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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 4, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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ferocious spring for so many people, from tornadoes to flooding. that all is still playing out as we speak. that is going to do it for us today. hi, i'm carol costello. we continue our coverage of the osama bin laden story. i'm in for kyra phillips, by the way. we are awaiting a white house decision on whether to release a post-mortem photo of the leader. it could fuel anti-american anger around the world. former george bush turns down a white house invitation to join president obama at ground zero. we will tell you why. the white house changes their account of the military raid that killed him. they now say he was not armed when he was shot to death. we will have more on that in a moment. we start with an invitation
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decline. president obama invited former president george bush inviting him to a ceremony marking the death of osama bin laden. the white house says it understands. president obama said he hoped ben laden's death would unify the country. >> tonight, let us think back to the sense of unity that prevailed on 9/11. i know it has at times frayed. today's achievement is a testament to the greatness of our country and the determination of the american people. >> let's head to the white house and brianna keilar. mr. bush has kept a low profile, that is true. he struggled to capture ben laden throughout his presidency. why won't he attend? >> reporter: his spokesperson said he appreciated the invite but has chosen in his post-press depcy to stay out have o the
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spotlight. he continues to celebrate with all americans this important victory in the war on terror. you said it is not unusual. we have seen very little of the former president, unlike say other administration officials. vice presiden cheney has been very publicly commit cal of the obama administration. it is also worth noting that president bush is going to be at ground zero on 9/11. his spokesperson saying this is him staying out of the spotlight. one thing you are right about, carol. president bush puts among his great regrets during his presidency not being able to track down osama bin laden. he spoke about that in his recent book that came out. >> also, i just wondered, the white house says it totally understands this. are you hearing in he more from the white house about president bush's decision not to attend the event? >> reporter: at this point, they say they understand it, they just extended this invitation to him. >> this whole argument about
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enhanced interrogation techniques that took place during the bush administration. bush's people are fighting over whether that's the real reason president obama was able to capture and kill osama bin laden. >> reporter: this is a debate you are seeing on both sides, carol. what you will see is those who supported enhanced interrogation techniques or torture, as kr critics would say. the bush administration endorsed these techniques during the former president's tenure. they are saying it is sort of justified by finding osama bin laden, that it did contribute and then you have those that do not support enhanced interrogation techniques insisting that it department play a role. that those enhanced interrogation techniques weren't used to find the intelligence that led to osama bin laden. we have heard from the white
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house, there are a number of, a variety of intelligence sources, bits of information, that led to the capture of osama bin laden. you certainly cannot point to just that one sort of bit of information. a lot of controversy. we are seeing this debate being reignited by the kill willing of osama bin laden. >> which makes the invitation thing that much more intriguing and interesting. the other thing that's floating around out there this morning is whether or not the white house should release the death photos of osama bin laden. they weigh the pros and cons of the photo release and it has three very different sets of photos to consider. a senior official tells cnn he is most recognizable at photos in a hangar in afghanistan. the photos may be too gruesome for the networks to show. another option are the photoses
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of the raid itself. for some of the public, skepticism, the white house can blame itself over whether osama bin laden is dead or not. there are people coming out and questioning that. administration officials have repeatedly changed key details of the raid. barn barbara starr is at the pentagon. >> a want to start with osama bin laden using one of his wives as a human shield. this is a white house counter terrorism adviser, john brennan, on monday. let's listen to what he had to say. >> there was a female who was, in fact, in the line of fire, that reportedly was used as a shield to shield bin laden from the incoming fire. >> that information isn't quite right, is it, barbara? >> well, you know, carol are the
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white house, the pentagon, they have the obama administration saying they had to change what they did initially brief. they say it was the fog of war, that the initial reports were not as accurate. once a little time went by, they were able to debrief people more. they were trying to get the information to the people as fast as they could. on the question of this woman, now that they have more information, is that the woman in the room with bin laden, one of his weives, rushed against te u.s. teams. they shot her in the leg. she survived. another woman downstairs earlier had been killed in cross fire. that's their latest information on that point, carol. >> barbara, the next inconsistency is about whether osama bin laden was armed or not. here again is john brennan on cnn. >> the concern was that bin
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laden would oppose any type of capture operation. indeed, he did. it was a fire fight. he, therefore, was killed in that fire fight. that's when the remains were removed. >> that's not quite how it went down either. now, apparently, osama bin laden did lung at the navy s.e.a.l. he can actually what happened there. >> it is worth noting that mr. brennan's remarks never said bin laden had a weapon in his hands. they have come out and said, no, he was not arm. the point for u.s. s.e.a.l.s and u.s. troops was, did osama bin laden pose an imminent threat? was he lunging, reaching for a weapon, could he have been wearing a suicide vest, was he jest yuring to someone in the
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room that had a weapon? we do not know this. the question to the navy s.e.a.l.s, did he pose an iminent threat and did they feel like they had to take action? by all accounts, the navy s.e.a.l.s feel he did pose that threat. we don't know precisely how. >> hopefully, more information will be coming out and it will be the correct information. barbara sta barbara starr reporting life. pakistan is angrily rejected xlams that they dropped the ball. leon panetta told lawmakers, either they were involved or incompetent. neither place is a good place to be. nick payton walsh is in abbo
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abbottabad. how are they responding that they dropped the ball? >> reporter: they admit they are embarrassed themselves. what has really god to them is what leon panetta reportedly said in this closed door congressional session, that they were involved or incompetent. one senior pakistani said, this really marks not just a deficit of trust but absolute mistrust between two sides, calling it very regrettable indeed. sounding furious the cia would think that of them. they kn they know how hard we are working to fight this here. they were expounding on the mistrust that this has brought on this relationship. the pakistanis were not informed
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in advance has permanently da damaged. >> if there is more than one u.s. lawmaker saying we should suspend the funding $3.5 billion to pakistan. how would that affect pakistan shall the situation on the ground? >> reporter: the annual afrm tax was about $19 billion and they have received about $20 billion from the u.s. government. u.s. aid is a huge deal. the real beneficiary, many people say, is the military. they get reimbursed by the u.s. government for their operations against extremists. they are scheduled to get $1.6 billion, an awful lot of money.
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the thing keeping some pakistani officials away at night, certainly making them wonder whether they should allow this is going to be that money and the long-term intelligence cooperation between them and the u.s. and the bad p.r. of the accusations that they have been harboring ben laden. they are unproven as yet. >> nick payton walsh reporting live from pakistan. former president jimmy carter says we should give pakistan the benefit of the doubt. here is why. >> you have to remember that pakistan has at least 100 nuclear weapons. our alliance despite some obvious difficulties is extremely important. >> he talked about how killing bin laden affects the mission in afghanistan. suzanne malveaux will join us next to talk about that. the diplomatic risk of releasing the photos of osama bin laden' body. it could alienate the group it
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there was bigger news to talk about. she asked him about the raid that killed osama bin laden and so much more. >> it was a very prague nat tma approach when it came to pakistan. he said this is a super power, a nuclear power. he said, he does not believe the president of pakistan had information about bin laden's whereabouts. essentially, he said, we have made some mistakes, u.s. drones hitting some civilians in pakistan and afghanistan. we have to be more forgiving. here is what he said, carol. >> what do you make of the fact that osama bin laden was found in pakistan in a city in a $1 million home not far from islamabad? do we think we can trust the pakistani government? >> we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. >> why? >> because they are so crucial. they have at least 100 nuclear
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weapons. our alliance with pakistan, despite some obvious difficulties, is extremely important. >> it is surprising how strongly he has come out in support of pakistan? >> it was surprising, because you hear so many of the obama administration officials. he says this is such a powerful ally, that this is important that we cooperate with them acknowledge they have not been the best ally. they have made mistakes. we have made mistakes as well. he gave us a bigger, broader picture of where he thinks the so-called war on terror is with bin laden down. >> osama bin laden is dead. what is the significance? >> i think it is quite significant. i wouldn't say that the threat of terrorism is eliminated but i think it is substantially reduced. >> do you think that president
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obama now having brought him to justice will serve another term? >> it is too early to predict. i hope so. i believe this has enhanced his political standings, particularly those that didn't think he was a strong, competent person that could carry out a mission successfully. >> is the war on terror over? is it time to get out of afghanistan. >> i would hope this would expedite our time in afghanistan. >> the u.s. has known that is about overwhelming the taliban. he would like to see u.s. troops get out as quickly as possible. i did ask him about his own failed mission in trying to rescue american hostages in iran under his watch. what does it feel like? what does he go had through as a president making that kind of tough decision. he talks about that as well. >> what does it feel like when you fail at that mission and now to see a successful mission.
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you are going to talk about that in the 11:00 a.m. eastern hour of "newsroom." i will join you then. >> great. thanks saw zan. at any time, the white house could announce its decision to release photos of osama bin laden's body, to camp down skepticism from conspiracy theorists and militant groups. the taliban says, obama has not got any strong evidence that can prove his claim over the killing of sheikh osama bin laden. the evidence would be to convince the islamic world. wendy chamberlain, former u.s. ambassador to pakistan. thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you, carol. >> what would be the worst scenario if they are released? >> i think you have to ask, the
9:19 am
people that are asking to see the photos, what are their motives? >> i can believe it when my government tells me these are gruesome photos. i can believe that osama bin laden is dead. as the vast majority of muslims throughout the it world believe he is dead. people that are asking to see these photos, why? we have to assume they are provok tours that want to use a gruesome photo to whip up the passions of a small fringe group. i think the white house is very wise in holding back those photos. agreeing to release them eventually, it is not a secret here. >> wendy, on that thought, it is not just arab groups voicing doubts. >> the son of a man killed in the 9/11 attacks says they
9:20 am
should submit video. he dopt quiesn't quite believe e is dead. because there is no proof. we have to take the word of the government. it is not just those in the arab world. >> there are birthers that carried that silly argument to its extreme and i believe my government will provide the truth whether it is safe to do so. right now, it is a little too early. i think we have to be, most of us, the vast majority are reasonable people. >> if it is a little too early, when is the right time? >> we will know it. we will know it when the extremists are f extremists are not in the streets burning american flags. >> wendy, thank you for joining us. first, citizen soldiers to the rescue, including this one caught on tape. national guardsman plucking a 93-year-old woman from the
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raging floodwaters of a rain-swollen river. national guards men in ark can saw are the toast of the town in lafayette, louisiana, after a boy scout troop is rescued from a flooded campground. more pictures next on "cnn newsroom." removes 99% of dirt and toxins without dyes, parabens, or harsh sulfates. so skin feels pure and healthy. [ female announcer ] new from neutrogena naturals. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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we are going to continue on the osama bin laden.
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coming up in a few minutes, we will talk about a congressman who recently got back in pakistan, a few miles back from where the raid went down. >> right now, we want to tell you about to missouri national guardsmen who are being called heroes for the desperate rescue of a woman who was trapped in floodwaters near poplar bluff. she tried driving across a water-covered highway. you see the rescue. congrats on the heroes of the day. that's amazing. the flood threat is by no mean as diminished along the mississippi and hiohio rivers. rob marciano is alive in mississippi not far from where the u.s. army core of engineers intentionally blew up a levee. >> all this land or i guess water you see behind me, this was all dry a couple days ago.
9:25 am
now, it is flooded farm fields. the first explosion was at night and yesterday during the day, also some dramatic pictures i want to show you of another explosion of another levee down south of here. any time you see the earth blown up like this with everything thrown above the tree tops, you think, wow, this is a big deal. you better believe it. they are going to do it again to help drain this part. there is soum that have never seen this sort of water in the past 80 or so years. it is homes, a lot of homes are being affected. yesterday we took a boat tour. here is what one of the officers told me about how long this flooding is going to hang around. when do you think these people will be able to get back in
9:26 am
their homes? >> they are saying this crest might stay around for four or five days. it will be a while yet. >> reporter: four or five days. you have already had five or ten days. >> at least five to ten days of this already. >> reporter: you are pretty much water-logged aren't you? >> pretty much waterlogged. >> reporter: apr >> reporter: now that they have released the pressure here, they are releasing more water upstream that has been held back. the crest is going to pretty much hold steady as opposed to fall rapidly. we will be at this river level for several days and then the crest begins to head downstream in places further south, missouri, tennessee and mississippi are going to get this in the next couple of weeks. carol? >> rob marciano with us live. about an hour from now, we are going to talk live with missouri governor, jay nixon, on the l e
9:27 am
latest flood developments. checking on stories across country, happening in alabama, a benefit for the thousands of storm victims impacted by last week's historic tornadoes. these are live images from cnn affiliate, wbtm in birmingham teaming up with the united way to organize the fund-raiser. parents of a boy scout troop rescued from a flooded campground are glad to have their sons back home. had he rescued the six scouts and two leaders presumed missing. they were missing in a national forest. the fai has joined the u.s. coast guard in the search for a 65-year-old woman reported missing from a cruise ship. she was on board the celebrity millennium as it sailed from cab bowes san lucas to mexico. we will talk with a
9:28 am
congressman that got back from pakistan. he was just 30 miles from the osama bin laden compound. we skl if the subject of bin laden ever came up while he was in pakistan. as the u.s. weighs whether to release the photos of osama bin laden' body, i afaa fake ons up. we will show you the picture and tell you how it happened. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. [ woman speaking chinese ] thank you. do you have an english menu?
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we continue our coverage of the death of osama bin laden. here is what's new this morning. right now, we are awaiting a white house decision on whether to release a gruesome photo of bin laden's corpse. it do fuel anti-american anger around the world. former president, george w. bush says, thanks but no thanks. he turns down a white house invitation to join president obama at ground zero. he appreciates the invite but has chosen to remain out of the spotlight in his post-presidency. the white house changes its account of the military raid that killed bin laden. the administration now says he was not armed when he was shot to death. one of the big questions right now is how much did pakistan know about osama bin laden's whereabouts? he was living in a huge complex in a large city. he might have been living there for years, a far cry from some cave out in the middle of nowhere.
9:32 am
congressman tom rooney of florida is on the house armed services committee. he visited pakistani and u.s. troops just two weeks ago. welcome. >> thanks for having me. >> you were about 30 miles from where he was killed. >> we were in islamabad. we were pretty close. at that point, meeting with the military and the government and some other elements, we had no indication whatsoever that he was there. >> did you talk to those officials about osama bin laden and where he might be? >> we did. in fact, pretty much everywhere we went with every group we met with, we asked about bin laden. the typical answer was we are still on the hunt for him and following leads.
9:33 am
>> when you here that after returning to pakistan and asking questions over and over, what goes through your mind? >> obviously, it gives one conce concern. at the same time, i do understand any leak whatsoever which would reveal to the media which would then get over to pakistan and enable him to move would have been catastrophic. i completely understand the secrecy. i respect it. i am not taking being on the intelligence committee and armed services, i don't take offense to it. it does look like, how does he hide in plain sight like this in a military town so close to islamabad? the answer is, we are digging through those facts to see how much pakistan knew. you know, i always say it is one of three options. either they new and weren't telling us, harboring him.
9:34 am
they new and they tipped us off, they were complicit and helped us in this action or they just were completely oblivious. >> so are you of the mind that we need answers before we continue to send aid to pakistan? >> i am. i think that would be fair. certainly, i would hate to see us helping them before we know he can actually how much they knew. also, one other things i want to get out there. when you have the military in pakistan and the government not on the same panel, you also have the isi, which is their intelligence. there are elements of that on the same page can't look at it as we look at the united states. the military is kind of in charge. the isa kind of works on its own. there are elements that are sympathetic towards terrorist elements. before we label pakistan as one unit, we have to get all the
9:35 am
facts, because having pakistan go south on us and become less than what they are now is not what we would want in our national interest. we use them for resources, logistics and assets. they have helped us in the war in afghanistan. we have to be very careful. if we do find out they were harboring bin laden, that will be a bad deal for pakistan. >> if we do find out they were harboring osama bin laden, what should happen? >> that's up to the administration. under the last administration, you remember president bush says those who harbor terrorists and he is the worst one, would be considered an act of war. what we do with this is kind of dubious. it is very unclear whether or not the government of pakistan and whatever that means was aware and what they were willing to do for bin laden.
9:36 am
i am not confused that at the did know and i am not con ins haved that elements within the isi or some pack stoon anies did. those facts are no out yet. >> congressman, tom rooney, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it mtd. a graphic image of osama bin laden bloody face has gone viral. the problem is, the picture is fake. zain verjee joins us from london. who made up this fake photo? >> do we know. >> reporter: it has been making the rounds. just take a look that the graphic image. it is totally gone viral. if you look at it, you can see how the mouth, the lower part of the picture, the mouth is a little bit wide open. the weird is gray. when you look at the top part of the picture, if you can see it on that shot, you can see there are wounds to the head. this is not real. professional photographers have
9:37 am
been looking at this. they say, this is a pretty bad photo chop job. there is a combination of two pictures, one of a bloody corpse and it has been super imposed on the real image that you saw them side by side in the paper. they have basically done that. that's what has been making the rounds. the real picture, everybody is wondering whether the administration is going to release that. there is so much debate on whether that is a good or bad idea. >> that's true. to reiterate, the real picture of osama bin laden has not been released as of yet. another thing that caught our eye. a whole bunch of facebook leaders misquoting dr. martin luther king jr. >> be careful what you tweet and be careful what you read. that's what happened. that went totally viral. it was a martin luther king jr. quote that went lib this. i mourn the loss of thousands of
9:38 am
precious, precious lives but i will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. that was not really a quote by martin loout thir ki martin loout luther king jr. he said, the enemy quote, "in the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends." it is not clear how that went so viral and some say maybe it was an accidental cut and paste. either way, don't believe everything you tweet. >> sound advice. zain verjee, live in london. up more. still ahead, first, president obama wants to roll back billions of dollars in tax breaks that the oil industry gets. will it affect the prices at the
9:39 am
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we are going to continue to follow up on the osama bin laden killing. we will talk with an op ed writer. let's talk gas prices as they approach $4 a gallon nationwide.
9:42 am
a fight is brewing on capitol hill. lawmakers are split on how to deal with high gas prices. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. what does the file boil down to? >> you know what this is about. it is about the $14 trillion federal debt versus the fight for independence. the conversation talked about the tax breaks given to oil. the oil industry gets $4 billion in tax breaks. it would wind up chipping away at the national debt. president obama wants to roll the tax breaks back because the oil companies are making billions. take a look at how many billions they earned in the first three months. it really is amazing. the oil industry says, if you do roll back the breaks, it would reduce the incentive to drill and cause the companies to move jobs overseas. >> what happens if the tax breaks are rolled back, would it lower gas prices? an oil analyst, carol, says no. if you take away the tax breaks
9:43 am
that oil companies get, you are effectively raising taxes on these oil companies. they would be less likely to increase production and exploration, because they would have less money to put towards things and that would reduce oil supply and raise the prices at the pump. >> that's coming from the oil industry, right sf. >> is coming from an oil analyst. just ahead, eliminating osama, huge for president obama as he looks ahead to 2012. our next guest says, forget bin laden. the gop has left the democrats in the does the. the afternoon tour begins with more pain and more pills. the evening guests arrive. back to sore knees. back to more pills. the day is done but hang on... her doctor recommended aleve. just 2 pills can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is lara who chose 2 aleve and fewer pills for a day free of pain.
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and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels.
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this week it's deathers and they want to see the death certificate. he's constantly answering questions and it's time that they get hole of the message and dictate what we talk about. >> what does that say about democrats that they can't control message? >> it says they're better playing from behind so much of what obama message was during the campaign, be honest, i'm not bush. we didn't hear a lot about what he was. we heard about what he wasn't.
9:49 am
when you're an incumbent you need to be a lead and not follow. they need to change the strategy if they want 2012 to be the year obama gets elected. sorry. >> go ahead. >> oh, i was going to say another way that you do that by introducing policies as republicans have to make sure that your base show up in 2012. there's anti-gay marriage laws introduce in minnesota as well aspen pen and that's another strategy that republicans have been good at in terms of making sure the base shows up. working at state level and passing owe the federal level with edlegislation. read "oba got owe ma'am osama i 2012 won't win in." >> taking alook at stories later
9:50 am
today. next hour in new york, we should find out whether libyan leader moammar gadhafi could face a possible tribunal for war crimes as u.n.'s criminal court announces findings and recommendations whether or not to issue an arrest warrant. today 3:00 eastern on the white house south lawn, president obama hosts a wounded warrior project soldier ride and the following hour, prince charles will visit with president obama around 4:30 eastern. katharine jackson thinks about her son, michael jackson, every day, and she vows to attend the trial of the doctor charged in his death. katharine jackson. ugh, gravity.
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roc® multi correxion™. i don't have to leave my desk and get up and go to the post office anymore.
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checking stories cro crosscountry now. engineers to breach another levee in the mississippi, designed to ease spring flooding in town as long the river. official says water could rise to record levels in certain areas. yellow nissan vans will bel rolling through streets of new york city. nissan mv 200 is the winner of the competition.
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it features extra leg room, gps, they hit streets in 2013. the mother of michael jackson turns 81 today, and katharine jackson tells cnn she will attend the trial of dr. conrad murray. he's the cardiologist charged with negligence in the death of her son. >> worst come to worst, i'll step out because i heard that they are going to show autopsy shots and i don't want to see that, so i'll leave. you know, stay out in the hall or somewhere until it's over, then come back in. >> murray's trial set to begin in september. following a lot of developments in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom." let's check in first with pentagon correspondent barbara starr. >> reporter: carol, did the fog of war hit osama bin laden's compound? we'll talk about that in a few minutes. i'm jill dougherty at the state department. already, tense relationship between the u.s. and pakistan gets even worse. i'll have that at the top of the
9:55 am
hour. i'm zain verjee in london. i'll tell you what newspapers around the world are saying about that tense relationship between the united states and pakistan. >> thanks to all of you. also, osama bin laden helped set a career path for americans, inspiring them to serve their country. in the next hour, i know it's a strange thing, isn't it? we'll talk with a young man in the seventh grade when the teacher turned on the tv in his class and the whole class watched the world trade center towers come down. just a few days that seventh grade already graduate from military college. we'll ask him about his future and post-bin laden ork, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible.
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or call 877-242-usaa.
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we witness baseball history last night. je jeff michelle from hln sports is here. a turnaround for a team that stunk this years. >> the twins have been bad, so has leery an know. i read an article yesterday, what's wrong with leery an know. the twins' pitcher through a no-hitter to beat the chicago white sox. this is the final out. getting adam dunn. line out to shortstop, of course, when you throw a no-hitter, you're going to get mobbed. teammates rush out to congratulate him. he puts the no in liriano. they should end the talk of sending him off to the bull pen.
9:59 am
i guess he's worked things off. playoffs, celtics trying to even series with miami. tied at 80. uh-oh, a little physical. look who's there to take care of business when things get tough. lebron james, the miss. recovers the miss, puts it down, part of 14-0 miami run. heat 102-91, they lead the series 2-0. game three boston saturday. back to baseball for a fantastic play. astros' jason bourgeois is the bouncer. barehands the ball, makes it behind the back, between the legs. throw to first, fancy and effective. 137th kentucky derby on saturday. the 23-year-old is aimed to become the first female jockey to win it napravnik the sixth woman in history to go, riding pants on fire, teamed up to win the louisiana derby. don't you love the name?
10:00 am
always great. >> yes. >> they won the louisiana derby in march. trainer says they're a great team, hooked up right away, the horse has blossomed since she came on board. >> is the horse a male? >> she's expected to do well. no wonwoman has come in the top ten but expected to do that sa. >> we'll see. thanks, jeff. this morning, we continue our coverage of the osama bin laden story. what could be the biggest development since his killing. good morning, i'm carol costello, sitting in for kyra phillips. we're awaiting a white house decision on whether to release a postmortem photo of the terrorist leader. it could silence skeptics c it could fire aerng around the world. bush turns down a white house invitation to join president obama at ground zero tomorrow. we'll tell you why. attorney general eric holder is on capitol hill.
10:01 am
he's appearing before the senate judiciary committee. we're keeping a close eye to see if he makes any comments on the killing of osama bin laden. we start with public skepticism. the white house can blame itself for at least some of that. administration officials repeatedly changed key details of the raid, including crucial accounts of bin laden's fining actions before shot to death. barbara starr live at the pentagon. let's start with information about osama bin laden using one of his wives as a human shield. that turned out to be incorrect, right? >> reporter: well, it did, carol. what the administration is saying, is there was a rush to get details out to the american public and to the world on sunday night and monday in the hours after this happened. they wanted to tell as much as they could. but now that fog of war, the confusion that always happens right after a significant event is beginning to clear and they are amending some of what they said. on the question of a woman killed. originally they had said that theres and a woman acting as a
10:02 am
human shield with bin laden in the room when the navy s.e.a.l.s entered. what they're saying there was a woman believed to be his wife. she rushed against the assault team and they shot her in the leg. there was a different woman down stairs who was killed in the cross fire. but osama bin laden's wife, they say, was shot in the leg and is still alive. >> she's in custody now in pakistan from what we understand. the next inconsistency is about whether osama was armed or not. listen to john brennan and what he said about that on monday. >> there was a female who was in fact, in the line of fire that reportedly was used as a shield to shield bin laden from the incoming fire. the concern was that bin laden would oppose any type of capture operation. indeed, he did. it was a firefight.
10:03 am
he, therefore, was killed in that firefight and that's when the remains were removed. >> was there any return gunfire at all from people in that mansion? >> reporter: oh, in the house, absolutely, carol. the navy s.e.a.l.s, the administration is adamant, a heavy firefight did break out that would indicate people returned fire. they were armed inside that house, by all account. they never -- to be precise, nobody ever said bin laden was holding a weapon and got any rounds off. but the question for the navy s.e.a.l.s is, did he pose an imminent threat when they entered that room? did they have reasonable reason to believe that they would be in fear for their lives that he was threatening them? he's an enemy combatant, the world's most wanted man, i don't think anybody's going to challenge the notion that he posed a threat. what we don't know is how did he pose a threat. did he lunge at them, did he reach for a weapon?
10:04 am
did he are a detonator? did he have a suicide vest? was he gesturing to perhaps someone else in the room and the s.e.a.l.s interpreted that as an order to fire? these are all of the scenarios people would be thinking. we honestly doesn't know the answer yet. they're adamant he did pose a threat to them. >> i'm wondering, we hear there's video of this, the whole thing is on tape. is that true, not true? >> reporter: well, you know, i don't know that we know the answer precisely so that either. let me say this, when u.s. special forces go into the field and often regular military forces as well, it's not like somebody's going along carrying a hand-held video cam like you or i would but they have equ equipment with them that does tape incidents and very often there is video of them. i think there might be of this one. i think whether or not we ever see it is another whole question. and nobody has actually come out
10:05 am
in public and said openly that there is a tape. a lot of this information is being very closely held by the cia and the white house. we keep asking the questions. we'll keep pressing away for answers. >> we like that. bar barbara starr. >> pakistan is rejecting claims it dropped the ball in the hunt for osama bin laden. government officials are reacting to this quote from cia director leon panetta, according to two sources inside a closed-door meeting, panetta told lawmakers, quote, either they were involved or incompetent tent. neither place is a good place to be, speaking about pakistan. washington's doubts over pakistan strains a key relationship in what was once known as the war on terror. and in that mission, trust is everything. foreign fairs correspondent jill dougherty live at the state department. jill, what exactly is washington asking the pakistanis now? >> reporter: first of all, they're pressing the pakistanis to give information about that
10:06 am
compound where osama bin laden was living, who owned it, who built it, what were the security precautions around it. you can imagine they'd want to know, did anyone visit it. they also are looking at information and data, as they analyze the tapes and the hard -- i should say the computers and the hard drives that were taken from that compound. that will be very important because that could be key in establishing communications between bin laden and others. and then finally, direct meetings. the representative, special representative for the united states, on afghanistan and pakistan, went to islamabad. that trip was scheduled but mark grossman did meet with all of the top officials and the president, president zadari, head of the military, the head of militarien tey eien intellig the subject was definitely discussed. we don't have a lot of details about that but senior officials do tell us that they -- the as
10:07 am
it was explained, there are -- there is a belief that perhaps senior officials did not know but people below them did. they're saying, in other words, the senior officials who met with grossman expressed surprise that osama bin laden was in that compound and they are taking, they say, taking them at face value until they find out. so far, we should say, there's no compelling evidence that they did know. >> the other thing i was curious about i know there were people in the house and the pakistanis have those people in custody and apparently they're questioning them. and then during the raid, the united states confiscated lots of papers are computers and hard drive stwhez tos and took them e united states. do we know if pakistanis and officials within the united states are kind of sharing information or not at all? >> reporter: you know, that is not clear at this point because certainly the pakistanis have
10:08 am
the human beings whom they're questioning and then the united states has the documentary evidence. but it is not clear whether they're sharing it. in fact, some of that could become a point of debate and discussion and perhaps fighting as this goes on, because i can tell you, based on what cnn in the field in that region is learning, there is a lot of the anger on the part of the pakistanis who feel that the united states is unfairly criticizing them. and then here in the united states, we all know that on capitol hill and other places many people are saying how could it possibly have happened that he was living in that compound and no one in pakistan seemed to know about it. it's an unfortunate situation. the relationship is also tense but now it's getting much worse. >> jill dougherty, many thanks, live from state department. cnn crews fanned out across the tworl bring yworld two brin latest details.
10:09 am
nick peyton walsh, you now have new information on the other people that were inside the compound that jill and i were talking about a short time ago. tell us about them. >> reporter: that's right. more details from senior pakistani intelligence official. now he is listing a bit more detail who they were, eight or nine children, one of whom is thought to have been a 12 or 13-year-old daughter in pakistani custody. two, perhaps three women, one identified as osama bin laden's 29-year-old yemeni wife, not entirely clear her name as yet. and also the four to five men, including bin, four dead bodies found at the compound, one unidentified male, one son to bin laden, and two of bin laden's brothers. other casualties from the bin laden family as well. >> so those surviving members, adults, are being interrogated. are they being -- what might
10:10 am
happen to them? >> reporter: it's not exactly clear, really, what the final will be. i've heard suggestions from officials they may get sent back to country of origin, repatriated down the line. there is some contention between washington and islamabad who gets access to who. i'm sure the americans want to talk to all of those patch up, piece together the information they've got from the technical data from inside the compound 30 the human beings that explain what's going on. as it currently stands given absolutely state it seems of pakistani/u.s. relations today, i'll be very surprised if they found a quick or easy compromise as to how to get access to different pieces of information. >> thank you. newspapers around the world are criticizing pakistan in the wake of bin's death. zain verjee is follow that from london. the united states is not the only country criticizing pakistan? >> reporter: no, pakistan is in the spotlight, and many countries around the world are
10:11 am
raising some serious questions. let's start with the national, carol, from the united arab emirates. it's headline "all eyes are on pakistan." the discovery of osama bin laden in a garrison town less than 50 kilometers from islamabad exposed pakistan to embarrassing accusations yesterday that either its government or security service was shelt, the world chs most-wanted man. take a look at what the australians headline is. "judged by the company you keep." the article says, these suspicions mark a new test for u.s./pakistan relations, raising uncomfortable questions for both sides, among them being the competence of pakistan's security service and the extent of the country's complicity in harboring bin laden. finally, take a look at today's zaman from turkey "embarrassed pakistan was excluded from bin laden raid"s. it goes on to say pakistan has a long history of nurturing extremist militants and the
10:12 am
interests of its strategic objectives, primarily facing up to what it sees as its biggest threat, india. >> zain verjee, fascinating. at the heart of the osama drama, the navy s.e.a.l.s sent into the compound to get the job done. in 20 minutes we'll attack a look at these guys, their training why they were chosen for the mission. and in the horrible aftermath of the 9/11 attacks this is one of the few images to bolster american spirits, an iconic moment that will not be relived tomorrow when president obama travels to ground zero. we'll tell you why. naomi pryce: i am. i'm in the name your own price division. i find empty hotel rooms and help people save - >> - up to 60% off. i am familiar. your name? > naomi pryce. >> what other "negotiating" skills do you have?
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10:15 am
looking ahead in the bin laden story, president obama visits ground zero tomorrow for a ceremony but he will not be joined by his predecessor, george w. bush, invited to the white house but decleaned to attend. we want to bring in david gergen. welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> president bush said he likes to keep a low profile and that's not why he's going to attend the ceremony at ground zero with president obama. what do you make of this? >> well, carol, there are people around president bush who are irritated, sore, that they're
10:16 am
not getting more credit for what they did in years past. they believe that the harsh interrogation techniques used on detainees in guantanamo did provide a clue to help find the courier that led to bin laden. they believe that president obama should have given more credit to president bush in that famous speech that he made a couple of nights ago. there is sourness around the president but i don't think that what motivates president bush. he and his family, you see this in the father as well, they have an old fashioned view, we only have one president at a time. and former president should essentially stay in the shadows and not second guessing. so his credit i must say, president george w. bush has not been critical of president obama at various moment as long the way when he might have been vulnerable to criticism. i think this is quite genuine on the part of president bush, he doesn't want to stay in a lower profile. >> i hear you, but at this moment in our history, president obama, when he gave his speech,
10:17 am
said this was a time that maybe the country could be unified, that we could celebrate this moment together if you will, and so in that sense, should mr. bush attend despite, you know, his desire to keep a low profile? >> i think if president obama felt it was important for the country that former president bush show up, that president clinton show up, that these former presidents come together for some event, he'd be there. but i think this is seen more as a celebration and president george w. bush has issued a strong statement of support for president obama, giving him credit, and he's been very gracious about this. i think the white house has been very gracious. i don't think it's necessary. would it be, you know, i think it's a kind of picture we would all enjoy but at some point you've got to give -- you've got to give some deference, wishes
10:18 am
to keep somebody private. >> how do you think the obama views is. >> i think they're fine. i don't want to be cynical about this, but they -- you know they are very much putting this president, president obama, forward as the man who had guts to do the deal and to -- and they want him to get credit for it. they'd like him to be in the limelight. he does deserve credit. they invited president our out of a sense of courtesy and that was a gracious thing to do but do i think that they're cry oefk the fact he's not coming, no, i don't. >> david gergen, many thanks. coming up what do osama bin laden and miley cyrus have in common? how the singer factors into the biggest terrorist takedown ever. m!
10:19 am
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10:21 am
the death of osama bin laden was celebrated on american
10:22 am
streets and online and somehow miley cyrus ended up in the middle of it. "showbiz tonight" host a.j. hammer here with more on how miley's getting a bump from all of this. >> yeah. i about thor explain this, carol. obviously, every historical celebration needs a theme song, right? as americans poured out on to the streets and social networking sites for impromptu celebrations on sunday, after the president announced that osama bin laden had been killed, a huge miley cyrus hit became the accidental anthem of the moment. you remember this song, right? that, of course, "party in the usa." ♪ i hopped on the plane at l.a.x.♪ >> within minutes of the news breaking the youtube video from miley cyrus's 2009 hit "party in the usa" became the go-to spot
10:23 am
for virtual celebration of bin laden's death, come men ter as degreeing they put it paterson at funeral song of osama bin laden. a facebook group was launched, people celebrating outside the white house, people on twitter adopted it as at night's theme song. last check, carol, 151 youtube users took time to give a thumbs up to a comment reading, like this comment, if watching this video is literally the first thing you did after you learned osama was dead. miley cyrus and osama bin laden in the same breath, never saw that coming. >> pop culture and osama bin laden, on another tact, people are talking about jack bauer "24" the connection to what happened in pakistan. tell us about that. >> yeah, well of course in the hours after news of bin laden's killing broke, jack bauer was on a lot of people's mind, one of the biggest trending topics on twiner twitter, the action hero
10:24 am
from "24" from tv. a lot of people thinking a bower-like character must have been responsible for the actionable intelligence that led to president obama's press conference. "24" fans are thinking the timing's perfect for that show to get the big screen treatment. good news a movie version remains in the works at 20th century fox. brian grazer, whose company was behind the tv show, recently acknowledged that he's very much on board for the movie. in march, sutherland told the women of "the view" the movie will come out in 2012. they might be rethinking the time line a bit now. >> the plot, too. i heard they were having trouble coming up with a good story line because jack bauer's done everything to save america but maybe this will enter into the plot line now. >> yeah. and as we were discussing yesterday, i think think is going to influence what we see come out of hollywood. obviously made for tv made for film plot line. i want to talk more about what people are talking about throughout hollywood, bin
10:25 am
laden's death topic a on so many celebrities' minds. we are right there at premiere of "something borrowed" in los angeles. john and jennifer told "showbiz tonight" how the news affected them. watch this. >> i really remember thinking about how long people have been over there how long our armed forces have been over there fighting for us and a big event like this makes you think maybe it's over and you have got to remember how long they've been in this and this one moment is one moment, it's a big one, but they've been doing it for a long time and we owe them a whole debt of gratitude. >> allows for closure in an important way. it's a strange thing to me to root for death in any situation but i certainly recognize that it was something that needed to happen in order for us move forward. >> carol, we've been on a lot of red carpets in the last couple of days is we're find agent "showbiz tonight" people want to talk about this, there's patriotism across the board.
10:26 am
it's neat to see and everybody excited or at least reflective on the news of bin laden's death. >> a.j. hammer, many thanks. want information breaking on the entertainment world? a.j. has it tone on "showbiz tonight" 11:00 p.m. on hln. checking news cross-country. port land, maine, police looking who painted anti-islam community on a community center. the message osama today, islam tomorrow, long live the west. a georgia college student threatened with deportation after a traffic arrest revealed she was an illegal immigrant can complete her u.s. studies. the federal government awarded jessica a year-long deferment while her case is being reviewed. finally, lafayette, louisiana, parents of a boy scout troop rescued are glad to have their sons home. a national guard helicopter rescued six scouts and two leaders who were missing in a national forest. we've been hearing a lot
10:27 am
about the navy s.e.a.l.s that went in and down osama bin laden. coming up, inside the special ops force, look at their training, why they were picked for this mission. my name is mike, and i quit smoking. i knew for years before i quit that i needed to quit, and i went online to find a way. ♪ chantix -- it's a non-nicotine pill. i didn't want nicotine to give up nicotine. while you're taking the medication, for the first week, you can go ahead and smoke.
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learn about the chantix challenge. chantix may not work for everyone. if you aren't quit after 12 weeks, we'll refund your cost of trying it. learn more at mom! ♪ i know i can count on you ♪ sometimes i feel like saying... ♪ mom! mom! ♪ ...see me through [ male announcer ] you know mom. ♪ you got the love... we know diamonds. together we'll make this mother's day one she'll never forget. momma! [ male announcer ] that's why only zales is the diamond store. we continue our coverage of the death of osama bin laden. here's what's new this morning. we're awaiting a white house decision on whether to release a gruesome photo of bin laden's
10:30 am
corpse. it could fuel anti-american anger around the world. former president bush says thanks, but no thanks. he turns down a white house invitation to join president obama at ground zero tomorrow. a spokesman says bush appreciates the invite but he's chosen to remain out of the spotlight in his post-presidency. the white house, once again, changes its account of the military raid that killed bin laden. the administration says, osama bin laden was not armed when he was shot to death. they got in, they got their man, and they got out. a huge interest right now in the navy s.e.a.l.s who pulled off the bin laden raid. pentagon correspondent chris lawrence has an inside look at this elite group of warriors. >> reporter: the team that killed osama bin laden had gone through thousands of scenarios for assaulting a compound. just like this group of navy s.e.a.l.s on u.s. soil. but the team that went after bin laden was special. part of the naval special warfare development group, or
10:31 am
dev group. >> the s.e.a.l. team is the all-star of the s.e.a.l. teams. >> reporter: stu smith a former s.e.a.l. who says the men in that raid have at least five years as special operators. >> the s.e.a.l. team is based on combat experience, all of these guy probably have a hundred, 20 omissions. >> reporter: the cia provided detailed satellite pictures of bin laden's compound. enough to build a replica, where the s.e.a.l. team practiced. a soon yor enior defense offici they trained without nowing who the target was. by sunday they knew the location of every gate and win he dough in the compound, the height of the walls. >> they didn't know when they got there exactly what some of the internal features of it would be. >> reporter: the defense official says, by the time the s.e.a.l.s ran out of the house with bin laden's body they could count the exact number of steps to the helicopter outside. special operator training is brutal. >> i can see [ bleep ].
10:32 am
>> reporter: at least six months of sheer hell. >> let's go, johnson. he pass you'd up. >> reporter: the men that took down bin laden don't look like linebackers. >> they have a great deal of muscle. just not everybody's massive. you don't have to be, you know, 6'5", 250 pound to be a s.e.a.l. >> reporter: two teams were supposed to fast rope down from the blackhawks but one helicopter had to land hard, put one team directly on the ground. there was a contingency plan and the s.e.a.l.s scrambled out to continue their mission. >> there's a reason they brought two helicopters. the s.e.a.l. teams we say two is one, one is none. and you know, they -- they knew what to do, even in the event of a downed helicopter. >> reporter: an official told me the white house left the actual selection of the team up to the military and the question they asked themselves was, how much force do we need? he says, the special s.e.a.l. team was selected because it best fit the mission.
10:33 am
not because it's necessarily better than, say, delta force. he says, a 12-man green beret outfit team might have been too small to assault a compound this size whereas he knew they didn't need an entire battalion of army rangers. the special s.e.a.l. team was the best come ben nation of size and capability. chris lawrence, cnn, the pentagon. the decision to blow up a levee along the mississippi river triggers a lawsuit in washington. the latest on that about. plus, we're talking live with the governor of the missouri governor, against the intentional flooding of thousand of acres of missouri farmland down river. he's angry. how can expedia save me even more on my hotel? by giving me huge discounts on rooms hotels can't always fill.
10:34 am
with unpublished rates. which means i get an even more rockin' hotel, for less. where you book matters. expedia.
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10:36 am
we're going to continue to follow the bin laden killing. coming up a few minuteses, a young man inspired by 9/11 to attend the citadel. what does bin laden's death mean to the next generation of military leaders? we'll talk to cadet william walker. he'll join us live in a few minutes. right now, let's talk weather because not everyone is happy with the u.s. army corps of engineers to blow up the lechb i ha levee. they reached the levee along the mississippi river to protect cairo, illinois from extensive flooding but that breach meant flooded farmland for home owners down river and in missouri, attorneys representing some two dozen families filed suit in washington for unspecified damages. we want to get the latest on the
10:37 am
flooding situation right now. missouri governor jane nixon joins us live on the phone from the state capitol of jefferson city. thanks for joining us, governor. >> i was in the region yesterday for my fourth trip down to caruthersville, blew over the levee that has been you can call it breached. i call it clearly blown up to move that water through there, deaf station and damage for half of a county, 130,000 acres. >> you did not want this to happen and you've been fighting against it yet it goes on. what is the latest act you're taking to prevent more breaching of the levees? >> well, we're focuses on making sure that we're recovering now. water's moving downstream. we're looking at a crest in caruthersville downstream from there, about 35 miles that will be 3 1/2 feet higher than water has ever been down there. so we're still flood fighting in southern missouri as the waters begin to slowly recede in that
10:38 am
northern section. we're focused now on making sure the flood fighting in caruthersville saves that city. >> how many people are affected by flooding in missouri? >> i mean, tens of thousands of people own property in the area that's significantly flooded. this is the most fertile farmland in america. we produce tremendous amounts in that area. it's an agricultural environment that has produced for this country for years. these are record flood levels, higher than they have ever been in 27, 37. and even outside of the box, 130,000 acres, you've got standing water and problems through the region. >> and that the arm corps of engineer did this to save a town in illinois and you're in missouri, and now you've got to deal with massive flooding and home owners in need of help and probably state aid going to them. what are your feelings about that? >> well, i mean, my feeling is, i try to bring people together, the tougher the time, we stand
10:39 am
together. we didn't want this levee blown up but we're well past that point. talking about another explosion lower today to get that area cleared out so that the water can move through more freely, which may have an impact downtreatment. bottom line, we have to get beyond what has happened and to the point what we and do to help families reboild, uild, recover replenish. >> who is going to pay for all of that, governor? >> it's a complicated rube rick. we've been working with legislative leaders today on state side, spoke with secretary napolitano and the folks at fema, working with usga, we are going to use every source necessary to return this, you know, our -- the fertile center of our country back to the production it was before. it's also vitally important for the economy of the region and of our country. >> governor nixon, thanks for joining us this morning. a week ago today, much of
10:40 am
the south was shut, with the historic outbreak of deadly tornadoes. today, a near day-long telethon under way to help those hardest hit in alabama. a live broadcast transmission of cnn affiliate wvtm out of birmingham. the station has teamed up with the central alabama united way to help hundreds of storm victims homeless. here's a couple of ways you can help. text tornado to 50555 to donate $10 or you can visit the united ways website or call toll free 1-855-205-help. in today's building of america, we look at homes built to survive tornados. made of steel with safety at the top of your mind. cnn's tom foreman takes us tornado alley in little rock, arkansas. >> reporter: thousands of homes damaged or destroyed, hundreds
10:41 am
of lives taken. officials in alabama and other states are still adding up to the losses from killer tornadoes while far away in another part of the so-called tornado alley near little rock, it all looks perfectly normal, john house's home a model of new technology aimed at stopping such terrible destruction. >> they have no idea whatsoever unless they went up into the at tick. >> reporter: let's go up into the attic. >> okay. >> reporter: up here we can really see the difference. >> right. because you have bolt together structural steel. >> reporter: the frame is not made of wood but of steel. >> this is an i-beam. >> reporter: president of kodiak steel homes and despite the economic downturn, despite the fact that these houses can cost up to 5% more than usual, folks like the tactic family are snapping it up. >> might spend now but it's going to pay for it in then. it's not going anywhere. >> reporter: john is proud to say his can withstand 1
10:42 am
140-mile-an-hour-winds for four hours. >> i'll do it right away. >> reporter: sales have declined a bit but john says not nearly as much for other builders because people want to be more secure in their big investments now. >> so instead of making our homes cheaper in response to the recession, we've made our homes better. >> reporter: would you have any doubts about being up in this attic during a tornado? >> no, none whatsoever. >> reporter: and that, he hopes will not only keep building up his business, but also keep many families safer when the worst weather strikes. tom foreman, cnn. osama bin laden helped set a c career path for americans inspiring them to serve their country if retaliation for his heinous acts. a man in seventh grade when the teacher turned on television and the class watched the world trade center comes down. he graduates from military college. we'll ask him about his future in the post-bin laden world.
10:43 am
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♪ ♪ when you're resonsible for this much of the team,
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you need a car you can count on. ♪ think about it. many young americans don't remember a pre-9/11 america they don't know a time when osama bin laden wasn't out there hiding
10:46 am
somewhere or remember that ground zero was once a busy place of business in new york city. 9/11 and the war on terror defined their world and shaped their which of thinking in so many ways and for some it determined what they would do with the rest of their likes like william walker, a cadet at the citadel. this saturday he gets hi commission as second lieutenant in the arm. first of all, william, congratulations. >> thank you, carol. i appreciate it. >> i'd like to know what you and your classmates were thinking when you heard osama bin laden had been killed. >> you know, carol, a lot of different emotions for ten years of my life and the life of my generation, this man really had been the symbol of evil for us. he was responsible for masterminding the murdering of innocent civilians on american soil. i would say that the news of his death was a relief, that that target and threat had been eliminated for america. >> you were in seventh grade
10:47 am
when the towers came down. you were sitting in class and the teacher turned on the television set. tell us how you felt that day. >> yeah. i remember it like it was yesterday. seventh grade, i was 12 years old, sitting in social science class, and the teacher comes in the classroom and he announced to the class that america came under attack. he turned on the tv and that's whenever i first saw the footage of the towers coming down. at that age, you don't understand a lot of international relations. you may not understand a lot about relations with afghanistan but knew that your home was under attack and it changed my world forever. >> and how exactly did it change your world? did you dream of becoming a military officer before watching television that day? >> you know, up to that point, no. but you know, i want to tell you, carol, where i'm from, where i was raised, which is waynesville, north carolina, up in the appalachian mountains i've always had certain val usen
10:48 am
stilled in me, and everyone i grew up with, values like service to your community and others, integrity and honor. whenever events of 9/11 happened, at that point i knew that there was something out there bigger than myself, that i was called to do it. and as i grew up and had different mentors in my life, i decided the vehicle for me to serve my country was through the united states army. >> and you have said before that your mission will to be engage the enemy. with bin laden gone, does that kind of change your idea of who the enemy is? >> you know, honestly, carol, no. in my opinion, there's still a threat out there. i'm still being called to serve. and i'm still being called to lead soldiers. so that's what i want to go do. and you know, whoever my commander in chief designate the enemy to be, i'll do my duty. >> we saw people of your generation out in the streets celebrating the death of osama bin laden. you said it was a relief to you that he was finally dead and gone, but how does his death
10:49 am
change things in your generation, or does it? >> well, i think, you know, every generation, you know, has that one man that kind of characterizes ooen ev evil for their time, whether hitler or stalin or whoever it may be and osama bin laden was that guy for us. i think for our generation, you know, our sacrificed a lot in regard to the conflict. we've had family members overseas, it's torn families apart. our generation went over and served and put boots on the ground. osama bin laden has changed the course of our country and the course of my generation. the fact he was brought to justice, i think, was just a huge victory not only for our country, but for my generation. >> william walker, thank you so much for being with us. congratulations. i'm kind of glad you're serving our country in this way. thank you so much. >> thank you, carol.
10:50 am
former president carter says the united states should give pakistan the benefit of the doubt when it comes to bin laden's where about thes. suzanne malveaux sat down with the former president to talk about the raid in pakistan. her exclusive interview, coming up in the next hour. after she was diagnosed with breast cancer, sheryl crow was determined to eat more healthy foods. she teamed up with a chef on a nutritious menu and a book was born. we'll hear from sheryl crow next. [ sneezes ] allergies?
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sheryl crow a superstar in the world of music, winner of nine grammy awards. this morning rockin' a new cookbook inspired by her battle with breast cancer. crow talked about it on cnn's american morning. >> five years ago i was diagnosed and i decided instead of going the conventional route of taking tamoxifen i would try to really embrace a corrective stance in using nutrition as being part of my staying well. and i met with a nutritionist, rachel, who does the forward in the book and learned so much about food and about the benefits of certain foods as far as staying well, building your immune system. i wanted to continue on with my
10:54 am
staying, you know, on this course. and chuck was writing a recipe in nashville and an amazing cook, but already knew so much about different components in food like spices and benefits. my cancer was detected really early, so i'm always preaching about how until we have a cure early detection and prevention is the best hope that we have. but you know a lot of what i learned through nutrition is that what we do with regard to our bodies has very distinct correlation to our wellness and a lot in the book -- it's a great handbook -- it's stuff that we already do. >> right. >> it's just knowing -- it's having the power of knowledge to continue to incorporate some of the things that we already do on a daily basis. >> crow co-authored the book with her chef, chuck white "if it makes you healthy." taking a look at stories making news laid later today, 3:00 eastern, president obama hosts the wounded warrior
10:55 am
project soldier ride. in the following hour britain's prince charles visits with president obama, that will happen around 4:30 eastern. in the next hour, suzanne malveaux has an exclusiven view with former president carter who says america needs to be guarded with its relationship with pakistan. >> what do you make of the fact that osama bin laden was found in pakistan and in a city, a million dollar home, not far from islamabad. do woe think we can trust the pakistan government? >> we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. >> why? >> they're so crucial. remember that pakistan probably has at least 100 nuclear weapons. and i think that our alliance with pakistan, despite some obvious difficulties, is extremely important. >> president carter also gives his thoughts on the death of osama bin laden. that's suzanne malveaux's exclusive interview with former president carter coming up in the next hour of newsroom.
10:56 am
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10:59 am
they hit the streets in 2013. the mother of michael jackson turns 81 today, and katharine jackson tells cnn she will attend the trial of dr. conrad murray. he's the cardiologist charged with negligence in the death of her son. >> worst come to worst, i'll step out you know because i heard they were going to show some autopsy shots and i don't want to see that. so i'll leave and, you flow, stay out in the hall or somewhere until it's over, then i'll come back in. >> murray's trial set to begin in september. now it's time to toss it over to suzanne malveaux for a continuation of newsroom. i'll join you sortly to talk about whether they should release the photos of osama bin laden. >> a lot of people debating that right now. thank you, carol. appreciate it. live from studio 7, i'm suzanne malveaux. a lot going on over the next two hours including my exclusiveness view with former president jimmy carter. but first, want to get you up to speed.


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