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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 9, 2012 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> ernest borgnine got super famous when he starred in "mchale's navy" in the 1960s. borgnine died today in a los angeles hospital. he won an oscar in 1955. remember the classic film "marty?" mr. borgnine was 95 years old. egypt's military is deciding how to handle a defiant move by the country's new president. mohamed morsi is calling parliament back into session, overriding the military's decision to dissolve it. the move would take power away from the general who have run egypt since last year's revolution. a break is coming this week from the extreme heat that has set thousands of records around the country while temperatures are expected to ease, storm warnings will still be up. the weather was deadly last night in a small missouri town of cuba. it's called cuba, missouri. 29-year-old kayla martin, a new mother, was riding out a storm in her car in a food store parking lot. she was killed when the wind lifted the roof off and dropped it into her car. in london, roger federer
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stole the spotlight from andy murray's run at wimbledon's tennis history. federer won his seventh wimbledon title at murray's expense. murray was the first british final to reach the finals in 74 years. federer has seven grand slam trophies. a nasty internet virus still infects hundreds of thousands of computers. anyone with the virus could be hit with an internet blackout starting tomorrow. i spoke about how to get rid of the virus. the first thing you have to do is find out what the virus does. >> it redirected internet traffic. so if you were trying to go, for example, to apple's itunes store, it would reroute you to a fake website. on a lot of these websites, they served fake advertisements. the fbi conducted a sting. over the course of two years, they shut this down. they completely shut it down in november. at the time they caught it, about 4 million computers worldwide were affected, including many government
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computers. it was a really nasty one. >> and you can find out if your computer is infected, right? >> yes. the good news is they've created a website. go to that's a website the fbi and the groups it's working with put together. if you go to that website, you'll see it go green, hopefully. if you see a green light there, your computer is not infected. you're okay. if you go to that website and see anything else, though, there are instructions on that page for what you can do to help get your computer cleaned up. >> no, we're not going to let you off. what do we do if the computer has a virus? >> if the computer has a virus, running any major anti-virus software will help. that page also has instructions to check your own computer's dns settings and see if everything looks okay. if you have a problem, they'll recommend contacting your internet service provider. >> you should check tonight. before tomorrow. how is this for support? the house speaker, republicans say you're probably not going to fall in love with mitt romney between now and november. the kicker is he says that is okay. and a mystery illness targeting children. dr. sanjay gupta joins us live next.
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tonight an awful mysterious disease is scaring the hell out of doctors. here's why. so far, almost everyone who gets it dies, and it's a horrible death. their lungs are destroyed. here's something else. every victim so far is a kid. 2 or 3 years old. this outbreak, whatever it is, is also happening in a place where people don't have great resources communication. it's cambodia. but maybe, just maybe, doctors tonight may have cracked the puzzle. at least we hope.
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cnn's dr. sanjay gupta joins us now. he arrived in cambodia and he is on the phone with us. so dr. gupta, talk to me about this so-called breakthrough we have been hearing about. what do you think of this disease and breakthrough? >> well, you know, it's been a complete mystery for some time now. this is a significant development. what doctors have discovered is the beginnings of a pattern among these dozens of kids that, you know, there's been -- the numbers vary a little bit, don, but 66 cases of this sort of mystery disease, 64 as you mentioned children have died. nearly 100% lethality. what they have found is something known as virus 71. it's a particular type of virus that can cause something known as hand, foot, and mouth disease. they've seen outbreaks in various parts of the world. oftentimes it can be contained.
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it certainly doesn't have the same degree of lethality as this. that's where the mystery still remains. why is this killing children so universally? could this potentially be a mixture of this virus with something else? either some toxic reaction to a medication or something else. these things in combination, could that be the problem? don, let me tell you, it's merciless the way these children are dying. within 24 hours, they develop a high fever. they develop, often times, encephalitis, which is inflammation of the brain. they get neurological symptoms. then the big concern is that whatever it is completely destroys these children's lungs. they have no ability to breathe on their own once this virus takes hold. so it's still a bit of a mystery. again, just merciless in the way it's behaving.
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>> we were talking during the break when we were trying to make sure you were there. i said, can i talk to dr. gupta. i asked if you had seen anything like this before. you said you haven't. so if doctors haven't seen anything like this before, if it's this frightening, how do you even start to fight it or to treat it, dr. gupta? >> well, you know, the doctors in certain parts of the world have seen similar things to this, and the treatment, if you will, don, is often similar. there's no specific cure for a lot of these viruses. you and i have talked over the years about different outbreaks, some of which have originated here in southeast asia. the care is often, what we call in the medical world, supportive. meaning, if the brain is inflamed, we give medication to decrease that inflammation. if the lungs are in trouble, oftentimes a breathing machine is required.
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for these particular sort of viral outbreaks, at least the beginnings of a viral outbreak like we're seeing now, you know, the care of support and obviously the key is to try and diagnose it and prevent any spread. one thing i will say, if there is any positive news in all this, this particular disease does not appear to be clustering, meaning spreading very quickly from person to person within communities. so it doesn't appear to be a big threat outside of certain communities and certainly outside of cambodia. obviously doctors still want to figure it out completely, figure out why it's so destructive in this particular case and how to prevent it. >> and doctor, you're going to be here all this upcoming week reporting on this, right? >> that's right. we're going to go speak to one of the doctors who was the first to sort of tip the alarm on this, don. the way this often works, really, in any part of the world is a vigilant health care person just starts seeing a number of these cases, starts calling
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around different hospitals and asking other doctors, have you seen the same thing? that's how they start putting it all together. that's what was happening here over the last couple months here. now the world health organization is there, the centers for disease control in atlanta where you are. so we're going to try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. >> dr. gupta, thank you very much. we appreciate it. we'll be looking forward to your reports. to politics now. you want some candor out of washington? try this one on. house speaker john boehner says you don't have to vote for mitt romney. he just wants you to vote against president obama. i spoke earlier with democratic strategist maria cardona and republican strategist anna navarro about it. in remarks wroted by roll call, boehner told the republican audience, the american people probably aren't going to fall in love with mitt romney. 90% of the people that show up to vote in november are going to show up in that voting booth and they are going to vote for or
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against barack obama. i first asked republican, anna, if that quote worried her. >> it doesn't worry me at all. i think the man is absolutely right. you know, look, the first time you marry for love, the second time you marry for money. you know, we fell in love with barack obama four years ago. this country fell in love with barack obama. the young, charismatic leader. it was all about hope and change. well, four years later we're in cope and wait. unemployment's been at -- over 8% for 41 months. i think people have fallen out of love with barack obama. i don't need to fall in love with mitt romney. i just need for unemployment numbers to fall. if we're looking for love, we can go on if we're looking for a president, it's an entirely different thing. >> i think the concern is passion with actually going to the voting booth, going to the polls. you have to be -- we use that term love. something has to move you in
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order to get you out of the house to do that. maria, is boehner right? by the way, i like first for love, second for money. that was very good, anna. but is boehner right? is this an up or down referendum on barack obama? if so, is that good or bad for him? >> well, it's not, don. here's where i think boehner, who i think it was an astounding moment of candor, because i think he realizes that mitt romney is not lovable and is not somebody that the voters are going to ever feel passionate about. now, it would be or could be enough if the guy that he was running against, barack obama, wasn't so likable himself. you know, i agree with anna on one thing. there's certainly disappointment from a lot of voters in the fact that this president hasn't been able to do everything that he set out to do four years ago. but they're also giving him, and i've seen this in many polls and in many focus groups that i've
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been in, they're giving him the benefit of the doubt. these are independent voters. so they understand what he was going up against. they also understand that it's going to take more time. so mitt romney is going to have to offer something a little bit more than i'm not barack obama, especially when barack obama still has some very high personal likability numbers. >> all right. so let's talk about -- >> i agree with maria on that, don. i think barack -- i think mitt romney needs to offer more. you know, we are in the oprah and dr. phil generation. we want to know this guy. we don't know him yet. he needs to tell us more. we need to understand what he stands for, what his convictions are, what moves him, how he feels about things, what he likes to eat, how he likes to dance, what he likes to sing. >> that's part of falling in love. that's the whole thing about being drawn to someone because you know them personally. you know, listen, i agree. the economy could be better. president obama did have -- the economy was gone off a fiscal cliff when he got into office.
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listen, i see both sides to it. sometimes there's not both sides, but i see it here. people are frustrated. they've been out of work for a long time. there were issues going into the campaign. we all get it. at least there has been at least positive job growth. maybe not what people wanted, over many months. >> that's right. >> the question is are people going to say, hey, why change horses in midstream, or is the 59-point plan, whatever he has on paper, is that going to actually work once mitt romney gets into office if he ever gets into office? that's a huge if as well, anna. >> you know, i agree with you, don. i think he should listen to john sanunu, which is one of his staunchest supporters who said, let's keep it simple. let's talk in small sentences. a 59-point plan. don, i can't even follow a 59-point recipe.
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that gets too complicated. we need to feel confidence. we need to understand what he's offering. the question is going to be, do you stay with the devil you know, or do you go with a devil you don't know? i'm not calling obama a devil. i'm not calling romney a devil. don't anybody get excited. >> we get it. it's a figure of speech. >> so the question -- not only do they have to -- not only is their passion to leave obama and to turn away from obama, but also romney has got to give us something to run towards. that's something i think he needs to start working on and very effectively in a very short period of time. he needs to start going big. he needs to start talking big. >> anna, i get it. let's move on. can we put the quote up here from jeanne sahadi? here's what jeanne sahadi says. lawmakers can't control for all the potential head winds that can hurt hiring such as the turmoil in europe or the pace of the economic growth globally. but they can choose to clear up the uncertainty about u.s. fiscal policy. problem is, almost no one
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expects them to do so before november elections. is the president going to get involved, or is he just going to focus on his re-election? because listen, something has -- we know two people are running. something has to be done in washington while all this is going on and they're going back and forth. the attacks, whatever. nothing is happening. people are out of work and the economy isn't getting better. substantially better, put it that way. >> sure. exactly. so the president has already said he would sign a bill tomorrow that deals with this fiscal cliff if the way that you deal with it is balanced. meaning that there is substantive and robust deficit reduction but there are also new revenues. this goes back to the first topic we were talking about. the majority of the american people want for this deficit and all of our problems in terms of the fiscal cliff to be solved in a balanced and fair manner. they know, and a lot of independent economists have said this, you can't just cut, cut, cut your way to increased jobs.
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that's what this president is talking about. he's talking about fairness. he's talking about fighting for the middle class. so going back to the first topic, when voters go into the voting booth, they want to vote for somebody, even if they're getting married for the money, they want to know that person is waking up every day thinking about them, thinking about fighting for them. that's what this president is going to make the case in this election for. >> all right. thank you very much. that is the end of it. i mean, some people marry for money the first time, anna. nothing wrong with that either. thank you so much. >> that's true. >> thank you, guys. >> the up side of being on the d.l. -- >> there are going to be people who don't understand it. >> a bold move or bad for business?
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an up and coming r&b and hip hop singer stunned the music world this week. he said when he was 19 years old, he fell in love with a man. i talked about it and here is what frank ocean wrote on his blog. we spent that summer and the
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summer after together, every day almost. on the days we were together, time would glide. most of the day i'd see him and his smile. ocean went on to say, by the time i realized i was in love, it was malignant. it was hopeless. there was no escaping. joining me now is dino vadalo and anna navarro. hey, guys. many of the headlines reporting this story call him brave, as does his mom. but anna, this is 2012. is it brave to be honest about your sexuality now? >> you know, it is still brave, unfortunately. i wish it weren't. i wish we didn't have to make these announcements. i wish that, you know, coming out and saying i'm gay was just like coming out and me saying i'm straight or saying i'm hispanic or you saying, you know, you're black. this really, i hope, one day stops being a political issue and it turns into a personal issue. >> dean, how do you think this is going to impact ocean's career? will it at all? >> that's a real interesting question.
4:22 am
i think that's the part that gets to brave. i met it with a yawn. i think a lot of people were like, another gay celebrity. big deal. the country singer shelly wright, after she came out, she lost a third of her sales in records. there are certain places that don't book her anymore. he might go up against that as well. in the hip-hop community, homophobia is notorious. every video has a hot woman in it. even his last video, novocain, had a hot woman in it. will this hurt his videos? only time will tell, does this hurt his career? i hope it doesn't, sincerely. >> what do you think about that, anna? there are other entertainers who have come out. you look at neil patrick-harris, who sort of personifies the other side of that. he's been very successful. and he's an openly gay man. >> don, first let me confess and say i know a lot more about i-hop than i do about hip-hop. but i have lead that it is a
4:23 am
very macho-driven, you know, music movement. i will also tell you that the only mr. ocean i knew until this week was the guy from "oceans 11." that being said, i think it's great that folks come out. they show you can be an award winning journalist covering wars and you can be gay. you can be a hip-hop artist singing about macho lyrics and women and whatever else and be gay. but it doesn't define you. it's something like your hair color. it's a personal, you know, lifestyle that people have, and it does not mean there's anything they can or cannot do. >> do you think, dean, this is going to make any difference with the hip-hop community? because the hip-hop community has been deemed as very homophobic. i've heard it and read it in a lot of places this week. at first, the response to what frank ocean did was very tepid. no one said anything. and then all of a sudden russell simmons and other people start to jump in. i don't know if it was guilt by association.
4:24 am
do you think it's going to change anything? >> when you look at the responses, anderson cooper came out, and overwhelmingly people would come out and say this is a great thing. you have russell simmons and jay-z. but you don't have a lot of other people coming out in the hip hop community coming out. i think they're afraid of being tainted as somehow being gay. clearly, the sheer number of people in hip hop, there has to be gay hip hop performers. people don't want to talk about it in that business. in time, i think they'll overcome it. if frank ocean's sales don't go down, or his popularity is not affected, i think others who are gay might have the courage to come out as well. >> the gay community has a tremendous amount of financial power. so if all of a sudden they become hip hop fans, this could be a very good thing for hip hop. >> my thanks to dean and anna. up next, priorities. why are politicians wasting your time and leveraging your future just to keep their own jobs and you're falling for it? tonight, i let lawmakers have is in tonight's "no talking points."
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it is time now for no talking points. it has been ten days and counting since all hell broke loose. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> john roberts, the chief justice appointed by george w. bush, of course, saying that this law now stands. >> ten days and counting since the right leapt on to the justice roberts' hate wagon. >> should conservatives despise john roberts? >> he rendered an activist decision that rewrote the law. >> this is a mess. it's a mess. a court in crisis and reports of a chief justice like a weather vain in a storm. >> like i said, ten days and counting of this. >> let's repeal this and start over again. >> it marks a fresh start on the road to repeal. >> to make sure that this law is, in fact, repealed.
4:29 am
>> we will repeal obamacare. >> there's got to be more. >> let's repeal and replace obamacare. >> repealing the president's health care law. >> repeal obamacare. >> repeal obamacare. >> we want to repeal. >> repeal it. >> so obamacare is so bad and repealing it is so urgent that republicans in the house are pushing a vote to repeal the law this week on wednesday. we know lawmakers left d.c. on thursday. maybe a bunch on them weren't watching the tv on friday. >> just minutes ago, we learned unemployment is still bogged down at a dismal 8.2%. >> and again the numbers are a big disappointment. >> the third straight month of tough news on jobs. >> friday, eight days after all hell broke loose, a jobs report came out that showed only 80,000 jobs were added to the economy. that is bad for the president. it's bad for democrats. but mostly, it's really bad for you. it's bad for the american people. and conservatives are still
4:30 am
planning to vote on replacing obamacare. but some of those lawmakers who did happen to look up at the news on friday appeared to be gloating at the jobs numbers. >> there are almost 500,000 more people unemployed today than four years ago. fire barack obama and hire mitt romney. that's the best stimulus plan for this country. >> take friday's job figure, for example. you can go back two years ago and the job figure was better. the president said we're turning it around. you know, clearly what they're doing is not working. >> and it is another kick in the gut. >> okay. so look, of course the jobs numbers could be better. they can always be better. the president is going to say at least the numbers are going up instead of down. that's what he's going to say. but no one, republican or democrat, should be gloating over how bad things are.
4:31 am
instead of gloating and putting all that energy into a futile obamacare repeal procedure, why don't you put together a jobs bill? that's a novel idea. or work on the one the president has authored and is purposely being held up until after the election. we know what you're doing, guys. you're sitting on your hands amongst other body parts playing politics while the people who sent you to washington suffer. remember, there are more people on the ballot than the president come november. i hope the american people keep this in mind when they cast their ballots. that when you, mr. or ms. lawmaker could have been working to help them, you were making television appearances. instead of working for them, you were leveraging their jobs, their finances, and their health just because you wanted to keep your own job in the worst possible way. and that's tonight's no talking points.
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bottom of the hour, we're going to get you caught up on today's big stories. in afghanistan today, six american service members died in a roadside bombing that happened in the eastern part of afghanistan. there were a total of eight nato troops killed in separate incidents over the weekend. doctors are cautiously optimistic they may have found the cause of a disease that had them scratching their heads for weeks. this mystery illness has so far killed 64 children, all of them in cambodia.
4:35 am
our chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta, just landed there. i talked with him a few minutes ago about this. >> it's something known as virus 71. it's a particular type of virus that can cause something known as hand, foot, mouth disease. they've seen outbreaks of this disease in various parts of the world. oftentimes it can be contained. it certainly doesn't have the same degree of lethality as this. so that's where a little bit of the mystery still remains. why is this killing children so universally, and could this potentially be a mixture of this virus with something else? in other news, a hollywood legend of the big screen and small screen, ernest borgnine, has died. did you know that he won an oscar? he did in 1955. best actor for the movie "marty." but he was really known for guest starring in a bunch of tv shows like "air wolf" and "mchale's navy." ernest borgnine died in a
4:36 am
hospital in los angeles. he was 95 years old. john rocker, his baseball career ended in controversy. not shying away from controversy, he's now a political writer. my conversation with him is coming up. next -- >> one of the fastest men on earth. >> you you want to get up to speed as quickly as possible. >> reveals the secret to his success -- slavery. >> i was able to break the world record. >> is he right? does the color of your skin make you better, faster, stronger?
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all right, everyone. here we go. i'm going to ask this question right up front. are black people better at sports than white people? more specifically, are black people genetically engineered to be better? michael johnson, remember him in once referred to as the fastest man in the world. four-time olympic gold medalist. he's now pretty fast with his opinion. he's telling london's daily mail, quote, all my life i believe i became an athlete through my own determination, but it's impossible to think that being descended from slaves hasn't left an imprint through the generations. difficult as it was to hear slavery has benefitted descendents like me, and i believe there's a superior athletic gene in us. yes, he did say that. let's talk about it. joining me to talk about it is
4:40 am
kenneth schroppshreyep. he's the author of "in black and white, race and sports in america." gentlemen, thank you for being here. what's the bottom line here when you hear those comments from mr johnson? i'll start with you, kenneth. >> well, it's problematic. it's nothing new. this has occurred over the past 100 years, initially with african-american athletic success, post the berlin olympic games with jesse owens, and again in the '70s. this is a story that emerges, and there's rarely been any sort of foundation for anyone to make such statements. >> there have been a number of studies done. i mean, this is drawing controversy because there are many people who believe that what michael johnson says is true. both black and white. >> yeah, but i think that it's number one an issue of correlation and causation. one thing, you could say are black people better at sports? then it begs the question, which sport are you talking about? soccer is the most popular sport in the world and europeans are
4:41 am
doing just fine with it. the next thing i always want to bring up is michael johnson is not a scientist. i think it's easy for a lot of people to bag on him about this. he knows but so much about the topic. it's a correlation/causation issue. when he says there's a super athletic gene in all of us, i'm trying to figure out why i'm sitting here talking to you and not going to london next month. >> let's talk a little more about this breeding argument. i want to read something that lee evans said. lee evans is an olympic gold medalist. he said, we were bred for it. certainly the black people who survived on the slave ships must have obtained a high proportion of the strongest. and then on the plantations, a strong black man was mated with a strong black woman we're simply bred for physical qualities. but you're not buying into that. >> no, he's not a scientist either. this is -- it's also worth noting we're a little bit farther beyond slavery. i don't know why the 150 years
4:42 am
since then would have outbred some of these characteristics. i understand why people say they see a certain thing and say it has to be dot, dot, dot. but who is lee evans? >> listen, i want you to weigh in on this because -- can you understand why some people may think this if you look at the nba now and you see the numbers, it's mostly african-americans. if you look at baseball, it's becoming more hispanics. people are saying it's because of the way hispanics are bred. basketball, it's the way african-americans are made. they're longer, lankier, taller. i say, what about the tall russians? what about people like pachulia, who is also tall and lanky as well. what do you make of that? >> well, there's something to hard work as well. look at the influx of eastern europeans in the nba. the increase of latinos in baseball and the declean of african-americans. do all of a sudden african-americans become unathletic?
4:43 am
>> listen, when you think about jeremy lin, the whole reason that jeremy lin -- number one, because he's talented. number two, rarely do you see asian basketball players succeed or get to his level. even that tall. doesn't it have something to do with jettettics when you see people who are has tall because they are from certain ethnicities? >> look, don. i hope science at some point takes a little more time with this, but that's not occurred. i mean, science should be focused on those 61 kids you were talking about at top of the hour that died from mysterious disease. the idea of focusing on this idea of is there some athletic superiority based on genetics is a waste of time. >> my question was going to be, why isn't science taking more time to study this? you think even by doing it, it would be a waste of time? >> well, what's the ultimate outcome? in the 100 meters in london, we'll see blacks with ten-pound weights on like we have racehorses. or we'll see
4:44 am
whites in baseball, all the sudden they get two strikes. what kind of changes do we begin to make other than saying there's something to the hard work of individuals, no matter what their race, the desire, the interest in different sports, and the opportunity. >> listen, i want to go beyond this. you guys, as you guys said at top of this broadcast, this has happened before. we heard about it in the '70s, '80s, '90s. one of the most iconic moments on this issue came in 1988 when sports caster jimmy the greek made these comments. and they were played back by cnn's larry king. >> the black is a better athlete to begin with because he's been bred to be that way because of his high thighs and big thighs that goes up into his back. they can jump higher and run faster because of their bigger thighs, you see. the white man has to overcome that. but they don't try hard enough to overcome it. this goes back all the way to the civil war when during the slave trading the owner, the slave owner would breed his big
4:45 am
black to his big woman so that he could have a big black kid. >> okay. so cbs promptly fired jimmy the greek. who was a long time sportscaster there. michael johnson is also a sports caster, but he works for the bbc. he told london's daily mail that he believes slavely benefited descendants like him. and left black athletes with a similar gene. so what do you think? should jones be fired? is this a double standard because he's a black athlete, or have times changed now? >> well, if somebody were to fire him, i would understand. i think an important variable to point out is jimmy the greek worked on cbs' "nfl today." that's a very conservative operation. don't rock the boat, and being associated with the nfl, you'll wind up getting fired. i think it's ridiculous. if he had not been fired, it wouldn't have been an issue. the real fireable offense was letting someone put a microphone in his face when he had no absolutely no business talking on television.
4:46 am
>> kevin, should he be fired? >> i don't think so. i think michael is more on a personal journey. this is in context of a documentary. he made some comments at a point believing what he believes but without going through a full scientific method to understand what the reality is. >> kenneth schropshire, bohami, jones, thank you very much. appreciate it, guys. next, a man that knows all about sports and controversy. now he's a political pundit. my conversation with john rocker. >> you don't have to be in front after television to watch cnn. you can do what i do. stay connected by your phone or watch at work. go to
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all right. that's john rocker. he was a pitcher for the atlanta braves and a critic of all things new york. remember he got himself into big trouble in 1999 with the now infamous profile in "sports illustrated." he's sharing his opinions, this time as an online sports -- political columnist. he's also written a book called "scars and strikes." he knows a lot about both. when i spoke with him earlier, i asked him about some of the comments that got him in so much trouble. >> you said, imagine having to take the number seven train -- this is when someone asked you if you ever would work for -- >> i rode the number seven train. >> let me read the quote. imagine taking the number seven
4:50 am
train to the ballpark, looking like you're riding through beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with aids, next to some dude who just got out of jail for the 24th time, next to some mom with four kids. it's depressing. those comments led to all kinds of things. >> i really regret the homophobic comment. everything else, it's what i saw. it was a little depressing at the time and a little shocking. i had only been three or four years removed from high school. small town georgia. it was a little bit eye opening and awakening. like, oh. really? obviously, since then i've matured and have been all over the world and things like that. at the time, it was a little unnerving. i'm not going to lie. the homophobe comment was inappropriate. >> why do you regret that? >> it was just inappropriate. i guess the definition would be inappropriate in every way the term inappropriate can be used. >> you've grown up.
4:51 am
do you think you were just a dumb kid back then? >> dumb, inexperienced. >> i'm not trying to insult you. >> we'll say naive. >> you think you've grown up now? >> absolutely. >> what do you say to the people of new york who are watching now and people you offended? >> i didn't realize my place in the world at that point in time. playing on national tv every day, at that moment, every movement, every comment watched, critiqued, analyzed. at 23 years old, you're not prepared for that. when it happens, you're like, oh, my god. i didn't know they were all watching to this degree. when something like that slips out, you're like, i'm being observed this closely? it was an eye opening and almost a stepping back kind of moment. oh, my god. i had no idea i was this important. it never dawned on me until that point. >> let's talk about the race for the white house now. no surprise that you have strong opinions, especially when it comes to the president. an interview for world net daily, you said, in my strong opinion, barack obama does not
4:52 am
hold a single core value or belief consistent with the principles that created this amazing country we call the united states of america. what do you mean by that? >> this is -- this could get into a very long-winded type answer, dhiatribe type answer. i just think president obama comes from a very socialist-minded platform. i don't think socialist-minded platforms and ideals is what built our capitalistic economy. it's what the greatest generation held close to their hearts, as far as the way they conducted their lives daily. the greatest generation from the '20s on to where we find ourselves now. i just don't think the dependence on the government, 49% of americans right now depend on the government in some way, shape or form as obama care becomes law in 2014.
4:53 am
that's got to go up into the 70%, 80% range. >> i didn't get to ask him on air because we were out of time. i did ask him on the break. people were saying he's the real kenny powers. he didn't like that. that's all he said. so take a look at this piece of interstate. see how it is buckled up and broken? it looks like a ramp. imagine hitting that in a car at high speed. oh, yeah. a car did, and it's caught on video. i'll show you next.
4:54 am
4:55 am
now to the stories in the week ahead. from the race to the white house to wall street, our
4:56 am
correspondents tell you what you need to know. we begin tonight with the latest from the campaign trail. >> i'm paul steinhauser at the cnn political desk. mitt romney starts his week in colorado reaching out to voters and raising campaign cash in the important battleground state. wednesday, romney speaks before the naacp convention in houston. vice president joe biden addresses the same gathering the next day. president obama hits the campaign trail this week in iowa and virginia, two crucial swing states. i'm poppy harlow in new york. following the disappointing jobs report on friday, wall street will turn its attention to some big corporate earnings starting on monday. we'll get the latest numbers quarterly numbers from aluminum giant alcoa on monday. later, we'll hear from google, jp morgan chase and wells fargo. all eyes will be on jp morgan to see how much money it has lost since announcing earlier this year that a massive bad bet
4:57 am
on credit derivatives cost the firm at least $2 billion. a lot of focus on that. we'll keep an eye on wall street for you all week on cnn money. i'm "showbiz's" thmichelle turner. here's what's we're watching this week. "american pie" star chris klein joins us to talk about his new tv show. plus, country music darling and former american idol kellie pickler talks about her new mission that hits close to home. >> that big smile on nishelle's face. let's leave yo with this. remember that buckled up piece of interstate in wisconsin? well, it got that way from the heat. we have the unlucky driver who hit that thing at high speed. show it. can you imagine? so an suv hits that ramped up piece of road and gets major air. police say two people were inside. talk about scary. the car crosses the grass median and comes close to a stop.
4:58 am
people inside went to the hospital with back pain. okay. here's one more for you. watch the top of your screen. look at this, okay? it's an 18-wheeler. there it comes. no brakes. comes barrelling through an intersection. it rolls over into a gas station. it smashes right into the pumps, but no explosion. nobody was badly hurt. witnesses say that somebody was using that pump just a minute earlier. close call. wow. thanks for joining us. see you back here next weekend. have a good one. breaking news this morning. president obama plans to fire over the tax cuts. tens of thousands of people could wake this up morning with no internet service, thanks to some pretty nasty malwear.
4:59 am
and a cold front breaks the heat wave but brings damaging storms along with it. welcome to "early start," i'm ali velshi, zoraida sambolin is off today. >> good to have you here with us. i'm ashleigh banfield. it's 5:00 a.m. in the east. this is cnn breaking news. >> we begin this morning with breaking news. we have learned that president obama is holding a big event at the white house rose garden later today to resurrect the battle over the bush tax cuts. he will be surrounded by working class americans while he calls on congress to extend tax cuts for everyone, making $250,000 a year or less. republicans want the tax cuts extended for everyone, the wealthy included. the white house will be very busy framing the tax cut debate this week with events planned in new hampshire, nevada, colorado and florida. republicans as i mentioned want the tax cuts extended for all


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