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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 16, 2010 3:00pm-5:00pm EST

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tsa screeners have reason to be on alert for potential travel threats. refusing to go through a security check seems -- hi, everyone, i'm brooke baldwin. we have the latest in the search for the mother and brother of that 13-year-old girl who was found tied up and gagged in the basement of a convicted arsonist. but first, i want to pause and show you a live picture right now. if you have been watching cnn with ali in the last hour, we brought you the medal of honor ceremony there at the white house. so there is the recipient of the medal of honor, staff sergeant giunta. >> this is truly an incredible experience, but although i'm the one standing here wearing this medal right now, i want to make it known that this represents all service members and all branches that have been in afghanistan since 2001, iraq since 2003, who were there
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yesterday, are there today and will go again tomorrow. i really appreciate them because without their service, i have nothing. it means the world to me to have the great men and women of the united states military behind me, supporting me, to the left of me, to the right of me. i would like to thank my mom, my dad, my sister and brother. and my beautiful wife jenny. this is an incredible time, but it's also kind of a bittersweet time. times like this, because of this day, i lost two dear friends of mine, specialist hugo mendoza and sergeant joshua brennan. and although this is so positive, i would give this back in a second to have my friends with me right now. and there's so many others other than sergeant brennan and specialist mendoza who are the unsung heroes of this war who
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will never come back to return a hand shake or will never hug their families again and we have to take time to remember them because that is the quality of the soldiers we have that will go to war, fight until the battle is done. thanks for coming again, take care. >> staff sergeant giunta, did you just hear what he said? this really struck me, he said he would give the medal of honor back in a second if he could have his friends back. he says without their service, i have nothing. of course, our own pentagon correspondent barbara starr, she has had several interviews with him, we're going to get more context into what heroic effort he made back in that valley on october 25, 2007. meantime i want to get back to the search of that mother and the brother of the 13-year-old girl who was found just this past weekend bound and gagged in
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the basement of an arsonist. we have learned in the last couple of minutes, bond has just been set at $1 million for the suspect whose name is matthew hoffman and he just appeared in court by camera from jail. they didn't bring him in person by camera because this is such a huge story for this small town in ohio. also today, you see these dogs? teams of cadaver dogs have joined the search for tina herrmann, her son kody and their friend stephanie sprang. we turn this around for you, dogs searching for some sort of clues and over affiliate out of columbus, ohio, wbns is reporting the investigators are honing in on about six specific areas including a trail that runs between the suspect's hometown and the town where the family lives. so it's a trail that apparently passes near the spot where herrmann's pick-up truck was found abandoned last week. and also as you can imagine,
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relatives of these missing three are still holding out some kind of hope they will be found alive. but the sheriff out of knox county says three factors indicate a much different outcome. >> the amount of blood, the fact that sarah was found with the suspect, no one else was found there and nobody has seen or heard anything out of tina, kody or stephanie since then. >> we are learning a lot more about matt you hoffman, he tied up 13-year-old sarah maynard in his basement. he was on supervised parole until just last month for setting fire to a condo complex out in colorado and causing $2 million in damage. ron fowler lives next door to
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hoffman in this town of mt. vernon, ohio. i want to begin with, if you can, just describe hoffman, describe his character. what was he like? >> he was a little odd, he climbed the trees a lot. he even had like a net hammock in the tree that he would sit in occasion, just look around, you know, watching everything around the neighborhood. and he had his own like tree climbing equipment that he would just climb trees and he took every leaf out of one tree and i guess they found these in his house, along his walls hanging in bags or something. >> let me stop you that because we're hearing that, i wanted to follow up on you, the investigators have been talking to one of the neighbors and i don't know if you're one of the neighbors they have been talking to about some bags of leaves and they have found some of these leaves strung on the walls in his home. >> we don't know what it's like
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inside his home, all i know is that we seen him in the tree taking all the leaves down plus he trimmed some branches down and sometimes he would hang out on his roof and he was always, you know, wandering off with backpacks, which is up towards the fountain park, which is one of the areas they have been searching. he always took off on foot with a backpack and sometimes an extra bag and i actually seen him leaving friday afternoon about 4:30. and he had a backpack on and walked up towards that park and this was two days after they were missing. but it was before anybody knew he had anything to do with it. so it wasn't out of the ordinary. >> so you saw him walking with a backpack. i want to go back to two points you made, one you said he would sit on his roof and sit in the trees and take some of the leaves off. did you find that odd? and if so, did you ever converse with him and ask him, what are
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you doing? >> we didn't converse about it. he was always in the trees. he said he did that for a living, trimming trees. he was always up in the trees and doing stuff like that, so we thought it was odd but never thought anymore about it and he was just an odd person. >> an odd person. >> yeah. >> and so since you brought this up, what did he do for a living? because we found out he owed like $30,000 on his mortgage and also $2 million in restitution for some condo he set fire to back in colorado. we're just curious, do you know how he made money, made a living? >> our sons played football together, that's how we met and my wife said that he was drawing unemployment from work forgive a tree service, but it ran out. so i mean here at the end, she
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said he had no electric and no gas in that house. >> ron, you bring up the girlfriend. so, i have read a couple of different interviews from several different neighbors, in fact when he was dating this woman, in fact i read that she was a live in girlfriend with her young son and at times for a little while was a pretty happy guy, but then things turned sour about a month ago. >> yes, yes. i mean last summer, when they first started dating, our son has actually stayed the night over there. a summer ago, with her son. you know, they were lit buddies and hung out and, you know, nobody thought nothing about it, he made a tire swing for him in the backyard. he was just a weird guy climbing the trees. but he seemed okay, you know, and as far as we know, he told us he got in trouble for robbery before, he never mentioned the arson, but he did always have -- he was always have been firing outside. >> he was having fires outside.
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>> he was having fires outside, so you were not aware of his arson conviction back in colorado? >> he said it was a robbery gone bad, is what he told us. >> a robbery gone bad? >> yes. >> to use your word, he was kind of a weirdo but you didn't think too much of it. now that we come back full circle and now he's charged in the kidnappings and we don't know what else, are you surprised by this? >> how it all come about, as odd as he was, now it makes sense that he might do something like that, but it never struck us at the time that he could be someone like that because they never had any problems until recently. he was moving out, getting her own place like a month ago and they were going to see each other still, but then they had the altercation at the house and she said she was just going to be done with him. >> so there was an altercation,
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there was a bit of a fight that led to her -- >> i guess, yes, that's what i was told, but yes. i don't believe she wants very much said about that. >> i see. we won't really go there. but let me ask you this, did he seem depressed at all? did his mood change? >> yeah, like i said, we didn't see him very much. if they needed something from the store, she always went. he was more of like a hermit, it was always she was going out, or it was just like hi and bye and that was about it. we didn't hang out and talk to the guy that often. >> there were from what i understand two vigils last night in this town of mt. vernon and now as we have heard from the knox county sheriff, things
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aren't looking good, it's more of a recovery mission. there was this vigil last night, how is this small middle america community coping with this? a huge story. >> there's a lot of people that care, volunteering their own time to do this and we are -- or my girlfriend was part of getting one vigil together and i'm not sure who got the other one together. but they had two, one on the local square here in town and the one my girlfriend was at was down the street at a church. so everybody -- i mean they had 100 people in the church and there was standing room only, so everybody's coming together and really concerned about this and putting forth a lot of effort. >> coming together, concerned, hopeful, but perhaps at this late date, some of the hope is fading. >> ron stowler. a decision is underway on a
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recent car bombing. and the tsa -- obviously huge concerns for you, if you're hopping on a plane any time soon, especially considering the busiest travel season, or really seasons of the year right around the corner. tsa director john pistole is on the hot seat today. also we had to wait a generation, but there is finally another royal wedding in the works. what can we expect from prince william and kate middleton, check out that beautiful ring from the late princess diana. and will this rival the last wedding of the century, the wedding of prince charles and diana. you do retire? ♪ client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something.
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amplgts. a couple other stories we're covering, the united nations peace keepers trying to help the cholera victims. there is no truth that the peacekeepers started the cholera epidemic, but it was that rumor that fuelled the protests on monday. . and i want you to take a good long look at what some strong winds can do. this is seattle, washington, winds up to 50 miles an hour, wind, you see it there, totally
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whipping over the scaffolding on a building, more than 100,000 houses and businesses in western washington state lost power last night. and some drivers, you see them. 6. aaa out with some numbers, 42 million people will travel at least 50 miles, that is an increase of more than 11% from last year. more than 1.5 million will be traveling by planes. after one full day of hearings, democrat charlie rangel has been found guilty of ethics violations. up next, jessica yellin has more on the fall of one of america's most powerful men. and could a bone found in aruba be a break in the natalee holloway case?
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today's news from great britain was not uniformly received here at cnn. the less romantic among us gr n groaned, all the rest of us swooned at prince william and his fiance kate talking about the upcoming wedding. we finally have heard from prince william's little brother, prince harry. we want to read this for you quickly. he has released a statement. he says i'm delighted my brother has popped the question, which means i get a sister which i have always wanted. prince harry has been flying training today. that is just from prince harry.
3:20 pm
meantime, london, in a couple of minutes here, i'm going to talk to a royal watcher about what all of this means. but first i want you to watch this, this is prince william and kate, they're talking about the moment their engagement became official. >> three weeks ago while on holiday in kenya, we had a little bit of private time away together with some friends and i just decided that it was the right time really. we have been talking about marriage for a while. so it wasn't a massively big surprise, but i took her out somewhere nice in kenya and i proposed. >> he's a true romantic. >> and you said yes, obviously? >> of course, yes. >> and you knew you were going to do this from day one of the whole thing? or did you wait until the end? >> i have been planning it for a while, but as every guy out there will know, it takes a certain amount of motivation to get yourself going, so i was planning a certain part of it,
3:21 pm
and in africa, it was a peaceful time so i had a little bit of planning to show my romantic side. >> did you see this coming? was he getting nervous and jumpy? >> we were out there with friends and things and i really didn't think so at all. i thought he might have -- maybe force of habit, but i was very shocked when he cai was so exci. >> i have been carrying it around with me for about three weeks. i planned it, it went sort of fine. you hear a lot of horror stories about proposing sand things go horribly wrong. >> and it's a family ring? >> it is a family ring, yes, it is my mother's engagement ring, and i thought it was quite nice because she's not going to be able to share in all the fun and
3:22 pm
planning, so this is a way to keep her involved in it all. >> i have been reliably informed it's a sapphire and some diamonds. i'm sure you're recognize it from previous times. >> and you're going to be the envy of many. >> i jut's very, very special. >> you both look incredibly happy and relaxed. >> we are. we are. we're like little ducks, a calm on the surface, but shaking under the water. the last two or three weeks, it's been quite difficult not telling you all, keeping it so ourselves. >> obviously the secret is now officially us. did you hear what he said? they were on safari when he popped the question, he kept princess diana's ring in his rucksack for three weeks.
3:23 pm
prince william, kate middleton the bride, i'm sure nobody will pay any attention to the wedding next year. coming up next, charlie rangel found guilty, there he is, by the ethics committee. that coming out today, so what happens now to this powerful congressman? jessica yellin joins me next to explain. [scraping] [piano keys banging] [scraping] [horns honking]
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that's forty thousand more than ford. chevy silverado. the most dependable, longest-lasting full- size pickup on the road. use your all-star edition discount for... a total value of six thousand dollars on a 2011 silverado. see your local chevrolet dealer. the verdict is in on congressman charlie rangel, guilty of 11 ethics violations. >> found in violation of count
3:26 pm
one. count two-- >> the violations are on a range of issues, use of a rent controlled apartment in manhattan. congressman rangel refused comment. we were following along, he didn't say anything. he did release a statement calling the guilty verdict unfair. he walked out of yesterday's trial saying he needed a little bit more time to raise funds to pay a lawyer. jessica yellin is our national correspondent. jessica, really the question is, i can't imagine an expulsion would be result of something like this, but what sort of punishment might the congressman face? >> first of all, it now has to go to the full committee and
3:27 pm
then the full house has to vote on any punishment and it could be anything from a fine to an expulsion, brook, but you're right, conventional wisdom is he probably won't be expelled, he'll probably get a reprimand or a censure. but he will have to stand on the floor of the house while the punishment is read. it will be much more of an embarrassment than anything else. he hasn't been found guilty by his colleagues for professional breaches, but after 30 years in congress, truly a professional embarrassment for this man. >> look at congressman rangel, he was photographed in front of that condo which he failed to pay his taxes on. and at the time he was head of the tax writing committee. so there he was, hanging out, at the dominican republic, taking a little sun. >> as we were emerging here, the midterms emerging into the next congress being sworn in in january, is this some sort of
3:28 pm
black eye on the democrats? >> let's put it in context. it's an embarrassment for the democrats to be sure. nancy pelosi when she became speaker promised to reform the ethics process and drain the swamp and congressman rangel's charges came out just when voters were beginning to decide on the election and then democrats plan to hold another trial for maxine waters. and her trial is in two weeks, late november. so politically, this is damaging for democrats, but it's not what really turned this election for the republicans. the election was much more about the economy than ethics. it was not a repeat of 2006, that mark foley and abramoff scandal. >> what about republicans, is there a lesson perhaps just in a take away for them as they prepare to take control of the house in january.
3:29 pm
>> yeah, sure, the lesson is if you make a promise, stick to it. nancy pelosi promised this would be the most ethical congress in history, so it might not look so good right now. her allies argue that this proves that the ethics process works, the ethics committee went after one of the most powerful democrats, that's a sign of a working ethics system. however you would prefer that no democrats in your own party have to go before the committee. but the lesson is keep your hands clean and stick to what you promised. >> jet can,ssica, you and i bota really a little geeked out by this prince william-kate middleton news. here are the pictures just coming in, we're also sort of glued to this interview. >> i haven't seen these. >> they're walking in, she's showing off the rock, if you
3:30 pm
will, it's a sapphire diamond from princess diana. >> all those people who say we shouldn't be covering this. this is fun, i remember when i was a kid i woke up in the middle of the night to watch princess di get married. she said phillip charles arthur george, she was so nervous, she said she read his father's name instead of his name, and he joked, you just married my dad. it was so romantic. i think it's maybe more a story for girls, but it's fun. >> perhaps so, but you won't believe who was producing the segments today on the royals. >> okay i take it back. >> so we're having fun with this today, jessica yellin, thanks for letting me squeeze in that question. we'll be seeing you tomorrow. speaking of, what is next for the couple, we're going live to london where wedding preparations, dare i say, already underway? that is next. and jay z, very wealthy,
3:31 pm
very influential, very private. but the wrap mogul sits down with poppy harlow with a surprising and touching interview. you won't want to miss this coming up. client comes in and they have a box. and inside that box is their financial life. people wake up and realize i better start doing something. we open up that box. we organize it. and we make decisions. we really are here to help you. they look back and think, "wow. i never thought i could do this." but we've actually done it. [ male announcer ] visit and put a confident retirement more within reach.
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they used to call her waitie katy, now they'll be calling her princess katie. imagine being there with all the flashbu flashbulbs. the future king and queen have known each other since 2001, they endured a brief breakup, leaving many to wonder if wills would ever get around to popping
3:34 pm
the question. but he did during a recent trip to kenya on safari and he gave her a ring that belonged to his mother. >> i had been carrying it around in my rucksack, and wherever i went, i was keeping it with me. it went fine, you hear a lot of horror stories about proposing and things going horribly wrong but it went really, really well. >> it's a family ring? >> it is a family ring, it was my mother's engagement ring. obviously she's not going tobacto b tobacto be to be around to share all the fun in excitement so it's my way of keeping her involved in it all. >> here is the bride-to-be on what it's like getting to know royalty. >> actually i think when you said that the ring is very
3:35 pm
special to us, i was very sad about not meeting her, but when i wasn't there for quite a bit of the time. and so it did take a bit of time for us to get to know each other. and we did become, you know, very close friends and confid t confidants. >> the story goes around that you had a picture of him on your wall. >> it was just one of around 20. >> he wishes. no i had the levis guy on my wall. not a picture of william, i'm sorry. >> it was me and levi. obviously. >> pretty cute. joining me now from london, royal watcher katie nichole. we were talking about your book, we were talking about a wedding and either spring or summer. let me jump right to it. do you have any details. >> we are hearing that it's going to be spring or summer,
3:36 pm
it's certainly going to be in london. you remember i have always said, 2011 will be the year and i think what's significant is that prince william said he would get married when he was 28, maybe 30 and he turns 29 in june next year. so i think i'm going to hedge my bets on the june wedding and i think it's going to be at westminst westminster abby. it's a wonderful day in london. it's very happy news, it's beautiful weather and a very, very happy couple. >> very happy couple. the ring is glowing, there's a picture of it. can we talk about the ring, katie? >> the ring is huge. i got a good look at it today, it's beautiful, it's been cleaned up and polished and it's a beautiful blue sapphire, and she chose to wear royal blue today by her favorite designer and it complemented, the dress complemented the ring, she looked stunning. it is of course princess diana's
3:37 pm
engagement ring. 2011 is a significant year, it would have been her 50th anniversary and the 30th anniversary of her marrying prince charles and i think that's why he chose 2011. >> so much significant next year for this couple obviously. let's talk about this engagement, we heard they got engaged on safari in october, they kept it a secret. i'm not sure how. i'm sure that ring was burning a hole in his rucksack. >> the poor boy, he was absolutely terrified of losing it. but this is a couple that's used to keeping secrets. they kept a lid on their relationship for about six months, i think it's because prince william is a very private person, he likes to do things his own way, and very quietly. the prince of wales didn't actually know about this engagement announcement until
3:38 pm
today. there was so much going on, because it caught everyone unaware. and that's what he wanted to do, keep us on our toes. >> i'm sure you watched the interview when he talked about how worried he was about asking permission from kate's father, how worried he was that he would say no? >> prince william actually calls kate's father, dad. they have sunday roasts, walks in the country side so i think really he knew that michael was always going to say yes, but there's a point that i make in the book, they are normal just like the rest of us, so he's going to have the same anxieties, the same panics that i suppose any man about to ask the biggest question in his life is going to have. >> was there any scuttlebutt between perhaps the queen with the announcement versus it coming from clarence house and his father? >> well, as i said, prince william likes to do things his own way, this announcement came
3:39 pm
out from st. james' palace, with the queen's blessing, she would certainly have been consulted. i'm certain that prince william didn't go against any protocol at all. so, no, i'm not hearing of rumors of rifts between the households. this is a wedding that's going to be coordinated between buckingham palace and clarence house. it's going to be a big occasion, there's plenty of room, space and jobs for everyone. >> i sure would like to be there. i imagine looking at that ring, perhaps a little bit blinding for you today. katie nichols with us from london today. take a look at this. coming up next, why the president and the country honored this man's sacrifice and made him the first living medal of honor recipient since vietnam. we'll be right back.
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today president obama put washington politics aside and as the commander in chief, oversaw a moment that made american military history. did you watch this? i know i did. he decaded an army sergeant with the highest military award, the medal of honor. he has bestowed the medal, but today was very different, the man who received the medal is alive. the medal ceremony happened just about an hour ago, at the white house when we brought you some of sergeant giunta here at the top of the hour. we want to go to barbara starr who's at the white house right now. i know you have met salvatore giunta and talked to him at length. at the top of the hour, he said he would give this medal of honor back in a second if he could have his friends back.
3:43 pm
>> absolutely, we travelled with him and went on to afghanistan to meet some of his buddies that served in that ambush in afghanistan. they served in a valley that came to be known as the valley of death. they saw things through ambushes, through firefights through months on end, but one night, salvatore giunta ran into the fire to save one of his friends, josh brennan, he got him back, sadly sergeant brennan died a few hours later, but he did not die in taliban capta captivity. let's play that sound one more time about what the staff sergeant had to say. >> of course, this is an incredible time, but it's also kind of a bittersweet time. times like this, because of this day, i lost two dear friends of
3:44 pm
mine, specialist hugo mendoza and sergeant joshua brennan. although, this is so positive, i would give this back in a second to have my friends with me right now. >> reporter: and that is really how he feels, he's honored, but he wants his friends back, he wishes they could come back. >> and i know a lot of his friends, some of them came all the way from afghanistan to be in that room in the white house today, this is so important for all of them. i just want to ask you as you talk to him about that night, what did he tell you about the events that day? >> reporter: well, you know, it's very interesting, this young man is just 25 years old, it happened three years ago, he was 22. he will start telling you about the ambush, he will take you to that mountain side, so that night, he will start with you, walking down the path, about what happened. but when it gets to what
3:45 pm
happened with josh brennan his friend, whom he tried so hard to rescue from the taliban, he becomes very emotional and he says he just can't talk about it, even after all this time. this is a very private young man and i'll tell you, we even spoke to general david petraeus about him and general petraeus said this young man is making history by being the first living medal of honor recipient in more than 30 years, but he will bear a burden for many years to come according to general petreaus because of this piece of history that he's made for us. >> it's been since the vietnam war since we have had a living recipient. >> it has been since vietnam, a living recipient for an ongoing current conflict. there have been some elderly men that have been recognized, they have gone back into their files, years ago into world war ii, korea, vietnam era, but for those who have served in iraq and afghanistan in current ongoing wars, up until today, all of them were killed in
3:46 pm
action, the medal of honor has always been presented to their families, it was very different today to have a service member actually standing there. >> president obama said he really likes sergeant giunta. barbara starr, thank you so much. of years of resistance, disappointment as a music fan, beatle mania, finally coming to your i-tunes, that's next in trending. causing you pain. it more than doubles your risk of a heart attack or stroke. i was going to tell you. if you have p.a.d., plavix can help protect you from a heart attack or stroke. plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together and forming clots, the cause of most heart attacks and strokes. call the doctor about plavix -- please? i will. [ male announcer ] certain genetic factors and some medicines such as prilosec reduce the effect of plavix
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welcome back to the newsroom. time for a little brooke and brooke. brooke anderson with "showbiz tonight" is with me.
3:50 pm
brooke anderson, i'm looking for you. i see you. i want to begin with, i read about a story this morning, i thought, huh, the bit about tina fey and she was at the awards center at the kennedy center, i don't know if they creatively edited it or not creating a little bit of a controversy. what's the you're right. it took people a couple days to notice, brooke, but here's the story. tina fey, the comedian known for her impersonations of former alaska governor sarah palin, apparently got a political makeover by pbs last week. she gave her acceptance speech a week ago at the kennedy center when she received the mark twain prize for american humor. but sunday night, when the ceremony was broadcast, viewers saw a toned down version of fey thanking sarah palin in essence for helping her career. listen to what she said. >> i would be a liar and an idiot if i didn't thank sarah palin for helping get me here
3:51 pm
tonight. my partial resemblance and her crazy voice are the two luckiest things that have ever happened to me. >> cute. but instead, what viewer did not get to hear why fey's more controversial remarks. which do remain unedited on the pbs website. here's a portion that was cut from the broadcast. >> politics aside, the success of sarah palin and women like her is good for all women. except of course those who will end up, you know, paying for their own rape kit and stuff. but for everybody else, it's a win-win. unless you're a gay woman who wants to marry your partner of 20 years, whatever. but for most women, the success of conservative women is good for all of us. unless you believe in evolution. actually, i take that back. the whole thing is a disaster. >> okay. so was pbs trying to shield its
3:52 pm
viewers? well, pbs reportedly says it was not a political decision and that it clipped everyone because the 90-minute show was 19 minutes too long. >> aha! >> you decide. >> we were sitting around wondering about that. got a couple guys in here laughing. we've got to move on. let's talk beetles. if you buy i-tunes and i already hear it now, who doesn't have i-tunes. >> who doesn't like the beatles, right? so here's the news. it has really been a long road. a hard day's night if you will. now the fab four has finally made to it apple. starting today, i-tune users can purchase the beatles' 13 remastered studio albums and the red, blue and past masters compilation albums, as well as individual songs by the beatles. basically, you can get their entire catalogue now on i-tunes. pretty epic. this is a band that, they like to preserve their music in its original form. >> totally epic.
3:53 pm
>> it's a big deal. >> brooke anderson, great to see you. talk about making the most of second chances. did you watch the game last night? michael vick turned in a magnificent quarterback performance last night. one for the record books. now, though, can he finally shake his notorious reputation? that is ahead. risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nurspregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications
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3:55 pm
george w. bush and dick cheney back together again. we'll tell what you brought them together for the first time since leaving the white house. we'll tell what you this is all about. also, why is night gingrich touring the state of iowa? that's one of the stories topping our political ticker. we'll get some answers and updates. [ male announcer ] are you turning 65, new to medicare
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3:58 pm
blitzer at the politics desk. i know we like to talk to the road to the white house. we're talking about the big state of iowa and a certain night gingrich. what's the deal? >> any time any of these potential presidential candidates visit iowa or new hampshire or south carolina, some of the early caucus and primary states looking ahead to the 2012 republican presidential nomination, we take a closer look. night gingrich is out promoting a new book that he's written about george washington. he is making three stops in iowa in the coming days. he is going to cedar rapids, to ames, iowa, to west des moines at the university there. at iowa state university. all of which is designed to promote his book but also presumably designed to get him a little more known to some of those caucusgoers in eye wax he has said publicly, he is interested in it. he won't make a final announcement or a final decision, he says, until early next year. he is showing a lot of sign that he is certainly very, very
3:59 pm
interested in running for president of the united states. by the way, he has a trip to south carolina coming up as well. and he's been to new hampshire. we're watching all these republican candidates closely. another subject we're watching closely near washington, we've discussed it, ear marks. not only are a lot of the republicans jumpg on the anti-ear marks band wag orange including mcconnell. and mccaskill said she is with the republicans on this. she will work to do away with these ear mark. the argument against, this she said everyone of them, i just don't think pass the smell test in explaining why she is now anti-ear mark as well. she's been like that for a while. i should point out. finally, lisa murkowski, the republican incumbent senator from alaska. she ran as a write-in candidate because she did not win the republican primary against joe miller. she is slightly ahead in the ballot downing right now.
4:00 pm
she spoke to katie couric of cbs. she made it clear not only that she will win, she will stay in washington burk she made her disdain for sarah palin, her fellow alaskan, very clear as well. listen to this. >> i just do not think that she has those leadership qualities that intellectual curiosity that allows for building good and great policies. she was my governor for two years. and i don't think that she enjoyed governing. >> pretty strong words between lisa murkowski right there, going after sarah palin. we'll have a lot more on this little fight that's going on between these two alaska women. in the situation room, that's coming up, as you know, 5:00 p.m. eastern. >> we will see you in an hour. >> to see you. thank you, sir. i want to let you know, we'll get another political tucker update in half an hour. you can get the latest politics. go to
4:01 pm
and i want to welcome in the men and women watching us on the american forces network all around the world. we'll move fast this houfrl let's go, beginning with some news just in to cnn. take a look. we'll look at this the first time together. there the first video of the man charged with the kidnapping of that 13-year-old ohio girl. tied her up. gagged her, health her for several days in his basement. this is from 30-year-old matthew hoffman's very first court appearance. he went before a judge this afternoon via camera from the knox county jail. the judge set the bail at $1 million. the girl's mother, brother, and a family friend are still missing. missing since last wednesday. cadaver dogs were added to the search for them this morning. also developing, a bomb threat forcing an evacuation on the ohio state university campus. a huge campus. police said they got an anonymous message that explosives are place in the four different buildings. three of the buildings were
4:02 pm
laboratories. investigators are still out there. they're still searching for bombs so far nothing has been found. the lockdown scheduled to end one hour from now or until the investigation is complete. of course, we're keeping an eye on that. we'll bring you the update. next, where does the u.s. rank on the list of biggest terror targets around the world? number 33. at the very top, you have somalia and pakistan. that is according to a new report by the corporate security firm of maple croft, the group studied the frequency of terrorist incidents and intensity of attacks. iraq and afghanistan, also considered top targets. nextion police in texas say four loko may have played a role that kill a 14-year-old little girl. here's what i know happened. a 14-year-old boyfriend apparently drove car into this guardrail and she was not buckled up. died instantly in the car. also in the car, the police found a 12 pack of beer and five can of four loko.
4:03 pm
that we've been talking about it on the show is the controversial drink has alcohol and caffeine. several states are banning it. not yet clear whether the teenagers drank the stuff but the boyfriend is behind bars. next, over the past four years, 28,000 people have been killed in mexico as the drug gang violence escalates there. so what are more people doing protect themselves? get this. they're bullet proofing their cars. the industry now valued at $80 million a year. you have volvo, mercedes benz, volkswagen all selling bullet proof cars? the owner says many mexicans beefing up their cars is a necessity, adding everyone is a target. next, a who's who of the bush administration. get a load of this picture. reuniting in texas to break ground on the former president's library. the site on the campus of smu. southern methodist university in dallas. secretary of state condoleezza
4:04 pm
rice. we noticed dick cheney looks a little thinner. there has been a lot made about the tension in their relationship and today, it didn't show. >> when you and i started our association in austin, we knew the big responsibilities awaited us. and though, of course, we couldn't have imagined all that was to come, somehow your life had prepared you for some of the most serious decisions any president ever had to face. >> dick cheney was the right pick in the year 2000, and as i stand here, there is no doubt in my mind, he was the right pick then. he was a great vice president of the united states and i'm proud to call him friend. >> there you have it. the multimillion-dollar library set to open in 2013. next, parents, this one is for you. president obama's new children's book hitting shelves today. you see the name of the i sing, a letter to my daughters. the publisher said it honors 13
4:05 pm
americans who have done inspiring things in our nation's past. the president finished the book before he took office. book sales will be donated to a scholarship fund for children of fallen and disabled soldiers. next, a mystery buyer spent $380,000 on this rare copy of the declaration of independence. that's kind of cool. sold it in auction in boston. the copy originally belonged to a new hampshire judge. and after the founding fathers signed the document, dozens of copies were apparently printed on sheets to alert the public, and apparently, this one never made to it one of the judge's homes. want to hear how a jail in tennessee saved a little money? the sheriff is cutting coffee and kool-aid from the menu. also, inmates will have to buy ketchup, mustard, salt, jelly if they want it. we're told it will save taxpayers more than $110,000. next, listen to this. all this talk of weddings. i'm talking about a wedding, a different wedding call off at the last minute. what has the bride decided 22nd
4:06 pm
the reception food? gives it to the homeless. it happened in colorado. the family got together with the salvation army and a bus company. they invited 150 people from shelters to the place where the reception was supposed to be held. listen. here is the father of the bride. >> she is a super giving young lady and when it was apparent we were not going to be able to do anything else, she said, you know, dad, i want to feed less fortunate. >> how about that? he goes on to say she turned heart break into a heart war. ing situation in case you're wondering, no word on why the couple broke up. listen to this. we met at university at st. andrews. and we were friends for over a year first. and it sort of blossomed from then on. we just spent more time with each other. had a good giggle, had lot of fun and realized we shared the same interests and had a really good time. she has a good sense of humor. >> he said a good giggle. she makes him laugh. does he make her dinner?
4:07 pm
more romantic details about the relationship between the future king, future queen of england. richard quest is joining me in just a bit. he is a royal watcher, as you know. also ahead, a tragic mistake at a county dog shelter. what happened to the soldier's best friend from the battlefield? stay there.
4:08 pm
4:09 pm
it's official. the next royal wedding. we all know who prince william is but who is kate middleton? we're about to share some thing you may not know including how their engagement honors princess
4:10 pm
diana. the news is now. symbolic timing. >> three decades to the year since charles and diana. >> a special place. >> he proposed in kenya. it was in kenya that the queen found out she got ceded to the throne. >> it was also a time of austerity. >> what forced one of the largest college campuses to shut down today? >> the columbus office of the fbi had several messages that several explosive devices had been placed. then skeletal remains found on an a ruben beach for identification. could this be the break in the natalee holloway case? this dog saved american lives in afghanistan. and then she was euthanized in arizona by mistake. how and why?
4:11 pm
the news from britain today, not so much unexpected but it still managed to spread around the globe in about .2 seconds. countdown royal wedding begins now. william the prince, kate his long time girlfriend. check that fiance. since today's official announcement in the presentation of the ring. have you seen it? watch this. it is william and kate telling a british reporter how the romance began more than eight years ago. by the way, they already know a thing or two about one another's, shall we say, domestic habits. watch. >> we've been together as friends and then because we were living together, we lived with a couple of others as well. and it just sort of blossomed from there, really. we saw more of each other and hung out a bit more and did stuff. so yeah. >> do you like my cooking? >> it is all right. it has gotten better. >> does william ever cook or indeed ever do anything useful around the house? >> define useful.
4:12 pm
>> let's not go there. >> did he cook for me quite a bit at university. and it would come with a bit of angst and anger. something would go wrong and i would have to wanteder in and save something that was going. >> so being honest sprks a skill that's declining over time or improving? >> i would say i'm getting better cooking. kate would say i'm getting worse. >> i didn't give you enough time to practice. >> that's true. >> the royal couple. apparently they cook. who knew? william and kate already talking like a royal wedding. we're hearing spring or summer of next year. kate today is, i'm interested in the ring, sporting that famous ring that princess diana wore as her engagement ring. we're not finished with this yet. more on this later in the hour with our own set of, we'll call them british royal watchers all the way from buckingham palace. in another story we're all over, what is mexico's newest weapon in the war against drug cartels? would you believe if i told you, call. house wives and mother? we'll tell you why they just
4:13 pm
might succeed where so many others have failed. and later, the jay-z interview. he talks about the cnn of the ghetto and how some of his best money lessons came straight from the streets. it's a sale. nothing beats a sale! wrong move! you. you can save up to half off that sale when you name your own price on priceline. but this one's a me. it's only pretending to be a deal. here, bid $79. got it. wow! you win this time good twin! there's no disguising the real deal.
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4:15 pm
there has been a bone that was found on a beach in aruba. it is being tested to see if maybe it is from natalee holloway. she disappeared on a graduation trip to aruba. it has been five years now. a dutch newspaper is reporting the bone that was found near a spot that joran van der sloot has mention in the connection with this case. you know he is in jail in peru waiting to go on trial in
4:16 pm
charges that he killed a young peruvian woman. i don't have to tell that you parts of mexico today are really as dangerous as a war zone. maybe more so. especially when the illegal drug trade and gangs operate with no respect for the rule of law. i'm about to show you what happened when a couple of house wives, house wives, mom, not too far from the u.s. border saw that no one was going to step up, take charge of their own town security. what did they do? they stepped up themselves. watch this report. >> reporter: in the middle of the juarez valley, also known as the valley of death, lies the city, across the border from texas. it is located in the middle of a drug route that has been plagued by violence. its mayor had been struggling to find sheriffs for two towns you said his jurisdiction. meet veronica rios and olga. house wives and mothers of school age children. when nobody stepped forward for
4:17 pm
the position of sheriff, they decided to take charge. >> translator: we are women and regarding how brave we think we are, if no men step forward, we will take charge as sheriffs. our main concern is to come up with something positive for the community, for the municipality. >> veronica is 38 years old. the sheriff is 43. to say that providing security for a population of 3,000 will be a challenge is an understatement. the only police cars they own doesn't run and the three deputies under their command have no weapons. >> translator: what we're trying to do here is come up with new ideas and work hard for the good of our people. people need to understand that the mayor's office does not have a magic wand. nor does the president of our country. >> dunes have been featured in hollywood films but filmmakers haven't gone there recently. the city is about 25 miles from
4:18 pm
ciudad juarez. the most violent city in mexico with more than 2,100 killings so far this year. >> translator: my children and my husband support me as well as my neighbors. especially those who know me. they tell me to do my best and not be afraid. my goal is security. we're here to talk with the people. so far we haven't had anything serious here. >> we just heard her. her husband, her kids support her. yet rafael, i'm thinking no, weapon, no formal training, no official police cars. how do they had they'll pull this off? >> this is more of a goodwill project. they have absolutely no law enforcement training, no knowledge of how to fire a weapon and no desire to do so. they're going to act more like community policing. getting in touch with the communicate and if they see any sort of situation that will later, has the potential of later becoming a problem of violence, then they will coordinate with other officials.
4:19 pm
and the agreement with the local authorities was that if anything major happens, they're going to call in the state police with the kind of weapons and police to really face the cartels. really here is more of a community policing idea than conventional sheriff as we know it. >> communicate policing. still, though, they're living and carrying out these duties in very, very violent areas of mexico. that's what you and i are always talking about when you come oh. i'm confused. we keep referring to them as sheriffs. here we have police and sheriff. maybe i'm getting too in the weeds here but who are they? >> they get the title. it roughly translates as sheriff. they do get the title but the function is a little bit different. they're more of a liaison between the municipal mayor and people. talking to the people. what are the needs? what's going on? what are your fears? and also try to get good will from the people so they can cooperate and help other authorities solve crime. and one of the thing that is
4:20 pm
very interesting to note is that they only make $500 a month. >> it's nothing. >> it's really nothing. it is these two very brave women who nobody wanted to step up to the plate and they decided they would do something about it. >> quick, quick. ten seconds. do they have any kind of protection? >> no. we saw an old clunker, no weapons. just good will. >> keep us posted on that one. i'm curious to see how these young women fare. thank you. coming up next, the jay-z interview. i'd get this tightnes in my chest. so i went back to my doctor again. we chose symbicort to help control my asthma symptoms all day and night. [ man ] symbicort improves my lung function, starting within 15 minutes. symbicort will not replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. it is a combination of two medicines and should not be taken more often than prescribed. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems, and children and adolescents may have an increased risk
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do you recognize this song? talking about rap mogul jay-z. he sold 50 million records worldwide. by the way, married beyonce and he came about it the hard way. learned some pretty tough lessons, so he will our own poppy harlow to talk about becoming a superstar in business and in music. >> i wanted to make the case that rap is poetry for one. and some of the decisions we made, to give those decisions context. why these songs are the way they are. why there is gangsta rap. why this is taking place in america. and it felt like the perfect time to write it. >> you've said president obama had the courage to tell the press that he had your song on his ipod. you've been a big supporter of his the entire way through. has he followed through on the hope that he promised? >> i think he has, he's on his
4:24 pm
way to that. it is impossible for someone to take eight years of our last administration and turn them around in two years. it is very difficult to deliver on everything, you know. i think he is moving in the right direction, yes. >> you spent hours meeting with him. and you write in the book about that meeting and you say, i wish could i remember one thing. but it was more what president obama represents for you, the people you grew up with, black children, black adults across this country. >> yeah. which means all children across this country. you know. us first. because it gives us another face. the hope of, okay, maybe i can be president of the united states. it takes for someone to do it for you to believe that you can achieve such lofty goals. >> you inspis rap is poetry. and you wrote, chuck called hip hop the cnn of the ghetto. does hip hop and rap have a responsibility to report and not
4:25 pm
just entertain? to take it one step further? >> yes, of course. you can entertain. it's he go. rap is, you know, entertaining, informative, it is provocative, it is funny, silly. it is all of these things. so absolutely. >> what is your advice to other people coming up who are trying to make it and trying to become moguls in and of their own right? what is your advice to them? >> my advice is to do things that are true to you. most of the things i'm involved with are an extension of being creative. rocco is a clothing company. part who have you are and hip hop is your attitude. and what you're trying to express how you dress. so i would just say, get involved in things that you love and also, have a standard for yourself and have some sort of integrity. and try to, you know, find some sort of truth in what you're doing. >> what did you learn on the street? you talk about being 13 and
4:26 pm
selling crack. did that teach you something of how to be a successful man? how we all are common -- >> all the things that you apply in business, you know, they say that he has great instincts. while on the streets, having great instincts can be the difference between life and death. not just losing the deal. >> or incarceration. >> or incarceration. which is less than death. right? and having, being a person of high integrity. people want to deal with you. in business. >> trust? >> trust. honorable. and a man of your word, you know. all these things come to play in the business world. i'm not condoning anything, any street activity but it is just the way it is. >> poppy harlow sitting across from jay-z. poppy, it is interesting you talk to jay-z about the fact the president very much said yes, i have jay-z music on my ipod.
4:27 pm
the president has gotten a little slack about that. he was a rapper, a former crack dealer on the streets. >> yeah. >> he seems to relate to the president in a way many people wouldn't see. >> he does. we talked extensively about that. what he learned from a fellow rapper when he was a kid. he saw a kid, jay-z did, and he said, i can do that, too. now what the president represents for children across this country is, i can do that, too. and that was an amazing moment to hear him say that and to sort of hear his vulnerability and hear how he became the superstar that he is. what also was very interesting to me was the fact that he said, when he was 13, his friend got arrested, brooke, and was thrown in jail for i think more than a decade. and jay-z said if he didn't have his music, if he didn't have his lyrics, if he did not have the pen and writing and doing that, not only could it have been him in jail, he said it most definitely would have been him in jail. so clearly he says music saved him. >> how about that?
4:28 pm
what moment, perhaps it wasn't a moment we saw in the piece. what moment will you take away that was your favorite moment with him? >> i think we were talking about advice to other people. trying to milwaukee it. and he said, you know, we all have to deal with success and failure. and in, you think you failed? someone that we all view as so successful? and he said, of course i. do it was this raw moment. he said i get it, too. in any career you have successes and failures. it was him talking to us and being a human being, a person. just another person. not the superstar that we all think he is. it is really the face behind the music and the person behind the music. in his book which came out today decoded, he talks about that. he breaks down the lyrics to 36 of his songs and he explains how they actually symbolize his life and what they actually mean. and how he came up from living pretty much in poverty to where he lives now. >> poppy harlow, hats off to you
4:29 pm
for drawing the real and raw moments out of someone who is very used to the press. >> i think he gets the credit but thanks. >> nice work, poppy. could we be witnessing one of the greatest career comebacks in the history of sports? even if you are not a fan of football, not a fan of michael vick, you still have to hear this story. 17 months after being released from prison, the quarterback put on perhaps the best performance of his career last night. did you watch this game? i sat there. i watched all the yardage. he scored six touchdowns to lead the eagles ahead of the redskins. the eagles scored 59 points. that's rare in the nfl. so why is it rare? why is it so significant? you remember we covered all of this. he spend nearly two years in prison for bank rolling a dog fighting ring. so his image, you know, it's been shattered. he even went bankrupt. and many analysts doubted if he would return to the game. he is not only leading a very solid team but playing some unbelievable football as we
4:30 pm
showed you. what is vick saying the day after? i checked his twitter board. we all have. i want to go to the twitter board and show what you he is tweeting. he said government god can turn mistakes into miracles. good morning, twitter family. and we have something else from t.o. is this really a game? 59-28? i'm happy for mike vick. what do you do? i thank god for second chances. we've all messed up somehow some way. truth. there you go from some of the players, former and current of the nfl. there has been a shake-up at the rnc. michael steele gets blasted by a critic, jess i can't yellen. that's next.
4:31 pm
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4:33 pm
cnn has all the latest political news with the best political team on television. jessica yellen is in los angeles. what do you have on the rnc? the political director calling it quits? that's huge. >> it is huge, brooke. this should be the best of times for the republican national committee. they just had such a successful mid-term election. but no. more fallout over the always controversial chairman michael steele. the political director of the rnc has resigned with a biting letter saying on its current track, the rnc will not be a major force in the 2012 elections. and the accusation is that essentially, michael steele did not do enough to build the fundraising base, maintain the fundraising base, and his political director claims they left up to 21 house seats on the fable republicans could have picked up had they raised more money and worked harder on that front. so the big picture, what does this mean? he served loyally through the election but now another nudge to make sure the party as a whole does not give chairman
4:34 pm
steele a second term. a lot of pressure on that guy right now on. chairman steele. here in the state i'm in, california, some major immigration news. this one is a victory for champion of immigration reform. california state supreme court has ruled that undocumented residents who have graduated high school near california are eligible for state tuition benefits. so if you're an illegal immigrant in this state's college system, you can get a lower tuition scale. up to $23,000 less that's offered to citizens as well. this is controversial, obviously, for opponents of immigration reform. and you can expect that they will challenge this all the way to the supreme court. it could conflict with federal law and once again, draws another point on the pressure to resolve these issues nationally and in washington, d.c. this happens the very same day that president obama met with some democrats to see whether they can push ahead with some
4:35 pm
form of immigration reform. either now or in the next congress. so two heavy stores. we'll give you a light story. we always like a little something fun. what did president obama and madonna have in common? >> i have no idea. >> not a lot. i'm reaching on this one. they share the same book illustrator. they've both written children's books. >> that was a reach. >> sorry. i had to come one something. a book that president obama has written. about 13 renowned americans including the artist georgia o'keefe and jacky robinson. it will sell. they say, it will sell with all proceeds going to veterans. and they say he wrote it before he, before 2009, before he took office. and as you can see, a nice children's book for the holidays and 500,000 copies is the initial printing. i have a feeling a lot more than that will sell. >> thank you so much. you can get the latest political news. go on to and how about this for you?
4:36 pm
a coyote roaming the streets. there he go. chicago. animal control could not be happier. what is wrong with this picture? it is something you have to see. that's next. also, will kate middleton be more like princess diana or fergie duchess of york?
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
for decades law enforcement has used dogs, even horses to fight crime. could coyotes be joining the ranks? you have to see this. yeah. that's not a dog, folks, running on the streets of chicago. that's a coyote. get this. the police are not chasing him. this wily coyote turned road runner patrolling, looking for rats and mice. animal control said he is pretty timid, stays away from people, wears a radar collar so police can monitor his whereabouts. if you're in chicago, coyotes are apparently accepted on the
4:39 pm
streets. next, get a load of this one. oh, my goodness. a fishing trip turns more into, you just saw whale watching. check this out. we roll it again? let's watch that again. there's another one. did you see that? the whale obviously at play. no, this is not off the alaskan coast. this is near los cabos, mexico. the expedition got more than they bargained for and had a, goodness, had a whale of a time. moving original prince william, kate middleton, they announced their engagement. now what? we've been reaching out for details. we'll bring you the very latest right after the break. what can i get ya?
4:40 pm
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the big news today out of london, the engagement of prince william, the second in line to the throne. let's look together. we'll see wills. there they are. the big photo op of the day with his bride, kate middleton. william explained the couple's lenny courtship by saying he wanted kate to know what she was getting herself into. and from there, the topic turned to william's mother. the late princess diana. >> well, obviously, i would love to have met her. and she is obviously an inspirational woman to look up to. obviously to this day and you know, going forward and things. a wonderful family, the members who i've achieved have met a lot and very inspirational.
4:44 pm
so yeah, i do. >> like kate said, it is about carving your own future. no one will try to full my mother's shoes. what she did is fantastic. it is about making your own future and your own destiny. and kate will do a very good job of that. >> joining me now from london, we have cnn's richard quest and to my left, roger clarke. huge news today. we've got the announcement. we've seen the ring. we finally heard from them. and i'm sure did you listen to the whole interview. he was asked, are you calm? excited? he said like duck, we appear calm but our feet are fluttering beneath us. he seem a bit nervous but very much in love. >> and kind of normal. a couple who are in that situation, who are getting married, you know, he expressed
4:45 pm
all the emotions that any couple who are getting married express. you know? really excited but also a little bit nervous and not quite knowing what will happen next. a mixture of emotions. you're in a similar situation. you experience all those emotions. i'm sure when you saw him, you must have thought, oh, yeah, i kind of know what you mean. >> absolutely i did. you think it's coming but you're not really sure and you're shocked nonetheless. rich, i know you're throughout somewhere in london. and i want to ask you. roger and i were talking and it was interesting hearing prince william say words like hanging out. and he is very much of a modern role here when it comes to royalty. they were talking about how he was cooking to try to impress her at the university. this whole announcement coming by facebook. what do you make of this sort of royals 2.0? >> reporter: well, let me quote, paraphrase, if you like, the words of your own late president
4:46 pm
kennedy in his inaugural speech. the torch has been passed to a new generation. what we see here is a quantum leap difference from the very stilted way of charles and diana when they did their engagement interview. you had a young woman, a young girl effectively looking up, flutteringly, adoringly at charles. here you had two equals in the sense of man and wife. you had two people who have lived together and been together for eight years. who have talked about marriage. who have traveled together. and i think that is the core difference for the first time in this, in a royal relationship, we saw partnership. not merely accommodation to get an heir in despair. >> i would agree with richard there. what i thought was significant is that these two live together
4:47 pm
for years. >> they've been dating for years, they lived together for years. >> they know good points, they know bad points and everything in between. it is widely reported that prince charles and diana, they met on something like 13 or 14 occasions before they got married. so you can see, there is a huge difference there. and i remember in 1981, when charles and diana were interviewed in the gardens of buckingham palace, and they said are you in love to princess diana? and she said yes, of course. and charles whatever love means. pretty weird. >> and they seem very in love. do they not? very in love. the relationship survived. a little bit off again, on again. for years and years. richard, what do you make of this? the fact that all these different comparisons to diana. you know they'll continue. is it really fair? >> no, i don't think they will continue. i think it is, i'll tell you why not. she has been dead a long time.
4:48 pm
yes, william is her son but he said in the interview today. he said this is not about filling diana's shoes. this is about kate middleton carving out her own destiny and her own future. now, of course, giving kate his late mother's engagement ring was a way to show that kate was as special as the ring is and as his mother was, and also, that it enabled him, to make him feel that his mother was part of what was taking place. but i don't for a moment think that the come that i remember sons continue that much more. >> so perhaps it ends with the ring on her finger. and also, though, the economic situation in the u.k. we saw the austerity, the cuts, a lot of people on this side of the pond are wondering, who foots the bill for this thing? is it the people in the uks k.?
4:49 pm
the queen? >> the queen will foot a little bit of it but the taxpayers will foot a lot of it. like in 1947, two years after the second world war had finish. they were rationing food but the queen was married to prince phillip and it lifted the national spirit. this will lift the national spirit. i'm absolutely sure. it will put a smile on people's faces and yes, it will cost some money. >> how much money? >> i don't know how much money. but richard will tell you that it will also generate a huge amount of money for the united kingdom. >> richard quest, real quickly, 30 seconds. obviously it general rates, boosts morale. how does it generate that for the u.k.? generating money. >> it boosts morale. it boosts money by bringing tourism in. by creating production, by generally lifting the morale of the country. yes, americans, australians, canadians will flock to the country next year to sleep on the streets outside this very place, outside the palace and
4:50 pm
see it. and the trinkets will be there. briefly in a word, it makes people feel better in their little bit everyday life. >> it does. it is a fun story that we've gotten to could have this day. richard quest, roger clark. thank you so, so much. guilty on 11 of 12 ethics charges. what is next for congressional party player charles rangel? out of the very best america had to offer. ingenuity. integrity. optimism. and a belief that the finest things are the most thoughtfully made -- not the most expensive. today, the american character is no less strong. and chevrolet continues as an expression of the best of it. bringing more technology to more people than ever in our history. inventing new ways to get around our planet while helping to preserve it at the same time. exploring new horizons of design and power.
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♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ the news we were following yesterday when charlie rangel walked out of that hearing. today when the head of this committee essentially ruled guilty on 11 of the 12 ethics, the allegations, these violations. wolf, what happens next? this goes to a house vote, does it not? >> it goes to a full committee. he will be reprimanded. there will be some sort of sanction imposed. it is not a criminal thing.
4:53 pm
they won't file criminal charges by all accounts. but it is definitely a huge, huge embarrassment to someone with a distinguished 40-year career in the house of representatives, a korean war veteran, someone well known to all of our viewers. charlie rangel. he was just reelected from his district in new york that includes harlem. so it is a sad story personally for a man who is now 80 years old or so to have to see his career end, to a certain degree. it is not over. with he has just been reelected for another two years but to have this blemish on that career is a huge, huge stain. especially some of the theatrics that went in over the last 24, 48 hours didn't have a lawyer, did have a lawyer, spent $2 million on legal fees. now he doesn't have money to hire the appropriate attorney. it is nasty and not very pleasant and uncomfortable for so many members of congress, especially, because generally speaking, i've been in washington for a long time. charlie rangel has been a very,
4:54 pm
very well-like, popular guy. not just with democrats but with a lot of republicans as well. >> sure. s.e.c. for just about half a century. i'm sure you'll have a lot more on charlie rangel. what else do you have coming up? >> the interview, the royal wedding that will take place. we'll have a lot more of that fascinating interview between prince william and kate middleton. now katherine, she'll be called katherine. i watched the whole thing. i don't know if you had a chance. >> i watched the whole thing. >> all 17 minutes of it. and we'll play in the 5:00 hour, the 6:00 hour, a lot of it and let our viewers see and it learn a little more about this couple. i was just interested, and my rule generally speaking is if i'm interested, i think our viewers will be interested. we'll do a lot of that. we'll have a lot of political news. a lot of the important news. we're also going live to haiti on a very, very different vein.
4:55 pm
a thousand people have died from cholera. there are riots in the streets. we'll go there because, update our viewers on what's going on. a lot of the haitians think the foreign troops brought cholera into their country. >> a little bit of everything on the the situation room. we'll see you in five minutes. i want to get to this story. there is a patient in texas. went into surgery with arthritis. came out with one leg. one hospital's horrible errors in the spotlight. our senior medical correspondent will explain how in the world this could happen. not once but twice a day. that is by the hospital's own count. we'll have more on that tomorrow here in the newsroom. to a story that has really got a lot of you tweeting me. this dog here, this is target. wasn't just a treasured family pet. he was a certified war hero. how did it end up dead at an arizona shelter? we talked to the owner, the answer is next. and while it can never be fully answered, it helps to have a financial partner like northern trust. by gaining a keen understanding of your financial needs,
4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
a hero dog make it safely home from afghanistan but she is
4:58 pm
euthanized after a horrible mix-up at an arizona animal shelter. the dog's owners, as you can imagine. he said his dog, she was target, saved his life. nick valencia, you sent me an e-mail about this last night. i said we have to talk about this today. this is horrible. >> a very tragic story. this dog by all accounts was a war hero. it saved u.s. lives, u.s. soldiers abroad at a base in afghanistan. there was a colonmpound. .to the soldier today. he said target saved their lives. they saw the dog, noticed the suicide bomber coming on to the compound. attacked the bomber, slowed him down enough. he did detonate the suicide vest. the target was injured and got her nickname because the u.s. soldier said she was targeted by the afghan militants there. she has been shot. she's been blown up. she's been run over even. to come back to a hero's welcome here, and then to be
4:59 pm
accidentally youth 90sed, it is tragic. >> sergeant young spoke to our affiliate and this is what he said about losing his best friend. >> even if you don't look at the suicide bomber equation and what she meant to me as far as my peace of mind. and just actually feeling good, you know, on occasion while being over there. that alone, my sanity factor. she absolutely saved my life. >> and brooke, this dog was extremely popular hax facebook page dedicated to her. it breaks my heart as a dog lover. i'm sure others are thinking the same thing. >> over 300 friends on this facebook page. you should see the comment. people are heart sick them can't believe this happened. such a mistake, such a bad accident. >> what is the animal shelter


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