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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 11, 2012 9:00am-10:59am EST

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>r i p i am this morning. letlet's did i have >r i p i am this morning. letlet's did i hav into politi. mitp mitt romney's big win hampshire. he crews toss a big first place finish. there's no rest for him or the rest of the pack. now focussing their sites on sk. let's start with where the votes landed. romney came out on top with double digit leads over ron paul and huntsman. newt gingrich edged out santorum for fourth by just a few hundred votes. rick perry brings up the rear with just 1%. romney is keeping his eye on what's around the corner on the campaign trail. >> thank you, new hampshire. tonight we made history! >> tonight we celebrate. tomorrow we go back to work. >> dana bash is in manchester. christine romans is in the
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election center digging into who voted and why. peter ham by is in south carolina, the next stop in this grueling presidential primary. let's begin with dana there. romney's two for two. he won iowa, he won new hampshire. this victory wasn't a surprise, not to most. he was expected to win. it's the size of his win that's really grabbing attention, however. is it enough to get the party to finally rally behind him? >> reporter: well, fred, that's probably not going to happen immediately because as you mentioned, all of these other candidates are still in the race. effectively, look, this was no question a huge win for mitt romney. you said certainly he was expected to win here because he was governor of a neighboring state, but the size of his win in terms of the overall number, but also the kind of voter that he got, namely the conservative voters in this state. there was always a question of whether or not he could actually get those real conservatives. according to the exit polls, he did that. he also defied history because if you look back, there has been
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no one who has not actually been sitting in the white house who has won iowa and new hampshire. history shows you that he is in very, very good shape. he is already looking towards his general -- a potential general election fight talking over and over about president obama. listen. >> you've got almost 2 million people that have lost their jobs under this president. you have median income that's dropped by 10% over the last four years. you have 24 million people out of work or stopped looking for work. this is a failed presidency. >> reporter: so, again, focusing on president obama which he had done before. now, look, this particular time in new hampshire he's not leaving without some scars. he had some verbal missteps. he talked about some things that could potentially hurt him in the future, but by and large he is in a very, very good position coming out of the state of new hampshire, fred. >> also in a fairly decent position, ron paul. he did well here in north
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carolina. he did well in iowa. how does this position him to be the real threat for mitt romney? it was ron paul who said he is nipping at mitt romney's heels. >> reporter: that's right. ron paul, his campaign, he has said is more of a movement. there is no question that he is in this for the long haul. what does that mean? how long is the long haul? who knows. it really depends largely on how much money he can raise. he is definitely feeling very good after his pretty strong second last night. i had the chance to speak with him exclusively just last night, fred, as we were getting the results knowing that he did come in second. i asked him about that. take a listen. >> reporter: are you the buffer between mitt romney and the rest of the candidates? >> i don't know what you want to call it but i know we're next in line to him so i would say that we're the only ones really in the race with him t. remains to be seen what turns out.
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>> reporter: now, fred, ron paul does not have the kind of organization and fer very in south carolina that he did here in new hampshire and certainly before this in iowa. he is going to compete there. he's heading there right now. he'll have a rally at noon in south carolina. he is going to put some money in in television ads, mailing, the kind of thing that they did here. they're hoping that they get a bounce from their strong showing here that continues on in south carolina and beyond. >> dana, jon huntsman put all of his eggs in one basket in new hampshire hoping that spending all of that time there would mean he finished stronger. where does he go now and will he have the financial backing to keep going? >> reporter: that's the question. financial backing is the question. money is what you need to survive. it is the oxygen of politics. he is going to keep going he says. he's going to continue into south carolina. we talked to his campaign. they say he does have some key supporters down there who could potentially help him keep going.
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you have peter hamby on after me. he'll talk about the organization. this was it. his eggs were all in one basket. third was better than last which is what he was pulling for quite some time. it's hard to see his campaign going much further than south carolina but you know what, not going to make any predictions in this race because it has been such a role ler coaster ride. >> anything can still happen. thanks so much. dana bash there in manchester. let's turn to christine romans here in the election center. christine, you've been dilging through the exit poll data. what are the numbers telling us? what is this about romney's edge? >> let's talk a little bit about what it is that new hampshire voters were looking for in their candidate. for the top candidate quality, 35% said, fredricka, that they wanted someone who could beat president obama. 26% said they wanted experience. 22% character. 13% a true conservative. you can see who won those categories. it was mitt romney with the ability to beat the president and his experience, character
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and true conservatism, that went to ron paul. we also asked people as they were leaving the polling places what the most important issues were to them. no surprise the top issue was the economy. that category mitt romney came out with 45% of those who said that the economy ras the top issue. it was mitt romney who took that category followed by ron paul and then jon huntsman. when you look at the deficit, it's mitt romney with 34%, ron paul with 33% and newt gingrich with 12%. i want to come up here and take a look at where things looked different. on abortion, this particular issue, this is where rick santorum who did well in iowa, he rated well. 44% who said if abortion was their top issue for their candidate, that was how that fell out. then paul and romney there. then finally on health care, it was kind of interesting, fredricka, because we've heard a lot on the campaign trail from people who say, look, we want to repeal so-called obama care. the president's health care victory at the white house calls it. they want to repeal that. in iowa and here was only a few
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percentage points their top issue. it's not really rating so far among the people in iowa and new hampshire as one of their top issues overall health care. >> christine, thanks so much for that breakdown. next stop, south carolina. all six gop candidates are holding events in the state there today starting with newt gingrich. he's holding a town hall in rock hill this hour. you're seeing the live pictures now. we're going to listen in to some of that as soon as it gets underway. for some, it could be a make or break state. here's what rick perry told cnn's piers morgan. >> south carolina is a winner take allstate, and so winning here i can promise you wipes out the caucus victory and new hampshire. so if mitt's thinking he's got it in the bag, i think he's going to be in for a great surprise in south carolina when he shows up here. >> political reporter peter hamby is in columbia, south carolina. peter, south carolina votes
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saturday, the 21st. is it a last chance for the rest of the republican field to stop mitt romney? >> reporter: you know, there's been a lot of talk about whether this is a delegate race or momentum race. it really is though one of the last chances to stop mitt romney, frankly. this is the last state where it's kind of affordable to run a campaign and a lot of these candidates don't have the kind of money and resources that romney has, both to run tv ads and have political organizations in statsds like florida and beyond, arizona super tuesday. frankly, this is a state that is more amenable to the messages of somebody like newt gingrich or rick santorum. the problem for those guys as we have been saying all morning, it's a divided field. mitt romney doesn't need evangelicals to win. he doesn't need tea party activists to win. he can win with the fiscal-minded voters. he can win on electability message. he can win along the coast where there aren't tons of social conservatives. he is the man to beat here. his numbers might slip a little
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bit under a flurry of attacks from his rivalries over the next 11 days. certainly it could be the last chance for people like rick perry, rick santorum or newt gingrich, fredricka. >> we just heard from rick perry who spoke with piers morgan who says it's not in the bag just yet for mitt romney. so what does the perry camp plan on doing, plan on saying in which to appeal to south carolinian voters? >> i've been with governor perry for the last week or so. not a week, a few days. he took a break in austin. i've been out here for a week. rick perry's really hammering home this attack on mitt romney and his time at bain capital calling him a corporate predator, a vulture is what he called bain capital basically saying that bain capital bought out and took over two companies here in south carolina and fired your friends and your neighbors here in south carolina. he's really trying to localize that message.
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he's going to try to kind of hammer this populus theme, kind of paint mitt romney as an elite, out of touch voter, i think -- excuse me, candidate. you're going to hear a lot of that. you might hear a lot of romney care attacks from rick perry. this is rick perry's last stand. he has to win here, frankly, read reek ka, to advance in this nomination fight. >> all right. peter hamby, thanks so much in columbia, south carolina. thursday, january 19th the gop presidential candidates debate. it's next thursday, january 19th, 8:00 eastern time. now to a story making headlines around the world. an iranian nuclear scientist has reportedly been killed in a bomb blast in tehran. it's the latest in a series of deadly attacks against nuclear scientistness that country. cnn's zain verjee joins us from london. zain, what are the details of this attack and who is believed
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to be responsible? >> reporter: good morning, fredricka. iran is pointing the finger squarely at israel for this bomb attack and the death of this nuclear scientist. iran is saying this is the work of the zionists. the details that we've learned is that this was some kind of a motor bike attack, fred. essentially someone on a motor bike just drove by a car and then put a magnetic bomb underneath it of this nuclear scientist and it exploded killing him and wounding at least two other people. this man was a really important man in iran. he was a supervisor. he was of the natans uranium enrichment facility. that's an important site for the u.s. to keep its eyes on. it's suppose today have 8,000 centrifuges in operation. the u.s. believes iran is using this program to build a nuclear weapon. this isn't the first time a nuclear scientist has been killed, fred. a couple in the last two years
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have died the same way. >> zain, still talking about iran and other interests here. another american rescue of iranian mayor rin ners. the second one in the week. what other details do we know about this? >> reporter: i know. this is diplomacy on the high seas. there's more goodwill than tensions. that's right. early on tuesday the u.s. coast guard rescued six iranian marine ners that were in trouble on the north side of the persian gulf. basically what happened was that this iranian vessel, it was kind of like a dow actually, it started flooding. these guys were in real danger. the u.s. came and helped them out. in fact, the owner of the vessel says without your help, we were dead. thank you. the government also from the iranian foreign ministry have this to say. the minister spokesperson said, rescuing iranian sailors by the
9:13 am
u.s. was a humanitarian act and we well come such acts. the iranian navy operates in such operations. it is the responsibility of all nations to rescue nation nals from other countries from pirates. >> a backhanded compliment on that one, huh? >> reporter: yeah, sort of. little slap as well saying you're obliged to under international law. >> all right. zain verjee, thanks so much. mitt romney makes history with back-to-back wins in iowa and new hampshire. now the question is can anyone or anything stop the gop front-runner. we'll talk about that and other topics from the trail with radio talk show host paul wescott. that's next. things get very testy at indiana statehouse. why voters' anger boils over. >> it's dictatorship. >> american lives have been lost. tired eye relief
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all right. checking stories cross-country now. orange county father is convicted of throwing his son off a tour boat in august. sloan briles was sentenced to three years of probation and two treatment programs. he originally claimed he and his son were just having fun but later pleaded guilty to child abuse and endangerment. bakersfield police said a driver's steering wheel kept him from feting impaired. a metal pipe shot through his
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windshield. the steering wheel deflected it and he was treated for minor injuries. >> the veeters of indiana will remember. it's dick taltorship. indiana house committee's vote on proposed right to work legislation meets with loud objections mr. protesters there. right to work means employees cannot be required to pay for union representation costs. the committee approved the republican-backed bill without any changes and sent it onto the full house of representatives. mitt romney is celebrating a convincing win in the new hampshire primary and the other candidates are putting their own spins on the results. we want to go beyond the spins to find the real take-away from new hampshire. here to do that is paul wescott who hosts the morning show at wgir in manchester. paul, what are your listeners saying today? >> well, you know, honestly, i would say the big story is about process. we all knew mitt romney was going to do extraordinarily well in new hampshire.
9:18 am
the fact that he got close to 40%, that was the number of people were saying would be an extraordinary win, he came close enough. that was understood. what they're talking about today is the fact that, you know what, the new hampshire primary kind of turned into a nationalized type of spectacle. you had so many debates. you had so many other national platforms thor these candidates to work on that they somewhat ignored that retail style of politics we're used to. >> are you saying people didn't like that? that kind of stood in the way of them having person-to-person contact with the candidates? they were missing that? >> oh, yeah. in the state of new hampshire it is all about going to the house parties. it's all about going to town hall meetings, getting to meet these candidates. i know i spoke to one of the older new hampshire voters here in the granite state. she said to me, listen, i usually get to meet them five or six times. it was only once or twice this time around. there is certainly a higher standard for meeting the candidates that didn't happen. >> so then given that, the explanation behind romney's big
9:19 am
win because people there felt like they were more familiar with him because he's from neighboring massachusetts? >> yeah. absolutely. it's that and the fact that he's run before. we saw that with george h.w. bush who had won before and lost. john mccain run before and lost. they like that with republicans. they like to see somebody who's run before, lost. mitt romney is that guy. >> didn't they have the opportunity to get to know jon huntsman? he spent so much time if not most of his time there in new hampshire doing just that, going door to door, being in the coffee shops so people could understand who he was. what happened? >> this is the beautiful part of it. this is a testament to the retail politics side of it working. the fact that jon huntsman did go door to do, 160 events. he was able to pull off 17% of the vote. whereas, you look at him nationally he's nowhere near that number. it shows that. he used advertising, but it was within the state. it was retail within the state.
9:20 am
it shows that that actually worked. >> okay. so the style of campaigning very different in new hampshire. the primary very different. the issues very different in new hampshire versus that of south carolina. so how do you see these races sizing up? how would you compare what is likely to happen in south carolina with that primary and what just happened in new hampshire? >> you know, i had an interesting caller who had moved from south carolina to new hampshire saying that there are so many northeastern transplants in south carolina at this point. people from ohio, the west coast. you'll see a bit of a different electorate especially this time around as the baby boomers from new england are retiring. it's not going to be driven by those christian conservative voters. when you look at that, you might say mitt romney if he wins, i wouldn't be as shocked this time. i totally agree with that analysis. >> paul wescott with wgir. thanks so much for being up with us this morning. >> you got it. any time, fredricka. >> stay with cnn for the best political coverage on
9:21 am
television. tonight 6:00 eastern time john king has a one-on-one interview with rick perry. tonight at 9:00 eastern newt gingrich sits with piers morgan. on wall street orange juice surges after it's testing imported oranges for traces of illegal pesticides. will it affect the price of your morning juice? we're going to find out. my name is ron orsini, i'm forty eight years-old, i love to swim, and i love to walk outside. osteo bi-flex has really helped my knees. osteo bi-flex has been incredible for me, and i swear by it. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex, the glucosamine chondroitin suppment with 5-loxin advanced. shows improvement in joint comfort within 7 days. osteo bi-flex, my knees thank you. [ male announcer ] osteo bi-flex. the #1 doctor and pharmacist recommended brand.
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members of britain's royal family get loaded down with gifts every time they make an official visit overseas. some of the items that they get are, shall we say, unique. cnn's zain verjee joins us now live from london with the official gift list which has just been released, zain.
9:24 am
>> hi, fred. you should be able to answer this question. what do you get someone who has everything, right? >> big old question mark. >> you have that problem. it's a good problem to have, right? this gift list, the royal one has come out. these are gifts given by government officials and other state representatives around the world to the royal family. so prince william has been given gifts when he was in australia and new zealand of things like baseball caps. a little bit of aboriginal art work as well as some carved and inscribed buildings of christchurch where they had the terrible earthquake. black hoodies. mosquito traps. kate has been given fascinators, those cool hats. they've been getting whisky, wine, lots of champagne. on the u.s. trip the gifts they got were kind of low key. i was a little disappointed. drinks coasters. a bread board. a copy of the chicago daily sun and times newspaper. anyway, that's what they got. charles and camilla got the best
9:25 am
stuff. camel saddle from morocco. weapons and dagers from kuwait. a set of zulu spears from south africa. the main thing is none of these royal gifts can actuallien sold. they can decide to give them good causes like hospitals or hospices. they can wear them but they can't have them forever. a lot of the stuff goes into storage where it's kept in trust for the nation. so you'll be happy to know that the u.s. bread board is being held in trust of this nation. >> that is good to know. i'm sure just touring that storage house with all of these tresh showers would be a fascinating story in and of itself. zain verjee. thanks so much. from london. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange where she has been watching orange juice prices surge because of possible safety concerns. alison, what's going on? >> i would say don't be too
9:26 am
worried about the safety concerns, fredricka. most orange juice that's on store shelves and in your refrigerator is okay because it comes from florida. the fda is going ahead and testing oranges that are imported from brazil anyway. they're looking for fungicide. that's the stuff that's sprayed on citrus trees to control mold. keep in mind that stuff is not used here, but other countries do use t. here's where the problem comes frmpt unidentified juice company found low levels of fungicide in its juices and its competitors' juices. the fda said it will look at the imports. what it does say is that the levels of fungicide that have been found are not a safety risk. at this point it's not pulling orange juice from store shelves but once again it is testing imported oranges to see if there is anything there, if there's a health risk. as far as the money goes with orange juice, orange zwrus futures are traded as a commodity just like oil or gold. yesterday the price hit a 34-year high. prices of orange juice futures are rising again today f. those prices, fredricka, stay high we
9:27 am
could see the price of o.j. at the supermarket go higher too. >> of course. >> just in case you're wondering, rentals of trading places, they skyrocketed on this news. they wanted to see randolph and mortimer duke. >> you remember that? >> of course. >> classic. >> i remember seeing it. all right. let's talk about the other numbers on wall street now. how are they looking? >> okay. we're about three minutes from the opening bell. yesterday the dow close the at its highest level since july. this morning we are expecting a slightly lower open. that's after economic growth in germany went in reverse in the final quarter of last year. germany was being hit, of course, by the effects of the european debt crisis. later today we'll get a reading from the federal reserve on how the u.s. economy is doing. >> thanks so much. let's talk politics one more time. ron paul says his campaign is nibbling at mitt romney's heels.
9:28 am
coming up we'll talk about his strong second place finish last night in new hampshire. we'll also talk about what happens if paul doesn't get the nomination. could he be a third-party candidate? detectives in los angeles are speaking about the investigation into the death of natalie wood. that is straight ahead. you know when i grow up,
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politics. so he may have finished fourth in the new hampshire primary yesterday, but newt gingrich now stopping in rock hill, south carolina says this is a defining moment. that's two saturdays now, the south carolina primary. let's listen to what he's saying. >> this is bubba. to me, i really have been trying for the last month and a half to figure out how to communicate clearly what is at stake. i believe this is the most important election in our lifetime. i don't think it's just important because we need to somehow beat barack obama although it's very, very important.
9:32 am
beating him isn't enough. you have a bipartisan establishment that has been running this country, that has made it a gigantic mess. you have bureaucracies out of control. judges who think they can be dictators. you have systems around this country. you have laws that don't work. so we've got to change not just obama, we have to change the entire direction of the united states of america to get it back on track and that is our obligation to these young people. since my dad was stationed in the army in france in 1958, i spent 53 years, i'm going to share that with you. you can go back to your parents now. thank you for coming up. thank you again.
9:33 am
doesn't that put a face on it? this is about the country of children and grandchildren. as you know, we have two grandchildren, they're my primary debate coaches. that's why we're running. we're running because i'm really worried about the america they're going to inherit. i'm worried that the disastrous policies that we now have in our establishment are so profoundly wrong. i'll tell you one of the places that really helped me personalize this in the last week. we had a debate the other night and folks were going on and on and on in the media about gay rights. this and that. it was at least a 15-minute excursion on contraception which was really, truly bizarre.
9:34 am
i don't know about you all, but in terms of the presidency of the united states and the crises we're faced with, that happens to rank number 682 on the list. newt gingrich there in rock hill, south carolina. he believes that south carolina's going to be a pivotal state, especially as it pertains to him in the race. even though he finished fourth in new hampshire primaries, political director mark preston with me now. let's talk about newt gingrich. he's spelling out right there that he thinks that the current policies are disastrous. he believes it's time that -- it's time to change it and he's the man in which to change it. how does he enter south carolina? is he at a great disadvantage because he finished so poorly in both iowa and new hampshire? >> yeah. he enters south carolina wounded. he calls himself a son of the south. he is from georgia. he lives up in virginia and has for very many years. newt gingrich needs to come into
9:35 am
south carolina and he needs the help from this outside interest group, the super pac that is planning to spend several million to try to damage mitt romney as much as possible. but he's going to be very careful because for our viewers who recall, newt gingrich has talked about being above the fray and not firing all of the anger internally at his rivalries, but at barack obama. however, he's allowing the super pac to do so. >> however, that was short lived, wasn't it, because he has been revealing a mean streak as it pertains to his fellow candidates. in fact, if we have that clip where there's a south carolina ad that was just rolled out. by the way, you talk about those super pacs. he also just got an injection of about $5 million from a las vegas casino owner. he has the money in which to roll out whatever kind of ads that he wants to. apparently these ads when we get it cued up apparently kind of shows that kind of mean streak, the gloves are off. here we have it.
9:36 am
let's take a look. >> what happened after massachusetts moderate mitt romney changed his position from pro-abortion to pro-life? he governed pro-abortion. romney appointed a pro-abortion judge. expanded access to abortion pills. put planned parenthood on a state medical board but failed to put a pro-life group on the same board. romney signed government mandated health care with taxpayer funded abortions. massachusetts moderate mitt romney, he can't be trusted. >> i'm newt gingrich and i -- >> his target clearly the front-runner. >> yeah. you might as well have been called the massachusetts liberal, ted kennedy liberal in that ad. newt gingrich sees that this is his last chance. mitt romney is on such a roll now. coming very strong out of new hampshire heading down to south carolina. if newt gingrich or rick perry or rick santorum have any chance of trying to win this nomination, they have to stop him in south carolina. >> let's talk about ron paul. he did well in new hampshire.
9:37 am
he did fairly well in iowa as well. he's saying that he's nipping at the heels of mitt romney. might he be appealing though in south carolina? very different electorate. >> different electorate. quite frankly, is he appealing beyond the scope of support that he already has? the fact of the matter is he's always going to get 10 or 12%. not that he wants them to. the main street republicans aren't behind him because some of his views on foreign policy people cannot seem to embrace. it was interesting after he came in second place, very respectable second place, his campaign came out and said that ron paul is the conservative alternative to mitt romney and asked all the other campaigns to back him. >> could he potentially be a third-party candidate? if he doesn't get the nomination, might he say, i'm still in? >> well, he hasn't ruled it out. he has run as a libertarian presidential no, ma'am me several years ago. the problem if he does do that, look, it could come down to his son. his son rand paul is a tea party
9:38 am
favorite. he's a kentucky senator. his top story on the campaign trail. if ron paul decides to run a third-party bid, and he backs him, does that help his son down the road? >> do or die for rick perry in south carolina. >> no question. yes. >> thanks so much. appreciate that. we'll talk more about the battle ahead in south carolina. things really could get ugly there. newt gingrich has already pulled the gloves off as you saw in that one ad. we'll show you what might else be up his sleeve. >> with the uk can he lally you don't feel like you need hours and hours of practice. you can pick it up for the first time. take your finger and do this. you know? just have fun with it. it just feels good. everything feels right.
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one of hollywood's biggest mysteries tops our entertainment headlines. it's the tragic drowning of
9:42 am
movie star natalie wood. showbiz tonight host a.j. hammer joins us on the latest into the reinvestigation into wood's death. a.j.? >> fred, this is a story that people started buzzing about recently when authorities re-opened their investigation into natalie wood's death. two months ago after they were contacted by people who claimed that they had additional information about this case, but we've just spoken with the l.a. sheriff's department as new reports started to swirl around. they're telling cnn they have not discovered any new information that changes this case in any way. los angeles sheriff's department tells cnn the investigation does remain open. they are still following up on leads. maybe, maybe they're going to still discover some kind of a smoking gun, but at this point woods' death is still officially an accident. wood, of course, drowned all the way back in 1981. it was during a boating trip with her husband robert wagner and christopher wattkin. the captain is saying he misled investigators back then.
9:43 am
he says he believes wood died as a result of a fight that she had with wagner. the mystery, fred, has endured for over 30 years now. even if this case is closed, i am certain a lot of folks will believe there's something suspicious that happened that night. people love a good conspiracy theory, don't they? >> yeah, they do. there's another star people are fascinated with, a.j. lindsey lohan reportedly facing more legal problems. what now? >> yeah. this time involving money. she's being targeted by the irs. they're saying she did not pay her 2009 federal income taxes. they've obtained a lien on lohan for more than $93,000. there are reports she's being sued by a pat pa rats si person. he was injured when a car she was riding in crashed into his vehicle. he's suing lohan because the car was being driven by an assistant under her direction. once again, it is pile on lindsey time. >> thanks so much.
9:44 am
we'll see you again. beyonce talk baby talk. the new baby has arrived home with some pretty unbelievable gifts. a.j. will give us a sneak peek and give us the scoop on that. other showbiz headlines in the next hour in the "cnn newsroom." back to politics, newt gingrich finished fourth last night in new hampshire but he's looking for bigger finish in south carolina. he's speaking there right now. hitting the air waives hard right now tearing into mitt romney, the front-runner. we'll talk about how ugly things are getting there. again live pictures from rock hill, south carolina, and newt gingrich. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and guess how identity thieves are getting some of that money. by taking over our bank accounts. they may not even need your social security number anymore. all an identity thief may need are a couple of simple pieces of information, like your mother's maiden name or the city you were
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9:47 am
all right. let's look aheadto the next primary contest. south carolina, specifically political ads and super pacs. christine roman is following the money trail. let's look back at ad spending, particularly in new hampshire. >> there's a big money trail. when you look at the new hampshire results, romney building on his performance from 2008 overall. really building on that performance. ron paul coming in there too. when you add in the ad spending, tv ad count, you can see that it is paul and romney overall here who are spending the money. they were spending the money and those were the two who did the best there. i want to broaden it out and take a look at south carolina. this is, of course, where we're going now.
9:48 am
this is a different kind of story. this is newt gingrich and mitt romney buying the most ad time. gingrich focusing on the west. you add in super pacs, it's a different story. look at that, fredricka. this is what it looks like with super pacs. this is perry supporters to be very precise buying an awful lot of time there. i want to broaden it out, go one step further. i know you were talking about south carolina here then. this is what florida looks like with super pacs. this is all romney and romney supporters. the only candidate in a position to be moving two states ahead both in ad buys and the ground game. you can see this is really an awful lot of saturation overall for mitt romney. i'll tell you something from this morning brand new, paul steinhauser that the restore our future super pac just bought $3.4 million in a big ad there. that's to start wednesday to promote mitt romney and his a again darks fredricka. >> the super pacs, no limits.
9:49 am
hence the word super. >> super-duper. watching how it will be very interesting to watch how it folds out. if i step back. super pacs on behalf of perry spent a lot of money but it didn't do any good, did it? let's zoom in on south carolina. could it be the make or break place, particularly for newt gingrich's presidential bid? he is campaigning there right now, giving a speech. his staff calls it a defining moment. at least the south carolina they're calling as the defining moment. he's hoping to win over evangelical voters. a new ad is on television in south carolina already slamming mitt romney over abortion in particular. david is the chief political correspondent to the christian network. gingrich got the 5 million new dollars from a los angeles casino owner. will that kind of super pac money help him be the leader in
9:50 am
this fight as it pertains to that state in particular? >> reporter: yeah. he's got a lot of money down in south carolina. we're seeing it with the it wit abortion ad. we're about to see this capital extravaganza as part of a super pac, which is separate from gingrich, but it's going to help his cause. gingrich is the guy in south carolina that clearly the romney campaign is concerned about. now just because he's got the leadership experience that we talked about earlier, but also because he's running the negative ads. santorum will do the negative stuff against romney as well. it won't be as much as gingrich. why? santorum needs to come across in more of a positive way. he has a different audience than he's trying to attract. he wants to make the case that he can be president of the united states. newt gingrich will go nuclear in south carolina. >> romney skated through new hampshire. it's a different beast there in
9:51 am
south carolina. we saw that gingrich ad a bit earlier. gloves are off. how grisly, how ugly do you think things will potentially get between all of the contenders? >> i think it's going to be very ugly. i think part of the concern for gingrich and santorum and perry. one big issue is that they're all trying to make the case as to why they're more electable than mitt romney. it isn't going over well. the issue for the candidates is they're going to have to say wi mitt romney is not electable. that may be more adventitious to their case. jon huntsman starting doing that in new hampshire. he said, look, romney is gaffe prone. you herd the line that i like to fire people. you know it was taken out of context. you don't go along saying i like to fire people. he was making a point that there are gaffes romney commits along
9:52 am
the way. that may be more effective. >> the other contenders have show or spell out why romney is not electable. the pressure is on romney to not have one single misstep to make it easier for them either. >> yeah. he's going to have to clearly watch his missteps. mitt's missteps. i like that. it's a tongue twister. mitt romney, everybody talking about how he has a 25% problem. sure he does. so what? rick santorum, newt gingrich. ri rick perry, they're all playing for the same team. mitt romney is the star scoring 60 points. he's like the kobe bryant on the all-star team. the numbers are good for mitt romney. if the pie changes when the other candidates get out and it becomes a two-man race, then we
9:53 am
have a different ball game on our hands. >> thanks so much. always good to see you. appreciate that. still talking about newt gingrich and whether he blew a big opportunity in new hampshire. he got a boost with the union leader's endorsement. our guest next hour says gingrich didn't follow it up with voters. we'll speak with the newspaper's editorial page editor. wher tastegood? like these sweet honey clusters... actually there's a half a day's worth of fiber in every ... why stop at cereal? bring on the pork chops and the hot fudge. fantastic. are you done sweetie? yea [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one. hey, i love your cereal there-- it's got that sweet honey taste. but no way it's 80 calories, right? no way. lady, i just drive the truck. right, there's no way right, right? have a nice day. [ male announcer ] 80 delicious calories. fiber one.
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welcome back. it's time to fast forward to events happening later today. at noon eastern several human rights groups will protest at gitmo's anniversary. at 2:30 p.m. eastern time, alleged mob boss appears in court to face charges relating to 19 murders. and first lady michelle obama makes a major announcement on veterans' medical care. let's check in with dana bash in new hampshire. dana? >> reporter: mitt romney didn't just win here, he won big. but that does not mean this republican race for the republican nomination is over. far from it. we'll have more on that at the top of the hour. >> and i'm christine romans in the "election center." i'm looking at the exit polling.
9:57 am
i'll be able to tell you what people were voting for, what they want to see in their candidate. what the most important issues were for them with surprising results. i'll have that for you at the top of the hour. >> i'm peter in columbia, south carolina, where conservative presidential candidates are scrambling to stop mitt romney before he wraps up the republican nomination. thanks so much, everybody. haley barbour handed out hundreds of pardons. who he pardoned is making some people pretty angry.
9:58 am
9:59 am
life with crohn's disease is a daily game of "what ifs". what if my stomach pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if this takes too long? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your crohn's symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need visit and use the interactive discussion guide to speak with your gastroenterologist. checking stories across country now. clean-up is under way. a tornado peeled off roofs and knocked down fences yesterday but no one was seriously hurt. in new york the occupy wall street protesters returned to the zuccotti park.
10:00 am
about 300 protesters streamed in as they caved in this to remove barricades. >> the mayor publicly struck tim tebow after the nfl quarterback led his broncos to victory over the beloved hometown steelers. we start this hour with politics. he cruises to a first place finish with 40% of the vote. the rest of the pack is focusing their sites on south carolina let's start with where the votes landed in new hampshire. romney is keeping his eyes squarely on the white house. >> we know the future of the
10:01 am
country is better than 8% or 9% unemployment. it's better than the misguided policies and broken promises of the last three years and the failed leadership of one man. the president has run out of ideas. now he's running out of excuses. >> christine romans is in the "election center" digging into who voted and why. this victory wasn't a surprise. he was expected to win. the it's size of his win grabbing attention. is it enough to get the party to rally behind him? >> reporter: he's certainly trying to send the message in every way. not only by showing how well he did here, and he did very well, but also trying to scare his opponents with his money.
10:02 am
the romney campaign just released how much money they raised in the fourth quarter. they reported raising $24 million. they say they have $19 million in the bank right now to spend. cash on hand. he did well with fiscal conservatives, with social conservatives. with men, with pim. he's hoping they will look at the numbers and say maybe this is not something for us in the long haul. listen to what romney himself said this morning about his win here last night. >> i have a long way to go before i get the nomination. if i'm lucky enough to get it. but i already think we're best off focusing on the failures of this president. and in my case i want to demonstrate that i have the capacity to make america a great place for opportunities, for rising income, for job growth.
10:03 am
>> that's a very familiar phrase from mitt romney. we'll hear it many time fls the days to come starting with south carolina today. >> we'll talk about ron paul coming in second. sometimes second is quite the victory. what's next for him? how does he carry the momentum into south carolina. >> it's going to be interesting to see. there's no question that his operation here in new hampshire and before this in iowa, they were the high water marks in terms of organization and the time that he spent. but look, a win to get winning. that's what the paul campaign is hoping going forward into south carolina. obviously he came in second here. but considering the fact that romney did so well. i asked him about the fact that four years ago he did campaign for president.
10:04 am
i asked what changed. >> what do you think has changed? >> the people's attitudes have changed. the message got out. the country is in worse ship. i've talked about financial problems in the country for 30 years. they realize some of this things i said came about. and also warning people about the foreign policy and the endless wars and how that affects our economy. so the people have come around to being concerned about the spending. i think they looked closely at the need to cut spending. so i think it's a very popular message. i think the interest will continue to grow. >> and dana, let's talk john huts man. he went into new hampshire thinking he would do well. he invested all his time in the state, and so now what for him since he had a disappointing finish? >> well, he's moving on, he says, to south carolina. he did not get out of the race and has no plans to in the
10:05 am
immediate future. he did have a disappointing finish considering how much time he spent there. he and his family moved into the state of new hampshire and put all their eggs in this basket. considering where he was in the polls just even a week ago. as he says, he was the margin of error candidate. the fact that he climbed back to third place is something that was encouraging to them. whether or not that can keep the money rolling in, can keep him really in comp tension into south carolina. and beyond, more pornly. that's a big open question, fred. >> dana bash, thanks so much from manchester, new hampshire. so let's turn to christine romans now here in the "election center." you've been digging through the exit poll data. boy, there's a lot, too. what are the numbers telling us about the edge? >> they're showing us why voters are choosing mitt romney. you can see 35% said they wanted to beat the president. it's about electability overall. character 22% and experience. when you see who won the
10:06 am
categories you can see it was mitt romney who new hampshire thought could beat barack obama and it was mitt romney who they thought had experience. when you look at the top issues of the voters, it's the economy. this is something we've seen across the country. and at least there in new hampshire romney has the credibility on the economy. 45%. more than double the number of people thought that romney had the top go at the economy compared with ron paul. when you look at the deficit closer, though. he wants to shut down a third of the american government. wants to lay off 140,000 federal workers. he really wants to cut the deficit. when you look at abortion, this is really interesting as well. this is where santorum measures for the first and only time in new hampshire. this is where the santorum surge we saw in iowa comes up on the abortion issue. and on health care. i hear over and over again from
10:07 am
the candidates that they want to repeal the president's signature health care law. they call it obama care. but overall so far in iowa and new hampshire, it's not rating among a top concern of voters. >> so this data may reshape the dialogue. >> south carolina has a 9.9% unemployment rate. so the economy's story and the social issues story will be different in south carolina than it is in new hampshire. that's what is interesting about the primary season, right? each state is different. and so the ground games starts to shift as well. or in florida. >> that's the beauty and the curse. so new hampshire is in the rooechl. now next stop is south carolina. all six gop kand gats are holding events there today.
10:08 am
here's what rick perry told cnn's piers morgan. >> south carolina is a winner take all state. so winning here wipes out the caucus victory and new hampshire. if mitt thinks he's got it in the bag, i think he'll be in for a great surprise in south carolina when he pulls up here. >> peter, south carolina votes next saturday, the first. they have a three time history of picking the gop nominee correctly. as rick perry says, he doesn't believe romney has it in the ba bag. >> romney doesn't have it in the bag. he has a strong lead. he could be the republican nominee. and he could win south carolina. it has a reputation of being the state that eventually comes around to the establishment.
10:09 am
mainstream republican and sends him to the nomination. it used to be that way. come down here and make a deal with strom thurman in the '60s, '70s and '80s. they got spooked by john mccain and rallied to george bush's side. in recent years, i don't think this has been very much an establishment state. nikki haley won the governor ship without the establishment and just a staff of interns, quite frankly, and a message. so you don't necessarily need the establishment. rick perry and jon huntsman have the establishment support in the state. look where that got them in the polls. if rick perry wins it will be because there's a divided republican field and the conservatives have dif vied up e vote. if mitt romney wins the state, it's hard to see him not being the nominee. he can totally blanket and saturate the air waves after this, fredricka. >> appreciate that.
10:10 am
thursday, january 19th, just days before the south carolina primary, the gop contenders debate on the issue. the debate is right here on cnn one week from tomorrow. thursday, january 19th at 8:00 eastern time. and now to a story making headlines around the world. an iranian nuclear scientist has been reportedly killed in a bomb blast in tehran. it's the latest in a series of attacks against nuclear scientists in the country. vein verjee is joining us again from london. what are the latest details about the attack? >> good morning, fred. this is the work of designers, it says. basically what we understand to have happened was there was someone on a motorbike, and he road by the car of this nuclear scientist and put some kind of magnetic bomb underneath it. the car exploded. the scientist was killed and at
10:11 am
least two other people were wounded. this scientist was a supervisor at the uranium enrichment facility in iran. this is an important facility the u.s. keeps its eyes on. the reason that that matters is that the u.s. suspects iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program, and this is a key facility that would expedite that process. this is not the first time a nuclear scientist has been killed in this way. at least two others in the last two years have also died. >> another rescue taking place involving the u.s. navy and actually sblt it the coast guard? >> yeah, the u.s. coast guard in the persian gulf. kind of the northern side of the persian gulf. they found about six iranian mariners having a major problem.
10:12 am
verbally their vessel started to take in water. it totally flooded. the captain said they would str died if the u.s. coast guard hadn't been involved. he said, if it weren't for your help, we were dead. thank you. the spokesperson for iran's foreign ministry put it this way. he said rescuing iranian sailors by the u.s. was a humanitarian act, and we welcome such acts. the iranian navy also engages in rescue operations. it's the responsible of all nations to rescue nationals from other countries from pirates. pirates on the seas are one of the biggest threats in the ocean. they pose a major threat to the world economic supply chain. >> zane verjee, thanks for that. this new hampshire primary was unlike any other in that state's history. many felt the candidates didn't connect with them. our next guest blames the new primary calendar.
10:13 am
we'll talk about that after the break. just before leaving office, haley barbour grants dozens of pardons. many people are very angry with him. we'll explain why. onon my journ, i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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10:15 am
have more fiber than other leading brands. they're the better way to enjoy your fiber. mitt romney won a victory in the new hampshire primary. but the next guest says the results could have been different. andrew klein is the editorial page editor of the union leader in manchester. andrew, in today's paper you wrote the other candidates almost gave the state to romney
10:16 am
in what way? >> well, romney had been campaigning here since '08. and the feeling was, i think, among a lot of candidates that they weren't going to win, so why campaign hard? and when you look at ait, ron paul campaigned a lot in new hampshire. rick santorum did in the summer, but then in the winter just stopped. >> that wasn't the case for jon huntsm huntsman. >> so that wasn't the case for john huntsman? he did spend a lot of time there. why didn't that pay off for him? >> right. it did. so, look, huntsman spent about six months. he got in a little late. he did a lot of retail. he did a lot of things well, sort of strategically. but he didn't catch on until the end, until everybody had gone through the other candidates. because he had a real problem really connecting with voters and being fired up.
10:17 am
a will the of them wrote off new hampshire. had we had a different slate of candidates who said i'm going to go after mitt romney in new hampshire, i think we would have seen a different result. i don't think we could have seen a 39-point win. as a chance for newt gingrich who got the endorsement from the leader, do you suppose he took that for granted. but i do think it definitely hurt his campaign to new orleans, after our endorsement, sort of act like we were a proxy for him in new hampshire. like we didn't have to campaign as hard because the union leader endorsed him. that's not the way it works.
10:18 am
the candidate still wants to come on the ground and do heavy lifting. we didn't see enough of that. >> andrew klein, thanks for joining us from manchester. >> my pleasure. >> stay with cnn nor the best political coverage at 6:00. he has a one on one interview with rick perry. an orange county father is convicted of throwing his son off a tour boat in ago. he was sentenced to two years probation and three treatment programs. he originally claimed he and his son were having fun, but later pleaded guilty to child abuse and endangerment. police say a driver's steering wheel kept him from getting impaled by that. a metal pipe shot through his windshield as he drove down a freeway. the steering wheel deflected it, and he was treated for minor injuries.
10:19 am
>> it means employees cannot be required to pay for union representation cost. the committee approved the republican-backed bill without any changes and sentd it onto the full house of representatives. and in one of his final acts haley barbour handed out 200 pardons. general motors revved up and could regain the htitle as the biggest automaker. we'll go in for the recovery on the american auto industry. [ male announcer ] the more you lose, the more you lose,
10:20 am
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10:21 am
10:22 am
>> in mississippi, outrage over pardons he pardoned 200 criminals before his successor was sworn in. among those pardons, 1400 convicted murders. some people say they're now fearing for their lives. >> there's no question, fr fredricka. 199 people pardoned. four murders. another 16 of sthem were convicted of manslaughter and homicide. the range of offenses runs the g gamet. there's drunk drivers, thieves, everything you can possibly imagine. and one of the cases that is garnering the most attention is the case of a man named david
10:23 am
gatlen. he was a prison trustee allowed to work around the governor's mansion. he shot and killed a woman holding her 6-week-old baby and also shot a man in the head. his name is randy walker. he survived the attack. he spoke with cnn about hi feelings of learning that the man who shot him has been set free. i'm married with a family again. i feel that safety for them is an issue. anybody that might be with me is in jeopardy. i feel like we are in jail now and david is out of jail. we will forever be looking over our shoulder wondering if today is the day david decided he was going to finish what he started. >> what is really the most stunning about all of this is governor haley barbour who left office yesterday, the new
10:24 am
mississippi governor was southern sworn in, has had no comment. he refused to answer questions yesterday at the inauguration ceremony. we tried all to no avail. not answering any questions on issuing the pardons. >> some of the survivors or family members say they don't like the way they found out about the pardoning. explain. taik randy walker. he found out 24 hours after he was released from prison through an automated message. the list is eight pages long, and there's not a lot of explanation or details to who they are, where they might be.
10:25 am
any information like that that would be valuable to crime victims and something they would want to know. none of that has been provided. a great deal of people wanting answers and explanations today. >> ed, thanks so much from dalla dallas. >> general matters could regain its title of world's biggest automaker. alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange with details on this. how significant is this? >> it is pretty significant, because when it comes down to it, the bragging rights do count. gm hasn't held the title of the world's biggest automaker in three years. remember, toyota has had the title. how is the title measured? by global sales. the official tally of the final 2011 sales numbers will be reported in a few weeks, and then this will become final.
10:26 am
and you look at how gm has come back. they've declared bankruptcy. they've cut debt and downsized. with the help of a government bailout and economic recovery, gm is quickly becoming the comeback kid. all american automakers are rebounding as well. ford expects to make strong profits in 2011. and chrysler sales are up almost 30%. >> so at the same time we're hearing gm is doing well, we're hearing of troubles for another popular brand. hostess is going bankrupt. >> say it ain't so. >> no twinkies? >> hostess says it will be business as usual they don't plan to have layoffs. there are several kinds of bankruptcies. hostess filed for bankruptcy. they did it today for the second time in the past decade. baa hostess deep in debt.
10:27 am
vending machines wouldn't be the same without them. >> or school lunches. i have fond memories. >> school lunches. there you go. >> all right. thanks so much, alison. all right, mitt romney puts new hampshire in the win column. i think that's enough to quiet his critics. think again. one democratic leader calls him a wounded candidate. our political buzz panel soundoff next. and it's an epic journey through ice. a tanker is desperately trying to deliver fuel to gnome, alaska, but conditions are so tough. an ice breaker isn't able to get through. when will that help arrive? [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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10:30 am
checking top stories, an iranian nuclear scientist now dead following an attack that iran blames on israel. the semiofficial news agency says a motorcyclist put a magnetic bomb under the scientist's car. the attack comes after they're under increasing pressure to halt the iranian enrichment activities. four suspected militants are dead in pakistan after they launched the first drone strikes in the country in more than a month. they suspected after they killed two dozen pakistani soldiers in november. this hour, president obama is hosting an american jobs forum, meeting with business leaders
10:31 am
trying to convince them to keep jobs in the u.s. instead of outsourcing them overseas. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. maria cordona. jason johnson. and chris metzler. good to see all of you. first question now. romney may have won almost 40% of the vote in the primary. but here's how democrats are spinning the results. >> to not crack 40% in a primary. you should have droves coming to vote for you. that's a problem. he came out of the primary as a wounded candidate. >> all right. wounded candidate. should the white house be afraid of plom's momentum with 39%? maria, you first? he lost independent voters in
10:32 am
both. he still has a long way to go to convince conservatives he's the guy. and a longer way to go to convince somebody that he's a millionaire. he belittled the tax cut for middle class families. >> actually, i love the democratic spin by the chair debbie wasserman schultz. he's come out as a better candidate. i get the democrats are trying to take his greatest strength and turn it into a weakness. that is not going to work. i think republicans have given him a gift by getting it out so quick. he is not, in fact, a wounded
10:33 am
candidate. if you listen to his speech last night, he's a much better candidate. and that's what the democrats should be afraid of. >> and jason. >> well, democrats should be afraid that romney got 39% and his approval is only 3 #%. so they're not doing great either. ploms was going to win in new hampshire. the real question is, can he carry social conservatives? can people change the perception that he's inauthentic. the reality is, mitt romney is not wounded nor is he strong. >> for clarity, was romney saying he would fire insurance companies, not firing everybody. so ron paul finished strong, coming in second place in new hampshire. and he says he's got sites set on mitt romney. listen. >> now.
10:34 am
i called governor romney a short while ago before he gave the talk and congratulations him. he certainly had a clear cut victory. but we're nibbling at his heels. >> so is ron paul the second republican contender heading into south carolina? chris, you first. >> no, he's not. what people have to understand about the ron paul movement is it is, in fact, a movement. so he is going to continue to do what he's always done, which is run for president chchlt ask get the ideas out. he does have a passionate base of supporters he is not the strongest candidate but he'll continue the movement of ron paul. >> and maria. >> but here's the problem with ron paul.
10:35 am
but the contrast with mitt romney, and this is why he's gotten such support is that ron paul is not somebody who wakes up every day and tries to figure out which way the political winds are blowing and changes his stances for political expedience, something mitt romney has done in the 20 years he's been trying to run for office. it's sml that voters are looking at. that's a problem for mitt romney. he comes in third in iowa. he comes in second in new hampshire. he's not winning anything. if you're not winning primaries, you're not a contender. mitt romney is going to get the nomination. at the end of the day ron paul said he doesn't see himself in the white house. it's hard to imagine him as a strong candidate when they have a much stronger relationship with the conservative south. and mitt romney himself will be
10:36 am
trying to lock this thing up quickly. >> now 20 seconds each. here's conan o'brien's take on last night's primary. >> i have the latest on the new hampshire primaries. a white guy is in first with two white guys trailing. at this point in the race are the candidates doing enough to set themselves apart from the gop rivals? maria? >> no, it doesn't seem they are. that's why you have the rivals really going after mitt romney on capitol and the fact that he hbt really been a great -- he doesn't have a great record on job creation. the fact of that matter is every single candidate in the gop is focused on the same exact failed republican economic policies that put us in this economic recession to begin with. and that is something president obama will focus on in the election. >> chris. >> well, what you're seeing in the republican party is the fight for who is the conservative, who is the alternative to mitt romney.
10:37 am
after south carolina, that's going to be a lot more clear. as to who this alternative the mitt romney is going to be. i think there's a lot more that needs to be done to distinguish themselves from mitt romney. >> the entire field is distinguished. we all know who the individuals are. we all know most them aren't going to win, except for mitt romney. romney's job isn't to distinguish himself from the other candidates. it's to distinguish himself from the 1% that has been the political focus and the primary place of attack. he's distinguished himself from the field. he hasn't distinguished himself from the idea. >> jason, maria, chris, thanks to all of you. appreciate it. >> take care. >> thursday, january 19th. just days before the south carolina primary, the gop contenders debate the issues. the southern republican presidential debate on cnn. next thursday, january 19th, 8:00 p.m. eastern time.
10:38 am
also, this morning, we're following new violence in syria where the government is waging a brutal crackdown on protests. we're just learning mortar fire has killed two people. cnn international correspondent nic robertson spoke to an iwitness. what can you tell us, nick? >> i was in there minutes before the attack took place. i saw the two journalists who were caught up in the attack covering the beginning of a progovernment rally. the journalist who cause killed is for the french to national television station. his death has been confirmed by his channel in paris. the two men were covering a progovernment demonstration. we're told by an iwitness ma a mortar round crashed in and and people swarmed around to see what happened and three more
10:39 am
mortar rounds came in. his dutch assistant was injured. nine others were injured and one other civilian killed in the attack. we spent the day in the city. it's a city of many parts. there are areas of government who we were with. they wouldn't take us to because they're controlled by the opposition. they're dangerous and volatile. there are areas where life almost seemed normal. and there are areas where some stores are open. some are closed. there are a lot of troops in the city. as we have seen it's a very dangerous city. >> so does this change anything about the way they can see anything now that a journalist has been killed?
10:40 am
>> we haven't heard government officials react to this yet. at a senior level. the government with us told us originally they wanted us to uncover this rally. look, there's been a lot of government rallies. it will be a waste of time. they said, fine. you don't str to cover it. afterwards, they said, we think it was targeted. the other two journalists, the frenchman killed and the dutch man killed as well is injured. with a difference in peace keeping group. clearly the early indications are government officials will look at this and say it's very
10:41 am
dangerous for journalists in syria right now. and you can only go where we say you can go with our help. that's probably going to be the outcome. we don't know. los angeles detectives are peeking out about the reopened investigation into the death of movie legend natalie wood. that is straight ahead. bla
10:42 am
10:43 am
10:44 am
one of hollywood's biggest mysteries tops our entertainment headlines. showbiz tonight host a.j. hammer joins us now with the latest on the reopened investigation into the woods death. >> people have been interested for 30 years now. the case was opened three months ago. that's by people who claimed they had additional information. police are not shutting things down just yet. the sheriff's department says they have not discovered new information that changes the case. but a spokesperson is telling cnn the investigation does remain opened and they're still foning on leads. of course, woods husband robert wagner and actor
10:45 am
christophchristopher christopher walken were both on the boat. not entirely shocking there's so much interest this the case all the years later. >> let's talk about the giping of a life by the name of baby blue. beyonce and jay-z's baby. they brought her home and when they get home there tr tons of gifts everywhere. >> not entirely shocking either. a lot of reports are floating out there about extravagant gifts for the newborn. her superstar dad, jay-z dropped 20,000 bucks on a carriage fantasy crib. it looks like a send recinderel carriage. the new family has been getti t bombarded with gifts from superstars like kanye west and mariah carey and rihanna. even in this crowd when they're getting that traditional gifts,
10:46 am
there's a celebrity gift to it. oprah didn't just send a books, she sent a trunk filled with her favorite children's books. beyonce's destiny child's band meat kelly roe band bought a green bob marlee onesie and cashmere blankets. there are reports that jay-z bought a $600,00024 karat gold rocking horse. the new york daily news says it's not true. doesn't sound too crazy for these guys. but they're saying didn't happen. >> maybe he didn't guy it. maybe it was gifted instead. >> that's what we're thinking. but who knows? nothing really surprises me. they can be pretty extravagant when they want to. they certainly have the funds to do it. >> thanks so much, a.j. we want information on everything breaking in the entertainment world, a.j. has got it on "showbiz tonight,"
10:47 am
11:00 eastern time on hln. it's an epic journey through ice to help people in gnome, alaska. next, we'll update you on the coast guard and a fuel tanker's efforts to reach the ice-ed in city. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self? c'mon, michael! get in the game! [ male announcer ] don't have the hops for hoops with your buddies?
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this just in. joran van der sloot just plea d ed guilty to all charges against him in the killing of peruvian woman stephany flores. on friday he said he needed more time to reflect on the plea. he was also considered the prime suspect but never charged in american natalee holloway's death in aruba back in 2005. now to an epic journey happening now in the waters off alaska. a coast guard, ice breaker and a tanker trying to deliver more than a million gallons of fuel to gnome, alaska.
10:50 am
they're making some progress. at times they've had to get past ice ridges. up to four feet high. it's slow going. hopefully they'll ultimately make it. >> they're about two-thirds of the way there, all right. so that's the good news. they've been making some of this progress. they put an unmanned plane up and determined it was thinner. the cut ler healy is the name. it's going to stop after a mile short of that. they missed their supply. they came in november because of
10:51 am
a storm. it's going to get worse in the next few months. take a look at this to to get an idea. here's the snow right there. you can see the area it's been having to go through. taking a trip like that. it's ugly. and the temperature in gnome right now, about 12 degrees below zero. five hours of daylight. >> >> they are hearty folks there. they discovered a fi fungicide product. it's considered unlawful in the u.s. and coming up, next, three
10:52 am
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as we put the bow on the new hampshire primary, let's look at what we learn ed let's start wih mitt romney. big night. did he meet expectations? a very big night for him.
10:55 am
this is the newspaper that endorsed newt gingrich. he won 40% of the vote. and take a listen to this from last night at the victory celebration. ♪ sweet caroline >> mitt romney definitely knows where he is. sweet caroline is big with red sox fans. he's going there next. fred? >> ron paul got a strong second. to him, it's a victory. he had a pretty good third place
10:56 am
finish in iowa. how do you top that? with a second place. this strong second place finish will help him raise money. and let's talk about jon huntsman. it's good enough to give him a ticket to ride to at least south carolina. we'll see how long the ride goes for the south carolina governor. zbli nearly 200 convicted criminals are set free after mississippi governor gives them pardons. some include murders, rapists and armed robbers. their record is swiped clean. we would like to hear from you. should unconditional pardons be allowed? leave your thoughts on
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
welcome back. it's time to fast forward to events happening later today. at noon eastern several human rights groups will protest the tenth anniversary center in cuba. the rally at lafayette park across tr the white house. at 2:30 eastern time the alleged mob boss james white tee bulger will appear in court facing charges on 19 murders and a few minutes later michelle obama talks about the needs of military veterans and makes a major announcement


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