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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  January 28, 2012 8:00am-9:30am EST

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game will soon change. so if his son wants to follow in his foot steps, it will be a safer game. >> that does it for us. thanks for being with us this morning. stay connected with me throughout the week at join me at conversation on twitter @sanjaygupta.cnn. time now for a check off your top stories. from cnn center, this is cnn start morning. good morning to you, january 28th. sit back and relax here. it's our job to get you informed and we're going to do that. hope you're enjoying a good day off. let's talk about the republican presidential candidates. they're pounding the state of florida this morning trying to drum up support. and before you drink that orange juice this morning, shipments of o.j. stopped at the border. we'll tell you why. plus, we could be seeing the highest gas prices of all time
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here in the u.s. $5 a gallon, really? we'll explain where your money is going. i hope you're sitting back getting a little r&r this morning. we're going to start with the campaign trail in florida. newt gingrich and mitt romney have events coming up this morning. gingrich has been in stewart, florida, attending a lincoln day breakfast. it serves in about 30 minutes. as for mitt romney, he'll be holding a rally in pensacola in about an hour. florida is the biggest prize so far. it's anyone's ball game at this point. paul steinhauser is going to break it down for us here. >> good morning, christi. just three days away now from
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florida's crucial primary. it's a winner take all primary. 50 delegates at stake. that is the biggest haul so far in this primary and caucus season. you've got former massachusetts governor mitt romney and former speaker newt gingrich campaigning in the state all weekend. rick santorum is up in pennsylvania right now, today. he's doing his taxes and he's doing a little bit of fund-raising. we'll see him back here in florida tomorrow afternoon. as for congressman ron paul of texas, he's not here in florida at all this weekend. he's up in maine, kind of looking ahead. maine holds its caucus next month and paul is up there doing a little politicking. take a look at this. this is a new number. look at the numbers on the left. that is tuesday, wednesday, thursday, just before our explosive cnn debate in jacksonville. look at that. you can see mitt romney with a nine-point advantage. look at the column on the right. that was back on sunday and monday. you could see at that time
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gingrich has the advantage. it indicates that newt gingrich had that big momentum coming out of south carolina, his big double digit momentum. >> paul, thank you so much. here is a quick programming note four. tune in for an encore presentation on cnn's florida republican presidential debate just in case you missed it. comes your way today at 5:00 p.m. eastern. a manhunt in underway in california right now. police are searching for as many as three men who may have fired shots around a crowded shopping mall. people scattered. others hit the lids and hid inside the stores. two people suffered gunshot wounds. an 18-year-old student accused of planning to detonate a bomb in his high school is out on bail this morning. dallin morgan and a 16-year-old student were arrested after the
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plot was uncovered. the 16-year-old is being held in a detention center. morgan is charged with one felony count of use of a weapon of mass destruction. search crews found two more bodies last night in the rubble of bodies in rio de janeiro, brazil. officials still don't know what brought down three buildings wednesday. the biggest was a 20-story office building. it's unknown how many people were inside the building. and a bridge that spans across the kentucky lake is closed today, most likely for a while, too. a cargo ship plowed into it tearing out part of that bridge. lucky no one on the bridge or on the ship was injured. the ship is loaded with rocket parts for nasa and the air force. several agencies, including the army corps of engineers are looking at how to remedy everything and fix that bridge now.
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you know the weather last weekend was a bit messy. meteorologist reynolds wolf is watching our weekend forecast for us. how is it looking, reynolds? >> we'll be dreiling with strong winds around the countries. southern california, you have the winds combined with dry conditions. there will be a very real threat of wildfires. they could burn pretty quickly. another issue as cross parts of the great lakes into the ohio valley, snow. not heavy, but snow that's throughout the weekend, which means delays will be mounting up as the snow comes down. all the investigation surrounding rupert murdoch's issues are ahead. plus, an online game called attention to the darker side of a custom. it's widespread, but illegal in india. players get to beat up men looking for a bribe. that's coming up in our morning
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london police made several arrests this morning in an ongoing tabloid scandal. among those arrested is a police officer. joining me now is matthew chan. what do we know about the rest at this hour? >> reporter: quite dramatic developments in this ongoing development by the police into allegations of corruption that police officers colluded with journalists, giving them information in exchange for a cash and bride bribe and all part of this bigger investigation into the conduct of journalists in the country. it's unveiled today that former members of the "the sun" newspaper at news international here in the united kingdom have been arrested on.
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a police officer who was at work while he was arrested has been taken into custody. and charged with expecting bribes. he's going to get charged with misusing his public office. so these are allegations that have been, you ow, extremely damaging is for the for the reputation of the police. the police have this inquiry under way. the police are looking into to what accident british journalists hacked into the e-mails and the phones of people they wanted to get stories on, including celebrities. and even victims of crimes. at the same time, there's a public inquiry under way looking at the general code of ethics and the practices which journalists in this country use to gather stories. it's all been, you know, very damaging, indeed, for the profession of journalist, body for the police, as well. >> this was so expansive, too.
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where else are police looking this morning? >> they're also searching the wrks of news international which is the company that hoists news of the world, one of britain's biggest selling sunday newspapers which was closed down in the summer in july after it emerged that members of its staff had hacked into the mobile telephone of a 13-year-old girl who later turned out to be murdered. lots of other revelations about how they hacked into the telephones of others in this country. financial payments have been paid out by news international to help with that. offices are being searched. the houses of the policemen that's been arrested and the houses of the four other current and former employees of the sun
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newspaper, they're being searched, as well, by the police at this time. >> thank you so much for keeping us up to date on that. we appreciate it. a red flag warning in effect in southern california. officials are concerned the strong santa ana winds combined with dry conditions could escalate fire danger in some areas. the national weather service saying winds could reach 50 miles per hour. cal state san bernardino closed its campus yesterday because of high winds. >> and not only are they going to be very strong winds and at the same time they're going to be very dry, dry winds. you have to look at the point of origin. all this coming in from the desert southwest. as it roars its way across southern california, it causes all the air molecules to
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compress today. when that happens, things tend to warm up and it drys out a lot of the foliage. so if anyone were to say, for example, if the fire were to be sitting some place or you have accidental sparks that come out, you could have things burn up quickly in the san gabriels. today, if it happened, if you had a fire set, it could spread rather quickly. gusts up to 60, 70 miles per hour. 60-mile-per-hour gufrts yesterday at camp nine. and whitacre peak, 43 miles per hour. i would expect this to continue through a good part of today and for tomorrow we could still see those windy conditions persist. with those windy conditions, we're going to see something else, delays in los angeles, delays under an hour. expect delays in detroit, cincinnati and cleveland. but the reason why we're going to see these delays is going to be very different. in fact, take a look at the difference. it's not the wind of the story,
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rather, it's going to be snowfall all because of an area of low pressure that's going to make its way from west to east. we're talking about michigan over to lake erie. when you have that combination and you have that area of low pressure and that frontal boundary, you're going to see snowfall. that's going to move right on through. you'll get a brief break in chicago. as we fast forward into sunday morning, here comes the second installment as it makes its way through. chicago is going to see more of the snow. i would imagine by later until the morning, places up to commerce township, you're going to see the snow there, too. rain expected for you for a good part of the day. windy condition in southern california. but what we haven't mentioned yet is the wind we could anticipate for the northern rockies. central plains is not an issue with the wind, but the cold air is going to continue to funnel
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its way into the plains. for kansas city, 48. 28 in minneapolis your high. 40 in billings. 50 in portland back to the east coast we go. mid 40s in boston, new york, let's see, washington with 56 degrees. 58 new orleans and 81 in miami. you are up to speed with your forecast. christi, back to you. >> that's a forecast. we can't forget what happened this week. reynolds, i know you were in alabama after the tornados ripped through there. two people were killed, one of whom was 16-year-old christina eikelbeck. that tornado just obliterated their home. what a story for them. we're thinking about them today, reynolds. what can you tell us? >> what i can tell you is it is, as you can imagine, heartbreaking. the nightmare of a parent to lose a child is devastating. we have a chance to not only speak with parents. we spoke with schoolmates. schoolmates have been wearing the color blue, which happened
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to be her favorite color. everyone is devastated by this. they're coming together, trying to do their very best to help this family cope, but it's one of those devastating things that never really make sense. the bottom line is, you have to remember that if we have these storms, you have to be in the lowest floor your house, away from the outside windows, away from the windows, the cellar is a good place, too. it's a numbing experience to see what this family is going through. so many alabamans have been dealing with this. it's hard to believe. two deadly tornadic situations in alabama in less than a year's time. >> reynolds, thanks so much. southern haas thepy tallty is no myth. we know those folks in alabama are really coming together for this family as we honor 16-year-old christina heikelbeck as we go to break.
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paying dowry. this is a widespread custom in india, but it's illegal. now there's a backlash against it in the form of an online game. nadya is here to explain what a company is doing to end this. how did this turn into an online game? >> it's interesting. first of all, in 1961, the
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indian government banned the idea of brides having to pay a dowry to their future husbands, to their groom. solo banned in 1961, it's still a widespread custom, especially in the rural areas of india. so a company known as chide, which means wedding in hendy, has come up with a game to highlight what is still a major problem, which is a huge pressure of brides having to give their grooms dowry. now, this game is based on angry birds. >> no, it's not. >> have you ever played it? >> no. my kids play it. >> instead of angry birds, this is called angry brides. and the idea is they set up three male figures, three potential grooms. the one is an engineer. the one is a doctor and the one is a pilot. and the idea is that you hit them with shoes and pots and pans and each time you hit one
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of these male figures, the dowry goes down. and the idea is, basically, the thing is that a woman will give you care and all the love you need. you shouldn't have to have a dowry. and there you can pick one of your icons. there he is the engineer of a doctor and the pilot, and each time you barb them, the dow lessens. there it is, angry brides which is available for free on facebook. >> oh, heavens. now, the people who actually practice this can't be thrilled because you're making a mockery of their tradition, yes? >> well, there's two ways of looking at it. what it's doing in essence is drawing attention to a problem. since 2010, either 85,000 women were committed or murdered or created suicide or were abused in some way because their parents couldn't pay a dowry. so should this terrible problem
8:20 am
by highlighted with a game? at least we're talking about it. and, remember, the more rural areas of india -- apparently it's not -- >> the practice -- >> having dowry. it exacerbates the problem of girl children. because you know when you are a mother of three children, from a young age you're going, how aim ever going to afford the dowry? tremendous pressure. sometimes the young brides will commit suicide or be murdered if the dowry payment is not met. so angry brides, a game with a message. >> and hopefully a message that will bring some sort of resolution for women and their families. thank you very much, nadya. always good to see you. a new network ad taking hits at paula deenn. this ad reads, paula, you made a fortune off of fat. call us if you want to be around
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to enjoy it. deen's revelation that she has been living with diabetes, it has sparked debates on both obesity and her cooking practices. we want to know what you think, the though, about this ad. is it funny or did it just go too far? teat me or get me on facebook. it's getting more and more painful to fill up, isn't it? gas prices shooting way up. and they could hit record highs. we're talking as high as $5 a gallon. we'll try to break it down and figure out why that is happening. big gains at google. the search engine giant is revamping its privacy policy. we're going to dig into how it could affect you. [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster.
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good morning. i want to say good morning specifically to new york. welcome back to cnn saturday morning. it is 23 minutes past the hour here in atlanta. look at that beautiful shot there of central park, i believe that is. there it is. we just can't seem to catch a break. look at that. they've got clouds and whether you're in the sky or on the ground, we're talking about breaks at the gas pump and it ain't happening. gas prices higher and higher, it seems. look at the national average. a month ago, a gallon of regular
8:24 am
unleaded was $3725. now we're paying an average of 15 cents more per gallon. the average price of regular unled today is $3.40. we could see gas prices continuing to skyrocket. josh levs is back to tell us why some parts of the country pay so much more for gas than others. josh, do tell. >> earlier, we were talking about skyrocketing gas prices. 2011 was the highest national average ever. now we're going to talk about why it's different in some states. this is from gas usually i avoid complicated maps. but i love this is like a traffic light. red means the gas is so expensive you probably want to stop. green means it's cheap enough that you can keep going. if you look at california, new york, ukes the red. there are scattered places around the country where you get dots of red, as well. chicago could see $4.95 per
8:25 am
gallon later this year. why is it that some states have substantially more gas than others? well, a few reasons. one of those, one is taxes. you have state taxes and state excise taxes in addition to federal taxes. when you put all that together, that can affect them widely. you also have this. environmental rules change among different states. different states use different kinds of gasoline base on their environmental rules. those can add to costs. you have distance from a supply. if you live farther from the ports and the refineries, there's extra cost to get the gasoline out to where you are, that can mean more for you. there's another element to this which is plain old basic competition. places with fewer stations, you'll generally have higher prices. even if you live in a city that has several gas station webs location, location, location.
8:26 am
sometimes off the beaten path you'll find cheaper gas. i have a whole bunch of places you can see linked for you. it's up on my facebook and twitter and the blog. you can help find cheaper gas. come back to my screen. i want to show you this here. this is gas buddy. but basically, you can click on any county in america. here is one example. we open up los angeles right here on gas buddy. it is listing for you all these different prices, $3785 over here, $3.89, $7.79. you'll have to see how often they update. but this is a good example. across the boards over here, the federal government has something set up right now that they're trying to help you with. this is and click on your state to find cheaper gas. the goal, obviously, is to help as many people find the cheapest gas that they can. keep our fingers crossed, maybe the analysts are wrong and maybe
8:27 am
that price will go down. >> thank you for keeping us informed, nonetheless. thank you. >> you got it. shipments of canadian orange juice aren't being allowed in the country after they tested positive for a banned fungicide. it's legal in canada, but not in the u.s. some brazilian orange juice tested positive this month. the government says low levels aren't dangerous and the tests of that canadian juice did come back below the danger level. be careful out there. not all the candidates are kind of going at it here with florida voters. ron paul is braving the cold in maine instead. we're going to tell you why he's skipping the sunshine state. [ gargling ] oo-ay-ow. savings. savings. savings? progressive was the first to offer online quoting. you can do better. first to show comparison rates. ding! the "name your price" tool. oh! gosh, don't mind if i do.
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getting your top stories to you right now, demi moore was hospitalized. we're learning more about what happened from the 911 call. the caller tells the operator more. >> okay. did she overdose on --
8:31 am
>> she's convulsing. >> listen to me. keep watching her closely. don't do anything. don't put anything in her mouth. we're not. >> is this accidental or intentional. >> well, it was -- she smoked something, you know, but the reaction was accidental. and despite charges that he raped and molested a number of young boys, jerry sandusky is asking a judge to let him see his grandkids which he's barred as doing as part of his bail right now. a hearing is scheduled on that issue in about two weeks? and a search is on to find one of the killers pardoned by mississippi governor haley barbour. police aren't allowed to arrest him, either, so the attorney general is offering a reward. you could kind of see this one coming, too, couldn't you? at least six passengers are now suing the company that owns the costa concord yeah.
8:32 am
the choose ship wrecked two weeks ago. the lawsuit follows news passengers would be paid what amounts to about $14,000 each in compensation. that, of course, is going to survivors at this point. to politics now. as we hit the campaign trail ahead of the florida primary, newt gingrich and mitt romney have events this morning. there's a live shot here in florida. newt gingrich is attending a lincoln day on your right. mitt romney holding a rally in pensacola. the florida primary, as you know, just three days away right now. ron paul and rick santorum are skipping the sunshine state today. sanatorium is home in pennsylvania. ron paul is in maine. why maine? >> it's almost 80 degrees in florida where three of the
8:33 am
republican presidential candidates have been campaigning. why is ron paul here in maine? we'll let him explain. >> -- that i'm not important. we have some enthusiastic supporters in maine and we wanted to come and share with you. so thank you very much. >> those delegates dr. paul is talking about, 24 here this maine. he's competing heavily in states like maine, like nevada, like colorado, like minnesota. he stands to do pretty well in those contests. he's pretty much seated the florida primary that's coming up on tuesday to his rivals. but he's hoping up to rack up delegates through the caucus process in order to win the nomination. but should he not win the nomination, he could play a prominent role at the republican convention with those delegates.
8:34 am
one last thing, congressman paul also met with governor paula paige, the governor of the state himself a prom then tea partier. a quick programming note here, too, be sure to tune in for an encore presentation of cnn's florida republican presidential debate. it comes your way today at 5:00 p.m. herein. have you done any searches on google? the search engine giant is revising its privacy guidelines. it could have a big impact on what google does with your information. mario armstrong joins us live to break it all down. yeah, there he is. stay close. also, high fashion for children. can it kiddy couture is becoming a growing, lucrative trend. but will it teach kids the wrong lesson? we're going to dig deep into this in just a moment. first, for those of you who long to see the world, here is your chance. this travel insider's trip will take you to 150 cities captured
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in thousands of pictures. get ready for one inge credible journey that takes just 2 1/2 minutes. ♪ >> after i left my company last year, i figured, you know, it's as good a time as any to take off and do a bit of backpacking. i wanted to capture my trip, but, you know, not have to subject my family and friends to a massive -- it took me about 42
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days to the last stop. and at that time it was about 19 trains, 18 boats, car rides here and there. when i was in morocco, there were street performers and vendors, shops and sort of this labyrinth of a bazaar. the biggest part was actually compiling the -- with over 130 different cities. my brothers are -- and i wanted
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to have an original composition to accompany the music just to get them in the mood so, you know, we kind of worked together and came up with this piece of faces and faces.
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8:40 am
armstrong, joining me now. help us get to the bottom of this, my friend. what exactly is going on? >> it's a lot going on. are you kidding me? don't you use the google service at some point in your day? >> all the time. >> millions do. there's big some big changes. the biggest change is now they're allowing kids under the age of 18 to now use google plus. google plus is their social network. it's their answer to facebook and myspace. so this is the place where people can log on, establish networks with friends and share information, photos, contend and videos with each other. but why are they changing the privacy policies? and how invasive is it going to be for us? >> it's pretty invasive. when you think about this privacy policy, we're talking about seven different google products out there from gmail or e-mail service to google groups, youtube, even.
8:41 am
so the idea is this. let's say you do a search on youtube. maybe you're searching for a brand new ford car or something like that. you look that up. later in the day if you're using their e-mail service, you might see an ad specifically about that same ford vehicle. so they're tracking your movements across all these different services and they're saying to personize the experience, to direct things that would be more custom fit for you. privacy advocates are saying, whoa, wait a minute, this is tracking too much of what my personal interests are, body my behavior, and and i don't know where this might lead to or if cyber talkers could get access to that info. >> yeah. because you immediately feel like somebody is getting online and watching what you're doing. you mentioned google plus. are they doing anything to ensure safety if they're targeting kids under 18? >> yeah, they are. three things in particular is what they're focusing on. number one, they're focusing on warning you before you post anything publicly. which i think is a good thing. you type a post.
8:42 am
before it goes out, you'll be notified, this can be seen by all. number two, there will be no contact from strangers. they can do this because they have something called google circles where you can plug in specifically people you want to connect with. last but not least, if you're doing video chat, you the youth will be kicked out of that video chat to keep you safe from any possible issues that could happen in video chat. >> in terms of these privacy issues for the rest of us and feeling like, oh, i'm going to log on, who is watching me, is there any way users can opt out of this? >> christi, this is what has many people furious. and me, as someone that follows the digital lifestyle, this is usually a bad thing when there is no way out. what they're saying for this privacy policy that goes into effect march 1st, there isn't an opt out option. so the only way to opt out is people will say i won't use google services. i don't know if that's going to
8:43 am
stick around for long. i think we'll see some federal scrutiny, but we'll see. >> that's a good point you're bringing up. a lot of this is generational issues. some people are saying, look, this is a sign of the times. i'm not doing anything i'm worried about, so no big deals. others are saying, wait a minute, isn't that my information? aren't you monetizing my private info and that's just not right. so it is toeing the line and i think it's a sign of the times to be seen if this goes through without any more scrutiny. >> mr. mario, thank you vovp. always good to see you on saturday morning. you can see him this saturday as hln digital expert mario armstrong gives the scoop on the latest technology. thank you. let me ask you, when you spend thousands of dollars on designer clothing for your kids? kiddy couture is the newest fashion trend. the question a lot of people are
8:44 am
asking is is it sending the wrong message? we're going to talk live with a school psychologist.
8:45 am
parents, i want to ask you a question. would you buy a $2,900 coat pore your child? what about a jacket this costs $3,800, or a dress, say, for $1, 500, yes, for your child. despite a tough economy, some parents are shelling out big bucks on a growing trend. as we get into this, let me just say, look, it's your money. spend it however you want. big name designers like gucci, prada, versace, lanvin with
8:46 am
creating fashion lines just for kids 12 and under. it has caused a lot of people to ask, though, how much is too much? it seems to be a growing backlash from some parents. a school psychologist is here to talk to us about this. before we get started, we wanted to show a couple of these pieces so you all can see what we're talking about here. first of all, we have a lanvin trench. very cute puds 1,645. let's go to the gucci dress. next. there. oh, now, that is cute. it's $1,495. is it $1,495 cute? and then burberry coat. he's a cutie. $525 there. i have to ask you first and foremost, does this trend even affect kids or are they oblivious to the whole thing? >> you know, it really
8:47 am
demonstrates some emphasis and overemphasis on the outward appearance. and it really undermines the importance of focusing on your talents, your skills, your abilities and, really, this is an age where children are exploring, experimenting and coming into their own. we want them to be able to do that. >> and i've seen some of these for infants, too. for them, they're not going to know the difference. but at what age, particularly, rachel, do kids start noticing the difference from luxury? >> it could be as young as 4 years old. they choose ten different clashing colors and patterns and they walk out with a sense of pride and decision making. they really start to know it at a young age. >> do people wonder if, perhaps, this is really a parent who is trying to overcompensate for something they feel lacking in terms of buying -- you know, spending that kind of money on clothes that a kid is likely
8:48 am
going to grow out of within six months to a year? >> it's typically the parents doing it out of their own needs, not the needs of the child. you often see your child as an extension of yourself as a parent, so you like to dress them in a particular way, it's really to meet your own needs. >> and we just want to say, again, your money is your money. you can spend it as you want. nobody can dictate that and you have the right to do whatever you'd like to do. if you do buy these things for the kids, is there -- especially in an economy that is struggling the way we are right now, what is the best way to teach them about balance? >> balance is very important and that's a good point. you know, you have to think about do you want to send that message to your children? do you want to tell them that it's always important to have the best of everything, to have high caliber expectations, high caliber materials and belongings? >> because if you do that, doesn't that kind of bleed over into other aspects of their lives? won't they feel that stress, that i have to be the best
8:49 am
academically or i have to be the best in sports? does that happen? >> it certainly does. and i see this every day. the children are struggling because they feel that pressure and they feel that competition that they have to fulfill. >> the pressure from the parents? >> yes. >> so when you say the pressure from the parents, are they pressuring them because of these clothes and trying to dress them and make them look like they're perfect and putting that pressure on them aesthetically or are these kids who have created pressure in other areas? >> certainly as the children get older, their appearance is very important to them as they're forming their identity. and parents are overemphasizing that physical appearance, it isn't benefiting the child in any capacity. and then they're thinking, well, i have to be the best at anything i do and anything less than that is unacceptable. so that leads to a sense of failure and disappointment for them and sets them up. >> all righty. rachel, thank you so much for
8:50 am
being here with us, child psychologist. great information. >> thank you. thank you for having me. >> absolutely. anytime. be patient because delivery may take a little more than 30 minutes. just ahead, one group shipping pizzas overseas to our troops so they can watch next week's big game in true american style. newt gingrich talking to voters in stewart, florida, in just a couple of seconds here. what is gingrich doing to get his campaign back on track? there's a live picture for you. and we're going to find out at the top of the hour. ok! who gets occasional constipation,
8:51 am
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8:53 am
it's time for sports with hln's joe cataea. when i said that to him, he had no idea what i was talking about. i felt so old. okay. so we're looking at helping troops overseas helping military people enjoy the super bowl american style. >> they call it a slice of america. they basically get to enjoy one or two slices of fresh, hot pizza on sworn bowl sunday. super bowl sunday is by all accounts the largest pizza
8:54 am
eating day of the year here in the states. so why not let these people get to enjoy it, as well. >> yeah. >> the big question is, how did they get there fresh? they make them in chicago. they half bake them. then they freeze them, they ship them. they arrive at the bases and they bake them again for the guests to enjoy. take a listen. >> i think it's a great opportunity that we get people back in the states to send us awesome pizzas like this, definitely a change of what our normal chow is. it's just awesome to know that people even back in the states care about, you know, us being over here and want to provide us with a little something extra. >> so they're going to ship out 10,000 pizzas this week for 30,000 troops to enjoy a slice during the game next sunday. over the last five years, they've been in the organization since 2008, they've sent 100,000 pizza wes, which is interesting to think about.
8:55 am
they partnered with uno, which is a pizza making company. >> it's a great way for them to remember that we think of them every day. >> it's a big event going on in aspen, colorado right now. the x games, it's extreme sports becoming so popular. last night's canadian mark morris lands the first back side triple loop 1440. >> it's hard enough to say let alone for him to do. >> i have a buddy that operates a camera and they have so many cameras on that course. >> so he ends uplanding this trip and winning his first ever gold. his father is out to be a canadian politician. not only is his son an x games gold metal, but he's not hurt. averment i see these guys do
8:56 am
this, i'm like, how do they not get hurt? >> let alone all the practice it takes to do that and they have not gotten hurt yet. joe, thank you very much. >> good to be here. coming up, a new york sports club is taking on the paula deen controversy. did it go too far with a new ad? we asked, you answered, that's coming next. can you enjoy vegetables with sauce and still reach your weight loss goals? you can with green giant frozen vegetables. over twenty delicious varieties have sixty calories or less
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happy saturday to you. a new controversial ad takes aim at food network star paula deen. take a look at this. this is what ran by a new york based jim chain. it reads, paula, you made a fortune off of fat. call us if you want to be around
9:00 am
to enjoy it. deen's recent revelation that she's been living with type two diabetes for the past two years, it has sparked debate on both obesity and her cooking methods. we're asking about your thoughts of this ad and we're not finding a lot of fans of the ad itself. robin tweeted to us, i don't know her professionally or personally. i believe no death should be used for commercial reasons. in my opinion, disgusting. lieuan tweeted, way too much. my husband is an insulin dependent diabetic and yes, they can eat anything they want just in moderation. so we want to know your opinion, is the gym ad funny or did it go too far? we will read your responses. let's check your top stories today. one day after hundreds of etta james fans turned out for the viewing, the funeral will take
9:01 am
place in california. reverend sharpton will provided over the funeral. greg kelly, the son of new york's police commissioner is being investigated for allegedly raping a female acquaintance. kelly's attorney says his client is innocent and he is cooperating with authorities. the youngman known as the barefoot bandit will not be going anywhere for a while. a federal judge sentenced colton harris moore to 6 1/2 years in prison. the 20-year-old won fame, 50,000 facebook fans and even a movie deal for alluding police in stolen cars, boats and planes for two years. let's move on to politics. get you right to the campaign trail now. newt gingrich is in stewart, florida, attending a lincoln day breakfast and he has another one coming up a little bit later this hour. the big question for a lot of
9:02 am
you, you know, is where does this race really stand with just three days to go until the primary? mitt romney sporting a nearly 10-point lead in a poll taken just before the cnn florida debate. this is a turn around from just a few days earlier when gingrich had the lead. so newt gingrich may have some ground to make up, it looks like. joining me now, cnn's joe johns, who is at the site of the upcoming gingrich event in port st. lucie. joe, good to see you. has the gingrich stalled? is there that feeling at all? what's the problem as they see it? >> reporter: well, i mean, if you look sorts of objectively, christi, at the polls, they're up against what you just mentioned. if you look at the organization of mitt romney here in florida, which is daunting, they've been working on the state for years. if you look at the air war, the ads, the romney people are running here. they're really out spending gingrich all over the state.
9:03 am
and if you look at the fact that the speaker loss his mojo in that last debate last week, i'd have to say, yes, the gingrich campaign is up against some challenges here in this state. what they say is, among other things, that the gingrich campaign is trying to deal with false statements, untruthful statements that have been put out by the romney campaign. nonetheless, it's much more than that. it's just the totality of the situation and a lot of people say florida is a very tough state to compete in, anyway. especially if you're newt gingrich. he is looking at this and saying, how okay, how do i win? >> it shows you what a good zinger can do in terms of how the numbers changed for gingrich in south carolina before this. at this point, how do you think the gingrich campaign is -- how are they going to make up the ground they've lost for romney thus far? >> well, they're trying to do a lot of legwork, shoe leather, if you will. gingrich has something like six
9:04 am
stops here in the state of florida just today as he starts to make his closing arguments. he's going to be moving all over the states, especially out in the panhandle where there's a lot of conservative voters. they have a tough new ad that bounces off of the last debate. and they're once again raising the questions of whether romney made some untruthful statements, dishonest statements, if you will. they're really saying that things might not be as bad as some people suggest. they're hoping that they will be able to get at least a bit of a bounce from, for example, absentee ballots. everybody figuring into the absentee ballot race, romney was a guy who hands down was the leader here. they're saying they might have made up some ground just before they really got started in earnest campaigning for florida, christi. >> yeah. a number of republicans have already voted in that early voting process. thank you so much, joe johns, good to see you this morning. a quick programming note for
9:05 am
you, too, be sure to tune in for an enbody core presentation of cnn's florida republican presidential debate there. it comes your way at 5:00 p.m. eastern. the other candidate in this election, as you know, president barack obama, democrats gathered this week for a retreat to talk about the election and the state of the democratic party. no doubt, they also talked about tuesday's state of the union. president obama kicked off the much anticipated address with this -- quote, for the first time in two decades, osama bin laden is not a threat to this country, unquote. the democratic retreat by vice president joe biden offered a bit of a behind the scenes glimpse of the decision to kill bin laden. >> i think we owe the man a direct answer. mr. president, my suggestion is don't go. we have to do a few more things to see if he's there. he walked out and said, i'll give you my decision. the next morning he came down,
9:06 am
getting ready to get into the helicopter. he turned to tom donald and said, go, knowing that as loyal as everyone is around that table, the press and books that were written later would be said, i didn't tell him to do that. i hope no one would have done that. but not knowing that the people around that table said, yes, mr. president, go, and he knew what was at stake, not just the lives of those brave warriors, but literally the presidency. and he pulled the trigger. >> yesterday's democratic retreat wrapped up with a speech by president obama urging democrats to help him get the me going. meanwhile, anger explodes in egypt over what's happening in syria. dozens of anti-government protesters stormed the syrian embassy in cairo yesterday, smash ago window, tearing down the syrian flag, stomping on
9:07 am
pictures of al assad. they want the syrian regime to stop cracking down on anti-government protesters there in syria. london police, i want to let you know, have made several arrests this morning in the tabloid phone hacking scandal. among those arrest sid a police officer and several past and present employees of "the sun" newspaper. the investigation is centering on allegations of bribes made to police on investigation. help our teachers, that was the message president obama offered during the state of the union. did he hit the mark? well, we're talking to one teacher who saw this speech up close and personal. and we're keeping a sharp eye on your forecast. one of the big stories we have is the wind, the wind in southern california and across parts of the north central rockies. that's one big story. the other is the heavy snow coming down and piling up across parts of the midwest and into
9:08 am
the great lakes, even the ohio valley. we're going to talk more about that with you. stick around. [ male announcer ] feeling like a shadow of your former self?
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talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. ask your doctor about cymbalta. imagine you with less pain. cymbalta can help. go to to learn about a free trial offer. man on tv: ...rbis and 36 homers. swings at the first pitch and fouls it deep back into the stands. [ding] [fans whirring] announcer: chill raw and prepared foods promptly. one in 6 americans will get sick from food poisoning this year. check your steps at president obama laid out a plan for the future of education at the state of the union address this week. this is part of that speech. at a time when other countries are doubling down on education, my budgthe budget had states to lay off thousands of
9:12 am
teachers. we know a good teacher can increase the lifetime of a classroom by over $250,000. a great teacher can offer escape from poverty to the child who dreams beyond his circumstance. every person in this chamber can point to a teacher who changed the trajectory of their life. most teachers work tirelessly with modest pain. sometime it's digging into their own pocket for school supplies just to make a difference. >> sherry ferguson is one of those teachers. teachers there in philadelphia went the extra mile for their kids, even working without getting paid. her reward was being a special invited guest at the state of the union. creati congratulations to you first of all for what you're doing. >> my mom was a kindergarten teacher for 30 years. my dad taught to make his way through law school. do you think sitting there in
9:13 am
that gallery that the president had the right message on education? >> i think the president had a sound message on education and i think by virtue of having me there, he showed the whole nation that he's committed to teachers and committed most importantly to the students and seeing that they are well educated. >> it had to be pretty surreal for you sitting there with the first lady. what did your students think about their teacher being there? >> you know what? i received such a warm welcome from my students, many of the older students came up and hugged me and thanked me for representing them. it was an honor for me to be there to be able to represent students that most of the time don't have a voice. and i'm just humbled to be the person to represent teachers and students and support staff that work very hard in schools every day all across this nation. >> we had to think it was
9:14 am
something big for your students. what about your experience? what did the president and first lady say to you specifically? >> the president and first lady said that they were proud of me, they were proud of the work that we were doing in chester upland school district and they said for us to keep fighting for our students. that was the message that they gave me. >> which you have done so much. there aren't a lot of people that would continue to work without getting paid for it, especially when we all have mortgages to pay and people to take care of in our families. what did your distinct need more than anything? >> our distinct needs the attention of the whole united states. this should have never happened to us. this is not just happening here. there are districts all over the country that are struggling and we need the public to know that we must support our public schools. it is our moral obligation to educate our students. if we don't do it, it will be to the detriment of our entire country.
9:15 am
>> so let me ask you this. how involved are the parents in your district and how imperative do you think nah is to the success of any student? >> you know, parents need to send students to school with the values that make them ready to learn, make them respectful, maybe them value their education. we need all stakeholders, especially parents, because the schools ultimately belong to them. we need to all partner together and work for our students. i see more and more parent involvement as more and more attention has come to this problem. >> yeah. that can make all the difference. and the last question for you, if you were advising somebody who wanted to become a teacher, what would you say to them? >> i would tell them that we need the best and brightest in this profession and i would tell them that when you enter a classroom and you see those faces eager to learn, with looking back at you, you will know that you have made the
9:16 am
right decision. >> all right. >> it is a difficult job, but it's very rewarding. >> teacher sara ferguson, kudos to you. hats off to you, the job that you and all the teachers are doing weighs far more than so much people ever give credit for. so thank you for everything you do. >> thank you. >> good luck to you. and for more on sara's story, check out hurry blog at's school of thought. a convicteded killer parted in mississippi pardoned back to court has just one problem. where is he? an accident doesn't have to slow you down. with better car replacement available only with liberty mutual auto insurance, if your car's totaled, we give you the money for a car one model year newer.
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welcome back on this saturday morning. former mississippi governor haley barbour standing hi business decision to pardon inmates, including convicted killers. >> they have -- people out in the public ought to be afraid of them. and you said that we pardoned 200 something inmates. well, 189 of them are people who are out of jail. most of them have been released years and years ago. someone has been out since the '70s. so ten people were pardoned and released. we have 21,342 inmates in this city pardoned and released. less than one out of every 2,000. so i don't get what the big issue is about. >> well, the state attorney general says the pardons are invalid because barbour failed to follow the constitution. four of those pardoned were
9:21 am
convicted murderers who were still serving time. a judge had ordered joseph osmond to appear in court, but nobody can find him. police are not allowed to arrest him, either, so the attorney general is offering a reward. >> i'm fearful. at this point, you have a cold blooded murderer, in my opinion. he's a cold blooded murderer to do what he's done. and he thinks that he may go back to prison? what's he got to lose? >> a hearing on the pardon controversy will be held next week. it's just two days away now from the florida primary. it's your voice that counts. so we left an open mike and asked the senior citizens of palm beach county to put things into perspective for us about living through hard times. ♪
9:22 am
>> it's almost too much government. and we have all kinds of social structures that support many of the aspects of life that are difficult. but what that eliminates is the opportunity to deal with those problems yourself. >> i did 35 years with one company. that just doesn't happen any more. you find so many people that say, well, i was a computer programmer and i'm not going to take a job working at a gas station because i'm too good for that. and these kinds of times, you have to put that kind of pride aside and take care of your family first and your pride second. >> having started out as a sweeping florist myself, there's never a job. a personal low point is when i used to have to go down and put a $5 check into the insurance bureau for my boat and reach up over-the-counter. >> there is the time when i had two dresses that i wore to work. they were identical. one was brown, one was green. nobody knew which dress i was going to wear the next day.
9:23 am
>> i think, unfortunately, my generation has spoiled the children and i have it with my own grandchildren. they want to be sports stars, they want to be kim kardashian type of people. they don't realize that isn't life. >> mother served us food on our table that we would have to share a pork chop, me and my brother, ike. stay out of debt. >> there were many times when my best meal was the free lunch in school. if i got hungry later on when i got home, my mother would say, take a piece of dried bread and rub it with garlic. >> you could get a half a gallon of milk for the same price as a pack of cigarettes. so i just had to give up smoking so i could give my children milk. >> i didn't have much time to do anything more than take care of my family. but we lived in a seller.
9:24 am
we lived in a basement. you didn't spend. you only bought things that were on sale. even adults, they have to have their toys. they walk around with their iphones and they don't think of what it costs. but, you know, we wanted to give them more than we had. >> boy, words of wisdom there, aren't they? thank you to all of those folks there. let me ask you, have you looked outside the window? what is it going to look like? the big question is, is it going to look like that for you the rest of the weekend? meteorologist reynolds wolf, he's going to have your forecast for you in just a moment. ♪
9:25 am
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looking at some of the story we're going to be following today in the krj news room, at 1:15, music great etta james will be laid to rest in
9:28 am
california. christina aguilera will be performing her signature song "at least." cnn is going to bring you that live. also at 3:00, the florida a&m drum major killed in a suspected hazing incident will be remembered during a college band competition here in atlanta. at 1715 tonight, president obama and the first lady will attend the alpha club dinner in washington. so how does it look? outside where you are, and will it stay that way? meteorologist remember olds wolf is keeping his eye on the forecast. are we going to continue to see sunshine here? >> you know, it's a unique mixed bag. one place where it's going to be absolutely beautiful is southern california. it's going to be pretty, but be very pretty. we're talking tropical storm force winds, 68 miles per hour in camp nine, 43 miles an hour
9:29 am
in whisker peak. we're going to see it happen again today and the reason is very simple. an area of low pressure, high pressure moving over the desert is going to help push a lot of its wind. approaching 60, maybe even 70 miles per hour in the day. that combined with low humidity will give us a fire danger. through fire threats for today, tomorrow, perhaps even into monday. although we anticipate those winds are going to persist just a little bit. anything you're going going to have in l.a., delays. in cleveland, you'll have delayed delays, but not because of the wind, but because of the snow. you're going to see it move from chicago, down here in the clear for now, eventually moving into cleveland, detroit. then there will be another front that will come through by the end of the weekend. it looks like you're going to have two dozens of snowfall. we'll talk more about that coming up, christi. back to you.


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