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tv   The Situation Room  CNN  October 29, 2012 4:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lemebeorolouist,had erers, wwho hs thvery atesr meolt,d s, o thryes ch, so have sdthat thi is the chsoav sathi stngeshestorever noh ofhestarolesas.orer plaiwhathateans no>> tofteans itolas. the aiatt lonsst tessunstverhat s be he essud byn alocraf sur oert be suby ndf 93 amillafars w.r o 93ll s rth cap attes, 've nevehad a h ap srm tteat e ved alow,ith se " bei t at low. d ththers a higpresw,reh " theiwest tha s gog tow. mak e theraig eshowlg w ds athsthaar st ago toak ohiomichan a evewlindiga. w ar a is iowch aave dirord- eaki lows presre cter,he bgest rrice, ahougrthd-kiow biesest cr, bst or f test ind,iche lest a ug essu evebit fstd, l >>t nd wha s --suvehere dwe se it uoldi r>>ghtha --er dw? wesee on a u coudie ofours rt ay fr we iton aouofrs mking l dfal fr >>hat'exacy riitt. mng lal >>t'acri thhurrane nter ging us thupdarrs eve y hoer on e ho. gg u da thevhon entho ohatye rht ther 55 th mntesfromapeatma r w je 5 d it movg at8 mi ms pe
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omhourpema je. it ovat'satmi tpe hours to andfl. d lafall s n's tho schoa bdf de wit hhislall becse n typally a a b hurcane de whitsouec ke yply lafallthe urorm neartso wh diipatu thislatormll ie m ts so iditensat ando is rm iept wio tak insndhour ifono wiak ur tef of urs dispate t wi and th sterm sf ges isiste righintoew yk trbor windth s ss al gh to y alkg theew rseyor oast righintol alwilmthgtonpossw lyey en ustintohila lphightolmonssas t wate goes uhe wtong wlahip t rir he t an thentees w w ill e t surg ominrig h innenelaw e,l rg n lot winor whingn aw in labalmoreinto.c t in wng in lreto thes ars wl ck uwind gust in eesess 80 les ar ho w. und st es 0 s ho antree wilcome dn and wer aneeilme d ll gout ndth tt ty of rind. >> wre exctinthat ind gt tty d. wex in at at, din tlastn the arsot jtor toy or , t st thmorr but ars jor en io we esdarr is utat wt yore sang? tha is rht. we da's ns jus wa huyoican sa? har. nit'susombihung wantha l
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thesotormwhicis 2or mon hermic 2 you ad 9 us 2 yond a youe ov9 10 mes p houonou ov tha righ 0sirong m pouideof t eyha ghsing de t alielsh iey o thecene for in lant cit lish ohene r n nt it'll geto hsholy. t i w tl go tge h bian dd rihot .no aong w del are o ast ere bndn nd ri fodinno a gread ael se ious robl .t e wh's gng other bri? fin ad sus bl >>epor r: wwhf, g oerri? gting ry song bur >>f tor w stm rit he g onnghe bo sdwalgat ur hobe t bea.t rihen boal thbe areeaorri abo thi boaralk. thre ri whbo thehire ark. dling ths we iinla floowhngheromhe dng ba andstrib arieweand ilaoo rirs om t tofar landrom re. bandibied rits o oads tor nd um de.water as thos rgesome up o adsd u so otes os these ares geflooupd. aso o thargeoo ere e lot roander waterigh notreeown e on t oa me oerer rotedsgho tveliee narou w r oallyotroadvid tli ou at rlyll. vione g con rn her bach l. osio e you e thoner bh ti behiod me u thisths nohighde. the gh te i goi to me ti
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eh meck sn. isnogh. e t ioio it w s herearlr. i'm ingo ste werrl m ong theoeach teea. high tdearlrnhe hech .as gh tpret helciourlhe ach etosioelouhe the bilt t th bea earer ts ye . h iohe th finhehed in by.t theaar t ye thind n tharmy cor o gines but thbeac out th 300myeet or t the. ne buthac t th00 aret orri the are thing loseall of tt thre rith the e g st m su e osre, att cldlf t coromi somof t t stsuho, els, c so of coemiom t resencehos, sod f e buness alleslongcehis ardwk ar. that bussllngs hat ey'rdw arally rrieatabourighnow. yocanee e srm sget 'r ly ge ing aieoughw.ittl bit yore n e olen sbehi s me ge itg as en wsetlt ea ier.en hi t wh ghmeide it e w cos ba thisvenieat'sr. goi towh t ewors wateobas is gonigso boio ptty ch uplong herers te amo b hre py an upngre prably comomisg thi h boaralkan th hey prently somis muchimehi d moy on arliar k thth yea woly t s che moonli thea theolreer woied at ts he pot th thetormurgeustod t copong bthk anherealrm teageng t is aa apar >> havther beenco banal eeacuat ns
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aaar >>averen reheth beac eat bhany ocn cieh, h acmalandhe wle ea wre y are bightnyow, ian? occimand w w yreht, n? repter:bsolely,olf. maatorevac tion wereepr: olordey,d.f. ey w e ormaredoroaconetre outde 8: p.m wastordnigh anut the cit mager o8:f.m rstobethgh beh to heitar o m ra shett ti betoag heelies thabou m90sh of ti e pplehoag he liee heth ou90 f ye -rou , heed t pt cae and t ou lhe yeouhe t caeynd now whout'sike en we ofwhhesetormcome'se 20 ears ofseagormme the had 20rs nor'sterhat gore ts bodwalaparhed r'opleerere t ow a tut tt. boalar e pop atio nlee of a t threa decrses opioh agnifantlafte cr s bor y. summtimeopulio is if 30tl00te 40,0 .r the mbermmmefuleopls30 wh,0ive e erhereplye-rou, on abowh ve300. red mt of thoyeouonbopeop, th ty m0.ager bel ves, mt g out o ho ofher op th >>hen yore m ertchiels,hat' gut of goger >>nyo, doou s pehile t' walkg gogarod, dyou e peledo se lk dring arond? du pe or is asicly ety, hobe beari rig nowar? s ic e,
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beeaigow >> rorte wel i'over a t ofhesehing a loof t tim ryote seli'ne or er o pe lea ofseng dvingroun andlo tim s walkg arend.r pe ian see dngunndwo pe lelkar. mae i0ee yasromeetandag the tang s0lter yaomlonghe ndth bodwal tabut s is erettyuch ghos townng bo alt ma peo e art s tyh ost. wn ey sm to eedg th maeo arcallthe elt in s pmce oo edth lle lt gen o pt o own. >> ban todge o wating f on. us b wh'sodatg f uoing o whin robet thks vy r neetyorkity' th mas vmu.trant seices a nerksy'pend.asan rmal busseinges a staonss lnde grd cera tealinalusregtas l gr ce ostlteal andacanrighnow. ain atfo s artldeseed.ndanghw. n her fossarse. r rans sysms cludg waingt, d.'s tro rvicalsohut wn. one pnsceys tha didn udwashutgtd. o icso dot . onehis p hadnutdaytheunit stas suoeme urt. ons yeit ta e ju icesue t. hd jue hd tir nmal blic essis. butomoow's t nl s sion sicave beenanced beuse thesi weatr. bumo's sonve en ce bet's e he t newatorkightno.
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cns aseighanfid is stan ng b s tewk ht noere e yo righcnnow?as gh fiat'sisoingn? an b repe ter:yoey, ghlf.w? 'sng epr:, . i'in sther maatta i tterparkity. i' serata i errk y. bend ms n jery wch i just boutbeo be mclipd byhe clds, e wi n anderhe r wn. i stutbeip byi'day cl, hewind rustsave en ckin up to d arod 450 ts mie s anour. inp tro what wanmid toanr.tellou abo ihearbriatoddalki abt thstor surgatantollbo arst liak dodd herkifor seco ab thhereorrg l do yoercan r eco ju re ho clo to a lel th cits. yon ju thiisholo o e ofleheth mitt moushiea lel cies ithe rld, olf.of m us l ci an ie md,or bf.ombe is ying the rst se an m bbesscerio, tre ng uld e t beo, t d inive bough sto surg up 12 iet.e bghto rgp 2 . th rig the is out ght teneet. that wigldhes t bt ng i toent. he abtet th full oon wgh de. b i h abtethlln .othebig sue th rard the aluaons. heg e rd 0,00e ua ns. yorrs acuad, escial in is 00 norone. ual the esaln peoee.vacued th
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ndaty. bu we doeoee tse pple cu nderg alg. at buedo t pe eral it ione theore unmforble ples t be ie he e king strl anyet 've unen torm.epl te pongce htre beant e t ling t pple, hoet ay. po ht thbe're ill t he. tngpe, hot . the l he. were cse tthe ter d cle tohe s. we c te r ta a l k ovcl theto. s th 's ataut 6 lstorovs uphe th a 6orup here whahappshen e 80-me-anour win hit tis rehapps n city up -manrinit s torie andhat w ndty chanp s tobout9 mis an sie hour ndyou t w p antout9 8miantori ur a u hat windoes tori at10 nds mes ato hour and wh i ote ose m a ur dh mber th're i staie d wies, n thth'se aiwi n104iles n hogu raig for numr of ho s,th 4not escludhog th igorumofhogus. u cat imagude juth how dangous 's gng tbe he.s ca ag>>juow ngs g t hasleigtand by, wantoas ig gebackndo u. lant citseem to , nt ge ing geady ckr hug hge. ntitem o dister gecnn'g ali y lshis onhe sne fougus. h dier n'i, wi t's hiing on in slant focity.? ws g n nt ty
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>> rorte wol ian ar you. yomay ve tuble he ring teol.n weave ment f cau. heryoy ttheleheg ustsave ju e edwee u forntca just momert. etseu e ur but ey lstk liom theve bn puing or 0 mis anour. t lli helook bown e st et.pug r mianr. okn st. you n prablyee reetghtsn thdistce. that boawalkthat the u oceaprly ettsthst. ose ate thoalk atcheinos ea erytng ishutown. bodye herth cos yt iut't a dy er ergey rkerr he beuseho't th a hav be ge isn'er coveng ts th hg.bee t wethe abavt o oure ayn' frve the tth weab ur wst o thisfrhe we'valrey gofloong i the reethereas y can see. w ois 'vre go weooe at ieveneet ove e a et re le e. wethe atorm enrget heree is le spose e m to beaboure9 1/sfeet s se it all oing bouo1/et ge coved. rit no itllngstrturay, ye knov atl.tic citt's rinofine trit'sraostl ysolibuil ngs.kntlcit 'sstilsomeousene 'stlliils. ilmese weelie abo 40 t500 we ie pebole arin t ergen she0ers righnow pe you rn sesome een plicehe as ghow utity hicl dring u seme pce arou utrighy now.clri but o 00 p. easrn ou this laces u er aghotalw. curf .t pas isce u aal rf
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soolic and city woers hav beensooingicrounmaki surnd noboit's aund.osav enng un kiu'llur bo ad. seno gbagecans thinll likthat everhing beeremod.e ggens inikat er ng suee's pmotty stng. 've en ptureoft. was tsu py hest. boae walk pre abt twhour ago.s dame rit oalkbow. t it twurickgo. amriup.. u caitsee esckgus. yocan e whas. goi cae n causthers wagur inhe yon strehas anyou n seoihow ch it blong pret serusus.erwain reanu sew itlo eter . the arlace inla, the arplac uphe ast tt ar th argoin ce sta la feth i tharacp t yo thinin ta feh y wanto re th ou be yorefuin thiss a riou serus orm. yan rth ou e lot fu peoe isa ouerask g, w ar m. you re? knohow do is. t eosk w r 've ne iu ? forenow o . we now e i howore see wesafe. t if y owdon'w is i't ee fesomeing ay if yth. n' do i meg p ple ere ow. alio th p atle tic e ty cld btheli lotion whe histhtlc torm c be mas loon landhell o atiseast nr atrmnticma csy, th nd t oy're goinatto stt awall n in e at neic fewours cth tre in alln >> eporner: yewh, arsoluty. >>or y aut
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seempeop areware -ost opleid te th faiy em seopouslrere -t cllerly tethai govsenorsslndth mars othe jorcly citie ov rsoundere ve bnelli ma o the srce fdatiand satndday,e b takehis ry siousli, ge thout s sun fy.daty, kes susge thost e uno ha'totte o by nday os haternn, thte ld oy aythemwe'rrn shtingh d n all emjor 'rblictrsit. u'rehot gngng t geto an d backrom rk.l r ictrt. re g t soetan as resuckm most.eopl hav ayedut. so anthe reets are sutual st pl emavy he. ed. ane et e althin emhe ty'relear on e facthey' goi to t a llop in trearn e weere ouctaty'he oio a ardw k.op althe oresre brdedp. weeoue dw ale es b ed eryby'sotywoo ybs i the dot alooady ve eet-tal adesver eir ioreshe. doaly t-l es yor don'r knowesoweris th ge unt youet i gust s goyo nown'owrith gentou i st go owcan mplelyalkarou. anthen mentslate t win le lk art ou an wenllop m ts ad pute me wi ross he t ro. w op wh it mes apue tsse wi s aro. wh t sstaid. yore gting 70 o twi a 0 mi s an ai ur s tainyo win g.ng70 omian sin inthat notometng aerso can and d ha arod in itouldnockut y r wiatows.otet aso n d haroin
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's itserldus. ck y wi ands.t's lygointo g wors o r thrnext. few hndurs,s in g i. rsi'm oing bethxt speingw hith s, e mar of m g epegh tlan c maofcy, yoranloreo lgforc 's gng tjoins in few rminus.reo lor g tinin ew you ouldnuoin aswell d li youo paicipe in thatonveatio ouldn s ll'll ke auick reak lioupaipin atveio we'rstayg intlanc ci . l ackak thmayowilloin . 'rayin anci. thyolln
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m , mrnzng. mor ino th is diicult timmrfor myou. i vehi i ijoing uss th wes . diul im her on e stets u. you vecity iinus we fihet ofn ll, stmas r,ouhat ty prautis ha you fiof, ma ten rhtt prtihaou t r w? hoare e fos in aanti ci holng u >> wf, gd eving. hoe foin ati ciol u w g ev weg.e trng t g thrgh ts and thebest th we wtrcan t g cohr t wit d he astthery ffic wt n siatio coit ay ic siio havbeenucceful gettg so ofur resents t o avencel he ttsofhe wninges thatswe t he prested w thngha esd th fday d yeerdatovacue t barrr is fnd ay movto yegherdarouncu t rris aov erun unrtunely,ot as nyfolk ununy, as wwoulhave aikedave ken ed tthatarni .lk wulveede n tatni bauri the lst cataroph evt t tba wrihe l expe enceta thaphbein hurraneev t w peceirhanein we rr aceeved a 98evactionate.irweaced 98acon e. bu forhatereas is timewe hen'teach tha bunumb yetorteas me hwe'tchha mbet thk wreomeereavin h
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w me eacuad seral inousa peop. buwe ill uavesel tosamany peopop bu l i atltic toty.ny atop crees avery unmfor ible tltuatc n foy.all re a ryof o unemerorncye atfolespoers d o ofcial aretiller yyingo do the posts wean toet ppl ofalre ll t of ngdo he m's weway.o p>> mor alvels on e of stets atltic ty.hs y. malls n sts tlc . rit no thwindare viouy ve gus. rinothnde ou veali,us y. hava queion yu'd likeoask ti,e yavmauer. n y d repter:es ke do, yor.k and te imptant thima ep isr: by look, g atr.tlanc ity,d mp pentlehi calookt this and b sok, that an mit hay,en imy cmunie. caokthnd ifsthou'r miillha i cotni evuate wh do u ifdo'r i knl peoe ar ivin evte wh o ounddo th canet kneout iar t ir cin buit'sustynd dgero. nd than i t c shou peobue l'sve aty dro toa oueo l a o shternowrunkedown an st ?shr >> athiswint,r thikewnn ty wo d bestest serd to tay a is hot, andunkedown.hi t wobetertoy i juhondkewnisid acoup of r shel rs.ju iad asia veriffupult f me ttinelback.oher i'i a suppered tbe.ff t som pl e, winecker sti hppve t . 1/2 omopl 3 w fe ofti h wat on
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e 2 oundt th pot. 3 anas y efkno tis iatn the ow ndth po an yno ttide i. d sohe i aou an de houand sohalft i arod th a 00an hour outhe d unt of lfe stm wl ma its y torotlanthc ci. ur e tf st wma s toanci. 're exptinghe iact th tim e axp ngw ho ist othfimhat, hoigh otide willomet,h ain d wedeould llhavees mu as ve ft of watein t ci. san somweld vemus fofown te tci eleric lioms, i wwn treelec limb tha li have snaed fri re tes mb halandot e ourave peoe tona try r ma it t s lter nd era at eoto this ointy ecauma yout e ttin youel ser prablyt isntauou in in ou enrly mor i or of jeordizg f tuatn. thbest thieoou izn do a that poi is hunkth dowstand it ts thhig ouu do a thoi s >>nkowd i, tth doout goawa i wa youo be parof ts co>>ersaon. dogo wa . waoubear t cosa.mayo youave c few mingp inyoaou liele bmore cw ngni b th an reur a a hf fr no 6:0p.m.aste, on he th n areet hof afranticity
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4:22 pm
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4:23 pm
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4:24 pm
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4:25 pm
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4:26 pm
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4:27 pm
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4:28 pm
ourto. wh r fou contacm/ ♪ ♪ [alennou er ] the ceedgly mble [eou ] e ed y idicleouslagil tig turng funo dre 203 s rt.icslil igur ndr20s. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ >>here anoer vw o rrice say fr the inteatiol spe stion. >>ok arethisno. v o icsafrhe tetheiosp cstntern.f th hug aisstorm i aboutwo houe certhug om moring indfa, mae le .ouoou mg faesidmat oblea's motori t stm inhehiteouse idob s simoatioriroom tftercancin stin tehisse siioomernc rlectn caaign topss toy. les br rg inctur wcate hgnseps rresnden danloian,ith to e ve lebrin w hlat t. es en repanter:he plosiden, th ru ing ck hvee om orlao at fo two epasonr: t p getde utrug h la
4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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4:59 pm
5:00 pm
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5:01 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:05 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:10 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:16 pm
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5:17 pm
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5:18 pm
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5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:26 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:41 pm
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5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:52 pm
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5:53 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:57 pm
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5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
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6:01 pm
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6:02 pm
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6:03 pm
ain' aeril 4ntin. h anin se hapot o a in.backde an s ethe ow wl cotinuot a 'llck esily avee w foconu fee snln sef elyeheseoeepots snndn s e l offhe w rough seherets partof v rgin anof w ug st re virgia, t oyno rt but vin an becae here rg , owinhereutre izza arnicas geng reon. it'snustre a zani g . 'stcredle lgth and badthfed lthish dstm. b yothcoulis e straisl t,yo uld if y're on t bacide andisl ohio ywesten o tpesylvia, acu e nd wi seenow. io stwolf >> sndpebylv, ad.wiee w. i wa t nlfw jeey ight s by now.d. i facia a tirecit o h nricajeht w. say, cialecelsh o hsca andi b in a antisa cit we wash to go t imdi b amometiit but wewa t gt's t bgin itme t burys bn parkalsory nejers aerson rkcoopso i thre. andeneon, u hars see anso enty op the sthrms.. ho doedes t, s ohaee at ast tyo herss. hooe t ot t o mpar r >>eporr:we hav t ary, >>orwol t we strg inav rms cagori thaol whavetrin s ariha wve
6:04 pm
seen we he se cat 2, t3 en hseat 2, t 4 stor and i thi so 4 flks or nd rougsome stmsha hhieso fghersindspee are gougg tme stbe sing hit' n erdeereot sg sot'ad b n fopeopho henot bee throh onof tseso b stos fo op is a h setousee roonsitu tion. toherehis o viouisyase sang ttun. res ooua t cot. a ndaty ecuatnreand illowein t sco a at eatarea aand st oth lotelwe t salo th ea d o bodwal evethiniseloard you n'tee pple w kbodalvefinrd . wau erintarou pe whh we k di seearlr wa theinou dauwhh e i yosa it'sserl hepposda to me yo ndfa's may oso mean hr orfaay s from hror no rthe romouth bween atnticityno ad cape y,heth benew je ic yt ahere iap je. resbur parhe oceaisur eronghe arbea. r thfirst te boutea nro mites oea we saw wthters goi t e ut er t boa walkmis o t wawn woi talkhe t ad wch gns byhe ardwk. wel wa dowther in w g by lile b. dw it a wewaeriowsern siatiore.
6:05 pm
li bu baga i titnk'sris msieio te. lengbu witgahich i t tis stm mll sy t or ngithisch a tast nd sy orhes a ountf thngth susined nds bwing fo ntth bingith aot ofhat rge,used s bngfo bgi a oft e, a t ofhat oodi in. thinwe'vjustgun tee oft din. in'vstn it h te,ewolf >> andson'oing to ha m e h lf cong u odn'is sngow 8: ta.m. m co us s: m.ster andeon, anksery ch. tebaldn is he h ping er u de , coveksthy . ldis h hng daste u as ll, vete. azin the sze of th d teing.s , . inhe softh les st in nn g. jery lestn ner ra ment. al yru ha beeblowarou quit a ntit. at aou al yeinghaeeowou it. aow? ngundetandhe cy wi cuew jt se ? . dend cwi yes? rep ter:cuurfe jse is ueray. rit w. yo are s?t to e nepr:fe i u the ri s eetsyoe to of atntic hety. isagait thlaw sts no oftic y. the' asomplaie tthvew non. if y are otth a plerge ty cr, no ciferin yre is, you eege is e rgencr vehnole cong cpin xt ts,me.ou that
6:06 pm
all e ar eeneh oeing tme naonal atllarng gud ju dro by. naey'ralforng tsgujuroy. rfe 'r if ora tbody in e usesw,fe a dynflin ing formion es n jers. th poin body sliuld g rmn n rsmovi but heth govnoin ofdy sd w je ey jt viut mentsov agoon sow was jeying j he mtsgodi sppoied wa th som peopng didthetake that waingoodioi op eid tkever the atraerg thtre io i'. look at erithe r it athrerive i' itoo absutelata it rver ri tit ve no all theitabsel dn rr ie stet. no ll heajor d eltric werst is. t inor th prt lic rs n jeinsey. hthe p lghtsre njey. e ltsxiliy. is lhtjustli lst turd yeow ere e ocn stts. that thetlanc tyurye e oc stboar.alk. e wis piated hean ramical the ast ark. wi pinute oramal so he t nce ve tked tote you l iro see g e noware t dergetoy ou vehies, ilice vicleee dwe ge y naonaluards we ashi, ce vle dilits ouhere makg su naal rd we sere'nobo on e reetitoureak u iustaw a e'botrn k, aet pckup uck outitalf n hotrgoa in p up
6:07 pm
th back k f tt -f ithehoonpen th ck ck t ieof t ckupntruc is rentsndwo teryyoun chupdrenuc not i wea ng any ingnt yun prottive ch entheyote begeanyg otve eybe reued. chri hrise sared.hunk down ri are t isttin y util tsank wnmorng. th flooreng i wor innd y ul w tse thrn verythoo inuteor wwe a ry staingtebouseven a fe abov sta goulevel.fe the waovr's s probly out fo uple ow. e wa weseroy exptting he fopres. toe ne a a hwef eet.xpng eeurgeesto bo ni a a h af h fe whit. ans obab ge gog b toni a h g fenothhi f ots ab and halfo of g ythith fbelondal grod oflevel i r. lant cit y hi goi tloet rove i fl ed. nt it is oituelieble no .fl. jus wat whe ook wn uthe ieestre tno juiaterseheion. ok is st a e aterre t l arndeisen. r ht s aow ier atla ic c y.are te? r ano la c urpr e,? hdernda haer thear youpr a hsr the wnds hasoun t likarouustaed wdsre a hestro wer as uniktronr. astaou h we be outhereore hour now,ro ahen' ton biggast hbe utre
6:08 pm
ur diw,eren? n' istust t the ggct it w notdien isgustgthe it s mut? stnger ustastedinds u ar mudealg wi ?st er >>taeporr: y. that absdsutel righar it th alwi >>or y s.tain wiat.bselgh it'rethettg smlreak sin fro wi but su aineettsml us toakero utusts whigsune eaks inus otwe. ts were'farg le rksin ritowwe than the'e's renle fo s reral i urs. anin iactuhlys fo re stiveal lit. ths.wind itueve hlis pied u quitthnd h piamat uallyit thehanis inc ase atlyn t e lel anwat. obab ce uncpe othe tinch o leinchnd atalf. abere's c a l u ofater hechher asch s aidf. m ote'ar lfrom terer as s m ean. omit's tixbloc hind me n. 's peaps. thers waocr aloverhe nd e stres of do townpes. n w th wind reofown sub nantilyje. str ger.thndubti tryou'r. rig. th's t stinion. u' fligdinguite th t serisly,inn.te. >> cd myefl isngte wtchi riy, whene. cing ayes well w.hi ad, uantoen ask g ali all qu tion, the irighoin t mdleskf lithistorm >> ido. qu on>> t' i abght t m toeake isrm
6:09 pm
ilandll. oundtlanbc cytonkeew jers.nd go ndead,an c chadn >> rsi, a go i makd, ad lafall i yo win llak ift direion. la lllgerrom t yoin noh t orheren. nortast t lromr tom t east.o e yoore rtt tm t st yo felinthathangyet? >> r fortein yeaat ngell,syou t? mentned arli r teea adl, ones o u thimpoant ingsf herntd ili amnne dntow o ewthjepoeyt gser iti am likeuch d theowest oje is rt othe it ast. keh het o oe itt. qui bui up. ese e bi buiingsroun , ght it uihaveuip. e sherbinuigsunho l, ht nven on c tervebendheerho cara. have en crbee ca.ue vebay'ue ovethe. we hebaveheesas. th dire hion e theind t as clr as 's beesa thall reere n hed as i clas avy winde l at'se thecean ihind y nde. that e'st.ean ndthat nor. rit nowat 'me jst stof ator ri feing ow-- yo j s feg knowyoiknow you' yingowhere not ow u' coecti. ng ere're cotvectn aund
6:10 pm
coti . e' youean c wict o aaind cing t ou on thewi nsk c >>gepor r: i ean win o he th rai - sk's li>>teneorup in quitain bi thai - ere'not a li ofneai rig itbi now. e't the's nd ahis l watf iigs w. comi upery ths aisat i ickl >>ou k owmipyal, kand rekl here>> wa khinghen' goi al.ka itre nowwang alst n'6:1oi0 p.on itowl:1 phe ea coa. thkucuewntlanc ci eaasoa th ne in to cufec u se anydyanci tsther ot r i tan auorits,ec ot r seny erthan poli?au it >>eporr: not you ll s as i'n staing li >> heor, yo nwillee u sshics,ne' taminggp t e meraheyo llow.ic at'sngire depa ment polira are ere,.tat p ice 'se pa nt andlire e,at pe aanti citydolic as wl as natna guar ose aetihety onlic wvehiases aratarseeiut hee erighnlnow.hi ar evybodelse ei egonghw. an hr ag a c pleevfodse ys ing on hag cef dag e inheirdainirswmsui righnow. ey wldn'be wetr thsw ui amight ghw.w. wn' it's cometeletthaki. but no amht at'sllgon 'somel at'sllki t noov.
6:11 pm
's oneverody'insi and 's nkerov. do. >> eraly'si ndals i erhin one do >>al lsf th indiffneence-- wl, tre's manyf th hurcaneersu otrs b theimeth ffce w t'syea ny th ur musnebesu frotzing bheme t a thuse. fr ng repter:eah. it w ath l c der eptualr:h. w eaier day. it ki l of w cmedr al up. ear y. erta ly ditsn'tkif wdfeel like aup lf cst hricata not d't wriedel out ikld. a the's ch cl. hcaot i ardne o w theedothe t . port sthellis mech the's i d et of ohehe rtliethsa ch l. obofousl bei soanget esn'help t it'sch obsleioaoldnd n'coldlp a r but's not a ldld a it ldfelt abothutno eaier a tdaynd astt nigh ltth 's nea ar ty -dt itot -- ghyou kn, it n a not aittwint- col bu kn thit cotbinaon othentol b inth and e in cna oe yoknow'llndjoy a tyo ccolaowaterl onoy a clahen er get n han on e. youet mo th than t an thn ks oumoh a >> tnks,ali >> dng eelle reptings. f r ts, usli >> a dolut ey. le ep> wengave g f nsf the us asearut of wee g nthurvors of arefs
6:12 pm
unty that comg uprvsf tyimaginin e ifat y yomou cupouould alalways s see lifife in t the besest lighghagt.inif y cou alys s lif ev ereriny ti tmeme b of ou tdtdevoorser, , tior imen.n.f daoutdrs, in. transisitionss® lenenses autotomaticacally fifilter j just an sions lens autoticay fier jt ththe righgh t amouount of f light.t.thrighamou o f ghso yt.ouou see e everyththing the e yway ouititee is e rymethanangt to b be seenen. maybybe evenen a thlitte leley betittetesr. meanto bseen ex pepemarienybceceev lifene e well l lttitleette expeenceife ll lask fofor tranansitionons adadaptiveve lenseses. k fotrantion adtiveense
6:13 pm
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6:15 pm
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6:16 pm
m gogo n.howou r whatet theye go wriedboutwuharight ey now. wghedutde. seco hghghtide of ew.ay is . apoach g anco h thedef surfis apchch an chheviont. lo atrfhisve. is i t ical ofo. st couplot ishrs.e. th iurf u talo o whe i upam. h .ey'r th wofied u abhet i bea am osiohere and 'rheo sudab eagettg iorendu ch, ch cser the tt ardwk anthe hels , cr he dw and e buness h arosd he. th repnishhe bea bussro he ea ier thisepsh yer. e eailt ut 30 ear eet. eyye say hat't t sang tht. sineesayt'hoels, saridenth. t hey' neorrihos,hat e r enach ynot oldy'ut and tt thrit h tboardalk y bomend t th coarromik d. b i eoke th t comi i e t govnor shortimegobouwhat hesovr orme worroud abatt r th hetire stat >> y biest rr wabry ith re lo wer ich tatnks >>bit gng wto lo inease r sigh fica tly or t g xt seral inseurs.igca o rd t t f t shatal itouldakes. a wee or ore bef te f a tt of t ldpeope getheir aeere peferack of opetir .
6:17 pm
>>epor pr: wt ar youk told abt the >>or warourighol as f a abmbert >>hereherehousdsalrey gh out. f 's ncreered >>reotusn the lare fe t.hos. re anthatheact thath thila feorm goinho to ick aranndat tthe cthahi m into k ar th theindsre s e highhan at t pow mpanhs cahetds s p ghn heir toww pele o in e tanucksca ave p mil perirour so pe o wen wi havehe 3 tks aileper ur f ilerr a whe soeitheye veot 3 aeleor f reir a lotf whsoowerey a reot th's er out. >> rorte ande cafeel thatindickith t. rtendca uelrighnow. at de kivern'so wried abo. ughw. wors in t ovnighrnoours wed stor surg briboingthe st mrs tov ghup he dlsors or rgingiri stgmest surg from hhee bao an gi stinl s rgom bend utoheba wesanand com lhin thebe ucea eesre d soom the re ettiinhithe frea bot so sidehewithtormtiurg dtrot inwader.thrm rgte, ck th u. tha you ian.wa , wolfhi'tand g a ha fou sten. aw fro youlf inhenda fozyte aw roudiou up hne on the1y flo an io hke aonookheat1 thi ilo an shinon, c. a k th wind isuitehi ingu, y. th in'rste founat ygu
6:18 pm
foaty proctedn thballnybaony. u casee eroedlags tthtllbay. cae a gs ab tlute whiing theoint at ty'reshreing d ait' abte hi g he rntally trereg encht'g, we col rly rainhat'ch we congol inwn.t' treeco . b ow few careen thad.b art thfearint.n yocan eth shts of. in t thstinroug tht. yown d's shgeofrobl a inug thws goinblto b aheren thistrt dirict you n se the inags bereth tr shddinand noteryarm odict u seheree ass ll. shin d olfy'llrm oe ackre i l send. be refukout itherre l of i o se rep. ters out dee fu tt er bever v ryof orefuep rs thut're t exberienerd. v th knofu wat tthy'ree exing.en th'll noke aquic w treeak. thg.direor othe l atiol a ic huican cen r isk. stain b ythre o eto uatesnio en'shuoingann en i inhe uted atestaightow. b uen 'sng in u♪d esht. ♪♪ we'rluck'rck
6:19 pm
it'sot ery d youind coanio as lal aa suru.'s e doud co iolo. l asu. it wha makeloa suru, baru ithakesu , ru [ malennouer ] u ca makeacari & eese witht fr hly-de pta. [ le yooucoul ]alsout c nersca kear & se byakin it w houtth fr y-0% r pl ch.dar eese youlso crs byin wut r cht thr ...isewoul 't b stffer mac chee. th.iul b st ost of erer 7ac he sati yingecip forne of 7 tingipor fromtoufr's. omufs. my ne is hunt cann. pling ortss ju myholeife. nisntan pl g ts julo ing myck, le it't for rine hostal, log , t 'tr neosl, thin wou jusbe rlly, real difrent inouus ry,alifnt losty lewhen was kid
6:20 pm
stleenasid the waa ti whei fe thwatihefe like wast gog toe le twalkgain. was prey baaccintkeasgoto tlkin as rebaci but rine shod me who coulbe ain. t nehomeo ul a . ey tned who li arod. td ho liro ey cl itloveo th reue' d iteallwork citveth re' itllrk huer'sife onef near a mlionhu'se ne ar mon angeby datio fro opleike u. ge dnd yior loro to e releue.e y loo redo.te tshrirs hpita fochilen tay. do tri hta foil t.
6:21 pm
6:22 pm
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6:23 pm
>> ee knowr hat b thtornc iin en al fadyer dhedly i>>theowtthcarbeanor iwhato wealy expt d hye i in eeran atxp hn itedtate >> agai r th ed ntet12 to 2 hosai th nto 2 thmosterio conrn holl bthe orm rge along the ast.hstio onafte at aft be m teon ce ere t. mos iteandft and t mo of e ce athe gins tmo clei tde nd cot, tno we f ve the he ns t lecons terab conrn f vy co t e heavanhepronge nsabon f v rainll av whh wi cauprge fodininnd in thin whwiau ar of finin peninylvatha o downhrourfew jse aga anden vaokinor wn aou muc a jenga d ininch the andhenuc aseris chhenden ri oodi. >>nd sious di win .>> s kaus balin h auestnor u, ed,sinll. ka al>> i hhinkhestr bgest qstiod, s r manl. resi intsnkatcng basst they qiopefuy st l h ean powsi s tcwhat yeyr bstfust heow at yad bice? theourscoinue ma peop thiadhate?he hersdang co paueed a promably go ophi atalgng thpar ev aingrondygoheir dly al lis. when thethevgestir aice das 'm li elin the enhegus?t ai'meutsemonhe
6:24 pm
ine us mtse balny he at n. en'she btdvicalorhe redent >>'s beall tifficen isss. one o rehent cot.ll tif youffe ohes e oco ou oast,he nters ju now cin hore.t, er ju thow's t cs bl arher re 's n th tbl thar lfwa interor thos non t ast h e bgestrisk wa st nor o th os tst nter bstskor o or ere ve higstor surgwithavesn topr vethe igheror r krgthesor oseop rthe e r r e he innd therwillefrshwar flding romin erllefr thewaain d th's t nexfldangm orwo whers th astahen th t exfect arr e ne 1 erth taurs >>han ctar ne ve mucrs than foranll t good wk thathe tion hurcane ecentuc is doinanor as too we w.k atwe'r goinontourne ne jersnts wher in ase hi we warnd 'rinhe wis arners drameric. ay whih uswae wiar am. wus
6:25 pm
6:26 pm
6:27 pm
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6:28 pm
ean aireab .hit. w ey partacf aanti are cit at.eady y unr w errt atti thit srm ady forcun win ween almt ath s thound rc inmil.e melmcoasla tow ve boun il evuate majoas owties b are v tualevte jo shu es redown atlaic cy val hahu a wncurw. la caa new rk cury israci for mar bl, as wel, whiw ciscior cou mablas cludwehiou diudastrs. mo tha1.5 llio ctome wiout wern 11ditr mohaates5 .io cat member wit erecte to ar es n ther cong eourte a t thcour ays. rrice say is ju off atnticity n jery s. ri tic sanoisju peopff the are aticy eelg n theer ri no pact op hejoinreg us nelg ishe montctmery inusdom n ands owntrydo restdrantttacd ow to t stnt shacton to t hel in atltishn city tells whn's ging o h rnghttl no >>tyightow, arell gewhings gg r a t t of- a nolo >>ht, reoodige.g th's t of a c nvenondi.cent and th t up t cenntnd t ste tohe tarn.
6:29 pm
te itto getng ta. it ve lks le te stosurg avead htcome.n now l >> ts is l te vidto yourg st us mew tis moy, ware owinidg tou s us views ritnow. ve umo w ae in t lile ew senriw. o how u thisas evved oveli thpasen wow ishour v dvewellthas eurlier t sll mning e er yo tknoe dmnghe oder yo jt o dinot e lea.e anit jst or j ayed dit tre.ea and en we anot j e ed hht .tide d wt i'm t -when h wde go the hig m t -en tide it osheig det justremdous u know wead outhreeusndem us a lf oweod fourteetee w era n myersol hoe oheurt wn myso hoerbor o d, y kno the or dcksre ing com ov th ynohe dseiles. g omyou ow?ov ichoatshrees u ? at chedhts and at hapnedlrea ated earl r.d ap dand, yoknoweaith th n rl rge an thed,yo nowhigh thdeh ni ink it oineno he nou gh t ow te imesk it ain wor. >> y h. te we s yoes hou a ov orere,
6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:49 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:57 pm
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6:58 pm
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6:59 pm
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