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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  February 25, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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for fredricka whitfield. two american officers have been shot dead inside a highly secured government building in afghanistan. the gunmen got away. the taliban saying the americans were killed in retaliation for the burning of korans in a nato base earlier this week. protestors have been packing the streets for five days now furious over the koran burning. former south african president nelson mandela spending the night in the hospital. he had a hernia operation today. he is resting comfortably. nelson mandela is 93 years old now and could leave the hospital in a couple of days. a huge explosion rips through a neighborhood at the syrian city of homs. people there have been trapped by shelling and sniper fire three weeks now. syrian officials agree to a cease-fire to let wounded people and women and children get out. at least 75 people have been reported killed today. a voluntary recall is under way
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for about 40,000 goodyear tires. the wrangler solid armor tires made in 2009. the company is offering free replacements. peyton walsh has more on the shooting deaths of two american officers shot dead in kabul. >> reporter: what we do know is there are two dead americans killed inside the afghan interior ministry. we understand from a source that the gunman is not thought to be a westerner and is currently at-large, which would suggest he is perhaps an afghan citizen if not a member of the afghan security forces. the taliban have leapt forward to claim responsibility for this saying he was acting in revenge for the american burning of a koran entirely by mistake, the americans say, on an air base east of where i'm standing here
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in kabul. this really plays to toward the issue of trust between afghans and americans. a statement from the u.s. department of defense saying that the afghan defense minister has pledged cooperation in this investigation and apologized for the incident. that might suggest to some maybe the afghan security forces had some role perhaps responsible for the gunman being able to infiltrate that particular part of the ministry. also we've seen general john allen withdraw nato advisors from key ministries in and around kabul. that could potentially if it goes on for a long time, hamper the vital training mission nato has undertaken to get them ready to take over security of the country so nato can begin to withdraw. deep concerns here really at how this incident in this climate of mass afghan fury because of the koran burnings, how this may impact on the vital relation of trust between afghans and americans. nick peyton walsh.
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the pension released a statement today this comes from pentagon press secretary george little. "this act is unacceptable and the united states condemns it in the strongest possible terms." turning to politics and the gop race for the white house. let's take a look at the latest poll numbers coming out of arizona. it's a dead heat. mitt romney leads with 39%. rick santorum is close behind with 35% but that four-point difference is within the margin of error. newt gingrich trails with 11%. ron paul comes in last with just 9%. arizona is just one of two battleground states voting this tuesday with santorum and romney in a dead heat in super tuesday around the corner. joe johns is in michigan. i thought it was intense at the debate. is it more tense than that? >> reporter: it's funny.
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midwesterners don't get that intense. i come from ohio, so i'm familiar with the scenario here in michigan. there is a certain degree of competition. people pretty much take it in stride. one more point about that arizona poll, i think it's probably important to say that the polling suggests that something like 200,000 people early voted, 200,000 people actually cast their votes and what we are hearing is among those who already cast their votes, the numbers apparently are trending in favor of mitt romney, but among those who haven't voted yet, the numbers appear to be trending in favor of rick santorum. it's going to be interesting to see what happens on the 28th when people finally start pouring in for the primary proper, if you will. here in troy, michigan, we got to see both of those candidates
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as they rolled in with their campaigns to speak to a fairly receptive conservative audience, 1,200, 1,500 people here in troy. interesting to look at the contrast, but the other thing that was fascinating today was that the romney campaign brought out what has been referred to as their not-so-secret weapon. that would be ann romney, the candidate's wife, who is also born, raised right here in michigan just like mitt romney. she brought a certain amount of energy to the room with her humor. listen. >> a year ago when we were making that final decision whether to step forward and do this again was a tough decision. i told mitt four years before, i was never going to do this again. he laughs and said, you said that after every pregnancy. maybe i should just do all the talking and let him stand here and watch me. i've also decided no more debates. if we are going to do another
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debate, he is going to sit in the audience and watch me. that will be it. >> so funny. a lot of people have debate fatigue, i think. there's been an awful lot of them, 0 now. >> it was like a weekly tv show. >> i know. it's unbelievable. a different way of doing elections. at least of knows what they heard once the debate is over. it's fascinating stuff this election year. >> if ann romney were the warm-up act for all the debates, i don't think people would complain. she is fantastic. >> yeah, she is. she has a great sense of humor. the other thing that's important about ann romney is a lot of people say mitt romney doesn't do a great job of connecting with his audiences, but when you see her in front of an audience, she really connects. people sort of drink up every
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word ann romney says. she really is in a lot of ways a secret weapon for that campaign. >> absolutely. okay, joe johns, thank you so much. speaking of debates, tune into cnn at 5:00 p.m. eastern for an encore presentation of the republican presidential debate from mesa, arizona. people love those debates. you're about to get frightening close look inside the deadly battles in syria. keep watching. a freelance cameraman goes to work inside the fighting in homs. his footage shows the street battles up close and very personal.
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a concrete reminder of bin laden's life is going away. that's the three-story building where bin laden was hiding and he was killed by u.s. special forces last may. cranes and heavy machines are working through the night to knock down the walls around that compound and the building itself. a pakistani official says they don't want that place to become a shrine for followers of bin laden. >> at least 94 people killed today in homs. armed groups fighting against the government say syrian troops are shelling homes and terrorizing residents with snipers. humanitarian groups say the situation is worsening with food
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and water supplies running out and a lack of medical supplies. at the moment, cnn has no reporters and no cameras inside syria. the government strictly limits access from outsiders. i want to show you one way we are able to get images of the fighting. freelance film makers, sometimes amateurs with video cameras release their material for the world to see. this footage was recorded in homs by a french film maker named manny. >> reporter: in guerrilla warfare like this it's relentless and terrifying. the fighters take crazy risks. they still find time to look out for manny.
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back at headquarters, the battle is raging. three syrian forces detonated a bomb below the roof top position where government snipers are trapped. after more than 12 hours, the snipers are still putting up a fight. casualties are mounting. one more note from syria today. cnn just learned american
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journalist marie colvin who was killed wednesday in homs will likely be buried in syria. that is according to her mother who said aide workers have been trying to get colvin's body out of the country, but it's just too dangerous. not enough money in your nest egg? coming up -- excuse me -- career and financial tips to maximize your retirement account. each beach dr. sanjay gupta honors people in all walks of life. the program is "the next list." here is a preview of tomorrow. >> when we started designing the laptop, we were just looking at how do you protect the keyboard and the screen? how do children carry it around.
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every day it seems like we wake up to higher gas prices. with a tough economy and the downward trend in pension plans many workers are having trouble saving for their retirement. 59% say they are currently saving for retirement, but 56% have less than $25,000 in saves and investments. earlier i spoke to valorie burton. >> there are so many people in the last few years planning for retirement and had to change their plans. there does need to be a wake-up call for generation x and younger. half as many people are having pensions as 30 years ago. there are a lot more independent
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contractors. they don't have 401(k) plans. it's really important you begin thinking about what do i need to do in order to make sure i can retire? 30 years from now we'll be in a crisis. >> what choices can you make in your career and with your jobs that can help you? >> the first thing that is important is to get a reality check. it does look different. even when we look at social security, the increase in taxes, we don't know what it looks like 30 years from now. plan as though you're entirely responsible for your retirement. part of that check is the fact we don't learn these things in school. employers are not required to teach them. you want to invest in your own financial education. >> you say do the math. what does that mean? >> a lot of people never do the math. they never say how much do i need and what is it going to take for me to get there? when it comes to getting a job
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offer, a company that is going to give you a match versus one that perhaps isn't or the match is going to be less, what is the long-term difference 10 years down the road or 30 years down the road? do the match. >> that should be a factor in deciding whether or not to take a job? >> exactly. your career is not just about the title you get. it's securing your financial future. >> you say set a goal date. >> have a dream. baby boomers thought they would be forever young. there is a high looklihood you haven't thought about what is the dream? set a goal date. that will force you to see what the actual action steps will be. have your goal date in mind then back into those action steps. what will you need to do a little bit differently than perhaps your parents or your grandparents did to be able to retire? >> if you're lucky enough to
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still have a 401(k), maximize your company match. >> yes. a lot of people ignore that. if your company matches, make sure you're maximizing that. it's free money. too many people are not maximizing it. when we look at retirement savings almost half of people say they figured out how much they need for retirement by guessing. this goes back to doing the math. >> you can't do that. i found, we all have, you procrastinate the most, once you tackle it, it's not that bad. thank you so much. >> thanks. chances are you never had a teacher who was a black man. we'll tell you how the department of education hopes to change that.
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a member of the kennedy family is in a bit of trouble, unusual trouble. why he's facing charges. we've been asking our i-reporters to share their personal stories how they've seen the country change and we are sharing some of their stories with you, like the story of a washington, d.c. teacher whose passion transcends his kindergarten class. statistically he's only one of the few african-american men in the classroom and says more black men need to step up to the plate and teach. >> reporter: in the heart of one of washington, d.c.'s toughest
4:22 pm
neighborhoods. teachers are sometimes the last line of defense for children. >> a lot of them don't have a man at their home. they don't have a man to go to and talk to. it's going to be hard, guys. focus. for a lot of them, i'm big brother or dad, but it's important -- >> dad? >> for some of them. for some they don't have a father figure at home. when they get to school, for some of them i am that figure. >> they need someone in their lives who is strong. they need an african-american male in their lives. >> terence king not only teaches the basics, but finds himselves teaching life lessons to the card garteners here for a school that serves just over 50 children from low-income homes.
4:23 pm
king is what the secretary of education describes as a rarity in american classrooms. >> about 17% of our children are public school students are african-american. about 7% of our teachers are african-americans. disproportionate. if you look on the male side, less than 2%, less than 1-50 is an african-american male. >> a few years back you launched this campaign to recruit more black male teachers. >> we have a long way to go. it's been encouraging. the goal is not to have a black male teacher, the goal is to have a great black male teacher or great hispanic male teacher, great whatever teacher. >> duncan says in his new budget the department of education will offer brand-new incentives to encourage school districts to raise the pay scale for starting teachers. as a teacher himself, working to recruit graduates in atlanta, brandon believes more pay is only part of the solution.
4:24 pm
>> some are hesitant based on the salary. at the end of the day, salary shouldn't be one of the hugest factors. we should give back to our communities and educate our community. >> reporter: in washington, terence king says he is trying to do just that. >> they love to learn. my goal here every day is to make sure they love to learn and they are having fun. at the same time, making sure they can compete with anyone across the country when it comes to academics. >> reporter: king believes through his work here, he is preparing his boys to change their community. >> i am terence king and we are america! >> how precious is that? for more go to am america. gas prices are on the rise.
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the politics heat up in washington. plus -- gas prices are spiking. what's going on, josh? >> i'm going to tell you where your dollar goes when you buy that gasoline. how to find the cheapest gas near you. all that as we promised coming up. ♪ they see me rollin' ♪ they hatin' ♪ patrolling and tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ ♪ tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty ♪ [ mom ] hi, there.
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let's get you caught up on our top stories. in afghanistan, two high-ranking american officers have been shot and killed inside the interior ministry in kabul. the shootings came as rage grips the country for a fifth day over the burning of korans earlier this week. in response, all military advisors for the international security forces are being pulled out of afghan government ministries. a huge explosion rips through a neighborhood in the syrian city of homs. people there have been trapped by shelling and sniper fire for three weeks now. syrian officials agreed to a cease-fire yesterday to let wounded people and women and children get out. at least 94 people are reported killed just today across syria. nelson mandela is spending the night in a hospital. a family member tells us he had a hernia operation today and is resting comfortably. he is 93 years old. paying at the pump got more painful today as gas prices
4:29 pm
climbed again. those price is will no doubt be a hot topic when congress returns from recess next week. athena jones reports from washington. >> reporter: as prices at the pump rise, so does the political rhetoric. >> they are saying by the summer drive time it will hit $5 a gallon. >> i developed a program for american energy so every american can look forward to 2d.50 a gallon gasoline. >> gas prices more than doubled since the president took office. >> reporter: average gas prices have risen some 40 cents a gallon over the past year and boosting domestic energy production is an increasingly important topic of debate. >> it's such a tangible and real impact on people's lives. they can feel it. it affects their everyday life. that's why it's such a political issue when it comes to fighting between the two parties. >> reporter: the republican-controlled house passed a bill that would increase offshore drilling, open
4:30 pm
the arctic national wildlife refuge to drilling, develop oil shale resources and fast track approval of the keystone xl pipeline. experts say the only way to drive down prices would be to cut the gas tax. >> to judge the merits of a long-term project on the basis of whether it would have short-term impact is not saving for retirement now because you're not retired. >> reporter: the measure, part of a larger transportation bill yet to meet the house floor, faces stiff opposition in the senate where democratic law makers are working on their own bill without the drilling measures. president obama touted way calls an all of the above approach. one focused on increasing domestic production, improving car and building efficiency and developing alternative energy sources. he says america can't drill its way to lower gas prices. >> there are no short-term silver bullets, i directed my administration to look for every area where we can make an impact
4:31 pm
and help consumers in the months ahead. >> reporter: on wednesday three house democrats sent the president a letter asking him to develop a, quote, aggressive strategy for releasing oil from the strategic petroleum reserve to ease oil prices. the white house says they've taken no response off the table. cnn, washington. the national average $3.67 for regular unleaded up 30 cents in a month ago. josh levs is back to show us where all the money is going, where you can find the cheapest prices. my plan of driving by and driving by and driving by saying i'm not going there is not working. we'll come up with a strategy now. >> you're wasting gasoline. then you need another gallon. let's do this because we've been promising we'll show you ways to save money. this is my favorite online site to use to start with.
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it's called gas buddy. you don't need to write this down. i'll show you everything in one place. when you look at this map, it's look a traffic light. green means you can go. yellow is somewhere in between. it allows you to click on an area. i typed in my hometown, albany, new york. it shows some gas stations throughout the area and what their prices are or were at the time they were updated. this is where these websites get tricky. they are not always immediately updated. they can serve as a guide post where you might want to try first. the federal has a website called fuel this is a map on that website. click on any state and it can lead you to a series of websites that will give you cheaper gas. i randomly typed in lexington, kentucky. this gave me prices and a bunch
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of different gas statione stati address and the amount. this is a map we linked on there are a series of apps to help you get gas or find ways to improve your route or save on gas in general. all of that is linked up at my pages. i want to help you understand when you buy that gas where your money is going. by far, you are paying for crude oil. that is the biggest amount. some say the gas station is adding a lot to prices, it's virtually almost the vast majority crude oil, refining, marketing, taxes which we talked about last hour. basic idea here, it's good to use the web and good to check it for yourself. one more thing i'll mention, twitter, you type in hash tag cheap gas, sometimes you'll find
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people who look for you or will tell you places they've seen cheap gas. you've got my twitter, everything i told you is linked on facebook, twitter or i don't want anyone to drive over town. >> i like the twitter idea. we are all in this together. >> i like that idea. we are in this together. get business for the places willing to go cheaper. >> you can give me a ride to work. >> he got you. >> can you nak the best movie of 2011? our movie critics are ready after the break.
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welcome back. we'll take to you a live event right now republican candidate newt gingrich is in california. it's the state's republican convention. let's listen in for a little bit. >> i want you to know that as the nominee, i will campaign consistently in california and i think there are five basic themes that will enable us to appeal to a vast majority of
4:38 pm
californians. the first i'll spend a good bit of time on today is a choice. it's all a question of choices. it always comes down to choices. if you would like to have national energy and american energy policy, never again bow to a saudi king and pay 2.50 a gallon, newt gingrich will be your candidate. >> the next big events are tuesday in michigan and arizona. then super tuesday the week after that. the 84th annual academy awards are tomorrow, but today we are making predictions. i'm joined by our movie critics grae drake from last hour we talked about actor and actresses. it's about movies. we'll start off with animated picture category.
4:39 pm
we'll save the big category for the end. let's start with animated picture first. i haven't seen any of these either. "a cat in paris. "chico and rita." kung fu panda 2" "puss in boots" and "rango." >> we've got great stuff in this category. in years past, pixar tends to do very well but "cars 2" didn't do well. i predict "rango will be the big winner here. >> that is your prediction. grae, what is your take? >> this is why matt is wrong. "rango" was way too logical -- excuse me, illogical and crazy.
4:40 pm
i don't think academy voters will get it. what they do get are pandas that do kung fu. this was the second movie in that series and it was every bit as good as the first one. dreamworks is establishing itself as quite the animation studio. that one is definitely going to take it home tomorrow. >> okay. we'll have to check back and see. let's get to the big category. probably the biggest category, best picture. it's so big now there are nine to choose from. let's get started on this list. "the artist." "the descendents." "extremely loud and incredibly close." "hugo." "midnight in paris." "the help" money ball", "war horse" and "the tree of life." greg, you get to go first. who do you think will win and
4:41 pm
who should win? >> i will give you the correct prediction for this category and tell you that once again france is going to be celebrated at tomorrow's awards. "the artist" is definitely going to win. directors guild gave the director his directors award which is -- it's only six times in history that hasn't predicted the movie that is going to take home huge awards at the oscars. so "the artist" is going to win. if i had it pie way, i would give the award to the "tree of life." love it or hate it, that movie had everybody arguing and talking. plus if he won, he would show up
4:42 pm
with a real dinosaur. >> is "the artist" for what the snobs and people who go to the movie are saying, what are you talking about? >> hollywood don't let people in america see the movies before the award. "the artist" had a small release all over the country. it still hasn't made that much money. most people, i think, don't care about the oscars for this reason. they haven't seen the pictures. for "the artist," they should see the movie. it will remind them why silent movies are great. >> matt, your take now on the movie of the year. >> i agree. i think "the artist" it is going to walk with it. i won so many awards and a movie from the weinstein company which you can't overestimate how much lobbying that organization get out. they go all but door-to-door to
4:43 pm
get the vote out. i think that will get the big award. if i was voting, i would probably vote for "hugo." from martin scorsese. if you asked me if anyone could make a 3-d kids' movie about the need for film preservation, i would think you're crazy. i think that movie is amazing. i would love to see that get the award. i don't think it will win. >> i enjoyed this conversation all day today. we'll have to circle back and see how you did. you could get grae's movies and matt's by going to rotten a member of the kennedy family is in trouble. it involves a maternity ward, two nurse s and surveillance video.
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a member of the kennedy clan is fighting accusations he got into a scuffle with two nurses in a maternity ward. douglas kennedy is the son of the late robert f. kennedy. susan candiotti has more on this. a very unusual story that took a while to piece together, so what do you know? >> reporter: absolutely,
4:47 pm
richelle. it's strange and in many ways sad, too. what you have is a father, in this case a son of robert f. kennedy facing criminal misdemeanor charges after trying to take his newborn baby from a maternity ward outside for some fresh air. this is a family photo just given to us by a kennedy spokesperson. according to court documents, the baby was almost 3 days old when this happened last month. douglas kennedy was visiting his wife recovering from a c-section. he was holding his baby boy swaddled in a blanket and cap. nurses told him he needed permission to leave the maternity ward. his lawyer says trouble started when another nurse told kennedy he could not go outside. in sworn depositions to police, the nurses said they talked kennedy out of an elevator, but then he headed into a stairwell with the baby. a nurse tried to stop him from leaving. here is the nurses' attorney. >> this particular father grabbed her wrist and arm and
4:48 pm
suissed it so severely she had tremendous pain in her arm. she then backed off with the other nurse standing right there. this gentleman then proceeded to kick her and kick her so hard with so much violence that she flew through the air and planneded in the middle of the corridor. >> reporter: kennedy is not charged with assaulting the nursers. in a sworn statement to police, the nurse's say the baby's head was shaking violently in side to side. kennedy's lawyer said that did not happen and the baby slept through the whole thing. the newborn is not injured and the nurse's attorney agrees with that. here is kennedy's lawyer. >> the only aggressors were the nurses. initially the nurses said he could go outside. it only changed when another nurse and then another nurse after that became aggressive and blocked douglas from walking with his baby outside to get
4:49 pm
fresh air. >> a family friend of the kennedy's who said he saw the whole thing issued a statement. "i can state unequivocally the nurses were the only aggressors. to charge mr. kennedy with a crime is simply incomprehensible." the local d.a. investigated and more than six weeks later charged kennedy with a misdemeanor and two harassment violations. no comment from the hospital or district attorney. during all this, one nurse called for a code pink. that's a signal for a possible child abduction. in a statement, the kennedys call the allegations absurd. >> two completely different versions of what happened. completely different. susan candiotti, thank you for your reporting on that. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. something less serious. have you had your cute animal fix for today? stay here. i've got one for you. early stages of cancer
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it's cute animal video time. times two, right, jacqui?
4:53 pm
times two. this is absolutely adorable video. one animal feeding another, right? >> you knew that cats and birds were enemies, right? apparently cats and dogs or birds and dogs? good time friends. >> it is a bird feeding a dog noodles from its beak. i don't know how this happened. this is a delicate operation. >> so gentle. taking that noodle. >> it's got 600,000 hits on youtube. >> i think it's adorable. >> very very nice. i'm not sure why the bird -- >> someone had to train it. >> i don't know why the bird is on somebody's cabinet. that's a little odd. >> my cats are never on my cabinets, never. only two cats. i'm not the crazy cat lady. two cats. >> everyone needs a friend, right?
4:54 pm
dog/bird, cat/cat. we thought that was worth sharing. >> how cute is that? >> i'll tweet it out, too. >> it could go horribly wrong, couldn't it? >> small beak in a big dog mouth. i've got other amazing video. people do unusual things. sometimes for very good reason. this guy spent 94 days on a roof top. tyler perry paid a $98,000 to come down. we'll tell you why after the break. [ male announcer ] this is lawn ranger -- eden prairie, minnesota.
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macular degeneration. risk factors are smoking and diabetes and so does your family history. >> it's important to know if your family has eye diseases to go to your eye doctor. >> bottom line, ophthalmologists recommend a baseline eye exam at age 40. >> to make sure the eyes are normal. if not we can create measures to help prevent vision lost. [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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94 days on the roof! >> they're cheering in chicago because reverend corey brooks finally came down from the roof. he was on the roof to draw attention to gun violence and raise money for the cause. actor and producer tyler perry put up $98,000 and the pastor came down. jacqui jeras with a look at the weather. >> it's been a mild winter in chicago. i'm just saying, 94 days in chicago? yikes! weather not so great across the northeast. the winds really driving in snow showers here. wind advisories are in effect. they are gusting 50 to 60 miles per hour. we've got more than 1,000 people without power in connecticut from these high winds. if you're trying to travel today, take a look at delays. ground stop in denver, newark and washington. >> coming up next, a full replay of wednesday night's republican debate


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