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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 6, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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we begin this hour with a bit of breaking news. al qaeda has released a statement confirming the death of the founder, osama bin laden. cnn has tracked down that statement and we will have more information in a couple of minutes. it is 9:00 a.m. on the east coast, 6:00 a.m. on the west. i am carol costello, sitting in for kyra phillips. we have several other developments in the osama bin laden story. later this hour, president obama leaves for ft. campbell, kentucky. he is expected to meet privately with the navy s.e.a.l.s that carried out the raid. the so-called treasure trove seized from the bin laden compound has uncovered a new terror threat. the rail system is on alert because of a possible plot to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. "the new york times" is reporting that the cia spent months watching the bin laden compound from a house nearby. let's begin with a closer look at the agents next door, not
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exactly next door but certainly nearby. osama bin laden's neighbors, cia operatives living in abbottabad. they photographed residents and visitors from a rented house and took great pains to avoid detection not only by selected al qaeda operatives by pakistani intelligence and local police. they report that bin laden's cia neighbors used a satellite and radar to search for possible escape tunnels. they saw a tall man taking regular walks inside the compound but they were never able to confirm that man nicknamed, the pacer, was actually bin laden. they eventually did. cnn's nick payton walsh is in the city of abbottabad. there were u.s. agents living next door. it makes you wonder how they
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were able to escape detection in the middle of a pakistani neighborhood. >> i think it is pretty obvious that we can get that they must have been pakistani or look very pakistani indeed. you are absolutely right. in order for the kind of observation that this "new york times" article refers to have happened, they would have had to have been 10 or 15 houses that looks straight on to the compound. that compound is pretty isolated, sort of on its own really in a bunch of cabbage fields. there are 10 or 15 houses where they could have been in a farrell close community. we were all on the roofs of many of those houses yesterday looking down. this is a fairly busy town. it is possible, really, that if there were properly trained pakistani assets or the cia working here, being discrete, not suddenly rushing up and renting a room somewhere and leaving a week before the raid, they could have escaped detection quite easily. that is entirely possible. of course, it is fascinating to learn that the cia were on the
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ground for a period of time before this initial raid, carol. >> it is believed they were there for a couple of months at least. nick, you also got ahold of another fascinating tidbit, one of bin laden's gas bills. show us. tell us about it. >> absolutely. here it is. this is the last gas bill sent to the bin laden compound. it's due date is about in five days time. interestingly, the details, mohammed arshad was the bill payee, a presumed fake name given to men who are referred to at the zahiri brothers. more interestingly too, it says the installation date for the meters in question was in april, 2007. so that would suggest perhaps that utilities were put in place for whoever lived there from that date. perhaps dating the arrival of the bin laden family. another interesting piece of interesting we are hearing from a government official here too
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is that there were local property taxes owed on that property of about $700. about 60,000 pakistani pieces. enormous amounts. tax evasion in pakistan is pretty common. you couldn't argue, frankly. they would have stood out had they paid up. >> interesting, fascinating stuff, nick paton walsh reporting live from packston. take a look at this, ai new glimpse of the aftermath of the u.s. raid. this is amateur video that shows fires and a possible explosion inside the bin laden compound the night of the ray. cnn could not confirm the authenticity. this puts the spotlight on number two in command, a ychl man al-zawahiri. it has marginalized his power for sometime.
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the 59-year-oldal za wa zawahiri, the number two. >> we have lots of information on him. i do believe that -- i can't say it is imminent. i do believe we are hot on the trail. >> in pakistan? >> i do believe we are hot on the trail. >> alzawahiri cofounded al qaeda 23 years ago. who knows if that information is accurate or if anything is accurate. details keep trickling out. a few days after osama bin lade laden''s death, we are learning, he was not just a figure head. it shows he was involved in a possible plot to strike u.s. trains later this year. jean ne meserve is in washingto. >> this is something al qaeda members talked about. with he know they talked about
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it in february of 2010, specifically about taking training and derailing them by putting obstacles on tracks. they discussed doing their on bridges and over valleys, presumably to maximize the loss of death. the intelligence doesn't reference specific systems or cities. it does talk about a possible time frame. they wanted this to coincide with the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, specifically the tenth anniversary coming up this september. the u.s. officials described this as aspirational, not operational. there is no intelligence in what they have seen. any top leaders of al qaeda have signed off on this plot. it was something they were discussing. after osama bin laden's death was reported on sunday, many transit systems around the country upped security anyway, because they are well of the fact that trains have often been subject to attack by terrorists.
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there was a fear that there might be some form of retaliation. in addition to the information about rail, u.s. officials tell me that going through this material, it's become evident that al qaeda was still focused on hitting big cities, new york, d.c., l.a., chicago, an doing it on significant dates like september anniversary, july fourth, christmas and the opening day of the u.n. general assembly whether there would be a lot of foreign leaders gathered together in new york. carol? >> jeanne meserve reporting live from washington. it is going to cost you a fortune to fill up the tank today but gas prices are actually down this morning. we have not been able to say that for more than 40 days. $3.98 a gallon nationwide. you can barely see the drop but this could signal a bigger drop ahead. at least we hope so. ali velshi is with us now. remember, there was talk of $5 a gallon gas. now, we are hearing prices could be down to $3.50 by memorial
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day. what's up with that? >> nobody's speculation is ever right about this stuff. the bottom line is with he broke a trend after 44 days of increases. we finally stopped. i'm glad we did. it wouldn't make sense to keep going given what's happened to oil prices. we lost about $9 in oil yesterday. we lost another $3 and change this morning. oil prices have been plummeting along with other commodities, because the dollar is starting to strengthen, which is the argument i have been making for a long time. it has a whole lot less to do with demand and supply than speculation and oil and commodities have been a better investment for big money than other places. oil started to come down when we heard news of osama bin laden's death. ultimately, all of the stuff that drove it up on speculation is starting to leave the oil market. carol, let's be clear. i don't think we will see plummeting gas prices. i am not even sure they are going to drop all that much. they are going to whoever in the hang they have for a long time.
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the demand for oil is not being driven by american. it has not been driven by america for ten years. growth in india and china. 5% of the world's population and 25% of the world's oil. we are not consuming more. we are consuming less. >> i think it is interesting that everybody is saying, wow, gas prices are going to go down to $3.50 a gallon which is still expensive but we will take it. >> you remember, carol, last time, on that last ramp up to gas prices in 2008, it was $3.50 a gallon, that was the level at which people started to decide to go out and buy more fuel efficient cars. even at $3.50, $4, we should watch our own consumption. >> what do you make of the unemployment rate going up? >> nothing bad i have seen in this unemployment report that came out this morning. we don't need to worry about the unemployment rate. there are so many long-term unemployed in this country. the unemployment rate is much higher than the 9% the government is reporting this
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morning, which is up from 8.8%. the fact is the real number is in the 16% or 17%. forget the number. are we creating jobs? that's a real number. yes, we are. >> in april, the jobs report came out, in april, the united states created 244,000 new jobs. net new jobs. that's new jobs minus jobs that were lost. that is significantly higher than anyone was expecting. it is still not high enough to get us back to lower unemployment rates. it is a good jobs report. we have seen growth in a variety of different areas. it is no the a flip and blip an of those things where we can say there is an excuse for it. ignore it and concentrate on jobs created. >> something hard to do. we will see how wall street reacts in 20 minutes. ali velshi, live from new york, thank you. >> so much for celebrations. some people aren't too thrilled osama bin laden was taken out. >> what do we need a trial for, just get rid of him. the second you say that, you are
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saying that you hate being an american. >> strong stuff. we have his explanation coming up. from people who don't think bin laden should have been killed to people who think he wasn't, the birth of deathers next. in life, you're either the gas™...
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we want to return to osama bin laden's unlikely neighbors, a cia surveillance team that reportedly spent months watching the compound where osama bin laden lived and died. scott shane is here with us. >> we were told that there was a line of sight to the compound. of course, they had to move into this place. apparently, move in a lot of photographic equipment and other kinds of spy gear without attracting the attention not only of the people in the bin laden compound but also pakistani intelligence and police who, of course, didn't know that the cia was on to this house. >> fascinating.
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this spy equipment, this technology they moved in, can you describe it to us? >> well, i think they used just about everything they could think of. they supposedly observed behind one-way glass so no one could look in at them but they could look out. they used ordinary surf tell photo lenses with cameras of anything that moved in the area. they also used infrared equipment, eavesdropping equipment to try to pick up any cell calls made. there was apparently no land line or internet. >> and to try to pick up the sounds of the voices from inside the compound. >> they did notice a tall man that would take daily walks and they nicknamed him the pacer.
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can you tell us more about that. >> it is fascinating because leon panetta had said even when they went ahead with this operation, they were only 60%-80% sure that bin laden lived in that house. a very tall guy, obviously. i gather that the angle that they had to observe from didn't allow them to estimate the exact height of the people walking around. so they were aware that a man came out regularly for 20 minutes and sometimes as long as hour-long walks just around the compound inside the wall but they never were able to get a line on him to determine for certain that it was him. >> but he was taller than, you know, the average, i guess, saudi, because that's where osama bin laden was from. so they suspected it might be osama bin laden. at what point did they have enough information, do you think, that president obama decided to go forward with the
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raid, itself? >> i believe that was on the friday before the sunday night when it occurred. you know, i guess it was just an accumulation of hunches and little bits of intelligence that made them decide it was worth taking a shot. >> that's fascinating stuff. thank you so much. scott shane from "the new york times" for joining us and filling us in. fascinating information. we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> more coverage of osama bin laden's death ahead. first, rainfall of 600% leaves behind epic flooding along the mississippi river. a live report for you from waterlogged memphis next. imagine having a new accent after surgery. >> oh, i want an accent like that. well, just go see my dentist. >> we'll have her amazing story just ahead. [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds.
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we are following all the new developments in the aftermath of the killing of osama bin laden. we will get back to that. new mandatory orders today for people along the rain-swollen mississippi to get out. in tunika, mississippi. the hara casino is now closed, the first time ever that that popular tourist attracts has shut its doors. >> in eastern arkansas, they were forced to close a 20-mile
9:21 am
strep of westbound i-40. they had to find new routes. the head of the mississippi river commission says the rainfall is unprecedented. >> a report from the national weather service that this event, this rain event that we have had in the last two weeks, is 600% more than normal. >> floodwaters from the mississippi river are swamping parts of memphis. by this weekend, the river is expected to crest at 48 feet above flood stage, the highest in decades. david mattingly is in memphis. what are you seeing? >> well, carol, just a little over a day ago, i would have been standing on dry land right here. this is a slow motion disaster. the mississippi river coming up one inch by an inch and an inch at a time. it is giving officials here a lot of times to prepare and today, they will be going out identifying specific areas around the city where properties are probably going to be in danger of flooding and they are
9:22 am
going to be telling those property owners, now is the time to start packing up and making plans to move. don't wait until this river is sitting in your front yard. now, strangely enough, we are looking at a possibly a very close to a record here in memphis. the last record was back in 1937. the river went four blocks into the city at that time. we are not going to see anything like that because of all the levees and floodwaters they have in place. the big concern is the rivers that empty into mississippi. this is going to push waters back up into the tributaries. that's what they are watching very closely right now. places like the wolf river. they know they can't stop this but they are preparing, getting the sandbags ready just in case
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they need them. al qaeda has released a statement confirming the death of its founder, osama bin laden, according to an intelligence group that monitors militant messages. a live report out of pakistan, just ahead. the woman behind osama bin laden, the terrorist leader with five wives, find out more about them in 2:30 minutes. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. in an effort to give you the best network possible. and, just like toddlers, puppies need food made for them. that's why there's purina puppy chow... with all the essential nutrients your growing puppy needs.
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>> al qaeda has released a statement confirming the death of the founder, osama bin laden, according to an intelligence group that monitors militant messages. nobody knows more than nic robertson joining me in abbottabad, pakistan. why would al qaeda release such a statement? >> they recognize that there is no point in saying that osama bin laden isn't dead. this is a rally to arms for them. they are using the death of osama bin laden to call for continued fighting. they are saying that this was a historic day, his death. it's taken them five days to come out with this statement. what they are saying is that they will continue their fight. they will continue floting and planning attacks against the united states and what they call the united states agents, that they will attack them in their countries and outside their countries, that they will continue doing this without
9:27 am
boredom, without tiredness, that they will continue this fight as osama bin laden had been fighting. they are calling him a martyr and they are calling on the pakistanists here to clean the shame of pakistan, ie, that he was killed inside pakistan. they are saying this was the work of traitors and they are calling on the pakistan to clean up their shame. this is al qaeda recognizing that their leader is dead and capitalizing on that now. calling him a martyr and calling their supporters to continue the fight, to vow to continue the fight, to focus it on the united states and also saying in this statement that the people of the united states in america will have no rest, no peace until they say the people of palestine have peace. so this has been part of al qaeda's message in the past. it seems this is osama bin laden death is going to make no difference 679 they are going to keep up their fight. >> was president obama's
9:28 am
decision not to release the death photo of osama bin laden a good idea? >> it would seem to be, because the people who president obama is most worried about, those that threaten the united states national security, are al qaeda and they have now accepted bin laden's death without the photograph. the photograph president obama worried might draw more people to al qaeda's cause. that's what al qaeda is trying to do with osama bin laden death. without gruesome images, it does blunt their message. it is the empty compound of which there are only a few pictures inside and a few photographs of blood-stained rooms and walls. it is very conceivable that al qaeda may have tried to use a graphic image of bin laden in death to rally the cause. it's very clear that's what they
9:29 am
are trying to do. it would seem that, "a," they have accepted that he was dead and, "b," they are trying to use his death to rally the fight further. >> nic robertson from pakistan. other new developments in the death of osama bin laden. the cia reportedly had a safe house in pakistan wherefore months, a team of agents spied on the compound where bin laden was killed. "the washington post" reports the cia relied on pakistani informants to help put together a pattern of life of the occupants and president obama plans to thank the navy seals involved in the raid to meet with the s.e.a.l.s elite team six. some of the early details we heard about in the bin laden raid turned out to be flat-out wrong. michael moore is one of them. he has been saying they put out a history of b.s.
9:30 am
he considered bin laden's death an execution. >> after world war ii, we didn't go in and put a bullet to the head of all the top nazis. we put them on trial, took them to newer enburg and put them on trial and said, this is important for the world to see these criminals. it is important for history to have a record of what they did. we are at a point now where we don't, what do we need a trial for, just get rid of him. the second you say that, you are saying that you hate being an american. you hate what we stand for. you hate what our constitution stands for. we stand for something different than that. we are better than them. we don't just operate in an uncivilized way the way they did on 9/11. >> you can see more of piers morgan's interview with michael moore. piers morgan at that's where you can find it. president obama released his original birth certificate last week. he won over a lot of birthers.
9:31 am
a poll by "the washington post" found that the number of americans who believe that the president was born in hawaii has exploded from 48% a year ago to 70% now but even if the birther movement is dying off, conspiracy theorys are not. >> i believe this is all fake. he is alive. wherever he is, he is alive. >> this is propaganda. they said osama was killed ten years ago. this is propaganda to finish the war in afghanistan. >> it is a fairy tale. if you believe this, i have a bridge i want to sell you and i have got some ocean front property in arizona. >> see, from birthers to deathers. cnn political producer, shannon travis, has more on these deathers. so shannon, we kind of know what these people believe or don't believe. how many are there? >> well, it doesn't appear to be very widespread, carol. you have did -- this is certainly catching our attention
9:32 am
that they are saying that osama bin laden is not dead. let's lay out some of the schools of thought. there are some people that believe that osama bin laden is actually dead, just want to see the pictures, some of these things that michael moore in the sound bite you just played. then, there are people that believe that he is dead but they believe he was killed many years ago even one person says that he has been frozen on ice for the past 8, 9 years. there is another school of thought. more pervasive, people actually believing that he is still alive. there are actually some people in my reporting that believe that he is being interrogated by the u.s. currently. none of these schools of thought have any shred of proof whatsoever. they are conspiracy theorists. we have gone from the death of birthers to the birth of deathers. >> such a strange world. al qaeda came out and acknowledged that bin laden is dead. will that change any minds?
9:33 am
>> for some, yes. likely for others, who are hardened conspiracy theorists, no. i spoke with the author of a book about it that says that there are some people that will always believe that elvis is still alive and man didn't walk on the moon and president obama was not born in hawaii in 1961 and that osama bin laden is not dead. there will always be those people. what matters most is the dominant majority that we are seeing right now is that carol, most people, believe that he is, in fact, dead. osama bin laden. >> that makes me feel so much better about the world. thank you so much for joining us. >> the women behind osama bin laden. the terrorist leader with five wives. find out more about them after break.
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i'm sure you know this by now, osama bin laden had five wives and more than 20 children. so we were curious. we wanted to find out more about
9:37 am
the women behind this terrorist. cnn's zain verjee has been looking into that. what have you found out, zane? >> hi, carol. yes, five wives. let's start with the first one. his cousin, najwa ghanem, who had 11 kids with him and left afghanistan days before 9/11. then, he married khadijah sharif, highly educated, nine years older than him and had three children with him and divorced him and couldn't cope with the sterile lifestyle in sudan and moved to saudi arabia. the next wife was khairiah sabar, very well-educated, had a doctorate in islamic sharia law. one child. there are suggestions she may
9:38 am
have been killed. no information on the fourth wife, siham sabar, who is believed to have four kids with osama bin laden and just disappeared during the bombing in afghanistan. the fifth wife, amal al-sadah, married a year before 9/11. she was 18 years old and he was 43 when they got married. this was seen by many as a political alliance between bin laden and the yemeni branch of al qaeda. this is the one that defended osama bin laden in the compound. she was shot in the leg when the s.e.a.l.s went in there. passport was found and she had also -- she is in custody with pakistani authorities and telling them she was in the hideout, in the compound for five years and didn't leave. carol? >> i can't even imagine that. >> do you think he shared -- >> i know. >> it is unlikely the way he felt about women that he would share any important information
9:39 am
with him. i have to wonder. pakistani authorities are questioning his fifth wife. what will happen to her. will she be sent back to her country of origin or will they charge her with something? >> it is not clear. i don't know if they will charge her with something because they would need to charge her with a crime. is it a crime to be osama bin laden's wife. he may have told her information to debrief her. we did hear with his wives, three of them lived in harmony. they would go on these family outings and they would be in this family bus and bin laden would follow behind in a car and they would all hang out together and he would teach them how to fire guns as well. so i don't know if there was sensitive operational al qaeda information shared with them but
9:40 am
that's one flavor of moments that he spent with them and how he spent it with them in afghanistan. >> some of these women were highly educated. i wonder, did they have a choice whether or not to marry him? were they all forced to marry him or did some of them want to? >> well, it seems as though on the one hand there are political alliances with some of these wives also because when you do that, you have different brands of al qaeda in different country. so marrying bin laden brings up all the divisiveness to an end and brings them closer. some of them may have had a choice. they were educated women. it seems that they were relationships of convenience to the leader and not something that necessarily would have been done by choice. we don't know that. maybe they thought this guy is fantastic, someone whose ideology we believe in nd athey feel great being associated with him we may never know the answers to that.
9:41 am
it definitely served him strategically and politically to have these wives. >> zain verjee, fascinating. thank you so much. live from lon dwdon. at a high-level meeting from rome, secretary state, hillary clinton, demanded he stop attacking rebels and restore services are and allow humanitarian aid in. japan's prime minister is asking the operator of a nuclear plant southwest of tokyo to shut it down until earthquake and tsunami protections can be built. the prime minister says the plan could produce great damage to japan similar to what's happening with the fukushima plant. a new cnn poll feels that 82% of americans feel the economy is in poor shape. there is a bit of good news on the economy. employers added nearly a quarter of a million jobs last month.
9:42 am
alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange to break it down for us. wall street seems to be responding. >> yes. they are very happy today, carol. we are seeing a lot of positives in today's jobs report, sfeshl with the headline number showing that the economy added 244,000 jobs in april tichlts the strongest jobs growth we have seen since last may. keep in mind that pop that we got last year was mostly census driven by the temporary census jobs added. it has been a rough ride as far as jobs being added to the economy. those census jobs, by the way, were one-time gains that don't exist now. the great thing about this 244,000 number is that it isn't clouded. it is morf a pure number. it makes it an even stronger number, especially with how wall street is reacting. other positive signs to this report, when you look a little deeper, we are seeing solid job growth across a broad range of industries in professional services, accounting, legal, book keeping, also, in manufacturing and leisure and hospitality, mostly food services.
9:43 am
education and health care and retail trades, those areas also saw big job additions. so that positive tone as i said, definitely playing out on wall street. it was kind of an up side surprise. wall street was in a down beat mood before this came out. the dow jumping 42 points. >> alison kosik, many thanks. coming up next, we will talk about the dog in the compound. the s.e.a.l. team took an elite pooch into the compound in pakistan. we will ask an expert what that dog's role in the mission might have been. for those of us who have lactose intolerance,
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call this number or go to selectquote dot com. selectquote. we shop. you save. >> hereby is what will be making headlines. the chief of fema returns to alabama to meet with storm victims. later, president obama meets with the military strike team involved in the osama bin laden mission. michelle obama and jill biden host a mother's day tea for military wives in the east room of the white house. we will have the latest involving the death of osama bin laden. the increasingly irrelevant quell low pages fights one big
9:47 am
city's ordinance to keep delivering the phone books, whether people want them or not. a female tennis star says sex before a match is fantastic. the big play is coming up in our sports segment. i know what you are thinking. we'll be back. ♪ sometimes i feel like... mom! ♪ i know i can count on you ♪ sometimes i feel like saying... ♪ mom! mom! [ male announcer ] you know mom. we know diamonds.
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al qaeda has released a statement confirming the death of its founder, osama bin laden. that's according to an intelligence group that monitors military message. we'll have a live report about that in just a few minutes. >>. first, police in houston are looking for the trio of gunmen wanted for the strong armed robbery of a waffle house restaurant two weeks ago. no one was injured in the four-minute long heist, but the suspects cleaned out both the cash register and customers. in seattle, people unveiled a new online registry for people who don't want the new yellow pages phone book, the phone companies signed a petition against it stating it's free speech. an eagle's nest survived last week's deadly tornado outbreaks. in fact, one of the eaglets
9:51 am
hatched just after the storm. we're following lots of developments in the next hour of the "cnn newsroom." let's check in first with mohamed live in kabul, afghanistan. >> hi, carol. today we've been speaking to u.s. troops stationed here, talking to them about their reaction to the death of osama bin laden and what it means for the future of the war in afghanistan. we'll have more at the top of the hour. i'm brianna keilar at the white house. president obama meets with the seals team that took down osama bin laden today and the white house releases some behind the scenes video of the president sunday night after he was captured. and i'm jim across ta in washington where a former cia member has an idea on how to finish off al qaeda and every american can do it. >> thanks to all of you. now, world famous and they're still anonymous, the navy s.e.a.l.s team six are back on home ground and we'll visit
9:52 am
their home and get a glimpse of normal life. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible.
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9:54 am
time to pull out your fancy hat. jeff is here from hln sports and the horses run. >> away they go, actually. the favorite is dialed in, but odds makers are giving some of the horses almost no shots. twinexpire, a 30 to 1 long shot. 14 of them share the horse and
9:55 am
share the dream. one of them has never had a horse in the derby before. kitty is not one of those horse racing millionaires. every time she saves some money, she puts it aside and buys a part of a horse. for twinspired, she own he is 1%, but that's all you need. nicole kidman, she had a greeting from the greenman. ryan kessler making sweet music, again, for vancouver. two defensemen and scores a game winner. he also got the game winner in the last game. canucks lead the game series, 3-1, and can close it out tomorrow night. rockies, into the third inning, carlos gone zaz el, he robs steven drew. drew gets another chance. coming up again in the eighth inning, trying to make more
9:56 am
magic, drew drives it down the left field line and there again is carlos gonzalez. and carlos steals another one. the d'backs would get the last laugh winning in extra innings. here is a major league catch by a minor league fan. watch the dad at the chool chattanooga lookout game. the ball in one hand. >> and a kid in the other? >> bare handed, no less. >> you know, if that kid would've got beat by that ball, he would have been beat by that mom. >> this is the difference between men and women. not every catch goes so well. check this one out. jeff francoeur tries to toss the ball into the crowd to a fan. he's trying to be nice. this is the end of the inning. one fan got in the way of a woman. that's not nice. >> that's a bad catch. he should be embarrassed. >> you're supposed to catch and takes the woman out in the face. he's like, i didn't mean to.
9:57 am
sorry. finally, how do you know -- you know athletes from certain sports, they will talk about abstaining from sex before the big game. apparently pro tennis players, not among them. frie francesco schiavone says for a woman, sex before a match is not only allowed, it is fantastic. it raises your hormone levels and brings advantages to all of on your points. >> do you do it before the match or -- >> she's an expert because she won the french open last year. clearly, clearly she was having a great two weeks in paris last year. actually, the french open is coming up again in two weeks. if that's what it takes to be great, i'm willing to be great. >> exactly. i interviewed jason hayward with the atlanta braves for a story that's going to air next week. 21 years old, incredibly talented. >> and he is perhaps the
9:58 am
greatest young baseball player in the game. if you're looking around saying which guy is going to be the next hall of famer, he's in the running. >> i said when you're out here, do you feel like you're the king of right field? >> his response was, absolutely not, i'm not the king of anything. there are lots of people coming up who might be better. i have to work hard every day. >> yeah. >> i was so shocked by that answer. >> i guess that's how you get to the majors so fast. he was great last year at age 20. >> first major league at-bat, a home run. >> that's right. first win. there you go. >> i'm excited to do this story, so hopefully you will look at the story and you will say, carol, you did a great job. >> i'm looking for it. >> thanks, jeff. it's just about 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. we have several new developments in the osama bin laden story. just over an hour ago, we received word that al qaeda is now confirming the death of its founder and the terror group is
9:59 am
vowing revenge against americans. later today, president obama leaves for ft. campbell kentucky. he's expected to meet privately with the navy s.e.a.l.s who cared out the raid. and it's reported that the cia spent months near bin laden's compound. al qaeda has released a statement confirming the death of its founder, according to an intelligence group that monitors militant messages. cnn has translated the message now. it says in part, congratulations to the islamic nation of the martyrdom of their devoted son, osama. even when the americans managed to kill osama, they managed to do it only by disgrace and betrayal. we call upons our muslim people in pakistan where our dear osama was killed to rise up and revolt
10:00 am
so they can cleanse this disgreat that was brought against them. what do you make of this? >> this is al qaeda trying to capitalize on osama bin laden's death. they're saying his blood is too heavy a price to go in vein. they're saying they'll chains chase american agents wherever they are. what al qaeda is trying to do here, by sending a message to its supporters in this kind of way is calling on them to act against the united states in its interests wherever they are because it's in their country and overseas, it is also, as you say, telling the people of pakistan to rise up and throw out the americans from pakistan, staying that they're causing the problems in this country. there was a few traitors in pakistan that led to the death of osama bin laden and they're voiing to continue. thee vowing not only for revenge, they're saying this will not cause us to change our course. we will continue planning attacks without tiredness and we will essentially, they say, get
10:01 am
our revenge, turn their happiness into sorrow, in their words, carol. >> and in light of that, president obama decided not to release the death photo of osama bin laden. was that the right decision? >> well, certainly the concern was he made need to release it is on to prove to al qaeda that he's dead. but now al qaeda is confirming his death. the concern was it would be used to rally interests around the world against the united states and that is exactly what al qaeda is doing without the photographs. one could only imagine how they would try to use every piece of propaganda at their disposal to rally their cause. so it would seem that president obama has done the right thing, because the al qaeda, who are the biggest threats in the united states interest around the world had accepted bin laden's death without the paragraph. they're vowing to continue their attacks.
10:02 am
they have denied additional propaganda in the way of a photograph of a dead and bloodied osama bin laden, carol. >> thanks as always, nick nic robertson. also, we have a peek at the gas bill at the home where he lived and died. show us the bill. >> this is the last gas bill sent to the bin laden compound. its due date is about in five days' time. interestingly, the details on this, mow ham ahammed arshad is billing name. more interestingly, too, is that the information date for the meters in question were in april 2007, so that would suggest, perhaps, the utilities were put in place for whoever lived there from that date, perhaps the bin
10:03 am
laden family then. another interesting piece of information we're hearing from a government official here, too, is that there were local property taxes owed on that property of about $700. that's 60,000 pakistani rupees. and tax evasion in pakistan is pretty commonplace. >> nick peyton walsh reporting live from pakistan. now to the agents next door. not exactly next door, but certainly nearby. osama bin laden's neighborhoods, american cia operatives living in abbottabad. the cia team photographed visitors from a rented house near the compound and they took great pains to avoid detection. pakistani intelligence and local police. the cia neighbors used a satellite and radar to search for possible escape tunnels.
10:04 am
the paper also said the cia surveillance team saw a tall man take regular walks inside the compound, but they were never able to confirm the man they nicknamed the pacer was actually bin laden. last hour, i spoke by phone with "new york times" reportser scott shane about the pacer. >> even when they went ahead with this operation, they were only 60 to 08% sure that bin laden lived in that house. i gather that the angle that they had to oep observe from didn't allow them to estimate the exact height of the people walking around. so they were aware that a man came out for hour-long walks inside the compound inside the wall, but they were never able to get a light on him to determine for certain that it was him. >> fascinating stuff. as we were telling you, the raid
10:05 am
has severely strained washington's relationship with pakistan, a country that was once considered a key partner in the war on terror. today, comments between the two countries are testy and the stakes are getting high. zain verjee is live in london with an international perspective for us. zain. >> hi, carol. let's take a look at what the sydney morning herald from australia is saying. it has this headline, u.s./pakistan tensions increase. relations have been tested by the u.s. raid on bin laden's hideout in the garrison town of abbottabad, north of islamabad, and suspicions about how much pakistani officials knew about bin laden's whereabouts. check out "the scotsman." furious pakistan fights back over cold blooded killing. it goes on to say both countries rely on each other, but their relationship has increasingly become defined by mistrust, as if in a failing marriage. and take a look at the "wall
10:06 am
street journal," whose side is pakistan on? it says circumstances over bin laden's death are a game changer. for u.s. relations with pakistan. americans are angry demanding to know how the world's most wanted terrorist spent years unnoticed in the heartland of a supposed al ally, but this could thing the disadvantage to an advantage. not only that, but we found out american spies spent months in that same pack tanny neighborhood and nobody found out. lots of things maybe for pakistan to be embarrassed the. something else. when the u.s. conducted that raid, they used this stealth helicopter and that certainly says something about the trust level that america had with pakistan, right? >> carol, i'm really sorry, i
10:07 am
can't hear you. i've completely lost contact. >> zain, we'll ponder that question. intelligence gathered at osama bin laden's compound shows he may have been involved in a new terror plot against the united states. jeanne meserve in washington, tell us about that plan. >> well, i want to emphasize, carol, these were plans. officials say there's no indication that this was about to go operational. what was discussed back in february of 2010 according to a notice that went out to law enforcement yesterday was al qaeda members talking about plans to derail trains by putting obstacles on tracks. they talked about doing this on bridges and over valleys in order to max mooim mize the casualties. according to people who have read this notice that went out, they did not mention any specific cities or rail systems, but they did talk about doing this to coincide with the september 11th anniversary. officials say this was not
10:08 am
operational. they say it looks at this point as though it was something that was written on paper. in addition, some other materials have been found which indicate that al qaeda was interested in particular places and times to strike, not necessarily just on rail systems, but more generally amongst the cities that they discussed hitting i'm told are new york, d.c., l.a. and chicago. there were certain dates that they were keying in on, including september 11th, july 4th, christmas and the opening day of the united nations general assembly when a lot of world leaders would have been gathered in new york. going back to the trains for just a moment, security had been upped on many transit systems around the country last weekend after news of osama bin laden's death became public. that's because rail systems had been hit many times by terrorists around the world. they were open to the possibility that there could be realititory strikes and so many of them had already upped
10:09 am
security, even previous to this notice going out yesterday from the department of homeland security. back to you, carol. >> jeanne meserve reporting live from washington, many thanks. with bin laden gone, some people think it's time for the united states to claim victory and pull out of afghanistan. coming up in a few minutes, we'll talk with one policy expert who thinks that would be a huge mistake. also ahead, we're following the epic flooding along the mississippi river. we'll have details from water logged memphis next. ♪ [ man ] if it was simply about money,
10:10 am
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10:12 am
their mission kwas to the taliban and find osama bin laden. now? let's go to mohamad. you talked with american troops. what did they say about osama bin laden's death? >> well, carol, today we were in the american nerve center for the operations in afghanistan. it was a mood of cautious optimism from the troops that we spoke with. many of them acknowledged that, yes, the killing of osama bin laden was a huge achievement, but this mission is far from over. one person said he was torn. glad, of course, that it
10:13 am
happened, but hoping that people in the states wouldn't think that the troops here should just withdrawal and go home. this is not just about killing. it's about making sure that there is infrastructure in place here, to make sure there are schools, to make sure afghanistan is more security than its past has been. we got a funny reaction. we spoke with one soldier who was on patrol when he heard news. it was basically messaged to them and he said they didn't believe it. he said they got the news one day after may 1st. they were wondering april 1st quarterback maybe it was an april fools' joke. then they got more messages. he got back on base yesterday and was amazed that it actually happened. >> mohammed jamjoon, thank you. but the question remains, should the u.s. pull troops out of afghanistan altogether now that bin laden is death? let's talk more about that. let's talk to cliff may.
10:14 am
i know you wrote an op-ed about this. should the united states pull troops out of afghanistan starting right now? >> i obviously don't think so. i agree with what you just heard, that the soldiers were saying on the ground, this was a battle won and a war that's not over. when i say a war that's not over, also the global war we're firing, the people who say they're waging a war against the west. there are any number of organizations and regimes that intend to wage a war against us. >> all right. you mentioned tehran. cliff, critics might say bin laden was found in pakistan, certainly not in a cave in afghanistan. why continue to fight in a country where bin laden hasn't been for years? >> right. of course, the taliban is a very close affiliate and ally of al qaeda.
10:15 am
it's not that well known, but a lot of bin laden's family has lived in tehran. i'm not going to tell you that the regime in tehran are allies, but they cooperate and collaborate. we should be strategic about how many forces we deploy to that battlefield as well as the other one. but i don't think you want to get out. you could not even have taken out osama bin laden as we did if we were not deployed deep in afghanistan. we used bagram air force base, jalal la bad. >> i think most americans understand that. what is confusing now is what america's mission in afghanistan
10:16 am
is. you heard mohamed say building schools, making a better life -- but is that our mission? should that be our mission? >> that's a very good question. an advisory to my organization just wrote a very good book about this called the wrong war. i think what he was saying is we should reappraise our mission and know exactly what it is we are doing in afghanistan and our role there is probably to defeat the taliban and help the afghans to be able to defend themselves against the taliban, against al qaeda, against similar groups by building up their military forces and their strength. we are being criticized, as you could say, it's more a marine corps operation than a peace core operation. we want to be careful that we don't slide over into too much nation building and not enough war fighting. after two years mostly being embedded there, they say we have slid should that role.
10:17 am
we have a new secretary of defense, all that. being west has a slightly different strategy he would suggest. but i want to listen to people like general petraeus, as well. we're going into a big fighting season right now as the weather warms up. but i think it's important to focus and rethink, what's our goal, what's our mission, what's our strategy, are we okay or is it slipping and sliding away from what we want to accomplish? >> cliff may, thanks for joining us this morning. if you want to read more from cliff's opinion, go to his piece is called time to rethink afghanistan strategy? big life under the radar. >> we're americans and you can't really put us in a box or a
10:18 am
category. we're tall, short, large, not so large, we try to blend in and be americans. >> visit the hometown of the navy s.e.a.l.s. and up to 600% more than usually rainfall leaves epic flooding along the mississippi river. details from water logged memphis, just ahead. gecko: you sound like a happy n. i wrote a song about it. gecko: alright, let's hear it! curtis: yeah jam session! doug: one, two... ♪ (singing) i got my motorcycle ♪ ♪ and my rv now i gotmore money. ♪ vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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10:20 am
we will continue our
10:21 am
coverage on the osama bin laden killing in just a bit. but -- right now, it's time to take a look at some other news. flood waters from the mississippi river are swamping the memphis airport. it's all part of unprecedented rainfall that one official says is 600% above normal. and there's more to come with the mississippi river in memphis likely to crest weekend, well above flood stage. in d.c., the fbi is investigating a series of suspicious letters sent to 25 schools. police say the mail contains white powder. several schools were partially evacuated because of it. in oregon, imagine waking up from dental surgery with a foreign accent. it actually happened to a woman from new port. listen. >> when you open up your mouth, somebody says, well, where are you from? where did you get that act september? well, i got it from my dentist in toledo. some medical expert says she may have foreign accent syndrome, a
10:22 am
rare but very real speech disorder. i'm still getting over that last story. it didn't take long. creators of south park reportedly worked up to the last minute to get a reference to osama bin laden in this week's program. more on that with "showbiz tonight's" a.j. hammer in new york. i must say, i'm looking forward to seeing this. >> i'm a huge fan of this show, carol. they work very fast. the show has always done a great job of including current events on their show. in last night's show, they made a direct reference to the president's announcement of the death of osama bin laden. take a look at this. >> i am pleased to announce that the greatest threat to mankind is now gone forever. justice has been done. >> i need to tell you that south park, however, he's not referring specifically to osama bin laden. that was tyler perry being buried. way too complicated for me to
10:23 am
explain why they named tyler perry for being so evil. the masterminds behind south park were nominated for a tony award earlier this week. i have a feeling they were be a tone know award winner for their broadway production. it looks like moms are looking for names for their babies from vampire movies. >> are you surprised? according to the social security administration, the top name for boys right now is jacob. the top name for girls, isabella. those names are very familiar to fans for the twilight series. jacob has been the most popular name for boys since 2007. and edward was way down on the list. the popularity of isabella, however, that could very well be a result of the vampire craze.
10:24 am
in the year 2000, it was the 45th most popular name. it's seen a steady climb to number one grabbing a top spot now for the second year in a row. if you want to see the influence of pop culture on baby names, look no further than reality tv. the names were the biggest decree over the last year, macy and bentley. both of them moved up 400 spots. those are two names familiar to people who watch reality shows 16 and pregnant and teen mom which featured teen mom macy and her son, bentley. however, carol, i need to point out elvis has fallen out of the top 1,000 names for the first time since 1954. and i am happy to report to you on this friday morning, i'm checking everywhere, snooki, not trending. >> oh, thank god. wouldn't that be awful? i can't even imagine. a.j., thanks. it was a lot of fun. if you want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has it tonight on "showbiz tonight" at 11:00 on hln. the political buzz this week has been all about osama bin
10:25 am
laden. one of the questions, have democrats been able to overcome the wimp factor? plus, the car you drive just might be a weapon in the war on terror. >> it brings your best minds and their brightest ideas together. it helps the largest of companies seize opportunity like the smallest of startups. it's the network-- the intelligent, secure cisco network that lets your employees, partners, suppliers and customers innovate and share so you can unleash the power of your most valuable asset: your people. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] doctors have been saying it forever. let's take a look. but they've never actually been able to do it like this. let's take a look. v-scan from ge healthcare.
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a pocket sized imaging device that will help change the way doctors see patients. that's better health for more people.
10:27 am
new this morning, the death of osama bin laden, the death of al qaeda has confirmed the death of its leader. al qaeda released a statement that threatens to take action against the united states and urged pakistanis to rise up and
10:28 am
revolt. documents seized in bin laden's compound suggests there was a plot to derail trains in the u.s., to be carried out on september 11th anniversary. the cia reportedly rented a house near bin laden's compound. cia relied on pakistani informants to put together the pattern of life for the inhas not habitants. president obama is going to thank the guys on navy s.e.a.l.s six personally. tell us more about his agenda, brianna. >> how fascinating would this be to get to meet this team that was responsible for taking down osama bin laden the.while the president is in ft. campbell, kentucky today, and he's going to be there to meet combat
10:29 am
troops who just came back from afghanistan, he's going to get a chance to meet these s.e.a.l.s and other special ops members who took part in this mission not only to take down osama bin lad laddin, but also to gather information, so much information that has already led to that alert involving skoourt railroad security that you mentioned in your last story, carol. >> in the meantime, the white house has put out some bhoointd behind the scenes individual crow. can you show us a bit of it? yeah. this is really interesting. and on white, the white house does put out a behind the scenes, here is what the president did this week. but the fact is, this social security one of the most significant if not the most significant weeks of the president's time in the white house. this is the official white house videographer who is taking these pictures. you get to see president obama and vice president biden. they call former president
10:30 am
clinton, former president bush. they're talking to members saying we got osama bin laden. take a listen. >> on sunday, may 1st, the west wing was abuzz with activity. on news that the united states had gotten osama bin laden. >> good job, national security team. i'm proud of you. you guys did a great job. >> now, this is, of course, official white house video. carol, we don't often put this on our air, but this gives us a glimpse behind the scenes that we otherwise would not have seen. there was that moment that would have struck me where president obama was saying good-bye to his national security team after what was just a very, very long thyme night as you can imagine. and he shook the director's hand, leo panetta to say you're doing a great job. and then he shook it again almost as if to say, no, really,
10:31 am
great job. >> did he kiss hillary clinton on the cheek? >> he did, before shaking panetta's hand. >> and if people want to know more, they can go to >> yes. >> we can't visit the s.e.a.l.s, but we can visit their hometown. brian has that for you in about 20 minutes. oh, but it's time for political buzz wab lightning fast conversation hitting the political topics of the day. each of our brilliant political observers get 20 seconds to visit three probing questions. dana, coriele bellcher and comedian clint dominick will lend his own perspective. first question, have democrats overcome the wimp factor? dana. >> one decision, which i applaud, i applaud the decision of the president to send in a
10:32 am
human ops team instead of bombing the compound at abbottabad. but i think the way you can follow this up and show that democrats have really made a really good turn is to stop the investigation into the cia members who are interrogating detained terrorists. at the same time, while you're celebrating the vick toe of the death of bin laden achieved by this interrogation. >> i'm going to first reject dana and i'm going to ridicule the premise of this. if we're defining being tav as going into war that we can't afford and can't pay for costing thousands of lives and putting our country in debt, no, we're not very tough. wimpy means a measured, thoughtful response when our national security calls for it, then yeah, we're peewee herman if that's the way we're defining it. >> pete. >> yeah. i think how we define the toughness is how we will we kill people or how our president orders our military. if we're going with that premise, president obama just
10:33 am
what, a few weeks into his presidency ordered the same s.e.a.l. tooem team to sniper pirates, 30,000 troops in afghanistan and then bib laden. if that's how you measure tough, then i think he wins. >> michael moore says the executing of bin laden was an execution and we should call it that. should we call it that? >> who cares what michael moore thinks. bin laden is a terrorist who has killed thousands of americans. he's killed people all over the world. call it whatever you want to call it. he needed getting and we got him. >> dana. >> whose side is michael moore on, anyway? is he upset that he wasn't able to exploit this for another mocumentary and go back and make millions of dollars off of it? i'm trying to figure out whose side michael moore is on. i think this is triumph of good over evil. he needs to stop. >> pete. >> well, i mean, i kind of agree with michael moore.
10:34 am
i mean, i think obviously it was an execution. we found out yesterday there was only one guy with a weapon. the navy s.e.a.l.s could have taken him down with a cross bow. they could have choked bin lad with within his own beard. >> third question, the week is ending. we've had a few days to digest all of this. what does osama bin laden's death really mean? dana. >> well, we study images all over the television. i think it's fantastic that everybody was able to realize that this was the ultimate triumph of good over evil. we took out the head of a terrorist organization and it sends a loud message that it may take a few years, but we'll track you down and find you in whatever rat hole you live. >> i hope it means that osama bin laden and his evil ways become a footnote in history.
10:35 am
if you look at the taking hold all over the middle east now, bombs and guns and killing is not the way to bring about change. i think we've seen that in egypt. i hope this means this is an end to this way of thinking because it's not the way forward. >> pete. >> it means different things for different people. one thing for young americans who were coming of age who feel like their independence was lost, something different for military families. but i hope -- i hope it means a pivot point for this president to get out of afghanistan. and i really believe that that is a possibility right now and i hope that's what it means. >> dana, pete, cordell, thanks. we'll see you on monday. overcoming our foreign oil addiction could finish al qaeda off. we'll take a closer look at that, coming up. and before we go to break, it's a quick stock market check. as you can see, the dow is up 141 points.
10:36 am
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10:39 am
the unemployment rate rose, carol, it's because people are getting back into the workforce. they're getting back in the saddle again looking for jobs. what it really is a sign of confidence and it's not necessarily a sign of weakness. it's really one more of hope. wall street is really happy about this. if you look in the fine print in this jobs report, it is all positive. wages are up. every major sector added jobs except for the government. washington is going into this report with large expectations. when it's a good job, it really came as a background, pleasant surprise. reaction on wall street was swift and strong. immediately after, futures jumped is 100 points. >> so let's talk about gas prices. because they went down just a smidgen. >> a little bit, they did.
10:40 am
and keep that in perspective. less than a penny. but we saw them go up, up, up, we hope they're leveling off a bit and with consumers, they said enough is enough. so while you're seeing gas prices drop back it's because consumers pulled back at the gas pump, carol. >> so yeah for us. >> yay. >> yeah. american's independence on foreign oil just discount just keep gas prices high, it also helps al qaeda. weaning ourselves from foreign oil would deal the group a death blow. >> the man behind the wheel of this new check car can't stand the site of a gas station. >> how do you like the car? >> oh, i like it a lot. >> that's because the former cia director sees the nation's addiction to foreign oil as its achilles heel and the war on al
10:41 am
qaeda. on every fuel efficient vehicle he drives web uses this bumper sticker, bin laden hates this car. they push up gas prices and hurt the american economy. the only solution, woosley says, is to break the nation's come nant nance on global oil supplies. >> we in the interest of everybody need to undermine oil's strategic role, even if they have a monopoly of oil, they don't have a monopoly over transportation. we need to break that link. and so you want to these guys, simply put. >> absolutely. >> instead, americans are the ones feeling stuck. at a town hall in florida -- >> my gas bill for my three vaens in the last three months have gone up hundreds of dollars
10:42 am
a month. >> small business owner eileen gains explains how the bill to pick up her vehicles stopped her from hiring a new employee. >> and so had the gas prices not gone up, you would have been hiring? >> i would have hired someone two months ago. i really need that help right now. >> the republican senator wants more offshore drilling. >> we have to figure out a way to become more efficient in our use of energy. >> this thing pops open when you press a button. >> for james, plugging the car into your house isn't just going green. >> i think it would be a very large message. it would say that the united states can get its act together. >> sending one more signal to al qaeda they're running on empty. >> interesting piece, jim across ta joins us now live from d.c. and, you know, it's not easy to get off foreign oil. >> no. >> politically charged. there are so many things at play here. >> yeah. there are no expressways on the
10:43 am
road to energy independence, carol. you have millions of new electric cars on the road. countless through charging stations and going offshore for new oil drilling. analysts will tell you that that is not going to have an impact on gas prices for years down the road. but if you listen to what woolsley is saying, there's a lot to put the stock into. that is if you look at osama bin laden's original stock loss, he talks about oil. he says we are plundering the resources of the middle east. he talked about in a later message how the way to cripple the u.s. economy is to go after oil installations in the middle east. so woolsley says if we can stop funding both sides of the war on terror, that is paying for american soldiers and sending our petro dollars to the middle east, we're going to go a long way towards making it safer, carol. >> yes. jim across ta, live in washington. some possible white house candidates are giving president obama points for the osama bin
10:44 am
laden killing, but they want to take away those points when it comes to his decision to hold on to the death photo. our political ticker is next. do you even have a name? well, it doesn't matter. because it's about to change. there's a cheaper, cleaner way to fuel up now. the volt plugs into any socket, and fuels up at home. sure it could use gas, but for most commutes you won't need much, if any. so from now on, fuel tube... we'll just call you...plan b. the 2011 chevrolet volt. it's more car than electric. there's another way to minimize litter box odor: purina tidy cats. our premium litters now work harder to help neutralize odors in multiple cat homes. purina tidy cats. keep your home smelling like home.
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you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat some potential gop candidates faced off in a debate last night. like with everybody else this week, the topic turned to osama bin laden' death. paul steinhauser covered the
10:47 am
debate. he joins us live from greenville, south carolina. give us the highlights. >> well, carol, four of the five candidates on the stage last night said if they were president, they would have released a foe oh of osama bin laden's body. take a listen. >> i do congratulate president obama for the fine job that he did in taking some tough decisiones and being decisive as it related to finding and killing osama bin laden. he did a good job for him and i tip my hat to him in that moment. but that moment is not the sum total of america's foreign policy. he's made a number of other decisions regarding our security here and around the world that i don't agree with. >> the decision was made already by president bush to go after him. what president obama has done on his watch, the issues that have
10:48 am
come up when he's been president, he's gotten it wrong every single time. >> only five candidates on the stage last night and a lot of the big names were missing like mitt romney, newt gig rich and maybe even donald trump. a lot of the candidates, the bigger names weren't here. in fact, you could say the only real big name on the stage last night was former governor tim pawlenty. this field is far from solved. i think in the next month or two, we'll have a much more firm gop field. >> paul steinhauser, many thanks reporting live from south carolina. for all the latest political news, go to our website, c believe it or not, there is a place where the navy s.e.a.l.s team blends in with the whole country. s you can't wash, freshen it with febreze. febreze eliminates odors and leaves a light, fresh scent. it's a breath of fresh air. ♪
10:49 am
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10:51 am
the elite navy s.e.a.l.s are back on american soil, but in the town where they're based, you'd never know it, and you're not meant to. here is cnn's brawn todd. >> reporter: in a town where the buzzing of fighter jets is constant, where joyful reunions are a staple, america's most
10:52 am
fearsome fighting unit goes unnoticed. unofficially called s.e.a.l. team six, they're the team widely believed to have killed osama bin laden. s.e.a.l. training takes years. at least 75% of those who try out wash out. despite their ee lite lead status, many of s.e.a.l. team six's neighbors here in virginia beach wouldn't know one of those warriors if they fell over him. >> when the s.e.a.l.s come into a place like this, are they noticeable? >> personally, for me, i don't think they're noticeable beyond any other person in the military. >> john mcchoir, a s.e.a.l. for ten years was once stationed in virginia beach. >> aim in a bar with a bunch of s.e.a.l.s, will i know it? >> hopefully you won't. we're just americans. you can't really put us in a box or a category. we're tall, short, large, not so large. we try to blend in and be
10:53 am
americans. >> s.e.a.l. team six is widely known to operate out of this base. the military doesn't acknowledge that it's here or that it even exists and that code goes beyond operational security at the base. when city officials here in virginia beach asked if they could honor the s.e.a.l.s with simple recognition at a town festival this summer, the navy declined. city councilman isn't surprised. he's a former naval intelgz intelligence officer. >> there's no city, no matter where these individuals are from will be able to confirm or deny or throw a ticker tape parade or anything else. >> what will the ceremony be like? is it handing you something or say thanks, don't ever talk about this? >> maybe not even that. i might be speculating. maybe a beer and a hoo-yah. >> then the s.e.a.l.s will blend in going to stores, restaurants, coachling little league until that next call comes. then their wives or girlfriends
10:54 am
may not know much. >> at any given time, the families don't know when they're going the be deployed with it. it can happen on a holiday, it really doesn't matter. >> a dedication that might compel these folks to want their arms around the s.e.a.l.s if they knew who they were. >> we have the krem dela krem in this area examine and thanks god we have them. >> brian todd, cnn, virginia beach, virginia. >> stories making news later today, the chief of the federal emergency management agency, fema, returns to alabama in about an hour to meet with storm victims. president obama talks about clean yer energy and first ladies michelle obama and dr. joe biden host a mother's day tea for military wives. a pop star goes patriotic. beyonce does a new take on "god bless the usa." you will hear it and see it, coming up next. building up our wireless network all across america.
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10:58 am
all my life ♪ ♪ and i had to start again with just my family by my side ♪ ♪ i'd thank my lucky stars to be living here today ♪ ♪ because the flag still stands for freedom and we can't take that away ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died and who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ from the lakes of minnesota to the hills of tennessee ♪ ♪ across the plains of texas
10:59 am
from sea to shining sea ♪ ♪ from detroit down to houston from new york to l.a. ♪ ♪ there's the pride in every american heart and it's time to make a change ♪ ♪ and i'm proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free ♪ ♪ and i won't forget the men who died who gave that right to me ♪ ♪ i'll gladly stand up next to you and defend her still today ♪ ♪ because there ain't no doubt i love this land ♪ ♪ god bless the usa ♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> that was awesome. thank you,


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