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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  May 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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obsessed with his image, seeing how the world looks at him in television satellite news broadcasts. and then a number of other more formal presentations by bin laden. you know, the bin laden that perhaps we have seen more of. one of them fascinating. he's standing in front of an armoire, that was found in the compound. so even though they didn't distribute the pictures of bin laden's corpse, what they're trying to get out is the message they believe absolutely this is bin laden. these are videos found at the compound. only could have been there if bin laden was there. the u.s. intelligence official briefing us said all of this, the videos, the thumb drives, the computer disks, the largest single haul of intelligence information from an operative ever. they're forming a government task force in washington. they're going through it bit by bit.
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it is a race against tiement, of course, because they need to find out if there are any clues in there to other plots or threats. what does this tell us about osama bin laden? the official says the conclusion is bin laden was very much in control, not just the big picture ideology and message. he had operational, tactical control over the day to day details of the affairs of al qaeda. he was involved in plots. and al qaeda definitely had a motive to continue to attack the united states. drew? >> go ahead. >> actually, i'm going to jump in here because as we know, the raid has been described by washington as the single largest collection of senior terrorist material ever. so in choosing to release the snippets of the five videos that have been released today, what is the united states trying to say, not only to americans about osama bin laden but also to the rest of the world in. >> well, first and foremost, the message is they got him.
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the briefer also went through a number of details about how they identified the dead body. some of it we had heard before. facial recognition. they matched on the corpse certain features, the shape of the eyes, the ears, the nose, to known photographs of osama bin laden. that was facial recognition on site. they conducted a dna analysis, and the official told us that it all came back that the chances of being wrong were 1 in 11.8 quadrillion. the room fool of reporters la h laughed at that because we don't know how many zeros that it. it goes to their level of confidence that it was osama bin laden they got. there are going to be doubters around the world. certainly, but the obama administration has made the decision, they will not show korms pictures. that would be trying to show essentially a trophy shot, if
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you will. something the president has decided he will not allow. so this is as close as they could come. details about the identification of the man they killed on the compound, the material they got on the compound that they believe could only have been located with osama bin laden, more details about what they found, what it went to about al qaeda plans, plotting, handwritten documents, the kind of material they believe would have only been with osama bin laden. the material that those navy s.e.a.l.s grabbed on their way out of the compound that night. >> barbara, the question i have is why today? it seems like this was a bit rushed. is there something your sources are telling you behind the scenes that perhaps the u.s. was losing control of the conspiracy thirests out there, or was there something being anticipated from al qaeda that they were trying to counteract at this time on a saturday? >> you know, i don't know. i mean, we actually thought this briefing was going to happen
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yesterday, friday, here in washington. a little surprising that it happened on a saturday. perhaps the white house wanting to take advantage of the political news cycle of the sunday talk shows. you will most likely see administration officials out on the talk shows tomorrow night, tomorrow. they want to get this story out there, but they also want to get it wrapped up. they want to get the doubters convinced, and they wanted that not to be the news story. make no mistake, they are continuing to go through the intelligence. i want to add in one more thing, one of the big concerns now is they look at al qaeda. they're trying to figure out who may come next. who will be the next leader of al qaeda. it may not beime ayman al zawah who has been known to the world as bin laden's number two. a lot of concern it could be an al qaeda affiliate that takes over, especially al qaeda in yemen which has shown the ability to reach out and touch the united states, especially through the failed so-called underwear bomber christmas day
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in detroit, and the failed times square bomb plot. al qaeda in yemen right now is probably one of the major concerns here in washington. >> and if i can ask you, barbara, this was not a pentagon briefing. it was an intelligence briefing, just happened to be given at the pentagon building. could we expect any more information to come in the next couple days? >> i don't know if it will be the next couple days. officials are saying they will keep the american public informed to the extent that they can. but you know, one of the underlying themes in all of this is the world has had a very solid look at u.s. military special operations. at the kinds of covert commando operations that the u.s. military would clearly prefer the world not see so much of. these navy s.e.a.l.s and other commando squads are out there all the time in afghanistan and other places around the world. conducting very covert
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operations. they want to get back in the shadows. probably they would not have been having so much information come out if that one helicopter, that secret stealth helicopter hadn't gone down in the compound. that showed the world that they were there and what they did. look for the u.s. military commando world to go very much back into the shadows in the coming days. >> all right, barbara starr at the pentagon. great reporting all day. what a day it has been, too. >> and of course, as you saw from the video, it is the videos, clips of osama bin laden watching himself on television, very clear that at some point he dyed his hair or beard black. although we don't know necessarily the significance of that. it may be far more than vanity or nothing more than vanity and we see him living in rather sparse conditions in pakistan in that compound. let's go to pakistan now because tensions between islamabad and washington were already
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palpable. how is this video being received. we're monitoring the reaction in the capital. hello. >> reporter: it's very early in the morning here in islamabad, about 2:00 a.m., most people are sleeping, but i think a lot of people did get to see the fascinating images before they called it a night, and like much of the world, they are very fascinated and interested in seeling these images of a man who has had a lot of significant impact on many people's lives here, and certainly impact on the spread of extremistism. these pictures are going to convince some secretary of static skementices that sosama bin laden is dead. for the past week, people not just in pakistan but across the border have been skeptical. they didn't believe that u.s. forces killed bin laden. they wanted to see some sort of hard proof, some evident. washington, the obama
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administration, wrestled with the idea of releasing the picture, what some described as gruesome pictures of osama bin laden's remains. they decided against that. and i think these pictures will convince some skeptics, and perhaps they're a safer way, maybe not as effective as releasing pictures of his remains, but a safer way of showing skeptics that bin laden is dead. we should point out one new picture where you see bin laden with the gray beard sitting with remote control in his hand watching the tevlevision, it isa partial profile. i for one, looking at the few seconds, can't conclude that that is indeed osama bin laden. so drew, funewela, a lot of people in this region are going to be asking for more proof. >> what is the nature of the doubters? is it growing in population? are these people of stature in
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pakistan or are these the conspiracy there tss who are always going to be there? >> i think it's the latter. an indication of the deep mistrust that exists in this region, unfortunately, for washington. the fact is, there's mistrust for the u.s. foreign policy, and people simply don't believe everything that is coming out of washington. and that's why they are skeptical. i can tell you the pakistani security establishment's reaction. they're probably not going to be thrilled with this video that is going to continue the coverage of this osama bin laden story, which is an episode which has been very embarrassing for them. they do not want this coverage to continue. they have had to answer a lot of very difficult questions, first and foremost, how did osama bin laden manage to hide out in this compound that wads right under their noses? they tried to answer some of the
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questions. they haven't convinced everybody, not just around the world, but here domestically. so probably not thrilled the security establishment has these pictures coming out. >> it's difficult to underestimate the role that pakistan has played with the united states, which is controversial. this is an army in pakistan which gets about $6 billion a year in the budget. are we clear at all what pakistan knew, being the government or the military, and who has the most sway? >> well, i don't think there's any question that the most powerful institution in pakistan is indeed the pakistani military. but of course, washington and pakistan have been partners in this crucial fight against extremism, but washington has long suspected pakistan of playing this double game. on one hand, supporting the u.s. fight against extremism. on the other hand, suspected of
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having links with this groups to get into afghanistan and fight off their rival in india. and i think this is going to fuel those suspicions in washington that they're still maintaining those links. there's been a lot of finger pointing. there's been a lot of accusations after this raid, after it was discovered that bin laden was in the compound. most people you speak to say this does not mean the end of this relationship because these are two kuntz countries that still desperately need one another. the u.s. desperately needs pakistan to hammer out a political solution in afghanistan to eventually pull out, and pakistan needs washington to give its government some credibility and to help it economically and give it leverage with its rival in india. >> all right. thank you for islamabad. we'll check in later as well. and we'll check in with a nrb of
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our analysts in this hour, asking their perspective on the osama bin laden tapes. we'll speak to karen greenberg, executive director of the center on law and security. >> we'll also speak to mark kimmitt for political and mittitary affairs, and thomas fuentes also joining us, a former assistant director with the cia. all three coming up as we continue the breaking coverage of the osama bin laden tapes. building up our wireless network all across america. continue the breaking coverage of the osama bin laden tapes. n. increasing network capacity, and investing billions of dollars to improve your wireless network experience. from a single phone call to the most advanced data download, we're covering more people in more places than ever before in an effort to give you the best network possible. at&t. rethink possible. in an effort to give you the best network possible.
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getting more reaction on the tapes that have been released today here in the u.s. from afghanistan. and stan grant is live there. what are you hearing? are people up, and have they been watching the tapes being released? >> reporter: yes, the reaction from anyone here, drew, it's very early in the morning here, so no chance of getting to talk to anyone yet, but it's going to be interesting to see the reaction here. because over the past week, i had a chance to talk to people on the street about the death of osama bin laden. initially, people were reluctant to believe it. a, they had heard the stories before and why should they believe them now? secondly, he had built up this myth, this aura of invincibility in their minds. he loomed so large in their lives for such a long time, and the fact he had been able to evade capture had led people to believe he was almost invincible.
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to see these images now is going to shake that mythology, shake that image. he carefully cultivated his image, osama bin laden. whenever he would make a clerical statement, you would see him wearing clerical robes, donning battle fatigues at other times. this is how he crafted his image in the minds of the islamic world, particularly here in afghanistan. what people are going to see now, of course, is what we have been seeing, a man looking old, looking frail, a man wrapping in a blanket and watching images of himself on television in a very non-descript room. it's not the powerful image that these people have come to known and expect over the past decades. it's going to be interesting to see how they react to that. this is have filling in the gaps that is still around about bin laden, about the death of bin laden, about what he's been doing for the past years. >> very early in the morning.
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we appreciate that. we're continuing to follow the breaking news on cnn. in case you haven't heard, in the last few hours the u.s. government has released never before seen videos of osama bin laden. karen greenberg is the executive director at the center on law and security at new york university and an author. thanks very much for joining us. what doyou make about the release of the tapes, first of all? >> i think the release is partly a substitute for not showing the picture of bin laden when he was killed. i think it's an attempt to show the public, the american public that not just that it happened in a kind of corroborative way, because i think conspear a eeir theorists will find their way out of there, but to show that we were there, and to show, you need to keep in mind the reason we have this information, like the reason we have the thumb
5:18 pm
drives is because the obama administration chose not to bomb this palace but to -- or this mansion, but to go in there with stealth, covertoperatives and take what they could get. the underlying message here is it was extremely important to get this information and it's probably the most amount and the most incisive and the most comprehensive information we may yet have in understanding bin laden and his directiveship of al qaeda. >> i want to bring in our other analyst to talk about this, general mark kimmitt. tom fuentes, formerly with the fbi and our national security krinter, fran townsend. tom, let me begin with you, do you think, if the stated goal was like this would be the replacement of the death photo, that this will suffice, that this will get to the target point of, look, osama bin laden is dead, and here is the proof?
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>> i think possibly, drew. obviously, if the u.s. government has these videos, the navy s.e.a.l.s weren't invited to tea by bin laden so how else did we get it. on the other hand, as far as the skeptics, if they're not gig to believe the president of the united states, if they're not going to believe the senior leadership of al qaeda that remains, if they're not going to believe the taliban officials who have cooperated it, if they're not going to believe osama bin laden's own family who were witnesses to the killing, then what is the point and what does it take? >> i'm wondering, is there a longer time strategy to this by releasing these five videos g e given that the government had since last august to plan the raid? is it inconseaverable they wouldn't have thought about how to plan to release of the information they might get or would it be the case that they had to wait and see what they were able to get from the
5:20 pm
compound and play it by heear d by day? >> it's both of those issues. clearly, the government knows they have a responsibility to keep the public informed. they don't want to put out classified information. these, obviously, are snippets of bin laden's life that there's a significant amount of public interest in, but i think there's also some thoughts of demystifying this great iconic figure of bin laden. i'm reminded of that time in the wizard of oz when the wizard says pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, and now we're seeing that man behind the curtain. a wisened old man who is looking at the tv, who has six or seven appliances plugged into the same outlet, and it really does take down the notion of the all mighty ever strong, ever present bin laden down a number of pegs. >> i have a question.
5:21 pm
our correspondent in islamabad said when you look at that particular shot of the man looking at the teefrb screen with the plugs, six plugs plugs into one outlet. in his view, it doesn't seem to be osama bin laden. one assumes that u.s. intell have gone through everything with a fine-toothed comb and have released it because they're confident it is. >> i'm certain that to be the case. again, 95% of the population will accept this is the truth. 5% never will. you are never going to waste a lot of time trying to convince the 5% that have it completely made up in their mind that this will never be the truth, but it's the niev per95% of the pop particularly in the region most vulnerable to the ideology and the aspirations of mbin laden. that's who we need to get the information to, and that's who i believe the government is putting this information out for. as much as the american paubulation, our friends and
5:22 pm
colleagues in the region who we're trying to convince that the days of bin laden are over. >> and the days of bin laden are not only over, but it seems like u.s. intelligence is trying to show what the days and lives of bin laden were like, living in his own prison, in a junky house in pakistan, hiding out for maybe six years. does that psychological goal get met at this point? >> absolutely. look, you know, irr funny. as we continue to describe this house as a mansion, and i think that's because of size. ababottaba abbottabad, that does seem like a mansion, but you see the inside and the videos, and i understand the concerns, but those who have been chasing him for a decade, there's no doubt that's bin laden. there he is, frail, graying, huddled in a blanket and a cap, staring at himself on television. it goes to his vanity. it really is a humiliating view into a man who had himself built up as larger than life, and
5:23 pm
there's the other video where he's mumbling, trying to make the video, and looking to the side. he misses his cue on the tell promper. all of these are meant not only to prove that we were in there and that we killed him, but also just to undercut the mythology that was bin laden. he's a human being, and like all human beings, at some point, he's gone now. >> are his followers likely to look at this in the light that we're looking at this and say, this is who i was following? >> well, i think what -- you know, it's interesting. it's exactly the right question, but i think that including his followers, will see him not in the role that they're accustomed to seeing him. he clearly tightly controlled his message, and over the years, the videotapes were more and more where he was in a very formal robe. he was standing at a podium, speaking and issues statements. this is very inconsistent with that. he always had a dark beard when
5:24 pm
he addressed the public. this is inconsistent with that. and they'll see the inconsistencies just as we're seeing them. >> karen, if i may jump in there, you, as we introduced you, are an ecprtd in international law, and also wrote a book, "the first 100 days in guantanamo." do you think it was ever conceivable that the white house, this administration, could have captured osama bin laden and brought him to guantanamo. giving its controversy, particularly barack obama's asergz during his campaign that he wanted to close the camp. does this seem to be a lawful killing given this was a law th war that was approved by the united nations and both houses of congress or do you see it as an extrajudicialal killing. >> i don't see it as an extrajudicialal killing. he needs to be seen as the eyes
5:25 pm
of the opposing army. even for criminal law, for the harm and death he brought to american citizens, this is not illegal. in addition to that, it seems to me somewhat awkward and distracting that we discuss whether this was legal or not. from the american point of view, this was legal. if the pakistanis want to say something about it, it's up to them to do so. i think there are many experts in international law who would say it was legal under international law as well. the issue is really about violating sovereignty of another country. this was a covertoperation. we're not sure it wasn't done without some buy in by the pakistanis yet. we'll find out. bringing bin laden to guantanamo, you could imagine what that would have done to the american domestic conversation. i think given the options, given the law, it makes sense this is what happened. >> karen greenberg, fran townsend, thank you both for joining us. you have to leave, we understand.
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general kimmitt and tom will be back for later. >> a mosque has opened its doors to people of all faith today. >> we'll take you to washington to find out what muslim leaders there hope to accomplish with this weekend's open house. with the rising price of fuel, guess which way shipping costs are going? the u.s postal service has no fuel surcharges. combine that with low online pricing... and your shipping costs... ..could head in a whole new direction. it's time to rethink your shipping. [ pneumatic wrench buzzing ] [ slap! slap! slap! ] [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you?
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yes, indeed, you're looking there at pictures from five videotapes released by u.s. intelligence earlier in the day. atlantic southeast airlines is apologizing for removing two muslim passengers from one of their flights. it happened on friday as the flight was scheduled to department memphis for charlotte, north carolina. >> a spokesman for the counsel on american islamic relations said the two men contacted his office and said they were told that other passengers were uncomfortable with them being on the plane, and they were removed. >> both were wearing traditional muslim clothing and coincidentlially, they were heading to a conference on prejudice against muslims. it's under investigation, and the two men involved have agreed to join us live to talk about what happened, can that will be tonight at 10:00 eastern for that interview. a suburban washington mosque is holding an open house this weekend, an effort to improve
5:30 pm
relations within its community. mark spoke to one of the mosque leaders. this is one of the largest mosques in the d.c. area. what did the leaders have to say inwhat do they hope to accomplish? >> clearly, with the death of osama bin laden still fresh on everyone's minds and of course the release of the tapes, this seems to be front and center for everyone, especially the muslim community here in the u.s. the suurban mosque which is in falls church, right outside of washington, d.c., did hold an open house to try to bring the local community in, to try to teach them about islam and reemphasize the point that most muslims aren't terrorists. as for osama bin laden's death, will that try to help ease the tepgzs between the u.s. and muslims worldwide? there still needs to be work to be done. let's listen to the imam about this. >> maybe the people who are part
5:31 pm
of al qaeda still don't like us. and so although bin laden is gone, we still have to come together as a community to fight this kind of hatred and bigotry. >> as the suburban mosque is trying to build a bond with the community in washington, d.c., the fact of the matter is there's a lot of work to do. a recent cnn opinion research poll showed 40% of americans have an unfavorable view of islam. >> mark, you know, this mosque is no stranger to headlines, and maybe has a lot of heavy lifting to do on its hands based on its past or the people who have gone to it. >> a very controversial mosque, a large mosque. a couple thing things, one, a c of the 9/11 hijackers passed through this mosque. they were worshiping. we also know the ft. hood
5:32 pm
shooter was somehow connected to this mosque as well. and prance the biggest piece of this all, one of al qaeda's biggest leaders anwar al aliki was an imam at this mosque, and of course, is being hunted right now by the u.s. a lot of work by the leaders of am mosque. they're trying to emphasize that the muslims and quite frankly, the muzlics don't believe in terrorism. >> thanks very much there in d.c. >> revelations in pakistan. after the break, showing you mo more. rgy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands
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bringing you up to date with the breaking news about the osama bin laden videos we're seeing. the u.s. government releasing them, five tapes in all, confiscated by the navy s.e.a.l. team in the raid on osama bin laden's compounld. >> this one wasn't meant for release. it's showing the slain leader watching a television with pictures of himself. there are others showing bin laden in a pose, intended for broadcast. the u.s. government edited these videos and deleted the audio to omit spreading any message they might contain. other big news now, the mississippi river in the u.s. here, continuing to swallow
5:36 pm
neighborhoods and towns with flood levels we haven't seen in more than 70 years. parts of tennessee under water. people in the memphis area obeying more than 1,000 evacuation notices. the mississippi is supposed to crest in memphis, nearly 14 feet above floot stage. that will happen on wednesday. so far, about eight states have been impacted by this historic flooding which meteorologists say won't recede until the end of june. mississippi and louisiana have yet to feel the full brunt of the flooding, and jacqui jeras is checking the severe weather. first, why is this swelling going on with this river? >> well, a lot of different reasons. it started in the winter with the really heavy snowpack. so everything melting up up north of the river, then we had a ton of rainfall that fell on top of that in the month of april. in fact, somewhere between 400% to 500% of what they normally would see at that time of the year. so too much rain in a short
5:37 pm
period of time, and everything just runs off into the mississippi river. and it takes a while for it to do it. in fact, about 40% of the united states vereventually, all of th watershed goes into the mississippi and goes downstream. this is the area we have seen the cresting going on in the river. we have to go all the way down to the gulf of mexico. it's going to be days before we get to that level. now, we are expecting more rain to add into the picture in the next five days. we're talking 1 to 2 inches. every drop of rain that falls is going on top of already saturated ground, so all of that is going to run off, and all of this will be detrimental. let's talk about what kind of impacts we can expect and how long this will be lasting. take a look at some of the cities impacted. you mentioned memphis cresting 14 feet above that flood stage. may 11th. may 20th in vicksburg, natchs, mississippi, 22nd. 23rd in baton rouge. we have done measured to open
5:38 pm
the floodways or spillways as we call them, and we think another one will be opened up in louisiana by monday and that could relieve a little bit of that pressure. >> incredible how this all drains out eventually into the gulf of mexico. thanks. coming up next, we'll check back in with our guests for perspectf on the osama bin laden tapes. >> we'll talk to mark kimmitt and thomas fuentes, former assistant director with the fbi. that's next. like nature valley. granola bars made with crunchy oats and pure honey. nature valley -- 100% natural. 100% delicious. the man you've become. and you learned something along the way. about the world. and yourself. ♪ this is the age of knowing what you're made of. and knowing how to get things done. so, why would you let something like erectile dysfunction get in your way? isn't it time you talked to your doctor about viagra?
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breaking new said of the day, the release of these five videotapes taking from bin laden's home where he's been living for perhaps the last five or six years in pakistan. he was killed last week, of course, and now the u.s. intelligence service releasing this vedios. we're back looking at the secret life of the most wanted terrorist, revealed for the first time in these videos. we're going to bring in mark kimmitt along with tom fuentes. also a cnn contributor. tom, does this help our allies, including pakistan, in the war on terror by showing bin laden in his true light? >> i think maybe a little bit. but i don't think it's designed for that purpose, the release of these videos. i think i agree with general kimmitt saying earlier that they're trying to diminish his stature at the invincible and
5:42 pm
unfindable leader of al qaeda. and showing also that his followers are living in very difficult circumstances, especially in the winters in the mountains of afghanistan and pakistan, and it's so bad for them that they have to stop fightingwintertime and just a couple weeks ago they announced they're ready to fight for the spring and summer. for the fall ors, every winter is the equivalent to valley forge, where he's shown on television, watching tv with a shawl around his shoulders and a turban, and he has everything there but the popcorn. i don't think that's going to play well as the videos get the wider distribution and some of this followers get to see that. >> how would you assess the status of relations now between the united states and pakistan, particularly following the release of these videotapes? because it further embarrasses pakistan. >> well, i think the
5:43 pm
already-strained relationship is going to be a little more strained in the near term, and it's clear the administration and especially the military is trying to put the best face on this, but there are going to be a lot of questions in the days and weeks ahead on how could it be that bin laden could be in that place for five years without any knowledge of the pakistani military or the invincible isi. there's a lot of funding at stake here. the pakistanis will be very anxious to maintain that funding. so at a tactical level, it will be difficult. at a strategic level, as was said earlier, the relationship between pakistan and the united states is too important quite frankly to be split completely over a situation like this. the only question is how do we now get through this tense period. >> all right, we have to wait and see. there are plenty more questions to ask. we will be asking you about them. particularly, if there are evidence of ties to pakistan
5:44 pm
between bin laden and these tapes that we may not have heard about. we'll be talking to you later, gentlemen. you have heard a lot about the navy s.e.a.l.s, and one is getting a rare honor. we'll get a look at the latest ship being commissioned by the navy in the u.s., and how they're honoring one of their own. just hold the bag. we need a portable x-ray, please! [ nurse ] i'm a nurse. i believe in the power of science and medicine. but i'm also human. and i believe in stacking the deck.
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continuing breaking news of the releasing videos by u.s. intelligence officers showing you a look inside bin laden's lair from his own home videos. >> he's america's biggest hero. we may never know who that is, the man who fired the kill shot on osama bin laden. the s.e.a.l.s aren't talking, but some former s.e.a.l.s did help put together a profile of what he looks like. >> he's a man, he's probably between the ages of 26 and 33. he's probably white, though the post says the s.e.a.l.s have been trying to include more minority. he was probably an athlete in high school or college. >> peak physical condition, lots of upper body strength. he could bear scars and scrapinal from past missions, and while we may not figure out his identity, his mates probably
5:48 pm
know he's the one with the bragging rights. >> the u.s. navy is making sure the name of another s.e.a.l., one killed in the line of duty, will live on. susan candiotti has more from maine. >> reporter: that's the ship being christened in honor of fallen navy s.e.a.l. michael murphy of long island. it's a 9200 ton destroyer. murphy was killed in afghanistan in 2005 and won the medal of honor for his heroic actions. he led a team of navy s.e.a.l.s going after a taliban leader. but they were ambushed. murphy tried to call for help using his cell phone. in fact, his final words were, thank you. but the help came too late. his parents and a rare admiral with special ops with the navy are here on this day, coming during a special week for navy s.e.a.l.s. >> when operation red wings went bad, it was the greatest loss of special forces since vietnam, and it was a tough day for all
5:49 pm
of us. this week, you know, you had your highs and lows. >> i look at these young sailors going on the ship, and what comes to mind to me is that they're going to be asked, what ship do you serve, and they're going to say, i serve on the murph, and the idea they'll say the murph, it will be the best ship. they know who the mufr is. they know michael's story and michael's team's story. on that level, i look at it personally, mike, you did good. >> the ship is called "michael murphy." it will be on dry dock until early next year. its motto, "lead the fight," which appears fit coming on the heels of the death of osama bin laden. susan candiotti. the u.s. government believes it knows the major players behind the attacks in 9/11, and now that osama bin laden is out of the picture, all except one except one are either dead or in custody after the break, we're
5:50 pm
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be. >> with osama bin laden now dead, it is worth remembering the other major players in the 9/11 attacks. and where they all are right now. at the top is khalid sheikh mohammed. he's widely regarded as the
5:53 pm
mastermind of the 9/11 attacks. he was captured in pakistaning in 2003. is now in custody at guantanamo bay. >> well, next comes walid bin attash. he was the mastermind of the attack on the "uss cole" in 2000 believed to recruit the 19 hijackers who took control of the airliners and died in the 9/11 suicide attacks. he, too, is in custody at guantanamo bay. well, it's now believed widely that this man, mohamed al khatani was supposed to be the 20th hijacker but refused entry into the united states. he was among the first captured when the u.s. invaded afghanistan in 2001. he is in custody at guantanamo bay. ramzi binalshibh acted as a go between for the hijackers. he too is in custody in guantanamo bay. >> ali ab-buhl aziz ali bought
5:54 pm
flight simulation materials to the hijackers. he's in custody at guantanamo bay. mustafa ahmed al haw sa which is in guantanamo bail, as well. there is only one major player in the 9/11 conspiracy not in custody and his whereabouts are unknown. ayman al zawahiri is known as osama bin laden's top lieutenant. often seen next to bin laden in his videos, he's presumed to be still alive and perhaps best positioned to take over leadership of what's left of al qaeda, his whereabouts unknown. well, today the world can't forget is especially poignant for a group of american teenagers. we'll hear how they remember president bush in their classroom on that morning of 9/11. ant a warm, super-delics strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart!
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5:57 pm
>> our breaking news today, the clips there of five videos retrieved from the compound where osama bin laden was killed in the early hours of monday morning in pakistan. those tapes released by u.s. intelligence earlier in the day. we'll have much more on that, but of course, osama bin laden came to wide public knowledge when 9/11 happened and when then president george w. bush got word of those 9/11 attacks, he was, of course, at a florida elementary school reading students. well, those children are now in their teens. martin savidge talked to three of them about that day almost ten years ago. and their reactions to bin laden's death.
5:58 pm
>> the event was famously interrupted. as now high school junior lenard rivers remembers. >> someone came in and all of a sudden he told us he had to leave. >> mariah williams on the high school track team was also there. >> it was a bunch of confusion and people scared and stuff. >> it was the moment the president was told the news of 9/11. ever since these students have had a unique connection to the life and death of osama bin laden. for chantal guerrero that front seat to history had a profound effect. >> oh, kay can you see by the. >> it helped me realize in a little bit more serious and learn how to deal with certain things more firsthand at a younger age. >> her mother noticed the change almost immediately. a daughter growing up faster than most. >> she's an cheever and i really think it has to do because of the impact that had on those kids that were there. i think they just see the world
5:59 pm
differently. >> today, chantal is an honor student at sarasota military academy and a rel visitor to ground zero. for all three students, the news of sunday night came as another complete surprise. >> i was just really shocked because i didn't expect them to catch him at all because it's already been ten years. so who would think that they would catch him after ten years. >> rivers says both events have taught him something about life. >> i know anything it can happen at any moment, and how things can change real quick. >> he says the end of bin laden does nothing to change her connection to that terrible day. >> it's still really meaningful because i was there that day and i did see, recent i was kind of there for part of history. so obviously, i'm always going to remember it. >> the students say that the death of bin laden doesn't really end the story, more like closes a chapter. instead they say the story will continue to be written through the rest of their lives. in sarasota, i'm


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