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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 21, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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wall with new digital interactive versions made especially for the ipad that you see apple reps demoing. >> what apple has done is provide a powerful tool that looks good and works well and love the preview on the ipad. they've gotten together with very powerful partners that are delivering text books into the education marketplace and put it at a price point where the education system can get excited about it. so all those things together comprise a game changer for the education textbook market. >> reporter: text books are a $10 billion industry. there's big challenges. school budgets are very tight right now and some people are worried about the durability of an ipad in the hands of grade children and a lot of these initiatives are aimed at kindergarten through high school. still apple's track record speaks for itself and the company says it's committed to reforming education. >> all of us at apple know that you really can empower people
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through learning. and technology has a role to play to help in doing that. it's one of the best things that's built into the culture at apple, to care about learning and to want to do our bit to help improve that process. >> reporter: education is deep in our dna. if apple success seeds it may turn out future generations of students have a little bit of apple in their dna. four hours and counting until polls close in south carolina's presidential primary. new developments today a poll released this morning gives newt gingrich a commanding lead over mitt romney. days ago the two rivals were in a virtual tie. iowa republican party is confirming that rick santorum won the state's caucus. the original result from the conset of on january 3rd showed mitt romney squeaking out a
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victory over santorum by eight votes but the final results were not certified until this week. they showed santorum beat romney by 34 votes. and we're learning of a security alert. the tyndall air force base is on lockdown. the public affairs officials is telling or are telling cnn quote we do have a security incident. we do not have the details on what that entails, end quote. and of course we will keep you posted on the information. now to italy where the discovery of a woman's body brings the death toll in that cruise disaster to 12. italian officials say the woman was still wearing a life vest. 20 people are missing. there are growing concerns about the potential environmental threat posed by the wreck. italian officials say no fuel oil has leaked. back now to south carolina
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and republican primary and the new poll now giving newt gingrich a 14-point lead over mitt romney. let's bring in paul steinhauser in columbia where it's raining. paul, let talk about this latest poll indicating that it's very volatile, particularly between those two now leading candidates. >> reporter: oh, it's so true. let's take a look at the numbers. this survey from american research group. it was conducted thursday and friday so that means half before and half after our explosive cnn southern republican debate in charleston, south carolina on thursday night. newt gingrich with about 40% of support of people voting. romney at 26%. both ron paul the congressman from texas and rick santorum former senator from pennsylvania in the teen. as you mentioned this poll indicating a shift. gingrich going up seven points. romney going down six from earlier in the week. other polls taken over the last couple of days indicate a closer race between romney and
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gingrich. every survey here indicates the same thing. gingrich's numbers going up, romney's numbers going down. as you mentioned it is pouring here. you can see it is raining. there's thunder across the state of south carolina. that could impact turnout which could be crucial and could hurt maybe romney, maybe more than gingrich. this is a big deal this primary. whoever has won this primary has gone on to win the gop nomination. we're here all day. we have the cnn express bus behind us. very important day. >> everyone is trying to read the tea leaves even before the ballots have been counted. in terms of a turning point between newt gingrich and romney might it have been that debate that became that turning point as to why now newt gingrich has eked out a lead over mitt romney? >> gingrich had two very good debates. any analyst or pundit will tell you. the monday debate in myrtle
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beach and our debate down in charleston. that may have helped. no doubt about it. may have helped with his surge in the polls. >> paul steinhauser thanks so much in a rainy columbia, south carolina. as we've been saying all day long, south carolina can be that game changer for the candidates. don lemon is on the ground in lexington, south carolina. he's been talking to voters and oh, my goodness they have been quite forthright. do you have rain there? is it clearing up? >> reporter: i decided to show you because you said i was going melt. i'm not going melt. i want to show you. right after our last live shot at 2:00 p.m. eastern -- do you hear that? we heard gunfire over there. after our live shot -- no it was gunfire. it started, the rain started coming down, i mean pouring and it's been steady ever since. we got thunder and lightning and getting from our producer, shawna shepherd spoke to some officials here. an official turnout at least so farther saying alandale seems
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light. anderson light. vanberg light. dillon light. fairfield steady. lexington it's light but steady. otis smith the official poll manager we spoke to him earlier. this morning people lined up and looked good. then all of a sudden the rain came. >> it looked like we got 591 that vote sod far. we have four hours left. so apparently it's going to be light to moderate. and it looks like, i thought at one time we would have at least 1,000 that have voted but because of weather moving in with the thunderstorms and so forth so, it now looks like we may not get over but 700 or 800. >> 2,500 registered voters. >> we have about 2800. >> last time you got 1900. i >> in heavy voting we get around 1800. >> thank you. now we got about 500 so far. it's not a lot of folks. you saw our earlier live shots.
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i hate to turn my back. there were people lined up behind us and look, in here so farther just sort of sitting around waiting. it's empty besides the workers, and there you go. these guys were busy earlier, working their fingers off. right now not so much. they are asking people to come out and vote. it's important. we've been talking to some people, talking to a lot of folks. some are saying i'll vote for santorum. he's the most real. real conservative. mitt romney because they think he's the guy who can win. overall i got to be honest. we've been hearing a lot of newt gingrich, especially from women which is sort of opposite of what people had been saying. they thought women wouldn't vote for him given what happened with his ex-wife in that interview. >> it's empty now but voters there still have four hours to go before the polls close. >> 7:00 p.m. >> so don we'll keep checking
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with you. might get busy again. thanks so much. stay where it's dry now anyway. cnn has crews all across south carolina taking the pulse of voters. dana bash is in charleston, south carolina where, oh, good you're inside you don't have to worry about the rain and hopefully turn out will pick up there. i know last hour we spoke it was kind of thin. >> reporter: yeah. it still is kind of thin. here in charleston there's no excuse when it comes to the weather. it's beautiful outside. nobody is going outside. as i mentioned, the turnout is not that great. i want to bring in somebody who can talk to this. thank you very much for joining us. you're the precinct leader. >> yes, i am. >> you have been doing this for how many years? >> about 27 years. >> that's all. 27 years. so, you have, obviously, great experience. >> yes. >> in turn out and how things are going. how would you rate the stream of people coming here versus years past? >> moderate.
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much higher in the past. i think it's because it's a saturday. >> are you surprised by that given all the attention to this primary? >> yes, i am. very much. >> do you think it's possible because this time around it's just a republican primary, obviously four years ago it was both. >> yes, possibly. >> i'm just looking at your screen. i want to show you, fred. this is really fascinating, the technology here. every time somebody comes here to vote -- you can describe it better than i can. >> pull up whatever they have, registration card or driver's license or state i.d., i use the scanner and the bar code and put it in and everything comes up. >> if you can see, i don't know how much you can see it counts the votes, 127 voters participating. lagging behind a little bit. 8.9% voters in this particular precinct. then over here is where the
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voters, that's where they actually cast their votes. so it's hi-tech, things go in pretty quickly which is why we expect to get our results pretty fast. >> we look forward to that. after the results, you'll get a chance to go to shim's creek, get some she crab soup. check out my friends. maybe you'll run into one much my former co-workers while in charleston. dana bash thanks so much. be sure to stay with cnn all day with coverage from south carolina. ing tonight we have results. tune in at 7:00 p.m. eastern time for coverage of winners and losers of the south carolina primary. no matter who wins the south carolina primary our candy crowley will be talking to two of the contenders, newt gingrich and rick santorum on state of the union tomorrow morning. and a new death threat against rushdie. he talked about how he lived in
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hiding for years and details the worst part of life under tight security detail and now he's facing yet a new threat. for my arthritis, i use
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new capzasin quick relief gel. (announcer) starts working on contact and at the nerve level. to block pain for hours. new capzasin, takes the pain out of arthritis. in northern nigeria coordinated bombings and gunfire at various government sites kill at least 156 people and a military
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official says he fears that number will go up. an islamist group claimed responsibility for yesterday's attacks in a phone call to nigeria's daily trust newspaper. a 24 hour curfew is now in place. on to syria the capital of damascus the u.s. is considering closing its embassy there because of the ongoing violence and worsening security. today alone an opposition group reports the bodies of 54 people were found in syria. in india, more than 1,000 people have been rescued from a highway linking kashmir to the rest of india. heavy snowfall and land slides have blocked the highway over the past few days. forecasters there say even more snow is on the way. controversial author salman rushdie is once again under the threat of an attempted assassination. rushdie backed out of plans to attend a literature festival in india when intelligence sources told him killers had been hired
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to quote eliminate him. rushdie's 1988 novel "the sat tannic verses" caused an uproar. rushdie went into seclusion and lived under police protection for several years. in sat down with rushdie face to face in november of 2010 and then he reflected on what it is like to live under the threat of assassination. how does one do that, go into seclusion -- >> most difficult. >> or go into hiding for a period of time and then eventually emerge. >> it was tough. i wouldn't recommend it. on the whole if you can avoid being sentenced to death by a tyrannical leader or country. >> there was security? >> for nine years. i've talked to a lot of people who have had to enter that world of security, including
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politicians and public figures. the thing that is worst about it is the loss of spontaneous action. >> you didn't go into disguise. >> no. it would be ridiculous to disguise me. >> how about your family at that time? >> fortunately they were sort of okay. it seemed to be okay. >> what perhaps may have been the most difficult thing about that loss of spontaneity and worried about with every turn or if i step in front of this window -- there were all just about every tiny little minute thing became an issue of security. >> for a while it did because for a while we didn't know how serious the threat was. you had to take very extreme precautions. it didn't end overnight. i want gradually got better.
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and there's a whole political campaign dimension which i had to go around the world and talk to politicians and get the governments on my side. >> do you find yourself every now and then looking over your shoulder worrying. >> no. you don't look dangerous to me. >> i'm glad about that. once again rushdie says he doubts the accuracy of this latest threat against him but taking it seriously instead of actually being anyone da for that literature festival live he's making an pairance but by video. coming up after the break, actor cuba gooding jr. is in the new movie "red tails" and he talks what it was like to portray a real tuskegee airman.
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they've been overlooked for years, the tuskegee airmen were the nation's first fwliblack fir pilots. george lucas says hollywood refused to fund his back movie cast so he paid for it himself. [ gunfire ] >> come on. tilt just a little. [ gunfire ] >> ha-ha. congratulations, captain. you're the first negro to shoot down a jarrett.
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whoa! >> cuba gooding jr. is one of the actors starring in that film. >> we've been given the order to give air cover. >> i'm cuba gooding jr. and i'm here to introduce "red tails" which is the heroic tale of the tuskegee airmen. they were 332nd fighter group, first all-black fighter group stationed in italy. they had to fly with the b-17 bombers as they did their raids on berlin. they helped to save a lot of these airmen who were in these b-17 bombers. >> this is a b-51d with can canopy. has the red tail. great airplane. i'm dr. roscoe c brown jr. i was the commander. some of my exploits are portrayed in the movie. we won lots of medals.
3:22 pm
shot down lots of planes. blew up lots of trains. in my generation, in the generation of segregation there were many african-americans who knew we could do anything that whites could do. all we wanted was the opportunity. >> stay with the bombers. >> they called us the red tail angels because we stayed so close to them and protected them. i like to say that the message of us is excellence overcomes prejudice, excellence overcomes obstacles. >> the legacy will be of hero, american warriors who were sacrificing their lives for our country and they did itselflessitselfless ly and as a unit of african-american men that was an accomplishment that helped win the war. >> 92-year-old airman bob friend says "red tails" reveals a pivotal chapter in american history not just tuskegee history. recipient of the air force's
3:23 pm
distinguished flying cross honor tells me face to face why the experiences of the pilots, mechanics and gunners must be shared. >> i can't afford the loss. can you help save lives? >> you get us new planes. >> do you remember that moment when the p 47s were replaced by these new p-51s? >> oh, sure. >> what was that moment like? >> it was great. you didn't fly -- you didn't get into a p-51, you put it on. you wore it. see, we only flew p-47s for one month. okay. and then on july the 4th of 1944 we flew our first p-51 mission. >> do you recall your feelings when you first targeted another aircraft? >> yes. >> first took that aircraft down?
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>> the first airplane i encountered, we were meeting head on and i didn't know it. >> nub. 12:00. >> they coming mighty fast. >> i said damn, he's shooting at me. but anyway now my problem was are we going to have a collision. >> so were you concentrating on most not hitting him or targeting him. >> at this point i was worrying about not running into him. so i let him know what i was going to do. when i went like that he went the other way. and i turned around as fast as i could and he's gone. >> you remember all of this as if it was yesterday. >> it was. i think it's an important part of our history. and i don't mean to only tuskegee but it's a part of the american history. >> hold your fire.
3:25 pm
they are ours. >> "red tails." >> don't recognize the markings. he's colored. >> if you don't tell these stories then no one really can. there are an awful loftus key gee airmen who have not shared their stories. my dad being among them. >> yes, i know. my brother-in-law was that way. because he didn't get a purple heart for all he did. he had been wound for twice. he said that was another part of my life. >> that's what my dad said. and he was gunnery sergeant. he said, you know what? i don't live in the past. but it didn't mean that he was not proud of being a tuskegee airman. >> believe me, i understand. i understand. you know, because you don't sell it. you don't try to use it as an advantage. >> what are your hoping young people who perhaps really can't i've with the '40s, they can't
3:26 pm
i've with world war ii, korean war and they go to this movie, "red tails." what do you want them to really understand and grasp? >> i think it's important for them to know that these things happened. i think that we can say look back and ask ourselves was at it positive phase? and it's a positive phase. that's all that matters because i think we all grew in some way, both sides and i think both sides, i'm really talking about racial. yeah. >> mr. bob friend, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> pleasure meet ug weing you a talking with you. mr. friend says serving as an airman was really just in his words one phase for a good number of the original 3,000. mr. friend would continue technical career with the u.s. air force, become assistant deputy of launch vehicles and
3:27 pm
space shuttles and my dad a tuskegee gunner became the first active duty armed servicemen to win gold, silver and bronze as a u.s. olympian and went on to be a u.s. diplomat. other airmen became extraordinary things as well after that first phase of become an airmen. they were inventors, entrepreneurs, ceos and public servants. we salute all of them and their service.
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there is a platform built for the purpose of driving innovation. one that's transforming how companies from every industry-- and of every size-- are doing business. a platform built for now. and for what's next. the cisco intelligent network.
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cisco. let's get caught up on our top stories. polls close in south carolina's presidential primary 3 1/2 hours from now. heavy rain across much of the state may be keeping some voters away. a new poll release this morning gives newt gingrich a 14-point lead over rival republican mitt romney. be sure to stay with cnn all day with coverage from south carolina and tonight we have the results. tune in at 7:00 p.m. eastern time for our special coverage of
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the winners and lowers. that's 6:00 p.m. eastern time from that south carolina primary. okay. this morning firefighters contained a 3,000 acre wildfire burning near reno, nevada. flames destroyed nearly 30 houses. 10,000 people had to heavy their homes. evacuation orders were lifted just a couple of hours ago. investigators think they know what caused that fire. they say a man came forward yesterday admitting that he improperly discarded fireplace ashes. let's check in with jacqui jeras right now because boy it is really -- while it may be frigid in some corners of the country with lots of snow, it is just wet and miserable in other parts. >> and spring like with severe thunderstorms in the southeast. we're talking about this severe weather threat in georgia and south carolina. that tornado watch in effect until 8:00 local time. we also see some very heavy
3:32 pm
downpours. some isolated damaging winds possible. we're more concerned about some flash flooding to be associated with that. if you're trying to get out and vote, live in charleston, get it done now. those thunderstorms are a couple of hours away. the sooner you do it the better off you'll be. within an hour and a half or so things will dry up in places like columbia. western carolinas will be starting to fare little bit better. in the northern end of this storm we've been dealing with some really wintry weather in parts of the northeast. take a look at our picture from columbus circle in new york city. you can see nice fresh dusting of snow. isn't that gorgeous? love it. 4 1/2 inches in central park. a nightmare unfortunately still for travellers trying to play catch up from this thing. take a look at the delay. groundstop at jfk until 4:00. planes can't take off from other cities to get into new york city. atlanta hour and a half delay. philadelphia pushing two hours. arrival delays at laguardia
3:33 pm
around 30 minutes. this storm system is going to be on the move today but a new one rides in tomorrow. that's another concern with severe weather once again. the west coast, we've had quite a week just getting slammed over and over with storm after storm. and we're going to quiet it down a little bit now today in through much of tomorrow. by tomorrow night look at that. the purple popping back up. feet of snow possible into the cascades. the valleys have been a problem in terms of rainfall. look at the flooding rains they had in turner, oregon, from yesterday. look at that high water. many, many roads are still closed. rivers are very high. starting to recede but we're concerned with that next storm coming in that will be continued problems. ugly weekend on both coasts of the country once again as we head in tomorrow. the nation's mid-section mostly dealing with wind. >> oh, my goodness. miserable all the way around. thanks. an intense legal battle is
3:34 pm
under way between the online file sharing website known as mega upload and the u.s. government. the justice department has shut down the site and charged several mega upload officials with online piracy. the arrests came after a massive raid at a new zealand mansion. cnn's brian todd reports. >> reporter: at a swank mansion in auckland, new zealand a vintage cadillac, other high end vehicles worth millions are hauled away. the man living there arrested police say after barricading himself in a safe room and being found next to a shotgun. he calls himself u.s. officials believes he's one of the top content pirates on the sequester net. new zealand police say this about him and the three other men arrested. >> been arrested on warrants related to breach of copyright offenses in the united states, money laundering, and
3:35 pm
racketeering. >> reporter: officials say kim ran d.o.t. ran mega upload a favorite of pop stars who sing its praises in a promotional video. >> i love mega upload. >> reporter: mega upload was a popular hub for illegally downloaded movies, shows and music costing copyright holders more than $5 mill loin in lopts revenue. the company's lawyer say the charges are without merit. part of mega upload's operation is legitimate. but u.s. law enforcement officials say mega upload allowed people to send links to copyrighted movies. others could then be directed to those links even if the material was copyrighted because officials says mega uploaded did you ply indicated those linked and paid outside people to steer internet traffic to those linkses. that meant people at mega upload
3:36 pm
knew they had pirated material but. helped distribute it. federal officials shut down mega upload's website. when they did that it, the group from anonymous knocked the justin department's website off line. >> i think we'll see this happening. it's an example of the digital wars that exist all over the world with a whole variety of topics not just copyrighted material. >> reporter: justice department officials reject speculation that the mega upload take down is timed to coincide with a battle in congress over piracy legislation. justice officials say this investigation has been going on for nearly two years. brian todd, cnn, washington. >> special shoes that promise to help shape you up. now people who wore them are suing saying the shoes caused injuries. our legal guys weigh in on that
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[ roger ] tell me you have good insurance. yup, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] really? i was afraid you'd have some cut-rate policy. [ kyle ] nope, i've got... [ kyle with voice of dennis ] ...the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance -- and you still get an allstate agent. i too have...[ roger with voice of dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ the allstate value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. a security alert that put the tyndall air force base near panama city, florida on lockdown is over. a domestic call of a man with a gun caused that lockdown. the man was apprehend and the incident is now over. tyndall air force base is there in the florida panhandle. a class action lawsuit filed
3:40 pm
against the company that makes skechers shoes, lisa bassett is one of the plaintiffs in the shoes. she claims they left her with some serious injuries. 36 other people claim they were injured too and part of that suit. our cnn legal contributor avery friedman weighed in. >> the key that holly and the class which she represents will have to undertake is to look at the so-called safety tests that were undertaken by sketchers. this is exactly the reason why the federal trade commission whacked reebok with about $25 million in fines because the question of the science. this usually affects women 40 and over. there's a real question of whether or not there are defects, it's a products liability case. we'll find out in discovery when the safety tests emerge. at that point we'll be able to judge whether or not the case is meritous. >> richard, quickly, what is the responsibility of a shoe manufacturer to ensure your
3:41 pm
safety when you're wearing their shoes? >> well, it's their obligation to test it to make sure it's sound and it's a viable product and not injure people. sketchers is saying this is a very sketchy case, fred, because millions and millions of people wear these shoes and go unharmed and uninjured. we don't know the physical history of this small group of plaintiffs. we don't know if they were walking eating doughnuts. we don't know what they were doing. we don't know their physical body systems. so all of that will come into play here. but, you know, avery is right, reebok got banged for $25 million in a similar case, so i think sketchers will probably settle this. >> there's more. you'll have to catch our legal guys every saturday, maybe next saturday they will have something that catches interest as well. noon eastern time they have something profound say on every case. a teenager whose life was saved by an organ donor has
3:42 pm
found a unique way to pay it forward. you'll meet him next. to see it through. today, while our work continues, i want to update you on the progress: bp has set aside 20 billion dollars to fund economic and environmental recovery. we're paying for all spill- related clean-up costs. and we've established a 500 million dollar fund so independent scientists can study the gulf's wildlife and environment for ten years. thousands of environmental samples from across the gulf have been analyzed by independent labs under the direction of the us coast guard. i'm glad to report all beaches and waters are open for everyone to enjoy. and the economy is showing progress with many areas on the gulf coast having their best tourism seasons in years. i was born here, i'm still here and so is bp. we're committed to the gulf for everyone who loves it, and everyone who calls it home.
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many of us say we want to make a real difference in the world. this week cnn heroes recognizes
3:45 pm
a teenager who is doing that right now. michael caraway was in the sixth grade when he received a life-saving liver from an organ donor. now he's helping others. >> when michael was born, he was normal, active, ran around, played football, he was just like any other child. and one day he just got sick. >> in 2008 when i was 11 years old i was diagnosed with liver failure. >> they told me straight up if he doesn't get a liver transplant he'll die. >> it was halloween and the doctor came in. the liver specialist >> he walked in and said i hate to sound like the grim reaper but it's raining outside, it's halloween, i've been doing this 30 years. somebody's going to die. your son is going gate liver. >> this guy right here, his name johnny hernandez, he was 18 years old and killed in a motorcycle accident.
3:46 pm
this family gave me something that i needed which was a liver from their son. i couldn't pay them back. so i feed the homeless in honor of their son johnny hernandez. >> it was his idea to feed the homeless and his vision. >> december 25th, 2008 we packed up 25 meals, put them in my mom's truck and drove around. ever since then we launched mickey's meals. every time we feed we promote donor awareness. >> we sign up 30 people to become donors at each event. >> it's important to help your community. without you there's no community. >> mikey is truly a young wonder. my goodness how inspirational. do you know somebody making a big difference? go to it might change the life of somebody else. nominate a 2012 cnn hero today.
3:47 pm
meantime we continue to watch south carolina today as voters there make their pick for the gop primary but in florida another place to watch with the click of a dial undecided voters will be weighing in ahead of their primary scheduled for january 31st. how does that work? we'll explain to you right after this. we are about three houd
3:48 pm
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3:50 pm
ten minutes away from the polls closing in the south carolina republican primary. let's bring in don lemon joining us from lexington where it's been spotty, the turnout. we've been telling you that rain storm has been moving in and it is impacting the voter turnout and apparently also our signal. we may not be able to actually hear from don right now. we'll try to reconnect later. no matter who wins, the south carolina primary, our candy
3:51 pm
crowley will be talking to two of them first thing in the morning starting 9:00 a.m. eastern time. it looks like the clouds and rain are giving us a break. let's go back to lexington in south carolina where we'll find our don lemon inside because it's stormy outside. what's happening? more people trickling through? >> yay! >> we have a signal! >> we've got voters. they are trickling through. we've got a signal and a local atlanta reporter over there who says hi. and we've got our rain outside. it's raining and i'm hearing myself but i'll try to bear through it. when we came us to last time there were zero people here but there are a few people, maybe one person here. it's odd listening to myself
3:52 pm
three or four seconds. >> that's tricky. >> hard to keep your concentration. we told you the turnout was low because of that weather you have outside. around the state, basically. they are concerned about that here. they are trying to get people to come out to the polls. they want us to get the message to come out and vote. it's very important you make your choice to be the republican nominee. there you go. they've still got people coming in and still have three hours before the polls actually close. they are hoping more folks turn out. there you go. >> good. don lemon wants company there at that polling station in lexington, south carolina. don't let the rain scare you away before as jacqui jeras said, the rain is going to get worse. get to the polls right now if you're there in the lexington, south carolina area. thank you, don. appreciate that. we'll check back with you throughout the evening. you want to stay right here with
3:53 pm
cnn for the coverage of that south carolina primary. we'll have our special coverage beginning at 6:00 eastern time. stick with us because we will give you the results as early as we know them. the winners and losers of the south carolina primary. homicide of young people in america has an impact on all of us. how can we save these young people's lives? as a police chief i have an opportunity to affect what happens in a major city. i learned early on if you want to make a difference you have to have the right education. university of phoenix opened the door. my name is james craig, i'm committed to making a difference and i am a phoenix.
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as voters decide in south carolina, some undecided florida voters will gather there tonight to gauge what they see and hear from the four remaining gop contenders. what's going to happen? oh, i hope the weather is not impeding our audio transmission communication there with tom foreman. we can see him, but he can't hear us. we'll try to check back with him a little bit later. you want to watch our south carolina primary coverage. we'll have that throughout this afternoon into tonight. our special coverage of the winners and losers. no matter who wins the south carolina crimery, our candy crowley will talk to newt
3:57 pm
gingrich and rick santorum on "state of the union" tomorrow morning here on cnn. new york city has one of the toughest gun laws in the country for a reason. to cut down on violent crime. an ex-marine, a tourist is caught up in a three-month-long legal fight because he mistakenly brought a gun to a tour of the empire state building. here now is susan candiotti. >> reporter: whether it's times square or the statue of liberty, visitors to new york city are welcome. their guns are not. >> i was in utter disbelief. >> reporter: ryan jerome is in shock because the ex-marine is licensed to carry a gun in his home state of indiana, but says he didn't know new york doesn't recognize any out-of-state gun permits, including wouldn't for his ..45 caliber like this one. he found out the hard way when he and his girlfriend visited the empire state building. he says he didn't try to hide
3:58 pm
anything. he asked where he could check his hand gun. instead, he was pulled aside, cops were called, he was arrested, taken downtown and spent two days in jail trying to raise enough money to get out of jail. >> i was praying, god, why is this happening like this? >> reporter: he could face a mandatory 3 1/2 years in prison if convicted. jerome is not the only tourist in trouble. last month at the 9/11 memorial, a tennessee medical student tried to check her gun and also was promptly arrested. she goes to court in march. the fate of former marine jerome is still on the line. his lawyer says he hopes prosecutors won't take his client to trial. >> the legitimate interest they have in gun control and getting illegal guns off the street and reducing violence is not going to be furderred by making an example of mr. jerome. >> reporter: a fellow ex-marine started an online letter-writing
3:59 pm
campaign to help jerome. >> we are asking that ryan jerome's case be moved from the prosecution file to the "to be dismissed" file. >> reporter: the head of a gun control group sympathizes with jerome, but adds this. >> if you decide to have a gun, there is a lot of responsibility that comes with that. one of the responsibilities is knowing where and when you can carry that gun. >> i hope everything works out for the best. >> reporter: prosecutors deciding whether it's best to fully enforce a gun law in some cases where it may have missed its mark. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. -- captions by vitac -- it's primary day in south carolina. polls close in about three hours from now. poll workers tell cnn the turnout is lighter than it has been in past primaries. a new poll released this morning gives newt gingrich a 14-point lead over rival republican mitt romney. cnn is the place to be for


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