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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 22, 2010 5:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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now. he's tracking the race for us. visit. then tomorrow at the united what else is going on, brian? nations, taking a live address by the president of iran, ahmadinejad. we'll be following that for you >> christine o'donnell was up right here. against it when she took on castle in the primary. we have visitors here on rick's she's up against it with the list. they'll be waving at the camera latest poll numbers, still here, to say hello to wolf blitzer. still fighting, still attracting we send the show off to more buzz than any senate candidate in the country. washington. here's "the situation room" with and she's not about to back wolf. down. >> she's playing the underdog happening now, serious card, and for good reason. doubts about president obama and her latest poll numbers with the the fondness for the tea party. double digit deficit shows she does he think the commander in has a lot of persuading to do to chief will be fired by voters in 201? persuade voters. we cover a lot of topics in my >> when the voters of the state interview with donald trump from the tax cuts to the power of the begin to explore her background, aparen tils. look what she said and how she also, the war over obama's wars. that's the name of the new book. does the new bob woodward book stands on issues, i don't think people will want to support her. help or hurt the administration just weeks before the midterm >> reporter: o'donnell is facing scrutiny over her finances and elections? we'll discuss the revelations denied using personal campaign
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and the possible fallout. money for her expenses. and the national star tries >> everything is changing. to escape the national spot they're tired of the old light. christine o'donnell's senate bid may be suffering. government. we're just moments away from >> reporter: since her upset victory in last week's primary, releasing brand new poll o'donnell is telling naysayers numbers. i'm wolf blitzer. she's proven everybody wrong once. you're in "the situation room." >> will you be able to talk about the specific question on the $20,000. >> i'll release a statement. right now president obama no truth to it, though. appears to be losing the >> campaign events this week, confidence of a powerful voter she's given quick, very general with a huge personal stake in answers to some tough questions. the economy. and now tells fox news she's not we're talking about donald trump, the business tycoon and going to do more national tv personality who knows more interviews. >> delaware is the focus and than most americans about hiring local media is my focus. and, yes, firing. >> could she miss out on the i sat down with him today inside moment to capitalize on the trump tower here in new york national stage. >> no benefit to the maximum city. we spoke about the economy, national exposure she's going to politics, and much, much more, get. people don't do that. it brings in money. brings in out of town interests. she has that. including the economy. >> her opponent chris coons is >> you're not convinced he can win re-election? on the defensive himself.
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>> i don't know if he can. he's described as a bearded i see such hate red and marxist. >> i'm disappointed we're animosity. we see taxes going up. talking about the title of an we see wars that we shouldn't be article written in a student in. we see roadways going into newspaper 25 years ago. manhattan that are falling apart it's important to speak to it and yet we're rebuilding and put it to bed. >> will o'donnell be able to afghanistan. convert coons's problems and her i don't know if it's going to work out for him. own buzz in an upset win. >> a little taste of our wide >> what's the path to victory in ranging, lengthy, and i should this race? >> has to pivot to the primary say provocative interview. stand by to hear the complete election and the general election and she needs to explain how she's going to interview, donald trump's take represent the moderate's in on the bush tax cuts, the tea state. how she's going to represent the party movement, and more. state as a whole, not just the that's coming up here in "the situation room." conservative republicans. stand by for all of that. the new book entitled obama's >> now both sides are promising these candidates are going to go wars. the white house is putting a spin on the released book by the head-to-head in a series of debates including one next month veteran journalist, bob woodward. a senior official says mr. obama on cnn. chris coons has not gone after is portrayed as the commander in chief who is, quote, analytical, christine o'donnell for the biggest controversies. he hasn't had to. the national democrat senate strategic, and decisive in campaign arm is out with an ad this week attacking her for her developing a strategy in financial questions.
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wolf? afghanistan. some excerpts are appearing in >> told she tore into the media the nude media. he offers this take on winning the war. i think about it more in terms of do you successfully prosecute today? >> that's right. a strategy that's stronger rather than weaker in the end. gary tuchman was at an event she spoke to a women's group. the book underscores the political calculations behind the first words is i'm the president's demands for an exit strategy. he's quoted as saying, let me disapointed the media is here because now i can't talk as quote again -- i can't let this openly as i want to. be a war without an end. this is a loose quote from her. and i can't lose the whole she said they record everything democratic party. but twist the truth. she did mention cnn's reporting let's bring in democratic of the financial impropriety correspondent chris lawrence against her. who's doing the story. she said you've seen the cnn a key point in the brand new book reporting that the cia has reporting talking about the a covert army in afghanistan and soros-back liberal grouped crew. crew denies that. pakistan. what do we know about this army? it's distracting our winning message. how big is it, chris? she had a couple of other words >> the cia built a local army. to say there about the media. gary tried to question her after the event about her finances and it's a 3,000-manned paramilitary said, we're giving you a chance force, all local afghanistans. to answer the tough questions. she said to basically go to her it's called the counterterrorism lawyer in washington and she pursuit teams. left. a u.n. official describes them so she's not wasted much time
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to us as elite forces saying, since speaking last night about quote, these are some of the not talking to the national finest afghan fighting forces. media. she didn't waste much time today they made a major contribution to security there. in tearing into the media. a pentagon source says there is >> thank you for that. i will be a co-moderator of an a level of cooperation between these units and u.s. military forces in that area. upcoming debate between he says at a minimum, knowing what units are doing when and christine o'donnell and chris where so you don't have friendly coons. join me on october 13. firing mistakings. the debate will air live right here on cnn. n a former senior official says a deadly attack in iran is the units were formed eight being blamed on terrorists. years ago, focusing on stand by for details. afghanistan. he said the cia is recruiting 100-year tribute to titanic. people to blend in to afghan's this time, hopefully, there won't be any icebergs. society and do clandestine well-being. missions but started to do missions over the border in pakistan. he said that area is tribal and afghans can easily cross back and forth over the border in pakistan. >> what is the risk now that they've been exposed? >> just today, the pakistani spokesman said, quote, we don't
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have reports of foreign troops operating inside our border, but should it happen, our troops will fire on them. we're all striving for it. purina cat chow helps you nurture it in your cat a former counterterrorism with a full family of excellent nutrition official says, you know, one of the afghan force's missions has been to pursue intelligence and and helpful resources. targeting information within pakistan. so not just chasing terrorists over the border from purina cat chow. share a better life. afghanistan. he says only a select few pakistani officials were kept in the loop about what this afghan team was doing, but now that they have been exposed, he said the keep operating there, they said it could put them at tremendous risk now that pakistani authorities know they're there. >> chris lawrence working this story. thanks very much. later this hour, i'll speak to the ambassador to the united nations, susan rice. we'll talk about the headlines of the new bob woodward book, including deep concerns in the purina cat chow. intelligence community that the words alone aren't enough. afghan president hamid karzai is my job is to listen to the needs and frustrations of the shrimpers and fishermen,
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a manic depressive and is on hotel or restaurant workers medication right now. ask her about that. who lost their jobs to the spill. stand by. a new round of home numbers i'm iris cross. in some of the hottest u.s. bp has taken full responsibility senate races in the country, for the clean up in the gulf including the delaware showdown and that includes keeping you informed. featuring the controversial republican nominee, christine our job is to listen and find ways to help. o'donnell. cnn and "time" magazine our sister publication, were that means working with communities. partnering to bring you restoring the jobs, tourist beaches, snapshots of these contests as we close in on the midterm and businesses impacted by the spill. election november 2. we've paid over $400 million in claims we're joined now by the washington deputy bureau chief and set up a $20 billion for "time" magazine, michael independently-run claims fund crowley. thanks very much. to cover lost income until people impacted let's go through some of the new numbers, we'll start in delaware can get back to work. and our efforts aren't coming at tax-payer expense. first. the republic -- excuse me, the i know people are wondering-- democratic candidate with 55% in now that the well is capped, the brand new poll. is bp gonna meet its commitments? christine o'donnell, 39%. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. she's got a struggle ahead of i'm gonna be here until we make this right. her. >> democrats were cocky when she won the primary, knocking off mike castle assumed to be the strong favorite. democrats felt like republicans had blown it.
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there are some who thought you never really know. she's been raising money quickly >> let's check back with kate. and sometimes people rally to she's monitoring some of the the underdog. this poll suggests she's not stories in the situation room. leaping forward. this is about where she was just >> sexual misconduct has now before the primary, just before she kind of came in a national been filed against atlanta megachurch pastor ed long. star. and i think democrats are the suit was brought by a male cautiously optimistic but they're dealing with a little who claims to be a teenager at bit of an x factor not sure what the time of the activity. to make of it. this they feel like could be the a similar accusation in two other suits filed yesterday thing that prevents them to calling them without merit. worry about losing control of the senate this fall. pastor long plans to hold a news >> she's raised more than $2 million in the last week alone. conference tomorrow. she'll have plenty of money and in iran, nine people are a lot of tea party enthusiasm, no doubt about that. dead and 20 wound in a terrorist let's go to colorado. attack in a city. the blast occurred at the scene the republican candidate ken of a military parade marking the buck. he's got 49% in the branld new cnn "time" magazine poll. anniversary of the start of the war in iraq in 1980. michael bennett with 44%. most of the victims were women and children. a legendary dancer in cuba >> president obama's approval ratings have been low in the is inviting president obama to past several months. this is one of a few races where visit the obama administration,
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you see christine o'donnell but not alone. the president wants to bring notwithstanding. tea party nominee democrats made along five cuban agents fun of holding their own or imprisoned in the u.s. for more than a decade. doing well. they were convicted of spying on last week, you and i talked about sharon angle ahead of groups in miami. three got life sentences for harry reid in nevada. same thing. they can't dismiss these people. they're holding their own in the polls. that race is revolving around helping cuba shoot down two some basic issues. airplanes dropping leaf lets over the country. cap in trade, health care has and the 100 anniversary of the bennett on the defensive. he's coming back with some shots sinking of the titanic is under for social conservatism. way. but have no fear, two cruises his decision on contraceptivings are organized to mark that day. one will follow the exact and abortion, for instance. and outside groups coming in, itinerary and carry the same number of passengers on the doomed ship. karl rove's group american cross the other will set sail from the u.s. both will hold memorial services roads attacking bennett. at the site of the sinking in another battle in the north atlantic. pennsylvania in our brand new so book your tickets or maybe poll. the republican, a former not. and, it's official. the hit tv show "american idol" congressman with 49%. joe sestak, current democratic is revealing the new congressman with 44%. much-anticipated judge lineup. toomey, five points ahead right seacrest today announced steven now in this poll. >> well, wolf, i had a tyler, jennifer lopez, and democratic operative tell me
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they think that race is neck and record executive jimmy iovine neck, not necessarily as wide as five points. will join randy jackson. the group will replace simon however, that's one where you heard that toomey was a perfect target for democrats. cowell, ellen degeneres, and they said this guy has ties to wall street and ben washington. karla diogiardi. they'll attack him not only as a washington insider but a guy wolf blitzer is busy with whose -- all of his friends are in wall street in high finance. politics and could not accept the job. two big villains right now. it's not working out that way. toomey, a very conservative >> fun assignment but not equ qualifie candidate. in other years in pennsylvania, qualified. you might not expect him to do >> people don't know the dance as well as he is, but he's moves and chops you have. >> i do like music, though. definitely holding his own there >> you do. and may well have a real lead. a major leap of faith for >> another important poll number the religious community. why churches are now teaming one in wisconsin. the new united neighs. rus feingold is struggling right details. and donald trump, revealing now. 45% to his challenger, ron new details about the next johnson with 51%. season of his hit show, "the apprenti that could be serious trouble apprentice" giving new meaning to the concept of reality tv. for feingold. more of my big interview with >> democrats are disappointed by this one. donald trump coming up. high blood pressure or diabetes, feingold has been around for a long time. the voters knew and trusted him. you may also have very high triglycerides --
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the frustration if you're feingold is here's a guy whose too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. whole career has been about lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers staking out his independence. very high triglycerides in adults he's often a lone no votes but has not been shown annoying the democratic colleagues. to prevent heart attacks or strokes. he's the only person who voted lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil against the patriot act. that's then purified and concentrated. in the fall of 2001. he opposed the tarp bailout. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. he can say i'm independent of you can't get it at a health food store. the democratic party that lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, everyone is so up front against. have other medical conditions he wants to run excerpts for his and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. first campaign ads in 1992 more blood tests are needed before and during treatment. of an average joe saying i haven't changed. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. i haven't been corrupted by possible side effects include washington. >> let's see next wednesday when burping, infection, we release more poll numbers flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, with "time" magazine. and change in sense of taste. thank you very much. >> thanks, wolf. ask your doctor about lovaza, >> more allegations against a the prescription that starts in the sea. megachurch leader. bishop eddie long is fighting back against the lawsuit accusing him of having a sexual that while you may come from the same family... you know, son, you should take up something more strenuous. relationship with young men. and women and children killed in you have different needs and desires.
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(announcer) everything you need to stay balanced on long trips. president obama is here in new york and addressing the residence inn. united nations at the general assembly, and spoke earlier [ tires screech ] [ engine revving ] today on global development. also before the u.n., he and [ drums playing ] other leaders are looking at the goals set ten years ago to
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[ male announcer ] 306 horsepower. tackle world poverty. the u.n. is not relying on race-inspired paddle shifters governments and grants to fight and f sport-tuned suspension. all available on the new 2011 lexus is. poverty and the funds are slowingb and they are also reaching out the religious it isn't real performance, groups. here is cnn's dan lothian. unless it's wielded with precision. see your lexus dealer. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: within these traditi traditional four walls of a church many come to find salvation, but sometimes the real healing takes place in soup kitchens, shelters, on street corners and in missions across the globe. >> faith-based institutions, and number one, their mission to help people and it is almost in their dna. >> reporter: so it seemed like a logical next step for the united methodist church to dig deep and break new ground in order to here in new york with jack. >> i'm here every day. expand the reach. >> we, today, are the first an unexpected pleasure to have faith-based organization to be a you among us here in the big apple. participant in the global fund. feels like sarah palin all over again. that's what we need. >> reporter: pledging $75 delaware republican senate million over five years to the
5:14 pm
united nations to help fight nominee christine o'donnell aids, malaria and tuberculosis. burst on to the national stage a lot of things may pop into your mind when you think of the with the primaries. united nations, but a religious and suddenly everybody can't seem to get enough of her. organization is probably not one of them, but churches and despite the fact she has big temples are increasingly playing question marks on her resume, an important role in getting help to the people who need it just like sarah palin. most. under fire for allegedly people like joyce from the misusing campaign funds for southeast african country of personal expenses, like sarah malawi who has been hiv infected palin. o'donnell has been in the spotlight for saying years ago for more than ten years. she says that some churches and she dabbled in witchcraft and had one of the first dates with the missionaries have treated people like her as outcasts for too long. a witch on a satanic altar. she said that. and she used her views on >> once you are infected with hiv, you are one of the abstinence to rule out ma sinners -- masturbati >> reporter: so that the religious organizations were masturbation. after her last cancellation of two sunday show appearances, condemning you? >> yes, they are condemning us, o'donnell suddenly announced and being punishment from god. that sarah palin has advised her >> reporter: she says that the not to do anymore national media churches have quote now come to their senses and putting money and people behind an effort to prevent a disease they once interviews and instead focus on local media. based on sarah palin's shunned. there is also a practical side to the alliance. interviews with katie couric, what religious organizations that's not bad advice. bring to the table is a vast
5:15 pm
those were disastrous. network of global resources, a i wonder if o'donnell is as lot of people, and a lot of poorly informed on the issues as money. >> the church is one of the most palin was. it sounds familiar. trusted delivery systems on the palin's resume littered with continent and we have our foot goofy comments like saying she in the door already, because we could see russia from alaska or have been there for years. not being able to name a single >> reporter: elizabeth gore with the united nations foundation is newspaper she read on a daily a spiritual social broker basis. she quit as governor of alaska matching churches with u.n. midway through her first term. causes like fighting malaria in she refuses to talk about a lot africa with mosquito nets. of the issues with the media >> we have to engage whether it unless, of course, it's with the is muslim communities or f-word network. they pay her. christian community or jewish but none of that seems to communities, we need them as our matter. sarah palin is a huge celebrity partners. >> reporter: and what is maybe a who people talk about as a surprise is that the tough u.s. serious presidential contender. economy is not an obstacle to this is what we need, remember the mccain campaign. giving. here's the question. >> the reality is in poor why do people like sarah palin economic times when people know and christine o'donnell attract the need, the human spirit kicks in and they want to make a so much attention. difference. >> reporter: now the bishop go to file and bickerton says that he is iss please enlighten me. i don't have a clue. issuing a challenge to other >> you're going to be interested when we play the interview i faith-based organizations to get involved with the u.n., and he played earlier today at the trump building. says when so many denominations are divide theologically, this
5:16 pm
is something that, wolf, we get into this at length. i want you to stand by for that. everyone can unite behind and save a lot of lives. get some thoughts. >> hopefully indeed. >> going to go in and set my thank you, dan lothian, who is recorder. >> see it live. going to be here covering the president's address before the >> i will? >> no choice. general assembly. >> captive audience. thank you, dan. and jack cafferty is asking >> thank you. >> cate baolduan has more. why people like sarah palin and christine o'donnell alt tract a lot of attention. and donald trump will explain why he thinks that the u.s. is messing up big time in its economic policy toward the president today visited china. >> i have a lot of so-called the home of a chronically ill friends in china and they call me and we talk. patient who administration they can't believe how stupid officials will say will benefit our representatives are that from the law's repeal of they are getting away with it. i don't blame them. lifetime coverage limits. children can remain on their parents' plans until age 26, insurers will be required to cover children with pre-existing conditions and various preventive services will be covered. in new york city, mayor bloomberg is getting behind andrew cuomo in the state's we could've gone a more traditional route... tightening race for governor. the endorsement comes in the ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. wake of the surprising new ♪
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thanks. do you work here? not yet. from tax info to debunking myths, the field guide to evolving your workforce has everything you need. download it now at jack is back with the cafferty file. jack? >> i get lots of mail if you put sarah palin's name in the question. why do people like sarah palin, and why do people like her and christine o'donnell attract attention? and this one, because the media loves the anomaly, the weird and the extreme and the immediate. this coupled with a quick solution and the sound bite and an audience that has a brief attention span makes the palins et al. popular. and andy says that the palin and o'donnell represent the stepford wives. the men can fantasize about them and the older white women can emulate them. it's scary to think that candidates no longer have to talk about the issues.
5:20 pm
and professor writes, i don't think that the majority of the americans like them, but we like train wrecks to occur. these people are whackos and do they think we are stupid enough to fall for rhetoric and populism? nick says that it is because they are in the right place and because the country is going through a tough place economically, they have proved they don't have the qualifications to fix the problems, they provide a mouthpiece to vent for americans. they are using their own position for political gain. and this is three words, pretty white women, all looks and no brains. who is more famous than marilyn monroe? they don't have to be blond to be ditsy. and plus, mrs. o'donnell's recent admissions, you just have to know as the old song goes, "it's witchcraft."
5:21 pm
have you ever been to a date at a satanic altar? well, my life has voids, and that is one of them. >> well, thank you, jack, very much. to our viewers in "the situation room," happening now, america at a crossroads. learninging much more about the bickering in the obama the u.s. economy is struggling administration in the strategy in afghanistan. the new bob woodward book and unemployment at near double-digits, and elections a entitled "obama's war," behind month away, and voters are the scenes name calling and serious doubts over where the expressing anger at president president's strategy can you can obama, and who is to blame for the current crisis and what can president obama do to turn it around? seed. i will talk about that and much more in my extended interview joined by david gergen and this hour with donald trump. gloria borger. he explains why he believes that one of the things we're learning the u.s. is no longer respected around the world, and why h is the president's advice was rejected by the military but he doubts that president obama can be re-elected and why he says, overruled them. and i'm quoting him now china is >> it was astonishing to me. you know more about this than i getting away with murder. we want to welcome our viewer would because you've been in the ins the united states, and around the world. white house. the president had to write his i'm wolf blitzer, and you are in i'm wolf blitzer, and you are in "the situation room." own memo, his own six-page memo, put it on the table. -- captions by vitac --
5:22 pm
and say, okay, guys, is this clear enough for you? because he wasn't hearing what he is a keen political he wanted to hear from his advisors or the military. observer and one of the world's this is a president -- i spoke best known businessmen and one with lots of folks inside the of the wealthiest people in the white house who were in these united states, donald trump. afghanistan reviews. on forbes newest list just out they made it clear to me -- this this hour of the 400 richest was a president very concerned about mission creep. people in the united states, it wanted to learn the lessons from puts his fortune at $2.4 vietnam. billion. didn't want his generals to that's up from $2 billion last year. dictate either the timing or the size of his policies. $400 million increase for donald trump in a year according to "forbes." as a successful entrepreneur, he has strong opinions about the and the troops. u.s. economy and how the turn it he had to write it down himself. around. we talked about that and much it's extraordinary. more in a wide ranging interview >> never seen a president do today at his offices in new that, six-page memo saying york. here's the policy. you sell it to the level below >> as you know the president has been hammered lately, and he has you. here's the general direction, been asked some tough questions write it up, i'll approve it. by people who supported him in the campaign back in 2008. i think this book shows a lot of here is the question to you, how quarrelling. any time you deal with him, you much of the blame does he invite him inside the white deserve for the current economy
5:23 pm
house, it's a two-edged sword. as opposed to how much of the blame goes to those who gave him >> the president, the vice president, every speaks to him in preparing the books. this current economy? you worked with him, i'm sure, >> well, i think that everybody when you worked advising. gets blame, wolf. i think that he is having a hard >> i give bob woodward enormous time and i don't know if he is credit. i've seen him time and time ever going to recover. i look at him as a president who again come up with inside is really in trouble. accounts that are unparalleled. i see what is happening in the country, and there is a movement when it comes to national they have never seen it before, security, the tradition for a whether it is tea party or long time as you well know is whatever, and i just don't know that anybody who is an incomumbt that they can be candid and frank. and what i find distressing and to recover, and unless they are really doing a good job. >> what do you mean recover? objectionable in a time of war, for the white house to engage in >> that means be re-elected. wholesale dumping verbatim >> you assume he will run for re-election in 2012? accounts of what's being said in >> yes. >> and you don't think thae that national security meetings about the war in afghanistan, is, to me, damages the process and he can be re-elected? undermines national security. >> is this a political >> no. when you see the animosity out liability? >> i think -- i think it could there, and the roads in be to a -- to a certain degree. manhattan falling apart and yet rebuilding afghanistan, and the wars, and i don't know that it is going to work out for him.
5:24 pm
they made a decision to >> because you and i are old cooperate. enough to remember 1994 when because if you don't, your side of the story isn't going to get out. there is a liability here. then-president clinton suffered a huge setback, losing the house because the president is said to be such a reluctant worrier. and the senate and he came back in '96 and beat bob dole. >> he did and lots of things can many say for good reason. happen, but right now the level of animosity and level of almost you're tempted to ask the question, why did he do it? did he send the troops because hatred for our government by our people is unbelievable and i am he was fulfilling a campaign sure you have never seen promise which he made? anything like it, and i've never remember, he said we were fighting the wrong war? that we should have been fighting the war in afghanistan, seen anything like it. so will he win? not in iraq? -- will he run, yes. and so i think it gives folks will he win? if you asked me a year and a who don't like him the half ago i would have said, opportunity to raise questions about his motives here. because there's also a line in absolutely he will run and win. but it is looking really bad for this book about, well, i can't president obama right now. lose all of the democrats. >> and i can remember some intense times and we are almost >> i think what gloria just the same age in the late '60s in said, i think that's the line. the vietnam war and it was very we don't know the context yet. intense and jimmy carter the final year of his presidency but the account -- we can't lose when he lost the bid for all of the democrats. re-election was very tense, and i've got to get out before the election because i can't lose the interest rates were really all of the democrats. high and the 444 days of that's not the way we go to war. americans held hostage in iran, >> he's worried about the base and are you saying what you feel in that session. thanks very much.
5:25 pm
and see right now is as bad in i'll ask the u.s. ambassador of the country as then. the united states, susan rice, >> >> it is really bad, and really if the new book by bob woodward gets it right. bad u no, b snow, but i see the iran making strong statements. sensitive questions coming up. you remember with jimmy carter, also, christine o'donnell shut down the national news media and they had the hostages and frenzy surrounding her. ronald reagan said they will not and my interview today with be in there one minute, and donald trump who thinks before he took office one president obama may pay a huge minute, they were released. price for the bad economy. we need somebody to speak to other countries and our enemies. >> you don't think that i don't know if he'll ever president obama can? >> well, something is wrong, because we are not respected recover. i look at him as a president who really is in trouble. throughout the world. in the reagan years we were i can find the combination that gets me there and back quickest. respected, but not in the world where you book matters. expedia. as a country. >> those are tough words. >> i don't know if they are tough, but accurate words. >> if you listen to obama and the supporters, there is greater respect now for the united states as opposed to during the bush administration. >> absolutely -- well, i'm not a fan of bush and you know that better than everybody. i thought that bush was a horrible president and absolutely atrocious and certainly this mess started at the end of his reign and during
5:26 pm
his reign, and i saw a woman eloquently stated yesterday that, you know, she is middle income this or that and looking for the american dream, and she stated so it beautifully and this is a supporter of his. i don't think that he will have great support from his people. but if you look at this from the people that h he had support fr, a lot of them are dropping out, and dropping out quickly. now, i'm the worst hawk in the world. i'm a total hawk. >> on national security? personal pricing now on brakes. >> yes, absolutely, and yet we tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. should not have gone in iraq and deal! the minute we leave and we are my money. my choice. my meineke. out, and we have 50,000, 60,000 soldiers there, and we are out? i don't think that 60,000 soldiers -- and the other thing, if you look at countries like china and what they are doing to this country, we are really building china, because everything that we make is made in china or other countries and it is made there and we don't make things here.
5:27 pm
as an exam pplexample, i ordere thousands of windows a couple of weeks ago, i said, where are they from? china. i said does anybody make them in alabama, oregon or anyplace? no place that used to make windows makes them anymore, so swe are building china to pay for their things. >> what can president obama do to fix the economy? >> well, so many things, but number one, you have to provide money for people who want to build. the biggest industry is the real estate industry, and thousands of people building houses, et cetera, et cetera. but right now if people want to borrow money to buy a house, they can't. they can't borrow money to buy a house, and it is an anomaly, and if i want to you can borrow it at the 2%, so it is an anomaly. >> what can president obama do? >> you have the make this country competitive with other
5:28 pm
countries because right now it is not. we have to be a manufacturing country, and health care is wonl derful, but it does not make money. we have to bring money in. we used to make things, and we don't make things. >> because it is cheaper to make nit china or india. >> well, if you look at the phony currency, it is hard to compete with china, and we make a better product than china, and i can tell you because i buy a lot of chinese product, only because i have to. we make a lot of good product, but in my opinion, you tax president obama just china. china is take advantage of this completed an address at the united nations. country unbelievably. now, i say that you put a 25% the main speech at the u.n. tax on everything that is made in china. assembly is tomorrow as his >> that sattar rif-- that is a administration plays defense at the same time against an explosive new book revealing tariff. and that creates a trade war. details about the overall >> they will retaliate. >> how? strategy in afghanistan. >> do you know how much money we joining us from the united states, the united states owe china right now? >> one year of this tax, and we don't owe them anything. ambassador susan rice. one year and we don't owe them thank you for joining us. busy week with the united anything. >> they have a lot of -- >> i have a lot of so-called nations general assembly in friends in china, and they call town. let me get you to a couple of questions on afghanistan. me, and we talk.
5:29 pm
then i want to move on to some they can't believe how stupid our representatives are that u.n.-related issues. they are getting away with it. the new book by bob woodward, this is in "the washington post" i don't blame them. i'm just saying that they are getting away with murder. today. they are selling us product at i want to read from story. afghan president hamid karzai with very low currency, and they was diagnosed as manic are getting away with murder. depressive according to u.s. and they can't believe they are getting away with this murder. intelligence reports. he's on his meds, he's off his >> who is stupid? name names? >> well, you have the start by meds. woodward quotes u.s. ambassador karl iken berry as saying. saying the person that appoints based on all of the reports you the people. who appoints the people? the president. the president appoints the people. read, is that true? when i negotiate with china, i want our business leaders, our hamid karzai on meds as a manic best business leaders to depressive? negotiate and not a diplomat to >> let me say, i haven't read make everybody happy and the woodward book. negotiating with these people, i have met president karzai on they have the smartest and the multiple occasions. best negotiating. we don't. we have some diplomat who don't i have not read anything to know the first thing ability suggest that he's a manic business. >> what about the treasury depressive on meds. secretary timothy geithner? >> he is torn, torn between politics and business. i can't vouch for the origins of he knows what to do, but he is woodward's quote. afraid to do it, and now he has but that does not purport with my experience. his own problems.
5:30 pm
summers is out. he is gone. >> he quotes general petraeus of it will be interesting to see who is appointed. but you are asking what to do. we have a huge trade imbalance saying this. i'll read it to you. with many countries, but if you i think you keep fighting. a little bit like iraq, use china as an example, they actually. yes, there has been progress in are eating our lunch. iraq, but there are horrific when people talk about free trade and that is tariff. attacks in iraq and you have to say vigilant. well, i don't mind a tariff on a you have to stay after it. country who has billions and this is the kind of fight we're billions of dollars of surplus. in for the rest of our lives and we are rebuilding china. we are rebuilding china, because we order so much. probably our kids' lives. we are so big and ordering so much product from them. is that assessment of the war in another thing, opec. you have 11 people sitting afghanistan your assessment as around a table, setting an well? >> let's remember what we're doing in afghanistan. we're in afghanistan to deny al artificial price for oil. we are a big oil importer. qaeda a renewed safe haven to >> and we are dependent on that disrupt, dismantle, and defeat middle eastern oil. how do you change that? al qaeda and ensure the taliban >> they wouldn't be there if it weren't for us. we have protected them for years. they wouldn't be there. is reversed. let me give you an example and gave it yesterday. that is vital as al qaeda kuwait got taken over by iran, retains an ability to attack and attack the homeland. no, iraq. so they got taken over by iraq, we can't allow that to hatch. and the chics moved to london
5:31 pm
and new york in the best suites, it's a cold war, a difficult fight. but the president announced last and they would not take a suite, year a new strategy that is but four floors anldz sfloors, designed to enable us to build them. we go over and fight and then up the afghan national security forces so that they can secure hand it back over to the shaikhs. what? they didn't do anything. we lose lives, we lose money, we lose so much and hand it back to their country to build with the them on a silver platter. partnership of afghanistan to now, if you go to the iraqi fund govern and deliver services to right now, they are not its people in a responsible investing in the united states, because they are not believers fashion. in the united states, okay. that's our objective. this is years later. and the president's strategy now, if that's the fact, if we anticipates and plans on beginning a responsible hand the shaikhs back their country, and it is like a private country, and if we hand conditions-based drawdown of u.s. forces next july. it back to them, why are they not paying us or doing so this is not something that's going to be going on in my something? >> now, on kuwait, what you are saying is that after the u.s. children's lifetime. this is, indeed, an effort to liberated kuwait back in 1991, put first of all additional we should have done what? resources in, to security >> we should have told them that broader s.w.a.t.s of the country. we're making progress in that we want them to at least reimburse us for the cost of regard. and the aim is to transition this liberation. what did we do? authority and security we liberated it for some very responsibility to the afghans as
5:32 pm
we have done in iraq. few wealthy people. >> the situation involving iran and those wealthy people are not and north korea. investing in the united states one harvard university right now. you know, they don't like the united states. nonproliferation expert says the we handed them, if you go to the past year has been wasted, kuwaiti u fund, they are not basically, that nothing has been achieved in terms of dealing investing in the united states, and they find better opportunity with iran's nuclear weaponry or elsewhere. they are not wrong about that, but we are stupid people. you mentioned jimmy carter nuclear capability if there is before. one down the road, or north i saw him the other day talking about what a great president he korea, which has, we believe, some sort of capability. was. he handed over the panama canal. has anything been achieved as far as iran and north korea over i am building a building there the past year? and it is thriving and you know why? because the canal is doing so >> absolutely, wolf. well, they are expanding the you may recall that the president came to the united nations general assembly last panama canal, and panama is year and said that we have doing great. we gave it to them. sought engagement and we didn't say pay us billions of negotiation with iran. that door remained opened. dollars over a 10-year or but if, in fact, that was not to 50-year period. who are the people making these be the case, there would be decisions? so we have very bad decision-makers in the country. consequences. we have work in a methodical and and this country didn't get great by having decisions like effective fashion with members that made. of the united nations security council to impose this past june >> i also spoke to donald trump about jobs in the united states,
5:33 pm
the toughest round of sanctions and why companies simply are not against iran ever to be on the hiring even, even if they have the money, and his answer plus books. indeed, we have a tough set of sanctions now also against more on this dire warning right after this break. korea. the result of the sapgss coupled with the additional actions that i have the tell you sit hard congress has taken and the to watch in a sense. it is not easy. european union, japan, south it is a much different than the original veshgs. korea, canada, australia, and others have taken, is that iran is now under more economic pressure than ever before. it is feeling that pressure. the indications are multiple and varied. and now iran is having to factor this new pressure in to its calculations. we remain ready and willing to engage at the negotiating table. but iran has to be prepared to resolve legitimate concerns our points from chase sapphire preferred are worth 25% more on travel. about the program in a serious way and peacefully. we're like forget florida, we're going on a safari. and that's a major accomplishment in the last year. so we're on the serengeti, >> would it help that the president of the united states and seth finds a really big bone. sat down with the president of iran who's in new york right we're talking huge. now, the president's here in new they dig it up, put it in the natural history museum
5:34 pm
and we get to name it. york or on the way. sethasauraus. would it help for the two of really. your points from chase sapphire them to sit down? preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. >> i don't think, wolf, a that's incredible. meeting at the head of state believe it...with chase sapphire preferred level makes any sense absent your points are worth 25% more on travel iran very seriously. when booked through ultimate rewards. being willing to give up the nuclear program through negotiations. we're part of a group called the p-5 plus one. the permanent members of the security council plus germany. through the shared envoy, we reiterated, again, recently, that group's readiness to sit down with the appropriate hostcould switching gei real a bd in the hd or more worth 2 inhe bush? authorized iranians to talk praiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. about the program and have a serious negotiation to get rid appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. of it. they have not responded to that appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, request. that's the venue in which we are looking to pursue discussion of the nuclear program and to woman: really? appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. ensure that iran does not praiser: it's just biful, thank u so much for brinit i acquire a nuclear capability woman: unbelievable appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. that would threaten the john, anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
5:35 pm
the neighbors, israel, and destabilize international peace and security. >> susan rice, the ambassador of the united nations has a lot on her agenda especially in the next few weeks. good luck. >> good to be with you, wolf. new cnn-"time" magazine poll may be a wakeup call for the senate candidate in delaware, the republican, christine o'donnell. a report from delaware on her campaign and how controversy seems to be catching up with her. and the megachurch leader at the center of the new sex allegations tries to get out his side of the story. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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more of any interview with donald trump coming up, but over to jack cafferty. >> as we contemplate more taxes going up in january, think about this, another glaring example of government inefficiency. two los angeles departments got $111 million in federal stimulus money and so far they have created a grand total of 55 jobs. 55. that ain't much stimulation. reports of the city comptroller of l.a. show that the department of city parks and recreation show that they are spending too stloely d slowly due to the red tape. they plan to retain 64 jobs once
5:37 pm
this site has a should i try priceline instead? >> no they spend all of the money. it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! the department 06 partment of p wrong move! you. got $71 million in stimulus funds and they got projects like you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own resurfacing streets, and price on priceline. building sidewalks and storm but this one's a me. drains, et cetera, and sounds it's only pretending to be a deal. good, right? but the reports, the audits show here, bid $79. that it took eight months to put got it. wow! together bids and review them you win this time good twin! and then award the contracts. as for the department of there's no disguising the real deal. transportation, they got $41 million to buy new buses and upgrade rail road crossings, and put in new traffic signals. the comptroller's report shows it was a year to approve the purchase of the buses. meanwhile, in los angeles, the unemployment rate is over 12%. at the time, los angeles city officials would not point to the audit, but pointed to newer figures that showed the stimulus dollars hard at work. imagine the private sector, you hire somebody and pay them
5:38 pm
$100,000 salary, you could hire more people than 55. so should two los angeles departments have been able to create more than 55 jobs with >> delaware right now could be a $111 million in stimulus money. punch in the gut for christine o'donnell and her tea party figure it out at campaigning in the u.s. senate. the brand new cnn-"time" i know. you shake your head. >> what can you say? magazine opinion research >> $111 million and 55 jobs. corporation shows o'donnell ah! >> thanks, jack. trailing chris coons by 16 points. the establishment candidate ""forbes" magazine has released the rich of the 400 richest o'donnell defeat in the primary, mike castle, would have a double americans and with the fortune, digit lead if -- huge if, he donald trump is coming in at were the gop nominee. 153. as the interview with donald brian todd is in delaware right trump continues, he says he believes that he knows the reason behind the lack of jobs in the united states. >> reporter: businesses, they have a lot of money and sitting on the sidelines and not hiring, and why? >> because they are afraid of stupidity and uncertainty, and they are afraid that people are giving away our country. they are very, very concerned.
5:39 pm
they don't know what their taxes are going to be. they don't know what their health care is going to b. i have friends that weren't involved in the health care battle that are now calling me and in one case, he said that his health care bill, and runs a big company is going to be over $100 million higher than last year, and he is not exactly sure what to do, and this is a totally unexpected thing that happened to health care to him. he said, we take good care of our people and we have always taken good care, but now we are spending over $100 million and it is the going to make us a non-competitive company, but i have other friends -- >> so you say that companies want certainty and want to know the future before they spend their money. >> they want certainty, and want to know that we are led properly, and what the taxes are going to b a g ting to be, but know, because they don't know what the tax rate is going if be but the country is spending like drunken stay loay lorailors.
5:40 pm
>> well, does it matter to wealthy people if their tax is increased from what it was in clinton administration? >> 4.5%? >> i know a lot of people leaving the country, because you can move to switzerland and these are international people, and international traders and international business people who do a lot of business out of the united states and do more business out of the united states, and they don't have to pay the huge taxes. they can move to another country. i'm not moving. i'm not leaving, okay. but you have people that are anonymous people who are very rich, and very great businessmen and put lots of people, and they are going to leave the country. the taxes are too high. they have the leave the country, and you are going to see it. it is no different than people leaving new york for florida. or people except that they are leaving the united states for another country, and you will have people leaving this country in droves. >> and these jobs that have been lost, the millions of jobs lost over the last few years, are
5:41 pm
they permanently lost? >> well, until we get smart with how we handle opec, and how we handle china, how we handle to a lesser extent india, and i mean, you have some of the credit card companies, you call and you will get india. people sitting in india working out your credit card situation in the united states. why? why is that? but the greatest is opec. you have 11 men sitting around a table sitting on artificially high prices for oil, and it went up to $150 and they had it up to $150, but they pulled that back, because the whole world was going to go into a major depression and they would not get anything. you have ships all over the seas, and all over the seas, wolf, loaded up with oil, and they don't know what to do with it, and i know, because i am friendly with people, and these are friends who laugh with what they are getting away with. they tell me, donny, we don't believe we are getting away with it, and they are so stupid. i don't blame them, because i am a serious kind of guy.
5:42 pm
i don't blame them, and i understand, and i guess i could do the same thing if i could get away with it. but interestingly, if you have a store and i have a store and another friend of ours has a store and we set prices, we go to jail. we go to jail. here you have 11 guys setting the price of oil artificially high. and i have very, very smart person that once told me recently, if we pay more than $50 a barrel for oil, the country can never make it economically. i believe that by the way. it is the -- wolf, it is the blood of the country. did you ever notice that the stock market goes up, oil goes up. stock market goes up, oil goes up. indicators are good, oil goes up. every time something good happens, oil goes up, and it drains the blood. so, ultimaly, unless you do something about opec, in my opinion, this country can never be really great again as an economic power. >> donald trump has plenty to say about the banking industry
5:43 pm
and whether president obama really did save the country from a depression. my exclusive interview with trump continues. and later, the president's right-hand man might be out of the west wing sooner than we thought. new information about rahm emanuel coming into the information room. (announcer) everything you need to stretch out on long trips. residence inn.
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more now of my interview with donald trump. i spoke with him here in new york and i asked him about the crisis in the housing market and he says he sees good news for some people, and bad news for many, many others. you know real estate in the united states. is the dream of owning a home for millions of americans lost? >> well, it is different. and in one way, if you'd let the market take care of it, it would be better, because people who never thought they would own a home could get a chance, because
5:47 pm
the housing prices have dropped so sharply. so, in one sense, that's a good thing. it is not good for the poor people who owned the house and have a mortgage of $1 million on a house now worth $500,000. those people are just in trouble. i suggest that you go back and negotiate with the bank, but the fact is that you have at lot of people in a lot of trouble, but it does give certain groups of people the right to go out to buy a house that never thought they could, but the bad news is that the banks are not loaning the money. all of this money was given to the banks, and the banks are not loaning the money. >> but they are making money. >> they are making a lot of money by just sitting there and doing nothing. i have a great company, and, you know that the banks don't even want my cash, because they have so much money, they don't want my cash. they want my accounts. they want my accounts, checking accounts, because they pay no interest on the checking accounts. >> is that the safest investment to keep your many knee in cash? >> who knows. then you see the stock market goes up, and it is sort of funny, because i am not a stock
5:48 pm
market player, because i don't believe in it too much, because i see the shenanigans, but when i see it up, i think, oh, gee, i should be in the market, but then a friend of mine said, did you feel stupid when the stock market dropped 50 or 60% and you didn't have stock? well, you feel good about that, but the fact is that the country is falling so far behind, and in ten years or 12 years, china, if it keeps going like this, with our money, meaning our products, and all of the money we are pouring into china, they are going the surpass the united states. that is a sad day for the united states. >> obama and the democrats want to keep the tax rates the same for families making under $250,000 a year. expiring at the end of the year, the bush tax cuts. >> right. >> the republicans want all, everyone, including millionaires and billionaires and people
5:49 pm
making more than $250,000 a year to have the same tax rates. where do you come in on this? >> well, you will take a lot of incentive away from people if you start to raise their taxes. >> for rich people, you mean? >> rich people. absolutely. because the rich people employ thousands. >> and the $700 billion that can be saved over the next ten years by not allowing the tax cuts to continue for people making more than $250,000 a year is money that can cut down the national debt. >> you know, it is relatively not that big of a number number one, and number two, when you talk about the rich people, relatively speaking, it is not that big of a number, and number two, it takes incentive away and number three, get out of iraq. we spent much more than a trillion two in iraq. >> well, they are getting out of iraq, but it is afghanistan. >> well, they have 50,000 or 60,000 still there. >> and next year. >> when we get out, it is going to blow up. i told you that four years ago. the minute we are out, it is going the blow up, and you know
5:50 pm
who will take over iraq? probably iran. for years, they were like this, back and forth and back and forth and we just ruined the balance of power, because we have crippled one country, so as soon as we are, in my opinion, as soon as we are out, iran will take over ra irairaq, and they the oil. we weren't smart enough. >> and president obama says that his policies have saved frus another depression, is he right? >> well, i do agree, and this did start prior to him getting there, but he also kept it going that he had to do something to sure up the banks, because the psychology of the banks and you would have had a run on the banks, the strongest and the weakest and i hated the ultraconservative view, and if they go out of business, that is fine. you did have to do something to sure up the banks. they probably should have done something for lehman brothers, because lehman was a disaster that caused lots of other
5:51 pm
disasters and lehman was a real disaster, but they had to do something to sure up the banks. it starred sooner than him, but it started with paulson, but also obama carried it forward and you did have to do it. whether you had to go beyond the banks, that is another thing. whether all of this t.a.r.p. money was spent wisely, that is another thing. >> what do you think of this tea party movement? >> it is extremely powerful. i love it. i love it. i think it is great. because they are telling people we are watching you. i really love it. they are saying, that we don't want china to take over the united states. they are saying that we don't want to see oil prices at $75 if they are supposed to be at $20 a barrel, and we don't want to be paying all of this money. there is a lot of great things happening in the so-called tea party movement. i will tell you, it has people thinking. i has got people on the democratic side and the republican side thinking. >> and these candidates like christine o'donnell and rand paul and sharron angle, and what do you think -- >> well, i'm not saying that i
5:52 pm
particularly am talking about any candidate, but i am saying that the tea party has the democrats and the republicans starting to think for the first time in a long time. this country is going to go down if they don't change their policies, and they better change them fast. we have deficits like we have never had before, ever before. i mean, i never heard the world trillion until about a year, and i heard billions and billion, but now trillion is like a routine. they are always using it with respect to the deficit. you look at our deficits with china, and you look at our deficits with other countries, and we are not running the country right. so, the tea party is getting people who don't focus, and all they want to do is to raise the taxes and give money away, and they are getting people to focus on what has to happen. if you look at what chris christie is doing who is a great guy. >> in new jersey, governor. >> and if you look at what he is doing in new jersey, it is a
5:53 pm
fantastic thing, and revelation. he is cutting the budget by $11 billion, and the people are going to be better off for it. he does not just cut, but he explains why he is cutting and how he is cutting and how in ten years, they will be better off. he is doing a great job chris christie. >> even donald trump's tv show is reflecting the harsh economic times that we all live in. he gives us a little taste of what to expect on the new season of "the apprentice" coming up later. i have to tell you that it is hard to watch in a sense. it is not easy. it is not easy and much different from the original verg. ♪ feed the senses. everyday i eat your soups, i save a lot of money. that's great. so, your rich and hearty soups have made me, rich and hearty. that's funny. i'm hearty because of your juicy steak, your potatoes... you're really, rich and happy. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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5:56 pm
there is more of my interview with donald trump coming up, but first more on the support of the tea party movement here in the united states. he says it is powerful, and he loves it. let's talk about that and more with cnn's john king who is the host of "john king usa" which
5:57 pm
begins at the top of the hour and our chief political correspondent candy crowley who hosts "state of the union" sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. eastern. will these high profile endorsements like donald trump help the tea party candidates win? >> i think that would rather have a contribution. but it is interesting to see a corporate establishment guy, and the tea party runs against the political establishment, and here is a guy in the corporate establishment to say what a wonderful thing it is about. and it generates talk about the tea party and people out in the state of delaware and kentucky and elsewhere for donald trump's guidance, but it is proof that he is so captivated by it, that it is the most intriguing force in the politics today. >> he said it reflects the deep anger, candy, anger that we haven't seen in the country for a long time, and how angry are the voters right now? >> from what we can tell, and
5:58 pm
listen, the most damaging thing is that there is a lot of anxiety out there, and the anger fuels the tea party, but what gets people like donald trump looking at them is the anxiety. you is saw it all through the interview. when you look at the tea party and what they say they stand for which is doing something about the trade coming in from china that is wrecking our trade s deficit, and if you look at the spending in washington, these are all things that trump brought up in the interview and all things that the tea party says it stands for. i did not take it as an overall endorsement of the tea party, but i love the energy and they are fundamentally changing the country, and he is clearly a man who thinks there should be fundamental changes. >> you heard donald trump say he is not sure that the president should recover and can win in 2012. it is early for any such predictions, but it does underscore how much trouble the president is in right now. >> you are right, way too early for the predictions, because how
5:59 pm
the republicans do will have a lot to do with the dynamic that president obama faces down the road. but the narrative that obama is weak and one-term president has caught on and you are hearing it in political circles and corporate circles and hear it in the country with people who are involved sometimes intensely in politics or tangentially. i was up in massachusetts to moderate the governor's debate and that is what everybody wanted to talk about is obama that weak or is obama going to be okay? this is going to be a different conversation after the elections in november, and then it will work out after that. >> and candy, many of us remember when the democrats lost the house and the senate, and a lot of ofolks think that made president clinton a better president having to work the majority in both houses, so it is possible that obama could be a better president if the republicans are in the majority? >> sure it is possibility, but the reason it worked for clinton
6:00 pm
is that it pushed him back to the middle where most of the country is, and it gave him an enemy if he needed it. and boy, if you could give me back a democratic house back or senate back, i could do more things, and put him in a better political position and someone to bounce off. so if that could happen to president obama? yes, it could, but this is an interesting time. and we would not have been talking about this eight months ago, so a lot can change between now and then. >> certainly true indeed. candy, thanks very much. john, we will see you right at the top of the hour. >> we will get back to my interview with donald trump coming up. he reveals a new change in the new season of the "apprentice," and what is so different from the original? a hint, the economy. and a check of the other top story, and a secret for president obama staying calm in one of the most stressful jobs imaginable. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty.
6:01 pm
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6:04 pm
kate bolduan is monitoring some of the other top stories in "the situation room." what do you have, kate? >> well, 5 million cans of similac baby formula are being recalled because they contain beetle parts. there are similar product lines offered in plastic containers and other powder in various-sized cans. similac says that the fda has said that the potentially tainted products do not cause health problem, but could cause intestinal irritation. and fda is investigating the massive recall of eggs, and how
6:05 pm
could we forget, but they did not learn much from the owner of one farm. owen bethel took the fifth at a house committee hearing. the owner of wright county egg who was also involved in the recall did talk and he apologized to anyone who was sickened by the tainted eggs. florida governor charlie crist says that his law will stop enforcing the bar from gay and lesbian couples from adopting children. the court cited equal protection under the law, and said that there was no rational basis to prevent gay parents from adopting. two sources close to chief of staff rahm emanuel tell cnn that he may step down adds early as october to focus on running for mayor of chicago. sources say that emanuel has not made a deficit decision on running, but he realizes if he does take the plunge, he has to
6:06 pm
run quickly to get the campaign off of the ground. >> and president obama held a discussion in the home of falls church, virginia, but he strayed off topic to talk to the crowd about a question he often faces about how he manages stress. >> people ask me, sort of how do i stay calm in my job. the reason i stay calm in my job is that every night at 6:30 no matter how busy i am, i go upstairs and i have a short commute, and i go upstairs and i have dinner with my wife and my daughters. and as long as they are doing good, as long as they are healthy and happy and running around and telling me stories about the crazy things that happened at school today, then there is a certain baseline that just gives you that sense, well, i can take anything, right? now, the flipside is when malia or sasha get a sniffle or an ear
6:07 pm
infection or a scrape or a bruise, i'm over there just miserable. >> dinner with the family helps anyone out, i would say, with stress. speaking of dinner, wolf, any dinner plans with mr. trump this evening for you? >> no dinner plans. i am getting on the plane to fly back on the shuttle. i will be back -- >> we miss you. >> i think that the president has a great way of expressing his feelings about his family, and his two daughters and very, very nice that is surely a way to ease some of the stress that comes with the job. good for him. i am glad he is having dinner every night with the wife and kids. wonderful family. see you tomorrow, kate. thank you, wolf. he made the fortune in real estate, but it was real ti tv that made donald trump a bonafide celebrity, but he says there is something in store for
6:08 pm
the upcoming season of his hit show. one final show, the "apprentice" a new season and new concept this year? >> well, it is a new concept and little bit nasty, and i must tell you, because it is people who are taken from the horrible economy and they don't have jobs. they had great job whens when t "apprentice" started because everybody was go-go, and now these people are down and out. it is a whole new thing, and we do the celebrity "apprentice," in two weeks, because we wanted to do a regular "apprentice" showing one person at the top of their class at stanford law school selling cupcakes. engineers with no jobs and one man with a great job and no job and he has five children and a wife. zero income coming in, no nothing. and we are showing that. i have to tell you that it is a little bit hard to watch in a sense. it is not easy. it is much different from the original version, but it is interesting, and it in some
6:09 pm
cases, inspirational, and in other cases, it is very sad, because these people are never going to make it. >> never? >> the world, the economy, and the country, and it is just absolutely knocked them out of the box. it is tough. it is going to be very tough for them. >> donald trump, thanks as usual. >> good luck. and should two los angeles departments have been able to create more than 55 jobs with $111 million in government stimulus money? jack cafferty next with the e-mail. and the one kiss that has countless tween girls crying. jeanne moos takes a moost unusual look. of a homemade meal. marie's new steamed meals. it's time to savor.
6:10 pm
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6:12 pm
jack's here with the care if i tile. >> the question this hour is just unbelievable. should two los angeles departments been able to create more than 55 jobs with $111 million in stimulus money?
6:13 pm
the hint on this question is yes. bobby in l.a. writes, since i live in los angeles and am forced to drive on poorly renovated freeways every time i leave the house, i think the city could accomplish a lot more. too many people taking too long to agree on decisions and then actually implement what the city has needed for years. craig in arizona writes, this is about what i expect from government. that's why it's so alarming to see my fellow citizens calling for the con first situation of wealth from the people who produce in this country. it will all go to waste and line the pockets of government officials. the new rich may likely be your local government officials. r. rights from santa rosa, the private sector would hire 50 people in china and the ceo and his or her friends would pocket the rest. lynn writes, trying to pick up any job he can with funds from the federal government. the money has been sitting there and sitting there and no one is
6:14 pm
letting any contracts for anything, no contracts are being awarded. what the hell is going on? she writes, this shows where our problem is. the good intentions. bob in long island writes, where are the watchdogs? hello, joe biden, are you home? jim in colorado, some years ago, the french came up with the perfect solution to this sort of thing. they simply removed the heads of the people running the country. tom in texas writes, name the 55 democrats who got those jobs. you know republicans wouldn't work for $2 million a year. if you want to read more, find it on my blog. giggling our way through the e-mails. it's not funny. it's not funny. >> shocking. >> it's terrible. >> makes my blood boil. >> now, don't get upset, we need you to be calm. >> but it's terrible. >> you're in "the situation room," we can't have you going off. >> $111 million, 55 jobs.
6:15 pm
i mean, it's not good. >> i could do better than that. >> thanks. bob woodward's new book on the obama administration comes out next week but a sneak preview in "the washington post" is already causing a stir in washington. we'll have more on the fallout. that's coming up at the top of the hour on "john king usa." but first, justin bieber fans are up in arms over this tmz picture showing the singer kissing a girl. this most unusual story with jeanne moos right after the break. , please? peggy? sure...well...suddenly it looks like i'm being charged a $35 annual fee. yes? tell me it's a mistake. yes? are you saying yes or are you asking yes? yes? peggy? peggy? anncr: want better customer service? switch to discover. ranked #1 in customer loyalty. it pays to discover. i really didn't see it coming.
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justin bieber fans call themselves true biebers but now doubt. they're distraught over a photo showing him kissing a girl. here with their most unusual reaction, cnn's jeanne moos. >> reporter: usually they scream for him but now they're shedding bitter tears. >> because i love justin bieber. >> honey.
6:19 pm
>> what, mommy? >> we don't have to cry because we love justin bieber. >> yeah, we do. sometimes. >> reporter: and this is one of those times. >> i'm so depressed right now. >> reporter: teenaged girls worldwide are depressed because justin bieber was photographed apparently kissing the girl featured in his song "baby." >> and that little -- >> making out -- >> reporter: every time the 16-year-old heartthrob kisses someone, fans weep. >> is it going to be all right? >> yes. >> reporter: take the time bieber was kissed by a blonde backstage. >> i think she's too old for him to be kissing on the lips. >> reporter: as one girl posted after this latest apparent kiss, my life is now officially pointless. the heartbreaking photograph obtained by tmz were -- >> actually shot by a canadian tourist who pulled up alongside justin bieber while he was in the back seat of this honda.
6:20 pm
>> reporter: tmz reports a source close to bieber says he was more upset about being caught in a honda than being caught kissing. the girl in question -- >> jasmine -- however you say her name. >> reporter: jasmine villegas has in the past denied any romance. >> don't worry about it. we're just friends. >> reporter: as if that's going to console anybody. >> do you want to listen to his songs? will that make you feel better? >> no, that makes me cry again. >> reporter: and now some of his fans, fans who used to kiss his picture. >> love justin bieber. >> what are you doing? >> nothing. >> reporter: are debating. >> i don't know if i should tear down my justin bieber posters. >> reporter: the truth is hash. >> the chances of justin bieber falling in love with you is slim to none. >> reporter: but some interrupt their tears with eternal optimism. [ phone ringing ] >> i bet that's justin bieber.
6:21 pm
>> reporter: some are taking it out on the girl bieber seems to be smooshing. >> she's so dead. >> reporter: yikes. beware of wrath coming from the mouths of babes. >> don't kiss him ever again, lady. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn. >> we don't love just
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