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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 29, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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enfor inin usmamecr. knowhis rnfiof, ks r in ve us tiow s for u. i wajustnaryld ovve eti weend r isitg wi fam ywastyl aovd wed fritnds,wiamynd cearl a l of a pele rht n qui te efrs, out at iabou cto trle lf ace. pe yo r nuite t iou t e. ve syorch and rcueeams shan reace we'vseenmsramac pele. at ithece 'ven mae thg th youpe .are st c cern abo i e ththouw? e >> crnbowellightow ihestor at srts comellhoreht ie andor ss om we'rmostre ccern abohend tentl lo of fe. 'rmeanst eed r crn peoboe t stay ff tnt lof ads. we an d ner eor hem toay sta t ds we indos,ne mtota a t do sltern pla andohelr fr a t tis reay s er laintee st rm.doelrfr teay test. wehaveot sn sothinthat at - weve ssoinat - or goa rht nis to t as oroa re ronsi nysto we c ass invidus soesi tat wwe mi cmize e lo of lif indu that woll t no w doubmize lofifha w hapn ashis oller storubcometohore
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hasap yoass eroffi alr dy or me artegettgre ca s foaso hep?filr te tt>> haca nfo he a had aort n scueperaons atad at i uera s are a o i e ye o bute do have- weyeo ha fas war rescutdo veamswe thatasave en wa edou plod sc thugho our s t ate. e 've molize ov oulod500th ohour r e. ma land atioel guod,zev0 and theyre de oyedmandiogun lan eydeed of e emgencoper ion nter fortatel unle so oth stf ms, is emncern er rtelnlsoth oneave sev alst , da note, swe a epar. pparenee ev rdaot sthe a arwor. fortatel p givre theurn is stor e r rtlookeliv likhe wn 're go goro e eokik we cipigots og heeorst >> we e ooki at pture of pi o hest bw>> thee irpoe ere.kit preof clrly, bwhepo lote. o rlin sh cly, do andot tkindfot o imas in yosh nmall seether it's dond tnd bmatlin airpyot. n ll eee it erten. pe'sle wre bin inrp it marandn. pe esntia wy arenstuc now inard esiaar uc ow nryla, anwhatillhey pect inlaermsanf poatr l y ouges? ctknowherere aot opeop that beeveinmspo
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ous? owre a o thop cou be at thouepoweefor ys a peaps eks. llitho ath doubte e ouwewillr a fac gpes s. ho dell acgassi porouges. si poer utitompaesous. ve bn le t brinut i repa tual b as stan his tmeinecau i ey hdvan dalrnin an asans auhopelly t htormanovein n fuher nort m epey tcrewrmve fur wl rt bereed mp toew mov nrthro w besoutedrnoovates nh so ght wut tre a aoutes 3,00someneme n att hve t aen b aughtt i to o00mestat me om oer stes h hat bht a reao oat to o ou and o sst sar a ateaill toou nd lon and s dficu l rest atio non nd docescu bute arcleay -- meanif ustookio the es utorm ar it'ea act--lly an u inteifyik in s cent. he i' told m t'thatcty tewindat ete yi n nternt are i'owld up tat 90 t mees andnt ho . iterreapprchina ca ugory t tw m a ho stat itprino warcaryoingtw t se at por oages what wing be t ssivein o stat ndpo w oest wiwanteo ge pele rivtore o aat ickl as ntgessib, bue refore wean at we kl allibbu ha tofo huweer down otectellato onotr hu om ts stwnm becy ayin o ot doorand
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tst b in ord sying o te road sng o t ad >> tnk y vermuch >> w t to tead y newerork'ch longisnd. hu ican ws wito andd ainewk' ng slmingis. te cihu oanwindn slng tci lienhut. so neiborhds a alrdy ginng tolood ouraso li hurol is soei inrh o a of lr ose nntoighbodhood rso jaso tel llsusin a olittf it e outhbod effor t osotheelfolk at a a tryttg to t ck por oe alk a ry tot ou >> rorte pwe let set a thes in eou ene for whe rte we we e riett noet we a in es e eorhee nden rst, ringno a n isnd. is nghboood alreyent, pericing is. n sboedever re floong he i thi partriularng ctio the sasonor tert isecau yo oo have ihihert areatouth bay io rie t beonnd m t tisauthe soutyo ve ere, ndtthaythenou riavebe m caleut e, crisrossg thugh enis eave so c en tughe ven' eve is ssseenthhe wh st o andy so et, the n've en w yo ody can she wtersre alrdy yo nthighigh s thiss wrslr e iggh isprleyfamihe. thiss acally stet notpr y camil. th gothen tir b t aisacly stdecid fiotl to ge caut. th yootwereatie t eno bh to aai fo cifitous.
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e at me y.u f allyyore miekeno toe defosiont watimeo .go ? m y>> fthly wat was m ett g idetheon wa me use. go wat was etti in e at asuse? tt >> it'seoing toe.e wo eataslatetin >> i'vee? bee harin f>>ms ng evernetooteere i the>> ve eeighb hhoodinhat freadwhat erwe'rseei he theffece i e hbndy,odt read alratdy 'rei orsehehanheec at wsa thy,elr irese.n >> a olut wy. ablute. >> noou seere aut abte you ave >>ckedno up t dogee yowerenderandory evacoutione but edu di de de tog to wt untyo reiser ndmomey. d yoacthinonthatt herediasde a w tit yououldntctua y ri itme t?yo in >>atreyea >> wtieould diuari i unt thewind rally star d>> picngea up wi e tint washet gndng rlyut art ic all,nd iwas ll pt hi ti astide g >> ithink lotf puic l, is p hi offials e gog de t ibenk otadpu th you ar hedin fi thes wargong d didin tto g t. th ou rm gog toet h yoin gethe onarith d in gurbo.t. thangoyou tory mh fowaitog.etnh suza e, i alwantbo uto anu mkefo it a ok dn thstre re. za ilnt u e gu hatou a dee ithnre th.e sca geis nam gu iat iul.h he i a sc gefegud.sam paulcomen overeand ta. i me hereorgu ulme d tata offhe e goerlesndhat not. me .knowou h e beta dowffhere the goneisborhd. t yove bn t. ow hbeowre onit ing he theigs.rh viouyoy, y b're drsed apprriaty foitthe goasioth . but ou yedrd kn loof pr puaticfo e ooffiioals nt fks l e yt utonlo
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puad fis f l yu on t. >>m, es.n >> weve i'meal cse to the. main'm li wo cd raer ktop anhe ey my hous ind. kee woran kanyeeyn my us neigors'ouseand eeke se n evythi is fe. y th wat dn'tet itoy ig s' hosee dud ng sir neevuthis . ith tatnk d t iere'a cnc hoduonig. ir at1:0 p.m is gngo be t th e'high ctide ig i th k that's wt:0 it'.m igoin g be tohe thworshee, sgho detill hath thiths th wt' wouin move tothrs heand s i ha tll etha hithouou iovave d ascub tge. ou i ve su i berds d yak and ube stet ige rig theri anucan get bs out >> yr hoake he is thd st i igllow er use, righann t if y cat jst yho shesheh sce ow for e,r foghs re. y a j you case s t ceuseight r xtfo .him ou whca thi tite e hthoushereith t gra mle w cahyou hie he weer bviussly re h tst braheadg in tha use alady. ca u u kn wiave enviskiny you b adthisin quhation e ual ary. un r kn ae in manoutory isqu on evuati . ofrcialunwantolksikeou toanry evti ofed tal ntrninks ande leoe. at wod i tke fo tyou innd he thele waingwond i ttofou leav he he>> wn ideteineagit'sav witeensaf or i'si gus deared marall law dorce m t leafe? i>> agu seriged. ar >>l w weldce alady te're eeinle th wate a herig r>>sing at tghl al y innds arti tothick te juser a bit rre ingt t
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. s tiok usndenrst,ong t iland sunne,nce ain,underent,g and su e, e ndaty evn, th's mphograer, eve i ke say g that evtinam. if ou tthn ar mnd rght phraw,, e u ca seekeayhatth t y'ream read ifstar tngar rot ring in se mo caee at tre canoad. thar'sngn smo telpome the olksno th he whoaveecid say tnlpe heks theihome tohe holpehemidso sheyn eime ca mdeedet oinyomeat of ime ca f hioned oryome sta ofa li leme bit f ondywhicis diffult,tas yo cn limagi it th typdof icsit tion fft,yo cn >>ll rht. thypit on son,hankou vy mu. kno thatzan >> r. warkew n, jenkey, vyor mury noatoker h i rk rnin je, rr iden tha huicaner hndy a inot torse rthanenha huan hurrane y airen at stsem,f ancose cau drr a e t oforren inhe sttrtate co ar laau ofrrintrtea la thend ine w a ltle re bkhan bitnda sot. hewant io br wg in le he may bn lk aitut tsso ntbrinay a t oheelepne re.eep . aryou ncerd th peoe mighnot tang ts that aru erth eo riouy? >> absutel am, ghd tt t'sta tthesha biestonceha w havou al>>throbshel, ts oure fstitce w
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reavonde al rod emgencpreredns ur f opleede dmncredn lenowis not rlizew ere ere e arots th r ze ood. e brt ofhestoris e oinge ar th td. brofurin hi ortideng so y have hgh ti andin ie stode osurg yduri the fl ve hmoy.ti ndit's oingto trgberihe a f mo 'sng try, ry rfecsituion r ep floong iplac , ke neecrk, tu n d sp y oo iacowavin eopl ne , not ssin yecauon, tin pl leavg no tin bore the saurm, t hit av noreal be sshe u sit sittionhere al theyoulde stk in s uiton threr ey ldhousstg wiinout wer llast the me tt thstorh leas duswit r test stm ioing t bee t th twore asea lgn test ing d tatio tha ntwas ire wa l thenyoulso dio geha eprob m irwa wherpeop migen alizy,uoe it'sime ob g buer aopig atiz pot ma o 's te e ingbu a ess utesut oour cipoma o te high a grosd re es orci ghrod blked. ev durgrene wadto dobld. ev nuurrousescune whe twate w d nuuscuh tte ro.
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weadoet a sma aqtic ro am weomaaqc outo rcue em. 're kingeoplto ueut re .commsens to bracprud ce e ngd cpltion uand lea e floong aas o our mm nscio .acud >> condeaayor ver qukly oohere a our if yci oreruany wereore pple g y if ty arin nark,fhere w eisfl pdinge tygeed t tarleven k, whfe shldre ty atualflng be t d tadin >> lewel inwhsh t newk a aaldbe nin al ofln sex untyew awe he aumbeofl shters in x ty habe warke ha a shfamirs-fridly sheeralle rk haf.k. inmisseri coyty havhethcodyle k. seareno avtheyandy cll 1 en ey fo c form ion genal aut te nortrn nw jeoey aa o r nrmn en a oucity they rt can nje aall o outyyanll 973-3-43 and ge3-all 43 thand infoatio theyan heait age frol myha foitteiofeed ac denteyfacook. we'rputtg it ouea a iron evy watethatede cve.nt ace kk. 'rttitou iev waat ting . rig nowhe kimaroncne ha is t thg igow ar medie satyncf ouha redent ias tstormh b rreldisa f wit siuifict fo t rm mar, tnk y so much b elnt itiicfo
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ma t yo ch to ing e gernoono g gno gornorhris rist is lkinabouwhatore nes tgoor isbestis inouate doe. t >>e ne peoe totay f throad toroeist sho>>dneeo ctocky thad rstho c f up theinut infoatioon rd clures 1-rg fp heut foio rcles wel ta abo the pow siatio werightanow boste-wi the aheow siio gh w proxate stwih amber erybo. they e ap oximoxee e,000boeopl eyapim mb s00te-wpleitho powe 2100 othoss are-wehothe atntic we 21 o tyosreeatic eltric rea. elic ,000roa. j & l an 00bout j & l an 000 utrps &e fro 0 ran d roland cunty & rompanan bpu rond corktyg to asstfter an e instri obtn th neeu drktoas apovalerfor sent l inribttheei ploys an subapntraalorsr nti o oyan acss aantiubcityraany s pporof t coined hto and ac a tipowetyy or tcoed htndgenetion we uni svici
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rel anneonniborga, a swe'rci re alan monorintherg a'r utity al compies'ffor t opeon stineeti andousi aremp tos'orpeccomtdatee the ousasof oside cr s d si anretheioheav equommenttehat are sa miatin odento tcr tatanei avquntt asarst i ourmiinecovyo e tfortat and at as iuffurov s e alrrtdy d begu currtly ere'15 ftagi ars th setlrp aund th gustatto rry ccome'datehegi arthet adh infx atof omtenfcre. th crewwille hoed a spat frothosareatore wherththeyewell honeed a. atro oswe'rea alsworkg wi the ereyenew ed rseytateolicto otain 'r ls rk newiedhe autrizaon tw nab eyteic oin neutza t jctoaband hicoprs athe jc mpans stinnd hop aears, whh ane ostnield if andhen ar nessarwh to t y ooldifndenmove fol near arnd moe t qukly. ve bp connuesolo ar mecei quy. udate bpon es inrmatn fr theei four umpantes rerdin inatfrxterhel d secud touough anreinregieral m tual cu tdgh agemennd fprivgie mal contctor agi knen we' disssedhis er f thivast fw day b intor yo kn de'iseds not th hvet f y b ipyoer, easeo no chtse tay a h t me ou p , desede tnoo tap ichn to a t
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de tourap i creave jcesnd rry-g a r powe ea jurcs weeed bey- caraul f wehe poteialangerc of wed ear telge porfble geratond bac feingore durige atoowerdacutag durgfeg e ri erngersalteagativ thur lk e my erpurs.teivh plea, we sa tis mheothers da if i looeawe stupsa tit i he stup. da urgoin i tooind uupurti i ursees a oth s.up urtherins td g ung toeti lon se pe aod othtimeor sefolk er whe wee go ggtoo beon whout pe o mewer slkhe. wh we wegore oybe the wut bginn g of r ehe we st om. thstoris sllouhe bnnknof a cole hdred stiles offthheor s ne jers coa aknyo are co hedesffe rsoa a sreeing at's hpenialrey. govnor sris ng 's hnire ovr chris ie. you' lisningo anews confenceri. in h bluu'is ngaanne sangws nfce h if lu loo stud, ineis sapid, f disc ragi peoooe frtu i sd, rry-gginthei own p erscgieofr warng fos thereoing y-o in ei witwnut per fpr rnfodayshe ngit'sot ye d elop it int p f at, they eys peparg fo 's ethat dopnt w jeey w he, firy state par fo tonnou e maatatory je w evacetionirat th tollto houve bmanor suende acon
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thll h bn wells nesujersde trait stemas ce tocrehing hallnes rsey prapare or em c hutoicansay,red,ngof cohase pwithreight huan daysaeft borehe co elec on, this hhtricaasayt b goee ecamp gnsec, hcahrowut te urthuarto layoks mpd s rely ting figowe t wha t th torto ne.ays rewee tg ig taket loohaat wle t to stm, wt it coned me for the ce fe thehiteousekeoo w t st witomeor e fhetese ergys beg pruced pow ourives whe en gy dgyelopbent pred cos wi somowriskures when no dh amopica' natul gaco wi omprodskers e coitte to snoely amd rea'onsituy ga pr idinodgenes tioncote sy resi of cpranerinurnine eneony foour untr cerni nedril ng tusanfo
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of r et tr low esh ter urce il t anthinf elf- ntai d w h wer syscems. inf-ai we ysd, ste-othe-t motori tecologs, goro pra uices selp -osuree- r opmoatioriecog roraesp re op ioare fe a cle for r counits e a le d th envir nmencoit we'rthamervia's enturagas. 'rers ras. [ fele aounc ] toy, jon ihere to vunte to hp the in eed. fe anc en atowing jof b ik pare surp ses m. vte hthind. mo aing ngarts bn hipa spi ts rps buthers a owin painmo g ts hishiowerpiack. buer a in linin grolong iser hik.painonties tling. inrong hiin ti t bungaftea lo day helng oers, buteloay heelets ome hs,pfuldvic ju twoleve ve t strgth hes hulic ju wo toveeep ck p n aw t alltray.h day,asonhose levetop pawll. ju twoills for l da painy,elieonseve juwols r dainie tralevd fostro alday ng trevforo sinualand y adac relf. nud acel
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malennouer ] w unom nuralight sthesou tsleewit ingdie s lile melouonin ] un n al itht safwith o si effstses teeit gelielin so y wakup.. itafthsiff eadto . [ le a ounc ] yak
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nuralight d [ anc un nalht > mi gi usensef whathe floing s miike, angi u clseify, if u atlowigs e, becnse therwereome repcltsy,f abo thewiec erreeepbo oaralk e beg impaed. the areepor w,ar ike pavbt .en a e tohereetor cl e t th i t oard alke buo tcloard tlk thrtiay cllapd he in rd atnticuity, tnd irdave ia spial est at's caphenoing to aticy, hofullcleae fhat ssp l t 's we. ng jutooive ho youll ea fideat sin f nt we m ju soecoouinge s eahave cen r. f we'rin t hrt s hercogeof ven atla'ric t hcityaner rely mt rtint bend me s ts la orm rge tyfloreing. m if i onti e inbe mealk, t it woum e get loo tg. thr ieeti deep k,it ou havt s tnhr so suvep alrdy ve tgher ime ttinarou in aav of sis andsone iuvs lrcomi up ght w. t er i e aninou af ndsicay tis i a i ghosmip t wn.i er feing carivi t iinn th eos. erfegvi atlaic cthy exessw ase
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basilly at wer cod be la c exlappswg ovs eoon. si y with wco mebeighnow eute ntpp ov c. moon. ofhe un ed sthtes east w tew fas ic.soofhisun s s orm surg t d. war hi atla ic cy?as i >> i knis mwerg wt wahi frla a c fe chesver in w the searall a tofe ab tesr two to frheeet ea tllto maer o anab hurnd ahalwoto two furst thimorng t ma o h aal alo e.s >>hialk rnout nger zes. arpeop calng url nding >>k t rescers at tzs. int? ar op >>ale've u recved nng scat t t? >>veecd fw call f lot ll th -- we dn't -t -- h youan'tet t th rig no-- e>> n 'tt all. - >> ourou'tt t eipmeh isig uder aterno n or -- l. it' >>r e notmendes u rerwar. - 's o t'n phadelia iot decher hilwa oew el ice t sto erpass,e'lletil itackn an j y.artoing th ttosll itkn an as h >>hat pabity dyou ve asme >>t bi du hel peoe ght n? eleo t ne haothi asar a vehies o boat that we n he thewitha rihit noas a hi's a o iatormaaton. we ll tnm toet t highhe he th grnd.rino aima. tto tgh gr. twthreys dendinon h
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the wer es and t otwre pla itein h e r art. ndke ierio tly. la doesit i spris y owt. ast i is iios. mingoe andyou and sis y art tand ig in wndgustng atnd uleas50 mndes p hourigh now? yesar iam ndverin ver wst at assurp msed. p ou ghhaveeen rougw? es ierer rpd. ven ug few my reeretwe rit katna, d so oth ones ov w yy er wereeritbutathave, n versoeen thne onthatvameithy thi ertype ove nr n tensony that quieh andhihat'pe movi thi oow. is i a linsle dthfereui for ndt' vihi. i li us dand re've oren akin pror prectionto me su we reus d see for is te ofin storo. >> soluly. econ m su e eutent, anksser tofgain o .precte y r ti .lu. suzae, i h dte a, ks chae tin talk ec y ti . som pele a zai wa i hcomi a ha tlkhoere etti omut oeher a wa milimi ju t, youknoe itti oer linot jusaf soou ty're oit hols d basally tt y'reafakinao t farely e nt o of o asitly. treina th wanfato b e ofsafe th areit than b cddleinfe lbies th re tchi smuour vera as w cle sp >>ike, e ap eciahi mur raasit sp >> e, apknowiaour ke t's ha to ar y ere. you shgs ow jusr sha tfo ow-u p ye.on etheouor ngsus thafo-uoaralk i tual c laps he n o k i iow th e ar coallict cg ps rerts outhahe ostat of i e boahwalkar iocti re s t'll t bko youatas sn asof
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12:22 pm
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12:23 pm
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12:24 pm
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12:25 pm
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12:26 pm
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12:27 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:49 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
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1:00 pm
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1:01 pm
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1:02 pm
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1:03 pm
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1:04 pm
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1:05 pm
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1:06 pm
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1:07 pm
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1:08 pm
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1:09 pm
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1:10 pm
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1:11 pm
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1:12 pm
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1:13 pm
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1:14 pm
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1:15 pm
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1:16 pm
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1:17 pm
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1:18 pm
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1:19 pm
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1:20 pm
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1:21 pm
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:24 pm
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
1:35 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:55 pm
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