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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  September 26, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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they sort of work on the fringe a lot, and they accept that failure rate. again 85% to 90%. obviously in sally's case, they had a success, they figured it out. in kyley's case, they're going to keep going, keep working. it's a process, they're trying to help patients and advance science. if you missed any part of the show, check out set your dvr, 7:30 a.m. eastern. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts now. and this is cnn "sunday morning." and that is a sunday morning church service, but not just any church service. that is a live look inside new birth missionary baptist church outside of atlanta where bishop eddie long in the pulpit of his atlanta-based mega church expected to speak during this service. it will be the first time he has spoken since four men filed
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lawsuits against him claiming they were sexually abused by the mega church masstor. from cnn, this is cnn "sunday morning," 8:00 a.m. in atlanta, 6:00 a.m. in fayetteville, arkansas. good morning, i'm in for t.j. holmes, my name is drew griffin. thank you for starting the day with us. let's check our top stories now. the pentagon says it bought and did burn thousands of copies of an army officer's memoirs to protect national security. the pentagon says that book, "operation dark heart," contained sensitive details about u.s. operations in afghanistan. written by lieutenant colonel anthony schaefer who says the government is trying to suppress his story of black operations in afghanistan. one person dead, four others hospitalized after a shooting here near seat animal -- seton hall university. jessica moore after a man tried to crash a party, failed, and
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returned are a gun. he opened fire on the people, the party, and fled. in chile, a rescue can sul on the scene where 33 -- capsule on the scene where 33 miners remain trappeded, that capsule could speed up their rescue. the men have been trapped since august. the story people are watching is the story of pastor eddie long. the new birth church expected to talk about the allegations that surfaced this week about him having swiexual relationships wh the four men who have sued him. martin savage with the story. set the scene for us. >> reporter: good morning. the scene is on the inside the service is already getting underway, it's a celebration taking place. at least from the crew inside, they report there's a great deal of singing, there's a great deal of enthusiasm. and people are celebrating. now, this is a church that's known for that style of religious faith. and whether this is any more than usual, we can't tell you at this particular time. we do know that traditionally
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people will gather in this mega church to hear the word of god on a sunday. today they will hear that, but they are also interested in hearing the words of a man, bishop eddie long, to find out what he has to say as he confronts and speaks to his congregation for the first time about the allegations that have been made. the traffic has been lined up here ever since we got here, and that was about 5:30 this morning. there were already cars in the parking lot, people waiting to get into the sanctuary. since that time there has been a steady stream of traffica t as sun has come up. there's an intersection bogged down with people trying to get into the service. a congregation, 25,000 people, is always large, but the interest is going to be even greater today. and the significance of this story is really hard to overstate in many ways. it is a massive church. you look on the outside this particular facility, it has stadium-like proportions. on top of that, there is the influence of the pastor himself, hugely popular throughout the
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southeast when it comes to religion. also extremely well politically connected, knows presidents, knows world leaders, speaks to them on a first name basis, knows celebrities. and then on top of that, there is the significant wealth of this congregation that has done a tremendous moon of good throu -- amount of good throughout the atlanta area. now they're concerned about the allegations of bad that may have been carried out by bishop eddie long. drew? >> martin, we'll continue to watch this. you should know we've been dipping in live to the service which does show an exuberant group of people having a good time on saturday morning -- sunday morning, excuse me, as they wait for bishop eddie long. we have more on bishop long, his empire, and kind of what martin was talking about, josh. the scope of the scandal because of the scope of the man involved. exactly, the kind of video that we're seeing live from the church there is part of what draws so incredibly many people. it's fiery, it's exciting, and you do often if you've been to services there, you do see that kind of dancing and movement. just a lot of people excited about it. i do want to talk about the
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scope. the new birth missionary baptist church, because it's not just one mega church, this is a leader in this religious movement in america. the mega church phenomenon and particularly in the african-american community and this whole notion of prosperity gospel that has grown exponentially over the last couple of decades. this church is a symbol of that. we have video here. i know some exteriors to help you see how huge it is. it's sprawling, it's a $50 million complex, has a football field. it's got basketball courts, it's got ten,000 seats, and they do multiple services. as we keep hearing, at least 25,000 members. 10,000 seats, multiple services, ultimately get in lots of people. and this bishop, eddie long himself, is credited largely with making this church the empire that it is. he's 57 years old. he was raised in the south. he's the son of a reverend, one of four boys. he started off in business, and then was ordained as a pastor later on in his career. and along with the rise of his
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church, he became very wealthy, raking in millions of dollars. now, we're talking about seeing him on tv today. viewers around the world, more than 100 countries, see him regularly from the pulpit. they watch these ceremonies that he delivers from the pulpit. he's written books, he's helped produce christian hip-hop cds. he has legion of fans and is, for a great many people, a household name. in fact, here in atlanta, shortly after the news broke during the week, here's what a couple people said. >> i just don't believe that's true. >> this man loves his wife with a passion. everybody know he love his wife. >> and they're not alone. a lot of people have been saying that. long himself has faced controversies before but nothing like this or in this realm in. 2005, the "atlanta journal constitution" reported on questioning of handling of funds channelled through his charity. and in 2007, it was looked into
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whether organizations were using funds to finance lavish lifestyles. long has denied wrongdoing in these respects. and i'll mention this he has a lot of awards. he's been awarded by organizations, metro atlanta's big brothers, big sisters organization gave him an award. he's an honorary deputy sheriff in dekalb county, georgia. the cdc, centers for disease control and prevention, praised him for drawing attention to the aids epidemic. this is a man who has known presidents, who knows celebrities, who deals with them on a regular basis. his scope is widespread. this isn't just in the united states. people around the world who are used to watching bishop eddie long with keeping a close eye on this scandal as well to what develops and, specifically, what he says today. >> josh, certainly not shy of the spotlight except for this past week, which is why we will continue to file this story as we see hem for the -- him for the first time since these allegations have surfaced. thank you, josh. >> sure. well, has the midterm
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elections close in, the campaigning starting to move into a higher gear. faced with the prospect of losing a lot of seats in congress, democrats put out a call for their heavy ritters including the president and an even more popular ex-president. here's cnn senior political editor, mark preston. mark? >> reporter: good morning, drew. 37 days until election day, and the week is kicking off with president clinton on the campaign trail. in fact, he's in massachusetts on behalf of congressman barney frank. and then he goes down to connecticut for the senate nominee, the democratic nominee down there, richard blumenthal. bill clinton becoming a go-to guy for democrats on the campaign trail. on monday, vice president biden heads up to new hampshire. he's going to be doing some campaigning on behalf of carol shea-porter. she's a congresswoman trying to seek re-election, as well as paul hose, the democrat who's trying to win back the senate seat in new hampshire that currently is held by a republican. also, haley barbour is going to be in new hampshire.
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he's the mississippi governor. he heads up the rga, the republican governors association. he's up there doing a fundraiser on behalf of john stephen. he's the gop nominee who's trying to take on john lynch, the incumbent democratic governor. going on to tuesday, president obama holds the first of four major rallies heading into election day. this one's going to be in madison, wisconsin. why is this important? because russ feingold, elected in 1992, is up again the ropes. republicans think they can take back the seat. public polling shows right now it is a very, very tight race. president obama is trying to rally the troops. not only in wisconsin but across the country. he's trying to get those voters who came out for him in 2008 to come out for congressional democrats in 2010. but moving on, let's go to thursday. it's the return of al gore. and he's going to be in florida. al gore is going to be in tampa. he's going to be campaigning on behalf of kendrick meek. meek is the senate democratic nominee trying to win that seat
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down there currently held by a republican, a very interesting three-way race now down there. marco rubio is the republican nominee. and of course charlie crist is the former republican, very popular governor, who's now running an independent bid. all eyes are on florida. then let's go back to new hampshire on friday. another potential presidential candidate in tim polyenty campaigning, as well. then on saturday, mike pence is going to be in iowa. seriously considering a run for president in 2012. mike penn ce is speaking for th iowa coalition. the three all potential 2012 candidates on the campaign trail this week. drew? >> mark, thanks. mitt romney sounding more and more like he is going to run for president in 2012. romney gave the keynote speech at the new hampshire republican party convention. it's a high-profile spot in an important presidential state.
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romney says president obama just doesn't understand american values and can't seem to fix the troubled economy. in fact, he said the administration has declared war on private enterprise. >> you know, we had the government declare war before. declare war on poverty, declare war on drugs. this is the first time i can recall the government declaring war on private enterprise. that's why our economy didn't get going. we're going to change that this november. >> reporter: romney doesn't mind backing his words with his money. he has contributed $650,000 to republicans running for office and has endorsed candidates or campaigned for them in 40 states already this year. a new poll indicating the economy still a major concern to americans. take a look at this. despite the claim by economic experts that the recession is over, that it actually ended a year ago, 74% of those polls don't believe it. that's down, though, this time last year when 87% said we were still in a recession.
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for the latest political news all day, any day, 24/7, you know where to go. the president is talking money and the economy this week. sheer a look at his schedule. tomorrow he signs the small business jobs bill. then takes off for albuquerque, new mexico. tuesday, he's hosting a discussion on the economy, and then later in madison, wisconsin, for a democratic national committee rally. wednesday, discussions on the economy with families in des moines, iowa, and richmond, virginia. thursday, meetings at the white house. friday, he will attend the investture ceremony for supreme court justice alana kagan. after torrential down powers, parts of the midwest are waking up under water. there may be hope in their forecast. we'll have that forecast and the latest coming up. seeing is believing. we'll show what appears to be a praying dog. s not good to my sk. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare
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america, well, it is weakening, that's for sure. but we are looking at some other changes out there. you can see the torrential downpours pounding areas into guatemala and belize. let's zoom in and you'll see the heavy rain. the purples and oranges are the higher cloud tops, and that's where we're getting the strongest downpours of thunderstorms. the mud slides also very dangerous and difficult to detect. a lot of times if you're in an area where it's prone to mud slides, sometimes you could actually hear a mud slide before it happens by the sound of boulders colliding, tree branches breaking, and before the water comes in. but it's difficult to get out of the way in times if there is a mud slide, for sure. let's talk about the weather in the u.s. i want to start off with how cool it is. what a sunday, 47 in detroit, michigan. toron toronto, 48. 46 in buffalo. and control cooling -- cooling in the northeast, 50s and 60s. a big change. we were in the 90s on friday.
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to start off this cool is a reminder that fall is around the corner. we're monitoring the flooding situation across the midwest. you see here flood watches and warnings posted for a good section of areas into southern minnesota and wisconsin. and a lot of that moisture will continue to affect areas into the south, as well. so keep that in mind in the forecast. we'll be watching for a lot of resign coming up into -- lot of rain coming up into areas of indianapolis and in through kentucky. we're watching that, as well. all right, that is a look at your forecast. stay tuned. . i'm chef michael, and i love to delight bailey's senses. don't i? [ barks ] because i think food spks a language of love. that's what inspired me to rethink dry dog food. [ female announcer ] chef michael's canine creations. [ chef michael ] mmm. tender shredded pieces made with real meat... and crunchy garnishes to enhance the mealtime experience. yes, bailey-- just for you. [ barks ] [ female announcer ] chef inspired, dog desired. chef michael's canine creations. [ george ] save $523.
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♪ "sesame street"? hey. for those who say the news is too serious, here we are. it seems elmo wasn't the only one with a red face on "sesame street" this week. pop singer katy perry made this video for the upcoming season. big names often do, but folk who saw it on utube, no doubt a lot of parents cried foul. why? producers pulled it off the site and won't show it on the show to preschoolers. >> why? >> i think we need to see without the banner. can you drop the bonner? the point -- the banner? the point is some parents think this dress is too low cut. i have a 4-year-old, he wouldn't think twice. think about what the little mermaid wears, what princess
8:19 am
jasmine wears. the little mermaid wears a bikini. >> it could be that catty perry is known for -- katy perry is known for the outfits. i thought it was adorable, the outfit of cute, too. >> i understand if i were producing it, i would say maybe cover up a little more. >> perhaps wear something -- >> i'm with you, i don't see it. i've -- through my kids i've seen some of her other videos which are inappropriate. but i don't think that is. looks a little goofy. >> yeah. i mean, it's a little low cut. >> cute. >> she's being silly. doing a parody of her songs. "sesame street" said they like having stars do parodies, but the truth is that they get complaints, they listened to it and pulled it. >> and you know, "sesame street," that is a really young crowd. we tend to think of our pets as part of the family. they eat with us, play with us, travel with us, and apparently they pray with us for one family. look at this, the dog's name is
8:20 am
jengo. >> come, say grace. dear lord, say grace. dear lord, thank you for this day and everything you've given us, thank you for allowing us to be the man and puppy that you've allowed us to be fe. father, thank you -- >> come on. how do we know that this isn't doctored video? >> i wonder if the dog is like please let me get my favorite treat tonight. >> the dog is trained. >> you can train a dog to do just about anything. i wonder if the dog had any sense of why he's doing that. >> this is part of their daily routine. i imagine that they believe the dog is praying. >> yeah. well, the dog is appreciative. >> he's just waiting for his treat, i think. >> whatever it takes. >> is this popular on the web? >>'s huge. everyone's talking about this now. the praying dog. >> want to try to get my dog to read the prayer book when i go home. see if that works. all right, thanks, guys. making healthier choices when it comes to school lunches. we'll tell you why some students are passing on the pizza and burgers.
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24 after the hour on this sunday morning. i know many of you are waking up probably thinking about breakfast. but somebody out there is thinking about lunch, too. specifically school lunch. we have "student news" as part of eat-ocrisy. and you ask ed kids about their lunch choices. >> i did. if you think of high school or middle school students, if you gave them a choice between chicken salad or fried chicken tenders, what do you think they would pick? >> tenders. >> that's what i would have picked. there are students making
8:25 am
healthier choices. and we heard from a nutrition director at atlanta public schools about the choices being offered to students at grady high school. so take a listen to what she had to say and how some students were responding. >> these students have fresh fruit, fresh vegetable choices daily. i believe that offering items such as your vegetables, carrot sticks and sliced cucumbers and those items to young children and as they progress and want after school snacks, then they become items that children will naturally want. >> i used to be overweight. i recently lost that weight through better eating. >> like when you don't eat a healthy meal, you're tired all the time, and you lose a lot of energy. when you do eat a healthy meal, it's like, oh, i have this type of energy that's like the best energy ever because i ate that healthy meal. >> healthier choices is part of the education that starts in our classroom.
8:26 am
we toy with how to meet the nutritional needs of the student but yet bring the healthiest and best food items. to that end, we've been able to meet that particular mark. >> now in meeting that particular mark for schools as well as for students who make healthier choices, there is a bit of legwork. later on today i'm going to be reporting about what schools can do to both provide healthier choices, but work within that budget that we know that practically every school has to work with in these days. and then what students can do to do the legwork themselves and find out what's in their food and how they can make choices that are in accordance with what they should be eating. >> on that topic, is there positive peer pressure developing? kids telling other kids, hey, don't grab those fries, grab an orange? >> somewhat, there is, drew. that surprised me. certainly you think of kids and you're not thinking of the most health conscious individual. but there are students like you heard in that segment who are making healthier choices and are encouraging friends saying, do
8:27 am
the legwork, look at the number of calories in the fried food as opposed to the grilled chicken salad. understand that choices that you make now will affect you later in life. obviously that's something you'd think parents are saying, but there are students who are saying that to each other. >> for more information? >> we'll have more later on today and at >> thanks. that box you're seeing in the screen there, that is the church, new birth missionary baptist church. a live feed coming in where we expect eddie long to address allegations to his own congregation. that's why we have that up live. you can see the church service there. unfortunately, clergy claims of impropriety on the part of church leaders, not that unusual. >> i have sinned against you, my lord. >> we're going to look back at unforgettable scandals. and tips on what to do if it happens in your church.
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description of operations threatened black security. anthony schaefer, the author, said the government is trying to suppress his story. a rescue capsule for the trapped miners has arrived a week early. rescuers hope to get them out by early november. they have been trapped since august. one young woman dead, four others hospitalized after a shooting near seton hall university in new jersey. police say somebody tried to cash the party, a man apparently. couldn't get in, so he came back with a gun and opened fire. police still looking for him. now to the bishop eddie long church scandal. it's not the only time a popular religious figure had made headlines. remember these moments? >> i have sinned against you, my lord. >> that was the infamous 19 8 confession by popular teleevangelist jimmy swag art
8:32 am
amid rumors of a relationship with a prostitute. three years later he was stopped by police with yet another prostitute in his car. that is reverend jim bakker, caught in his own sexual encounter. bakker eventually served five years in prison for mail fraud, wire fraud, conspiracy, and four years ago we saw this -- >> i called him to buy some meth. >> colorado mega church pastor ted haggard linked to a male prostitute. the preacher still maintains he never had sex with the prostitute, but does admit buying drugs from him. haggard resigned as pastor of a mega church, the new life, and now is reportedly holding services in his home in colorado springs. one more. remember miami's father alberto gratui? he was found cavorting with an attractive woman on a beach and around town the archdiocese barred him from leading sunday mass. eventually he left the roman catholic church, got married to the woman in the pictures, and became an episcopal priest.
8:33 am
in this morning's "faces of faith," what to do if your church is struck by a scandal like this. what do you tell your children? who -- do you stay with this congregation or not? and back with us is the author of "getting the word out: how to market your ministry," bunny jackson-ram did sen. thanks for being here. >> thank you. >> i want to say that martin savidge is joining us live from lithonia. you see the box is the inside of the church, a service going on. we're expecting pastor eddie long to appear at any time. bunny, you know, one of the things that we kind of lose sight of in all this is this is a family gathering, these churches. so you bring your child and your children to these church services to look up to these mostly men who have been involved in this. how do you handle this? >> well, you pray for strength, first of all. and that stets apart from the average communication crisis. and this is a church. so you have to go to your faith. you pay -- pray for strength,
8:34 am
you recognize that the ministers who are having the hiccup in their career are men, they're men of god, but i was watching cnn, as a matter of fact, last night when i were interviewing i believe it was ted haggard. and he talked about separating the calling from the man. and so if you -- if you're dealing with children you try to keep them protected because these are things that you might not be able to explain to them. but in terms of what this church is willing to do, they're going to pray for strength. >> let's hear what ted haggard had to say. let's roll that tape right now. >> the human condition is painful because anybody with a set of ideals, especially somebody obligated to teach the scriptures, has that set of ideals, and then they've got their inhumanity. what stressed me earlier of when you interviewed the church members, how they said, "he did so many good things, he couldn't
8:35 am
have done this." that is not true. it's not reflective of the human condition. every pastor is a sinner while at the same time is a saint. and it's a percentage thing. he's a human communicating divine things. and so that struggle is universal, and everybody has to accept that. the church is not the gathering together of the righteous. it is the gathering together of the gratefully redeemed. and we've got to get over the fact our leaders, sunday school teachers, or anybody else, nobody is perfect. everybody's in process, and i don't say that justify or explain anything away. just as a lesson in reality that when we exalt people and when we start thinkinger that perfect, we're just -- thinking they're perfect, we're just in for disappointment. if it isn't this particular sin, t a different one. everyone needs redemption. >> ted haggard. martin savidge, you're with this
8:36 am
congregation, this church this morning. we're expecting bishop long any second to appear. you were saying yesterday it is harp hard to separate the faith from this man at this church because he has built it. >> reporter: he has. i just want to point out to you, there's still a long line of traffic. the service is well underway, and yet there's a long line of cars staem cars attempting to get in. some have given up and are parking and walking on foot. parishioners said this is highly unusual, especially for the early service. so it's quite clear that everyone in this congregation realizes this is a significant moment in the church's religious life in this community and in their own religious faith. that said, when you talk to people here, a milkture of emotions. some people have the music playing, religious music. they're very enthused and feeling the spirit. other people we've seen drive by in tears. clearly very emortgationally up by what they anticipate to hear. you ask what do they hope to hear, the most common respond is
8:37 am
we hope to hear the truth. and so that's what they're gathering here for. but it's a mixture of emotions. there's still many people trying to get inside. they want to hear directly from their bishop as to these allegations that have been made. separating the man from the aco hearing the word of god, but they certainly know bishop eddie long. >> martin, i'm watching the feed coming in from the church. and want to bring back in bunnie jackson-ran so jackson-ransom. i think they're taking your advice, whatever these allegations are, whatever is alleged here, let's not forget the good that eddie long has done. >> absolutely. >> i'm looking -- if we could take this feed, it appears they're showing a video, a taped video of people getting help from this church. looked like children were being fed, bishop long was standing there in attendance. this is taped now. talking to these children who obviously look like they have
8:38 am
been deprived of economic existence. here he is here, listening to parishioners. this -- this is straight out of what would be the playbook to pump up his image. >> absolutely. i hope it's not the old saying too little too late. i hope it gets another picture for people to focus on so that they will not forget what the church has done. >> you said that they missed critical 48-hour limit on responding to these allegation. now it's been much beyond 48 hours, it's been a week. >> i think they did miss that. i hope that they can recoup. as i've said before, no matter where this ends, no matter who's right and who's wrong, there will be the need for forgiveness and healing. somebody made a mistake, i've said this before, someone made a mistake, and whoever that person or group of persons were need to be forgiven so that the healing can begin. >> let's just listen a little
8:39 am
bit and see if we get introduction. can we stop and listen? >> how special this woman who has dedicated her life to helping those transitioning because this deadly disease. we've got a treat for you this morning. miss agnes, all the way from south africa. [ applause ] >> they are still going through a bit of a service, talking to a parishioner. we'll continue to watch this as we expect to hopefully bishop long for the first time responding to these allegations which -- which are bunnie, rocking this church. let me ask you as we wrap up this segment, we showed jim swagert, jimmy haggard, jim bakker. >> yes. >> you said they all did come back in one form or another. can you come back the same? can you come back bigger? because when i'm seeing those men, i'm seeing ministries destroyed, reputations ruined,
8:40 am
and a much smaller impact on the religious world. >> that's a good question, and i'm afraid i don't have the answer to that question. if i did, i'd write a bigger book. but what i do know is that god is a forgiving god, and you can come back, you know. so i think they have done, these gentlemen whose names we arct articula articulated, have come back in their own way. some have written books. i think haggard started in the same city where he lost his congregation. so it's going to take time. once again, you look at how they recouped, did they recoup by telling the truth? whatever the truth is. i don't know what the truth is with the new birth situation. i hope we will find it out. i know we will. you know, we turn to the bible, we turn to the scripture for some direction. and someone asked, well, what should the church do. i think the church needs to talk to themselves. there is obviously a need to
8:41 am
vent, to communicate, to have smaller groups of conversation and to keep talk, keep talking, keep talking until they are comfortable with themselves, where did the breakdown occur, how do you rebuild, that is going to be there no matter whether -- no matter what happens. >> let's listen in, bunnie. this is bernice king speaking. >> thank god that we are a kingdom-advancing ministry. amen. south africa and so many plays around the world -- places around the world because of our obedience to god that we give, we might be a blessing, but we give in obedience to the word of god. that he will rebuke -- >> reverend born's king talking, martin savidge, for those who don't know this church, this ministri, this is a powerful political entity that exists outside of atlanta.
8:42 am
>> reporter: the church itself is significant leave. and of course, as we point out here she is an elder in the church. this shows you the reach politically, religiously, and then financially that this mega church has within the atlanta area and throughout the southeast and, in fact, through bishop eddie long around the world actually. i believe it's broadcast in dozens and dozens of countries as far the religious service that takes place. so the reach of this particular facility -- and as you point out, the god that has been done, it should not be overlooked. there's a lot of money that is donated to a lot of good causes. right now what's at question here is basically one man, bishop eddie long. the thing is, of course, he is the man who is responsible from taking this church from roughly 300 people 20 years ago that would show up on a sunday morning to now 25,000, and it's spread across a number of congregations in a number of cities and states. >> all right. martin, thank you. we are going to take a quick break here as we continue to wait to see if we're going to
8:43 am
see bishop long. ♪ when it's planes in the sky ♪ ♪ for a chain of supply, that's logistics ♪ ♪ when the parts for the line ♪ ♪ come precisely on time ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ a continuous link, that is always in sync ♪ ♪ that's logistics ♪ ♪ there will be no more stress ♪ ♪ cause you've called ups, that's logistics ♪
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coming up after this show,
8:46 am
cnn 9:00 eastern, "state of the union." with host candy crowley, joining me with a preview of the rundown. interesting lineup, democratic senator durbin and once a democratic senator lieberman talking about democratic strategy. then two republican congresswomen talking about the gop. >> exactly. what we had this week actually, drew, of the senate basically laid a big goose whegg when it came to passing legislation. among the thing it did not pass was the extention of bush-era tax cuts. they put it off until after the election. one of the thing we want to talk to senator durbin about as well as all things political, this looking like such a bleak year for democrats. he has a different opinion, i'm sure that won't surprise you. but senator lieberman, an independent now, is one of those who argued that the tax cuts should be extended to everyone, not just the middle class. a for the republican women, marcia blackburn, kathy mcmorris-rogers, both of them were present when the republican
8:47 am
party leadership unveiled this pledge to america. kind of their manifesto of what they'd do if they got in power. so we want to ask them about that and some of the reaction to it. so lots of politics and some governance. >> all right, candy. keep them honest up there, too, will you, when they start to weasel out of these things. thanks, we'll see you at 9:00 great. keep it here for "state of the union." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends billions of dollars, to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses. ♪ working to set opportunity in motion. bank of america. save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance?really
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well, a lot of people in the southeast waking up to some rain. and meteorologist bonnie schneider joining you now. they've needed this rain. >> it's been a drought situation, especially here in the southeast. we are getting rain, there's a lot of it coming through over the next few days. so be prepared for some wet weather in your forecast across the south. let's show you what's going on in other part of the country. first off, i want to take you to the northeast and the great lakes. look at these temperatures, it's cold out there. we're wrapping up september certainly in the days to come. we are 47 in detroit, michigan. so a very chilly start in
8:51 am
michigan this morning. 46 in buffalo. a little milder cleveland at 54. new york city, 65 degrees. here's a live look at statue of liberty. looks beautiful out there today. nice cool, crisp morning. it's been quite warm this week. a lot of people are complaining that summer doesn't want to go away. well, it's going away fast. soon you'll be wearing those jackets out. there you can see nice shots of new york city now. looking good. the rain is also on the way for new york. want to talk about the rain affecting the midwest. we've been watching a lot of flooding through the midwest. we have video to show you. the rain really began on thursday and started accumulating pretty fast. this is an ireport of what it looks like across areas into wisconsin. and i'll tell you, cripple krause shot this -- tim krause shot this video. the current is forceful. it doesn't take much water to knock you off your feet. only six inches. also dislodges your cars. do not attempt to drive on any roadways covered in water.
8:52 am
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we've all been through tight security at the airport, waiting in long lines, taking off our shoe, sometimes even random screenings. for our own safety, right? but how much security is too
8:56 am
much listen to what happened to one woman in philadelphia. here's cnn's kate baldwin. >> reporter: kathy parker says her travel nightmare started with this wallet. >> they went through compartments, you know, they kind of looked through like this. and in this compartment i keep a lot of receipts. so they were actually pulling out receipts and looking at them. and they were opening it all the way up. >> reporter: that is when parker says her trip through philadelphia airport security went too far. >> it was very uncomfortable. it was embarrassing to have your personal things from inside your wallet, receipts, just laid out in the open and people looking and it was -- it was just a horrific experience. >> reporter: and that wasn't all. parker was flying to charlotte, north carolina, on business in august when she says transportation security administration agents and local law enforcement detained her for
8:57 am
an hour. questioning her, searching her personal items, even calling her husband to say she was suspected of embezzlement after finding $8,000 in checks in her wallet. >> they told him that they detained me because they suspected it was a divorce situation and that i was emptying out our bank accounts. >> reporter: parker calls the incident humiliating, an invasion of privacy, and is working with the aclu to make sure it doesn't happen again. >> kathy parker was violated. the tsa went far beyond their mandate in looking into whether this was a divorce situation or an embezzlement situation. that's not related to assuring the safety of aviation. and what the tsa needs to understand is the airport is not a constitution-free zone. >> reporter: although tsa does not restrict passenger from carrying large sums of money, agent do alert local law enforcement if they suspect criminal activity. the tsa declined to comment on
8:58 am
the parker incident but in a statement said, "tsa strives to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. we hold our employees to the highest professional and ethical standards, have a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior and act swiftly when proper protocols are not followed." you looking for an explanation? >> i just -- that may help, but what i'm really looking for is just to avoid this happening to me or anyone else. i don't think anybody should pay this price when they fly. >> reporter: last year after a separate incident in st. louis, the aclu filed suit against the department of homeland security saying that incident reflected a larger problem of unlawful searches at airports. kathy parker says she plans to file a lawsuit, as well. kate baldwin, cnn, washington. our top stories now. bishop eddie long talking publicly for the first time, we
8:59 am
think, since revelations about those sex abuse allegations. this is a live look at the church services going on this morning outside of atlanta. it is expected that bishop long will make an announcement at this service and will answer questions for the media after the service is over. we will bring you latest on this coverage through the entire day. in fact, we are being told by my producer that he may be coming out at this time. we're searching for that video. this is a live feed. it's controlled by the church itself. the 8:00 a.m. church service. this would be the first time that bishop long has spoken publicly, and there you can see him right there getting hugged as he comes out to address the allegations from four young men accusing that pastor of coercing them into sexual relationships. one man at least says he was used -- of given ambien before his encounter with the pastor which lasted so


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