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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 17, 2010 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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remember, we get to leave, john and i. she's going to be there for a year. and it's dangerous and it's hard. and it gives you nothing but hope in the youth of america. >> larry: well said. thank you both very much. we really appreciate it. we hope every little bit helps. thank you, guys. if you'd like more information, go to sudan action now. i'm don lemon. here are your headlines. coast to coast, from the president to his toughest critics, the battle for control of congress is turning red hot right now. sarah palin rallied the republican faithful in california blistering president obama and speaker nancy pelosi and encouraging her supporters to get out and vote. president obama campaigned for massachusetts governor devil
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patrick urging voters not to let republicans take control of congress. developing stair out of mexico. four americans dead in a small plane crash. mexican officials found the wreckage in baja california. the passengers were part of a group called flying samaritans. no word yet on the cause of the crash. she played one of tv's most famous moms, june cleaver. barbara billingsley has dayed at the age of 95. "leave it to beaver" was a hit in the late '50s and early '60s. billingsley played the role with class and a gentle sense of humor. and for all those years, she was america's mom. those are your headlines this hour. i'm don lemon keeping you informed. cnn, the most trusted name in news. right now on this special edition of "showbiz tonight." "entertainment weekly's" great reunions. "pretty in pink."
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"back to the future". >> it was fun. >> "roots." an amazing behind-the-scenes look at these brand-new incredible unforgettable reunions. the blockbuster star-studded casts of some of the biggest movies and tv shows of all time together again. >> and you're fake breasts look low. >> a special edition of "showbiz tonight," "entertainment weekly's" greatest reunions starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer coming to you from new york city. >> hi, there. i'm brooke anderson in hollywood and this is a special edition of "showbiz tonight." "entertainment weekly's" great reunions. they are among the most memorable movies and tv shows of
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our time and they all had something in common -- fantastic firsts. "showbiz tonight" is teaming up with "entertainment weekly" to bring you the magazine's extraordinary reunions of the casts of these films and tv shows, all now being featured in the latest issue of "entertainment weekly" that has just been released. we begin with those phenomenal firsts. the shows that dared to be different and changed tv forever. shows that were real breakthroughs because they dared to go where no shows had gone before. in 1998, it was a breakthrough sit-com featuring gay characters. and now the cast of "will & grace" is fondly remembering all the laughs. >> laughing every day. >> in 1999, this drama was the first primetime series to realistically portray the inner workings of the white house. and now the cast of "the west wing" is still beaming with pride.
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>> part of me would have been happy doing it for the rest of my life. >> and in 1977, the mini series became the first program to show the horrors faced by african-american slaves. and now the cast of "roots" is celebrating the lifelong friendships they've enjoyed. "entertainment weekly" is reuniting the casts of these groundbreaking programs. >> you live with a hetero long enough, you're going to catch it. >> "will & grace" proved that america would watch a show week after week with openly proud gay characters. when the show stars reuniting for the great reunion, it was the side-splitting moments they remembered most. >> your fake breasts exploding. >> will, what are you doing? >> i think you sprung a leak. >> what are you doing?
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i ended up getting bronchitis from doing that. but it was funny. anything for a joke. >> "the west wing" succeeded with an unprecedented tv setting. a fictional white house with an idealistic president played by martin sheen. >> it's sick, twisted, brutal murder. >> and when "entertainment weekly" brought the cast back together for their great reunion, they were still honored to be associated with just a groundbreaking show. >> these people, i adored them. >> what's your name? >> toby. >> and the word phenomenal can definitely describe the smash hit 1977 mini series "roots", a heartbreaking look at the horror of slavery. and at the great reunion of the "roots" cast, they remembered their show as a show in american
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history. >> the title of alex's book was "roots, the saga of an american family." >> and as all of these great reunions prove, these stars were as affected by these groundbreaking firsts as those of us who watched them. >> what a fantastic collection of tv firsts. and all them really had so much influence on pop culture. but which one had the most impact? it's our "showbiz" flash point, which of the firsts had the greatest impacts on pop culture? with me right now in new york is dalton ross and jessica shaw. also with us is staff writer tim saks. which of these shows had the biggest impact on pop culture n your mind? >> it's got to be "roots." look at the numbers. 37 emmy nominations.
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the finale was watched by over 100 million people. 30 years later we're still talking about it. >> tim, off to you, do you agree? >> yeah, it was appointment television. if you were around in the '70s, you went home and watched "roots" every single night. no other show -- we really hadn't seen slavery portrayed that way before. >> what's your choice? >> i'm going to say "will & grace." the drama is out and done. >> it broke down walls in ways that hadn't been done before. and debra messing's character had so many lucille ball moments. how can we forget the infamous exploding breast episode. they revealed what really happened behind the scenes when they were shooting that scene. >> and your fake breasts exploded.
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>> i ended up getting bronchitis from that. it's true. >> and i got water in the eye. >> they had to put the tube up my leg and it connected to the bra and it was breaking and it was backfiring and the whole thing was soaking me but it was funny. anything for a joke. >> so many great revelations at the reunion, including the "west wing" reunion. this really revealed so much about how the white house works. other shows have tried to do the same thing, but they didn't have that success. what was the secret for "the west wing". >> 95% of that show was just people walking and talking, going from one office to the next. but the scripts were so sharp. it had that magic to it that you really felt like you were there with the characters in the trenches. >> tim, that snappy dialogue did so much to bring you into what felt like such a real situation there.
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>> yeah, it's one of those shows, it's basically an office show but it's an office that none of us have really ever been inside before. so to have dialogue like that that brings you in makes you feel like you knew what it was to work in the white house. >> it's one of my favorite shows of all time and i really miss it. there's not a show around these days -- while there are terrific shows, that sort of capture that all-enveloping energy of "the west wing". >> absolutely. i don't know that we'd see another show about the white house. entertainment shies away from that a little bit. i love that the show was on for so long and it was so influential and it was great and it really brought some humanity to the government that we're not really seeing in pop culture right now. >> dalton, jessica, tim, don't go anywhere. "entertainment weekly's" great reunions also included the most memorable movie characters. behind the scenes of the reunion of the cast of "lord of the rings." why it became so habit forming.
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and it's the amazing "pretty in pink" reunion. where did they all end up? tell us, jon. >> andy and blaine probably did not end up together, but duckie and andy ended up friends for life. mcfly, who can forget michael j. fox as marty mcfly in the time-traveling deloran in "back to the future." you're watching a special edition of "showbiz tonight." and now, a very special edition of the "showbiz" news ticker. reuniting the co-stars of "northern exposure" and "alias." check out this smoking reunion picture of jen and her tv dad.
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and a new york doctor gets dropped into rural alaska. that was the plat of the great '90s show "northern exposure." started rob morrow and his girlfriend, janine turner.
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doc. >> marty, you made it. >> yeah. >> welcome to my latest experiment. this is the big one. the one i've been waiting for all my life. >> who can forget that car? the deloran in "back to the future." it still looks fantastic today. "showbiz tonight" with behind-the-scenes video of michael and his "back to the future" co-star leah thompson on the set of "entertainment weekly's" great reunion. welcome back to this special edition of "showbiz tonight," "entertainment weekly's" great reunions. i'm a.j. hammer in new york. >> and i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. and now the most memorable movie characters. "pretty in pink"'s molly ringwald and michael j. fox as marty mcfly. he is one of "entertainment weekly's" most memorable movie characters now reunited.
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still looking pretty in pink, molly ringwald reunited with the cast of her classic movie for "entertainment weekly's" great reunions. the pretty party included annie pots who played leona movie and jon cryer as duckie. his enemy was blaine, who was pursued by molly ringwald's andy walsh, a girl from the wrong side of the track. >> you're ashamed to be seen with me. >> she spoke her mind and she was sort of an iconoclast and a rebel. >> relentlessly pursued by duckie. >> blaine, that's a major appliance, not a name.
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>> at "entertainment weekly's" great reunion of the "pretty in pink" cast, jon speculated about how all the teen angst ended. >> andy and blaine probably did not end up together. but duckie and andy ended up friends for life. >> from teen dreams to "lord of the rings," "entertainment weekly" also reunited a trio of hobbits. >> it's crazy. in a lot of ways, it feels like that much time has past. >> including elijah wood. >> he was an underdog hero. people could relate to him. >> for elijah, the fictional world of middle earth seemed very far away at "entertainment weekly's" great "lord of the rings" reunion. sean astin was there. along with dominic monaghan. he said it led to lasting
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friendships off-screen. >> everyone on the inside trying to get in could see it. >> the epic efforts to rid himself of "the ring." took moviegoers on three timeless adventures. as timeless as the three unforgettable "back to the future" adventures. >> it's such a sincere movie. it was everything it was meant to be and it just is so uncontroversial and just fun. >> michael j. fox first began portraying marty mcfly in the first "back to the future" movie in 1985. >> it's 25 years old, if you can believe it. and it still holds up. it's fantastic. >> traveling through time, marty saves the clock tower and his own future. >> marty. you made it. >> and, yeah, michael j. fox
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made it to the great "entertainment weekly" reunion as well taking him back to the future. >> to this day, i still hope that if i drive 88 miles an hour i'm going to end up back in 1955. i've tried it. it's been 25 years since "back to the future" came out. time does fly. with me back right now in new york, "entertainment weekly" assistant managing editor dalton ross and senior writer jessica shaw. i have a hard time thinking of any actor who could have played marty mcfly the way that michael j. fox did. what made him so perfect for this role? >> no one else could have done that role. he had that rare combination of being so charming and funny and crush-worthy, he could ride a skateboard and he could flirt with his mother without it seeming too creepy. >> that would have been super creepy this day and age. when michael j. fox and leah thompson reunited, they captured why it still resonates. >> it's remarkable that it still endures. there's a lot of heart in the movie and that's why it
4:19 am
sustained itself. >> it's ironic -- not ironic, but it fits, given what the theme of the movie is that it's cross-generational. little kids love it and it's become kind of like -- not to be sacrilegious -- >> leah put it so well. what made it so memorable, you have to ask the same question about "pretty in pink" what really made molly and jon so memorable in their roles? >> they're playing these high school misfit outcasts who don't fit in. they're searching for something that seems outside their grasp. anyone that's been to high school can relate to that. they had awesome hair. check out the do.
4:20 am
>> so many movies are being remade, jessica. what about "pretty in pink" and "back to the future," personally, i say, leave well enough alone. you shouldn't mess with masterpieces. >> i agree with you. you can't even think to remake those movies. "pretty in pink," you cannot touch that. >> "back to the future" became a franchise, but nobody should touch it. >> doesn't mean that they won't, a.j. >> i understand that. i know how it works. >> if there's money to be made, somebody's going to say, we can update this. >> dalton, jessica, thank you again. so mirror, mirror on the wall, who were the most memorable co-stars of them all? how about eric and debra from tv's "will & grace." >> we'd never met before. and he had flown in from canada. and we just did this reading and we ended up just giggling together.
4:21 am
>> eric and debra, reunited. this is a special edition of "showbiz tonight," "entertainment weekly's" great reunions. >> and now a very special edition of the "showbiz" news ticker, reuniting the casts of "scream," a psychopathic serial killer stalked a group of teens in this movie. check this "scream" reunion picture.
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this is a special edition of "showbiz tonight," "entertainment weekly's" great reunions. and now the most memorable co-stars. the co-stars reunited including eric and debra, michael j. fox and leah thompson and molly ringwald and jon cryer. we wanted to see what our fans think. i can tell you, there was a big-time tie between eric and
4:25 am
debra and molly and jon. look at what mari wrote -- >> jess, do you miss this show. >> i do. but the wonders of syndication, it's always on at some point at night and it is one of those shows that holds up, still great after all these years. >> no question about it. let me get to what laura wrote on our facebook page -- >> look at molly said at "entertainment weekly's" great reunion about jon's infamous dance in the movie. >> i remember shooting the -- i was telling jon my 6-year-old daughter has not seen any of my movies. but i did show her that scene on youtube. and i think it's phenomenal. and i remember when we were
4:26 am
actually shooting it, i think the first time that we saw him do the dance was, i think the first time they filmed it. and i was just so stunned -- you were like mick jagger. i thought it was such a fantastic scene and really holds up. >> it really does hold up, doesn't it? >> it does, aside from the man broach that duckie's wearing. >> we'll leave it there. thank you both. there is so much more to see about these fantastic reunions. definitely check it out in the new issue of "entertainment weekly" on newsstands everywhere right now. i'm a.j. hammer in new york. >> and i'm brooke anderson in hollywood. you can catch an encore performs of this special edition of "showbiz tonight," "entertainment weekly's" greet reunions on sunday at 5:30 p.m. eastern on hln. thanks for watching. take care.
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it's been five days since carl paladino accused andrew cuomo of being a cuomo-sexual. 90 minutes since i dropped my cell phone in the toilet. buckle up, kids, we're about to tear through all of it. welcome to "what the week."
4:31 am
there's a difference between news and noise. i'm pete dominick. on this show, we're not interested in celebrity gossip or virtual reality reality shows. forget brett favre or whatever his name is and forget "dancing with the stars." are they really stars? i'm interested in the stories and issues that hit home. i'm taking the cameras to the streets to hear what americans really think of the news that shaped the week. time to catch up on the week that was. hit it. >> we don't want them to be brainwashed into equal that homosexuality is an equally valid option. >> carl paladino lashed out against gays. >> andrew cuomo took his children to a gay pride parade. i wouldn't let my young children see that. >> a power parade, the succession process under way in north korea. >> kim jong-il, visibly ailing. >> the obama administration
4:32 am
lifted the ban on drilling imposed after the bp blowout almost six months ago. it is a story that has totally gripped the entire world. >> never have any men been underground for so long. we've got these critical midterm elections coming up. >> you were just jealous that you weren't on "saturday night live." >> these ideas of my opponent are really extreme. >> man up, harry reid. >> what are you talking about? >> they killed us on 9/11. >> bill o'reilly said no one he knows wants to insult muslims but that people are tired of political correctness. >> joel burns is an openly gay city councilman in ft. worth, texas, he revealed for the first time his own experience with bullies that he didn't plan to share until the recent rash of teen suicides. >> i know that life can seem unbearable. but i want you to know that it gets better. >> that's what's swimming up mainstream.
4:33 am
the big ones that come to mind, a federal judge this week issuing a stay on "don't ask, don't tell." the accused ft. hood shooter facing victims' families and a federal district court judge in florida ruling the state's constitutional of president obama's health care plan, they can proceed with their lawsuits. but the most undercover story, the beginning of the first human embryonic stem cell trial. i took a camera crew and went lunch crashing to see what you think. do you support embryonic stem cell research? >> no, no. life begins at conception, so anything that stops that would be stopping life from forming. so it's pretty cut and dry. >> as soon as the egg is fertilized, that's conception and you can't use that for anything but to create a life? >> right.
4:34 am
>> it's just an egg. >> it's a fertilized egg. >> it's not actually alive yet. >> it don't have a heartbeat, does it? >> it's just a zygote. if it was put into a womb, it would grow into a life. and that's the debate. >> i say go for it. >> it's going to cure health care diseases, we've got to do it. just only help, to me. >> on a religious standpoint, life begins at creation and taking something like that is considered a life. >> so to you, the fertilized egg, whether it's in a womb or in a petri dish is life? >> yes. life in general for me -- i have three kids -- is so important. to look at stem cell research on how that's going to help prolong life and help people in certain situation, i'm all for that. >> i honestly would have to have
4:35 am
a little more research and news to go both ways and understand it more. one of the things is having ignorance to a lot of things and people coming up with their own opinions before knowing the story. >> you have to know everything before making a decision on something as complicated as stem cell research. give me 60 seconds to catch you up on why this debate is so heated. stem cells are your body's master cells. why is that important? because there are cells in your body that don't normally get replaced. if they die, you could be out of luck. but scientists believe that stem cells could be used to lead to cures for diseases. sounds great, right? well, here's where it gets complicated. there are two types of stem cells -- embryonic and adult.
4:36 am
adult stem cells are less flexible than embryonic stem cells but embryonic stem cells, however, can become anything and hold more potential. unfortunately, they can only be found in a fertilized human egg or embryo. and that embryo is destroyed in the process. many see that as the destruction of a potential human life and they want embryonic stem cell research stopped. it's a tough debate. to learn more about it, visit the national institute of he'll's website at next, a sickness is spreading through our nation's politicians and no flu shot will clear it up or stem cell. that won't help either. our political plague of the week is coming up.
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the economy is tanked, unemployment is nearly 10% and you're running for office in a tough district. what do you do? blame china. >> is barren hill running for congress in indiana or china? hill supported the $800 billion failed stimulus package that created renewable energy jobs in china. his big spending programs will force us to keep borrowing money from, you guessed it, china. hill's creating massive new debt here while he created renewable new energy jobs over there.
4:40 am
barren hill, for indiana or china? >> it's hard out of the ordinary this political season. this week, "the new york times" reported no less than 25 candidates on both sides of the aisle are trying to accuse their opponents of being in bed in china. why would voters be so scared of china in the first place? i hit the street again to talk it out. when i say the word "china," what do you think of? >> anti-american. >> the job problem. >> don't buy in china. >> i think of kung fu movies. >> crowded. >> fantastic people. i like chinese people and chinese food. >> millions of jobs have gone from america to china. >> i think it's the first step towards a one-world government. >> all of these people running for office complaining about, we have to get jobs, got to get jobs, the president not doing job -- it's not the president. it's outsourcing. >> i'm very concerned about that. i think the technology is here. we just don't use it.
4:41 am
everybody's looking to save a little bit of money. >> i don't blame anyone but progress, i think, it's just the ebb and flow aft way business is. >> we created our own monster. we buy cheap, don't care who it's from. >> i buy what pleases me. i don't really look where it comes from. >> do you made a conscious effort to buy made in america stuff? >> how can you? >> clothing made in america? your car? >> my car is not. >> i have a crv. why not a ford? >> what happens is our workmanship is deteriorating. >> i couldn't give you any information about outsourcing. i just like to pay my bills. >> joining me now to talk about it, jesse ventura, former minnesota governor, and peter sagle.
4:42 am
you have to admit, guys, china's pretty scary. they're the world's worst polluter. and we lost 2.4 million jobs to china between 2001 and 2008. still, is something more sinister going on in these advertisements? jesse, you went to china when you were the governor. are you afraid of communist china? >> no, not at all. i found china to be very interesting. i found the people over there remarkable. and i think the problem here, pete, is this, when you talk about a superpower, the worst thing, in my opinion, a superpower can do is get involved in a bunch of wars. china is not involved in all this stuff. they're taking care of their people, their economy and doing everything they should be doing while we here in the united states are being the world's policemen.
4:43 am
we're involved in a war in iraq. we're involved in a war in afghanistan. i'm sure iran may be on the barometer soon enough. but to me, the worst thing you can do as a superpower is get yourself involved in wars throughout the world. it will bring you down. >> peter, are you afraid of communist china? are they a threat? are these ads just trying to scare people? >> well, i don't think -- i think you heard governor ventura admit what's going on here which is not so much fear and hatred but a sense of inferiority. it's like america is the small scrappy high school in "hoosiers." it's like they're so much nicer and they built that really nice bird's nest stadium. we don't have anything like that. i think basically if you were to scratch those politicians and poke them a little bit, they would start weeping and wishing
4:44 am
they were chinese. >> let's switch gears and talk about our political plague of the week. this week it's asinine debate disorder. how about the debate you saw right here on cnn between christine o'donnell, the one who's not a witch, and chris coons. i felt like it was watching an hour-long attack ad. let's take a quick listen. >> jokingly called me a bearded marxist. it was a joke. my opponent and lots of folks in the right wing media have endlessly spun this. i am not now nor have i ever been anything but a clean-shaven capitalist. >> well, i would stand to disagree because, first of all, if you're saying what i said on a comedy show is relevant to this election, then absolutely you writing on article -- forget the bearded marxist comment. you wrote an article saying you
4:45 am
learned your beliefs from a marx ex-professor and that's what made you become a democrat. that should send chills up the spine of every delaware voter because then if you compare that statement to your policies -- >> if it were true, i'd agree. >> jesse, you did a lot of things before you were a governor. you're an independent. does it matter what people did in high school or early college years? if it did, how hard of a time would you have had? >> i don't think so because we all change. if we're running for office and we're 22 years old, 25 years old, then, yes, it does matter. but i ran for office when i was nearly 50 years old and i think all of us do things when we're young that maybe we regret at times or we look back and say, gee, that was sure stupid of me. but that's all part of the growing process, of maturing and all that. i don't really believe you can hold somebody responsible for what they did way back when they went to college and things of that order.
4:46 am
>> peter, do these debates add anything? are there real important issues and answers in solutions being discussed, sir? >> well, they were both in that one and in the debate in nevada. but nobody paid any attention to them. they paid attention to how well each candidate performed. did they give out their talking points with a credible degree of enthusiasm? that's weird to me. we're judging these fairly important political debates or contests with the same standards we applied to "american idol." how well did they do? if we're going to do that, i say, let's go to delaware and make crystal bowersox -- >> these two parties dominate the political system. should there be a third voice at these debates? >> i don't support a third party anymore. i believe the republicans and democrats have so corrupted our system that if a third party does rise up, to compete, it will have to corrupt.
4:47 am
i stand in a new position. i'm for the abolishment of political parties. george washington, thomas jefferson and especially john adams would agree with me. john adams stated the fall of america wouldn't come from an outside source, it would come from within and he said precisely what it would be, when political parties take over our government. i think we're already there. >> jesse, peter, why don't you moderate one of these debates? >> i'm waiting for the phone call. i'd be happy to. when you ran for governor of minnesota, it was the debates that propelled you because you came across as so much more of an interesting person than your two opponents at that time. i think you tapped into the deep-seeded hidden minnesotan urge to finally be interesting. >> oh, absolutely.
4:48 am
debates won my election because i was polling 10% when the debates start. and i finished in a three-way race with 37%. >> that's because you're so honest. guys, thanks for coming on. great to have both of you guys. men in a hole for more than two months and one may have thought twice about coming back up. that's next.
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step up, step in, the chilean mine capsule. $1, kids. you want to stay in there for a little while? >> yeah. >> good job. you're going to have to stay in
4:52 am
there for about an hour. have a good life. this is my wife and my mistress. you can just call me miner 21. ladies, i'm sorry it worked out this way. don't fight over me. let's all get in the capsule, ladies. everybody else got a chance. now it's time for me to check out the chilean mine rescue capsule. this is no big deal. plenty of space. let me get out. hey, hey, you guys. unless you've been living under a rock like these guys, you know all 33 miners have now been rescued after more than two months underground, 69 days. and that's the subject of our segment "you are here." august 5th, the main ramp of the mine collapses. no word if there are any survivors. but tributes are popping up immediately. the 22nd of august, a probe finds the miners and comes back with a note saying, we're okay.
4:53 am
four days after that, the 26th while you and i are setting up our slippin' slides, work on three rescue tunnels begin. they call it plan a, b and c. last week, tunnel b reaches the miners which brings us to this week. all 33 miners are above ground safe and sound except for maybe that miner 21 who apparently his mistress was there instead of his wife. i'm thinking he was probably hoping that capsule goes back down. well, late-night comedians were on fire this week. which politicians got roasted the hardest? we'll tell you next.
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each week, people do great things to make the news. this is aisha, her husband was cut off by her husband under the taliban afghan rule. she was rescued. she received the enduring heart award at a benefit for grossman burn foundation, amazing story, amazing person. you are much better than me. this isn't a person but it's a dog and he's still way better than me.
4:58 am
a 4-year-old labrador receiver helped bring 12 people to safety with the lapd in haiti. pearl, you are way better than me. i'm going to give you a bite of my doughnut. this is chance. he's a football player. he finished up the third year he's been a starter. i didn't even start my senior year of lacrosse. chance anthony, you're way better than me. this is pat tillman, one of the greatest americans ever. he's had a new completely build bridge over the hoover dam named after him this week. this morning, i actually scratched my initials in wolf blitzer's locker. fallen hero, football star, fantastically good-looking. pat tillman, you are way better than all of us. you've heard the expression any publicity is good publicity?
4:59 am
not if you're running for office. each week we highlight the harshest political commentary from the world of comedic television. we call it "roasted." and no one was roasted harder than carl paladino. comments he made on the campaign trail regarding his views on homosexuality were front-page news all over the country this month. paladino apologized but my fellow comedians aren't letting him off the hook. >> that's carl paladino making the case to orthodox religious folk that gay people will brainwash their children into dressing and acting in an unconventional manner. gay people. >> i did not see eric cantor condemning new york gubernatorial carl paladino. the bestiality video wasn't bad for children because it was a woman and a male horse, nothing


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