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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 8, 2012 3:43pm-4:00pm EDT

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all right. a new development for the laiesf coffee connoisseurs. soon you won't have to swipe a card to buy your tall americano. starbucks has signed square incorporated. it uses a different technology that does not require swiping or tapping card. you have to register for it. we want to find out how this works. let's turn to silicon valley correspondent. you say this is going to take effect this fall. how does it work? >> this is a very big deal. the notion of never having to grab your wallet to pay for anything is happening sooner than we all might realize. that's because starbucks has
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formed an alliance with the san francisco start up called quire to handle all its credit card transactions. the credit card isn't going away any time soon. you would pay by saying your name. you go into a retailer or coffee shop like starbucks and a photo of you will appear on an ipad screen. then you go and do all your shopping and you go up and you want to pay and just say your name and it will compare your actual face to the photo. you don't have to take out your phone. there's no credit card. there's no signatures. that is it. that is what is eventually coming to starbucks. at first they will roll this out in the fall. first, you'll pay, if you want to, by scanning a bar code on the phone that will charge your credit card. that's what's coming down the pike and the fact that starbucks is doing this will signal to other major retailers that perhaps they will get into this technology.
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it's very exciting for the retail. >> you watch this very closely. is there any indication that that's coming soon? >> reporter: yeah. no question about it. mobile technology is a white hot space. and we're seeing a lot of competitors getting into a paypal of course is a big name, intuit has been doing it for a while. starbucks wants to work with square is a very big deal. they lead other retailers to do the same thing. i would imagine in the next year or two that if people want to pay simply by using their phones, that option will be available to them, alina. >> you won't need pennies or dollars anymore. dan simon, thanks so much. 800,000 people forced to leave their homes as flood waters rip through the philippines. we are going to take you on the ground there next. in here, every powerful collaboration is backed by an equally powerful and secure cloud. that cloud is in the network,
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all right. we're just a few minutes away
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from the top of the hour. that means my friend wolf blitzer and "the situation room." wolf is here with a preview. hey, wolf. >> hi, alina. we've got lots of news coming up in "the situation room." newt gingrich is going to be joining us by the way. we've got important issues i want to raise with him. is he going to be delivering a major speech at the republican presidential convention at the end of august -- end of this month in tampa? has he been invited yet to deliver a speech? we know that rick santorum's been invited. i'm anxious to hear if the former speaker of the house has already been invited to deliver a speech or not. also, bill burton is going to be joining us. a lot of people don't know who he is. he's the former white house deputy press secretary. he worked for president obama. he now runs the pro-obama super pac that came out with that rather controversial ad the other day suggesting that mitt romney may have at least indirectly been responsible for the death of a woman whose husband lost his job. so we're going to go through all of that with bill burton. we got a lot of other news
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coming up. so we're watching all of these stories very, very closely, alina, as you know, we always do that. >> i know you do. and i will be watching. you know what my mom said to me yesterday, wolf? that wolf blitzer, he is so nice to you. he is so nice to you. she can tell on tv. >> your mother's a lovely lady. i've had the pleasure to meet her. you know what they say, alina, the apple doesn't fall far from the see. >> see, this is why i said that. all right, wolf. i'll see you at the top of the hour. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> good to see you. nearly 800,000 people evacuated from their homes in the philippines to try to dodge a massive flood there. one-third of manila is under water. residents trying to scoop gallons of water from their homes. and as alex obell reports, it may take weeks for the flood waters to recede. >> reporter: a break in the rain on wednesday, the cleanup got underway in the philippines' capital of manila. people rummaging through their flooded homes, discarding trash
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and bailing out the water with buckets and shovels. and it was back to work for many of the more than 12 million people living in this city with the roads again jammed. but for many people here, it may be quite some time before life returns to normal. this is the scene here in one shantytown in one of the hardest-hit areas in metropolitan manila. as you can see this shantytown is completely submerged in water. you have people in boats trying to pick valuables out of this debris that's just being swept through this fast moving current of water. that water at times moving massive piles of what was once people's homes. arnold, a taxi driver, brought his family to the santo domingo church turned evacuation center. the water was rising fast tuesday night, he says. it was up to our necks. now he's not even sure if his home even exists. but i still have my taxi, he
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adds. so i can provide for my family. and we're all safe. this woman says the water at her home was over their heads. she came here with her family and only a blanket. but those staying here at this church, which was home to about 3,000 people on tuesday night, are getting help. >> the generosity of the people is really shown. you really feel their generosity. donations just keep pouring in. if the weather improves, conditions improve, i think most of them will be going home by tonight. >> reporter: but then came this. later on wednesday more rain, which is probably the last thing these people here ever want to see. and when you look at the rainfall totals, it is simply staggering. we're talking about 2 to 2 and a half feet of rain in about the past 48 hours. so when people wake up here on thursday morning in manila, they will certainly be hoping for
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clearer skies. alina, back to you. all right. alex, thank you very much. a severe typhoon slams the east coast of china south of shanghai. look at the buildings and homes that typhoon haiku destroyed when it hit land this morning. more than 600,000 people have been evacuated from the storm's path. it's the third tropical cyclone to hit china's east coast in less than one week. winds are expected to weaken as the storm moves across land. that often happens, but it will continue to dump large amounts of rain raising the risk of landslides and flooding. country music star randy travis arrested last night on charges of driving while intoxicated. the story takes a strange turn. according to police they found travis lying naked on a remote road in northern texas and smelling of alcohol. and that's not all. his car was apparently wrecked nearby. and the singer allegedly
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threatened to shoot highway patrol troopers who responded to the call. travis is free on bond today. this is his second dwi arrest just this year. new york governor andrew cuomo is cracking down on bath salts which can be dangerous when inhaled. >> we're talking about poison. this is poison that is being distributed and sold. all this mr. happy california dreams, blueberry blast, it is poison. >> cuomo announced tough new penalties yesterday for anyone who buys, sells or possesses bath salts or synthetic marijuana. bath salts are already banned in new york state. but drug makers can sometimes skirt those bans by modifying ingredients. and penn state is tweaking its football uniforms in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal. a blue ribbon on every uniform will now signify support for victims of child abuse. and for the very first time football players' last names
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will also be featured on the jerseys. former assistant coach sandusky was convicted in june of more than 40 counts of sex abuse. i'm alina cho. i'll be back with you tomorrow. "the situation room" with wolf blitzer starts right now. alina, thanks very much. happening now, the president campaigns wage a nasty battle over welfare. mitt romney takes heat for his claims against president obama. but he's stepping up the attack. it turns out the sikh temple gunman actually killed himself after being shot by police. we have all the late-breaking details. and we'll show you the latest extraordinary pictures from nasa's mars rover and the mock-up of the vehicle scientists are using here on earth. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room."
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mitt romney is using ads, web videos, speeches to hammer away at president obama on welfare. romney is taking a lot of heat though over his claims about the administration's policies, but with support from an unlikely ally he's raising the stakes today. here's our national political correspondent jim acosta. >> reporter: wolf, mitt romney is not backing away from his accusation that president obama is trying to make it easier for the poor to receive welfare checks and to help make his case he's getting some help from an old rival. >> they just send you your welfare check. >> reporter: even though his ad accusing the president of weakening work requirements for welfare recipients got a pants on fire from politifact and four pinocchios from "the washington post," mitt romney is doubling down on the claim. >> this is to help people go to work so they can stop drawing a welfare check and start drawing a paycheck. >> reporter: the new video not only touts president clinton who signed welfare reform back in the '90s, but also features a
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young state senator barack obama speaking out against it. >> i was not a huge supporter of the federal plan that was signed in 1996. >> reporter: in iowa romney said that only bolsters hisla


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