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tv   CNN Sunday Morning  CNN  January 29, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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morning. stay connected with me throughout the week on my life stream at join the ongoing conversation on twitter @sanjaygupta.cnn. time now for a check off your time now for a check off your top stories. -- captions by vitac -- live from studio 7, this is cnn sunday morning. >> i hope your sunday morning has been good to you so far on the january 29th. i'm christi paul. thanks for keeping me company. boy, do we have lots to talk about this morning. first of all, tear gas, smoke, protesters on the ground. overnight occupiers in oakland engaged in a violent standoff with police. violence that could escalate even more throughout today. and herman cain is finally endorsing a candidate. is it going to make a difference
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in florida, is what people are asking at this point. let's get back to the volley of rocks, bottles, tear gas and gunfire we just showed you. here's more. what you're looking at is what happened in oakland, california, last night as occupy oakland protesters faced off with police. we know as many as 200 people were arrested. we'll get more on the classes and controversy now from patty lee of cnn affiliate ktvu there in oakland. >> reporter: tear gas and flash bombs filled this plaza where occupiers faced off with police. one of multiple clashes in oakland. >> they tear gassed us multiple times all day today. all we were doing was marching. nothing. we didn't throw anything. >> reporter: occupiers claimed innocence. but our cameras caught protesters hurling rocks,
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bottles and bleach bombs. at least two officers were hurt. >> their intent is to commit acts of violence and vandalism and break into something that doesn't belong to them. so their intent is clear. we give disbursal orders. they don't disburse. >> reporter: police spent hours corralling hundreds of protesters. who declared their intent to take over an unused space and turn it into a center for the movement. >> there were cops on one end. we turned around, there were cops on the other end. there was essentially no way out. >> reporter: the plan fizzled around 7:00 when police surrounded the crowd and warned of imminent arrests. hundreds of protesters ran to a ymca to escape. a few made it out the back. the majority arrested while ymca members watched. >> the cops had all the protesters or occupiers lined up in the front against the wall.
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>> reporter: but the night was far from over. while mass arrests took place at the y, ten blocks away a small group of protesters entered oakland city hall. >> no one broke in. the doors were unlocked. people started tipping over stuff so then i left because that's -- i didn't think that was right. >> reporter: police barricaded the entrance to the building where a crowd was starting to gather. city hall is ground zero for occupy oakland. >> they burned some of the flags that are usually in the center that they threw trash on the ground, that they broke into one of our electrical boxes and we don't quite get, they turned over the historic model of city hall on the ground floor and they destroyed the children's art exhibit on recycled art. >> there will most likely be a solid police presence in oakland again today because occupied activists are planning a big rally in just a few hours at this point. we're going to keep an eye on that and keep you posted.
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meanwhile occupy protesters in washington, d.c., targeted a big event. people inside were celebrating the 99th year of the annual dinner. protesters outside chanted "we are the 99%." there weren't any arrests, but take a look at this. let's see if we've got it here. there he is. connecticut senator joe lieberman all glittery. see all that glitter? protesters hit him and a couple other people, in fact, with glitter bombs. the guest list for that dinner including president obama and former president george h.w. bush. all right. let's travel into the political arena together, shall we? a possible boost for newt gingrich in the presidential race. joining gingrich on stage in west palm beach, florida, last night was herman cain. he came to florida to throw his support behind the former
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speaker. >> i hereby officially and enthusiastically endorse newt gingrich for president of the united states! >> cain went on to say that backing gingrich had been in his heart for a long time. here's how he explained his thinking to our don lemon. >> in some instances, endorsements may not make a difference. but i don't endorse based upon where somebody stands in polls. i make my endorsement based upon my belief in this individual as one of the people still in the primary process that i happen to believe embraced most of the ideals and most of the ideologies that i represented. >> we're going to talk more about that endorsement and what it could mean to the florida race. that's coming up in about 15 minutes. meanwhile i want to let you know about something going on in the rick santorum camp. sad news. he's canceled all his campaign events so he can be by his daughter's bedside in the hospital.
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3-year-old bella was admitted to children's hospital in philadelphia last night. the santorums aren't really saying why. we do nobel la santorum suffers from a je mettic defect calmed trisomy 18. only half of the children with trisomy 18 survive past the first year of life. the clock is certainly ticking, isn't it, as the candidates get ready to take their last shots before tuesday's primary in florida? cnn political reporter peter hamby has more on what the candidates are doing today to get the word out. >> reporter: the two republican front-runners mitt romney and newt gingrich are blitzing the state. romney is visiting naples and pompano beach. he's also going to visit the miami area to shore up support against hispanics. a group he lost badly to john mccain in the 2008 primary. newt gingrich is trying to shore up support among conservatives.
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he's running to romney's right. hitting two baptist churches today as he tries to appeal to evangelica evangelicals. he's also going to visit the villages of a sprawling retirement community near orlando. all of this is unfolding amid a blitz of negative tv ads. the romney campaign is running most of thel. they think if they deliver one more knockout blow against gingrich that'll get them the nomination. gingrich is brushing all that aside. he said yesterday he's in this race all the way until the convention in tampa this fall. in plantation, florida, peter hamby, cnn. want to give you a program reminder here, too. keep it here on cnn for the florida primary on tuesday night. our special coverage begins at 6:00 eastern. so maybe a little bumpy for a couple of the candidates. maybe they're in florida. but meteorologist reynolds wolf is looking at the weather map and i understand the florida map is a little dicy, too, today reynolds. >> absolutely. south florida could see
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scattered showers and thunderstorms. out to the west, different. not rain but dry conditions. with the w that the red flag warnings. fire dangers a prospect in southern california. the great lakes to the ohio valley, it's all snow. we'll let you know how much coming up in a few minutes. when mitt romney talks education, he keeps mentioning a certain florida school. but how did full sail university make the stump speech? we're going to follow the money trail a little later this hour. ♪ for you are mine >> that and prayers, tears, and deep emotion at etta james' funeral. christina augu christina august aguilera singing "at last."
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diesel self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback right now, get 5% cashback at gas stations. it pays to discover. all right. what's happening cross country? let's start you off in gardenia, california. about 300 mourners attended the funeral of etta james. reverend al sharpton presided and musicians such as stevie wonder and christina auguguiler paid tribute to the legendary singer ♪ my love has come along >> but it was james' son that really struck a cord. >> i just want to say right now, mama, i love you. lord have mercy. >> reporter: james died earlier this month of complications from
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leukemia. she was 73. ? potstown, pennsylvania, starting monday a middle school is b banning students from wearing boots with fur to class. school administrators say students having tugging their cell phone inside their ugg style boots. cell phones aren't allowed. students can wear the boots to school. just not to class. some fun news from dieten, massachusetts. as part of super bowl week, some wounded war yars in the area will be playing flag football with current and former nflers. the event is part of the wounded warrior project. the game will take place wednesday in indianapolis. meanwhile, thousands of people in maryland went for a dip in the cold waters of the chesapeake bay. it's the annual polar bear plunge charity event sponsored by maryland state police to support special olympics. last year's event raised nearly
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3 million tl$3 million. no word yet on how much organizers pulled in this year. but i love this picture. i keep saying it, reynolds, but i can't help it. it's like a mad dash. they're getting in, you see them -- they're all getting out. they're clashing trying to get from one end to the other end passing each other by. >> to be honest, i wonder if even polar bears would do that. if they had their druthers would they rather swim in the arctic ocean or off st. john in the virgin islands. >> good people. they have a purpose. >> absolutely. a wonderful cause. no question about it. the cause for some of the delays we're going to see around the country is going to be very easy. it's going to be due to the snow we're going to see across parts of the great lakes in chicago and detroit and cleveland. there you go. delays just under an hour. we're not expecting a great deal of snow. light dusting at best. in miami situation is showers. maybe a thunder boom or two. that's going to give you some delays there also. snow very easy to see in
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milwaukee. you're seeing it this morning from madison. it's about to leave the campus of the university of wisconsin. chicago, kind of hit or miss for the time being. when you get south you're going to see a little bit of that warmer air which will result in not snow but sleet mixed in with snowfall. sunday into monday, that one frontal boundaries moves through, the cold front. warm front towards the west. you'll see the contrast of warmer air in omaha and kansas city. ahead of it, colder air. cold enough to bring another round of snow showers to green bay. wind roaring in the northern rockies. gusts up to 75 miles an hour. the equivalent of a tropical storm or rather category 1 hurricane. the situation for a good part of today and into tomorrow. southern california, not only from los angeles to san diego, even along parts of the gulf coast we've got very, very low humidity with wind gusts that may get around to 45 miles per hour. that's your red flag warnings.
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certainly something to watch out for. beautiful, pure bliss across the great basin. high pressure, plenty of sunshine. scattered showers across the pacific northwest. cascades, not rain, but know. great lakes, snow showers there. high in chicago, 33. 78 in miami. to be honest, if we get scattered showers i doubt it's going to be that warm. 66 in san francisco. 48 in seattle. copy cat, portland. >> i love the pure bliss part. u.s. troops are out of iraq now, of course. but for many who were injured on the front lines, the battle to heal is still continuing at home. retired army captain matthew statin was injured in iraq in 2004. it didn't keep him from taking part in a wounded warriors ski weekend last year. this year he's back on the slopes as an instructor. take a look. >> reporter: this is the eighth
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annual wounded warrior event at winter green. the objective is to help these wounded warriors learn what's even possible in their lives. many of them have sustained horrific injuries. and they're not sure what they can do. we want to show them that skiing can be a part of their life. so we like to say that this is all about discovering new possibilities. >> last year i was here as an actual wounded warrior. i was one of the soldiers or veterans here taking ski instruction from the staff and having a good time. this career i'm back on staff as an instructor, assistant instructor this year, and working and really enjoying it. >> i'm very much into any kind of recovery. something that's going to help my brain. anything that stimulates this is good. it keeps my mind off of other things. so, yeah. i was invited and i said yeah, you know, i'm going. >> i get the enjoyment out of it, for me, being able to get
8:18 am
back out and do things like this outdoors. but at the same time, i get to show my peers who are here for maybe the first time that, hey, you can be seriously injured and come back out here and do this. yeah, it may take a little modified technique, but we're going to -- we're going to get you down the hill safely and you're going to have fun. >> they've got me rigged up in this ski with the side riggers. i'm going to have people tethering. i know i'm not going down. i got five people with me. >> there's a bond that most civilians can't relate to. i may not have personally experienced every exact moment that they have through their recovery process or their exact injuries, but at the same time, we share that bond of we went down range and we've done our duty and we paid with blood but we're not going to trade it for a single day in the world. >> that is some inspiration. and thank you to all of those men and women who do this for us
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all right. let's talk sports with the one and only hln's joe carter. all right. before we get to next sunday's game, though, we need to talk about tiger woods. >> yep. >> he's in the news. >> yep. >> he's doing well? >> he played pretty well, yeah. all things considered, it's definitely better than he played this time last year. he's in a tournament in abu
8:23 am
dabi. he just finished the final round 20 minutes ago. he finished tied for third place, two shots back. two months ago against an 18-man field in california he finished first. this year through three rounds going into the final round, he was actually tied for the lead. a couple of early bogeys, as they always do, really killed him. he only had two bogeys going into today's final round. he had three early. he did show if you look at his overall body of work signs of consistency which is really bad for the rest of the field. finishing in third place is going to pay very well for the tournament. according to the golf channel he got paid even better just for showing up. he got between $1.7 million and $2.7 million as an appearance fee. >> are you kidding? at this event? >> in abu dhabi. they really wanted him there. okay. no problem. >> would you say no? >> exactly. tied for third, two shots back
8:24 am
of the winner, robert rock, the englishman. the super bowl coming up sunday. people in and around the indianapolis area are like i'm going to cash in on this opportunity. they're actually renting their house for thousands of dollars to super bowl visitors. this house, pretty nice, 2,200 square feet. nice appliances. nice furniture. looks very comfortable. they're renting this house for 1r $1,500 a night. as a perk they're throwing in their vehicle. >> oh, my goodness! don't you wonder where are they going? >> we've never done anything like this. >> we pretty much placed it in a price range of $1,000 to $1,500 a day. >> the first thing that comes to mind is wet carpet. crayons on the walls. backed up toilets. the number of problems that can occur with letting anyone in for a short amount of time like that is just risky. >> because you know it's a party time, too. you're right. when you said wet carpet i wasn't sure where you were going with that. now i get it. >> final story here, again, big
8:25 am
game coming up next sunday. super bowl sunday. this woman, sandy jones, was set to get married next saturday. so the day before the super bowl. then her brother calls and says, hey, i got some super bowl tickets. she's a huge patriots fan. she's also a huge peyton manning fan. she's going to the house that peyton manning built to watch the patriots play. she said we're pushing this wedding back to late february. definitely a dedicated fan. >> after the patriots won, i got a text from s.j. saying, are you ready for indy? let's roll. so it is my 50th birthday present from him. and that's how i'm getting to go to the super bowl. now we're going to do it later in the month. and i'll get to go to the super bowl and have a honeymoon all at the same time. >> because nothing says honeymoon like indianapolis in january. >> good point. you know what? they're clearly made for each other. because he knew what she wanted. >> he let her go. >> that's right. thank you, joe. >> good to see you. >> sure. you, too, as always. have you heard this?
8:26 am
newt gingrich has a new theme song. ♪ >> how did the former speaker of the house get a couple young rappers to give him a hand? yeah, we'll tell you.
8:27 am
well, newt gingrich may have a secret weapon to reach younger voters. and this might be it. ♪
8:28 am
>> listen to this. it's called "hoot newt." the song played before a gingrich event in port st. lucie, florida. the mother of one of the teens who did the song works for the gingrich campaign. gingrich didn't hear the song at the time, but the teens were able to kind of slip him a cd of "hoot newt." you know you can find it on the web now, too. we're just two days away from the florida primary. florida famously moved up their primary to january 31st so they'd have a bigger say in the republican presidential race. well, they can't be disappointed. will the florida vote really be that decisive, though? joining me now is patricia murphy. let me ask you, is florida really a game changer this time around? >> florida is huge this time around. and they got in a lot of trouble with the republican party when they decided to move their primary up from march to late in january. three other states had to change their calendars. they had to redo all of their ballots. but florida really played it
8:29 am
perfectly. because now we've never seen this before where we've had three separate people win the first three separate contests. now florida could really be the tie breaker. it doesn't mean you're going to win the nomination coming out of florida but we have a little quiet phase coming out of florida. so every candidate wants the momentum coming out of florida to rule into super tuesday which is a month from now. >> i know newt gingrich was hoping this was going to give him momentum yesterday when herman cain came out and gave him the endorsement. do you really think cain's endorsement is going to be a spring board for him? >> i think it could have been a spring board a week ago when floridians started voting. this comes a little late in the process. about half a million floridians have already requested their early and absentee ballots and have already voted. if there were going to be influenced by herman cain it's too late for them. newt gingrich wanted this endorsement. he's glad he got this endorsement. but getting it late on a saturday night two days before the florida primary is not exactly when he wanted it. he wanted it sooner. >> i know that the latino vote is blairing, obviously, on the
8:30 am
radar in florida. >> yes. >> i'm wondering how you think that's going to play out. here's what candidates are saying specifically about it as they try to talk about it and let people know, hey, we're paying attention to you, the latino community. here you go. >> we are very committed to having every american of every background come together. i talk about inclusion rather than outreach. i remind people outreach is when five white guys hold a meeting and call you. inclusion is when you are part of that process. we are working with the hispanic community across the country to develop policies and issues. >> we are not anti-immigrant. we are not anti-immigration. we are the pro-immigration, pro-legality, pro-citizenship nation and party. >> all right. amongst the candidates, who do you think has an advantage here in that arena? >> we already know who has an advantage because of these early ballots. looks like mitt romney has the advantage. he actually has a 20-point
8:31 am
advantage over newt gingrich. >> that's big. >> it's very big. this is when mitt romney's money really starts to make a difference. he was the first person to start advertising in florida, advertising in spanish. and he has a huge field operation that has been getting out into the latino community for months and months and months. so he put in a lot of early work with the latino community and it's really paying off for him right now. >> so you think that those early tv ads that he placed really helped primarily at this point, too, not just with latinos but with those voters who cast early ballots? >> absolutely. >> is there any way gingrich can make up, you know, save some face and make up any of that gain? >> he can make up some of that game. these polls are so up and down. there is still an enormous number of undecided voters in florida. he can make up some of that game. a little fun fact. more people have already voted in florida than the entire state of new hampshire and the entire state of iowa. so those votes are already in the bag. newt gingrich is going to do as much as he can to catch up with mitt romney. he didn't get that bounce. he didn't get the south carolina
8:32 am
bounce with these early voters. he's going to try and do everything he can. he is behind in the polls but he is not out of this race no matter what happens in florida. he is going on and on and on. this will be a very long primary battle. >> all righty. thanks, patricia murphy. i want to give you a programming reminder here. keep it here on cnn for the florida primary tuesday night. our special coverage begins at 6:00 eastern. you know, when you think about religion, humor and laughs probably aren't the first things that come to mind. next, though, the man known as stephen colbert's chaplain shares his favorite one-liner from the bible.
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zblunchts and at them. 33 minutes past the hour. so glad to have your company. occupy oakland protesters plan to rally again today despite violent clashes with police last night. police say protesters broke into the oakland city hall. they damaged displays, burned an american flag. around 200 protesters were arrested. i know a lot of you have been watching this. i have, too, in maine. police say they now have found blood in the basement of a missing toddler's home. they're not sure yet whose blood it is. ayla reynolds' father reported the 21-month-old missing on december 17th. police say accounts from adults in the house do not pass, quote, the straight face test. a top level delegation to the united nations nuclear watchdog agency has arrived in
8:35 am
tehran. tensions have risen over iran's nuclear program with the u.s. and european union imposing sanctions and iraq threatening to close a key oil waterway in retaliation there. strait of hormuz. do you ever wonder, did jesus have a sense of humor? my husband always says yes. but laughter and religion are topics father jim martin is very familiar with p p he's the culture editor of "america magazine" and is known to many television viewers as stephen colbert's chaplain as a result of his regular appearances on "the colbert report." >> someone once said pope john xxiii, how many people work in the vatican? about half. i'm culture editor of "america magazine." among my other ministries i am the official chaplain to the colbert nation. >> what is god's job?
8:36 am
>> sustaining the universe. >> can we judge him? >> no. i'm also the author of the new book "between heaven and mirth." why don't we see more images of jesus being joyful? one of the reasons for that is that a gospel writers really had to concentrate on the passion and death and resurrection. the problem is that that sort of overwhelms the rest of his story. you know, which is one of joy. there are two, however, i know. there's jesus laughing which is a kind of 1970s picture you see around. and the risen christ by the sea. neither of these are kind of great artists. but at least it's a start. there's a great story of an aposle called nathaniel that is told jesus is from naz ret.
8:37 am
he says can anything good come from nazareth. it's a dis of the hometown. the gospel writer has a sense of humor. he preserves that story so we can laugh about it 2,000 years later. jesus has a sense of humor. what would you imagine the dow or grumpy, depressed jesus say? don't make fun of my hometown. instead he says, now there's a guy i can trust. nathaniel is invited to join the apostles. archbishop dolan is a big guy. he went up to him as the archbishop of milwaukee and said, your holiness, i have good news to tell you.
8:38 am
the arch die sis of milwaukee is growing. john paul said, so is the archbishop. there's humor in religion and humor about religion. i think making fun of another's religion is out of bounds. making fun of religion in general can be very dicy. >> religion has convinced people that there's an invisible man living in the sky. >> some religious humor is out of the idea that, you know, god doesn't exist or religion is always and everywhere evil. others don't believe either of those two things. however, you know, a lot of religions do things that invite humor and invite people to poke fun at them. so i think religious people need to take themselves a little less seriously and maybe be a little more thick skinned. >> good advise there. for more on what father martin has to say on religion and humor go to our belief blog. it's at you can share your thoughts there as well. florida republican primary two days away now. ron paul is skipping the state this weekend. candy crowley tells us where
8:39 am
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state of the union with candy crowley coming up right here at the top of the hour.
8:42 am
republican presidential candidate ron paul is on the show today. candy joins us now with a preview. hi, candy. >> hey, christie. good morning. >> i'm wondering, why is paul skipping florida this weekend to be in maine and what is he gaining in order to do so? >> he's gaining some time and he's gaining a leg up in maine. listen, florida is winner take all. so whoever wins florida statewide is taking 50 delegates toward winning the nomination. ron paul doesn't have the money to compete with romney. doesn't have the money to compete with gingrich. was not going to win the state of florida. he looked at it as wasted time. why maine? maine has caucuses. that's where you're going to see ron paul point his attention towards these caucus states. colorado. that's where ron paul will be on florida primary day. because in those caucuses, which require a time commitment from voters, you go into a caucus and you talk politics. it's not as simple as pulling a lever. so ron paul is betting that in
8:43 am
those caucuses, he can pick up delegates because he has, one can certainly argue, some of the most passionate, devoted followers. the kinds of people who do show up and spend some time, invest some time in a caucus. so that's where he thinks his best chances are. so he gains a little leg up in maine while everybody's down in florida and he looks ahead to those other caucus states to try to pick up delegates in the way he thinks best suits the kinds of voters that have been flocking to the poll. >> herman cain officially endorsing newt gingrich. sarah palin sings his praises. do you think any of this is going to spring board him? >> it's difficult to know. listen, tea party voters in florida were instrumental in electing governor rick scott. they certainly are a force down there that would be -- the tea party voters who had backed herman cain earlier. certainly sarah palin still holds considerable sway in the conservative side of the party.
8:44 am
what we are seeing certainly in the poll numbers is a widening gap. mitt romney seems to have picked up some steam in florida. i'm not huge on thinking that endorsements make that much difference. maybe it puts somebody into the headlines saying, oh, newt gingrich got herman cain's endorsement. we're talking about it here. so it puts the name out there of the candidate. i don't know that the endorsement per se of anybody for any candidate actually moves that many voters. >> actually influences anyone. all righty. cant candy, thank you so much. keep it here for "state of the union" with candy crowley. it starts in just about 15, 16 minutes at 9:00 a.m. eastern. 6:00 a.m., of course, pacific. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor
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♪ ♪ so i'm wondering what you think about this. should students and teachers be
8:48 am
friends on facebook? this is a debate that's getting louder and louder as more teachers and students join social media and a school scramble to try to define their policies on it. we're looking into this with cnn student news anchor carl lazuiz. why would a teacher want to be a friend with a student? >> a lot of teachers view it as a teaching school. a relatively new one at that. >> it didn't exist when i was in high school. >> we're not telling about that. a lot of teachers say, look, this is a way for me to engage students who won't raise your hands in class. i can talk to students via twitter. some students use facebook so they can answer students' homework questions or to remind them, hey, just because today's a snow day doesn't mean you don't get to do your homework. a lot of teachers are saying this is a great thing. it comes with downsides. what happens if a friend of the teacher who's not part of the school system posts a micktupicf
8:49 am
that teach ner a sexual situation or with alcohol that violates a school policy. police say there have been sexual abuse cases between teachers and students that started with inappropriate electronic communication. >> we talk about that on the news. we have stories about some of these lines that have been crossed. >> oh, yeah. >> what have states and districts done to try to give this some definition? >> it's interesting that you mention definition specifically. because last year the state of missouri tried to put this law in place that would effectively ban electronic communications between teachers and students. now, they pulled back from that law. but missouri is one of at least 12 states that have directed its school systems to come up with some sort of social media policy defining what's appropriate between teachers and students so that teachers, students and, of course, parents know what's allowed and what's encouraged. >> what arguments have you heard from teachers specifically? would students even want to be friends with their teachers on facebook or some other social media? >> there's somebody who brought up confusion over why a teacher
8:50 am
would want to be a friend with a student as you'll see in a moment. we've got comments for you this morning from cnn's new schools of thought blog. the first one coming to us from kay m. who's a teacher saying of course you have possibilities for an inappropriate relationship. might cause ethical concerns. listen to this. she says you see a picture on facebook of a student drinking. this goes both ways. is the teacher then compelled to report it or act on it? mamacita says her students use all kinds of social networking. a teacher needs to help a student in whatever ways necessary using whatever means are within reach. r.j. says, look, this world is changing. teachers have to change with it or be left behind. of course, there was one more comment from bleak 81 where the person said kids post all sorts of garbage on facebook. why would adults want to be friends with them? >> so much to talk about. carl azuz, thank you so much. should businesses be doing more in their communities to
8:51 am
help the struggling u.s. economy get back on track? cnn's chief business correspondent ali shevelshi taka look. >> arianna huffington said one of the biggest problems with american capitalism is the interests of business are misaligned with social values. she said we should speak to roger martin. he's the author of "fixing the game: bubbles, crashes and what capitalism can learn from the nfl." he joins us now. roger, you say businesses have focused on maximizing shareholder value at the expense of their products and of their customer. now, why do you think customers should be focusing on their communities as well as their shareholders? >> well, i think those are the things that make a company succeed long term. if they succeed long term in serving their customers well, being good to their employees and their communities, the
8:52 am
shareholders will do just fine. but if they focus on the shareholders without thinking about the customers or their communities or employees, then shareholders won't do very well. >> how far do you go with this? the issue right now in the united states is this competition between washington and businesses about whose responsibility it is to be hiring people. to bring jobs back to america. to open factories. is that a company's responsibility? >> well, i think the company's responsibility is to produce great products and services that get them customers. the great management guru peter drucker said the first job of a company is to acquire and keep a customer. i think if they were doing that and focusing on that then the jobs would follow. they need to have employees to be able to do more of that. >> cnn money's poppy harlow was in davos for the week for the world economic forum. she had a chance to speak to cisco ceo john chambers about this idea of aligning business
8:53 am
goals with social responsibility. here's what he said. >> you've got to be a company successfully of shareholders but you've also got to create jobs and give back. that's something i am deeply committed to and i think it's something that all american corporations have to do a better job of. >> all righty. mitt romney's educational message. is it shaped by his campaign donors? we're going to follow that money trail in just a moment. i love that my daughter's part fish. but when she got asthma, all i could do was worry ! specialists, lots of doctors, lots of advice... and my hands were full. i couldn't sort through it all. with unitedhealthcare, it's different. we have access to great specialists, and our pediatrician gets all the information. everyone works as a team. and i only need to talk to one person about her care. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
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8:56 am
well, following the money on the campaign trail. do donations change a candidate's message? questions may be surrounding mitt romney right now. gary tuchman takes a look at it. >> reporter: encounters between candidates and voters are usually routine. >> are you mean enough to take on obama? and i know you are. >> reporter: but once in a while, the encounters raise questions. like when mitt romney was asked back in september about the cost of education. >> oh, yeah. you know full sail? you know full sail university in orlando? >> reporter: what is full sail university? and why is romney talking about
8:57 am
it? >> a week later -- >> i just want to know what you would do to make higher education more affordable and thus more accessible to young people? >> i was at one school called full sail university. it's in florida. and they don't have summer vacation. they have you go right straight through from beginning to end so you can get through faster. and you can be working faster. there are things -- it's a for-profit institution, this full sail university is. they're trying to think about how to make it more affordable. we ought to do that. we ought to be thinking about that. >> reporter: once again, a shout out for full sail university. a school in winter park, florida, that specializes in media and entertainment. while it has topnotch facilities and special alumni it costs far more than many options. what mitt romney did not say during his shout out was that the ceo of full sail university is a major donor to his campaign. james bill hevner has given the maximum $2,500 to romney's
8:58 am
campaign. so has his wife. it's not only money he's donating. he's donating a considerable amount of time as a co-chairman of romney's florida finance team. in a written statement heavener told us, i believe romney is the best candidate for what america needs at this time. we have 25 million people out of work and i believe with his experience that he can get america back to work. i asked governor romney about the school at a rally in tampa. >> why do you praise full sail university? why did you single them out? >> i got a chance to tour the university. i was impressed with the work they do. >> reporter: i then asked if heavener's donation and loyalty had anything to do with his mentions full sail? . no way, he says. the $2,500 is not the only money heavener has donated. he's also given $45,000 to the sup super pac that supports romney.
8:59 am
is full sail endorsing mitt romney for president? >> no. full sail is not. >> reporter: so full sail does not take a position on the presidential election? >> correct. >> reporter: so if an employee wants to donate to barack obama's campaign, that's okay? >> absolutely. >> reporter: or to rick santorum's campaign? >> sure. to anybody's campaign, yes. that would be the individual ice right. >> reporter: still, back in september with all the for-profit schools out there, why did governor romney single out full sail? >> i mentioned others as well, like the university of phoenix and others. >> reporter: indeed, just a few weeks ago mitt romney did mention university of phoenix and others. >> i know some hate the idea of these for-profit universities like university of phoenix and full sail and others. i like the competition. >> reporter: but once again he mentioned full sail. a school that all agree, mitt romney has sure taken a liking to. gary tuchman, cnn, winter haven, florida. state of the union with


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