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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 11, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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and capacity to lead, to find people across the aisle to work together to make things change for the american people. i have to tell you, i'm happy today. i hope you're happy. i'm happy today. [ applause ] >> i know -- i know that the democrats are working very hard today. they're pulling out all their books and they're looking at every vote and they're interviewing everybody in this neighborhood. they're not going to find anything, but they're doing all of that work and they're getting ready because their campaign has been all about bringing america's perspective on this race as low as they possibly can make it. this is a man who appeals to the better -- the better angels of the american people, asks us to lift ourselves. we're going to talk about issues and a vision for america and not dragged in the dirt like you're seeing for the obama campaign. [ applause ]
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>> you see, we love america. we love america. we're noting about to besmirch the office of the presidency by succumbing to the kind of attacks and violent charges that are coming from the democrats. we'll talk about what has to be done to restore the greatness of america and that includes to have faith in our institutions, restore trust in them and this man and i are not going to in any way, on any day, lose your trust. we will honor with dignity and courage, the responsibility you give us as the leaders of your party. [ applause ] now this is -- the reason he's here -- the reason i'm here is
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that we recognize this is a critical time for america and you know that. when you have 23 million americans in the richest nation on earth, 23 million americans out of work or stop looking for work, you know something's going on. something's critical. when you have more people on welfare -- excuse me, on food stamps than any time in history, you know there is something unusual and critical going on. when one out of six americans have fallen into poverty you know there's something serious going on. when our national debt under this president, the debt held by the public is all -- he's added almost as much debt as the prior presidents combined. over $1 trillion a year, you know something is seriously wrong and so we step forward not out of partisan passion, but instead out of love of america to say we want to do what's necessary to get america back again and to get more jobs for
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people in the middle class and more take home pay! [ applause ] >> there are five things -- there are five things we know we have to do. this country will come running back. we're not like japan that went through the long ten-year period of decline some people are afraid that that's what we're facing and they're wrong. they're right if they elect barack obama. if they elect paul ryan and me, we will do five things that will bring back america's economy. you will see a resurgence in jobs and a resurgence of competitiveness and we'll finally get america back to a balanced budget. five things, one, take advantage of our energy, coal, natural gas, oil, nuclear, renewables. number two, we're going to make sure that every american has the skills they need to succeed. those that are older, training
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programs that give them the skills for the jobs of today and number two, we're going to make sure our kids have schools that prepare them for the jobs of tomorrow and we're going to do that by putting our kids and their parents and teachers first and the teachers' union behind. [ applause ] we're going to have trade. that's my number three, trade that works for america. it's good for us to trade when other nations, but when people like china cheat, we're going to hold them accountable and we'll open up new markets for american goods. number four, we'll do something that's only been spoken about, but must be done if america will be strong in the future and that is we're going cut the deficit and finally get us to a balanced budget.
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[ applause ] >> and number five. number five, we'll champion small business. we're going to -- if we want more jobs and more take home pay we have to make it easier for small businesses to grow and thrive. that means keep their taxes down, keep the regulators from smothering them. make sure that we keep health care costs affordable and one way we can do that is by repealing and replacing obama care. [ applause ] >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney there in ashland, virginia, along with his running mate, paul ryan. ryan spelling out a few things that with team romney and ryan they will quote, unquote, restore america. mitt romney vowing that there will be a resurgence in job, competitiveness.
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there will be a greater emphasis on improving trade as well as cutting the deficit and being a real champion for small businesses. paul ryan introducing mitt romney, just five hours or so after mitt romney made his announcement in norfolk, virginia, at the "uss wisconsin." you're in "the newsroom." i'm fredericka whitfield in i'm fredericka whitfield in atlanta. -- captions by vitac -- from virginia they go on to virginia and then on to ohio. many of the states won by president obama back in 2008, now romney and ryan together are hoping to change all of that. we're going to bring you up-to-date on all that's being said there in ashland, virginia, and we're also going to bring you that big announcement that took place earlier today with mitt romney introducing paul ryan as a man with unbounded optimism in america's future.
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>> paul's upbringing is obvious in how he's conducted himself throughout his life including his leadership in washington in a city that's far too often characterized by pettiness and personal attacks, paul ryan is a shining exception. he doesn't demonize his opponents. he understands that honorable people can have honest differences and he appeals to the better angels of our nature. a lot of people in the other party that might disagree with paul ryan. i don't know of anyone who doesn't respect his character and judgment. >> we are on an unsustainable path that is robbing america of our security. it doesn't have to be this way. the commitment mitt romney and i make to you is this, we don't duck the tough issues. we will lead. [ applause ]
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>> we won't blame others. we will take responsibility. >> and that was earlier today when the announcement was made when mitt romney revealed his running mate in paul ryan. where does paul ryan stand on the issues? he's known for his conservative budget principles. in july 2009 he proposed the road map for america's future, an economic plan that would end medicare as we know it and privatize social security. atirst he got criticism from his own party because republicans worried that it would scare away senior voters. former republican house speaker newt gingrich even called it, quote, right-wing social engineering. ryan has become the darling of tea party support, and ryan who is a catholic voted to ban federal health, and the
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economics and the leading gop voice against the stimulus plan and ryan also took on the white house over the affordable care act and wants to repeal it. on guns, he is backed by the nra. he voted to decrease the gun buying waiting period from three days to one day. and on privacy, ryan voted to allow electronic surveillance of americans without a warrant. on defense, he voted to send america to war on iraq and voted against ending the war in afghanistan. so mitt romney and his new running mate are going right to work as you see right there in virginia launching that four-day, four-state bus tour of battleground states. right now in virginia, they started out in norfolk, virginia, at the "uss wisconsin" and now they're in ashland, virginia. cnn correspondent jim acosta has been traveling at least in another vehicle behind or alongside.
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he is joining us on the phone. jim, the message is that romney-ryan team, they can expect to focus on the economy, on jobs, on small businesses just to name a few. >> reporter: that's right, fredericka, and i can report i'm in the same gymnasium as mitt romney and paul ryan right now. we're in the same area. that's right. you heard paul ryan talk about that in his remarks just a few moments ago. he talked about the economic malaise in the country and said, quote, it doesn't have to be this way, and i think we also heard something striking from mitt romney they think takes us into this thinking in terms of making his vice presidential pick. he said that he wanted to make this race not about getting dragged down in the dirt as he called it and he wanted to make it about the issues and there is really no other vice presidential pick that he could have made other than paul ryan if he wanted to make this campaign about the issues because selecting paul ryan essentially fuses mitt romney with the fiscally conservative
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movement in the tea party that says, look, the social welfare programs that we've had for years and years like medicare, medicaid, social security, they are not sustainable as they stand now. they're going to be changed in some way if we'll make this social safety net somehow fiscally viable in the years to come and mitt romney is adopting the paul ryan plan and paul ryan is essentially adopting the mitt romney plan and the romney campaign did have a pushback earlier this morning, wait a minute, just because mitt romney selects paul ryan as his running mate doesn't mean he's going to sign paul ryan's economic blueprint right into law. so that is a sign that perhaps they'll have to work some things out between them in terms of what the future will hold for his economic policy, but i will tell you that the romney economic plan is not very different from the ryan economic plan. and so it will be interesting how that debate develops. already we've heard from the
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obama campaign. they are already saying that they are also looking forward to this fight. vice president joe biden called paul ryan to congratulate him and looks forward to the debate that's coming this fall. it will be a barn burner, fredericka. >> lots of comparisons to be made and on the scope of comparisons since you began, let's talk about these two family men, you know, taking to the stage. paul ryan, a very young man with a pretty sizeable family there taking to the stage, that in comparison to mitt romney's big family. you know, paul ryan young enough to be mitt romney's son. he represents a real vibrancy and popularity. so you have to wonder whether image, how image may have played a role into the selection of paul ryan. >> reporter: i think so, fredericka. if you looked at the pictures outside of the battle ship in
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norfolk. first of all the stage crafting was pretty impressive in terms of what the romney campaign was able to pull off and almost total secrecy. nobody knew about this until less than 12 hours before this unfolded, but when paul ryan came out on stage and delivered his speech and his wife and children joined him by his side along with ann and mitt romney and you saw the future of the republican party and mitt romney symbolizing the president and paul ryan symbolizing the future of this party, and i think that those images are ones that the campaign would like to see out there, you know? and earlier this afternoon i could tell you, fredericka, when we were going up interstate 95 the ryan children and the romney grandchildren were playing together in the romney bus and they were learning how to make mitt romney's favorite sandwich of peanut butter and honey and they were doing bus surfing, whatever that is by the romney campaign. and it's one of the lighter
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moments that the campaign wants the public to see. they want to see that this image they can put up against what say very impressive image from the stage crafting standpoint on the president's side. their two beautiful daughters. that's obviously warm, and a very american picture of the presidency. >> yea. the ryan-romney image they're putting out, i would say that's equally the case and that's part of what you're seeing today, fredericka. >> jim acosta, thanks so much for traveling with the romney-ryan ticket now in ashland, virginia. so jim talked about vice president biden already reaching out to paul ryan, congratulating him and we also is now have a formal statement from the obama campaign on the mitt romney selection saying, quote, mitt romney has chosen a leader who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy while placing greater
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burdens on the middle class and seniors will somehow deliver a stronger economy, end quote. that coming from -- oh, wait, but there's more, i think. quote, ryan rubber-stamped the economic policies that exploded our deficit and crash our economy. that, end quote, from the obama camp in response to mitt romney's selection of paul ryan. all right, in other news, a huge sink hole has swallowed up an entire area the size of a football field in louisiana. we'll tell you why this could be an explosive situation for those who live nearby.
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>> how would you like to be told that you can't go home for a month? that's the situation for people living close it a huge sink hole in louisiana and to make matters worse their homes might be sitting on a chemical power keg. ed lavandera is in assumption parish with some worried and frustrated residents. >> reporter: this massive sink hole has swallowed up hundreds of cypress trees, some as tall as 100 feet and it has the residences of bell rose, a small bayou town, 20 miles south of baton rouge feeling anxious. >> it is an area that's now
2:19 pm
turned to slush. it's -- it's, the trees and so forth have sunk into the ground and it is not known what caused it. >> the sink hole dropped about a week ago. it's now about 320 feet wide. in some places, reaches more than 400 feet deep and several hundred residents have been told to evacuate their homes. the sink hole sits over a salt dome cavern. it's believed that the cavern collapsed, causing the sink hole. louisiana's department of natural resources says the company mining the salt dome, texas brine, was planning to expand when it cut into the cavern last year, long before the sink hole appeared. >> in order to expand that mining of that cavern, a cut in the well casing -- they made a cut in the well casing several hundred feet above the top of the cap and then they reported a potential breach at that time and that information was brought to us in 2011. >> reporter: but the collapse is also next to a well containing
2:20 pm
more than 1 million gallons of liquid butane, a highly flammable vapor if it's released. local officials say if that happens it can cause catastrophic problems. john oshe, jr., has organized a community group to get answers from regulators and the mining company that owns the underground salt dome. >> reporter: what are you most afraid of at this point? >> everybody is afraid of the unknowns. you know, we don't know how big the sink hole can happen, if other sink holes can happen. you know, they're talking about now looking in the gasses in the aquif aquifer, i believe it's in the butane cavern. people are concerned about an explosion. >> the first signs of trouble were spotted more than two months ago and henry welch took us by boat to the edge of the sink hole to show us. >> look at all these bubbles. >> that's what started it all. >> this is what you started seeing first? >> exactly, as one resident told us, the bayou water looks like a
2:21 pm
boiling pot of craw fish. >> henry welsh has evacuated these nearby home and he's not sure he'll ever be able to move back. he thinks all of the property will now be worthless. >> are you worried about what it means long term? >> yea. i have my life savings in this place. i'm retired. that's all i've got. >> ed lavandera joining us now from assumption parish. so what is texas brine saying about this situation? >> reporter: well, they say they're working closely with state officials to figure all this out. they're saying that they don't know exactly what has caused this sink hole. they're not saying whether they're responsible or not responsible and saying simply the answers just aren't there yet, but the company has been ordered to drill a well into that cavern to test the integrity of it to figure out if indeed that's what happened here and that the site of the cavern collapsed and caused this sink
2:22 pm
hole, but that will take at least 40 days. many of these resident, i've been told until then the evacuation orders will remain in place. >> pretty serious situation and mysterious, ed lavandera joining us from assumption parish, louisiana. summertime, people are still thinking of their swimsuit bodies. getting your body and diet into shape the best way to work out and getting the six-pack abs or the four pack. whatever it takes. our fitness expert will show us how. are you serious? [siri] yes i'm not allowed to be frivolous. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick? [siri] here's rick. oh, no that's not rick. now, how's the traffic headed downtown? [siri] here's the traffic. ah, it's terrible, terrible! driver, driver! cut across, cut across, we'll never make it downtown this way. i like you siri, you're going places. [siri] i'll try to remember that.
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♪ >> all right, in today's "health for her," getting your body and diet in shape. i teamed up with fitness expert desiree nathanson to show you the best ways to workout. >> a lot of people fantasize about the wash board abs and they want a six pack and a four pack, let me do as many crunches as possible and you say there's another way. >> you can be on the mat or on the carpet in your home. >> absolutely. >> hotel room or at work. >> or at work.
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a friend can join you at work if you're not wearing a skirt. we will start on our elbows and from here a regular plank position will be on your toes and your elbows. this may be difficult for some people who are just starting out. so to make this a little easier, you are going to drop your knees. this is the beginning plank position for someone with not a lot of abdominal strength. from here, you lift your knees off the mat. if this is too hard, you can put your feet farther apart and that will make it less difficult. from here, there are hundreds of variations and you can lift two of your limbs and rock side to side and bring your knee to the outside of your elbow. >> so that's working your obliques and maybe some leg muscles. >> you'll be getting total body here and of course, with the plank you're working your upper
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body. >> that's the way to strengthen your abdominals. so you can break this up into phases and you have your beginning positions and at what point do you start advancing to these other moves? when it feels too easy? >> that's usually a good barometer for it. you want to start holding ten seconds and see what you can do. >> okay. we've got some good things here. >> exactly. >> now me -- we, everybody else has to do it more regularly. >> it's fun, easy to do and cheap. >> yes. perfect. >> every saturday at this time we bring you new information about medical breakthroughs and ways to improve your health and quality of life. right back to politics in a moment and mitt romney's new running mate has an economic message for voters.
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presumptive republican presidential candidate or nominee mitt romney is hitting the campaign trail today. he's with his new running mate, congressman paul ryan of wisconsin just wrapped up a rally in ashland, virginia.
2:31 pm
ryan known for his fiscally conservative positions told virginia voters a romney presidency will send the economy in the right direction. >> we are at that proverbial fork in the road. we've got a choice of two futures ahead of us. we know that. president obama with his party firmly in control the first two years got almost everything passed into law that he wanted and now we're living under those policies. now we're witnessing a nation in debt, further in doubt, deeper in despair. now we are seeing a country where after the recession of the so-called recovery is the worst we've seen in 70 years. unemployment above 8% the entire time. we have had the largest deficits and the biggest government since world war ii. nearly one out of six americans today is living in poverty. that's the worst we've seen in a
2:32 pm
generation. household incomes are down. unemployment is up. you know what the good news is? it doesn't have to be this way. we can turn this thing around. we can get this right. >> with election day less than three month away, new polls suggest mitt romney's support is slipping while president obama's lead is growing. obama now leads romney by seven points, 52% to 45% and that's according to a new cnn/orc poll. romney's unfavorable numbers have gone up 6% with registered voters. it's believed some of those troubling numbers may have something to do with those negative ads that groups -- negative ads, rather, coming from the obama campaign, but he is solidifying some support in may. only 47% of romney voters said they were strongly behind him in
2:33 pm
his jump to 56% and obama's numbers have not changed much. so now that mitt romney has announced paul ryan as his running mate will it help his approval rating? 54% of voters don't a favorable opinion of ryan saying that voters don't know enough about him. 45% said they were unsure about ryan. if they had to choose they would prefer to see florida senator marco rubio on the romney ticket ahead of new jersey, governor chris christie or paul ryan. all right. coming up in the next hour cnn's chief political analyst gloria borger takes a look at how romney chose ryan as his running mate. other stories we are watching, a new report blames drivers for a deadly multi-car
2:34 pm
crash in florida's interstate 75, 11 people died and 46 others were injured after heavy fog and smoke caused the collision. in that report the florida highway patrol said, quote, despite the presence of fog, smoke, warning signals, some drivers did not take proper precautions and slow their speeds to prepare for reduced visibility. police have recommended changes that include improved training and better communication with the national weather service. the feds are desperately trying to rescue two children seen in child porn videos online. police say this woman is posting videos of herself and a man having sexual contact with two children. her name isn't known yet, but homeland security believes she lives in the u.s. police found videos while investigating an unrelated case. hillary clinton is in turkey talking syria. we'll tell you who she's meeting with and what's on the table. a.
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>> all right, now to turkey where u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton is discussing the crisis in syria. she's been meeting with turkish leaders and syrian opposition activists. ivan watson has details from istanbul. >> reporter: there is a very clear understanding about the need to end this conflict quickly, but not doing it in a way that produces even more deaths, injuries and destruction. this was a direct quote from u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton after a round of talks with the turkish foreign minister here in istanbul on saturday. this announcement coming 17 months after the uprising began in syria, and after the deaths by conservative estimates, of
2:39 pm
more than 17,000 people and after the unhcr registered nearly 150,000 syrian refugees that have fled across borders to neighboring countries and many more believed to have gone across borders fleeing the violence unofficially. clinton announcing after these talks that it was now time to set up a working group with their turkish allies that would include intelligence and military assets and that they would work on setting up contingency plans in the event of the downfall of the assad regime. basically, analysis for the future about the crisis that has been tearing syria apart for more than a year. when asked about what fears clinton had about syria she said one fear was that it could become a breeding ground for terrorism. take a listen. >> we worry about terrorists, pkk, al qaeda and others taking advantage of the legitimate
2:40 pm
fight of the syrian people for their freedom to use syria to promote their own agendas and even to perhaps find footholds to launch attacks against others. >> in private conversations with concern, they've characterized u.s. foot dragging on the biggest crisis facing the middle east. it feels like turkey's been left alone to deal with the refugee crisis and the conflict across the border. another turkish diplomat telling cnn now that the u.s. asked for this special round of urgent talks with the turkish prime minister and president and foreign minister, but now it appears the u.s. is starting to recognize the severity of this conflict and this crisis for the region. during her visit, mrs. clinton also met with syrian activists,
2:41 pm
one dissident activist telling cnn that she specifically asked about which groups and opposition leaders would be worth giving u.s. money to and which groups they should not give money to. ivan watson, cnn, istanbul. on to iran now. two strong earthquakes jolted the northwestern part of the country and at least 87 people have been killed and 400 injured. the cakquakes measured 6.4 and . some buildings have been damaged and power and telephone lines are also down. all right. she's brash, has movie-star looks and is one of the best-known athletes at the london games. how lolo jones says she's coping with the pressure she gets from all sides. [ ross ] in the taihang mountains of china,
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olympian lolo jones felt the heartbreak of finishing without a medal in the 100 hurdles in london, but she still is one of the best known athletes at the games. her athleticism, her beauty and big personality have brought her endorsements and fame, but when i talked to her earlier i asked her how she's assessing it all at this point. how do you assess it all at this point? >> um, yea. well, obviously i'm not, you know, uber thrilled with the results, but i'm pleased, very pleased with my effort because i had a lot of setbacks this year. the injuries were, you know, they kept coming, and i fought through it all, you know, i made the team and even when a lot of people said i wouldn't make the olympic team. so just to fight through all of that, i'm proud of myself. it wasn't the fastest i've ran in my life, but i'm pleased.
2:46 pm
>> there is tremendous pressure that an olympian puts on oneself and coaches and corporate sponsors. from which has the pressure really been the toughest? >> well, i think you hit all of them. they're all kind of equal because you have the corporate sponsors that invest in you, and, you know, they actually make the dream financially possible because without them you can't train, you can't travel. so you have a lot of pressure to help make sure that you're making their effort into you worth it all and then your family, like, to see my family afterward they're going to say they're proud regardless, but i can just feel like i just let them down, and also just everybody -- even people you don't know. you're representing a country, and i represented team usa, and i felt like i let them down when i didn't get the medal, but i was pleased because my other teammates both got second and third. it's a team effort and you're, like, man, i feel like i didn't do my part.
2:47 pm
it's just a total effect. >> what's been the most challenging? dealing with the tough competition on the track or dealing with the media? dealing with the social media? >> well, obviously my competition on the track will always be difficult. i think i get a lot of peace from running and i'm used to dealing with the pressures of track. a lot of the athletes are learning how to navigate through that, and, you know, i learned a lot through this olympics, and i would definitely say the social media is harder because you can't please everyone. it doesn't matter if you're probably an angel out here and even you saying, bolt, he's winning. he's double repeat olympic champion about to be triple and i'm pretty sure if i went through his twitter timeline he has people saying i hate you or just this and that and negative comments about him. so i think the social media, from what i'm talking with the other athletes is one of the
2:48 pm
hardest things because we're trying to reach out with our fans and we want to interact with them, but at the same time there's always going to be someone out there who will say something hurtful. >> i know you're still living in the moment, but have you thought about what's next for lolo jones? >> i'm just trying to figure out because it's weird. track is different. this isn't our last race or last competition, so we have another four more races and i'm trying to figure out which races i'll run in. so, yea, that's my immediate future, but, yea, obviously i'll reiterate that 2016 was always going to be my last olympic. gail beavers, thank you for the call and telling me, she was, like, at 33 she broke the american record and at 37 she won her last gold medal and i appreciate gail calling me and making sure i didn't retire at the young age of 30 for hurdles. >> she also talked about how shaquille o'neal even reached out to her and tried to offer some comfort by not feeling so defeated and so heart broken
2:49 pm
over her fourth place in the 100 hurdles. so i will have part two of my introo with lolo jones sunday at 2:30 eastern time we'll talk about the overall spirit of the olympic games and the camaraderie between team members, is it there or is it not there? all right. for a select few this olympic games has meant a chance to relive past glory. that's the case for my dad, a five-time medalist. coming up, a personal journey to london six decades later.
2:50 pm
i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself, and so college was a dream when i was a kid. i didn't know how i was gonna to do it, but i knew i was gonna get that opportunity one day, and that's what happened with university of phoenix. nothing can stop me now. i feel like the sky's the limit with what i can do and what i can accomplish. my name is naphtali bryant and i am a phoenix. visit to find the program that's right for you. enroll now.
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it's the final weekend of competition at the london olympic games before tomorrow's closing ceremony. so many memories to reflect on. i've been privileged to attend four summer games including this xxx olympiad and with my medalist dad malwhitfield was uniquely different. what made london so special? so much. >> reporter: serving in the korean war as a tuskegee sargence couldn't stop his dreams of making history at the 1948 olympic games in world war ii bomb-scarred london, so why at 87 in a wheelchair, a survivor of two strokes and deteriorated legs from decades
2:53 pm
of competitive world stage racing would mal whitfield put on the brakes now? returning to london for the xxx olympiad destined good medicine. >> they're the stars. >> yea. >> they are, are they? >> 1948 london games was their first goal. >> it was a long time ago. >> dad, known as marvelous mal because of his seemingly effortless style on the track and near-undefeated winning streak in the 800 meters saw old london and friends of long ago with new eyes and lots of laughter. >> it's very different here. >> that's right. >> fellow 48er bronze long jumper herb douglas made the return, too. >> it's reliving what we did in 1948 and the maturity that we have we're able to handle it now. your dad and i couldn't handle it back in 1948, but today, we're ready.
2:54 pm
>> reporter: 1968 olympian bob beeman whose world record jump stood for more than 20 years says he owes much of his olympic success to men like dad. >> i read about them through my coach larry ellis and he said these are the great ones that came before you. these are model guys to look at, and so this is just a real treat to be with them. >> i'm your groupie. >> reporter: the journey to london with dad and my brother lonnie was filled with golden moments like this. >> i would like to take a picture. >> at lunches, and galas honoring unforgettable athletes. >> reporter: other highlights this historic super city of london transformed through a host of modern-day sports venues. >> on the way to beach volleyball here at the horse guard parade and we have to pass by the queen's crib here at buckingham palace. >> a playful volleyball pit
2:55 pm
between the skyline of westminster abbey and the queen's palace guards. the fear of gridlock and frustration with the crush of 200,000 at a time at the olympic park replaced with this reality. crowds, yes. headaches, few. >> what happens when an event ends and it coincides with rush hour? well, you cannot be claustrophobic, but hey, the bright side is when you do get an olympic ticket you also get a travel card that saves you about sen pounds or $14 round trip. our trip, a smooth ride fueled by the inspiration of one marvelous olympian forever touched by fellow athletes he calls his brothers. together, creating new memories in a city where they first made history 64 years ago. >> oh, many of the 1948 olympians told me that this will be their last games likely to attend. it would be hard to top the kind of special reunions that took
2:56 pm
place this go round in london six decades after they all competed together as team usa. >> on to politics again, mitt romney? his next running mate, paul ryan are on the trail right now. we'll hear from them and their plans to turn the economy around. ♪ ♪ join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. [siri] sirianother busy day are you serious? [siri] yes i'm not allowed to be frivolous. ah ok, move my 4 o'clock today to tomorrow. change my 11am to 2. [siri] ok marty, i scheduled it for today. is that rick? where's rick?
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2:59 pm
introducing wisconsin congressman paul ryan as his vice presidential pick, the presumptive republican ticket is making its case to voters in virginia. romney introduced paul ryan this morning as, quote, an intellecta you will leader of the republican party and a person who will help lead the country to, quote, widespread and shared prosperity and then ryan told his own story and shared his ideals. >> for the last 14 years i have proudly represented wisconsin in congress. there -- there i have focused on solving the problems that confront our country, turning ideas into action and action into solutions. i am committed in heart and mind to putting that experience to work in a romney administration. [ applause ] my dad died when with i was young. he was a good and decent man. there are few things he would say that have just always stuck with me. he'd


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