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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 25, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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and the future will be what we want it to be. >> do you feel we're well on the way. despite the set backs of the last few years, you look at these goals. you think in a few years, we can get rid of -- >> they're not going to completely eliminate poverty, but the objective is to cut it in half. i think we did definitely do it. >> thank you for your continued initiative for the u.n. >> i'm not going to give up, what are we going to do, give up, stop fighting? >> thank you for joining us today. we're hoping you connect to us on twitter. we do read every single one of the messages you post there or on facebook. make sure you join us every week for "your money" saturdays and sundays. you can log on to have a great weekend.
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seven steps to saving money, we start your home from your thermostat to your dishwasher. a mirror mission goes viral. now in the running to become the most popular video in the world. we'll show you our other contenders in our 3:00 p.m. hour. changes in health care went into effect this week. coming up we'll tell you how those changes could impact your next doctor's visit. you're in the cnn newsroom, where the news unfolds live this saturday. up first, national security and the case of a yemeni american cleric by the name of anwar al aawaki. he's suing to prevent the u.s. government from targeting
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awlaki. he's been linked to al qaeda. the u.s. believes he's hiding in yemen. chris lawrence has been following all of this from washington. what kind of military and intelligence information are we talking about? >> for obvious reasons, the government's not going to get an exact specific. but basically what they're talking about are military and intelligence operations going on overseas. their argument, the government's argument is they're not going to disclose to an active operational terror, exactly when, how and where the u.s. government is operating to fight terrorism around the world. >> he's an american citizen. >> yes. >> his father is contending that he's on this kill list by the cia, that they want to assassinate him. what kind of protections does this american have against being assassinated by his own government? >> yeah, it almost sounds kind
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of funny in an ironic way when you say that. have you the right not to be assassinated. i think that's the argument from the aclu and some of the other civil rights groups, they're saying, you know, how -- when it comes to life or death decisions, can the executive branch of government just have sort of cart blanche to decide which of its citizens it targets for assassination. there should be some judicial oversight over that, because al awlaki is placed on this list to be killed. the federal government is arguing the courts should have no place in putting legal decisions, injecting those into day-to-day decisions that the administration has to make on how to fight terrorism around the world. take a look -- listen for a second at what a former government official says about this case. >> this is a war, the citizens of the individual is irrelevant.
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what is relevant is whether or not this individual is an enemy combatant that can be lawfully attacked with deadly force. >> so we get on one side, have you people saying, he's still an american citizen. you don't lose those rights. others saying, citizenship cannot be factored in when you're talking about an act of terrorist. >> government officials believe he's been living in yemen. is his father saying yes, he is indeed in yemen? if so, what is he doing there? >> we believe that -- >> besides potentially recruiting. >> most government officials believe that al awlaki came back to yemen in 2004. he was believed to have been killed in an air strike last december. that was later proven not to be the case. back in march, he released a video urging muslims to turn against their own country and rise up and attack the united states. and then just in july, the fbi
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warned a seattle cartoonist that al awlaki had put out a death threat against terror and several other cartoonists around the world. he's still out there, still obviously making public statements, and that's one of the reasons the u.s. government has him on this list. >> chris lawrence in washington, thanks so much. keep us posted on this. coming up in the next hour, we'll talk to a constitutional law expert about the complex legal questions being raised by this case. would a federal court side with the government's national security argument? in yemen, security forces are touting a victory against al qaeda today. the brigadier general in charge of security says his troops are chasing down militants who flood one southern town to the mountains. yemen's government has been intensifying efforts to combat terrorism in the arabian peninsula. there was violence in the capital of sanaa.
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al qaeda militants attacked a busload of security forces, wounding eight of them. freed american hiker sarah shourd finally got her wish. she actually spoke with mahmoud ahmadinejad. she spent the time pleading for the release of her friends still being held in an iranian presidenten. >> i want to be able to talk to the president. something i prayed for for a long time. it's a good feeling for me to be able to tell him my story directly. i'm thankful for this, and hope it will make a difference for shane and josh. >> she met with ahmadinejad in new york where he was attending the u.n. general assembly this week. now, the growing sex scandal involving well known atlanta pastor eddie long. a fourth man has filed a lawsuit against bishop long, claiming
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the mega church leader coerced him into sex. long is expected to respond during a church service tomorrow. marty savidge is covering this story, we don't know exactly what the pastor's going to say, we just know that he'll be speaking publicly before his congregation. for the first time since these allegations came to the surface. >> we'll get to them in a minute. since the first lawsuit came out, there had always been a kind of speculation going on that there were going to be more lawsuits to come. we eventually saw two of them, we saw three yesterday afternoon, late in the day. we saw suit number four. this one comes from spencer la grand. he's a young man that was not actually a member of the congregation at the new birth church in atlanta, but instead in charlotte, north carolina where there's a satellite church for new birth. it was in 2005 he met bishop long. they met over the telephone, they started meeting in person,
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to the point where bishop long invited this young man to go on a trip to africa. that's when he says the intimate sexual contact began, and then it went on for several years after that all the way up until 2009. and like the previous lawsuits, he talks about how there's the exotic travel, shopping sprees, money, jewelry, all of this enticement, while at the same time, bishop long is engaging with him in intimate sexual contact. >> in the first complaint it does name a number of other church members fairly higher up in the food chain, do the other complaints corroborate that there are other church members who knew about this activity, and may have been complicit in some way? >> this is the point that the attorney for the plaintiffs is trying to make. we're not talking about one individual here, it's not all about bishop eddie long in the
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accusations that are being made. it is that in many ways there were other members of the church that facilitated the wrongdoing. they provided housing for the men, the money and transportation that allowed for all of this to happen. we have to point out that the attorneys and bishop long through statements have developme vehemently denied from the beginning all of these allegations that have been made. i want to play to you a sound byte. the attorney for bishop long spoke out on a nationally syndicated show on wednesday. here's what he had to say. >> let me be clear, the charges against me and new birth are false. i have devoted my life to helping others and these false allegations hurt me deeply. but my faith is strong and the truth will emerge. >> there you hear the voice of craig gillen. he's the attorney who speaks out
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for bishop eddie long. as you point out tomorrow, we'll hear from the bishop himself as he talks about this directly to his congregation. a lot of rumors have been flying in anticipation of this event. so there's been some damage control. and in fact, let me give you this statement that actually came from art franklin, the spokesperson. he says the rumor that bishop long is stepping down on sunday is absolutely false, bishop eddie long is and will continue to be the senior past wert new birth missionary baptist church. it shows you there are a lot of people, a lot of talk out there as to what's going to happen tomorrow. we won't know that until tomorrow. >> his attorney is going to advise bishop long from saying very much about the case from the pulpit. it will be intriguing to see what area he's willing to talk about. >> it's different when you talk, i suppose from the pulpit or to your congregation. some people say it is not the appropriate place, perhaps, to talk about what they might
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consider ungodley things. >> thank you very much. we'll be checking in with you throughout the day, and tomorrow you'll be there at new birth church to witness firsthand what is and what is not said by bishop eddie long. thank you. we'll have live coverage of bishop long's address to the congregation tomorrow morning. it's scheduled for 8:00 eastern, 5:00 pacific, and he has a second certainlien at 11:00 a.m. as well eastern time. can you keep your channel right here on cnn, we'll have full coverage of all the events surrounding this scandal. also, seven simple ways to save over $1,000 on your energy bill. that's straight ahead. you know, the guys who always do a super job. well, it is. just get the superpagesmobile app on your phone. and look for a business with the superguarantee®. you'll get the job done right, or we'll step in and help make it right.
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saving energy and money. that's a pretty good combination. here are seven easy ways to do that. your savings could add up to more than 1,000 a year.
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1,000 in savings? pretty impressive, joining us now from new york, celia cooper schmidt. good to see you. >> thank you for inviting me. >> well, it's a pleasure. one of the first things people need to do in their home, have you to get the temperature going just right, depending on the season, of course, in your home. it all boils down to your thermostat. why is this still a key component to keeping your energy bill down? >> well, it's really important to program the thermostat. because you want to be sure that you're lowering the temperature in your home about 5 to 10 degrees at night and when you're not there. by getting a programmable thermostat, it will do that automatically. that can really add up to a lot of money, about $200 a year. if you don't have a programmable thermostat, you can buy one for about 50 to $80. and lots of utilities are
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offering rebates on them. >> that's a great savings right there. now, when it comes down to your television set. there's something you can do? there's something called a -- some sort of mode that you can adjust on your television set that might save energy? i have no idea what this is, explain. >> when most manufacturer's ship the tv's in retail mode. that's so it will look good under the bright lights in a retail store. you don't need it in that mode, and it uses more energy. you can switch it to home mode. that's going to save about you $30 to $60 a year? >> this is somewhere on the back of your television set? >> no, it's in the setup menu. so you have to go in and program it. that's what you do. there are a lot of hidden energy costs in your home. there are about 5% to 10% of
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your energy is just from things that are drawing power when you don't have them on or when you don't have them in stand by. one of the worst offenders is video games. the video games, if your kids aren't using them, whenever you can get them to not use them, turn them off. and that can save about you $125 a year. which is a pretty significant savings. >> yeah. >> okay, and you can also save by not being so much of a lead foot too. >> that's right. >> speeding means spending a lot more money? >> it certainly does. it's also those jackrabbit starts and the 45rd braking. if you request obey the speed limits and avoid those hard braking and quick starts, you can also save about $200 a year. >> a lots us may want to use hot water, warm water when we wash our clothes because we want to get all that dirt, really get that dirt out of there, you say
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that is using up a lot of energy, just stick with the cold water, please? >> that's rirkts can you stick with the cold water, you can use the cold water formulations of detergent. tide 2x did very well in our tests. you can save about $65 a year. another way to save money with your water is to stop prerinsing your dishes. you really don't need to. >> i don't want to see food particles in my dishwasher. floating around, and then it ends up on the glass on the second rack because the piece of spaghetti has been splashing around in there. >> you dond need to do that. it wastes about $6500 gallons of water a year. our tests have shown you don't need to. and can you save about $75.
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>> how do i know whether the ducts in my house streaming through the attic are leaky or not? you say that is an area can you save money? >> well, can you -- really the best way to do it is have a pro come in. it will be hard for you to tell if they're leaking. you'll be able to tell if they're disconnected. really, most likely they're uninsulated. it's really the most common thing that people overlook, is making sure the ducts are sealed and insp lated. and it's really smug should try to do. it's got huge savings. >> my goodness. >> it's $400. so you can get the payback on that cost pretty quickly. and what's important is, it's not just going to save when you the heat's on, it's going to save you when the air conditioning's on. >> thanks so much. we'll have questions for you on
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the other side as well. because we're getting questions from you at home on how to be more energy efficient. you're visiting my blog at and sending some questions as well at facebook. we'll get some of the questions answered by celia right after this.
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a look at our top stories right now, police say at least 12 people were shot at a house party in los angeles. one person is dead. the condition of the other victims is unknown. and it also isn't known whether the alleged shooter is at large. we'll bring you more details on this developing story when we get them. five people were wounded at a
2:24 pm
party near the seton hall university campus in new jersey. the alleged shooter is still on the loose. police say he was turned away from the party, but then came back with a gun. the wounded students are from seton hall and the nearby new jersey institute of technology. and federal agents raided homes and businesses in chicago and minneapolis. as part of a terror investigation. the homes of anti-war activists were targeted. the fbi says it's part of an investigation into terrorism. the group affiliated with the investigation says it's an attack. we're back with great tips you heard earlier. seven easy ways to save yourself money, it amounts to $1,000 in savings a year if you follow her st steps. josh is also here. folks want to know, how do i
2:25 pm
save more? >> this is a great angle too. we're getting into the months where it's going to start to get colder and colder. we've been going through all this stuff on natural gas lately. seal yarks i have a bunch of questions for you. i want to start off with lori. lori packed a few of them into this one page. she says, how cost effective are solar panels as a viable alternative to traditional electric and gas companies. how much would the average consumer save? are there group discounts? within that list of questions, what can can you tackle there? >> let's talk about the solar energy power. it depends on where you live. that's going to be the biggest thing, if you're in a very sunny, warm climate, you're likely to get a quicker pay back. when we tested solar panels for water heating, we had them on our roof for about a year, in the summer they were about 80% efficient. but that plummeted down to below
2:26 pm
30% in the winter. solar panels -- >> that's a big loss. >> so solar panels are not particularly the quickest way to pay back and get energy. there are a lot of other things that you can do, because they're going to be very expensive. >> it's tough to hear this now. >> me too. solar panels are not going to be a panacea the way people describe them. >> right. >> but i'm surprised it drops down to 30. are there good group discounts out there? can you get together with a bunch of other people say we all want to do this solar panel thing and hook up a deal? you. >> might be able to. but you have to think about the costs. the costs can be very high, for the hot water systems, they were anywhere from 5,000 to $10,000 so even if you got a group discount. there are federal tax credits, local credits. it's the kind of thing have you to go into with your eyes wide
2:27 pm
open. you want to crunch the numbers, find out what all the rebates are, the costs are, and really look at, and look at it as sort of a hard numbers kind of decision. >> i have limited time. i want to get to the next one. let's get to this question from laura, laura is asking if she should close off a room. i live in a home that's a bit larger than i need. i close the heating vent and the door. is that a good idea? >> well, not really. >> i'm guilty. i've always done that. i thought that was smart. >> it doesn't help as much as you think. it really is not going to help as much as you think. what's going to happen,there's going to be a gap under the door and the air is going to come in, and that room will be very cold. it means the room next to it or surrounding it is going to have cold air leaking into it. even though it sounds like a good idea, you're not going to
2:28 pm
save as much energy. the better idea would be to have your setback thermostat. it's really not that great an idea. >> let's get to one from angela. >> i heard quickly. >> what are big ticket ways renters can save energy when they're not in a position to modify their own homes. >> you want to be able to control what can you control. can you control your lighting. i would say for the most part, you want to try to switch from regular bulb thoz fluorescents. they've done really well in our tests. the light quality is better. they don't flicker, they don't buzz. and it can save you about $6 per bulb. that can really add up. so that's something can you do. do the things that you can
2:29 pm
control. >> thank you very much. >> fantastic tips. thank you so much, celia coming to us from new york consumer reports. >> thank you. the u.s. is beefing up efforts to combat terrorism for one of the largest subway systems in the country. we'll tell you how. what's this option? that's new.
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personal pricing now on brakes. tell us what you want to pay. we do our best to make that work. deal! my money. my choice. my meineke.
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new york subway riders may feel safer this day. the city has expanded the camera surveillance system to the biggest subway stops. here's mary snow. >> reporter: underground at new york city's times square or penn station. cameras are now watching you, and police may be as well. >> this is a coordination in lower manhattan, where we bring
2:33 pm
in thousands, literally of video feeds. >> this hub is where we met up with ray kelly. the goal here, prevent terror attacks and crime. >> police in private companies monitor these surveillance cameras 24/7. 500 new cameras have recently been added. watching subway stations in an system that r has roughly 5 million riders a day. >> roughly 10% of the terror attacks in the world are focused on public transportation. we have to make this a high priority. >> reporter: new york city is learning lessons from other cities. surveillance cameras in london proved crucial in the 2005 bombings. the nypd had detectives in london at the time. >> the room adjoining here are
2:34 pm
the two rooms in their apartment that they used to make their explosives. >> reporter: michael ridgeo is with nypd's counter terrorism effort. you. >> may think this is a narcotics lab. but, in fact, you may be right in the middle of an explosives lab. >> reporter: as officers look to past attacks for clues. they hope technology will help prevent future attacks. one sergeant explained how analytical software is programmed to seek out specifics. >> if this gentleman here was to drop his backpack and leave it against a pole, this system would alert users to bring this camera up for them. >> reporter: the civil liberties union is raising concerns about privacy. all the tapes are purged after 30 days unless they're part of an investigation. >> we're not looking at private
2:35 pm
spaces, we're looking at spaces where the public has no reasonable expectation of privacy. >> you don't expect, and you shouldn't have to expect that every move you make when you're in times square or penn station or grand central will be recorded perhaps forever by the government and distributed to who knows who. >> mary snow, cnn, new york. and a big christian concert for army troops, tonight in ft. bragg, north carolina and it's drumming up a bit of controversy as well. y just seemed like a great day to save. oh, it's not just today. with our free loyalty program, you earn great stuff like accident forgiveness and bigger discounts just by staying with us. oh! ooh! so, what you're saying is, it gets even better with age. oh! tell me we're still talking about insurance. rewarding loyalty. now, that's progressive.
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a federal judge in tacoma, washington is ordering the reinstatement of a military nurse. she was dismissed on the grounds she had a six-year relationship with another woman. a judge ruled her discharge was unconstitutional. >> i'm absolutely thrilled. all i ever wanted to do was go back to my unit and do my job. so just for that chance.
2:39 pm
a christian outreach concert tonight for soldiers and families in ft. bragg, north carolina is creating a bit of controversy. some krillics say the rock the fort concert is preaching to our soldiers and they say it's going too far. >> the crist yang concert is called rock the fort it's living up to its name. ♪ >> reporter: the billy graham evangelistic association is bringing christian rock bands to worship at ft. bragg. >> the express purpose of this event is to spread the gospel to all those who are lost. they're being given pieces of paper with seven blank space on it to bring seven more people to christ. >> reporter: many have complained to a military religious freedom group sending
2:40 pm
e-mails like, please help us, mrff, this is wrong. >> i'm going to give you a chance to make a decision. it's your choice. >> reporter: rock the fort has been to several other bases. >> we pray that not only they become soldiers here in boot camp, we pray they'll come to god's army in the sense of giving their life over to jesus christ. >> that's a dangerous mission for the military to bring into basic training. >> we're not supposed to be using the army to engender new soldiers for christ. >> our goal is not to proselytize anyone. our goal is not to coerce anyone. >> reporter: the event on the base is open to the public. no one has to come, he except the thousands of soldiers and their families who are excited to do so. >> really it's up to the
2:41 pm
individual. and people like any message or any faith can choose to accept or reject. we're offering an invitation. that invitation is only voluntary and of the free choice of that particular individual. >> reporter: the chaplain wrote to north carolina churches promoting the event. billy graham's website states right up front the rock the if fort is designed to channel new believers into your church. americans united for separation of church and state urged him to stop the militaries endorsement of the event. they argue proselytizing is prohibiting and the army is breaking the law by endorsing religion. the chaplin says the base is merely a host for anyone who wants to come. the chaplain told me that sharing the faith is part of the christian tradition, and he's not only obligated but happy to provide the same kind of support to other faiths on base, if they
2:42 pm
wanted to put on a similar event. critics say when it comes to religion, all the army is supposed to do is officiate religious events and provide a place for soldiers to worship. these concerts go way beyond that. chris lawrence, the pentagon. police in one new england town are trying to take the stress out of getting a parking ticket by showing the person who's getting a ticket images of yoga positions. students from virginia tech one year a solar decathlon competition, a solar powered house can be comfortable and affordable. this state of the art home that's programmed to do almost everything on its own. it's this week's edge of discovery. >> reporter: welcome to the home of the future. when you wake up, the cold concrete floor warms up. your favorite music starts
2:43 pm
playing and coffee begins to brew. as you drive away, the house locks itself. >> it's the solar house that gets all of its energy from the sun. >> reporter: a group of virginia tech students designed the house to be completely automated. it even has panels that adjust to the changing weather outside. >> it will main 100% energy efficiency. however, no one likes to be completely controlled by a computer. >> you can overwrite any command. >> reporter: the house is about 600 square feet. >> you really have to convince people that they could live in here. the space saving solutions are a big selling point for us. >> in the bedroom, the kitchen and the living room. >> when these sliding doors are open, and you open the area up to the decks, you triple your square footage. >> even the water can be reused using outside recycling ponds.
2:44 pm
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we're making moves at the water cooler, first to cincinnati, it's beerfest. some of you drink a limb too much and it makes you do the funky chicken. ♪ >> ultimate fighter in cincy, rich franklin lead the festival goers in the chicken dance. this year was billed as the world's largest. they have a lot of fun out there. speaking of the world's largest. it may have looked like complete chaos, there was a method to this madness. take a look, more than 1700 students descended on the events center at the university of california at irvine to do what? to play the world's largest dodgeball game. they earned a spot in the guinness book of world records by topping the previous mark set
2:48 pm
at the university of alberta canada. the owner says he got the idea sitting around his dorm room. who doesn't love dodgeball. angry about getting a parking ticket? the city of cambridge, massachusetts says just chill. in fact, just ohm. tickets come with envelopes that illustrate yoga positions so you can make that anger simply melt away. at least that's the theory. >> i think it's a waste of an envelope. if i know it's a tickets, i'm not looking at the poses. >> it's absolutely absurd. >> generally there was not a lot of money associated with doing this. most of the things are things we do anyway. >> i guess the idea was to make you feel good. officials hope to debunk the idea that parking tickets are a hostile action. obviously not anyone is that convinced.
2:49 pm
they want to know why do i have to pay this $25? >> i'm doing well. >> you had an interesting week, didn't you? >> i'm seeing this ecosavvy economic figure. a lot of folks don't realize this is the invention of this man here, ted turner. you had a chance to sit down and talk to him about captain planet? >> watch and see. >> ted turner remains committed to fighting environmental problems as does his animated creation, captain planet. >> the power is yours. >> captain planet and his five plantiers have been fighting evil in the environment for 20 years. the cartoon was created by ted turner in the fall of 1990. >> and hopefully, this program will make a big difference.
2:50 pm
if it doesn't, there isn't much future for the species. >> the first order of business is to put all this oil back where it came from. >> ironically, the very first episode was about an oil spill. >> good thing we have our powers back now. >> we need them to clean up all this mess. >> it was great 20 years ago, and it continues to be great. captain planet teaches lessons with every episode. >> the cartoon features five kids each with their own eco superpower. only when their powers are combined can they summit captain planet. they each have their rings for superpowers for wind, for earth, for heart, for water. if you, ted turner, were to have one of those rings yourself, which one would you want? >> well, they're all equally important. the power of heart would be the one i would select if i had to select one. >> in your book, your biography
2:51 pm
call me ted, you talk about nature and how it impacted you, ever since you were a child, and that connection to nature for a lot of children today isn't happening, because they're inside playing video games. >> playing on video games. >> is it your goal that captain planet and your other initiatives will get kids back outside? >> absolutely, that's what we want to encourage them to do. get them outdoors and turn over rocks and logs and seeing what's underneath them. there's a million things that can you do outdoors, the outdoors is unlimited. >> isn't that how it is for you? >> yeah, that's exactly the way it started. >> created in 1990, the captain planet cartoon was an overnight success. it was decided a year later in a a percentage of the proceeds from licensing sales would go to create the captain planet foundation. a nonprofit organization that educates and inspires kids to lead more ecofriendly lives. >> clint johns season part of the new planet ears.
2:52 pm
>> i hope the kids are spreading the word of making your community safe and clean. you feel better about where you come from and where you're going. >> barbara pile who co created captain planet with ted turner says the new plantier movement is growing. >> this is a voice this is a power to be reckoned with. we may not have heard of the planeteers yet, but you will hear from them. >> one question remains unanswered for over 20 years, who is captain planet. >> i am captain planet. >> a lot of people say that you really are captain planet? >> well, you know, it's -- captain planet's more than just one person. but i really like him, he's my superhero, and has been ever since i conceived of him. >> well, captain planet ran through 1996, that's when the last show was produced, still runs in syndication. they have a huge fan base.
2:53 pm
>> that's great. all for the right reasons. >> thanks, fred. >> he was a lot of fun for you to interview. i love that his setting was kid friendly, wasn't it? >> that's right, captain planet. it was a good experience, a lot of fun. >> thanks so much. i appreciate that. well, they were fighting words in fresno. a california candidate calls the city awful, but now says she didn't really mean it. your cnn update next. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin.
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time now for our cnn equals politics update, we're keeping an eye on all the latest headlines on the political ticker. here's what's crossing right now. there's a question now about whether a brawl at a nevada candidate forum was really sparked by voter anger. sharron angle says it was staged by supporters of her opponents
2:57 pm
and majority leader harry reid. they just wanted to get on the news. reid's camp responded saying the allegation by angle raises serious questions about her character. and mitt romney is predicting a win for republicans in november. he said the dissatisfaction with president barack obama would be seen in the midterm results. and california gubernatorial candidate meg whitman is trying to set the record straight about fresnoship she compared the california city to detroit saying, it's awful. now, whitman says she only meant that fresno is having a tough time like detroit. unemployment in fresno is 16%. 1 point higher than detroit. in the meantime, people are scratching their heads over some very unusual testimony on capitol hill yesterday.
2:58 pm
steven cobert delivered a sarcastic statement about a very real issue, cnn's senior congressional correspondent dan abash was there. >> reporter: sure, celebrities testify before congress all the time, but not like this. >> when you're picking beans have you to spend all day bending over. it turns out, and i did not know this, most soil is ground level. if we can put a man on the moon, why can't we make the ground waist high. come on. >> congressmen in both parties were visibly surprised. some tried not to giggle. cobert's comedic opener was far different from the straightforward statement he told the committee he would deliver. it was a risk the chair woman
2:59 pm
took. >> trying to pick these beans, you're on my turf here. >> reporter: and talking about his day working on a new york farm. >> we have to do something, i am not going back out there. i break into a cold sweat at the sight of a salad bar. this seems the least powerful people in the united states are migrant workers who come and do our work, but don't have any rights as a result. and yet we still invite them to come here, and at the same time ask them to leave. >> reporter: there was lots of his toothiness. >> maybe this ag jobs bill would help. i don't know. like most members of congress, i haven't read it. >> the top republican openly questioned why cobert was qualified to talk about farm workers and whether migrants are doing jobs americans won't. >> does one day working in the field make you an expert witness? >> i think one day of me studying anything makes me an expert witness.


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