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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  February 9, 2011 5:00pm-7:00pm EST

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apparently what we missed. the judge is going to be saying, i'm going to be as polite with you as i k.what do you make with his words? they are stern and they should >> they are stern. i mean, i think all judges are aware of sort of her track record. this judge is aware of her track record, and they are letting her know, it's too much. you've gone too far. i'm going to hold your feet to the fire. >> they say don't push your luck. sunny hostin, i thank you. now to my colleague wolf blitzer in washington. what's happening now. a promise to fight to the death, if that's what it takes to bring change to egypt. this hour, we're taking you inside the revolution and bringing you a new interview with that google executive who has become a national hero of this uprising in egypt. plus, egypt's vice president's importance seems to be growing by the day but many protesters don't trust him, any more than
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they trust president mubarak, and what if terrorists attack the united states with with a makeshift nuclear bomb? we're going to share survival tips and an ominous new warning today about the al qaeda threat to the united states right now. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." the longing for more freedom unleashed in egypt, spilling over in cairo and beyond. massive crowds showing up once again in tahrir square and spreading no a nearby compound housing government buildings. many of those protesters have been inspired by the words on the strength of the google executive who was held by egyptian authorities for a week and a half. wael ghonim tells cnn that he's ready to die, ready to die to bring change to egypt. he spoke with cnn's ivan watson about the revolution and the internet's role in it. >> if you want to free a
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society, just give them internet access, because people are going to, you know, they -- the young crowds are going to all go out and see and hear the unbiased media, see the truth about other nations and their own nation, and they are going to be able to communicate and collaborate together. >> was this an internet revolution? >> it is definitely. definitely this is the internet revolution. i -- i'll call it revolution 2.0. i just posted it on twitter yesterday. this is no longer the time to negotiate, unfortunately. we -- we went on the street on the 25th, and we wanted to negotiate. we wanted to talk to our government. we were, you know, knocking the door. they decided to negotiate with us at night with rubber bullets, and with police -- with police sticks and with -- with, you know, water hoses, with tear gas
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attacks and with arresting about 500 of us. thanks, you know. we got the message. now, when we escalated this and it became really big, they started listening to us. >> we're going to have more of this exclusive interview with wael ghonim ahead. stand by for that, but let's take you beyond the center of the revolt right now to the streets of the egyptian capital where protesters have been on the move once again today. cnn's ivan watson has been talking with some of them. >> reporter: the egyptian revolutionaries are shifting their tactics. we are no longer in tahrir square. we're in a new part of cairo for the sit-in. we're in front of the egyptian parliament. come take a look over here. last night crowds gathered here and performed a sit-in. they slept on the sidewalk right outside the gates of the parliament, and they even put a sign up right on the gates here, and it says to the attorney general. we want an investigation into
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the wealth of hosni mubarak and his family. take a listen to who one young man had to say to us. we are going to move. not to stay in tahrir square all the time. so we said no for this. we are going to continue and move anywhere to stop this regime. >> reporter: these revolutionaries say their protest movement is expanding. what were you saying, sir? >> i'm saying that all the egyptians outside in the street, no muslim brothers. we are the egyptians who are looking for the freedom. all that have been published to the media about muslim brothers is not true. >> reporter: and we hear this call repeatedly. these people say they will move into other government buildings until the egyptian government accepts their demands. ivan watson, cnn, cairo.
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>> young egyptians have been a driving force behind this revolution, and this helps explain why. the 2010 gallup poll found only 29% of the young people in egypt believe their country's leadership makes the most of their potential. that's a ten-point decrease from the previous year. the polls suggest egyptian young people were among the most dissatisfied compared to 15 to 29-year-olds in other middle eastern countries that were s surv surveyed. the obama white house, meanwhile, is urging the egyptian government to do much, much more to satisfy the demands of protesters, and that includes lifting the state of emergency, expanding negotiations with opposition groups, and making major constitutional reforms. administration officials are defending the president's handling of the egypt crisis now, and in the leadup to the revolt. let's go to the whooite house, r correspondent dan lothian standing by. dan, lots of questions about
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whether or not the administration should have been more conclude in about the temperature, what's going on in the middle east. >> reporter: that's right. that's right, wolf. in fact, there's finger-pointing, especially up on capitol hill where some lawmakers are wondering whether or not the administration got from the intelligence community timely analysis, did they get anything, any information that something was lacking, but the white house says that they believe nothing could have predicted exactly what happened. president obama relies on his intelligence community to sniff out trouble long before it erupts into chaos. egypt's brewing discontent, some argue, was a wake-up call >> i think we have underestimated the importance of social media, and i think we have not used enough public sources in our intelligence products. this is an old problem, not a new problem, and our intelligence products are hugely better since the passage of the intelligence reform act in 2004. nonetheless, we missed this. >> reporter: but the white house insists predicting the trigger
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and the scope of unrest was impossible to do, even if the cia sounded an alarm late last year. >> we have warned of instability. we didn't know what the triggering mechanism would be for that. >> reporter: but experts say the volume of information analyzed in this era of social media is a monumental task. >> and looking for a needle in a haystack, you have to remember this is not your grandfather's haystack. >> reporter: white house spokesman robert gibbs says the intelligence community did its job. >> the president expects that in any case that he will be provided with relevant, timely and accurate intelligence assessments, and that's exactly what's been done throughout this crisis. >> reporter: an administration official told cnn, quote, after tunisia, we were well aware that the protests would likely spread across the region. as for when the president was first informed of that threat, the official added, quote, the short answer is before it ever happened. as the obama administration applies pressure in egypt's
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transition process, questions are being asked about what, if anything, could have been done to prevent the unrest with 20/20 hindsight. >> not 100% clear, but the answer is probably no. they couldn't have ordered mubarak to do anything different. they don't really have any true leverage other than kind of persuasion that comes from being a strong ally and an aid provider, so in the end, even if they had known this was coming, it's not clear that they would have done anything differently. >> given what was happening in the region -- >> reporter: intelligence experts say that egypt does present an opportunity because when something like this happens, you're able to look back and make adjustments for the future. in the meantime, the intelligence community continues to play a vital role on the ground, to get a sense of what's going on to the people at play, also the forces at play and that will help policy-makers work through the problems. wolf? >> i get a sense that administration officials are still prus traded. they see the pictures on television and read about it in all the dispatches and
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magazines. but are they getting the kind of firsthand information from on the ground, from inside the revolution, shall we say, that they really need? >> the white house does believe that they are getting the information that they need. yes, indeed, there's frustration here because despite days and even weeks of calling for restraint, there is still violence taking place. you hear from the podium here, calls for officials there not to strike out at journalists and other activists as well, so there is still that level of frustration, and perhaps not being able to get that full picture of exactly what's going on. >> dan lothian at the white house for us, thanks very, very much. some of the faces in the crowd of protesters and egypt are more famous than others. i'll speak with one of those individuals, the egyptian actor and activist, boast known for his role in the film "the kite runner." does we see a role for him in egypt's future? and we'll go outside egypt's big
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ftd has created beautiful hand-crafted arrangements. this valentine's day show her how you really feel with unforgettable flowers from ftd. flowers say it better. ftd says it best. visit back to cairo in a moment. the protesters seem to be gaining the initiative, momentum against mubarak. we'll check in with what's going on. let's check in with jack cafferty right now who has "the cafferty file." jack? >> except for some judges, a lot of republicans and some democrats, president barack obama's health care reform law is very popular.
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consider this. a top republican says the house is likely to vote next week to block funding for the president's signature law. house majority leader eric cantor says it's expected to be part of an amendment during house debate on cutting at least $32 billion from the federal government's budget. although it's very unlikely that such a measure would make it through the democratic-controlled senate, it could still set the stage for another partisan showdown over health care. and it's not just republicans who are questioning the scope of the new health care law. there's a group of moderate senate democrats who are considering rolling back the individual mandate. that's the requirement that everybody buy health insurance. they haven't decided yet if they will propose legislation, but if they do, if they team up with republicans on this issue, it could become a major embarrassment for the president. a lot of these moderate democrats are up for re-election next year and represent states that mr. obama lost in 2008. the controversial individual mondate has also been shot down
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by some judges, most recently a federal judge in florida, ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional and that the whole health care law ought to be thrown out. well, this could very well set up a supreme court challenge over health care in the coming months, not to mention the two dozen other court challenges to the health care law that are pending around the country so here's the question. is president obama's health care reform law destined for the scrapheap? go to to post a comment on my blog. >> jack, thank you. for over two weeks the world certainly has been fixated on the center square in cairo and on the uprise against the egyptian government of hosni mubarak. but we know less about how the revolution is being felt outside the major cities. cnn's arwa damon took a trip to found out. >> reporter: we travel an hour outside cairo, to the farmlands of the nile delta to see how the
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rural areas are being impacted. people in this village are very wary of journalists. we leave our cameraman christian in the car when we initially approach a group of men. after a bit of convincing, they let us film, though suspicion remains. work here is fine. the country is peaceful. there are no problems, mohammed declares. that's not exactly the case. there were demonstrations and people were on the streets fending for their livelihood, he tells us. as the crowd gathers, we start speaking to this woman. my real opinion, whether hoz any stays or hoz any goes, what's important is that the youth gets jobs, she states. this mother of three works at a doctor's office making less than $30 a month, not even enough to cover the electricity bill. and typical egyptian hospitality she grabs me by the hand and
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invites us back to her home. her husband, a day laborer, is out looking for work, which he hasn't been able to find since the demonstrations began. ages 6 to 11, as you can see their childhood is not easy. skyrocketing prices have made making ends meet nearly impossible for most of the population in these parts of egypt. where life is more of a monotonous but desperate struggle to survive. though few dare say that outlewd. abeer invites us inside and away from prying eyes. we'll come in and film the bedroom, where she and her husband and their three daughters all sleep. she wants us to see how they don't have a place to put their clothes which are basically stored in these cardboard boxes. in the privacy of her home abeer
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breaks down. the situation is horrible. to be honest, i don't know. i don't know how to cope, she sobs. you can see for yourself. everything is horrible. i can hardly feed my children. i am uneducated, illiterate she continues. i don't know if the government should stay or go. all i know is people like us need to be able to live. she calls her children inside, pointing to them, saying look at how dirty they are. they are stained clothes. i can't bear them having to live like this. please, please, we just need help. we just need jobs, she begs, hoping that by risking speaking out to us the world will listen. >> and arwa damon is joining us now live from cairo. the other day when we spoke, arwa, you went outside of tahrir square, you put a scarf over
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your blond hair out of concern you didn't want to stand out. this time i see you're a little bit more at ease traveling outside of tahrir square. has the situation for a journalist like yourself improved? >> reporter: wolf, it has a little bit and we sensed that when we've been out there. we don't need to take such drastic measures and one does have to be very careful, pes exly when approaching people as a journalist. we're still not filming using our normal regular cameras. we're trying to be as subtle as we possibly can. but yes in that aspect there's been improvement but we the very wary populations and in fact the producer with us on this trip had to convince this group of men that our cameraman, christian, was not an israeli agent. >> when you go out and you speak to these people outside of cairo, arwa, if this uprising continues for weeks, if not months, they will be struggling?
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the money simply is not going to be there. tourism is going away. what are their biggest long-term concerns? >> reporter: well, wolf, it is money, and that's what it boils down to them, bearing in mind, too, that the country's faltering economy and prices skyrocketing and the lack of jobs is one of the reasons why the demonstrations have managed to swell to the size that they have. that is country where abeer's case, who we just heard from in this story, is not unique. 20% of the population estimated to live on under $2 a day. millions of people rely on those day wages. the longer this economy continues to really stumble along, the greater danger they are going to be in going hungry. we were at a food distribution point where volunteers had banded together trying to get food supplies out to the more remotes part of the country and one of them made the point that if the government and demonstrators don't somehow come together and find a solution at
5:20 pm
least for the economy, this, what he's calling democratics revolution, amazing for egypt's future, could risk as being its downfall if it were to turn into a food-based demonstration, wolf. >> arwa damon on the scene for us in cairo, thank you. we're going to have a lot more on egypt coming up here in "the situation room," including a man at the center of much of that rage in cairo's tahrir square. who exactly is the vice president omar suleiman, and what is his role in the country going forward? plus, just one month after being shot in the head, congresswoman gabrielle giffords is beginning to speak again. we're going to tell you what she said today. wrench? wrench. basic. preferred. at meineke i have options on oil changes. and now i get free roadside assistance with preferred or supreme. my money. my choice. my meineke.
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pictures from egypt, tahrir square. you can see the tent city that's effectively developed over the last couple of weeks. these were taken from a little bit earlier in the day. i just want to point out how massive it is right now and what's going on. the protesters want to regain the momentum against mubarak and his vice president, omar suleman. we're going back there live in just a few moments, but there's some other important stories we're working on, including a major development in the case of a model found dead at the home of a prominent beer tycoon. lisa sylvester is working that and some of the other top stories in "the situation room." >> reporter: hi, wolf, the medical examiner in st. louis
5:24 pm
county hats ruled the death of adrienne martin an accident saying she died of an oxycontin overdose. she was found dead at the home of august busch who december. authorities say there was never any evidence of suspicious circumstances. the white house says the obama administration plans to impose a gradual phaseout of government-sponsored mortgage backers of fannie mae and freddie mac and it's expected to include three options of reducing the government's role in the mortgage market. the two companies were rescued by the government in 2008 and are costing taxpayers about $150 billion in federal aid. and a potential setback for democrats hoping to maintain control of the senate. first-term virginia senator jim webb has announced he will not seek re-election in 2012. he's the third member of the party's caucus to do so. webb, who was a surprising winner in the swing state five years ago, says he plans to
5:25 pm
return to the private sector. and the chairman of the house armed services committee just back from afghanistan is predicting that only a small number of u.s. troops will be withdrawn from the region this summer. the visit included meetings with top u.s. officials. president obama has previously said the troop draw-daown will begin in july with the goal of having them all out in four years. 58% of americans are now shown to oppose the war. >> thanks very much, lisa, for that. the egypt revolution now is in its third week. how much longer does a famous protester plan to stick it out? i'll speak live with "the kite runner" star, the actor, who is standing by and of cnn's interview with the freed google executive from cairo who now says he's, quote, ready to die, to bring change to egypt.
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in "the situation room" happening now. he's a prime target of the outrage fueling a massive, massive demonstration in cairo's
5:29 pm
tahrir square, but could the egyptian vice president omar suleman really play a valuable role in his country? and with the united states? we're digging deeper this hour. plus, they now know the chants by heart and are following in their parent's footsteps ahead. the rise of egypt's youngest protesters. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." in egypt right now, lots of anticipation about what may happen in the coming days as protesters hold firmly in the center square of cairo and spread into new areas of the city at the same time. we could be seeing another huge turnout after prayers on friday, and some fear we might see a new government crackdown at the same time. joining us now via skype, the egyptian actor and protester khalid abdullah. best known for his role in the film "the kite runner." thanks very much for joining us.
5:30 pm
give us your latest sense of what the current situation is right now as we speak. >> the current situation is that the men in tahrir are incredibly secure and the most interesting stuff is starting to happen outside of the square. we're seeing -- we're seeing many revolutions happening all across the country. i mean, outside of cairo but also in -- in many of the major organizations, whether they are -- whether they are staged or not and unions. there was even -- there was even a strike in front of -- in front of the shop which is like a barney's or something like that. the revolutionary spirit seems to be taking over everyone, although i think possibly the most significant development on an international level is that there is now a strike said to be about 5,000 to 6,000 people at the suez canal, and so i
5:31 pm
think -- i think that's a major -- i think that's a major development. i mean, it's spreading. it's spreading like wildfire. people have learned that corr t collective voice, their voice has power, and they want the political freedoms and social justice and political reform. it's very clear. >> so are you saying that there's a possibility that these protesters, the strikers at the suez canal, could should down that waterway? >> well, as far as i understand the ships are still being allowed through, but i think the threat is very clear. now whether or not they -- whether or not they actually close, it i mean, i don't know. i wouldn't want to speculate. i don't have the expertise to be able to say so, but the threat is very clear. i mean, the country is clearly -- the state apparatus is unraveling. i mean, i think that's very clear to say. people are demanding that the state become in their service, not the state tell them what to do, not the state control them, not the police state terrorize
5:32 pm
them, and i think -- i mean, i think that's the most -- for me, those the most exciting development even on a human level. i mean, over the last two or three days, especially since the square itself has become secure. more and more people are coming out and those people we were afraid to come out before have come out to the square, those who may be had, you know, opinions that they weren't sure about what was going on seems to be coming out in full force which is why friday is a very important day for us, and, of course, there's the other development that we also took, you know, the trees outside parliament which is where i slept last night. >> you slept by the parliament, but is there any indication that you'll move towards the presidential palace where mubarak is presumably still staying? >> i don't think so. i think that's -- i mean, that's something that's been floated a lot. i don't think people will do it. also the presidential guard has slightly different rules to the
5:33 pm
army, and they have kind of an -- and i think they are likely to be more vicious if the -- you know, if people do try to break in -- break into the presidential palace. i can't see that happening myself. it's a very long way away from the men at tahrir. i think it's more likely to be a case of all of these little -- all of these mini revolutions happening all over the country. the government not being able to control them, and i think that's -- i think that's the more effective policy. i also think, you know, i mean, at the moment, the men at tahrir, it's like a heart that's really pulsing very hard. this sort of breakout into the parliament is like it's found a new artery. there's a new river that it can begin to occupy, and i think possibly over the come weeks we'll see that or the coming days. i mean, certainly friday, capacity -- capacity seems to be being hit regularly. i mean, today this afternoon and early evening, it was full.
5:34 pm
i mean, it was absolutely full, and that's very heartening. >> how long are you personally going to stay on the scene, khalid? >> i'm going to stay until he goes. it's as simple as that. >> what if he doesn't leave until after the scheduled elections in september? >> well, then we keep going until then. i mean, the fact of the matter is, it strikes me as a policy that's not working in their favor. the longer we are there, the more their lies, whether it's the lies of the last 30 years or corruption of the last 30 years, the lies of the last two weeks, all the lies that are revealed, it doesn't seem to work in their favor. there might have been a possibility that he could -- that he could have led a transitional government even five days ago. now, you know, i mean, now he seems to be sort of taking a presidential role. yesterday we had him saying extraordinarily that egypt was not ready for democracy, and this is the person that supposedly wants to lead all
5:35 pm
these people who have been demonstrating into a new democracy and there's threats against the protesters and there's sorts of news about thugs and reports about thugs. it's going back to the same thing and people don't have faith in him. the longer they keep him there, the more they lose. if that's how long it takes, that's how long it takes. i don't know how deaf these guys can be. >> khalid abdallah, the actor and activist. would like to check back with you again tomorrow. good luck to you and be careful. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. it's a pleasure. >> also standing by in egypt right now, cnn's ivan watson. he's going to take us behind the scenes of his interview with the freed google executive. stand by for that. here in the united states, a look at what we can all do to survive some sort of crude nuclear bomb attack. [ male announcer ] some prescription drugs may lead to constipation.
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a huge u.s.-bound oil tanker is hijacked by pirates. lisa sylvester is here monitoring that and some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. lisa? >> reporter: wolf, one official says the incident represents a significant shift in the impact of the piracy crisis with major oil lines to the west under severe threat. the attack was one of two in the arabian sea and indian ocean in recent days. the tanker was carrying 2 million barrels of crude.
5:39 pm
and you had to figure this was coming. 200 of the 400 ticket holders the ones denied seats at the super bowl are now suing the nfl, the dallas cowboys and jerry jones and "the dallas morning news" is saying they are asking for $5 million in damages. apparently weren't satisfied with the cash, future super bowl tickets and the merchandise that was offered, and another round of snow for the southeast. the storm comes barely a week after record-setting weather systems pummel the plains in the midwest. parts of oklahoma are seeing up to a foot of snow and windchills between 10 and 30 degrees below. winter storm warnings are now across portions of nine states and if you're considering flying american airlines. there's added fees on oversized luggage. for bags weighing 50 to 70 pounds. price will jump from $50 to $90 and bags over 90 pounds be prepared to pay $175. >> for one bag.
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>> reporter: >> that is the overweight charge, in addition to what you pay for your flight and everything else. one more fee. >> trying to make money, i guess. >> some potential gop presidential candidates are slamming president obama's handling the crisis in egypt. we'll talk about that, and president obama, he has lunch with some key republican leaders over at the white house. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning and had your shoes shined. well, i made you a reservation at the sushi place around the corner. well, in that case, i better get back to these invoices...
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some momentum. let's talk about the impact in our strategy session. joining us our cnn political contributor, democratic strategist donna brazile and the republican strategist tony blankley, executive vice president of global public affairs for edelman public relations. you used to say, tony, and you're familiar with this, that politics stops at the water's edge. this is a major national security crisis for the united states. should republicans, including republican presidential wannabes, be criticizing the president at a time like this? >> well, i personally think that a president should be given a few days to try to get his ducks in order. the history has not been, other than world war ii after pearl harbor, i mean, i think back to '83 when 263 marines were killed under reagan, democrats, not the leadership, but back bench democrats were attacking reagan within days and then reagan went into grenada a couple of days later and tip o'neill criticized him. later on he withdrew the
5:44 pm
criticism because wilson got hit hard. >> your former boss newt gingrich is really blasting the president right now. >> no. i think what makes sense and what we're seeing the formal leadership of the opposition party tends to hold its fire. back benchers, other people who are not currently in office, commentators start building their analysis and later on you'll see the leadership is justified, criticized and that's sort of been -- >> i guess what tone sesaying, donna, when there was criticism of president bush and donald rumsfeld and a whole bunch of other republicans for the war in iraq or in afghanistan, democrats were more than happy to criticize the republicans for those national security decisions. >> because, wolf, that was a different situation. we were invading another country in the case of iraq and we were responding to the terrorist attack on our nation's soil on 9/11, but this is about the egyptians. the egyptian citizens rising up for their freedom, and the administration is responding as
5:45 pm
this situation unfolds. we're all trying to figure out what's going to happen, what's the future? how do we begin to make this orderly transition? i think those who are taking the cheap political shots just to make some headlines, it's irresponsible. >> name names. >> sarah palin, for example, rick santorum, but the mainstream leaders in both political parties i think are speaking with one voice. you hear people saying we want to stay on the side of the egyptian people. >> les gelb, former "new york times" foreign correspondent, former head of the council on foreign relations, he's been all over the air criticizing the president's public statements. he thinks his private activities are probably making sense. you know, the state department and the white house are virtually pointing fingers at each other. hillary clinton's statements regarding giving mubarak more time and the white house's statement that now means yesterday so, it's not just cheap shots. there's some serious issues. >> the president had a major
5:46 pm
lunch today behind closed doors with a top republican leadership in the house, including the speaker john boehner. afterwards john boehner came out and suggested they could work together. listen to this. >> able to find enough common ground, i think, to show the american people that we're willing to work on their behalf and willing to do it together. >> that's pretty encouraging, donna, don't you think? >> that's one of the mainstream leaders i'm referring, to not some wannabe who wants to occupy the oval office come 2017. >> look, yes, wolf, there are a lot of issues that republicans and democrats could probably agree on, some trade issue, maybe tax reform. we will have very tough disagreements on some of the budget cuts, by think what the president is trying to do is to reach out. he said back in december there will be more opportunities for the two sides to get to know each other >> i remember every time newt gingrich, had he was speaker went to the house and met with president clinton at the time, he would always emerge and say very nice things, you remember those days about bill clinton.
5:47 pm
reminds me a little bit of that. >> from the driveway. >> i was at those stakeouts. >> i mean, look, ultimately there are going to be agreements made. there's going to be appropriations. the government will eventually, you know, continue, and so it's true there's going to be common ground, but we all understand that not just between the parties but within the republican party and the democrats on the deficit there are very deep differences of opinion. there's going to be a lot of struggling to -- to get to any kind of an agreement, even within each party. >> i hope the president -- >> go ahead. >> i hope the president got an agreement that we will not shot the government down. that didn't end so well for republicans years ago. >> i'd be shocked if the government shuts down, but we'll see. >> all right, guys. thanks very much. jack cafferty is coming up next, and then the children of the revolution in egypt. stories of the youngest. we're talking about the youngest egyptian protesters.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
jack is back with the cafferty file. jack? >> the question this hour is president obama's health care reform law destined for the scrap eater? lauren in chicago, nothing in washington ever gets placed on the scraper. the so-called health care reform law will continue to live on in some form or another.
5:51 pm
there's a need for true health care reform, but give tennessee political and economic interests, the likelihood of having a system that works for all the citizens is practically nil. herman in oregon says with over 50% of the american people opposed to this law and many states calling the mandate unconstitutional, congressional budget numbers on the cost, this partisan law should be headed for the scrap heap. this should have been a bipartisan law to begin with. why are we trying to fix it with bipartisan support? the way the law was passed was a joke, and an excellent example of what the american people are so tired of in washington. michael in ohio says i don't believe the individual mandate is wrong or the bill is destined for the scrap heap. it's no different than many state mandates that automobile owners have car insurance. they only took a problem and made it worse. the insurance companies and the drug manufacturers are the only
5:52 pm
one who is like this law the way it's written. i'm someone who doesn't have health insurance. couldn't afford it then. i can't afford it now. and jack writes obama care is the proverbial camel by committee. it looks funny, but it holds water better than any beast that's come before it. if there's any justice, the republicans and tea partyers will dry up. if you want to read more about the future of health care and other stuff, find it on -- well, you know. >> i love the e-mailers. they're so creative. >> they're much smarter than the guy who reads this stuff. you're smart, but they're creative. >> they really are. egypt's vice president omar suleiman is taking a more
5:53 pm
prominent role now. we'll take a much closer look at the intrigue surrounding him. standby. and how you could survive if the u.s. were attacked with a makeshift nuclear bomb. well, hotels know they can't fill every room every day. like this one. and this one. and oops, my bad. so, they give expedia ginormous discounts with these: unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. my brain didn't even break a sweat. where you book matters. expedia. ♪ hey ♪ what you do to me ♪ what you do to me ♪ hey ♪ all i see ♪ yeah [ male announcer ] you know all about her. ♪ it's new to me, yeah [ male announcer ] we know all about diamonds. together we'll find the perfect gift this valentine's day.
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a grim reality check today on the severity of the terror threat now faces the united states. testifying on capitol hill, janet napolitano reminds the
5:56 pm
viewers in some ways the country may not have come as far as they think. >> there's no question that we have made many important strides in securing our country from terrorism since 9/11. but the threat continues to evolve, and in some ways the threat today may be at its most heightened state since the attacks nearly ten years ago. >> the government also says the most significant risks now facing the u.s. is al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, and the american-born muslim cleric with alleged ties to the network. meanwhile, the obama administration is pushing to educate americans on what to do in the event of a terror attack, in particular, a nuclear terror attack. deborah feyerick finds out there are some things you can do to save yourself. deb? >> well, there are, wolf. and the challenge is making this threat real without terrifying people, especially since the risk of nuclear attack, not by nations, but by rogue terror
5:57 pm
elements has gone up. imagine if a major city like los angeles were to be attacked by terrorists using a radio active dirty bomb or improvised nuclear device. >> how close to a threat is that? >> they are hard to get. >> that preoccupies nuclear experts like the head of global security at the national lab. now a study for the department of homeland security finds surviving an atomic blast is possible. so this is the silver lining of the fallout cloud. if you can avoid the high radiation levels in the first few hours you can save your lif life. >> this physicist analyzed the cloud finding hundreds of thousands of lives could be saved by getting inside and staying in the center of a
5:58 pm
building to escape radio active fallout. >> the best thing to do is run inside, get to and seek shelter. >> absolutely. that's a great hazard response plan. if there's any toxic material in the environment, it's good get inside, especially to the core of the buildings that offer the best protection. >> the mushroom cloud carries radioactive particles miles into the sky. >> stay there 12 to 24 hours if you don't know any better. cities offer the most and therefore the best protection. they would then guide responses to determine evacuation rules. but the best way is preventing a bomb in the first place. and keeping your rain yum and plutonium away from terrorists all together. >> if it were to go off in the
5:59 pm
united states, it would be an event that would change the way we lived. >> now last summer emergency officials around the country received information to help prepare them now so they know what to do and how to respond quickly. sure the odds are small, but those in charge of disaster preparedness say if it were to happen, there is simply to room for error, wolf? >> deb, what sized bomb did they use in the role play for a potential nuclear attack? >> well, good question, the scenario, about several thousand oklahoma city truck bombs as far as explosive power and improvised devices, powering much less radio active material. if it were to explode, there would be loss of life and the port would be contaminated for decades, affecting billions in trade. >> and let's say the the device were found, could it be disarmed? >> iontis scientists say there a
6:00 pm
way to detect a nuclear device. it allowed me to walk away with much greater deal of comfort, wolf. >> thank you for that, deb feyerick. happening now, a cnn exclusive interview with a google executive, now a leader of the historic up rising in egypt. he says he's ready to guy for change. also controversial and intrigue swirling around egypt's newly installed vice president. details of his critical role and questionable pastz. and house republican leaders blind sided when they failed to pass a key vote on the patriot act. we're going inside the political drama with our senior political analyst, david gurgen and gloria borger. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." he's the unlikely hero of the
6:01 pm
egypt uprising and the story captured the world's attention. now he's free after more than a week in detention. the google marketing executive. he has become the face of the revolt against hosni mubarak. he's speaking exclusive by with cnn. we had a chance to sit down earlier in the day. tell the viewers how that went. >> well, at first glance it doesn't seem likely a likely revolutionary. he walks the streets carrying a laptop, but people, wolf, were running up to him embracing him. strangers stopping their cars in the street to kiss him, yelling out his name. he's believed to be an organizer of the first protest on january 25th that kicked off this popular up rising that just seems to be growing. he spent more than ten days in
6:02 pm
prison, in solitary confinement. blindfolded the whole time. he came out to a roaring crowd in tahrir square when he was released on monday. he now says that now is no longer the time to negotiate with the egyptian government. why? because it has too much blood on his hands. more than 300 people killed according to this. >> if you want to free a society, just give them internet access. the young crowds will all go out and see and hear the unbiased media. see the truth about other nations and their own nation and they're going to be able to communicate and collaborate together. >> is this in collaboration sf. >> definitely. definitely. this is the internet revolution. i just posted this on twitter
6:03 pm
yesterday. this no longer the time to negotiate, unfortunately. we went in the street on the 25th. we wanted to negotiate. we wanted to talk to our government. they decided to negotiate with us at night with the rubber bullets. with the police sticks. with water hose. with tear gas. and with arresting about 500 people. thanks. we got the message. now when we escalated this and it became really big, they started listening to us. >> this man says the people who first started organizing the protests had nothing to do with the brotherhood. he said they were hit, one of his heros is mark zuckerberg and gandhi. he said they used passive
6:04 pm
resistance in the beginning. he says now he's ready to die for this cause trying to make egypt a democracy, a better country. as evidence he showed me a letter of attorney handing over all his assets to his wife in case he comes in harm's way. >> does it look like the protesters are gaining momentum on friday when we're expecting huge demonstrations once again? >> reporter: there are definitely signs that this is growing, wolf. for instance, this morning i was outside the gates of parliament overnight a group of protesters moved from tahrir square. the square we've all seen again and again. they moved many blocks from there and started another sit-in front of the gates of the ministry of health. they spent the night there. they are still occupying the streets. they are adapting their tactics and they will continue to
6:05 pm
ratchet up the pressure against the egyptian government until it agrees to their demands. >> thanks very much. we'll get back to the story in egypt in just a moment. we're getting new information into "the situation room" right now about a republican man and alleged scandal involving craigslist. dana bash is working the story for us. >> reporter: the alleged scandal lid to a resignation. congressman christopher lee of new york has resigned his seat, resigned his seat here in congress because of what seems to be allegations -- he's a married congressman -- tried to meet women on a dating website in washington. this was first reported by the website called gawker, which is
6:06 pm
essentially gossip column here in washington. it had e-mails that went back and forth on craigslist between the married congressman and this woman who he met on a site called women for men. he apparently, again, allegedly said he was a 39-year-old lobbyist and single. he's a 46-year-old married congressman with a son. we are still waiting for statement from his office, but we do know from another republican source he has informed john boehner her has resigned his seat. >> we don't have an official statement from congressman lee. >> we have a formal statement from neither. we do have one from a prm source who knows of the decision that he has resigned. we know also from a source familiar with john boehner's
6:07 pm
office that he has informed the speaker of his decision. we don't have full confirmation because of this report, but every arrow points to that. >> and he was just elected. he was a freshman. >> he was just reelected. he was elected in 2008. he was just reelected. so he is a relatively new member of congress. given his district where he's from, you're very familiar with it. he's certainly a member of the new republican majority, or was. he's known as quite moderate. >> he's married with children, right? >> he's married with one son. according to these alleged exchanges on craigslist. he told this woman whom he was trying to pick up, effectively, that he did have a son, but he was single. the other thing i should tell you about this, and i don't have to tell you because you're looking at it, he sent a
6:08 pm
photograph of himself, allegedly, to this woman, and that photograph, as you see, has him without his shirt on. >> pretty embarrassing stuff. we'll stay in close touch with you. dana breaking the news here in "the situation room." let's get back to the uprising in egypt now. certainly it's a fast moving story. we have correspondents bringing in new information literally almost every single minute. let's get the latest from dan lothian, state correspondent, jill dougherty and our pentagon correspondent, chris lawrence. first to you, the pentagon is especially concerned, i guess about the confidence they have or not necessarily have in the egyptian military which is so critical in this whole situation right now. >> you're talking about the reports that perhaps elements of the military may have detained journalists and others there. a defense official told me here just this afternoon, quote, we
6:09 pm
never publicly backed them, referring to the egyptian military. saying the pentagon felt the military had acted professionally up to this point and still believe that. now we're seeing a separation of the pent gone and what they're referring to as a segment. they are seeing elements they may have been involved in abusing some of the people in cairo. they feel like as a whole the institution of the military has still shone strength. also the word i'm getting is that any attempt to stop or restrict that billions of dollars of aid that the u.s. is giving to egypt, the pentagon seems to be saying please think carefully, they think it's highly important not to jump to a rash decision, talking about the communication lines that have been opened because of that
6:10 pm
aid and the relationship between the two militaries, but that line of communication may have gone cold after a flurry of calls between secretary gates and admiral mike mullen. in the last few days, no calls. >> yesterday the defense secretary was afusive saying they were behaving in -- i believe he said an exemplary fashion right now. what i hear you saying, yeah, the egyptian military as a hole deserves praise, but there's elements within the egyptian military harassing journalists and human rights workers and others, is that right? >> that's right. they are trying to split the difference between looking at the egyptian military as a hole and singling out certain elements within the military. >> dan lothian at the white house. is the president, is the white house stied with the intelligence they have received
6:11 pm
to date? >> the white house says the president has gotten relevant, timely and accurate information. an official i spoke with here at the white house today said after tunisia, they were well aware the protests could spread across the region. i also asked when the president was first informed of the threat. he said, quote, the short answer is before it ever happened. there's a lot of finger pointing going on. questions about whether or not the president had the full view of this potential threat, the up rising, the white house believing that they did have good information. >> u.s. statements, how far apart is the obama administration from the egyptian government right now. >> wolf, they're not really on the same page. in a way, they're not even reading the same book. the best example is the most recent with the vice president, vice president biden. and he was saying the egyptians
6:12 pm
really have to stop the arrests of journalists and human rights group. that they have to this be more open to different political groups joining the talks and they have to end the emergency law. today there's going to be an interview with the foreign minister and he's saying we can't lift the emergency law. we have prisoners who have escaped from jail on the streets. and we've been getting confusing messages out of this administration for the first four or five days of all these actions on the street. then finally they're trying to impose a solution. so they're not on the same page. in fact, it's really washington's dilemma, trying to show that they don't want to try to dictate anything. >> thanks very much. we'll get back to the egypt story in just a moment. standby, though. >> let's get more now on the apparent resignation of
6:13 pm
congressman christopher lee of new york. he's a republican, dana bash is on capitol hill. you broke the story, dana. tell us what has just happened. >> we now have an official statement from congressman chris lee, a republican of new york, confirming what we reported, that he has resigned. he says it's been a tremendous honor to serve the people of western new york. i regret the harm i have caused. i apologize to them all. promise to work as hard as i can to seek their forgiveness. he goes onto say the challenges we faced in western new york and across the country are too serious for me to allow this disstrdi distraction to continue. i'm announcing i resign my seat effectively. on that note, the house clerk on the floor of the house just a few moments ago actually read the resignation of chris lee, saying that he is resigned, effective immediately. as of now there's one less member of congress, 434 members
6:14 pm
of congress because of this resignation and to just recap -- let me put it up for you, wolf. >> the speaker house of representatives, sir, i hereby give notice of my resignation from the united states house of representatives, effective 5:00 p.m., wednesday february 9th, 2011. attach sd the letter i submitted to governor andrew cuomo, signed sincerely, christopher j. lee, member of congress. >> that was just a few minutes ago. to recap what we're talking about here, wolf, this is a fast moving story. the reason, apparently he decided to resign is because of a report on a d.c. website that reported that he, a married man with one son, was on a website
6:15 pm
trolling for women. there was an e-mail site where he was going back and forth saying he is not married, that he's single. he's a lobbyist. he's 46. and, of course, allegedly, emphasize, allegedly sent the photograph that you see on the screen right now to this woman whom he was communicating with on this website, wolf. >> and the shirtless picture of him we've been showing our viewers for the gawker website, have we confirmed that was him? that was the picture he sent out looking for women? >> the answer is we have not confirmed that. his office throughout the afternoon, as this has become -- has gotten out there, has been very careful not to confirm anything this is the first word we have from anybody of any indication that this is actually
6:16 pm
true. we're certainly going to try to find it out. not denying or confirming it's accurate. >> standby, dana. i want to bring in david gurgen and gloria borger to weigh in. folks should not necessarily be surprised. another alleged sex scandal, if you will, on capitol hill. there's a long history there. >> you can't count them on two hands. what's interesting about this is that he just took power. and power as a way with of crypting. it can go to your head too easily. he clearly couldn't handle it. >> what's interesting is how quickly he's resigning. republicans have just taken over the house. republicans still remember 2006 when they had their sex scandal with mark foley. many believed it cost them a lot of seats in those elections in
6:17 pm
in the midterm elections. i guarantee you the moment the newly minted speaker boehner heard about this he wanted to end it, immediately. that's why we're probably seeing it happen, you know, in mock time here. they don't want this to drag on. get it over with. >> that makes a lot of sense wharks gore ya is saying. this is the last thing we need right now. this kind of scandal. involving a republican from new york state. he says in a statement i have made profound mistakes. he doesn't elaborate what the mistakes are, but they are, as he himself says, profound. >> gloria is right about that. by resigning quickly you can make it a two-someday stoday st of dragging it out. in 2006 they paid a price at the
6:18 pm
polls for this sort of thing. they're trying to get traction in the house of representatives. they're trying to show as a new majority in the house they can govern responsibly. this comes in the midst of other stories. disarare on the voting. such as the patriot act, as you know. i can tell you there was a lot of stunned people that came here to work for a member of congress that they believed in, and they were very stone faced and try to be poker face, but it was clear they were in shock. i just asked the question that you asked me, wolf. is this photograph actually real? the response was, i don't have any idea.
6:19 pm
that gives you a sense of what is going on here. the people around him didn't know what was going on. >> if you're a republican leader in the house right now, you don't really care about explanations you within the this done because you're going to have to deal with a lot of issues starting with the budget on monday. >> we have no idea whether there was ever any sex involved. the only thing we have is this photograph. we're not sure if it hasn't been doctored. i'm fit, fun classy guy. 6'0", blond, blue. but we have no idea if anything beyond posing for a picture like that may have occurred. >> one thing we do know, wolf is, he's not schwarzenegger.
6:20 pm
>> well, yeah. we're not going to discuss that. thanks very, very much. let's go to jack cafferty. he's got the cafferty file. jack? >> as the drama in egypt continues to unfold, there's a growing question about role the muslim brotherhood should play if any. some see it as a hostile islamic group that includes dangerous fundamentalists. others say it's another opposition group in e squipt that shouldn't play a role in whatever comes next in the country. the muslim brotherhood has been banned in egypt for decades. it still has a following. it's the largest and most organized opposition movement. in the 2005 parliamentary election, the candidates managed to win 20% of the seats. the muslim brotherhood has spent part of recent meetings about political reform in egypt. the leaders insist they're not
6:21 pm
seeking power saying they want to participate but not dominate. they also say they reject a religious state. not everybody believes them. for good reason. critics point to violence and connect them to tryst groups like hamas. they say the brotherhood doesn't believe in equality between muslims and christians or between men and women. the jerusalem post reports on a 199589 book called "jihad is the way." it details the goal of a globa s islamic conquest. it suggests they are meant to establish anni islamic state an spread it around the world. easy to understand why some are not so trusting of the muslim brotherhood. what role should they play in egypt's future? go to and
6:22 pm
post a comment on my blog. >> we're learning much more about the egyptian vice president as the country teeters on the brink. seven years ago, i had this idea. to make baby food the way moms would. happybaby strives to make the best organic baby food. in a business like ours, personal connections are so important. we use our american express open gold card to further those connections. last year we took dozens of trips
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using membership rewards points to meet with the farmers that grow our sweet potatoes and merchants that sell our product. we've gone from being in 5 stores to 7,500. booming is using points to make connections that grow your business.
6:24 pm
there's a deadly attack in iraq. what happened there, lisa?
6:25 pm
>> wolf, iraqi police suspect the terror group al qaeda in iraq is behind three coordinated bombings that killed at least seven people. it targeted two police patrols and a building used by security forces. 68 people were wounded. cnn affiliate reports an exploration skip will leave seattle, washington, on a mission to find the wreckage of a jet you may recall that was headed to brazil with 228 passengers aboard when it disappeared over the atlantic ocean nearly two years ago. 50 bodies were recovered but the plane and flight data recorders were never found. the ship is expected to arrive at the crash zone in about 40 days. and the u.s. postal service's warning it may have to default on some of the financial obligations this year after suffering a $239 million quarterly loss the financially self supporting agency has been hit hard by a major decrease in mail volume while the reserves
6:26 pm
have been strained by retiree costs. defaults will be unavoidable if congress doesn't change a law requiring the agency to contribute billions to retiree benefits every year. and a spokesman for congresswoman gabrielle giffords says the arizona democrat is regaining part of her able to speak. she's recovering from a brain surgery afs she shot in the head by a gunman in tucson. six people were killed in the shooting. i spokesman would only say she would ask for toast. this is such a great story. she's starting to speak. it's very good news. >> it's going to be a long process. let's hope she'll be back to normal sooner rather than later. thanks very much. the complicated past of egypt's vice president.
6:27 pm
why omar suleiman is both trusted and feared. we're going back to cairo. host: does it take two to tango? ♪ ♪ anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% omore on car insuranc
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
the uprising in egypt. before it began a few people outside the country had ever heard of omar suleiman. now the newly installed vice president is playing a key role in the crisis, and he's stirring lots of controversy. we asked brian todd to take a
6:30 pm
closer look at this man in the world spotlight right now. what do we know about omar suleiman? >> he's known as a mind the scenes operator and the power behind the throne in egypt. now he's front and center and given his past, some of his recent comments on the crisis have raised concerns among egypt's allies. he's either sending dangerous messages or being taken out of context. he's either an incurable strong man like his friend mubarak or an invaluable steward for the crisis. it could be all of the above. he seems to become more important by the minute. that's why so many officials outside egypt listen so carefully to his comments. take this criticism from the white house. >> vice president suleimanmade particularly unhelpful comments. >> he said this when asked if he
6:31 pm
believed in democracy? >> but when you will do that. when the people here would have it. >> but an official tells cnn suleiman is being misinterpreted. he said in another interview told journalists if a coup is attempted, unfortunately egypt doesn't have the civic or democratic culture to counter that. he also told us suleman was misquoted as saying the government couldn't tolerate the protests much longer. it was interpreted as a flthrea to crack down further. he said he meant the country as a hole couldn't take much more of this. given his past, it's not hard to see how his words could be taken as ominous signals. he made his representation as head of the service.
6:32 pm
despite his concessions to the protesters, he's every bit as much of a dictator as mubarak. >> has he had a hand in the atrocities during this crisis and the past? >> he's the head of intelligence. for the dirty tricks of the regime, the head of intelligence is doing it all. this is the man at the center of all. >> but they say there's ha flip side to omar suleiman. he was trying to work out some reproach. he has certainly been the one who worked with the israelis and others including the united states over issues of terrorism. >> so the solid picture we're getting from u.s. officials and analysts that he may not be the best person to lead egypt through the crisis, but there may not be any better alternatives. one state department official told me no one thinks he's a
6:33 pm
nice guy but some key leaders are comfortable with him because of their past dealings with him and he's trusted by a large segment of the people. feared, but trusted for now, wolf. >> is he positioning himself, though, to replace mubarak as president. >>? >> well, he said recently no way that they're prohinted from the constitution. by the constitution from doing that. but u.s. officials and others are concerned maybe until elections are held that he may find some clever way to position himself to take power under the guides of pluralistic democracy. they're very concerned about that. seven months is a long time to bide your time in egypt. in history, when mubarak was vice president, then assassin e assassinated. there's speculation now that suleiman is the vice president. >> they find a way historically. >> yeah, that's the history in
6:34 pm
egypt. if you look at the huge clouds that have been gathering in tahrir square, you'll notice children are taking part in the protest. fred pleitgen talked to some of them. >> reporter: when the demonstrations on cairo's liberation square get into swing, 11-year-old yusef and his brothers and cousins are in the thick of things. they know all the chants by hearts. they've been here for most of the time the protests have been raging. >> translator: when i wake up apr pray, attend morning exercises and then wait a little bit before joining the morning protests. >> the family stays in this tent on liberation square. they say they witnessed much of the violence that occurred here as proand anti-mubarak protesters crashed. molotov cocktails were hurled back and forth and egyptian soldiers fire maryland the air
6:35 pm
to try to separate the opposing sides. >> i wore a hard hat on my head for protection from rocks. when i saw them throwing rocks, i stayed on the side of the road until they finished. then i came over here. i was there during the violence. the pro-mubarak protesters were standing alongside of us. all the sudden they started throwing rocks and taking the corner of the square. >> reporter: parents have been bringing their kids here since demonstrations kicked off two weeks ago. now more and more children are showing up here. some are actively participating in the demonstration. on wednesday we even saw what was by all accounts the first all children demonstration. chanting many of the slogans the groan-ups used, they know what
6:36 pm
we're fighting for. >> reporter: we want the whole regime to end. they are not making our lives easier. >> translator: when i finish college, i want to be able to find a job. when i speak with a policeman, i want him to respect me as a citizen. >> parents and older relatives of the youngest tell us they want their children to experience what many believe is history in the making. >> it's the birth of freedom. i'm proud. it will engraven their love for the nation, loyalty, freedom and respect in change. i want them to be free. >> he says he believes his family is doing it for his future. fred pleitgen, cnn, cairo, egypt. >> we'll have much more on egypt coming up. also other news including the president's daughter. they are not on facebook. the first lady wants to keep it
6:37 pm
that way. cc0c0a8c0cpcxaxcpc8cpc
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
we're likely to see more of
6:40 pm
michelle obama as the next race for the white house ramps up. let's bring back lisa sylvester with details. the first lady is speaking out. >> wolf, michelle obama has largely stayed away from the political issues, really leaving that her husband, but she has been vocal on causes like education, military families, healthy living. it's all helped shape her role as a first lady. not a hillary clinton, but not a laura bush either. >> michelle obama created her own role as first lady. punting on issues like egypt but fighting for healthy eating. she gives america the inside scoop on her family, telling us, for example, her husband kicked his smoking habit and does not dye his hair. >> if he had known he would have been president, he would have started his hair a few years ago. >> and her girls aren't on facebook. >> i'm not a big fan of young kids having facebook, so, you know, it's not something they need. >> the first lady is making the media rounds a sit-down lunch
6:41 pm
with print reporters, an appearance on "regis and kelly" and a live interview with the "today show" to mark the one-year anniversary of her let's move campaign to encourage physical fitness for kids. it's also an opportunity for the administration to showcase the first lady and show a white house empathizing every day americans and asking them to be patient. >> if you look at the accomplishments over this year, he kept every promise he made. it doesn't feel good always when you're down and out. but we're on the right path. >> in many ways she does what the president is unable to do. that's to humanize who he is. that's important to any white house, in particular, any president who is being seen in one dimension as the leader of the the country, for voters to see who he is outside of the role. >> in the spring of 200964% of
6:42 pm
people viewing her very positively or somewhat povly, according to a dwal street journal nbc poll. still, with the 2012 elections on the horizon, she's expected to be a huge magnet on the campaign trail. >> she's viewed as one of the most, you know, the biggest gap for a lot of democrats. they would love to have her come in, welcome her in, i think it's just a matter of who is going to get her time. which she is very strict about. that's the question. >> michelle obama was asked about the menu for the super bowl party at the white house. they had pizza. they had buffalo wings. but she said it's about balance. if you have a day like the super bowl, well then, go ahead and indulge. then get back to healthy eating the next day.
6:43 pm
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critical talks between north
6:46 pm
and south korea collapsed today. north korea's delegation of walking away from negotiation table after they failed to agree on higher level military discussions. an issue that sent tensions soaring in december when the then new mexico governor bill richardson went on a mission to north korea. i went along. it was an extraordinary opportunity to go inside one of the most secretive nations in the world. sunday morning, december 19th. as two koreas stand on the brink of war. they are getting ready for an emergency session in new york. those nights in north korea i wasn't sleeping well. especially the sunday morning when i woke up. i did not have a good night's sleep. i was restless. i was really worried. i really feared this crisis could escalate into an all out war. even in the depth of crisis there are light hearted moments. >> translator: my name is wolf.
6:47 pm
when i see the north korean girls ice hockey team jogging outside the national ice rink, i can't help but join them with my hand held camera shooting away. for governor richardson, the much more serious business of meeting with the major general t commander of the north korean forces at the dmz. his job is to sure they're in place since 1953 holds. we're politely asked to wait outside. the general is not backing down. he warns if the north koreans go ahead with their kpeshz the north will retaliate. >> it's a tough, sobering meeting in a situation that's extremely tense. at this point i'm getting very anxious. worried we'll be stranded in north korea. but even an international crisis of this magnitude is not enough to this change the program of
6:48 pm
sightseeing for us. today's trip takes us into the countryside. >> thank you very much. the visit is well choreographed. we meet an elderly woman and her grandson. inside, a picture of the great and dear leaders, whom, we're told, had visited this farm. the next day will again make his case for restraint. but time is moving slowly. on that sunday night we're afraid his efforts will be too late. the clock is ticking toward the start of the south korean live fire exercise. >> all this week we're showing you some parts of this journey. tune in this saturday for the full one-hour documentary. six days in north korea, this saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern. what role should the muslim brotherhood play in the government? jack cafferty coming up with
6:49 pm
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these are pictures of tahrir square in cairo. the crowds huge right now. they're not leaving. they want president mubarak out. let's check back with jack. he's got "the cafferty file." >> what role should the muslim brotherhood play? richard in kansas, i suspect the muslim brotherhood will play much the same role in their
6:52 pm
political system that the christian right plays in ours. all countries have their share of religious extremists who would like to impose their beliefs on everyone else. we can only pray, yes, pray that there are enough sensible well-balanced people engaged in the process to keep the zealots at bay. joe, reading u.s. journalist accounts of the tea party movement could draw the same conclusions as you detail here. some say it's a bunch of gun toting rednecks bent on destroying the country while others say its aim is to save the country. it's none of their business how they conduct their politics. joe in maryland writes, my hope for egypt is that moderate intellectuals will grab the reins of the country and direct egypt into a solid and successful and peaceful existence. harold in alaska, probably about the same as our own fundamentalist groups here. a gadfly to progress from out of here. carolyn says they should play
6:53 pm
their role as advertised. an islamic voice for reason. can yyou think of a better way o sock it to the west than actually honor their campaign promi promises? ken says, i can see how religious groups play a role in our country. it seems we're jumping through hoops over gay marriage or abortion. it blinds us emotionally in choosing our leaders. one wonders how that will play out in our future. bob says they ought to play any role the egyptian people think they should play. it's none of our business. >> you want to read more on the muslim brotherhood in egypt, go to cnn .com/caffertyfile. >> an egyptian activist being hailed as a hero is speaking to cnn only days after being released by egyptian authorities. more of the interview at the top of the hour on "john king, usa." stand by for that. but up next the venomous
6:54 pm
reviews of the most expensive show to hit broadway.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
here's a look at some hot shots in bangalore. air force jets fly over the crowd over the opening ceremony. in london a woman arranges the seating plan for the british academy film awards at the royal opera house. in cairo an anti-government protesters runs underneath an egyptian flag. in afghanistan, check it out. a dog belongs to the u.s.
6:57 pm
marines 1st battalion stands beside a caged bird. "spider-man" is the most expensive hoe to hit broadway. but many critics are calling the $65 million production a colossal waste of money. cnn's jeanne most has their most unusual reviews. >> reporter: look out, "spider-man," the musical. you've been bitten by that venomous, poisonous species theater critics. "the washington post" said no superpowers needed to sniff out this stinker. shrill, insipid mess, a musical aimed squarely at a cub scout demographic. >> i really thought it was great. >> reporter: but in the press, "spider-man" was spider-panned. the "los angeles times" says incoherence isn't much to sit through.
6:58 pm
these verbal wounds follow all of the actual injuries. four so far including the stuntman who got cheered. as they carried him off to the hospital. "the new yorker" put a hospital ward full of spidermen on its cover, the keyboard tap played "spider-man" off the stage. the $65 million production is said to be broadway's most expensive show ever and critics are asking where did all the money go? >> even "mary pop pins" has flying people and they look like it's flying. here it's people strapped into harnesses as if it were a carnival ride. >> reporter: it's full title is "spider-man: turn offer the dark." spokesmen released a statement saying this pile yon is a huge endorsement. changes are still being made and
6:59 pm
any review that runs before the show is frozen is totally invalid. but reviewers say the show has pushed back its official opening for months. to "spider-man"'s defense comes a prominent fan, a guy who is no stranger to theatrical productions. usually his own. here's glenn beck's review. >> "spider-man" is the eighth wonder of the world. >> reporter: what leaves the audience in wonder is when a glitch occurs in the aerial razzle-dazzle, the actors have taken to improvising as they're left dangling. >> thanks, you better watch out spidey, you know, they're known to drop people on the audience. the applause was thunderous after that. we were all part of this shared experience of spider-man, the disaster. >> reporter: who are you calling a disaster, puny mortal. jeanne most, cnn, new york. >> that's it for me. thanks very much for watching. i'm wolf blitzer in "the situation room." "john king, usa" starts right now.


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