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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 7, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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from his own personal stash. >> the department of defense released them a short time ago. in one of those videotapes, obama is in a knit cap rocking back and forth, watching a video of himself with a remote control in his right hand and then another video shows him with a freshly dyed black beard. these tapes were confiscated from the compound where bin laden was killed a week ago. our pentagon correspondent barbara starr was at the off-camera briefing with intelligence officials about two hours or so ago. she joins us live. now, barbara, this is a tiny fraction, is it not, of the intelligence that was gathered overall at this compound, everything from dvds, videos, thumb drives, and this is just a tiny slice of it, right? >> that's right, fred and john. this was distributed to the news media today by the obama administration. very small fraction, we're told,
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of the intelligence haul. they're describing it as the largest cache of intelligence they've gotten from a senior terrorist figure ever. they're going through it. handwritten documents, videos, dvds, thumb drive, all of it to get any clues thatthy can. the videos they've distributed are very much a product of what the u.s. government has decided to show the world. let's be very clear about that. there is no audio of them. that's been stripped off. they said they don't want to be in the business of distributing osama bin laden's message. four of the videos show osama bin laden with his beard and facial hair dyed black, more formal clothing, very much reading remarks. one of the videos is labeled a message to america where he attacks america and capitalism, again, his basic message. but it is this video that is captured the world's attention, bin land with no dye on his
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beard, a man hunched over a tv, his beard white, his facial hair white, a blanket around his shoulders, a cap on, peering at the television, looking at im e images of himself. we're told this all goes to the assessment they have that bin laden was obsessed with his own edge, very involved with how he looked, presented himself to the world. he's scoured newscasts on a satellite television to look at pictures of himself. where does this leave him now? what do we know about bin laden? what the senior intelligence official says in the assessment is that bin laden was in fairly direct control of al qaeda, strategic control, offering the big picture guidant. tactile operational control. getting down into the weeds, the details, the planning, the plots that he had the and to do this and this is what he had been doing for the last several
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years. he was doing this through a trusted group of couriers. use of thumb drives, operational security in his compound so he could not be tracked. le in tend it was a courier that inadvertently gave him up. what are they saying about aid kai da? they're saying all evidence that they have, that the u.s. government has is al qaeda is still interested in attacking the united states. they're combing through the intelligence for any clues about current plots and plans. and, of course, they are looking very carefully to see who emerges as the next leader of al qaeda. fred, john? >> barbara, i want to ask you a question. i'm going to convey the thoughts we heard earlier from brigadier general mark kimmit. there was the video that struck us of him being alone in that room watching television. you would think that if this man was the evil genius behind an
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army of jihadists, he could get himself -- forgive me for being flip about this -- a better television, la-z-boy and wallpaper. >> you're taking me down a road where as a reporter i don't have proven facting about this. nobody has really addressed this. i tlunk are a couple of thing use can derive from this picture if you can keep it up for a minute. this was very much a compound where he was trying to stay hidden away from the world. so they weren't bringing in a lot of amenities. i don't think anybody wanted to see -- you know, to carry on your analogy, wanted to see the delivery truck pull up with a la-z-boy and wallpaper. the fact that he had satellite tv was probably his only real direct communication. they had no internet, they didn't have phone service. they were very careful about
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radiating or emanating electronic signals that could be pulled up. he was by all accounts obsessed with his image, very much in control. so i think it makes sense that he is peering at the television. but there's something else here, which is if he's watching television, he is keeping up on current events in the world. i think if grow back to some of his messages that were broadcast, one of the fascinating thing, a few times he made references to current events. if my memory serves me correctly, he made a reference once to the financial and economic crisis in the united states as it was emerging in the u.s., if my memory serves. this goes to the point that people had often wondered about. was he shut away in some cave in pakistan with absolutely no communication or was he able to keep up some how. and perhaps this satellite television access shows us he
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was able to keep up in at least some fashion. >> you underscored no phones, no internet at his compound, yet among the items that were seized from his compound were thumb drives. so did intelligence say anything about whether he may have used communication bay way of, you know, computers, offline, would put information on thumb drives and then this courier might even help i guess disseminate his plans or thoughtser this network and thumb drives? >> this is very strange, is it not, to discover and learn that he was in this ice lachlgs but somehow he was able to convey messages. >> isolation but very careful isolation. i think the working assumption is that indeed he used these thumb drives to communicate. not logging onto the internet, not providing that potential way to be tracked down.
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but using thumb drives, using couriers to carry his messages and using a network of couriers. years ago in some of those bin laden videos, we saw him surrounded by fighters and much larger groups of men. i think it's pretty clear that at some point when he moved to this compound, the effort was to reduce hids profile, reduce the number of people around him gorks to a very small group of couriers, essentially a kuwaiti man and his brother at the end who would move out of the compound at some point, carry messages to erie people, carry communications out of the compound. look, they found everything from handwritten messages that they believed to be written by bin land all the way to these high-tech thumb drives. but they tell us no internet ak see. that might have been something they had given away his location
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perhaps. >> barbara starr, the pet gochblt thanks so much. >> what has been the reaction from the islamic world? >> jonathan, it's midnight here in pakistan and most pakistanis like much of the world are just digesting, taking in these pictures for the time. i think these fascinating pictures are going to convince some skeptics that the leader of al qaeda has been killed. remember, there's a lot of people in this region, not just pakistan but afghanistan that didn't believe they swooped in earlier this week on this compound north of islamabad. they asked for proof. they wanted to see hard evidence that indeed he was dead. of course, the obama an administration struggled leasing what some called a gruesome
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image of osama bin laden. his remains. they decided not to. i think they are going to convince them that indeed osama bin laden is dead. i think the is another reaction you're going to hear. it's a reaction we hear over and over again when we ask them what they thought about the raid on osama bin laden's compound earlier this week. they're tired of being blamed with extremism. it is a in fact the overwhelming majority of the 170 or so million people that live in pakistan are peace-loving people who have been victims of extremism themselves and frankly so mm people you talk to in this region are tired of being linked with al qaeda and osama bin laden. they're happy that he's dead but they'll be much, much happier when the world stops linking
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them with extremism and al qaeda. >> we were learned from barbara starr a little bit more of what may or may not have been taking place. no internet, no phone services. i wonder if a lack of services might have been a red flag for that home in an area where perhaps the habit or the -- the habit may have been satellites or most people did have telephone wires to their home. i mean are you learning anything there now that we're learning more about the pave in that compound if anyone should have noticed anything odd about it? >> well, apparently there were no red flags to people in the town. it was ultimately the u.s. intelligence that found out that indeed osama bin laden lived in that house.
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but these are questions that still remain unanswered. these are questions that the pakistani government and military is going to have to answer over the coming days. it's certainly been an embarrassing episode for this very proud army, an army that is rarely questioned by the embassy. but over the past week they' they've've certainly faced questions. why was he able to live in this very unusual compound without being detected by pakistani intelligence over the first several days this week. they remained relatively quiet but over the past couple of days they've done damage control, aggressively coming out, trying to convince the public that they didn't know. but they're still not convinced. so with osama bin laden gone, who is leading al qaeda?
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some show him live rehearsing and delivering those anti-american messages we've been seeing over the years. one with video shows the terrorist leader with a gray beard which means he hasn't dyed it and another watching himself on television. they say he was still very much in control of al qaeda's day-to-day operations. >> now that osama bin laden is dead, there's a lot of speculation who will be the next al qaeda boss. ahman ail z ahman ail il ayman al zawahri. >> by the time he burst onto the world scene after the asass nation of egyptian president anwar sadat, he was already a terrorist. the young doctor came from one of egypt's leading families.
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there is even an al zawahiri street in cairo named after his grand faefrmt his uncle described him as pious. >> he was known as a good muslim. he came to pray there all the time there in the mosque and so and to read and to think and to -- >> al zawahri spent three years in prison after sadat's assassination. after he got out, he made his way to pack stab where he used his medical skills to treat those. that's where he met osama bin laden. in 1986. and they found a common cause. he talked about it a decade later. >> we are working with them. we are working in sudan.
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>> reporter: ail za war wi was many places in the 1990s, even explained visiting california on a false passport. his group attacked egyptian embassies and tried to kill egyptian politicians. eventually he folded his group into al qaeda. >> he's the number two guy. >> reporter: ail za war wi was at bin laden's side when he declared war on america in may 19988. a week later they launched attacks on the u.s. embassy and then later gloated after a missile attack. after the 9/11 attacks, ail za war wi began to become the voice of al qaeda taunting the u.s. >> translator: american people, you must ask yourself with why all this hate against america. >> reporter: after the invasion of afghanistan, bin laden and al zawahiri were on the run.
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his wife and daughters were killed in usa air strike aimed at him but he continued to issue messages on subjects ranging from the war in iraq to the subway attacks in 2005. recently al zawahri issued a tape asking for them to attack leaders. a sign that he and al qaeda had badly misjudged the arab spring. while he was always the obvious choice, al zawahri may not be the ideal candidate. >> he needs charismatic, he was not involved in the fight earlier on in afghanistan and i think he has a lot of detractors within the organization and i think you're going to tort saying themselves eating themselves from within more and more. >> without bin laden, al qaeda can never be the same. >> it was an idea personified by osama bin laden. he was a charismatic figure.
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you pledged a personal oath to him. people went and died not for ayman al zawahri or khalid sheikh mohammed but for osama bin laden. >> he still has great appeal as an inspiration. his challenge beyond staying alive is to remake an organization made up of scattered factions. ravaged by death. michael holmes, cnn, atlanta. record floods are swallowing parts of the u.s. southeast right now forcing evacuations and interstate shutdowns and people are bracing for more. that's coming up next. it's true.
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a look at our top stories right now. the water is rising by the minute and so, too, is concern for residents live ag lon the mississippi river. thousands across six states have evacuated their homes. residents in memphis, tennessee, are bracing for the worst. the river is expected to crest there around 48 feet on wednesday. it will be the worst flooding that city has seen since 1937. and if that wasn't bad enough, there's a chance of more rain this afternoon. i want to turn nout to cnn meteorologist jacqui jeras. why is the flooding so bad right now? >> so many reasons, fredricka. it started with a heavy snow pack over winter and then in the month of april, we had some of these areas, as much as 400%,
3:23 pm
500% of our rainfall. so much rain, everything -- >> too much at once. >> it goes through the watershed system and ends up into the mississippi river trying to drain its way down into the gulf of mexico. the river has crested. this is the area we're really focusingi focusing in on now. even though many of you have crested into cairo and new madrid now, it's going to stay at record levels and in flood for the next week to ten days, so this is going to be ongoing for a while. and then we'll watch this rush of water make its way all the way down into louisiana in the upcoming weeks. now, the rainfall here, you can see we've had a little bit more today. it hasn't been all that much. additional rainfall is going to be pretty minimal in the upcoming days. that really is taking into account the flood forecasts that we're talking about as the water moves downstream. now, memphis, tennessee, is next
3:24 pm
in line, major to near record flooding is going to be expected here. vicksford, mississippi, this is another city we're going to watch. may 20, that's next week we're looking at that record flood. more than 14 1/2 feet. a few of these records could be beaten and go all the way back to 1915. we'll take you downstream a little bit further and show you who's next in line. this is naches. we head down toward louisiana and we'll watch for those crests to move down the 23rd, all the way down into baton rouge. we've talked about some of these spillways that have been opened up to relieve some of that pressure. there are two more downstream. thee are not explosive type ones that we saw the last type of round but they're going to be dates that are going to be opening. this is a flood event, not a
3:25 pm
flash flood event. the difference is this is a rise of a rush or stream out of its natural banks. a flash flood is a very quick event and sometimes those things only last over a six-hour period. that's why we're talking into july potentially for this river to be completely na vickable. 60% of all of the grains that are exported out of the u.s., by the way, goes through this channel, and there's been a lot of restrictions put in place because once you get the barges moving along the river, that adds weight into the water and that also sloshes things up. this is having a huge impact, fredricka. not just for people being evacuated from their homes, but we're talking exports, businesses. so many different factors come into play with this major historic event. >> yeah, that is very significant here in the u.s. thank you so much, jacqui jeras. appreciate that. also some of historical relevance in a big way, is the capture of osama bin laden, the
3:26 pm
killing of osama bin laden, and this capture of a large cache of intelligence at this compound. >> more of the new osama bin laden videos here in the cnn news room coming up. building up our wireless network all across america. we're adding new cell sites... increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. you think i have allergies? you're sneezing. i'm allergic to you. doubtful, you love me. hey, you can't take allegra with fruit juice. what? yeah, it's on the label. really? here, there's nothing about juice on the zyrtec® label. what? labels are meant to be read. i'd be lost without you. i knew you weren't allergic to me. [ sneezes ] you know, you can't take allegra with orange juice.
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new details are emerging about the raid that killed osama bin laden including five new videos from his own personal cache. >> the u.s. department of defense released these a short
3:29 pm
time ago. in one image osama bin laden is rocking back and forth in a knit cap with a remote kroechlt another showing him with a freshly dyed black beard. all of these tapes were confiscated in the compound where bin laden was killed. >> in is, in fact, osama bin laden unplugged. this is bin laden in a way he never wanted the world to see him and had never shown himself to the world. we have learned roughly in the week of his death he was an isolated figure hidden away in what turned out to be a big but run down ram-shackled house with unpainted walled and dreary furniture. we see in this picture an isolated picture, iconic everywhere, but there in abbottabad where he's just lonely man under a blanket watching himself on tv. >> still he was very much in control. you can see in the videotape he's either talking to,
3:30 pm
referring to or making take cues from ohm people in the room and clearly someone else took that video image of him watching television in a much more disheveled kind of demeanor than the more kind of pressed formally clothed images where he was prepared or delivering a speech and delivering a message. by the way, intelligence officials said today when they were revealing these videotapes, there was one message that was likely to be intended for the u.s. and may have been recorded as early as last fall, 2010, and that video is part of this cache. videos, dvds, thumb drives, all of it seized at that osama bin laden compound. >> in concrete terms it reminds people that the united states, those navy s.e.a.l.s really did kill osama bin laden and now u.s. authorities have access to documents and videotapes that no one else would otherwise have. so it is a reminder that osama
3:31 pm
bin laden really is dead. this replaces the images that the president decided not to release. in symbolic terms it shows a man being hoisted on his own petard. he convinced the world through his terror that he was a powerful leader. ready to do his bidding in service of jihad. well, this is a different kind of individual yoechlt this is osama bin laden on video looking like a lonely pensioner with a quiet dim room with blanket on himself and a tv. >> this is just a frarks of the videotape material that was seized. this was information that the didn't of defense extrapolated and decide these images of these five videotapes are all right. you know, they meet the test of the department of defense to reveal to the general public, really reveal to the world that this is evidence of what we seized from that compound and this is an image of osama bin laden that perhaps you, the rest
3:32 pm
of the world, are not accustomed to seeing. >> once again, five silent videotapes released at a very particular briefing, a saturday briefing, a little more than three and a half hours ago. no audio, not many details. we do know that they have concluded at least some of these videos were taken inside the compound on the top right-hand corner of the screen. you can see him in front of the armoire or cabinet that they believe they saw in the building when they raided it and also the indication that he must have been even to his critics incon trow vertably alive until this is accident. >> we're following that and of course we're following a number of other items on the international landscape as well. on to syria now where government forces continue their crackdown of anti-government protesters. these pictures posted on youtube purport to show security forces burning cars in front of a government building, then
3:33 pm
blaming it on the demonstrators. cnn has not been granted access to syria and is unable to independently verify eyewitness accounts. and in libya there are claims that forces close to osama bin laden bombed fuel depots causing a massive fire. there are also claims that gadhafi's troops are using helicopters to bomb the city. more of our continuing coverage of the release of the new osama bin laden videos seized at the compound during the raid and during the killing of osama bin laden right here in the newsroom right here after this.
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back to our big story today, a new look inside the world of osama bin laden through his personal collection of videos. they were discovered in the compound after sunday's raid which killed him. the pentagon released them just a short time ago. they include images of the al qaeda leader, recording unreleased messages for the world, presumably to spread more terror and probably most interesting, a private video of him watching himself on television wrapped in a blanket. another shows bin laden in a robe. the pentagon says it's the biggest part of an intelligence haul. senior national security contributor fran townsend joins us from our d.c. studios. what do you make of this? >> look. i think the u.s. government having decided not to release the sort of gruesome death photos of bin laden were looking for a way to convince the world and others that he was really dead and that the u.s.
3:37 pm
government is now in control of the bin laden message. so they picked these videos, it would appear, to be pretty deliberately. this is a man as time went on it would appear in his video statements as a statesman with the silk gold robe on speaking from a podium, and the u.s. government decided they would show him one in this compound in pakistan which though it had been described as a mansion is clearly sort of this desperate little huvl. it's dirty. the tv's old, there are wires from the wall. he's wrapped in a blanket. he looked like a prisoner. he looks frail. his beard is gray. not a flattering light. there's another one of him where he's taping a video statement and he's flubbed it. we've all been through it, right? you miss the cue on the prompter, the lighting is not right. both of these are pretty unflattering. there's a third one infront of
3:38 pm
the armor and there's the one that had not been released, the ones that intelligence officials tell us was taped in october to earl november of 2010. we have to presume it was in that period, right in the lead-up to midterm elections. we know from history that bin land tried to get messages out around u.s. elections, especially presidentials or midterms in order to try to influence them. interestingly it would be taped during that period of time. zawahiri may think he's out there and can release the tape at the time of his choosing, but the u.s. government is in control of it. they're going to put it up in terms of their -- the overall memg, he pinged it up very carefully. he was vain. he was not in good circumstances
3:39 pm
an they're in control of his image. >> the administration made a decision they would not release the photos of his corpse. in part it seemed triumphantl s triumphantless. they diminish bin laden, but they don't humiliate him enough to provoke the kind of backlash that would have been helpful. >> that's probably right. look. personally i think if you were going to release the pictures of the corpse and you had done it right away after the operation and been done with it, that would have been fine. you certainly could don't that three days later, a decision gets made. there had clearly been a debate inside the administration. not everyone was in agreement with not releasing them. so i think they found themselves in a position they wanted to do something to show an image of him that might convince people that they really had obtained
3:40 pm
these photographs inside that compound. >> how much longer should administration do this, release the information simply because people are curious because there's an ins assistant toward transparency and at what point does it become more useful to change the conversation, end the perception in the news media but the public's perception of this now dead figure? >> those of us from washington are hearing from the administration. they're ready to move on. they're going to put the national security adviser on the sunday shows tomorrow and i think they're ready to change the conversation. here's the problem. as they go through what's been described as the largest treasure trove of a senior terrorist ever from the cia, they're going through it. they go through it and then they have to share it with state and local law enforcement and the
3:41 pm
intelligence service. as dribs and drabs come out, you can't kill the story. they're going to wonder what threats was he thinking about, are they still in training, are there operatives, do you know where they are. >> this is a story almost impossible to kill. the threat to the united states is not going go away. >> let me ask you because we're looking at these images. you're alluding to what we have not seen. what is it like? are we talking about armies of analysts drinking black coffee trying to stay awake all night? i'm trying to get a sense of the imagery of what we're seeing if we could see the secret process of going through this enormous stash of data.
3:42 pm
>> you've guessed pretty well. they're in front of the computers. some don't go home. you have people who can speak arabic. have a sea of translators. they're absolutely working 24/7. first order of business you're looking for is any indication of threats and i think that's why we've seen the administration disseminate a talk about the attack on the railways on the 10th anniversary of september 11th, why they then release the intelligence about chicago, new york, los angeles, washington, d.c., being potential targets. you'll see that and there'll be a constant pattern of that as they go through the material. the second order overs by is there any locational data, information on high value targets. zawahiri, al awlaki. are there those that may be deployed, where they're sleerps
3:43 pm
or not feully developed ones. 'll look to the pakistani military. who else is out there we haven't identify who's affiliated or supporting it world wide. you'll hear the threat information a little bit at a time shlg i suspect. >> fran townsend, always fascinating hearing from you. >> most americaning got their first look at bin laden during an interview by pieter bergen. he's now considered one of the world's leading authorities on bin land and terrorism. talked with him by phone the last hour. >> he's a guy who -- 90% of my battle is conducted in the media. he took his media imagery sear justly. it's fascinating to see him kind of look at himself, how he's doing and also preparation for
3:44 pm
propaganda videos. the videos that have been covere covered. i think these are the images we're seeing right now are essentially outtakes of the two most recent times that we saw him since 9/11 on video. the image we're seeing now, watching himself on television, it was probably meant for internal con surjs not meant for obviously what's happening right now, which is local distribution. and al qaeda, you know, bin laden has always been sort of media adviser. this is not a flattering image as you say. but, you know, there have been people documented him. people in al qaeda see him as a historical first. we were expecting an osama bin laden videotape, because, we thought he prepared one knowing he's going to die at one point.
3:45 pm
instead we get this one which basically does not put him in a particularly flattering light. >> and peter bergen will be joining us live next hour from los angeles to expound more on this. >> our extensive coverage will continue right after this. mom! mom! [ male announcer ] you know mom. mom! [ male announcer ] we know diamonds. and with an extra 10% off storewide now through saturday, we'll make this mother's day one she'll never forget. that's why only zales is the diamond store.
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back to our breaking news today. the u.s. releasing five videos from the compound where osama bin laden was killed in pakistan. >> there seems to be visual proof that he really was there. one video shows him rocking back and forth in a chair watching video of himself on tv. his beard is gray, he's covered with a blanket. the other shows his beard dyed black. the videos and data collected at the compound are literally a treasure trove, the largest stash of information they've ever had on a senior al qaeda chief. >> let's talk with the only member who voted against the 2011 invasion of afghanistan. she's joining us right now. you're getting your firsthand look at these images that the department of defense released today. what does this tell you about osama bin laden, about the operation that led to his killing? >> what this tells me is that
3:49 pm
first of all al qaeda is alive and well unfortunately, and that with the president's very bold action and what he did really gives an opportunity now to really understand more about the al qaeda network, and we have said for many years that the fact that al qaeda could plot terrorist plots from the rural areas of yemen or from a hotel room in germany, with osama bin laden being dead now, i think that what our administration rightfully is doing is using the intelligence that they have gathered to make some determinations as to how to develop a smart security strategy which we must have to begin to ensure our national security. and i have to also say and comment that i think i think th is a defining moment in terms of the war in afghanistan, and
3:50 pm
really gives us an opportunity to look at a significant and sizable reduction of our armed forces in afghanistan. >> so -- >> which has been the longest war in american history and i think right now -- >> if the plan were to withdraw troops july of this year, now as a result of osama bin laden's death and nearby pakistan, and i know you did not vote for the start of this war in afghanistan. is it your feeling that the u.s. troops need to stay there until july, or are you saying the withdrawal should take place earlier now? >> no, i'm saying that we should, as the president committed earlier on, to begin to end this war in afghanistan with a sizable and significant reduction of troops beginning in july. 80 members of congress wrote to the president, bipartisan group of members a couple months ago saying we should definitely begin to end this longest war in
3:51 pm
american history, and i think it's really very important at this point to do that so we can really begin to look at a smart security strategy. again, the president has demonstrated that he knows how to deal with terrorism in the correct way. but also recognize that we have economic priorities here at home, and these billions of dollars that we're spending in afghanistan could be better used now in terms of economic recovery. recognizing that we have to continue to work to insure our national security. >> are you saying that withdrawal should be expedited as a result of osama bin laden's death? >> i'm saying we should see this moment as a moment to begin to really expedite, yes, the end of this longest war in american history. we have been there ten years now. july is the date which is president indicated he would begin to withdraw, and i'm saying, and so has the democratic national committee and the 80-some members of congress, said we need to have a
3:52 pm
significant and sizable reduction, and begin, really, to end this war where our young men and women have performed valiantly. they have done everything we have asked them to do, and now we need to begin to end it and bring the troops home. i believe over 70% of the american public are saying just that. >> pakistan, now, that osama bin laden was killed, targeted, killed in pakistan, what is your view about the relations with pakistan from this point forward? who the u.s. is able to trust, and how that might impact the ongoing war on terrorism broadly as afghanistan and pakistan are integral to that fight? >> certainly, this gives us a time, i believe, to really look at and reassess our relationship with pakistan. i'm not saying we need to sever it or become distant, but i also know that we provide much military and economic aid, and i think this gives us a time to
3:53 pm
review the aid, the conditions, and also the balance inls terms of the formula between military and economic aid. clearly something is wrong with our relation with pakistan and pakistan's relationship with the united states, and this gives us a moment to review that. we have to do that quickly. i was shocked by what we learned as a result of osama bin laden's death. i think the rest of the kubltry has been shocked. i also think we have to doin with the relationship because we have to remember that pakistan is a nuclear armed nation and we have to have some form of global peace and security. >> thank you so much. also the author of "renegade for peace and justice." >> thank you. >> we'll have more on the continuing coverage of the stash of intelligence that is also being shared with the general public by way of the department of defense's release earlier today. strange television from pakistan. you're seeing it here in the cnn
3:54 pm
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you're in the cnn newsroom where the news unfolds live this may 7th. >> and i'm jonathan mann joining
3:57 pm
you from cnn international. >> we're giving you a new glimpse inside the inner sanctum of osama bin laden. releasing five videos from the compound in which he has killed. one in particular has been catching people's attention. it shows a dilapidated film. watching television, remote control in hand, a wool cap on and a blanket around his shoulders, and apparently, he is looking, by way of video, at satellite television, looking at various images of himself being conveyed. >> one caller made a comment worth repeating, there are probably a lot of living rooms in pakistan that look a lot like that. that may look like a sad place, but it still does. we see him in settings much more modest than we would have expected even if they're common
3:58 pm
to people in the developing world. and the videos themselves were released in a dramatic fashion, after the raid, of course, that took bin laden's life. there was a news conference. journalists were called to washington to hear at the pentagon from an intelligence official who gave them some background and then gave them a chance to see portions of these videos. >> right, but no recording devices were allowed. none of the 50 reporters were allowed to have recording devises, no video of the briefing. it was a matter of taking notes, listening, and watching the video which was selected by the department of defense. some of the video that was parcelled out among the large cache of videos that were seized, and enonly specific imas that the department of defense released to the general public, used the same images that the reporters saw inside the briefing. >> part, once again, of what the pentagon is calling a treasure-trove of intelligence. the biggest cache of information
3:59 pm
captures from a single suspect. >> barbara starr was at the briefing, and she brings us the update. >> this was dwinted to the news media by the obama administration. a very unusual saturday press briefing. very small fraction of the intelligence haul. they're describing it as the largest cache of intell jnls they have gotten from a senior intelligence figure ever. they're going through all of that, handwritten documents, dcds, all of it, to get any clues they can. the videos they have distributed are very much a product of what the u.s. government has decided to show the world. let's be very clear about that. there is no audio on them. that's been stripped off. they say they don't want to be in the business of distributing osama bin laden's message. for the videos, as you say, show bin laden with his beard and his facial hair died black. he's in more formal clothing. very much


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