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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 25, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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in the surface about one or two inches. so though the surface appears to be very, very fine grained as you get close to it, it's almost like a powder. i'm going to step off the laminate. that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. i'm don lemon. you're in the cnn newsroom. want to get you up to speed on the day's top stories. within the past few minutes, republican party leaders decided to open their convention as planned on monday but they have
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decided to push back all of the major events and speeches until tuesday. by then, they're hoping that the storm will have passed. our political director mark preston will join me from tampa with a bit more in moments. with one small step for man, neil armstrong cemented himself in history as the first man to walk on the moon. america's most celebrated space pioneer died today, 2 1/2 weeks after he had major heart surgery. neil armstrong was 82 years old. tropical storm isaac setting its sights on the west coast of florida and the gulf of mexico. it's maintaining 60-mile-per-hour winds as it skirts the coast of cuba. the storm killed two people in haiti overnight, ripping through tent camps and leaving most of the island without power. we'll get the latest on the storm in a few minutes here on cnn. all nine people wounded in that manhattan shootout yesterday were hit as a result of police gunfire according to the police commissioner.
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police officers fired 16 rounds at jeffrey johnson. none of the bystander's wounds is life threatening. the death toll from a fire as a refinery in venezuela has risen to 26. more than 80 people were hospitalized. president hugo chavez called for three days of mourning. the republican national convention hasn't even started but tropical storm isaac is already making an impact. two delegates from louisiana and alabama are choosing to stay at home rather than go to the event. when is isaac going to get to the u.s.? let's go to rob marciano tracking the storm for us. >> it's just off the coast of cuba, picking up speed, hitting haiti and continues to hit haiti
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hard with rainfall. winds are 60 miles an hour, northwest movement at 21 miles per hour. you see how large the circulation. it's throwing moisture into south florida already. aside from that, hurricane warnings have been posted from ft. myers just south of there to key west and south of miami, key largo through the keys and tropical storm warnings east side and watches now include ft. myers north to tampa for anticipation of seeing action there. here's some of the rain ahead of it going into miami. here's the official forecast from the national hurricane center. tropical storm force winds now, gaining strength to a category 1 storm before or after et gets through the keys. timing is tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. monday morning, gets into the eastern gulf of mexico, waters are warm there, atmospheric conditions are favorable to strengthen and it could become a
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category 1 sto2 storm. landfall will be close to the west coast of florida and storms like these can make a right turn like charley did in 2004. we've got to keep everybody on guard. here is how the conditions will time out. miami, tropical storm force winds on the east side of the florida peninsula. key west, tropical storm force winds sunday morning and hurricane force winds tomorrow afternoon potentially. ft. myers and tampa, you'll experience tropical storm force winds late sunday, into monday morning and through tuesday. that is the main reason that they have that recession at the convention, because it's going to be strong and at times dangerous winds through the tampa bay area. >> we'll get another update later on. thank you, rob. in port-au-prince, haiti, new fears that the heavy rains
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may cause a river to overflow. gary, many residents are still living in tents two years after the devastating earthquake. how did they make out? >> reporter: it was very difficult night, morning and afternoon, don. after 20 hours, the rain has stopped. we know of at least three people killed here in haiti. and the search continues for the possibility of more victims. so they'll be looking for a long time. and you're right, in the tent cities, people who loved in here 2 1/2 years because of the earthquake of january 2010, most did not want to evacuate, didn't want to leave their tents. they were afraid this wasn't much of a storm and came back. that was all their possessions in the tents, so most people stuck it out. we spent yesterday in a nearby tent city near the presidential palace here in prinort aprince.
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skorts of tents destroyed and many families lost all their possessions xaept what's on their back. at 2:00 in the morning, the peak of the storm here in haiti, a government bus pulled in and dozens of men, women and children got aboard and decided to evacuate while the storm was going on. a lot of the people we talked to said they wished they did evacuate. and a lot of people right now are going through something just incredible. they've lost two homes. one during the earthquake and one during this tropical storm and they don't know what they're going to do now. where do you go after you move into a tent city? where is the next place to evacuate to? >> last thing they needed. gary tuchman, thank you very much. further south, rain flooded the streets, leaving residents looking for higher ground. at least two people are dead in haiti, as many as 15 others of
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the city's residents took refuge in a shelter. many cubans feel like they dodged a bullet with isaac, which is skirting the northern coast of the island. havana experienced big waves and heavy wind. people pulled boats out of the water and drove cars to higher ground. so far no reports of major damage. east of havana, isaac made landfall where several hundred people had to evacuate. again, no reports of serious problems. stories. the best laid plans of the republican party have been knocked off course slightly by the threat of dangerous weather. in the last half hour, republicans announced the convention will begin monday as planned but then go into recess because of tropical storm isaac. our political director mark
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preston has been tracking the story. as a matter of fact, you broke it right here on our air. mark, is the storm just too much of a threat? what's going on? >> well, done, that's what we were talking about a few hours ago. they've decided to cancel the first day and delay the convention by one day because of the heavy winds and the water that we expect to come in here as an outcast of the storm as it passes through the gulf. what does this mean? this convention will only be three days, much like what we saw in 2008 when john mccain had to shorten his convention because of another hurricane that came up into the gulf coast. don, this is big news here as we have 50,000 people who are coming in to tampa, making their way to see mitt romney become formally the republican presidential nominee. don? >> i'm wondering did organizers hear from worried delegates or just make this call on their own? >> what happened, don, is for
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the past several days, there have been several conference calls every few hours with the governor's office, with state and local officials, with federal officials and organizers trying to figure out what is the best thing to do? here in florida, they know how to handle this very well. the fact, is you have 50,000 more people coming into this one area and that played a big part. folks might not be able to make it in on time. folks coming in on sunday or monday probably would not be able to land. so don, i think the convention officials decided they needed to make the call now in order to make sure everyone's travel plans could be finalized. what they're not talking about, don, and we talked about it earlier today, they're not talking about evacuations. this is not going to be a direct hit, at least we're told right now on tampa. we expect heavy winds and rain. convention goers won't be inside the forum but in their hotel
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rooms. >> looks like people are still having a good time right behind you, mark preston. thank you very much. stay tuned. mark will have the latest. tomorrow night at 8:00 eastern, cnn will present a profile on mitt romney. that's right here tomorrow night 8:00 eastern. isaac now bearing down on the united states and the islands of key west now in its path. we'll take you there, later this hour to see if residents and tourists are prepared. astronaut neil armstrong has died. we look back at the mission armstrong commanded that was one for the history books. [ male announcer ] more power. more style. more technology. less doors. the 2012 c-coupe.
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the first man to set foot on the surface of the moon died today. neil armstrong underwent heart bypass surgery earlier this month and he died after suffering complications. he was 82 years old. john, there's no way to overstate how important neil armstrong was and the "apollo 11," that mission was to american space exploration.
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tell us how this news hit the nasa family today. >> they're taking it very hard. it came unexpectedly to many in the family, and probably to many of those he knew was the closest with, members of the "apollo" family, because within the last month, coming out of that heart surgery, people i spoke with who knew neil said he came through it pretty well and he was in good shape. so suddenly to have this setback that ultimately takes his life, the complications, very likely taking many of those people by surprise. in fact, i talked with bob kripen, who was the first shuttle pilot, first sts-1 pilot. and he told me "we've lost a great american. it is a sad day for the country and the world." and that expression, of course, shared throughout the nasa family. everyone knows that neil armstrong was a very, very shy
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person. he shied away from the spotlight, on big events. he would come out for the anniversaries of the "apollo 11" mission. i saw him two years ago at the 40th anniversary of "apollo 14." everybody wanted to touch him. everybody wanted a picture with him. he was very, very gracious. and you knew that he was comfortable within that setting, because his other fellow crew mates were there. but in the public, he rarely was out in public. one of the last times he was in public was in 2009 for the 40th anniversary of "apollo 11" and here's some sound from that event. >> humans have explored the moon. certainly never on the schedule
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as it actually occurred. history is a sequence of random events and unpredictable choices. which is why the future is so difficult to foresee. but you can try. thank you all for helping us celebrate the space flight anniversary. >> you know, particularly in the space program, they always used that expression, standing on the shoulders of giants. and neil armstrong clearly one of those giants. i think his family put it best in the statement they released today, basically saying very succinctly, he was a reluctant hero. >> certainly was. john, thank you very much. >> sure. the most famous words we ever heard from neil armstrong, let's hear them.
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>> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> a couple things you might not know about neil armstrong. he was born 82 years ago in western ohio. and talked about being born to fly. armstrong was at the controls of the airplane before he had a driver's license. after the historic "apollo" missions, professor neil armstrong taught engineering at the university of cincinnati. he also received the congressional space medal of honor. new information about that deadly shooting outside the empire state building. the nine people wounded were all hurt by bullets fired by the nypd. you don't have to be in front of a television to watch cnn. stay connected on your cell phone or do it from your computer at work. just go to
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7:21 pm
58-year-old jeffrey johnson appears to pull a gun. police fire. johnson goes down. amateur video shows a different angle. johnson is still moving after being shot. nine by standers are hurt, all by police bullets, including robert, a tour guide. >> when i turned around, i seen a guy reach in his suit and pulled out a gun and he shot at the police officer and the police officer shot him and one of them shot me in the arm and i fell. >> reporter: none of the bystander's injuries were life threatening. police fired 16 rounds and were quick to explain why so many people were hurt. >> there were flower pots and other objects around, so the bullets fragmented and that's what caused the wounds of the bystanders. >> reporter: police say the shooting happened after johnson
7:22 pm
killed a former co-worker. he was laid off a year ago, but had a long standing grudge against his former boss over sales of his designs. witnesses say johnson used his .45 caliber pistol. >> we heard pow, pow, so we're thinking it's construction workers. then we heard like four more shots. we're like, okay, that's gunshots. so we all scoot over and we see a guy in a gray suit just walking away. >> johnson'seighbors say he lived alone on new york's upper east side, with his cat. one had recently died. >> i'm in shock. i can't believe this. he was the nicest guy. i think he snapped or something. i don't know. >> reporter: today, the police commissioner giving us a little more information about specifically how the nine bystanders were injured by police. three apparently before struck by police bullets.
7:23 pm
six were hit by fragments. don? >> jason, thank you very much. let's talk more about this. lou polumbo, long-time new york police officer, we'll speak to him about what happened here and how could so many indent bystanders get struck if the right protocol was followed. he will join us in moments. he's at the empire state building. in the meantime, we want to talk more about isaac, bearing down now on the islands of key west. people are boarding up and getting ready. we'll take you live later to see if the residents and the tourists are prepared for this. but first, remember the upstate new york bus monitor who was bullied by students? 68 -year-old karen klein is making her mark by donating $100,000 to the klein anti-bullying foundation. the money will be used to fund
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long-time new york city area police officer. lou is down now at the empire state building. thank you for joining us. these two police officers fired 16 rounds at this man on a crowded manhattan sidewalk. first of all, tell us about this response, 16 rounds. was that excessive or was that procedural? >> well, you know, it's difficult to critique a shooting that you weren't involved in. but quite honestly, especially when you're involved with an active shooter, it's easy to discharge 16 rounds. what we found out was they fired their weapons combined 16 rounds. seven bullet strikes to the individual who they terminated, and unfortunately, we're keeling with a collateral damage situation that the public isn't ready to understand. it's part of the engagement.
7:28 pm
the engagement with an active shooter was 100% on the mark, don, and it's in policy. so it's a difficult situation. we've been very fortunate. >> so according to the police commissioner, all nine people who were shot were hit by nypd officers. i want you to take us inside the heads or the minds of a police officer as this is happening, and i want you to do it and i'm going to give you this quote first, one witness said i saw a guy pull out a gun. i guess he shot at the police officer, and the police officer shot him and one of them shot me in the arm and i fell. so if you're a police officer, you see the guy in the suit with a gun. how do you shoot the guy who may be next to him or close to him, as well? >> how do you do that? that's called distress when you engage. this is unfortunately, i hate to say it's a byproduct of what was going to be a gun battle. none of those additional nine
7:29 pm
people that were shot were shot intentionally. the public has to understand the amount of stress that's involved when you engage someone with a firearm. that's all part of this. what we're coming to learn is that law enforcement exist in a subculture that the general public, who is very well insulated by us doesn't quite understand. so they're a little on the learning curve right now. trust me, those two young police officers are dealing with the fact that they terminated the life of a human being that they needed to terminate. and also the fact that they injured innocently nine bystanders that they had not intended on hurting. so there's a psychological attachment to this thing. >> the mayor and the police commissioner came out right away and no hiding, as far as i know or anybody else can tell. they said initially the mayor said some of the bystanders may have been shot by police officers and then, of course, ray kelly coming out today and doing the media rounds telling people up front, this is what happened.
7:30 pm
so they're not trying to hide the situation or cover anything up. before i get to my next question, there's some disturbing video that we're showing, i'm sorry, i should have given you the viewers some warning before we put that on the air. so fair warning, it may run again during this segment. i apologize for running it without a warning. so lou, is there police training for firing into a crowd of people and what is the correct thing to do, what these officers did? >> what they did, unfortunately, was the correct thing to do. they engaged an active shooter and realized they were threatened with deadly force, as well as other innocent bystanders and followed what the law prescribes. you may use deadly force when your life is in imminent danger or the life of another person. police officers are not required to retreat in scenarios like this, where the public would be.
7:31 pm
it's all an educational process right now for the public, and the fact that the mayor's office and the police commissioner have been so transparent in addre addressing the collateral damage issue is to their credit. unfortunately, the situation speaks for itself. if you view on the videos, it was spontaneous. these police officers were alerted by a construction worker. they were attempting to approach him. at that time, he was walking down the street, prepared to go about his business, which is why he was dressed in a suit and tie, hoping he would just go into obscurity with the rest of us. the police officers knew who he was and he drew his weapon. >> he was hoping that police wouldn't even notice him and he would get away with it. lou, thank you very much. we should say we're not second guessing, but in order for the questions to be answered, they
7:32 pm
have to be asked. >> i agree, don. thank you, sir. half past the hour. we want to look at the headlines. the looming threat of tropical storm isaac has caused republicans to rearrange their convention plans. it will begin monday as scheduled but immediately go into recess until tuesday afternoon. the party will be left with a three-day convention. 50,000 people are expected to attend that convention. it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> those historic words from legendary astronaut neil armstrong, when he set foot on the surface of the moon. the year was 1969. the mission was "apollo 11." neil armstrong died today from complications following heart surgery. he was 82. tropical storm isaac maintaining its track and speed,
7:33 pm
according to the national hurricane center, prompting hurricane warnings to be issued for the florida keys. jim spellman is live in key west. would normally be a nice, warm, sunny assignment, but not right now. they are preparing for the worst there. are they ready? >> reporter: i think they're getting there, don. this is duvall street. normally on a saturday night, 7:30, this place would be hopping. one of the last weekends of the summer. tonight, few people are out. they haven't made this officially an evacuation but have encouraged visitors to leave. the last plane has just taken off, closing the airport down now. all that's left is a two-lane road coming and going. there's concern about people who live on their boats and in trailers. some of those people don't even just live here, but they're visiting. i spoke with a man who rode his boat down here to spend time with friends. now he's stuck. take a listen. >> we came down thursday for one
7:34 pm
of our friend's 50th birthday parties and having a good time. we knew the storm was coming, and all of a sudden it's hurricane isaac. we have a plan. we have a rental car. i think we're going to ride it out with you guys. >> reporter: so he has a rental car ready. in the morning, if he feels like it's going to be bad, he'll take off. a lot of people have their hearts set on partying throughout the storm. >> so they haven't left yet? >> reporter: no, not yet. >> all right. thank you very much, jim spellman. you can follow the latest on isaac on our website there you'll find information on how you can help storm victims recover from isaac. for the first time since news that he made lose his seven tour de france titles, lance armstrong talks with reporters about the doping allegation and
7:35 pm
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for the first time, lance armstrong is responding to the move by the united states anti-doping agency to strip him of his seven wins at the tour de france. >> i'm just more at ease now than i have been in ten years. i don't have anything to worry about. i'm focused on the future. i have five great kids, a wonderful foundation that is unaffected by any noise out there and we're going to continue to do our job. >> armstrong is choosing to not fight the charges that he used performance enhancing drugs and the head of the doping agency
7:39 pm
says his inaction speaks volumes. >> he's effectively admitted that they have substance. >> and we're now going to dave shields, seen here in the tour de france with armstrong in 2003. he's in salt lake city tonight. were you surprised by this when it came out the other night? >> no, because unfortunately for lance, the evidence has just become too overwhelming. there's too much stuff. >> what do you mean by that, it's become overwhelming? do you believe that there was doping involved, that he did dope? >> yeah, i have to say that what was said on the clip earlier, that a lack of defense is essentially an admission of guilt. at this point, there are numerous witnesses, numerous other previous teammates,
7:40 pm
numerous other people who have seen things and there's also some tests out there that have suspect results. sho i think the time has come that lance decided it's better to walk away from the fight than to lose the fight in a public way. >> so you mention all this stuff, and how do you know? do you have any evidence of that yourself? have you seen any of the information? have you ever seen him doping? >> oh, no, absolutely not. i don't have any direct evidence myself. i've written a couple of books. i wrote a book about the tour de france and as a result i got a lot of inside opportunities to talk to cyclists, and found myles writing another book that dealt with drugs and why a cyclist would choose to use drugs in the tour de france. that book was called "the tour," and it got a lot of interest, but it was a santa claus isn't real type of moment.
7:41 pm
people don't want to hear it. the reason a cyclist or any athlete is faced with this decision is really lack of enforcement by the authorities. when you have -- when you dedicate your entire life to being at the very top, and there is a method out there that can increase your performance by 1%, 2%, 3%, you have got a moral decision. you either have to take it or decide you're going to be irrelevant. >> i want to ask you this, dave. as i have been reporting on this story, people are wondering who is the title going to go to? in their estimation, this is just a hypothetical, but they said how do you know who it goes to? because the number two, three, and four guys were doping, as well. so why should they get the wins? everybody is doing it. he just did it better than everybody else and now he's getting caught at this
7:42 pm
particular moment. >> what you're saying is very true. in all of the titles that lance won, there's only one cyclist that is mostly uninvolved in doping allegations. it really comes down to the big problem is that lack of enforcement essentially forced all of these guys to do these kinds of things. the uci, which is the governing body of cycling, is more to blame for the situation than anybody else. they really forced the guys. >> so listen, you said that what i said was true. did you ever dope yourself? >> i think there's a misunderstanding. i was not a tour de france cyclist. i was there at the tour de france to write a book, but i was a -- an athlete that raced but i didn't race at a pro level. i worked closely with numerous athletes and i've had an opportunity to talk with a lot of different athletes about exactly the pressures they've
7:43 pm
gone through and a lot of the different -- how the world worked. but i wasn't sitting there in a room with having to face the decision of do i inject this or not? >> because we see you there in a race on the cycle. thank you, dave shields. we appreciate you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> armstrong's cause is living up to its name and it's going strong. today there was a lot of support for his foundation. the foundation held a fund-raising bike ride in columbia, maryland and many fans were standing behind him. >> the most tested athlete ever, and he's never tested positive. >> here's the cool thing. yesterday, the money went up like times 25 when the news came out. so obviously everybody that loves lance and the whole cause said we need to step up. so no, i think it's going to work in the favor of raising money. >> what does that tell you? >> well, it tells me lance is the man and the cause is worth
7:44 pm
doing. that's why i'm here. >> almost as well known as the armstrong name is the yellow wrist bands that symbolize the foundation and cancer survivors. since 2004, 80 million have been distributed. live strong has raised nearly $5 million and 81 cents of every dollar raised goes to its programs for cancer survivors. for a long time, penn state football was about joe paterno and his team. now penn state begins building a new identity. [ male announcer ] when this hotel added aflac to provide a better benefits package... oahhh! [ male announcer ] it made a big splash with the employees. [ duck yelling ] [ male announcer ] find out more at... [ duck ] aflac! [ male announcer ] ♪
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7:48 pm
video appears to show dozens of corpses piled up in the basement of a mosque. more than 200 bodies found in the suburbs of the capital of damascus in syria. we'll keep an eye on this breaking news. penn state's football team built its legacy over decades. it was shredded in just months. now players look for a new beginning in a state college after a sorid chapter the state's history. parents, when a teacher comes to you and says that they think your child has a.d.d. or adhd, you must ask questions. for instance, ask questions about the child's behavior. what exactly is he or she doing that makes you feel this way? make sure they explain it in full. ask questions about the strategies that are being used in the classroom. what are you doing when he does this or when she does that? how do you respond? how does it relate to the rest
7:49 pm
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for some people, penn state football's reputation will always be tarnished. it's difficult for them to separate the team from the abuse scandal involving former assistant coach jerry sandusky. jason caroll spoke to players about that burden. >> reporter: don, when i sat down with the players, no questions were off limits, they talked about a number of things,
7:53 pm
they talked about how the scandal has affected them personally, and they also talked about their thoughts on their former coach, joe paterno. >> this whole situation has been a life lesson, starting back in november. you know, you have to go through struggles to, you know, to have a successful life. >> you can place blame, you can say things were fair or unfair, you can do all of that, but at the end of the day, it is what it is and this is the situation that we're in. >> reporter: what are your thoughts on those who decided to leave the team? >> you definitely develop relationships with those guys, you've gone out with them and you have built great relationships with them. >> at the end of the day, doing what's best for you as an individual and as a man, that's what you got to do. >> reporter: did any of you consider, maybe i will switch?
7:54 pm
maybe i will transfer? >> as a younger man, it goes through your head, but i'm not leaving these guys, we went through a lot together. >> reporter: joe paterno, a man larger than life in many respects. do you miss him? >> the kind of man that he was, and i'm glad that he was around for as long as he was and he's greatly missed. >> as much respect as we for him, we have to understand that we're with coach o'brien right now and he's the guy that's helping us get through all of this? >> september 1 is becoming about so much more than football. we're playing for the alumni, we're playing for the past, present and future of the football program. starting september 1, we have the opportunity to make history. >> reporter: and since the ncaa issued it's sanctions last
7:55 pm
month, nine penn state players have decided ed td to transfer other schools and i asked the players how that affected the team. they said it definitely hurt, but their focus now is to focus on the young men that are on the team which they say are closer and stronger since the scandal broke. the national hurricane center updating the movement and strength of tropical storm isaac, in a matter of moments. the newest information three minutes away. self-serve fix a flat jumper cables 5% cashback signup for 5% cashback at gas stations through september. it pays to discover. ♪ wow... [ female announcer ] sometimes, all you need is the smooth, creamy taste of werther's original caramel
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to remind you that you're someone very special. ♪ now discover new caramel apple filled werther's original.
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7:58 pm
national hurricane center just updated it's forecast for tropical storm isaac. >> well, i have a full new forecast at 11:00 tonight. what they said about the apm is not a whole lot. it's just moved in the direction that they have been tracking it. northwest at 20 miles an hour. 60-mile-per-hour winds, still the same strength and they haven't changed much in the way of watches and warnings with this thing. it's about 375 miles away from key west. there are some showers that have been rolling into south florida, including key west all day long. not really associated with the storm itself. but beginning tomorrow morning,
7:59 pm
you're going to see it. hurricane warnings posted just south of naples to key west. and just south of naples to key west. and some tropical storm watches now also up for the west side including tampa. here's the forecast track, which again will be updated at 11:00 tonight. by tomorrow morning, we start to feel the effects here in the keys. by tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, it crosses the keys or south florida, potentially as a category 1, gets into the gulf of mexico. we anticipate some strengthening, potentially as high as a category two storm, as it makes landfall, somewhere between cedar key all the way to the new orleans. everyone who lives in those areas need to take action to maybe evacuate if you have. >> it's been a while since we have had a cat


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