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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 3, 2011 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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-- captions by vitac -- i'm brooke baldwin. let me tell you about a couple of things happening on my watch this afternoon. look at the live pictures right now with members of the u.s. house gathering in their own auditorium on capitol hill to be briefed on the operation that killed osama bin laden, and they will be getting the details straight from the horse's mouth so to speak, the director of the central intelligence agency, leon panetta, so if the any members come to the cameras there outside, we will of course let you know. also, the btm of the bottom of e senate chambers resolution to honor the members of the military mission that performed that kill mission sunday and a
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interesting change of colors here in the chamber, because the members are asked to sit at their individual desks which is a custom that is saved for solemn and special occasions. we will bring you that live when it happens as well. busy day for the capitol hill and the white house as well. within the past hour, the white house delivered a new readout on the raid that killed osama bin laden and we are hearing some new details and new information including the fact that bin laden was not armed although the u.s. officials continue to say he resisted. let's listen. this is white house spokesman jay carney. >> on orders of the president, a small u.s. team assaulted a secure compound in an affluent suburb of islamabad to capture or kill osama bin laden. the raid was conducted with u.s. military personnel assaulting on two helicopters. the team methodically cleared the compound and moving from room to room, in an operation lasting nearly 40 minutes. they were engaged in a firefight throughout the operation, and osama bin laden was killed by
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the assaulting force. in addition to the bin laden family, two other families resided in the compound, one family on the first floor of the bin laden building and one family in a second building. one team began the operation on the first floor of the bin laden house, and worked their way to the third floor, a second team cleared the separate building. on the first floor of bin laden's building two al qaeda couriers were killed along with a woman who was killed in cross fire. bin laden and his family were found on the second and third floor of the building. there was concern that bin laden would oppose to capture operation and indeed, he did resist. in the room with bin laden, a woman, bin laden -- rather, a woman, bin laden's wife, rushed the u.s. assaulter and was shot in the leg, but not killed. bin laden was then shot and killed. he was not armed. following the firefight, the noncombatants were moved to a safe location as the damaged
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helicopter was detonated. the team departed the scene via helicopter to the "uss carl vincent" at sea. aboard the "uss carl vincent" osama bin laden was buried according to military practices. the deceased body was washed and placed in a white sheet and placed in a weighted bag. a military officer read written remarks translated by a native arabic speaker. a then afterwards the body was place odd an prepared flat board and tipped up and the deceased body eased into the sea. >> carney mentioning the burial at sea, and there is a new tidbit at the end, because we knew that bin laden was buried at sea, but he told us that it was the north arabian sea and his words were that he was eased from the deck of the "uss vincent" and so more information
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emerging from the top secret raid, and more news from washington. i want to move to pakistan to the scene of the raid that killed the world's most notorious terrorist, and new details merging from there from cnn's nic robertson. >> reporter: just across the fields here, 100 yards, where there is a crowd of people gathering there. i can see the soldiers, one soldier walking across the field. but when you look at the building there, and when you look at it there, it is different from all of the buildings around it. it is taller and it has a higher wall. the compound starts right here, and you can see how high the wall is. look at this. okay. i'm 6'0", and my arms maybe another two feet which will give you another idea of how tall the wall is. of course, there is razor wire on top of it as well. if you come back and come and stand up over here, we can take a look here. you can get to see the high part of the compound building here. it was up there on the second and third floor where bin laden
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was killed. two shots, one to the head and one the chest. in what is becoming a tourist attraction in and of itself. look at the people gathered here. people have their cell phone out to take pictures and professional journalists down here, but a lot of people coming to take a look. the door here, and the soldiers have the door locked. hello, how are you? and you can see that the door is sealed here with the pink labels. no, no, no. they are sealing the doors to the compound. and behind the doors, blood on the floor. this video was taken just after the fight was finished, and now all of that damage is off limits. as you walk around the compound, there is nothing to give away that the world's most wanted terrorist was living inside here, but this is incredibly ironic. painted on the outside an advert of a girl's college painted on the wall of where are the world's most wanted terrorist lived.
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but think about this, osama bin laden denied women education, and his view of islam denied women the opportunity to progress in life, and here it is on the outside of the place he was hiding an advert for girls to get an education. looking in, you can see that the mud is churned up, but i can see the building as well. there is very little damage that i can actually see even, even squinting in to take a look from here and the building sup there and i can't see any signs of heavy explosions or any pot marks from gun fire. he couldn't have been hiding in anymore plain sight than this around three sides of the compound, the farmer's field, and cabbages down here and potatoes back there and marijuana plants right up to the side of the compound. plain sight. the farmers were working the fields, and he was just over the wall. are you surpriseded now to know who it was that was there? >> yes, i am surprised. i am shocked it is osama bin laden.
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>> reporter: are you happy that he has been killed? >> yes, i am happy, because the peace is very important for us. >> reporter: the last impression i have of bin laden's compound here is how little damage there is, and how few bullet marks we can see and the shell blasts. it is clear that the main battle took place right inside of there. nic robertson, cnn, abottabad, pakistan. i want to take you back to washington to go back to the briefing that just finished up at the white house. the topic, the photos of the dead bin laden. and now the white house is coming up up under mounting pressure to day to put them out there and make them public again and listen to white house spokesman jay carney. >> there are sensitivities here in terms of the appropriateness of releasing photographs of osama bin laden and in the aftermath of this firefight, and we are making an evaluation about the need to do that.
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because of the sensitivities involved, and we do review this information and make this decision with the same calculation that we do so many things, which is what we are trying to accomplish and does it serve or in any way harm our interests? that is the is not just domestic but globally. >> joining me now from washington, jessica yellin, national correspondent, and what do we know about the photos? >> well, from a senior u.s. official, brooke, i am told that there are three sets of photos. let me walk you through them. first, foes to of the compound and pictures of the three men killed, the two brothers and one of bin laden's son, an adult adolescent all killed. then two sets of bin laden, himself. one was right after they had returned his body to afghanistan taken then, and then a second set of pictures of bin laden on the "uss carl vincent" for the burial with the shroud and without the shroud on. and one of the issues is that
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the pictures of osama bin laden taken when he got to afghanistan is the one most identifiable as him, but it is gory and bloody, and jay carney himself said it is gruesome. there is an open head wound above and across both eyes i am told, so it is not the thing that you want your kids to see over their cherrios and you don't want to incite for violence, but you have to weigh in the environment like this, something like that could leak. >> so we don't know if at all or when the white house would release them? >> well, most of the pressure to release them is coming from the media, and it is true that they have unclassified enormous parts of the classified operation quickly. >> it is fascinating hearing some of the details, a jound been making phone calls and digging and photos aside, we know that the raid took 40 minutes, and in that time the team of american commandos walked away with thumb drives and computers -- what did they
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find? >> an intelligence windfall. five computers and ten hard drives and then more than 100 storage devices that include dvds, discs and hard drives, and thumb drives as you say. >> before i let you go, i want to talk about another photograph which is circulating and getting all kinds of attention. take a look. this is the photo from the white house situation room sunday fight when this whole 40-minute raid unfolded in pakistan and obviously a lot of people can pick out a number of these high, high ranking officials within the administration, et cetera, but jess, some of the faces we don't recognize, and you are plugged in, so walk me through some of the folks we may not recognize, but obviously, have very important to be in the situation room. >> well, i had to do some research, too, because they were there for history, too. there is vice president biden and of course the president, and next to him is the uniformed man is brigadier general marshall webb from the joint operations command. and s.e.a.l. jsoc operates
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behind him. and mike mullen, the president's top military adviser. tom don lynn is next to him in the blue, and then bill daily the chief of staff and then peeking over the shoulder is tony blinken, the president's national security adviser to the president, and in the back is a woman named audrey thomasson, director or the counterterrorism. and then you will see jim mcdonough in the blue sheet, and you know john brennan as assistant to the president for counterterrorism, andb you can barely see in the corner at the aej national intelligence director james clapper and everybody knows secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of the military general gates. >> and we know that panetta was sort of explaining what they
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were looking at, but we don't know what specific moment that was, and perhaps we will never know. jessica yellin, thank you so much. here is an acronym that you and i have been learning here today. ekia, and it is an acronym for enemy killed in action. so how do you begin to train for a mission that results in those letters? who needs to know? what do they need to know? and how do you practice for such a mission ahead of time? i'm going to speak with a former cia operative about the tactical details that we are all finding so fascinating today. stay right here. you know mom.ouncer ] we know diamonds. together we'll make this mother's day one she'll never forget. that's why only zales is the diamond store.
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>> all right joining me from new york, mike baker, formerly of the cia and he was a covert
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operations officer and mike, great to have you on. i want to get to new details we have learned this afternoon and bin laden on the third floor and apparently asleep and obviously awakened by the massive mission sunday and he was not armed but he did resist and jay carney said that resistance does not require a firearm and he was shot twice, and a clean hit. talk to me about the split second decision of a navy s.e.a.l. must have made to kill. >> right. they go in with their parameters, all right. capture or kill. you know, but ultimately, it is your call on the ground. you know, as it has to be. you know, it is nobody else, and nobody is armchair quarterbacking this thing from washington, thank god, as the guys get on the ground and the whistle blows and they should not start an operation by blowing the whistle, but off you go to the races. and the fact that he was shot, you know, indicates that at that moment in time that the s.e.a.l.
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member who took the shot, that was the best judgment. i defy anybody to start second-guessing the soldiers who went in to conduct this operation. >> we learned that there were many, many dry runs also within the united states and fake compounds built on both coasts where they were doing dry runs, and didn't even know who the target would be until much later on, so as a navy s.e.a.l. walking into the mission on this day on sunday, how much do they know versus how much is simply surprise? >> right. with something like this, they were fortunate in several ways in that we were able to identify this compound with sufficient time to carry out some pretty remarkable surveillance with the physical and technical surveillance and coverage and satellite surveillance, and so over a period of time to build up a very, very good understanding of certainly the physical layout. that allowed them to then create a mock-up which at the end of
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the day, they are very detailed. you trained a train on those within the time that you have got and know that you are breaching the door and ten paces here and corridor to the left and we know how high the walls are, and from that it is muscle memory, and then also, you are studying the people that are inside of the facility, and you are studying the patterns of activity so that you will have as you walk in there, it is never perfect and complete information unlike in the beach books and the feature films, but it is the best you can get, and at a certain point you have to make the call and say it is time to get off of the ice. let's go. >> and mike, we are hearing the different it rations of the story and the facts coming for ward and we were thinking a team of six navy, but instead, according to the article in "the new york times" it was four commandos and two sets is of helicopters, and can you explain the sheer numbers and why two socieets of helicop? >> well, it is not just the team
3:18 pm
who goes sign oid of tinside of to secure osama bin laden, because you have to protect the perimeter and they had a chopper down, and they had to ultimately destroy that and reserves and built in redundancy, and very smart, and we are in a situation where this particular operation you could include that redundant factor to it, and that proved critical, and no one should think that it is a small team, you know, that drops inside and that is all that is going on. there is a great deal of support resource going on behind them as well as air assets on something like that. >> and we know that this operation, we know it lasted 40 minutes and ultimately, their target was bin laden presumably and hoping to find him, which they have, but what else do you think they were told, get in and get as much as you can in terms of the thumb drives and hard drives and computers and get out before pakistani forces start to scrambling and coming after them to engage? >> right. right, well, obviously, there
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was that issue of, you know, nobody wants to go over having the pakistani military rocking up on the target and you have an issue here. so they knew that they were playing beat the clock in that sense. but then, also, just like with fields of fire, there is, you know, clear responsibilities given to various team members, and, you know, whether that is, you know, perimeter security or whether it is picking up anything possible in terms of potential actionable intelligence leads, so you know, they rock up, and they have got clear understanding what their mission is within that operation, itself. >> what a mission. mike baker, formerly of the cia and i love to have you on for your perspective. thank you so much, mike. he even mentioned this is looking like a good old fashioned espionage movie, and more details of how the cia tracked osama bin laden down to that compound na abottabad,
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you know it is not even 48 hours since the news broke about osama bin laden's death, and no photos or video of the mission have been released at least yet. what we do know about many of the various pieces of the puzzle that came together to make this whole thing possible and gloria borger wrote this column on
3:23 pm, and i know you tited this "classic espionage" and it is important to realize that this thing started multiple years ago. >> yes, multiple years ago. it kinds of lifts the veil, brooke, on how the cia operates and the painstaking work they do. and in terms of going after osama bin laden, they made the decision, he is in a hiding so that the people we should focus on are the couriers. the people who bring him his money, and the people who bring him his communications, right, the people who are his contacts to the outside world. so they have these high-value detainees like khalid shaikh mohammed who is the mastermind of 9/11, and they start asking questions about couriers, and they are getting some information from khalid shaikh mohammed, but then they come up to a courier whose nickname they knew. and they asked khalid sheikh
3:24 pm
mohammed and another detainee who was a messenger, himself, for bin laden, do you know this guy? h and they say, no, no, no he is not important, no big deal. meanti meantime their own intelligence work shows that he was a protege of ksm, so ksm knew exactly who he was and how important he was and in lying to the cia, it gave them a clue that, gee, this courier might be important. but they still didn't have his name, brooke. they only had a nickname to go on, so then they had to kind of track him down. >> well, it is fascinating what the interrogation folks do, and l listen for the key phrases and names, and what they don't hear which is key in this case. and there was mounting evidence that they didn't have a visual on osama bin laden at this particular compound and in your article you cite from the source
3:25 pm
that they had 60 to 80% that bin laden was actually in there. >> exactly. they really didn't know. and in fact, when they took this to the president, it was clear that this was what they call a circumstantial case. 60 to 80% probability that osama bin laden was on that third floor. they knew members of his family, they believed were on that third floor. they know that the couriers live there, because this courier actually inadvertently led them to the compound, and so this is where are the president has to make a decision, do we go in, do we not go in? do we bomb the place? or do we need to have evidence that we have actually got osama bin laden's body? and they made the decision, the cia director leon panetta agreed with the president that in fact it was likely that osama bin laden was there, and they didn't know for certainty, because they never saw him enter the building or leave the building.
3:26 pm
so, you know, this was one of those calls that the pieces of the puzzle -- >> the president had to make and the cia had to put together and it was john brenner who called it a mosaic. >> yes, it was a mosaic. >> thank you, gloria borger, and if you want to read her column go to and she writes a lot about how the osama bin laden attack was years in the makeing. now, to this, have you seen this picture yet? look at that? that is a levee being blown up to prevent massive flooding in one town in illinois. here is the issue that the massive explosion was at the expense of all kinds of farmers just next door in missouri, and now they are suing. rob marciano is covering this one for us, and he is live there and 14th gowill join me next. and i'm like, "oh, promise mommy you'll never ever pick up a cigarette." i had to quit. ♪
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the u.s. army corps of engineers blows up a lee vie and floods 200 miles of rich farmland in missouri. they did it to bring down historic levels and save the town of cairo. you see it is sitting where the mississippi and ohio river come together there down south. now the downside to levee breaching is what happened in missouri, 100 homes were flooded along with the farmland around there, and our meteorologist rob marciano is in mississippi county in missouri there along the levee.
3:30 pm
and rob, just initially here, did the breach work? have the water levels dropped? >> well, you know, for many. for this area, no. this is actually the area that was flooded. the water that you see behind me wasn't here this time yesterday. where they blew that levee, that video that you have been showing which is extraordinary and how often do we blow the holes in the levees and we are usually building them up and shoring them up, but beyond the trees a mile and half or so is that levee or a section of it was blown apart last night, so that water could flood into the area. this is designed to be a floodway, and extraordinary case like this, they thought it was the ultimate backup, and that's why they let the water come in through this area. so, cairo, and some areas across the river, they have seen water levels drop well over a foot, and conditions in those areas are improving, but in other areas, well, it is a different story. >> yeah, i mean, we don't often
3:31 pm
see explosions of levees and i know it was a contentious issue, and chad myers updated me on the cairo side that it is down a foot and a half, but rob, wasn't the army corps of engineers supposed to do a third or maybe a second or third breach today? is that on schedule or not? >> >> no, it was delayed, but we have heard them an hour ago pop a second one and they will do a third one likely later on this afternoon or evening, and they are smaller and this is the big one and released a lot of the pressure and the water has to go somewhere and it cannot sit here, so a couple of smaller holes at the bomb of the floodway will slowly allow some of to water to go become to the mississippi farther down stream, but it is like cutting part of the sweater off of the right arm and sewing it on the left, and it is hard to dissipate all of the water, because the surge
3:32 pm
will continue to go downstream, and there are other areas besides cairo who have evacuated in anticipation of the rising waters. >> well, it is a bit of a catch 22 for the folks there in mississippi and missouri. thank you, rob. i want to talk about some video that has been turned around here in cnn. there is a new royal visitor here in the united states, and that is prince charles on a three-day trip. this is his first trip to d.c. since 2007 and one of the first stops today was the u.s. supreme court where he is right now. his office says he is scheduled to meet with the president, president obama and make a speech at georgetown university in his three-day visit in washington. and coming up next, what the u.s. did with osama bin laden's body after he was killed. >> the burial of bin laden was done in conformance with islamic
3:33 pm
preseps and practices. the deceased's body was washed and then wrapped. >> is that really in keeping with the muslim faith? i will ask an imam next. ♪ sometimes i feel like saying... ♪ mom! mom! ♪ ...see me through [ male announcer ] you know mom. ♪ you got the love... we know diamonds. together we'll make this mother's day one she'll never forget. momma! [ male announcer ] that's why only zales is the diamond store.
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u.s. officials say that osama bin laden's body is gone, that they buried it at sea
3:36 pm
saying to use their words no land alternative and no country willing or able to accept his grave. we are also told that bin laden's body was treated in a manner appropriate to his muslim faith and that he was buried after boarding a uss aircraft carrier, and i want to know if muslims agree that his treatment was appropriate. we have an imam with us in the washington, d.c. area, and i thank you for coming on. if i may -- >> well, thank you for having me. >> i want to begin first with the news when it broke sunday night, there was a lot of celebration, elation over the news, and sir, what was your first reaction when you heard that bin laden had been killed? >> well, you know, i actually was at a chinese restaurant with my daughter, and i could see on the television on cnn that bin laden had been killed. that moment it took me back to september 11th and where i was at that time, and i began to
3:37 pm
reflect about what it has meant in these almost ten years now of this tragedy, and i want to perhaps remind you that people like myself were on cnn and on the o'reilly factor denouncing bin laden for his actions that were not in harmony with the beliefs of islam. so upon his death, i know that myself, i felt that perhaps this is not a day to rejoice, but at the same time for me, it was not a day of remorse. it is unfortunate that this person, that his hate speech has done so much to divide us between muslims and people of other faiths. and so, i remain concerned about how we are going to move forward in the post bin laden era. >> let me jump in before we go
3:38 pm
into the post bin laden, and this is a moment from the president's speech sunday night. and then we will talk. >> we must also reaffirm that the united states is not and will not ever be at war with islam. i have made clear just as president bush did shortly after 9/11, that our war is not against islam. bin laden was not a muslim leader. he was a mass murder of muslims and indeed, al qaeda slaughtered many scores of muslims in countries, including our own, so his demise should be welcomed by all who believe in meese apeace human dignity. >> so not a muslim leader and a murder of muslims. so do youing a gree with the president and do you believe that the death will tamp down the anti-muslim sentiment throughout america? >> well, you know, let's remember that the actions and the statements of bin laden and al qaeda are not consistent with
3:39 pm
the universal teachings of islam. the word islam, peace, surrender, security, following in the abrahamic tradition of a love of jesus and moses and abraham, and so for us, bin laden was not an architect of islam, but he was an architect of terror. >> i want to ask about the burial of sea, because this is a sticking point for a lot of people and apparently we heard from the white house that in keeping with muslim tradition he was placed in a sheet. >> indeed. >> and buried within 24 hours as per muslim faith. >> yes. >> and what do you make of the way he was buried? because i have heard from other leaders who say this is not in accordance to your faith. >> well, if you look at the tradition of islam, just as in the tradition of judaism, a person is not embalmed. their body is washed, and they are buried very shortly afterwards at least within the time of the setting of two suns. if a person is at sea, it is
3:40 pm
traditional that they be buried at sea. and so, this is an exception that someone who would have been killed on land, but then taken to sea and buried is an exception, but permissible. >> it is permissible, so you don't take exception to the exception? >> no, no. i think that there is some wisdom to this. perhaps his grave, if there was a nation who would take him, his grave would become a shrine to terrorists, and so perhaps there was some, if you could call this islamic jurisprudence that was being adjusted so that it could achieve a strategic end, but it is a permissible and in keeping with the tradition. >> okay. imam jomari abdul-malik, thank you for clearing that up. we will thank you so much. >> are we going to get to post bin laden. >> sir, post bin laden, what do
3:41 pm
you see next as far as america? >> i am asking for muslims in america during this period of resilience to open the doors of the mosques in america so that our neighbors can come in during this period where some of us are fearing that maybe al qaeda will have a backlash, that it is time for us to come together as a nation, and so my mosque is open this saturday and i'm encouraging all of the mosques in america to do the same, because there is a post-traumatic stress around 9/11, upon the anniversary of it, and this is a chance for our people to come together now that the chapter of osama bin laden is closed. >> yes. imam, thank you sfor sharing. thank you. appreciate it. >> thank you, brooke. and so many want to know how is osama bin laden living in this massive compound just down the way from the military academy in pakistan, and the
3:42 pm
ambassador to the united states tries to explain this. and do not misthis s this excha with our own wolf blitzer. and as the mission was under way, the white house is asked what they were looking at when this picture was taken? we're coming for what's ours. maybe you didn't hear. but dimes, nickels, even pennies have power now. because the volt charges for about a buck fifty a day. making most commutes gas-free for just a handful of change. so we're taking it back. all of it. we have some driving to do. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric.
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laden, but the question that many people want answered is how could pakistan not know that osama bin laden was living in the wealthy suburb of the capital near the country's main military academy? i want you to pay close attention to the exchange from "the situation room" between my colleague wolf blitzer and the pakistan ambassador to the united states. >> we are not allies -- >> why didn't the u.s. trust pakistan to share anything about this operation -- >> of course, the united states -- >> until all of the u.s. troops were out of your air space. >> the united states didn't share information on this operation with the australians or the british or the canadian and it did not -- >> well, osama bin laden was not in australia or britain -- >> because the united states made a critical decision that president obama decided that the operation was more important than the niceties. >> and even though the helicopters were flying back to afghanistan and india,they did
3:46 pm
not tell you until they were completely out of the air space? >> well, pakistan and the united states have things to work out as we move forward, but move forward we will. the people of pakistan have no interest in protecting or keeping terrorists on our soil. we need to build our nation, half of our children don't go to school and 2/3 of the people live below the poverty line, and -- >> so you are happy that bin laden is dead? >> you bet. >> and the pakistani ambassador did not know where bin laden was, but he says it is possible that the pakistan sympathizers helpeded the al qaeda hide out there, bin laden most definitely osama bin laden was hiding out there, and so should the u.s. taxpayer continue to send aid there? one woman says stop feeding the beast. it is time for the help desk. in is where we get answers to your financial questions. with me is gary schactny, and
3:47 pm
brian is with us to help us out. and we have this question from north carolina, i'm not happy with the credit score of 692. i have several credit cards and i've not been late on payments and so i have been thinking maybe i have too many credit cards, and should i close them or not use nem to get a higher credit score? what should she do? >> well, 692 fico score is high, but to pay them off will improve it, but if they are paid off, that is your lending rare owe which decreases your line of credit, so if she wants to improve the fico scores is to rent, and if she has her house on the market right now, and rents for six months to get her credit established she could purchase a home after she gets out of deep gap, north carolina. i love that name. >> yes. and shannon in marlboro,
3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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the u.s. has been in the war in afghanistan for nine years now because of osama bin laden and his discovery in pakistan raising all kinds of questions about that country's loyalties in the fight against terrorism. i want to go in depth with frank who says the u.s. should not send any more money to pakistan until we know that they were not harboring osama bin laden. >> we have to find out what it is that they are up to. are they on our side all the time? here's this bill, all they needed was a neon sign to be identified. >> want to break away from that. apoll gees. mike pence has been speaking.
3:53 pm
he's been briefed by leon panetta about what went on down in pakistan. let's listen. >> i'm most grateful to the men and women present and past of our armed forces and intelligence community who brought this about. to hear with particularity how the intelligence was developed and how this operation was executed, will be a great source of pride and encouragement to every american. >> mr. pence, is there any indication of a photo of osama bin laden shot? >> i have not seen any photos other than what's been made available. >> did they give you any indication of what they have discovered from the hard drive at the compound? >> my understanding is that the
3:54 pm
evaluation is forthcoming and will be available in the appropriate amount of time. this is a great victory for freedom. the careful and preparation that went into this operation, i think like me, the more impressed they will be become. >> the fire fight and the last moments of bin laden being shot? describe how that went down. >> nop comment on the rest of it since it was otherwise classified. >> you were listening to congressman mike pence. he has just been briefed by leon panetta as well as other high-ranking officials about what they learned about this operation. it sounds like we don't know yet as far as any information from the hard drives and thumb drives
3:55 pm
and computers taken out of the compound in pakistan. he called it -- he called it a great victory for freedom and has not seen any photos of the now deceased osama bin laden. we're going to take you back to our guest talking about the money, the funding from the united states to pakistan and my guess there, lela hudson. then we will talk after this. stay here. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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i want to bring back my guest lela hudson talking about the professor of near eastern studies in arizona and she has written an editorial, after osama stop feeding the beast. i know in your piece you say that the discovery of osama bin laden living so near -- it's the pma, to quote you is like catching carlos the jackal just down the road from west point. from reading your piece, there was complicity here with regard to pakistan allowing bin laden to live in abbottabad. why is it that you think that? >> well, the sheer proximity of finding osama bin laden in a
3:59 pm
garrison town known even more for it's tourism, for its military installation and presence there. it's hard to conceive that within an area the size of the university of arizona campus here that osama bin laden might be sheltered, you know, in such a small area without some kind of complicity. that's not a broad brush of everybody or the entire establishment but it's symptomatic of the way in which the pakistani military and intelligence services are riddled with people who, you know, loyalties are not entirely clear. >> and we know that the white house is digging into this. i have to ask you quickly, $2 billion, that's how much money the u.s., the taxpayer has promised to pay pakistan under the military finance program.
4:00 pm
in your article you talk about stop feeding the beast but how is it that the u.s. does that when the u.s. relies on pakistan for intel? >> well, this doesn't mean cutting off all aid to pakistan. there are much smarter ways to demonstrate our commitment to this very important ally. pakistan is a huge country with a population of almost 200 million people scheduled to double in population within 25 years and all kinds of other civilian and humanitarian needs that would be a much smarter way for us to develop a relationship of this key front line ally. what we mean by feeding the beast in this editorial that my students and i wrote is in fact this idea of throwing huge amounts of money into a military
4:01 pm
complex. again, that has its own very specific sets of interests that are not necessarily exactly co-lined with those of the united states. >> this is very much the beginning of a conversation that i think the u.s. will begin having with regard to the relationship with pakistan and also the money that we provide. it will be looked into -- >> sorry. i can't actually hear you. leila hudson, my apologies. i want to show you live pictures that we've been seeing a special moment there in the u.s. senate chambers. they are going to vote on the resolution honoring the members of the military and intelligence committee who carried out this top secret covert mission. unanimously passing this resolution. we see them up and about right now. this is something that we don't see often among the senators,
4:02 pm
which we see them sitting at their desks. and now, watch this -- the war of osama bin laden ends with a surprise of the red, white, and blue. we're taking you inside that raid. 40 minutes of drama. should the u.s. prove osama bin laden is dead? >> we are going to make sure that nobody has any basis to deny that we got osama bin laden. >> coming up, the president's decision over whether the world should see the evidence. plus, navy s.e.a.l.s discovering evidence inside the compound. also, no cave in afghanistan, bin laden was found in the
4:03 pm
pakistani city. >> a zone called lone wolf will mobilize himself or herself to take action here at home. >> the u.s. puts americans on alert warning that al qaeda will want revenge. hello and welcome back to hour two. i'm brooke baldwin. you're looking at congressman peter king. he's one of the house of representatives that has been briefed by a number of high-ranking officials, including leon panetta on what went down on sunday in pakistan. let's listen to the congressman. >> are you concerned that with the million dollars that congress has that they are inend or corrupt? >> this is a real cross road and defining moment in our
4:04 pm
relationship with pakistan. in the past, while it's been a rocky relationship, we had made the decision that it was more positive than negative and a relationship worth pursing. but in view of these issues of having bin laden right near the military academy, right near an isi head quarters, living in a very upscale area with many retired military and intelligence officials, it's very hard to believe that some elements of the pakistani government, whether the military or intelligence, were not aware of this. >> do you think, though, that -- >> this is obviously a very important relationship but it's changed as of sunday. so this is going to be part of negotiations and part of meetings between the pakistanis and the administration and the congress. >> you said last night that there was waterboarding done on this that led to the disclosures.
4:05 pm
today senator feinstein said that based on their review there was no harsh interrogation techniques used. do you have knowledge of -- >> i've spoke to people very close to the situation who said initial information came from khalid sheikh mohammed after he was waterboarded directly relating to the courier and more information came. but initial information about the courier came from khalid sheikh mouhamed after waterboarding. >> is there any clarification on osama bin laden's resistance? was he unarmed? >> no. actually, i think -- what they are saying was, reports up in till now have been speculation that the s.e.a.l. team is being debriefed now and no one knows what happened until they get debriefed. >> that information, did you get it on your own or? -- >> no, this was on my own. >> the s.e.a.l. team has not been debriefed yet?
4:06 pm
>> that's my understanding, yes. >> eight information about the cower year -- >> that came from my source, yeah. >> can you describe your source? somebody within the cia? >> somebody who was and was very familiar with what happened at the time. >> do you believe they should release the photos of osama bin laden? >> if i've been told about the photos, they should. i don't want a conspiracy theory that suddenly he is walking through singapore. the media is bad enough. can you imagine what they will do on the internet? to me it should be. there's no doubt that they got him. from what i've heard of the pictures, they are not offensive. >> why did they not show them at the debriefing today. did anybody ask? >>. >> i don't have anything to say,
4:07 pm
i just want to be photographed. >> talking about ghoul lish. >> was there much discussion about the decision to bury at sea and how -- >> no. that was just -- that was really maybe 30 seconds, one minute of discussion. and just given as part of a deadline. >> was there any discussion about the isi? >> there was questions about isi. that was brought up by members and the questions. >> what questions did you raise and were they resolved in your mind? >> i've been discussing with people over the last several days. i met with the pakistani chief of mission today and i don't think it's been resolved, no. how isi, which is a very effective intelligence agency, would not have seen this. i would say they are still on
4:08 pm
talking points, just telling us what great allies they are. but i was trying to drive home to them, the relationship now has changed. they are at a cross roads. you can't expect to get it without serious questions being asked and the relationship being reanalyzed. >> what have they learned so far from the computer and documents? >> as far as i know, it's still being analyzed. >> so have they convinced you of their view? >> no. but i'm not rushing to judgment. i'm willing to make a judgment that we have not gotten the cooperation that we need and my question is how that's going to be adjusted in the future. >> mike rogers has said that he doesn't think that the pakistani government had any knowledge. do you agree with that? >> i have great regard and i think the question is, institutional knowledge as opposed to people operating within the government that are
4:09 pm
known by the government and allowed to flourish. >> what did that show? >> it showed the operation. >> did it show the moment that bin laden was shot? >> i haven't heard that. >> do you believe funding should be cut off now? >> i think we have to begin very serious discussions, talks, and negotiations. this is an important relationship. i don't want to trivialize it at all. and we have to make a judgment as to whether it's better to pursue it or not pursue the relationship. i think we need to pursue it and figure out how it's going to change and restructure. okay? >>. >> have you personally seen any photographs? >> no. but i've spoken to people that have seen it. >> peter king, who has been briefed on this covert mission in pakistan and the briefing is still under way. the cia chief leon panetta,
4:10 pm
learning what went down. he was questioned on two things that i took note of. one is that the u.s. congress appropriates billions of dollars to pakistan and he said essentially that pakistan now should not get that money without serious, serious questions. they were talking about the pakistan intelligence agency called isi. there are all kinds of questions about how isi could not have known that osama bin laden was hiding in abbottabad. the information that they got about the courier that he was waterboarded and as a desan knee under cia custody and that is how they got some of that information and, again, they have not released those photos of a deceased osama bin laden as of yet but the congress said that they should be releasing them. i want to take you to the scene of the raid.
4:11 pm
today we're getting more of a glimpse into the terrorist leaders compound where he was hiding for years but he could only hide for so long. national correspondent nic robertson is there for me live. we saw crowds at the compound earlier in the day and members of the international media, neighbors. it looks pretty dark where you are. is it quiet now? >> reporter: it is and the electricity goes out during parts of the night. two nights ago when the raid took place, the electricity went off just before the raid happened. it does raise the question, was that an intentional thing or something that happened because the electricity goes off? certainly the attack came on right after or very soon after the electricity went off. it's quiet now. police still providing security at the building. it's still sealed. but nighttime most people are in
4:12 pm
their homes, brooke. >> you've spoken with a number of neighborhoods. i've been following your tweets. if you can sort of reiterate what they've said with regard to these people posing as gold merchants and this anecdote about a ball going over the compound wall. >> reporter: yeah, the ball going over the wall is most telling. what i've been told by neighbors who live 50 yards away that overlooks bin laden's compound, probably one of the closest neighbors, he said when children's balls would go into the compound, the bin laden family would pay the children to go and buy another ball rather than let them into the compound which is what most people would do to get the ball back. they would just pay the kids to get another ball. but the stories about gold merchants being there, they would get what seemed to be really rich visitors arriving late at night in suvs, land
4:13 pm
cruisers. a very up-market vehicle for this part of pakistan and the word was put out here, this neighbor told me, that this was gold merchants and explained why they had a bigger compound, high walls, more of a security, if you will, in terms of this high primitive wall with barbed wire. so the neighbors had an impression that it was rich business men, probably slightly and shady but didn't want to intrude in their lives. but that's part of pakistan here. >> the culture of privacy. have you, nic, heard anything at all about what would happen at this compound? might the pakistani government go in and tear it down? >> reporter: that's one of their options. it has to be an option that they are considering seriously. because what we saw today, as
4:14 pm
soon as the security perimeter was dropped and people were allowed to get close, local people came in to take a look. there's half a million in the city but there are people who will come here and it's likely that they respected bin laden and it could easily become a shrine. so the government is not going to want that. the government really wants -- he said, look, bin laden is dead. let's move on. that was his point. they are trying to ride this out because they know there could be a backlash. so they don't want to do anything, it seems, hastily or precipitously to bring that backlash but it must be one of their options, to destroy that compound because it's only going to draw bin laden's followers and that's something that this government really doesn't want, brooke. >> nic robertson in abbottabad outside of islamabad. thanks to you. an explosion in afghanistan. we're going to take you live to kabul for the details. there is a lot of misinformation if you were on social media this hour. we will clear it up for you. stand by.
4:15 pm
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4:17 pm
snoop want to get you breaking news. there's been an explosion in afghanistan in kabul but it was not at the embassy. it was not at the u.s. embassy in kabul. this was information that we've just been getting. this is from jill's embassy sources. she says she has spoken with someone who works at the embassy in kabul and says that the explosion was two miles southwest of the embassy. the embassy was not at all affected. there was no damage. there may have been some sort of duck and cover alert because of that explosion in kabul. of course, we're digging on this and making phone calls.
4:18 pm
we don't know if there was any injuries or who is responsible. as soon as we get those details, we will bring those along to you. we have a correspondent on the ground in afghanistan and we will get to that momentarily. i want to move on to the story that's dominated the headlines in the past 48 hours, the fact that osama bin laden was found living under the radar in a suburb in pakistan. that raises questions about pakistan. did pakistani intelligence, as king was pointing out on capitol hill, did the isi know that bin laden was there? how serious is pakistan in helping the u.s. fight terrorism? there has been talk about the isi helping and hour borrowing
4:19 pm
osama bin laden. here is the chief counterterrorism advicer. this is john brennan. then we'll talk on the other side. >> i think it's inconceivable that bin laden did not have a support system in the country that allowed him to remain there for an expended period of time. >> paul, do you agree? >> absolutely. and i was on the phone yesterday to the former head of german intelligence, someone intimately involved in the hunt for bin laden. he told me that he thought it was almost impossible for the isi not to have known where bin laden was given that where he was killed in this $1 million compound where he was killed. so there are a lot of questions being asked of the pakistanis right now. so far publicly the obama administration has not criticized them for this but there are a lot of questions, nonetheless, being asked, brooke. >> paul, help us understand, for so many people not familiar with the isi, how sophisticated are
4:20 pm
they? >>. >> they are a very powerful intelligent population. they have lots and lots of agents working for them. for that reason, the western intelligence agency felt that they ought to have known where bin laden was. >> have you read the opinion from the washington post, it was from president zardari in pakistan. he says compositely is and do you think the government, i.e., the president, was aware that bin laden was hiding in plain sight? >> i don't think anybody thinks that zardari would have known. but zardari is very different from the army in pakistan and the isi. over the years people have pointed out that the isi have had a rather close relationship with the militant groups in the area and their aims have not necessarily been american aims.
4:21 pm
they are more focused on the stand off with india and therefore have wanted to carry on having alliances with these militant groups in pakistan, brooke. >> what about this idea, considering osama bin laden was hiding out in plain sight, perhaps for pakistan to make good on this, would they at all be willing to help root out and find another bad guy, i.e., zawahiri? >> this is em bass barsing pakistan so elements of the isi might also know where jzawahiri is. is he in the tribal areas of the country? i think it's going to be interesting to see how this plays out. >> perhaps if osama bin laden was the head of the snake, al
4:22 pm
zawahiri could figure that out. let's not forget, we have been at war there for ten years. a war with what end? we go in depth. we're going to get more of the praking news explosion in afghanistan. according to u.s. embassy sources, we have teams on the ground in kabul. we'll check in with them as soon as they get more information for us to share with you. also, cia director leon panetta ending a briefing and lawmakers are not at all happy with pakistan. the u.s. is sending billions of dollars to help pakistan fighter terror yet the most wanted man is under their noses. now congress is making demands
4:23 pm
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4:25 pm
the head of the cia briefed congress about what happened in that raid on sunday. no cameras, it was classified. dana bash, though, is there on capitol hill. dana, we heard from congressman king out of new york moments ago
4:26 pm
talking pretty tough words for the intelligence agency and also billions of dollars of appropriations that we send to them every year. >> reporter: those are questions that we're hearing from both members of congress. it's still going on. very interesting, i'm told by two sources that have since come out. it was about how it is possible for the pakistanis not to have known that osama bin laden was in that compound as we purported so many times right at an urban center less than a mile from the military academy. the answer is fascinating. he said either they were involved or incompetent. either place is a good place to be. that was his response and i was told that his answer and own frustration with the pakistanis maybe was even more than what we're hearing from members of congress.
4:27 pm
he said that they are trying to get to the bottom of it, did not say how they were going to do that. but that, to me, says a lot in terms of what is going on in this briefing and more importantly as i said the frustration that you are seeing from all parts of the u.s. government. >> and evolved and competent. the majority of americans at least today want to see the picture of a dead osama bin laden. >> reporter: yeah. >> the members of congress have not seen that photograph, correct? >> reporter: correct. we were actually wondering whether, brooke, in this briefing they would show members of congress this photograph and the answer is no. they did not show it. our executive producer reported from sources that some congressional staffers have seen the photograph but even the highest levels here, congressman king, for example, homeland security chairman, said that he has not seen the photograph. so some people have. it's still unclear how far and wide it will go in terms of seeing that photograph here.
4:28 pm
but that is one of the major debates because you're seeing and hearing some members of congress saying, i don't think it's a good idea to put this photograph out and members of congress set pretty high levels. the intelligence member, dianne feinstein, said it was a bad idea. interestingly, members of new york are saying that they think this photograph should come out and that it's important for people to see and have evidence and perhaps even more so for americans to have closure but really see that this actually did happen, that osama bin laden was killed. >> okay. perhaps that's the debate that the white house is still having. we do not know whether we will see that picture at all. dana bash, my thanks to you. as helicopters filled with american commandos swept down on the compound in pakistan, president obama and advisers were monitoring the situation realtime within the white house. the most tense yet for the obama
4:29 pm
administration were captured in these new photographs released by the white house, pete, the white house photographer taking these. you can see the president learn r leaning over and a very intense look on his face. he's sitting next to joe biden, sect of state hillary clinton and top national advisers all obviously watching as this plays out realtime as navy s.e.a.l.s beam back video of their operation in abbottabad, pakistan. here's how it happened. the president and his team watched a video screen in the situation room. panetta described this raid minute by minute from cia headquarters. counterterrorism john brennan was there right alongside the
4:30 pm
president. >> we were able to monitor events there and the intensity of the stairs on the screen show that we were concerned about where things stood and most importantly the safety of our assaulters. >> we were getting pretty regular real-time updates on the situation on the ground and we were obviously in pretty constant contact as we were getting updates off the ground. >> so video from these navy s.e.a.l.s, their headgear was being fed back. once they were inside this massive compound, panetta updated the anxious watchful white house saying "this is fromly john panetta, they have reached the target and then moments later, they locate bin laden at the upper level, saying "we have a visual on geronimo" which is the code name for
4:31 pm
capturing or killing bin laden. >> we were intensely focused on the safety and security of the assaulters that had landed in the compound. the status of the engagement with the occupants of that residence, and some very, very tense moments and we just were a period of intensity, unlike none other that we've had here at the white house to date. >> and just a few moments later, the navy open fire on bin laden. ekia, enemy killed in action. and president obama says "we got him."
4:32 pm
five men have been arrested for targeting a nuclear power plant. plus, in afghanistan there's been an explosion in kabul. we are going to take you there live coming up. stay there. building up our wirs network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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4:35 pm
authorities took them into custody at a nuclear power plant after their vehicle was pulled over. all five are from london in their 20s. we're being told there is no indication that the investigation is linked at all to osama bin laden's death. here we go. get ready to pay $4 per gallon of gas no matter where you live. it's topped that in 13 states and plus d.c. one analyst says the national average gas price could hit $4 a gallon by tomorrow. it turns out that internet security breach is worse than we thought. hackers got access to personal information from as many as 77 million playstation and other media accounts. so now they tell us that they affected almost 25 million sony online entertainment accounts. sony has apologized for the breach. and a royal visitor in washington, d.c., today. here he is getting out of his car. prince charles on a trip to the
4:36 pm
nation's capital. this is the first time that he's been there since 2007 and his first stop today, the u.s. supreme court. his arrival was just about an hour ago here on capitol hill. live pictures, i'm told, of prince charles. he's also set to meet with president obama and will be making a speech at georgetown university during his three-day visit to our nation's capital. and this next piece of video was pretty impressive. those things there, those are water spouts. this is off the coast of honolulu. there was thunderstorm and lightning and they are water-born tornadoes and the storm was pretty intense. 60,000 people lost their power because of these water spouts but it stayed off shore and did not cause any damage. let me keep you posted to what is happening in alabama. people are trying to recover from the horrific tornadoes. search and rescue operations are still going on. the latest death toll here is
4:37 pm
250. but the emergency agency says it is not going to release new numbers until all of the missing are found. are accounted for. the governor will be making a live speech tonight. governor robert bentley, about the impact of the storm. the u.s. army corps of engineers blows up this levee there. floods just about 200 square miles of rich farmland in missouri. why did they do this? to save a small illinois town of cairo from flooding. so there is good and bad here. the good news, water levels have dropped more than a foot and a half. the bad news? parts of mississippi county, missouri, are now flooded but that was the plan. rob marciano is there in missouri. where you are standing right now was not flooded. look at the water behind you. it was not flooded 24 hours ago. >> reporter: that's right. as a matter of fact, what i'm standing on may look to you like a boat ramp, doesn't it? a ramp that goes out into a nice
4:38 pm
lake. but in reality this is a road that on the very end of this newly made lake is another what seems to be a boat ramp. this is a road. last night at this time it was pretty much dry. there was water in here but beyond those trees about a mile and a half is where it blew open, almost a two-mile span of this levee that has flooded this farmland here. they call it a flood way. it's designed to do this. and the army corps of engineers has used this as their last resort, the lessor of two evils. do you threaten several towns, especially cairo, which has a population of several thousand, or do you sacrifice basically 50 to 100 homes and farmland here? well, that's the choice they made and it's helping a little bit in some spots but in other spots, you know, it's hurting. that's the problem. we took a boat tour earlier
4:39 pm
today, brooke, and saw some of the areas damaged without the spillway being opened. there is flooding and people homeless at least for now because of all of the rain that we've seen in the past month, in some cases the 15 to 20 inches of rainfall up around this area. that coupled with a pretty decent amount of snow that is finally starting to melt off as it led to this historic flood levels. 1937 is the last time the ohio and miss miswere at this level. as you know, with this sort of a size river or rivers, brooke, this is going to be a story for a good couple of weeks before we get this water down to the gulf of mexico. >> quite a picture for both sides, between the explosion and the water right behind you. rob marciano, we'll continue the conversation. thank you. and now take a look at this. >> the burial of bin laden was done in conformance with the islamic prefaces.
4:40 pm
the deceased body was washed and placed in a white sheet. >> as the white house, as president obama is making this decision on whether they want to release the pictures of osama bin laden's body or not, we are learning about how his body was buried and including whether there is video and how muslims are responding. you're going to hear that next. naomi pryce: i am. i'm in the name your own price division. i find empty hotel rooms and help people save - >> - up to 60% off. i am familiar. your name?
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4:43 pm
there will be no owe same ma bin laden gravesite. officials say his body is buried in a maritime ceremony with islamic service. it is the white house's account of this burial. i asked if they degreed with the decision to handle his body that way at sea. >> the burial of bin laden was done in conformance with islamic practices. the deceased body was washed and placed in a white sheet. the body was placed in a weighted bag and prepared religious remarks translated into arabic by a native speaker. the body was placed on a prepared board tipped up and the deceased body eased into the sea. >> this is an exception that someone would have been killed
4:44 pm
on land and then taken to sea and buried is an exception but permissible. >> so you don't take exception to the exception? >> no, no. i think that there is some wisdom to this, that perhaps his grave, if there was a nation that would take him, his grave would become a shrine to terrorists and so perhaps there was some, if you could call this islamic jurisprudence that was being adjusted so that it could achieve a strategic end but it is permissible in keeping with the tradition. >> there are the soldiers that looked osama bin laden right in the eye before pulling the trigger. who are these navy s.e.a.l.s and what kind of training did they get? and moammar gadhafi just lost his losing weight clicked for me when i realized
4:45 pm
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4:48 pm
gadhafi has lost a key ally. turkey has announced that gadhafi must step down and went on to say that libya is not the property of any one man or family. gadhafi does not lose a key trading partner. he personally bestowed on the turkish prime minister a and earlier turkey had criticized the nato bombing campaign of libyan security forces and turkey is a strong member of that nato alliance. now that turkey is off the fence when it comes to gadhafi, that may have unforeseen consequences. for example, the turks have evacuated all of their diplomats and that closes a key line.
4:49 pm
the turkish diplomats have represented u.s. government interests and other western interests. american journalists were taken captive by the forces and helped escort them to the border. now that the critical line of communication has been severed and gadhafi is finding himself more international severed than ever. >> ivan watson, thank you so much. more on the breaking news of afghanistan. a blast has happened to miles from the embassy. we have teams on the ground in kabul. we'll get to them. that is ahead. ♪ sometimes i feel like saying... ♪ mom! mom! ♪ ...see me through [ male announcer ] you know mom. ♪ you got the love... we know diamonds.
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4:52 pm
just in to us here from cnn, we've been hearing from different members of the u.s. house about the situation that went down in pakistan, with regard to the mission killing osama bin laden and we have now heard from nancy pelosi. she spoke with reporters after being briefed from the cia leon
4:53 pm
panetta. let's sis listen to what she said. >> we are on track to come home july 2011. i was there over st. patrick's weekend and i visited our troops there at that time. what i saw was a preparation for our down sizing in afghanistan and a turn to what our civilian presence might be there and we deploy out of afghanistan militarily. so change is in the air there and now it's even more so. >> no doubt wolf blitzer is continuing all of this coverage in a matter of moments on "the situation room." be it nancy pelosi, peter king, mike pence, all kinds of questions regarding all of the billions of inappropriations, the role that the isi might have played and complicity with regard to osama bin laden, what
4:54 pm
do you make of this? >> well, i think the killing of bin laden is going to have an impact on the u.s. strategy in afghanistan only because american public opinion is going to be increasingly involved in what is going on in afghanistan. we'll see how that plays out. the u.s.-pakistani relationship, as you know, is critical right now. there really are, brooke, two pakistans that the u.s. has to deal with. there is not just one pakistan. there are those officials like the president, president zardari, like the ambassador who was on my show yesterday, very pro-american and want to do whatever they can to help the united states in the war on terror but there are others in the intelligence community, even in the military and certainly in terms of the public at large who are not pro-american. they are very anti-american and do not trust the united states going back to the 1980s and 1990s. so it's a dilemma how you deal with pakistan. remember, on top of everything else, you want to cultivate pakistan because they do have a nuclear arsenal.
4:55 pm
they have dozens of nuclear bombs. you don't want that arsenal to get in the hands of bad guys or terrorists. it's a difficult dilemma. we're going to talk about it. deputy national security advisor is here in "the situation room." he's also got some very strong -- there is he right there. he's got strong views on whether enhanced waterboarding techniques helped lead to bin laden. the interview will be at the top of the hour. i think you'll be interested. >> we'll watch for it. wolf blitzer, as always, my thanks. still here, 48 hours ago, navy s.e.a.l.s came face-to-face with osama bin laden. wait until you hear about this book that is set to come out. that's next. building up our wireless network all across america.
4:56 pm
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[ grunts ] [ dog barking ] gah! [ children shouting ] [ grunts ] [ whacking piñata ] [ whacking piñata, grunting ]
4:58 pm
listen to this. we are hearing that the elite navy s.e.a.l. unit is already on its way to the big screen. joe johns has that. >> this has always been action thriller stuff, brooke. what we're hearing about is projects under way. now a huge boost from the raid on osama bin laden.
4:59 pm
s.e.a.l. team six has been understood to have an incredible array of skills and equipment to do almost anything they are asked to do, brooke. it's pretty remarkable. >> isn't there also a book deal with the s.e.a.l. team six? >> absolutely. we have the book deal and the b ichlt gelow bigelow. katherine bigelow did the film "hurt locker" and has been working on a movie about the team. they got to rework the script, we're told, to work in the part about bin laden, according to the trade journals. there is also this trade about s.e.l. team 6. it's been in the works and coming out this month. >> i'm


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