't
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make it on shore, they are going to be getting hit with hurricane force winds, not to mention huge waves that are going to be pushing through as well. there you can see igor and take a look, yeah, this is the island. those are the islands we're talking about, that tiny dot you can hardly see. karl faded out over here. we have a tropical wave in the gulf. we've got julia right here, which is a tropical storm, 50-mile-per-hour winds, not going to bother anybody. and then we have this tropical wave way out here which has some potential, medium chance of becoming our next named storm. if so, it would be lisa. let's talk about igor and where it's going to be heading. this is a category 2 hurricane right now, maximum sustained winds 105 miles per hour. you have to get up to 111 in order to be a category 3. we were there earlier today. a little bit of weakening. it will likely fluctuate in
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intensity. you can see it's right in the center of that cone of uncertainty and landfall would begin tomorrow into monday morning. you can see the forecast path. we're expecting that northerly turn. we have cloudiness and we saw the waves in the live shot there, but we are expecting conditions to go downhill. now, what about the u.s.? are we going to see any impact here? you bet we are, the same we did with earl and danielle. we've got a high risk of rip currents here on the atlantic coast, particularly bad into the carolinas. another thing that we're keeping our eye on is that disturbance in the gulf of mexico. maybe a little moisture from karl got wrapped up in this, but this is an upper level disturbance. right now it doesn't have a circulation, so it's not a tropical storm or a tropical depression. it's a wave or cluster of
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thunderstorms. the concern here is not necessarily that it has much time to turn into a tropical storm, but it a es going to bring torrential downpours. the rain from houston toward the south and west. flood watches in effect here. 3 to 5 inches expected and texas has been hard hit with a couple of different tropical depressions and storms already in the last couple of weeks. so adding more insult to injury with all this moisture, we're going to likely see river flooding as well as flash flooding from some of these heavier showers and thunderstorms. there you can see the flood watches in effect, corpus christy into brownsville, those are be the impact areas we're concerned with. >> jacqui, appreciate that. let's talk about the pope's visit in great britain. he addressed a painful issue on his third day, the child sex abuse case scandal that's rocked
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the church. he met with five abuse victims in london and at a morning mass, the pontiff expressed "deep sorrow to the innocent victims of these unspeakable crimes." well, that wasn't enough to dissuade thousands of people protesting the pope's visit. they gathered near hyde park where the pontiff led a prayer vigil for the beatification of a british cardinal. and a freed american hiker is talking about her ordeal. coming up, hear what sarah shourd had to say about her release from an iranian prison. ] [ drums playing ] [ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. race-inspired paddle shifters. and f-sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. it isn't real performance
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a standoff in texas is now over, according to the local newspaper, the odessa american. a gunman held law enforcement at bay for more than 20 hours. the standoff began after two deputies and a civilian had been shot. the civilian victim had entered the suspect's property to
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repossess a trailer and just over an hour ago, the paper reported the suspect was taken into custody after smoke bombs were dropped on his property. and studies suggest that there's still discrimination against minorities and if you have a record, getting a job is tougher. stephanie elim found some state and local governments trying to change that, but for many it's still a struggle. >> here's a basketball. >> reporter: gene mays knows what a criminal record can do to a job search. once the top of his class in high school, mays dropped out of college and began selling coke to support his habit. >> once i started doing cocaine, it just shot straight to the top as far as my priority list. >> reporter: in 1989, he went to jail for drug trafficking. he served his time, paid his dues. >> october 7th, 1997, that's the
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day that i got clean. >> reporter: flash forward a decade. mays, now married and a father, was studying to become an electrician. >> i did something they said had never been done, and that was got 100 on each of the 12 tests during my first year. >> reporter: despite this, the city of cincinnati revoked its electrician job offer. david singleton is mays' lawyer. >> the city looked at gene, saw he had two felony convictions in his past, and say therefore, you can't work for the city. it didn't care about his rehabilitation, it didn't care that he was ranked number one in his class each of the five years of the electrician's training program. >> reporter: singleton successfully got cincinnati to remove the criminal history question from its job application. the point is to give ex-offenders a chance at an interview. >> it's not felon first,
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employment programs, it's giving people a fair shot to compete for jobs where they're qualified. >> reporter: so this box issue, is it more of an issue for people of color, for black men? >> statistics bear out that if you're a person of color, you're more likely to be the focus of the police, you're more than likely to wind up in the criminal justice system. >> reporter: massachusetts and hawaii ban all employers from using the box. massachusetts state representative james maselly is against softening these jobs. >> i want to give everyone access to all of the information regarding someone's criminal record that they can get. why not disclose everything up front? >> reporter: but victor garcia believes there's a direct correlation between unemployment and the young people who end up in his emergency room.
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>> chronic joblessness is a direct cause or the growth of the illegal economy and with that is a culture of gunshot wounds. >> reporter: mays is working for a transit company, clean for 13 years. but he never did get that electrician's job. >> once a felon, always a felon. so that's what generally leads a person back to the life of crime, because they feel like once they've committed a crime, that it's no use now. what i hope can come out of this is that those same individuals that were thinking like that can now have a sense of hope. >> and this program note, fighting the financial crisis from the pulpit. the black church has fought for civil and human rights and now is waging war on debt. that's coming thursday, october 21 at 9:00 p.m. eastern only on cnn. all right, this might be the perfect weekend for a family
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it's a day of celebration in chile, it's independence day. 33 miners trapped underground for a month and a half are also celebrating, because they are now one step closer to freedom.
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here's cnn's carl penhaul. >> reporter: mid morning, and a break through in the rescue effort. >> communication started happening with the miners. they were a big part of that process, letting us know how far we were from them. they were able to pull the plug out and what we call sound or measure, where our bit is, so we could mark the point on the drill pipe and break through. >> reporter: this company owns the drill bit that's punched a 12-inch shaft down to where the 33 miners are trapped. the rig, known as plan b, is owned by a chilean company. it is one of three trying to save the miners. it began drilling just two weeks ago. >> we had a late start and we've come out of the gate rather fast. >> reporter: but the hardest job may still lie ahead.
4:18 pm
rescuers must take the hole twice as wide. >> the million dollar question is how long is it going to take to widen this hole? >> how high is up? that's hard to predict. >> reporter: chile's mine minister said it could still take at least six weeks. >> you can imagine this as we are eating hear donuts and in this part, we are eating the center part of the doughnut, which is smaller. and now we have to eat the whole part of the doughnut. so it's a lot more material that we have to remove. it will take more time. >> reporter: but it's far from clear that plan b will be the plan that rescues the miner ins. over there, an oil rig known as plan c. that can drill much faster than the other options but unlikely to be fired up until probably
4:19 pm
monday. as the drills grind away, families camp out at the mine are preparing a cookout for chile's independence day celebrations this weekend. for the trapped miners, chef prepare a treat, pastries stuffed with meat, onions and olives. they'll get a barbecued steak underground, too. the minister says he's bet rescuers another barbecue, depending on which team can pull them back to the surface quicker. >> i will be very happy to pay that debt as soon as possible. >> reporter: carl penhaul, cnn, northern chile. a look at our top stories. a 41-year-old grandmother could become the first woman executed in virginia in nearly a century.
4:20 pm
governor bob mcdonald refused to issue a stay for theresa lewis. her lawyer says lewis was manipulated by two male co-conspirators who were the triggermen. she is scheduled to die by lethal injection thursday. and freed american hiker sarah shourd addresses the media today. she thanked all the people who worked so secure her release and said that she hopes two other americans would get out soon. shourd was one of three americans held in an iranian prison. she was released this week. her fiance and a friend are still being held as suspected spies. lindsay lohan could soon find herself back behind bars. the young actress admits she failed a recent drug test. she tweeted she was working hard to overcome her addiction after
4:21 pm
her brief stint in jail. the judge has warmed the starlet that if she slipped up again, she would wind up back in jail. okay, so whether you're looking for love and laughs or action and adventure, it's all available this weekend in the theaters. we're joined with today's movie review. good to see you, jen. >> hi. really excited to be here. you're right, we have a lot of different kinds of movies. >> yeah, beginning with "alpha and oh mega." is this a g movie? >> it's a really strange movie. >> yeah, okay, a strange g movie. 3-d too about two wolves with nothing in common but they get stuck together. so let's check out a little clip. ♪
4:22 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> didn't you like this, will the kiddies enjoy this? >> you know, i'm not sure kid also really enjoy this. >> really? >> it's kind of a strange blend of, well, a road trip, it's a buddy comedy, it's a fish out of water tale, it's an opposites attract romance, all about wolves who sing and talk and fall in love. what i found most strange about this story is that it's basically a kid's movie about wolves mating. >> i don't know if i want my 5-year-old seeing that one. >> exactly. in fact, unless you really are desperate for something, and
4:23 pm
you're prepared, you have to be prepared for your kids to ask those questions afterwards. >> oh, no. so what was your grade? >> i give it a c minus. on top of that strangeness, the animation is rudimentary. in the age of pixar, it almost feels like a step backwards and the 3-d is definitely not worth it. >> oh, gosh. let's talk about "easy a." this is supposed to appeal to teenagers about some clean-cut high school students who want to be popular and i guess go the unconventional which is maybe now the more conventional route. let's take a look. >> brandon, just a couple hours ago, you told me you were gay. >> true, but you said i should pretend to be straight. >> yeah, i didn't mean with me.
4:24 pm
>> is that brandon? >> grunt and make it convincing. >> don't stop! >> ready for the grand finale. >> what? >> thank you. >> now i'm embarrassed. is my mom watching? i was talking about social media when i said conventional route, but what do you think about this movie? >> it is rather unconventional when you consider what kind of movies we see these days in the realm of teen comedies. this is very funny, it's very sweet, and it's very chaste considering it's a movie about sex. it has no sex at all in it. it pays homage to john hughes and to those '80s movies that we all love. at times, that sort of awareness can be a little too clever, like movie is a little too satisfied with its own cleverness. but what carries this film is
4:25 pm
emma stone, she has been on my radar for a couple of years. movies like "the rocker" that weren't so, you know, good, but this is her -- >> you're too kind. >> this is her first leading role and it's a perfect role for her. she's sassy. >> so you like snit >> i give it a solid b because of emma stone. i really hope to see more of her. >> okay. let's talk about "the town." ben aflac, this is kind of bank robbery meets love story. so let's take a peek. >> took it over, opened the safe. they took me as a hostage. they blindfolded me and drove me around. then they stopped and let me out. >> i'm sorry.
4:26 pm
>> it's not your fault. the fbi guy told me it was like i was still in mourning. >> fbi? >> did you like this one? surely there's a lot of action, too. what did you think? >> yes, "the town" is really solid. i think that's the best word to describe it. ben aflac stars and directs this movie. i would say acting wise, he's understated, not stellar, i think the best work he's done as an actor. but as a director, this is a movie that's going to prove that "gone baby gone" was not a fluke and that he got that oscar back in the day for a reason. >> right and the same thing, directing, producing and acting at the time. he did it all. >> this is his second movie as a director and he shows some aptitude for blending the emotional, with stirring action.
4:27 pm
i give this an a minus. i really enjoyed it. got great action. it gives you a good sense of place for this neighborhood in boston called charlestown, which apparently creates generation after generation of criminal and bank robbers. but overall, it is the most solid film that we've seen in a little while. >> very nice. i want to get in this creepy movie. i know it's supposed to be a thriller, but it makes me laugh, but this is "devil." everyone gets trapped in an elevator, right? and among them, the devil. >> yes. five people are trapped in an elevator. >> i don't know if we have time to watch it. we'll have to talk over it. what did you think?
4:28 pm
>> i think it scared a lot of people off, but for all of you out there, do not let that name deter you from seeing this movie, because it is a tight little thriller/horror movie. it's not really gory at all. what it is, it's a mind game. it's really well directed. and what i appreciated most about it is that it kept things simple. you know, it can't go for the overblown theatrics or crazy visuals. it kept things to the basics and that's kind of what works about it. there's sort of a similarity in themes at least with another horror movie that we saw, but this does not bottom out at the end. >> what was your grade? >> i give it a b.
4:29 pm
go see it. >> you don't want to see this kind of movie with me because i would be screaming the entire time. all right, jen, thank you very much. lots of fun., thanks for joining us from l.a. >> thank you. all right. hurricane igor is threatening bermuda. we'll get the latest on that track. look at all this stuff for coffee. oh there's tons. french presses, expresso tampers, filters. it can get really complicated. not nearly as complicated as shipping it, though. i mean shipping is a hassle. not with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. that is easy. best news i've heard all day! i'm soooo amped! i mean not amped. excited. well, sort of amped. really kind of in between. have you ever thought about decaf? do you think that would help? yeah. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service.
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freed american hiker sarah shourd is on her way home to the u.s. today. she gave a heartfelt thank you to those who helped free her from an iranian prison. >> i will always associate your country with the first breath of my freedom. the sweet smell of sandalwood and the chance to stand by the ocean listening to the waves. i thank the good hospitable
4:33 pm
people for your support and ask you to please, please extend your prayers to my fiance shane, and my friend, josh. >> shourd was arrested in july of last year along with her boyfriend, shane bauer, and their friend, josh fattal. they were accused of illegally crossing the border into iran and accused of spying. on september 9, top iranian officials announced plans to release shourd. officials then reversed that announcement a few days later. but then two days later, they released her on $500,000 bail and she was flown out this past tuesday. bp is optimistic that the plugged well in the gulf of mexico will be sealed stoon. the company has pumped cement
4:34 pm
into the bottom of the well and you're looking at images we just received. they began pulling out sections of the drill pipe today. it was the largest u.s. oil spill in history. once the cement hardins, the well will be officially dead. so many still question what happened to all the oil that gushed into the gulf of mexico. a recent report says a majority of it was captured, burned off or taken care of by dispersants. here's brian todd. >> reporter: a deep water csi in the gulf. and a potentially ominous finding. researchers discover what they say is a substantial layer of oil in the saidment in areas near the deep horizon spill. the team, led by a university of georgia marine science pro-tess
4:35 pm
sor, canvassed an area as close as two miles from the wellhead and as far away as 80 miles. in several samples, they found concentrations of oil seeping as much as two inches into the sediment. >> we're going to go to the source and speak to dr. samantha joy on a research vessel. she's on the research vessel and we're going to call that right now. i asked joy about other scientists who question her findings, including those who say so much oil seeps into the gulf naturally every year that some of this might not even be from the deep water horizon spill. >> there's spillage from other vessels, there's all sorts of things like that. so to find oil in the gulf of mexico either in the sediment or water column is not unusual. >> reporter: how do you come to believe that the oil you found is from the gulf oil spill and the bp situation? >> we have samples collected in
4:36 pm
may from many of the same sites we're sampling right now. in may, this oil was not present. it was not here. this layer has developed over the last four months. >> reporter: joy concedes they won't know for sure that this oil is from the deep water horizon spill until they chemically fingerprint it when they get back to the lab. joy discovered dead organisms underneath the oily sediment and worried about marine life that would feed off that. >> anything that forges to the bottom. any fish, any squid, octopus, anything that is going to the bottom looking for food is going to be exposed to the material. >> reporter: then that could deprive other fish up the chain from a healthy food source. an official with noaa says this finding does not necessarily contradict a government study issued saying about 75% of the oil from the spill was captured,
4:37 pm
evaporated or dispursed into the water column. the official says the oil in these samples could be part of the 25% that got away. brian todd, cnn, washington. cnn is your hurricane headquarters. right now we're watching hurricane igor as it moves closer to bermuda. this is what igor looks like from space. in southern mexico, karl is causing problems. these pictures were sent to us by one of our i-reporters in boca del rio. it's dumping lots of rain on vulnerable areas. jacqui jeras is in the weather center. >> we have julia out there as well as two other tropical disturbances, so things continue to remain well above average and very active in the atlantic and we'll show you where the storms are on the big picture here. this is igor, julia. karl fizzled away here, but they
4:38 pm
have a new tropical wave and one right here. igor remains a primary concern right now. this is a powerful hurricane, a category 2. maximum sustained winds around 105 miles an hour. you've got to get up to 111 to be a category 3. we were there earlier today, a little bit of weakening, but changes in intensity are common. so you need to be prepared here for a major landfalling hurricane. this will happen sunday into monday and bermuda right in the center of that cone of uncertainty. this is a huge storm and it they will be feeling the full brunt of this system and get some nasty waves and feel the tropical storm force winds as we head into tomorrow. now, even though karl is out there a little bit of that
4:39 pm
moisture got wrapped up in this disturbance in the western gulf of mexico. here you can see texas, and this is going to be bringing in torrential downpours. rainfall here is already extremely heavy, and you can see this impact will be from act houston stretching down towards brownsville and south padre island. you can see two to five inches of rainfall between now and monday, with some isolated heavier amounts. texas already very saturated and we can see significant river flooding in the next couple of days and real concerned about that flood threat. >> thanks, jacqui, appreciate that. a california woman beating the odds and winning a battle with a deadly form of meningitis. she tells us about her terrifying ordeal, live right after this. i gonna be great.
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incredible progress in the rescue of trapped miners in chile. a bore hole has reached the 33 miners who have been trapped underground since early august. however, officials caution the hole must be widened before the miners can squeeze through. the process will take weeks. toyota has reached an undisclosed settlement with the families of four people killed in a fatal lexus crash last year. lexus is toyota's luxury brand. an investigation shows the accelerator pedal got stuck on an improperly installed floor mat. the car was unable to break properly. one lawyer said toyota did not admit liability. tragedy after a touchdown last night in texas. star high school quarterback reggie garrett collapsed on the
4:44 pm
sidelines after completing a touchdown pass. garrett was a senior and straight-a student in orange, texas. he was being recruited by several top university football programs. the coach says he had a history of seizure, but an autopsy will determine the cause of death. back to school, and bacterial meningitis is a big concern for a lot of parents and students right now. it's a disease that can kill healthy, young people with frightening speed. kylea winters contracted meningitis a year ago and it left her kidneys damaged and forced doctors to amputate both legs below the knees and her kidneys and she received a kidney from her twin sister. she joins us now from san diego, along with dr. j.j. leavenstein in los angeles. so let's begin with you, kyla.
4:45 pm
how are you feeling? >> thanks for having me. pretty good. we had the kidney surgery just three weeks ago, and both my sister and i are recovering. >> okay. >> we're doing a lot better. >> that's great, but i know it's been a long haul along the way. how old were you when you contracted meningitis? >> i was 38. >> how do you suppose you were exposed to it? >> we have no idea. the doctors have no idea. i guess you can catch it like a common cold and just some people are more susceptible. >> and what were the symptoms for you? what point did you realize something was wrong? >> my memory is unclear, but i had a fever and vomiting and felt very sick. and i knew something was wrong. >> because it could be confused with a whole lot of other things. >> i guess that's true, but i
4:46 pm
was sick during the evening and in the morning, i never called the ambulance -- a friend did, but i said you need to call an ambulance. i knew something severe was going on. >> once you got to the doctor, what was the diagnosis, prognosis, what was the treatment, what was said to you? >> well, i don't have a very clear memory of anything. in fact, i was in icu for six weeks and there's something called icu psychosis. that leads to a lot of memory loss. but my sisters have told me that what occurred is they said that i had less than 10% chance to survive. and i had kidney failure, the very next day, august 25th. and on october 5th, they amputated by legs below the knee and all my fingers were amputated. >> your twin sister was a god
4:47 pm
send. explain how. >> she gave me a kidney and moved her family down from the bay area to take care of me and help me with rehab. my other sisters were extraordinary in a support system from my sister and myself. so the family has been there for us, including my dad has flown across country from florida. >> incredible support system you had there. so doctor, let me bring you into the equation here. is this experience that kyla had very common? >> well, with the particular type of meningitis that she had, about 50% are estimated to have blood born infection that causes very rapid organ system failure, lack of blood fw to the often in 1% to 10% cases for
4:48 pm
amputations, for organ failure and profound shock and pro-found need for medical support. >> and so who is at risk particularly? it's very random exposure, but are some more vulnerable than others? >> oh, the answer to that is certainly yes. it's thought that the germs that lead to this type of meningitis live in the nose and throat of 5% to 10% of humans and with a sneeze or sharing of saliva or intimate physical face-to-face contact, if you are a vulnerable person, if you're very young, under the age of 1, if you have immune deficiencies, if you have no spleen, if you are a college freshman living in a dorm in crowded conditions where you're not sleeping very well, you're exposed to secondhand smoke,
4:49 pm
your health may not be in the most optimum condition, those are the groups at most risk as well as folks who work in microbiological laboratories and have exposure, military recruits and the elderly as well. >> what are protections? how can one protect themselves against this kind of exposure under any number of those things that you just mentioned? >> well, i think on a global basis, one of the best things that we can do is immunize against this type of meningitis. there are four strains responsible for disease in general. and three of them are very common in the united states. two can be immunized against with current vaccines and it's recommended that 11 and 12-year-olds and all adolescents up to the age of 18 be immunized 100%. and for those individuals who
4:50 pm
have medical conditions where they're at higher risk, even adults or younger children, that immunization of those groups is also recommended. so prevention is a big part of this. on an individual basis, what can we do? not share food and utensils. try to recognize that if we had some of these worrisome symptoms that we would seek medical care early, because early intervention results in better outcomes. >> dr. j.j. leavenstein, thanks very much from los angeles. good luck, kyla. >> thank you. we'll get the latest news right after this as well. there's a nurse who can access in an instant every patient's past. and because the whole hospital's working together, there's a family who can breathe easy, right now.
4:51 pm
somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest healthcare questions. and the over 60,000 people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers.
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time for cnn equals politics update. we're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines on the political ticker. here's what's crossing right now. a win for indiana congressman mike pence just over an hour ago. he finished first in the presidential straw poll done at the values voter summit in washington. it's a major gathering of social conservatives. former arkansas governor and presidential candidate mike huckabee was second. and sarah palin finished fifth. and delaware senate candidate christine o'donnell could have some explaining to do. a clip has surfaced from politically incorrect with bill mauer back in 1999, and it says that she admitted to dabbling in witchcraft when she was younger. mauer aired it on his hbo show last night and says he'll play more clips if she doesn't come on his show. o'donnell has canceled planned appearances on two sunday morning talk shows.
4:55 pm
and there's actually a primary today in hawaii, the intrigue is on the democrat side where they're choosing a gubernatorial candidate. democrats are hoping to recapture the governor's manage in president obama's home state after eight years. republican governor linda lingle is term limited. for the latest political news, go to there are plenty of ways to get around washington, d.c. to see the sites. john bodner shows us where pedicabs are growing in popularity. >> white house, capitol, air and space museum. i left my job in october to take some time off and re-evaluate what i was going to do with my life. >> i can't see how this could go wrong. >> this is part of a personal
4:56 pm
transitioning strategy. >> i'm a student. this is my summer job, so making some money doing this. even in i don't make a lot, i get my exercise in. >> i've been doing it for two years now. i love it. the road we're about to turn on, pennsylvania, is my favorite road to ride on because we have a bike lane right in the middle of the road. >> the business is not just the taxi business, but it's also the tour business. >> they were hanging out in the lobby, waiting to give them money. >> what i learned from it was, a, how to sell rides. rides and toys, save your legs, see the sites. b, a little bit more about the city i've lived in for ten years but haven't experienced enough of. have you seen the monument yet? >> it's right there. >> see how to motivate myself and to get in shape. what's up, my man? there's a wide mix of folks,
4:57 pm
people that are work thing part time while doing something else. we've got lawyers, personal trainers. and even though this isn't a long-term strategy for me, it's been a great thing to do. i'll always remember pedicabbing and i might each continue to do it on the weekends for a long time if i get a full-time job, because i like it. >> that's one way of getting around. thanks for being with me all day long. don lemon is coming up next. he'll bring us a live report from kabul with the latest on the elections in afghanistan. and "the wall street journal" released a list of the top 25 universities that employers recruit from. the results just might surprise you. concierge claim centers. so i can just drop off my car and you'll take care of everything? yep, even the rental. what if i'm stuck at the office? if you can't come to us, we'll come to you in one of our immediate response vehicles! what if mother won't let me drive?
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