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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  December 4, 2010 8:00am-9:30am EST

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good morning, two major stories developing live this morning in our nation's capital. first, the u.s. senate expected to vote on extending bush-era tax breaks. we will take you there live. also we're expecting some time this morning, president obama. he's expected to announce a major trade agreement with south korea. an agreement that could mean an
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increase of up to $11 billion in american exports and also could mean tens of thousands of jobs here in this country. hello to you all, i am t.j. holmes. it is 8:00 a.m. where i stand in atlanta, georgia. wherever you are, i'm glad you're right here. many folks, a whole lot of folks, we're talking about 250,000 travelers are stuck right now in spain. we will be live in madrid for the latest on a strike by air traffic controllers. also, have you thought about this before? maybe you've even done it. re-gifting. you know, you get a gift for christmas last year you never really used it, so this year you're going to repackage the thing and give it to somebody else? well, we've got some rules of gift etiquette. rules on re-gifting, as well. that's coming up on the emily post institute.
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also, a feast for 3,000 in thailand. you do not get and you do not want a seat at the table, however, for this feast. it's a banquet for monkeys. we'll explain. who else was going to explain that to us but nadia? a big day. two major stories breaking on politics this morning. first, the u.s. senate is going to be kicking around the so-called bush-era tax cuts, whether or not to extend them. and if you do extend them, who are they being extended for? republicans as you know want an across the board cut. they do not want to see taxes go up for anybody coming up next year. democrats, however, they want the tax breaks for the middle class and pretty much for everybody making less than $250,000, but not for the wealthy. that is their stance. the vote is expected in about 2 1/2 hours, 10:30 eastern time. we're keeping a close eye on that. meanwhile, the obama administration announcing a new trade deal with south korea.
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effectively hiking u.s. exports up to $11 billion in the hopes of spurring more job creation here in the u.s. the president expected to talk about that in the next couple of hours. he just got back a short time ago from afghanistan after a short, unannounced trip there. we're going to be breaking that down for you in a moment. we do want to go live in washington where cnn's congressional correspondent dana bash is pulling some weekend duty because the senators are pulling some weekend duty for us this morning. good morning to you, let's start with the simplest question here. all this is going on. we're making a big deal. they're working on a saturday that rare. but is there anyone you have talked to that expects passage of either one of these two measures they're taking up today? >> reporter: not a one person i would talk to on the democratic side or the republican side thinks that they are going to be able to get the 60 votes needed to break a republican filibuster in order to pass either of these
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democratic measures. so you might ask, t.j., why are they doing this? certainly i am as i got up and my alarm went off this morning. but the answer, the political answer is the democrats want to get on record. they want their votes to be cast and on the record that this is the way they think is important to go forward. you mentioned it earlier that they believe that the only tax cuts that should be extended are for those making $250,000 or less and everything else should expire for the wealthiest americans. so they want to get on record because the democrats know that there are intense negotiations going on between democrats, republicans, and the white house. because republicans will never go for only extending those. and ultimately maybe even as soon as next week, t.j., democratic and republican sources tell me that they do expect that there will probably be some kind of compromise that will, in fact, extend all bush-era tax cuts temporarily. so for now, at least before that happens, democrats say let's just get out there, get on the
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record and politically make our voices heard and make our votes seen. >> dana, please explain this more to our viewers. this is just more political theater. it's not like nobody in this country doesn't know where democrats stand on this issue or republicans, but now, i guess, you're just putting it officially in the books. you're making somebody take a stance. but we know where everybody stands. there's, like you said, a compromise being worked out. so why the show? >> reporter: it is the congressional record. there is no other way to answer that. you call this political theater. i would not disagree with that characterization. and i frankly think if i would probably corner a democrat here they would probably agree with that. they realize that this is actually something and i think we can sort of go back in time a little bit before the election. democrats wanted -- many democrats wanted to hold this vote. but it was so controversial and still is within the democratic party that they didn't do it. they were a little afraid to do that before the election. you know, now, the election is
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is done. so there are enough democrats who say that we feel strongly enough about this. we shouldn't mention that president obama campaigned on this very strongly when he was running for president. and let's just get out there and get on the record and make our voices heard. >> and no matter what the theater today, everyone agrees that something will get done by the end of the year. there's no way they're going to get out of there and let these taxes go up at the beginning of next year, are they? >> i wouldn't say no way. i would say there's a very small percentage -- the chances are very small they will allow that to happen. but i have heard from republicans that if they can't get what they want, they would not be opposed to letting these tax cuts expire and dealing with it when they have more numbers in the senate and majority in the house early next year. i don't expect that to happen at this point because these talks are happening in earnest, but don't rule it out. >> dana, we're glad your alarm clock went off this morning. always good to see you here on cnn saturday morning. we'll check in with you plenty this morning.
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thanks so much. >> okay. i want to turn back now to that new trade deal we were telling you about with south korea. the white house says it could create jobs, support jobs for americans here. also give a boost to the u.s. car makers. here's what we know. we're going to learn more from the president here coming up shortly this morning. here's what we know right now. it would do away with tariffs on more than 95% of industrial and consumer goods within five years. the u.s. international trade commission estimates the tariff cuts will increase exports of u.s. goods by $10 billion to $11 billion. also, it calls for south korea to reduce tariffs on american car imports from half. tariffs would be eliminated completely in the fifth year of agreement. meanwhile, a 2.5% tariff on cars imported from south korea will remain in place until the fifth year of the agreement. the trade deal, even though the president talking about it, agreement has been reached between the administration and south korea. still, congress would have to okay this trade deal.
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cnn will be bringing you president obama's comments live on this new trade deal. we're expecting him a little later this morning. we get more specifics about a time, we'll pass that along. we are expected to get some time possibly in the next few hours. tens of thousands of air travelers in spain are going absolutely nowhere right now. the fallout continues from an air traffic controller's strike. and it's now threatening to cripple international air travel. we're going to be taking you live to spain next. right now i want to take you live to about 15 feet away from me right now. say hello to reynolds wolf. >> good morning, t.j. folks are having trouble because of the issues there. you might have some issues in your airport today all due to weather. looks like some places will be getting the first dusting of snowfall of the year. plus, a sneak peek at buffalo, getting a break today, but more snow is on the way. full story coming up on cnn saturday morning. at red lobster. choose one of three premium seafood-and-steak combinations... all under $20.
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we removed the alcohol and made it less intense. ♪ it still kills bad breath germs for a whole-mouth clean. and it's never felt so good. new less intense listerine® zero™. well, ten minutes past the hour. now checking in once again with reynolds wolf. you were talking about buffalo. >> have you ever lived in a snow-bound area? >> i haven't, no. >> you never have? >> no. >> buffalo's a great place, but would you like to wake up to this? the people in buffalo are very hearty folks. they can handle just about anything mother nature brings out. but the first heavy snowfall of the year is still something that is breathtaking. snow came down in torrents, 1 to
8:11 am
3 feet. some areas got 4 to 5 feet of snowfall, then when you have the wind coupled in, boy did it stack up. and people were locked in place on parts of 90. looks like today they're going to have a chance to break out a little bit with digging up a little bit of the snow out of the way. the p the problem is, we'll see more lake effect action on monday and tuesday. it'll be an interesting time to say the least. we're talking about issues on the roadways in places like buffalo, there are other spots you'll have travel trouble. due to snowfall in chicago, cleveland, and cincinnati, you might be waiting anywhere from 30 minutes to a full hour. a little bit less of a wait, but a delay nonetheless in salt lake city, could be 15 to 30 minutes on the ground. but back in the snow, the heavy snowfall has been in part of the great lakes. looks like that focus is moving into the ohio valley. in fact, some of the snow we do see south of buffalo is beginning to taper out. and now you've got a band developing from minneapolis right through chicago, down through indianapolis into
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lexington. that's going to stick around through a good part of the day and into the evening. 1 to 4 inches of snowfall expected. and back into the carolinas, 1 to 4. high temperatures for the day. chicago, 33 degrees, 44 in denver, 68 degrees in los angeles, 43 in portland, and 58 in atlanta. as we fast forward to tomorrow's forecast, that cold air remains locked in place in parts of the upper midwest. minneapolis, you high temperature on your sunday, 16 degrees, 34 in st. louis, 78 degrees in miami. you lucky devils. back to houston, 62 degrees, 69 in san diego. so looks like, again, the trouble spots mainly going to be focused in parts of the midwest and the upper plains and of course delays in salt lake city is always possible. >> we'll check in with you plenty throughout the morning. we've been talking about the economy this morning, of course the holiday season, as well. that all ties into the economy. a lot of you going to be online ordering stuff. hold on one second. you want to go ahead and -- no, go ahead and do it now.
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no, go ahead and cross. one of our camera guys here almost just shot right in front of the camera. i'm handing over to josh talking about the stuff you do online. you give your information. and sometimes you get -- sometimes you get follow-up e-mails targeting exactly what you want. how do they know? >> or just ads that show up based on where you've been before. well, now the government is proposing a plan that could block websites from tracking you. and that could vastly change the internet in some good ways, but also in bad ways. i'll explain coming up, t.j. before we let you go, a quick quiz for you. this week the nominees for the 2011 grammys were announced. which group has won the most grammy awards? the rolling stones, beatles, or u-2? some good ones there. the answer after the break. ♪ [ man ] i thought our family business would always be boots. until one day, my daughter showed me a designer handbag. and like that, we had a new side to our business.
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with its powerful 1 gigahertz processor... ♪ da da da don't cha... ♪ its globetrotting wi-fi hotspotting swagger... it knows you want a rich web experience with adobe flash and access to over 100,000 android apps. finally a work phone worth taking home. well, 15 minutes past the hour. before the break, we asked you a question that was inspired by this week's announcement of the 2011 gramny nominee. who has won the most grammy awards as a group? the rolling stones, beatles, or u2? if you said u2, you would be correct. the group has won 22, including two for album of the year and two for record of the year. i want to turn now to spain where they have had to shut down air traffic, essentially close the air space in spain. it's been closed since yesterday. we don't know how much longer it
8:16 am
might be open because or closed because of the massive strike there by air traffic controllers. this has left literally hundreds of thousands of people stranded. we want to turn now to cnn madrid bureau chief al goodman standing by. is is there any word about possibly when things will be up and running as normal again? >> reporter: i'm at the madrid airport, a second day of chaos and dashed hopes for travelers across the country because of the air controllers strike. the government trying to get control of this situation has declared a state of alert. that will put the military in control of the air traffic control towers. they're trying to oblige the controllers to come back to work. and the latest word we have is that some of them are coming back, but many of the main airlines, iberia, air france have canceled all of the flights for today. that's not soon enough for one of the passengers with me. sidney is from chicago, she's
8:17 am
teaching english here in madrid. tell us what's going on with you. >> they canceled our flight. we got here at 11:00 because we knew there was going to be problems and then gured out that everything's canceled, so we took a bus. we booked a bus to go to barcelona instead. >> reporter: how do you feel about that? >> it's an eight-hour bus ride. we're trying to be positive. obviously i'd prefer to fly. >> reporter: from what you saw earlier before they cleared people out of the airport, what were you seeing with all of these people when you got here? >> well, we checked in. they didn't tell us that the flights were going to be canceled. they told us they would resume at 1:00 p.m. we got here and there were hundreds of people waiting for their flight. >> reporter: well, good luck, barcelo barcelona's a great town if you get there. t.j., that's a little slice of what's happening all across the country. many families traveling with young children. this is a long holiday weekend in spain through next wednesday it was supposed to be a joyous time. right now, a chaotic time. >> al, before i let you go,
8:18 am
what's the word on the possible resolution on the strike and getting things back to normal? >> reporter: well, the government has been digging in its heels as the air traffic controllers union has been digging in their heels. the government says they're not going to talk to these guys, mainly men, until they go back to work. the latest sign is that some are coming back to work. the issue is it's not very easy to get the military air traffic controllers in there to run this civilian system. what they're trying to do is get the controllers back. it's a long-standing dispute over pay and conditions that some are coming back, t.j., indicates that maybe possibly by sunday things may start to look a little bit normal again, t.j. >> we certainly hope so. al, we appreciate -- al goodman for us in madrid. thank you so much. well, when you surf online and you're going to be doing plenty of it this holiday season, companies keep track of you. the government is proposing a plan that could stop you from doing so. could that damage an online experience? good morning, josh.
8:19 am
>> it could in some ways, but also actually help some people. let's take a look at how this breaks down. you know there's this do not call system out there that blocks telemarketers from calling you if you want to. well, this would be a lot like that. this is from the ftc, called a "do not track plan." and here's how it would work. it would be a software add-on and basically tell websites they can't collect information about you. now, it can't just automatically happen. it would have to go through congress, congress would have to approve it. but think about what happened if all of a sudden telemarketers couldn't follow you and your traffic and your visit to various websites. these are some of the pros. consumers would be controlling who tracked information about you. and i know a lot of people would like that. clearly a lot of people concerned right now. how do all of these companies know the products like? because they follow your site visits. it would shift the burden to companies. the companies would have to make sure they're the ones not tracking you based on that software. but a lot of people think it
8:20 am
could cause problems. because billions of commerce dollars would be at risk. right now the tracking leads to advertisements, leads to you buying stuff, and that money fuels the web. fuels business in america. so you'd be taking that out of the picture. also, removing incentive for websites to be free. right now a lot of these websites are free because they have ads there. if they can't track you, they don't know how to target you. people weighing in on both sides, i'm at facebook and twitter and we're talking about it right now about this and where you stand on this whole idea of whether companies should track you or not track you. and it'll be interesting to see what people say about that. >> thank you. we'll see you again here shortly. well, a lot of people doing a lot of shopping right now for those gifts. and you go to a big store, best buy, you go to the laptop section. you've got laptops, ipads, netbooks, what are you supposed to do? mario armstrong is going to
8:21 am
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at 23 minutes past the hour, taking a look at stories making headlines. federal employees are being asked not to read any wikileaks documents, even on their home computers. the government memo issued yesterday says many of the documents are still considered classified and any unauthorized worker looking at them could be punished. well, democrat mark dayton has won his bid to become minnesota governor. the opponent has some questions about the recount, though. so this may not be over. the issue may be taken to court. honda is ending production of that vehicle, the boxy element. next year will be the last year the crossover utility vehicle will be in production. it became a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners. but the automaker says customers have moved on to other vehicles,
8:25 am
for instance, the honda crv.
8:26 am
all right. 26 minutes past the hour. it's that time of year, everybody's doing their holiday shopping, electronics always at the top of a lot of people's lists. that lot of people need laptops, going to be giving laptops. but then you've got laptops, tablets, netbooks, notebooks, ipads. what's what? let's bring in mario armstrong. mario, good to see you, my man. if you can, this could take a while. do this as quickly as you can. what's the difference between all of these things? a laptop, netbook, what's the difference between all of these things?
8:27 am
>> real quick, laptops are for professiona professionals. you want to get more things done and be on the go, so great for those business travelers types. netbooks are great for college students, people on the go, but want to travel a lot and want something lightweight and do light tasks, maybe a little e-mailing and web surfing. and tablets for someone a primary computer, you don't want this as a primary computer. and these are good for reading e-books or surfing the web or games. >> okay. well, that was a very good job of wrapping that up for us. that helps a lot of people out. if you go to a best buy -- i'm not picking on them -- that's just the store i usually go to. and you walk into the laptop section and you're overwhelmed. where should you even start? >> so the question is, what do you look for? there's so many models. the first thing i'd like to recommend for folks, when you're making a purchase for a laptop, two key things. buy as much r.a.m., random
8:28 am
access memory, as much r.a.m. as you can afford. r.a.m. is the engine, helps the computer run as fast as possible. the other thing is, buy the processing speed, as well. buy the fastest processor, like the intel core i-5 or i-7. you'll get the processing power you want to have, especially for these laptops. they've come down in price big time, t.j. it's a good time. >> also the more r.a.m. and the better process you have, that can be a significant difference in the price of that laptop? >> that's true. it can. and so you're looking at a range from the low end, probably around $599, but it can go up to close to $1,000. this is the world's thinnest laptop with a built-in dvd drive. it's about $1,000, great for the business person but someone who also likes to travel and keep something light. got a little quarter here so you
8:29 am
can see how thin this is. >> you said $1,000 for that one. >> that's right. >> early december here now, are these things going to continue to go down in price as we get closer? should you jump on the deal when you see it? >> yeah, great question. absolutely jump on the deal when you see it. do not play the wait game right now. the deals are happening. the electronic manufacturers and everyone is telling me, look, these are the packages we're doing. many people are offering accessories and bundling other items with these goods. if they don't, ask for them because they have the flexibility to give you more than just a computer itself. >> what do you find the mistake people are making -- and i would assume that most people out there, a lot of parents even who aren't so hip to all the computer technology and the terminology, they go in and see one for the right price and the right size and let's roll. let's get out of here and get it done. but you brought up two important parts they need to look at. the r.a.m. and the processor, and that could keep you from having to upgrade in the next
8:30 am
two years, as well. >> that's right. you're future proofing yourself is what we want to look at. these are investments, something you want to buy in the next 12, 18, or 24 months. you want this to last for a few years. the key is to really make the investment on that processor and on that random access memory. the other thing is gamers, you need to know the type of person you're buying for. if you have someone who may be interested in the netbook but also like the full functionality of a tablet, you might want to look at something like this new dell because this dell has both. it's a convertible. the it has a full keyboard here, but it also can convert to a touch screen tablet also. the dell duo. and gamers, if you're buying anything for gamers, they need that processing power and need large hard drive and fast r.a.m. >> that dell was hot. everybody in the studio when you picked that up and did that, everybody gasped. that's pretty cool. how much is that thing? >> yeah, this is $599.
8:31 am
it's not bad. it's kind of two in one. if you're really kind of on the fence, do i get an ipad or tablet or get someone a lab top? this gives you the best of a netbook and tablet in one device. and one last thing, you got to personalize your stuff. so this is a case. so even if you already -- if people have tech stuff, you can get custom cases that you can make with your own logo. >> i'm sorry, my producer says you're killing us. on time. so we've got to run. good stuff this morning, though. you can join us every saturday at this time for our digital lifestyle expert. we've been telling you, we'll take a live look now. a busy day on capitol hill right now. the senate is working. you're seeing them right now, they are debating right now. this is chicago, the illinois senator dick durbin. they're debating about extending the extension. the bush-era tax cuts among other things. we're keeping a close eye, our dana bash is working there, as
8:32 am
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34 minutes past the hour here on this cnn saturday morning. they are talking about your money right now, this morning. the u.s. senate. they are voting today, expected to vote here in the next couple of hours.
8:35 am
10:30 tentatively is when it's scheduled to happen. this is a live look inside, senator grassley speaking. a vote on the bush-era tax cuts. two different votes are going to be taking up. both of these votes, however, are expected to fail. nobody expected them to go through. however, democrats will be able to at least put themselves and republicans on the record for these tax cuts. now, democrats don't want -- as you know, they don't think people making more than $250,000 a year should get the tax breaks. they would like for them to expire for those making more than $250,000. republicans, however, say they should continue for everybody, at least temporarily. both sides say a compromise will be likely in the next week or so. the bush-era tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year if action is not taken by this lame-duck congress. a debate over the bush tax cuts has delayed a vote, as well, on extending unemployment compensation for millions of people. republicans refusing to vote on
8:36 am
the bill until they come to an agreement over the tax cuts. our deputy political director paul steinhauser joins us from washington on an interesting saturday, would you not say, paul? >> a pretty busy saturday. we've got dana bash up on capitol hill. and she's covering that tax cut vote. democrats, republicans, obviously don't see eye to eye there. they don't see eye to eye on extending these unemployment benefits for hundreds of thousands of people who are kind of maxed out on these benefits. and if nothing is done, these checks won't come. so democrats, they're taking -- the president is taking the side of the unemployed people saying continue the benefits. just do it. republicans say, listen, we'd like to do it, but we can't afford to do it, it's only going to make the deficit worse. you've got to cut some money from somewhere else. and that's why they don't see eye to eye on this. maybe there will be an agreement, a closed-door agreement for unemployment benefits to be extended. this comes yesterday after an
8:37 am
unemployment report came out. unemployment up to 9.8%. >> we always talk to you. it's always good to get an idea of what americans are thinking. >> as usual, i have some polls for you. take a look at this. we asked -- this is from gallup and usa today. they asked about extending the unemployment benefits, how important is it? and almost half of the people questioned in that poll said that it is somewhat or very important to extend those benefits. another 28% say it's somewhat important. and only about 1 in 4 at the bottom there say it's not very important. here's why. take a look at this next number, this is from our own cnn opinion research poll. the most important economic issue, jobs, t.j. we know economy's the top issue with americans. and when it comes to the most important economic issue, it was jobs. jobs in the recent midterm elections and it continues to be jobs.
8:38 am
t.j.? >> we appreciate you as always, paul with the polls. thank you so much. and on a programming note for tomorrow morning, 8:00, we're going to hear from one of these so-called 99ers. someone who has been unemployed 99 weeks and the unemployment benefits have expired. trying to convince lawmakers to extend unemployment past 99 weeks. also, 38 minutes past the hour now. a quick look at the daley's biggest headlines after the break. but first, a quiz inspired by the grammys. do you know which of these female artists made history with the most grammy wins in one night? was it alicia keys, beyonce, or lady gaga? an accomplished group of ladies there. who was it?
8:39 am
8:40 am
before the break, we asked you which female artist made history with the most grammy wins in one night. was it beyonce, alicia keys, or lady gaga? certainly an impressive group, but beyonce took home six trophies last year, although she did not win album of the year. that honor you may remember went to taylor swift, keys set the record for five wins back in 2001. a wiquick look at stories making headlines. investigators aren't sure what caused a tour bus driver to lose control before crashing in vermont on friday. the bus was taking students from the university of massachusetts to canada for a skiing trip when police say it crossed the median and rolled over.
8:41 am
a gunman took 33 people hostage at a bank in lima, peru, held him for hours before the police sniper took him out. the s.w.a.t. team helped some of the bank employees escape through windows. two hostages were wounded during this whole ordeal. the office of management and budget is warning unauthorized federal workers and contractors not to try to read the classified documents on wikileaks. the ban applies to government and personal computers, blackberry, smartphones, whether public or not, the documents are still classified. meaning, you're not supposed to be reading them. well, every year in thailand, they lay out a thanksgiving spread fit for a king. but at this banquet, monkeys are the guests of honor. and there are 3,000 of them. 41 minutes past the hour. as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused.
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you know you thought about doing this if you haven't actually done it, regifting. you know, something you got last year you didn't really want, you didn't use. you're going to wrap it up and give it to somebody else. well, there are some rules to follow. there are some re-gifting etiquette. peggy post joining us live at 9:15 eastern. that ought to be good. 3,000 monkeys in thailand invited each year for a thanksgiving dinner in their honor. seriously, 3,000? really? >> in thailand, which is around 1,000 or 100 miles north of bangkok. you have these monkeys. now, there are is a proliferation of monkeys. what they do on thanksgiving is have a thanksgiving feast for these monkeys. the thai version of the hindu legend is that they built the city of lopburi with the king of
8:45 am
monkeys. so they provide around 4,000 kilograms of food for these monkeys. the most e the fruit has a hard inside, a milky inside, apparently an acquired taste but smells of dirty socks. then there's a delicious yogurt drink which is very specific to thailand. and it attracts a large amount of tourists because it is such a spectacle seeing these 3,000 monkeys peel eggs. the photographs we've seen, exquisite platters of all kinds of fruits. in thailand, there's three kinds of apples. there's custard apples, rose apples, star apples. the exquisite exotic fruit. >> doesn't this wreak havoc. you've got these 3,000 monkeys running around, does it cause a problem in the town? >> well, they're a menace
8:46 am
anyway. and they're very cheeky but not too problematic. they pull people's skirts, grab foods, but they're part of lopburi, so the authorities decided to give them a thanksgiving feast. but it does draw thousands of tourists to lopburi in thailand. >> nadia, thanks so much. well, coming up, take a look at this video. got a guy here to show you. he was in the hospital because his heart stopped beating during a high school basketball practice. but hln, our cnn sports guy, joe carter is going to tell us now how an iphone app -- yes, an iphone app actually saved the young man's life. joe is in the house. going to talk to him right after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] let's be honest. no one ever wished for a smaller holiday gift.
8:47 am
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new less intense listerine® zero™. well, you've heard the saying, they've got an app for that. well, they have an app that will save your life. and apparently someone put it to good use on a high school basketball player. let me bring in for one of these wild moments, joe carter from
8:50 am
hln sports. good to see you. coaches, quick-acting, saving his life using an iphone app. >> it's one of those wow moments. so it happened in the los angeles area. xavier jones is the basketball player's name. during a practice suddenly collapses, stops breathing, goes into a seizure. two of his coaches quickly act. one starts giving him cpr while the other one takes out his iphone and is giving the other coach step-by-step instructions, cpr instructions thanks to an application that he downloaded the night before. now, for people looking for this app. it's called phone aid, it's $1.99 and gives step-by-step instructions on how to go through the cpr process with someone who needs it. so they start administering cpr on this young man. he starts breathing again. he's taken to the hospital. he was in a coma for 24 hours, came out of the coma and is now doing well. the doctors say thanks to the coaches and he was able to breathe so quickly after he passed out and stopped breathing, he's going to be okay. >> you say the kid had history
8:51 am
of medical conditions. >> he had a heart condition, which could limit his ability to play basketball in the future. they actually ranked seventh in the country when it comes to high school basketball teams. but this is a 4.0 student, someone who wants to be a medical military doctor, and someone that as coaches say is the kind of guy you would want your daughter to marry. the good guy. >> right now, do we know if he will be able to continue, at least this year with his basketball? or is that up in the air? >> that's up in the air right now. not sure if doctors will let him play this year. there's too much on the line. >> everybody's been asking. when tiger is going to be back. not back on the course, but dominating on the court. >> this happens to be the one tournament. the first tournament he missed following last year's scandal. he's got a four-shot lead heading into the weekend. this course plays into his game too. there's a lot of long par 5s. and here's the ironic part, when
8:52 am
he was knocked off being the number one player this year, he has a chance if he wins this tournament this weekend to become the world's number one golfer once again. >> one day i'm going to bring you on and we're doing to do a whole segment on doing the mathematical equation of how a guy is number one. but he hosts this tournament. >> the purse needs to go to the tiger woods foundation. and he hasn't played it in two years, but he's won it four times before. and it's interesting how things played out one year later. >> this was right -- happens the same time every year, after that thanksgiving accident, people are wondering, is he going to show up? what's his face going to look like? and then last minute he said he wasn't going to show up. >> he bailed out. now he's got a four-shot lead heading into today. >> joe, good stuff. i'm going to have to download that app. good stuff. $1.99. coming up, when you need a fashion makeover, who do you talk to? a beauty expert. when you want an education
8:53 am
makeover, you bring in this guy. hi, steve. i've got all kinds of company in the studio today. steve came all the way down from the northeast just to be here with me this morning. our education expert and good friend steve perry has an update on a family that needs some help. he's coming up right after the break. during our season's best sales event. and receive the gift of asphalt. experience the cadillac of crossovers, the striking srx. it's the one gift you can open up all year long. see your cadillac dealer for this attractive offer. backed by the peace of mind that only comes from cadillac premium care maintenance. the season's best sales event. from cadillac.
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♪ this thing is okey-mcsmokey skiddly-doo. great! i think. diggity. oh! still not sure. the "name your price" tool. only from progressive. call or click today. all right. about five minutes till the top of the hour. every parent wants their child to be successful in school. but the kid's got a lot going on. got to get to class, got to do your homework. for one family, the battle starts way before the bell rings at the school. it starts with the alarm clock. we go to steve perry. ♪ >> we have three marvelous children. they're all in middle school right now. the first is nathan.
8:56 am
nathan is 14. he just turned 14. and he's in the eighth grade. and our twins david and eva are 12 years old. they love school because they get to see all of their friends there. but victor and i feel that the children -- maybe they're not meeting their full potential. >> we gave the family a flip cam so that i could get a sense of what was going on inside the home, what their daily routines look like, and how mom and dad struggle to get their kids to comply with what they want them to do to be successful in school. >> good morning, nathan, time to get up. good morning, eva, time to rise. are you awake? david, good morning. time to wake up. time to get up and get your stuff together and go to school.
8:57 am
come on, rise and shine, happy guy. come on, nathan, this is your second call. hurry up, you need to leave with daddy in like five minutes, okay? >> it's worrisome because it is 5 minutes of 8:00, i'm leaving the house, and the kid isn't out of the bed yet. >> that doesn't ever happen in my house. steve perry, good to have you in with us. it's a long lasting debate. if there's a quality teacher in the classroom, does it really matter about the other forces acting in that kid's life? or can he succeed as long as he has a good teacher? >> the most important part of this, actually, is what happens in the school. but the support does happen at home. because you could have the best parents in the world, you send a child to a bad school, and you're not going to get very far. but when you have the family who can support a good school, great things happen. >> on the flip side of that, what if you have -- not the best parent in the world sending to a child to a subpar school, but
8:58 am
what about if you've got the best teacher in the world in that classroom, but then the circumstances outside of the school for the kid aren't so great? >> teachers make magic happen every day, that's what they do. what they're able to do is look into the soul of a child and find out what they can be, not what they are. not what they are, but what they should be. and when we put great teachers in front of children, great things happen. now, what this is about -- what this story's about is about how parents can play a role in educating their children. very often, we hear parents beaten up upon and said well, the reason children are failing because the parent's arens aren dealing. father's a doctor, mom's a school nurse, beautiful kids, beautiful community struggling just like so many of us because in the end we're all reduced to being parents. no matter what you do for a living. in the end, we're parents trying to work our way through. >> i know this is coming up at 2:30 and 4:30 today.
8:59 am
we're going to hear more from that family, what else? >> we're going to see how the family began and how they ended. a lot of surprises. and, and -- an original theme song. the best theme song since "good times." >> how do you get a theme song? >> every hero needs a theme song. >> look at this. >> ferrell, the best theme song. >> this is dr. steve perry. and his episode of "good times 2" coming up today at 2:30 and 4:30 eastern, the education makeover with our steve perry right here on cnn. good to have you in studio here for a change. good to have you in atlanta as always. going to take a quick break here. i'm coming right back. so who wants to learn ab? me, me, me!
9:00 am
9:01 am
well, tax cuts, one of the two big political issues on capitol hill playing out today. and we are following them live for you. got a live shot of the capitol right now where senators are working, yes, on this saturday. that is a live picture inside, senator orrin hatch utah. republicans, as you know, want to keep the bush-era tax cuts in place for everybody. democrats, however, want to keep them in place for the middle class only. but cut them for those making more than $250,000 a year. a compromise is being discussed as well. we'll be getting into that this morning. well, the other big issue this morning coming out of capitol hill, trade. last time president obama met with south korea's president, which was at the g-20 summit, the two leaders couldn't strike a new trade deal. now, apparently, they have. and the president is going to talk about it later this morning. he called it a job creator and a
9:02 am
way to boost u.s. exports by the billions. do want to start, though, this morning with those bush-era tax cuts and whether or not to extend them before they expire at the end of the year, which they sure will do if action is not taken by congress. republicans want an across the board cut, democrats say, not so much. cnn's congressional correspondent dana bash is with us on this saturday because it is a big saturday, extraordinary saturday there on capitol hill where it seems like a vote is going to be taken. but we already know the outcome of the vote. >> that's right. nobody expects these votes -- and there are actually two votes -- to pass. let me show you what we're talking about here. it is first of all, the democrats' plan, since president obama ran for president, and that is to extend the bush-era tax cuts only for those making $250,000 or less. but then there is something else they're going to vote on. and that is is to extend those tax cuts for those making up to
9:03 am
$1 million or less. so why are they doing that second one? well, it is a political reason. i know you're really shocked, t.j. but the reason is because you have senators like chuck schumer of new york and others who believe the best ammunition against republicans is to have something like that. they will say, republicans, you see, this is proof, all they want to do is cut taxes for millionaires. we're probably going to hear that over and over again this morning. already the senate has been in for about an hour debating. and let's play for our viewers the gist of what we're hearing from the arguments on either side of this. >> the majority in the senate like the majority of the country believes the middle class deserves this tax cut. the minority in the senate believes against all evidence to contrary, millionaires, billionaires, and the big ceos ship jobs overseas deserve this give away. we disagree, but that's why the founders created this body. to debate and settle those agreements. >> this debate is not about
9:04 am
cutting taxes. this debate is whether or not we ought to increase taxes on anybody during a recession. >> reporter: and t.j., that is the argument we're hearing from republicans over and over again that the reason they want to extend all the bush-era tax cuts because now is not the time to do anything else. this debate is ging to continue for the next hour, and then we're going to see if those couple of votes -- but again, to emphasize, this is the democrats wanting to get on the record with their positions with regard to the tax cuts knowing full well that they are not going to pass and that there will have to be -- in order to make sure that everybody's taxes don't go up on december 31st, there'll have to be a compromise. >> is there any possibility, dana, that republicans who are negotiating with democrats and the white house behind the scenes don't appreciate this move by democrats? and could that possibly affect the actual compromise and the discussions that are going on behind the scenes? >> reporter: that's a really good question. the answer is no, they do not
9:05 am
appreciate it. i've bumped into several republicans in the hallways who are, i think it's fair to say, less than happy they are here. and they say this is a political ploy, political games. but the fact of the matter is, i think that the compromise train is already leaving the station. and that is well underway. certainly it doesn't add good will to this, but democrats, you know, they still run the senate. and they're going to do this and there's really no two ways about it. and i've got to tell you, if republicans were in charge and there was an issue they would want to show, you would bet they would probably be doing very similar things getting on record with something they wanted to do. >> you bet they would. so 10:30, i believe is tentatively scheduled, we'll continue to check in with you, dana. thanks so much. meanwhile, the president's debt commission. you may have heard about this. this was still going on in the midst of this other news we've been hearing about. tax cuts and unemployment rates. the spending cuts and tax ranges that could slash $10 trillion in ten years, that's what the debt
9:06 am
commission has been working on. but their proposal failed to get the required number of votes to push it forward. the congressional washington correspondent joins us this morning from washington. good morning. thank you for being with us. so where do we go with all this work and all these recommendations since they didn't get the required number of votes to push it toward a congressional vote? >> unfortunately, you can't really push it toward a congressional vote because they failed to get the requisite number of votes. and you heard iowa senator chuck grassley who was a republican talking on the floor of a senate saying now is not the time to increase taxes. and part of what this commission does is increase taxes in order to fill the deficit hole. it also has massive amounts of spending cuts. and there was leeriness on both sides of the aisle that during this recession in this hard economic time, now is not the time to do this. and it would be difficult and hard to do. >> all right.
9:07 am
we have all this work that the debt commission put in to this plan. if they didn't have the votes to push it towards congress and make them take some kind of an action, then what happens to that plan? does it just sit and collect dust? well, possibly some members of congress pluck some ideas out of it? or will it go away? >> i think it becomes, frankly, a political football. it's a bipartisan plan, i think it was well-received by economists who felt that it was a great first start in actually tackling the nation's deficit problem. and it's not like the deficit problem is going to go away. it was a major issue in the last campaign. there's a lot of pressures from voters to do something before the next campaign to deal with the deficits. and so i think you're going to start seeing it come up as people -- republicans and democrats will bring it to the floor parts of it and saying challenging the other side. why don't we take on these cuts? why don't we take on these tax increases? but, at the same time, it's going to be very difficult because there's no pressure right now. you don't feel like the deficits
9:08 am
are bringing down the country. necessity is the mother of all invention. you don't feel that deficits are bringing down the country immediately right now. and until that sort of deadline when medicare starts to take over huge amounts of the budget, when social security really is is going bankrupt, i think it's going to be very difficult to do something tangible on this issue. >> then maybe they'll grab it and dust it off and pull it off the shelf and put it into good use. is there any feeling from people you're talking to up there, i don't want to be too cynical and too strong, but think this was a waste of time in any way? if we don't know what we're going to do with it, nobody's implementing these ideas. this was supposed to be the tough choices. they were going to tell us what we had to do and now we're not going to do it at least any time soon. >> senator judd gregg from new hampshire who is on the panel had a great analogy and said, look, this is like a category five hurricane that's sitting 30 miles off the coast. if we don't start creating evacuation plans at this point,
9:09 am
we'd be really dumb. so when the hurricane comes closer, at least we'll be prepared. it's not a waste of time. it's not going to moth ball completely, but it's certainly a good first step into tackling this massive problem. >> that's another good analogy. we've heard plenty surrounding this debt commission. the congressional washington correspondent for "time" magazine, good to see you this morning. thanks so much. i want to turn now to the new trade deal with south korea this morning. the white house says it will create jobs here for americans. possibly create or support up to 70,000 jobs. and also expected to give a boost to u.s. car makers. this is what we do know about the deal so far. it would do away with tariffs on more than 95% of industrial and consumer goods within five years. the u.s. international trade commission estimates the tari--o calls for south korea to reduce tariffs but half from 8% to 4%. the tariffs would be eliminated
9:10 am
in the fifth year of that agreement. meanwhile, that 2.5% tariff on cars imported from south korea will remain in place until the fifth year of the agreement. now, even though the white house is going to be announcing and the president coming out to talk about this shortly that there has been a trade deal reached with south korea, congress would still need to okay the deal. we will here at cnn bring you president obama's comments live when they do happen on this new u.s./south korea trade agreement. we're expecting them some time a little later this morning, possibly in the next hour or two or few. but when it does happen, we will bring it to you live. it's been on your mind. should you or should you not re-gift? you know those presents, the stuff you got last year, you threw in the closet, didn't want to throw it out, you felt bad about it. it's still sitting there. can you wrap that and give it to somebody else? we've got an etiquette expert peggy post joining us live with the answer. ten minutes past the hour. stay here. on the wings of lunes.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
all right. 13 minutes past the hour now. have you done it? have you been guilty of this? re-gifting. you get a gift, maybe christmas last year, you didn't really like it, threw it in the closet. now it's christmas time again, can you take that out, repackage it, and give it to somebody else? well, peggy post is the director of the emily post institute, great granddaughter-in-law of emily post. she joins us now, also author of "emily post etiquette." in some cases, is it okay, or is it ever okay to regift? >> in some cases, very, very rarely, okay. but we don't recommend that one does it. if you do want to re-gift. if you really have something that you want to re-gift, make sure that the recipient would really like it. that's the key thing. select something you're sure that person would like. let's say you have a new coffee
9:15 am
maker that someone gave you, you already have the same coffee maker, your sister would love that, that's okay. also, make sure it's in new condition, you take off any gift wrap and wrap it up and make sure people don't know each other. the gift giver who gave you the gift and the recipient of your gift. >> that's a very good point. >> the key is not hurt feelings. and re-gifting started in the mid-90s because of the "seinfeld" show because it's just a mine field for hurt feelings and awkwardness. >> you feel bad about doing it. you feel bad about throwing a gift out somebody gave you, you feel bad about returning it or maybe you can't. do people feel bad, as well, about the idea of re-gifting? >> they actually do. a lot of people report that they do. and the better way to re-gift is give it to charity or give it honestly. say to your sister, i just
9:16 am
received another coffee maker and i'd love for you to have it. don't wrap it up -- or a book. let's say you already have a book someone gave you. give that to the person honestly. and that way you don't feel funny about it. like you really want to remember the spirit of giving. >> is it a bad idea to dress it up, put a tag on it again to make it look new? is that a bad idea? >> well, if you're going to re-gift, that's the only way to do it. and that is to -- if you're going to wrap it up and real really -- maybe you've told yourself this is exactly what the person would like. and you're sure there won't be hurt feelings, well, yes, that's when you wrap it up. put the tag on and you give it as you would've given any other gift. you selected it. >> given the economic times right now, we know a lot of people are hurting. and more on a serious note here, can this actually be a good idea and good option and is it possible we could see more of
9:17 am
this during tough times because you don't have money to go out and buy a gift for everybody? >> and absolutely. because of the recessionary times, because we're a nation of so much stuff, that's why regifting has been increasing. in fact, a recent survey done by consumer reports about a year ago said 37% of americans said they planned to re-gift. that was over 31% the previous year. so it has been increasing. and the whole thing is if you're going to do it, we like to tell you how to do it. and that is to do it without hurting anyone's feelings. >> what do you do if you do get caught? >> fess up. be honest and say i thought you'd really like it, i have to say so and so gave this to me. but fess up, don't create a spiral of lies. >> and last thing here, what types of items might be ideal for re-gifting? and what kind of things should you avoid trying to re-gift?
9:18 am
>> well, definitely do not re-gift one-of-a-kind items, something someone made for you, something that's really unique. let's say great aunt sue made a nice warm scarf for you, you don't re-gift that. but if people say when they do re-gift, if they do, it's generally more generic types of gifts. really nice gourmet box of chocolates, or candles, some candles. hand lotions in a little set. sometimes picture frames, sometimes a brand new book. make sure that whatever it is is in brand new condition and as i said in the beginning, something that the recipient you're sure would like. >> peggy post, this has been great and informative, and on behalf of myself and reynolds wolf and so many cheap guys out there, we would like to say thank you so much this morning for that advice. >> thank you, t.j. >> sorry, reynolds, sorry to put you in that category.
9:19 am
i should have just spoken for myself. >> my gosh. well, man, i was going to give you the forecast, but i'm not going to rip it apart, re-gift it, and give it to the rest of america. you're going to get your own. that forecast is going to include snow from mother nature. tons of snow, in fact, several feet of it. today they're going to get a little bit of a break. but other parts of the nation will see their first snowfall of the season. more of that coming up in a bit. you're seeing this shot from the midwest. you can see the snow, the dogs, hopefully the dog will make a reappearance. ... took some foolish risks as a teenager. but i was still taking a foolish risk with my cholesterol. anyone with high cholesterol may be at increased risk of heart attack. diet and exercise weren't enough for me. i stopped kidding myself. i've been eating healthier, exercising more... and now i'm also taking lipitor. if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol...stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39% to 60%. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease
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9:23 am
all right. 22 minutes past the hour. time to check in again with reynolds wolf. we've been talking about buffalo a lot for good reason. it's nothing new for buffalo, they're used to this. >> it isn't. everybody's been saying big deal about the snowfall in buffalo. and it's true that buffalo is a place that gets a lot of snowfall. but the problem is, you had so much snow, the sheer volume in a short amount of time. that was the key of the issue. and you're seeing a lot of people out here waking up to snow bank conditions. this shot, you'll see someone climbing over the fence. if you look in the background of the picture, that's part of i-90. you had people stranded out there trying to cross these fences on their way to go to restaurants, get a bite to eat, they'd go back, climb back over the ladders and to the car. did the dog enjoy it?
9:24 am
i think if he was out there too long, he wouldn't be enjoying it too much. we've had some delays for the last couple of days on the roadways and places like buffalo. air delays expected in chicago, cleveland, and cincinnati, mainly due to the snow. light snowfall possible in salt lake city. we have a live image we're going to take. right there in the middle of the screen, we've got the cloudy skies through a good part of the day. something else into the afternoon 1 to 4 inches of snowfall. buffalo will another shot of snowfall in the coming week. the snow is also going to be a problem, not just in parts of the ohio valley, but possibly into the western carolinas. tuning in from charlotte. guess what? you might have snow flakes tonight. it's going to be a big football tonight for the ac championship. you could have some snow there
9:25 am
by -- by possibly halftime. 58 degrees the high in atlanta today, 33 in chicago, 44 in denver, 68 degrees in los angeles, a fast forward into your forecast tomorrow shows that boundary. dropping to the south, and when it does, you'll be feeling that cold air. you will feel that cold air in charlotte with 53 degrees for the low. not going to have any problems in louisiana for your game. that's going to be in arlington, an indoor facility. but if you're walking outside, about 48 degrees. 56 for auburn. you might get some snow there later on before the game is over, but starting off, 46 degrees. that's a quick rap on your forecast. we're going to give you the second half of the weekend coming up, t.j. winter really being felt for the first time this season in the ohio valley and in chicago. >> appreciate you as always, buddy. 25 minutes past the hour. quick break, we are right back on this cnn saturday morning.
9:26 am
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the senate is at work this morning. you're looking at live pictures. both of them from outside the capitol and inside the senate chamber. you're seeing senator kyl of arizona, the republican. there's going to be a vote, they're going to take a couple of votes on a couple of measures having to do with extending the bush-era tax cuts. both are expected to fail, but democrats are hoping to get themselves and get republicans on the record on the books. of course, republicans want to extend the bush-era tax cuts for everyone. however, democrats only want to extend those tax cuts for people making up to $250,000. we're keeping a close eye on what's happening there. also, a stream of u.s. secret documents being revealed. u.s. government warning employees against reading any of them. saying many of them are still


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