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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 7, 2011 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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he looks like a man with maem to the world. -- captions by vitac -- ing there's another one where he's sitting around looking pen iness. not the kind of intelligence we saw earlier with the potential threats being discussed with the american railway system but instead images that undermine osama bin laden that make him look like an isolated figure, reduced to watching a tv in a dingy room. >> oochz barbara starr was among those in the room watching this video and hearing from intelligence officials why they did choose these images. why choose these to prodcast around the world to disseminate. what is the real objective here?
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>> the effect is to show the world they got an intelligent haul when they shot and killed this compound and shot and killed osama bin laden. let us say one more time as we have said right from the beginning. these images are provided by the united states government. they are edited. they are selective. this was distributed after a senior u.s. intelligence official briefed reporters on the video, showed them inside the room. then they fed it out to the world over the pentagon distribution system. so this is u.s.-distributed video. we see two osama bin ladens. we see this man without his beard died, hunched over, blanket, wool cap. intentionally watching himself of tv. he said, honestly with don't
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know why he allowed us to film these videos. his beard died black, hair black, sitting in front of the camera, reading messages. the u.s. government did not distribute the audio because they said they felt they would bo in the position of broadca broadcasting his own. where does this leave us? what we're told is this haul of intelligence from the compound, videos, documents, dvds, thumb drives, all of it, according to the single official is, quote, the singest largest collection of terrorist materials ever. another video. in front of a wrinkled sheet. still untidy but reading off a script. they believe as a result of kyming osama bin laden, al qaeda
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is disrupted. they're struggling to name a success sore. you'll note they did not name a successor. the world assumed that it will be the egyptian ahman al zawahiri. he had his own enemies. they don't discount the american-born clerk anwar al awla awlaki, who is said to be involved in so mr. threats against the u.s. directly could emerge as a success to bin land. it's a little easterly to tell. they're trying to see where he is, how this sorts itself out. what they're telling us is that
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they believe bin laden was involved in the day-to-day operations and planning. they believe al qaeda remains very interested in attacking the united states. >> i have to ask. americans around the world are curious to see the video of the raid that took osama bin laden's life. is there any reference to that, that we'll see that as well? >> i think that's probably unlikely, but who knows. any of the video right now, the special operation forces, kmaernlds, navy s.e.a.l.s and others overhead was made during the assault on the compound i think is going to be very much classified for some time to come. who knows. maybe a frame or two will come out. why is it got to be classified and not this? it's going to be classified
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because they're concerneden shoesing the techniques they use in the dangerous missions. there's been an awful lot out there. u.s. military says they even getting very concerned about the amount of public information that was put out one was put out because one help kopitar that was never nep to be seen be tell world rmt it e-mails do creases about how it is. the videos are video. fascinating to see bin laden. py the way, we are told that they don't believe his beard was died at the time of his death, but this is u.s. government video being shoulder to the
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world. it's just a small slice of the intelligence haul that they got when they assaulted bin land and killed him. >> thank you so much. also what they worken on was dna. they were able to match that with previously garnered dna from family members around the world. barbara starr said earlier they took photographs, different techniques to verify that that indeed was him. >> so once again images that you're seeing along with us for the first time released just a short time ago. osama bin laden as he appears in videos from hi own compound. these were among the videos. intriguing. he was careful to be photographied well, he obviously
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enjoyed look at these videos because we see another where he's watching himself on television. there you go. appears to be -- forgive me for putting it this way but this is what leaks out, a lonely old man under a blanket. this image -- if it was wasn't released with the counter negative in fact oop his farmer. >> will it's find of what kind ofl revelation there may be. let's go to pakistan. i don't know how quick hi they've been able to sort these images but what kind of view is this from the intelligence being shareholder from the world. >> like much of the world, fredricka, pakistan and its citizens are getting ready to see the fascinating citizens for
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the first time. no reaction just yet. my guess is it's going to convince some of the skeptics in the region. skeptical about osama bin laden being killed earlier this week. i think it's going on the con venice them that they hadn't seen pfr and they are evidence that a u.s. raid wu con kktd in this compound north of is lack bad. thought the week we talked to many people who didn't know he was dead. this will go some way. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. >> so the terror man is now seens once again after his death in still yet more video but a different vision of osama bin
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aspercreme breaks the grip, with maximum-strength medicine and no embarrassing odor. break the grip of pain with aspercreme. welcome back. it's considered a slice of the greatest intelligence haul from any single operation. >> it is. five videos that you're watching relied by the department of defense. barbara starr was among the
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correspondents briefed on these videos. there's no audio but there are glimpses of osama bin laden when he wanted to be seen and perhaps when he didn't want to be seen. >> one questions why would he have someone videotaping him looking very frail watching the television, watching satellite images of how he was being conveyed around the world. this is part of that intelligence haul. the department of defense is now releasing just a portion of all that they have gathered at the compound of osama bin laden just barely a week ago. when they killed him, they retrieved videotapes, dvds, as well as thumb drives. today there was a pentagon debriefing. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr was among them. why they decided to reveal these videos, no audio, images only. >> if you're just joining us or if you're seeing them, i've seen them a number of times, they're
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watched in fascination. these were taken inside the compound in abbottabad. that's osama bin laden with a knit cap basically channel-surfing, mostly seen looking at pictures from himself. the cia and analysts are poring over them right now. what do you make of the images? >> it's surprising that we would see video of a sweet old man watching himself. it started with his cnn interview that he gave to cnn backes in 1997, which was carefully orchestrated in that
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he was reluck tant to film him. they wanted to control the interview in that sense and of course not much you can do about that when you're surrounded by a group of heavily armed men. i've interviewed reports from al jazeera that when they went to him, his son was married to one of the leaders of al qaeda, one of the leaders of al qaeda's daughters was married to one of the sons. i was there and filmed it and osama bin laden claimed a poem, you ought to see the images of him and then asked if the whole thing could be reshot. so this is a guy who carefully tended his public image. he was said to have said 90% of my battle was conducted in the media. it's fascinating to see him kind
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of see him looking at himself. also across his preparations for some prop ga a very owes. in 2004 and 2007 i think these are images we're seeing right now on the screen are essentially outtakes of the two most recent times that we saw him, since 9/11 on video. >> and one we understand from our barbara starr just may have been taken as early as last fall because there was a message that intelligence officials believe was targeting the u.s. but, of course, the u.s. intelligence officials won't relief what that is. on your point, peter, when you talk about it, this is a man obsessed with his image.
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isn't it striking, isn't it perplexing why he would have an image like this. why would somebody be videotaped him as frail as he looked channel serving ads yo put it. ? going back the vipd owe we do in 1987 -- yes, it was nick r robertson and others. wu now have images of the cnn crew shooting bin laden. so the point is the image we're seeing now, bin laden watching, you know, himself on television was probably, you know, meant for internal consumption, not mention for what's happening
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right now which is vocal distribution, and he's always had a mediocre team. this is not a flattered image as you say. there have been people who see him as a real figure. we were expecting an osama bin laden land scape. of course, he would have proo paired one because he knows he's going to be. frankly it does not put him in a good light. >> peter bergen, thank you so much. strange behind the scenes-glimpse. now linking on in the documents, in the dvds and the ine jens that he left behind. >> we're going to afghanistan as well. we're going to tack a short
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welcome back. forgive me. i'm jonathan mann and this is fredricka whitfield. we've been watching some extraordinarily strange fivideo
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>> some are what osama bin laden would want the world to see and one other we know he wouldn't want the world to seechlt but the department of defense has released this information, these slices of video, because this is what was seized from his compound at the time of osama bin laden being targeted and killed in abbottabad, pakistan. this is the image you would know osama bin laden would not want the world to see. he's kind of crukufr crumpled u. he's watching satellite television. they say he's watching images of himself, how he's being conveyed around the world. that juxtaposition up against the other images where he's very poised, very polished, he's dressed more formally, and he looked very pulled together. this is a real contradiction here, these images, that intelligence officials want the world to see. >> absolutely. we keep moving between them
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because the contrast is so enormous. >> this was found by the navy sa s.e.a.l. team and on the right you're looking at what he intended to do. he intended to see himself on television, isself-proclaimed leader of an army of the faithful looking instead like an isolated failing figure, hunched under a blanket. remarkable of osama bin laden. even more remarkable of one of his supporter os who intention amly captured that video and intended for us to see it. >> maybe two hours ago 50 reporters were called into this intelligence briefing. no cameras or videotaping at that time. they were able to see these images by way of intelligence officials explaining what they seized at that compound and now about 2 1/2 hours later the
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world is kind of digesting these images that are being broadcast, images that they've released throughout the world. we want to find out what kind of reaction there might be. our stan grant is there. and, stan, for a long time, people assume head might be hufr hunkered down. the killing took place in neighboring pakistan. what is the reaction there in kabul as a result of this image and as a result of the raid and the killing? >> let's talk about where he was found in pakistan. you're right. many people had assumed for some
2:24 pm
time. he was found inside afghanistan itself. this is where he may have been for many, more years before he came here to night against the soefb yets. so he's been there a very long time and formed that alliance with the taliban. there ee a feeling of speculation that he may have been there. but there were others inside this kun aretry who said for some time, no, he was, in fact, in pakistan. dr. abdul la abdul la was one. i spoke to him just the other day. . he reminded me that he had pointed this out numerous times. he was asking questions why did the pakistanis not know. if they did know, what duh it say about how seriously they're
2:25 pm
taking this war against the taliban, the evidence to rule out al qaeda and the military in its industry. that's the view being shared on the streets here. they say, look, we have borne the brunt of war, thousands of afghans have died. homes have been destroyed. lives have been turned upside down. you see the walking wounded around the streets of kabul every single day. the full impact, his terror campaign, taliban's campaign, and, of course, the invasion of foreign forces over the past ten years and they're saying why should we dean their whoo pakistan is clearly in their view not cooperating and not committed to really cracking down on the taliban and really ruling out the militancy. the images themselves, what we're seeing here is a frail
2:26 pm
looking elderly look man hunched down with blanket over him in a nondescript room watching himself on television. as peter bergen pointed out, he did not want this image out there. for people in afghanistan, people of the muslim world, he very carefully has marved his image. fact that he was allegedly invincible. it really projected the strong image of one who was unvincible. a man who fled afghanistan, a man who was hiding, and a man who clearly felt the effectings of that and as i say a frail old looking man watching himself on television. >> stan grant, live from kabul,
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afghanistan. much more on or our continuing coverage of the entell jens revealed from the department of defense when we come bachlkt t on you ♪ ♪ sometimes i feel like saying... ♪ mom! mom! [ male announcer ] you know mom. we know diamonds. storewide now through saturday, we'll make this mother's day one she'll never forget. momma! [ male announcer ] that's why only zales is the diamond store.
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield along with jonathan mann. we're talking videotapes, dvds, thumb drive, all of that that were seized from osama bin
2:30 pm
laden's compound just shy of a week ago when he was target and killed by u.s. forces and today the pentagon intelligence officials revealed just a slice of that cache. >> in fact, the strangest home movies you're going to see today, including images of the al qaeda leader releasing recorded messages to the world. they were promising and threatening more terror. then there was a private video of him watching himself on television while he sits huddled up, crunched up under a blanket. another shows him in a robe. the pentagon says they're the biggest largest haul ever from a single source. >> pentagon correspondent barbara starr was there for the debriefing. she's with us now. what more can you tell us about the strategy of releasing this kind of information? >> well, let me reset this for everybody right now.
2:31 pm
i'm sorry. you're hearing saturday afternoon in the pentagon. you're hearing the testing of the fire alarm, i think. i'll keep setting. let me reset for everybody. this briefing took place on a saturday afternoon in the pentagon with the press corps for logistical reasons. this briefing was conducted by a senior u.s. intelligence official. this reflects the thinking of the united states intelligence community. as you see this video of bin laden. what do we know now? they released these videos. it's a snippet of the mavis haul when they got osama bin laden. there's no audio. that's important to know. the u.s. said it did not want to be in the position of distributing any osama bin laden propaganda message. we're seeing what the u.s.
2:32 pm
government has publicly put out. this is very much a slice of what is there of the vast intelligence haul. what have they told us about the state of al qaeda and bin laden's role in that? they're now saying bin land was very much in control. that he exercised not just the big picture, extra tiej control, offering dpied answer to his loyal followers but tactile control. he was down in the weeds. tactile defects that al qaeda was still very interested in attacking the united states. that bin laden was all about that. so is that a change that he was hiding in a cave somewhere essentially on the pakistani border, far removed from the day-to-day operations offal kai da. intere very interestingly they said, no, we believe he was in an
2:33 pm
operational setting in this compound. that's a change from what we've been led to believe. so perhaps the u.s. intelligence committee, we can assume a lot more over the years than they were publicly divulging. how could bin laden have had so much control? he used a very small tight circle of loyal couriers. it was one who did him in. he used couriers, thumb drives, no television and they did nochlgt they exercised a lost skurl. tend it wasn't enough and the s.e.a.l.s were able to get there and kill bin laden. >> barbara, i have to ask. did he or she reveal there was
2:34 pm
any more actionable detail? we heard about the plot that was being mulled over to attack american rails. ultimately the sense i have is that was serious at the time, not so serious now. but the was there serious intelligence information they reported to you? >> what they told reporters is if they get any of that so-called actionable intelligence, something with a tierjs date, or place, they will move against it. the administration has established an intelligence task force. el elements now pour in through this intelligence hall look for any clues, looking for other clues about where al qaeda leaders are. they're looking for ayman al
2:35 pm
zawahri. in many videos said to be his number two for so long. indications that are telling us that zawia herry may not be in that so far. what if an affiliate begins to take shake and apartment. you have the cleric. aawlaki. they're looking for him and for whenever e every they can row tachlt they're moving as fast as they can with the intelligence they can can. >> our first glimpse of the home video. >> we're going to elaborate more. you know, i wonder, mark, in your view, why the pentagon, the
2:36 pm
department of deep fence, is relesion this kind of imaging of osama bin laden. think it's pretty clear what they're trying to do is demist fie this icon who has terrorized the word for the past ten years, to show for fact he was not ten feet tall. he wasn't capable of doing anything hee wanted. affect as shown in these home movies in many ways he seems to be a tired old man sitting in a chair. the problem is at the same time they're trying to demist fie him. they're also saying he's in far more operational control than we had every thought. so there's a contradiction in this message that i think the administration needs to be careful. if an old man with blanket over his shoulder can continue to
2:37 pm
conduct a terror investigation over the world, we've got a lot to be careful about it. >> is this one part of a lorjer psychological on o rags against al qaeda? are they thinking about manipulating these images to try to reach his followers've more in the days and weeks to come? >> no, i koedon't think there's any. this is simply putting the facts out on they fourngsd selective information that can be rehealed that doesn't have direct intelligence val yuchlt but it's important for the world to understand if third dimension bind what we've seen for the past ten years on bin laden and the al qaeda organization. the world wants to know what was behind the curtain. they're beginning to see a glimpse of select
2:38 pm
nondeclassified and give the public a better understanding of who we've been fighting for the past ten years. >> since the release of these inks, p has it caused a krimmable of the network? i blee the real adult is for the hearts and minds so to speak of the general public. those people that ten years ago, as recently as five years ago may have seen bin laden and al qaeda in a positive light. this is going to keep the effort once they understand this is not going to go out of their way to make things better but only makes thing far, far worse. this going to continue to feed the public knowledge of al qaeda
2:39 pm
and truly understand that the myth of al qaeda was not the truth and now they're getting a chance to see what the real troukt is. >> how much does it diminished him among his followers? i'm just curious. especially within his culture. would they might appear more feminine and more ridiculous in death? >> well, any icon that's got to live up to the image has got to demonstrate that he's capable, aggressive. i think most people take a look and see he may have been the most feared terrorist in the world but he was human, he has vashties and we're seeing the vanities come to life. >> do you have any personal information that the inching
2:40 pm
should o should be unveiled. >> i think it's important to understand who this man was and what his image. obviously those images and that information that has direct intelligence value not now but perhaps later can be declassified. i stand behind the president of not putting out the image of bin laden after death. he said we don't spike the football is exactly the right answer. the public has a right to this point to this kind of information and i think the administration is doing the right thing. in a maerp that doesn't contradict himself as some of these images versus the information that he was in operational control. >> brieg dear general mark kim met. thank you much for thank youing
2:41 pm
with us. >> thank you. >> it's been released by the department of defense. quite frankly the images of osama bin laden as we he was living but now images you're seeing in his death. >> osama bin laden tv. we'll have more right after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] in 2011, at&t is at work, building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience.
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back to our big story that we continue to follow. a new look inside the world of osama bin laden through his personal collection of videos. they were discovered in the compound after sunday's raid that killed him. the pentagon released these images today. >> they include recorded messages for world presumably to spread more terror and maybe most interesting, a private video of him watching himself on television sitting wrapped in the blanket. another is of him wrapped in the robe. it's the biggest ever from a terrorist. these airlines apologizing to two islam imams. they were simply on their way to a conference against prejudice. it was in charlotte, north carolina. the pilot told them other passengers were uncomfortable with them being on the plane
2:45 pm
dressed in traditional attire today we heard from a spokesman. >> i think they were, you know, obviously upset to the extent they were inconvenienced but they understand what's going on in the world and particularly in the heightened sensitivities of the dealt of osama bin laden. years ago some headed to the same conference were taken off a u.s. flight. a plane crashed into the ocean while prepared to land. 21 passengers and six crew members were aboard that plane. no word yet on what caused the crash. the flooding across the midwest and south is causing a major traffic headache for truckers as well as other dri r drivers. a 20-mile stretch is closed because it's under water.
2:46 pm
there's a new concern, the potential for thieves as well as looters. the sheriff's department in mccracken county, kentucky, is patrolling flooded neighborhoods. >> out keeping the water safe and making sure everybody else is safe. >> they get locked up. zero tolerance for liters. >> it's bad. >> jacqui jeras is in the weather center with more on the flooding along the mississippi river. >> it is. the people -- with the rooting situation going on, people are out of their homes for a long period of time. many of these areas are going to have high water for weeks and this crest could take as money as seven to ten days to continue to make its way down river. we talked a lot about the confluence of the ohio river and the mississippi river last week.
2:47 pm
now we're going to focus on what's going to be happening downstream and we're talking about vicksburg. they're telling people they need to be ready. so you need to have all your supplies ready to go. let's take a look at how long this will take to expand. nearly 14, 14 1/2 feet above flood stage. na nach, baton rouge, 12.5 feet. we're talking about opening new spillways to protect that city which we all know happens to be below sea level. we evening had as much as 500% of the average rainfall. we had additional rain moving
2:48 pm
through the area today. any little drop here, fredricka. runs right off. we're talking 40% of the water drains off. >> that's incredible. hopefully that rain doesn't get in the way for what we know to be the greatest two minutes. >> you love horses. >> yes. of course. t the kentucky derby. the gate's to open there. the prestigious horse race is the first leg. it's also over the outrams -- incredit plibably delegate hats. it's a tradition that date back decades. beautiful. all right. of course, we're also continuing cob and share with you any information we can get on the release of the new osama bin laden videos.
2:49 pm
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this big story we continue to follow. the look inside the secret world of osama bin laden like we've never seen before. the pentagon releasing videos seized from osama bin laden's compounded in pakistan.
2:52 pm
they say the cache of information is one of the most significant amounts of intelligence collected on a single terrorist operation. >> let's talk about the videos that we're sharing with you. they include the images of the recordings of messages for the world. there is no audio. we've seen those kinds of tapes before. one of those tapes appears to be a home video of a very different kind. it shows him watching himself on television. it's an informal setting. it's kind of dingiy. he's hunched over with a blanket draped over his shoulders. >> there has been a lot of criticism leveled at pakistan in the wake of bin laden's death, wondering how mump they know about his wrts and how is it he could have been living right under their noses. even people in pakistan are
2:53 pm
questioning how theirs, pakistan's intelligenccould overlook it. earlier i spoke with stan grant in kabul. >> reporter: the more it would seem to implicate pakistan because you have osama bin laden clearly leaving there for some years, it seems, out walking around inside the compound. the compound itself. the information that we've been able to receive and the video posted is obviously a significant structure. being that it was near military installations, again, it would lead afghan to point the finger at afghan and say, look, is pakistan a real partner? >> stan grant in pakistan earlier. osama bin laden is dead but he's left clues that leaves the world puzzled. we'll have more here in the cnn newsroom.
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>r mop more >>e \s 3pm t \s 3pm /e >r mop more w
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world of osama bin laden through his personhis personal collec videos. r >> th>> they werp e rp. r >> we're going to go rl right after this. # home to the lateste depadeal making technology. our highly advanced thingamajigs and whatchamacallits are constantly gathering intelligence on the best deals for you. with name your own price, they're yours for up to 60% off. but we're always looking to improve. for instance, what does this have to do with finding hotel deals?
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trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. should i bundle all my policies with nationwide insurance ? watch this. osama bin laden is dead but he'y left clues that leaves the world puzzled. we'll have more here in the cnn newsroom. r \s 3pm /e you have your life with another. huh... but when you bundle them all together with nationwide insurance... ... they all work together perfectly-- and you could save 25%. wow... it's all in the wrists. ♪ nationwide is on your side rl. welcome back. lilive thip live this satu. th new details emerging about the raid that killed osama bin laden including


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