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tv   Piers Morgan Tonight  CNN  October 29, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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ofhis ter een inhe la at sc iolf a ur.he thll mwhat goiof on s ght r e w.inla a r. matoin t i c ll y what ing onight n. c 're ytboutat g onhtn13.feet f e the torm rgeut rht hren lowe.manhtan det fthat is e m e r h rerd. we nhe lan timthatatsitwa ywhe clo tore.his wlaimat bac in 10 dung t heormloames wac 1 do0a, wn thdue twate m camep t ju er t do w thfeete ca.0 et. juwe a cle tly at rerd eed as y canee whe. i a m alenoate i'djust atch yganwher ihe st i ano i'st ch becaere thwatetis rlly murk andt's hd to e cathte ry it darout. rknds hto asou c e, wre t titart. barrr is aspi cs, th i wshere t thudso rver eginrrs ais pi hwher iwe aightre now. th whe wereson rr bintter a park w er apart ht the ityw. at aswhwe n acua bd bueri haar to w te rt he yu, t re a se peoe w uabuhaote are till awn s eore wbut tter park i e l cpletyowt ersurrnded y warkr on ill des. cet rredwaon s. u ju mtionome othe floong aoss nhatnthat ju m on e're eing oe withome laceoo aurths onattheat eaern dee ng the isthndece th nere u hae car tha t aean lirall heisloatg n the haarha a
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stre tre slillatth aso ocour re t be a lf por out a acr osur a be de sth olowe lmanhtan. o i llayut incrbatty par s o weere i ain mantttoryar acua on, e wer sti o ju to veanry yo a seuae,, r owtio ju o i'myo walng se he,his has ne ri' ppen befe inalrecoedhsase hi ory r ennhatefn. i the ters jtcolitally lahiing y is i parte or j whatou'rtly la g h eing acro irt t ohacity annew 'r rk cy suays e star ng ng floro w to,tyomeanw f th csus ar tran s.lo th wasneeof tthigge sks at an thas tere uld ve ge en. at ss waystem as you kn e ond sunn . da s ify theemas don ou ve pknps tingtolear heon nnter t ofdaheif hestemon can pfloo tgarecau th s t aterr of eman oo in au h serouldbe- rallyleva n is isas r t newld lvel wh it rmely tova neasyork tci'sew l ltrant syem, ewht igge io e untrnerk ci weil coinue oansy, onit ge is. tr'll b ckweutcoerueiv atit . 110 etern as l bkeep watcng t as war ise. 11i'll eell rnu, weepwill h thetc t wa ak lel fe. the watlll herlln h loher mahatt that l fheat stl ter co in st alooutmatt at 28 nutefrom not t ck t ou.con at >>8eal quiteom noexaord ary. t ver .en athinlikehisn
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alw yo.ui were exheardngy. uick r ainkes bfore yo yo gowe the maea ha beeck res bsureays. yo ha youthmaeardabouthat?ee s sus. haourdutt? >> hav't hrd i hav se theam repts b i >> av t h av seheep b i ble conrm dectl whetr th has hapene i hedhat an i n tele yonu dtl thet wheth weashane rehe i youtn lo beelnd ybvioly outhhe see ees th lhts ihindou thlo acrobe the s at's lew s ndhjsey. rowe hheso snightr.oinghere 's j y. asf th e h wre sn htintraformre explions lor onasheh w grod a earmier nigh plas nsuocontue tn e lro thid ear gh wate flownt ti ndit ahithes electeicitow iourc tis i a es obouslgointo baery ec it re rik, espiallrcwhen to loob at slein by sureayriheresp yollen havehathird lot rlwithllsu reat hyoh oltave tttrd rls r on thalwate r ts hta t tt r pot it bethmes onhatecre bly diicul t for em t opoitbes ealreywith >>dieulor w l co t bk tooul ttleaterth than ver much>>or bto ch stinlequineris n yor cityanerch counl spker.. she'on t sccheinfin tha nor ty ildi colunpse spr. e e' c tlsea ighbhoodscnd jns mfeha o tdiole one now cea hb od ch jstin m we sa the o t ima s e ow th itppead tbe th almt tal llap of edifaca if
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it eat th t who bui inlmt l apf ecaitse i. what an yth telhouime? seasicly itat app yrs ael thgh t fro? f th builngic justitellpp af. th t loo likro y'r loong ath il thback of stl .d lhou oo ik y acallyoowhen a ythu'reckookif i edou fontf acit.lyen yme oretheki fks in the ft. oe f inildihe cald 1 becse deis w comg off e dial the de womof fr enypd me immeatel did a terric j.pd fireepar ent en cmeeelid a whe ey w e trrrng j reoart sec cee ewh ildi . w tr thfronof itell ofecf e di thon on tlof eith avue. onefirs resndern r peop in e ei av.buil ng, renerseser inju d, topnkn gdnesil, it aears a ju t thoh th g buesdinghichooks a likrs hosideial ildi ifthou wer bu ng ch eigksh ik avdeuel difer m ig hav bn anllegav m tristav b ho l. egsome5 pple in th buiing twerest aurianho t ristme p soen wethuig re ne tuan folw tst oupwe see neol ifhere up eewereerha iueshat myfre havere coharibu idsot m wathe veo bu stm did in tt tre w m havee be a stdi ructallyin u toundt t
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tuatn th the mtorm waav lebe toprey ctly und atthherma. >>ochreytineif i c jum n, doou kw the >>rne lest cum o hi do cr kehe whi lt actlly ardcr ahi ge tnderolt off midaerno.cty d t eris ct neff ondano 57ree cneard i 5 righ waeenhe cnn fic. rd we ill r ngh to the wadow andn sa nat t cra hadic bawecall ryohe w w ndckle andsa 's b n traadall daning leer sndce tn i bnhat seeo benverang mor s t p icaris ateeway. inbehenastralfour ororso, priy. sw ingint draticafyr frrsideo, si wch mswstgraca befr lsenide the y ttsi w mt's bngelbe you ave e yupd te fous o whathe psn is bor ts? e. oue pdfo o at pis t i tnktheyre- eost rent upd e i taveey hed, ant that an cretain pdeange isve he th altugh ey wane gng at cin ges trtoalk up th tlteh w g strs f t tr budingkthatuphey re tst no t pa iculbuly cngfideat thay givethe gh nds ttnothey pa ul culd deha vee s t ale to neceysari d cure it ain a oy.ecri ree chlengisit finng a ch angay to sinure witut risng the lifef t peoe o ae tr ng t sdoe itisthehe fe tseeourin
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mosteecen dattr i t esein stenatiha, th we tryg toalk shigh ashehath cld ndwe diryerntok whher nothereghas ythias thecoul cdoin e p ice whdr otre hiheul fir e pe have acuad alarg rin airoundve wher theua ane argin and ere e clred l the redenc out tcld ew rehedentrel buncdingand so ut t cole o hots th wer ther rentbungd co oot th er fierlly,e egettg fiy, confctingeportt ooteial faliti thi nfevening.or o onwatelnfird, w fatihielie en of a on ma w ddir wappantlyitie a aee. ma bu wther are depopaslyof up t.o fivebuoreerre potalies b teyp t ar veuncoeirmeas f as mli b are. t e yoable t conrmcome fw mas peop may ave st l es yo inleew yk to tght?on ma opaye t l th onlin ytot? coirme thfatanltyco ime haves a n whwas t by tr.ta vea whs by tri hano - i nnotonfi ha anyf thhers forw, - tank u vi y muot fi in ed f joi ng myth >> te cars. or tk vmu in foi m the tranecaas bn hngin ov midwn mhatt fhene hos b hnow,in btter ov bid mtt ehigh fho w, bwinder
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b suptorm endygh ininme o thend pho s uprm ady cran pertin o thanyou her joing ho. yohaveeen yea a nanrt anu jo opgator on yocranve.n ea a isuppne tost obous op orques oon myan neiyorkpps ttbs es m wou beskinerks tscranangl ou beinangeuslysis thy wasanttgl beer attaed? w ha tgeslyy beast abl to hap nbe taven ? ha ha t neaybe a wblk of t warnapg th thi huge tormn asa cong?ea wof rnthhigerm co? >> ll loing ath picre log a icandverying elsewhat belie ha eneddisryhatg seat lihaed the t ane opetor and te supeisiohe o the ebidpe nor nd t foll theanuf tures pe reiommention oe bno llheufre reenon en t cne erat ts o the t c at ocra, th let het weatr va.rath ettheynew is srmwas tcomi . atey suld ve leredheva boom own ey a lw ssgle. mi th way whe sd he led wi com omn lin, e. can thayhelowwihe comne aund, n,backnd fth anow c ad, ck f at w i th win wod ha en othe bac w if thhin bowoha oeacth bo
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rcinitown .inwn bu tha dn'tppe that whyt. buha 'tentpever athy backrds. e stng gt ofnt winrcame ba andust trew ck its. ove st gof in ckwas. me >> bandthe t bwildiitve is cled wa157, >> 's a bdis prty cdconi7, buding n new ark. en fisheit wlepr stornis hibu andngtn wil b w . th fhe whight redentl sk crap inorhe chiy.ndil bth ghrent skso caparly a in clot ontert arnd h e. cly a buthatrea iterensy ar h pula d anbuit satms a im i'notnnsexrt youlaan s me,hat i' t the mu b aex veuighatange thmu of ts vebuckd crhe actgelly t beinblowoffckrnooffctyits enchinhereownd pfsiblnof s landg or bei ch blore s pverabl bloc intony ofhe bldin around theor.ei cod thlo hap sn?ra ocntof bin >> aouoluthey itould appecothap autitldpe therare vera difrent ere raif ntscenios. u sethat boo en seatoohagown, les sayt sngsn,roun and leay tht boo ssets inunnd terms th e
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thoosin tsth oldi thee canep th medihe out ce otheth ildi i itut hi tha oedithe'st a psibi tyhiha ey cld b-hey cnheeak p bien t cr e's co cng don.y c >>vens imakalkg toucrso dowe'rseei liv >>n i pilkures f e cr e 'r seiayinivuiteies cr amat sallyin woulthat incateo yote tt it i nr to catminglyof ulatnteyo tnd f i , wh n cannybo do toout c ng is?d is t rewh ananhingboo t o s?pit no you n't t up here t anpresngably s no u t upre esly >>he thg to i g everody tf t y. >> theho i g cra er shoy d fa, ma t su noby's therea. herahofama suobs hea. it'sp the abt 1,0 fe, rit? 'sth abyou 1,n't feow h it' goinrito fa. u t ht'in fa wod g erybo aw 1,00 et. wo i gthin eboawthat1, vegood . vice inthanyou. haveo inrrupyoatvesir.od ank u vece mucfor ininanu. meveinupyo r. k veucr in me apecia . i'gointo gto jonpia carr l, wi'rein ghe jorsof ndy breli dow rrn w rs
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s,set'eedndf geon ll deis fm tcea whisedd ans 's ertoed t de f teahi barrrs w ch a abos to t ree-arte of mile behd rr wme. a bo u casee e lits the e-tef leeh stp of tlan.c c y behicae li he me 'secommuch stofan c hicold ds meel le w veot teombackchnd of t sto ldw. d i e wh le w ja tn'seck getng. t wetoot at mi hwh ear er ajads for t .the st t wehos, 'seen m arcalm a i waorableto s te t hoon. n the yas lm wale co slete cle t. weere theenten.of t st m.e cotele wee hete t st ch canellouettethan i ca thiis teack d f thchanl stm.te an thrainas n piccad uphi t the nd hk nowdickeupth st thin nicup e how ke yosaw stdinghere elier toy, piyos.w st ngi w sndinre on e dryer to pioun w therwas me w ser ainundonmery th theater stard tunocome ers w up ad no 's uthheoer tig arvel tnd me were illup ha a ho a tay l we obabl, wea a yeah abo halo an aourwayromigh de. abwe the's e seahe oboal. an r ueeaymh . tr kthrivis se othroh . so y can ee heighhe wa r e onro uckrivi yan thr hgh h re wa aes. olic firon ankthesvi hrys w are he aicirardwkanes w re paeol, caus othe ct tt it a cfew.dw pa, us oe t thite's cw. 6:00.m. ward
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rfew thisths pstty serisat t00s. rd poin it's tillew goi tois pt hyher ri d pi ts, in 'slloio hrhe's thepi hing 60ile d wehshehereo ng 60philleelph d. the areoingo gethe ra retheyreoing to iltartph t threnggee ra gt ey isngloodg that'srt a t ood- gone ea speop n od philt'elph are aow ge ing d-e sop ve , ve ilphreoncegeed agut at efct t floves arve ing ce ahave ere. thiare ieff tlo yoarre n tg out ve t hire iome beyouset is nt ut dercurf and raveyo bat an u c't geteuteisf mt f r rf thnde arves onah shon cywa g at mhi int th >>areryon hoickl chrwa crist at habeenpretnt sc>>hingy aut kl thmayohr c ofst atltic ha enetcit sc ngying ahat h thasiyolly ntftl c ainshist i truc ons.ngt wh can yo telsiy mebout tha nsd hosmuchf iucprobs.mill wh an oat bel fotheme uthamay hoch ind dobl boe opleayoget appeand ndtentlly se tir les? leot ped nty t l? >> rorte wel we re taing he ayorf atntic ty o r airteel e rlie ta ang i he or astd hiic ir i sieid n hok, 3:0ashi 4: i theafteioon, wh d s k,u do i you:0avet lef 4: he beuse e rotes han,wh srted to bdoome iouveerttpe anef he s dbee roat that poi sedf b youe e not rt an ou htay s whe you t iare touoot gh oundouay he risoure hriie tn to
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ndceptn to s somofis corients tto pt antoi'mot suom th cots tuatn onhe gund nkes me mar wrg.suth aton gd s i ag e th emahoulwrhaveeen a greamphas on getng pple ag thouulven eaha oof mo p dide abou40 o 50 rain t shmotersidn atntic ityouut40 the yor'50concn risn tatom opleshidn'rs gatictoy e elter' nc ey t len' g arus atte he an therrs noervis toelp t em. han er unnoear vito top a .ha poi the unyor r ouldaveto sai dotoi leav but th pnthe at hich er ldeaiot saidt idavuth peem to ach aney id goveor rist. em thto's f tho gsano wk out. m novesure host wasight th i fho g th wone. t. >> erta lynoreasht uneced ited ene th i ce.magi >>ta lot o chnsedd e cgiot o gog onll or thh gion we wildefitelye goon bac o tth you. thanonyou ry mh ind dwe filfily yo connuedxcelacnt t u. repo ingan fu m mhatnd f emayoableoned el piure ere at y havbeen po g fandi the witat theater juma comleg upnd upi ande e yaven. wediillhegoithe derwno ju chom myeup u ndry befly efohe. brwek.l d 's bonrackg thyeath of b ly thfo ddly ormbrn cnn b ck t seveh weaer nter th dy chm y havndealwith evern weat r foover 0 yeves.ea er ch yavalther haveatou efor seer anyyeing ite ke ts? ve ese
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ny>> ng not e all t not en cse. n t ll t cthat. whawe wealkg tuesy an dnesy abo atha wlk this this ontieses tango es. thwateboleve connue go is is upti t the rge. coinueto g th.teveon e wateo i up ttine intoeonew uerk g ty sways thatteas ner hpenebefo i. intow sys we l upatte i nrigh haftenethe fo eak. weup ightee k. ♪ ♪
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o of o s phvee. [ ndide ] and ankso ev y hediung wce ibeee oea theg.of ph [ man hi phon[ is oid ]ofis bd gestksuppoevers. g i ohe [ anhion o of bstpos. [emalannocer witciso athe nter.. [ woaling nogethr has itver isrkedato we .er wog th s r edwe >>reakgews loong a li picres om batry >> akpak.s oo aite traoinarpi uresliic s o, watre the pa sur e oaofarpiatees ther wherom ser sormurandy o ite er w rehingm recd s lels sm anddy gog reevennggherec l sreadwayndheadf go aener ojec y wiladgo bko achadyers now,who ec trs.king he pail bf theadladrsstor w,notrng cnnpa f seve weathercent.dl lefort wh nn you sang y ve ea ha nevnt see sce sefquit ke wit.ousa y new rk hha nevev seeee snesces liit . .we'rnowhearg port w f h ev ee ca s steray li. fl'rtingwar rtdown lowecama attara ssib fir breing t no lin tng suby.wn wemata ibirreg no tub thesextrrdiny piures
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9:21 pm
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9:22 pm
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9:23 pm
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9:24 pm
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9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:58 pm
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