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tv   Starting Point  CNN  October 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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lo tooterrly wl ri t di nooo soled? idot looorr wri no le it'goin to be ms en yoget see the wholt'ino b ctur appr miate he upda. yot e lehesolet to jn rmanurn heprte da . wer rt o leo jmanhtan. an ere ey we expr ting o ormurgenhn. e wxpngof sethi l em ge ten et pl. theyot mh mehan shi th. l jo , wh's t latn t the?pl ey m manth jowh tatth >>heyotsolad. 14 feet >>y a -foo stmsue,l. w ich iet a sily ootprecente su wre.h i it'sour et si higecr tten th . reco whi was'sr et ba inig tth 1960cohi aswheri'm sndinbain rig now, 60 ers remlly jt pa s ofinew yk rborigastightw, hen at re y jrge me painf y t meho y wh e thorwatetht is rht nn. e me ywhth teit'sbout wo r n. hosro hh de ain rht n a'sdut y c see,hoou kn he ha fo a rfeet n a y go cefor the e, wa rkn geha fo ckedetp he oor hehowaeful ie wi not ome ed bacheverhis ll ahoin ulnig. wi ott yome cnac see heris low t s a ig . mpar to hatyo i c stse h owvets aro t beenas ight ihisrea ere mstanng ight en nowht.s simp swaeda thi e enanrehtarw
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and is s emp owafhi maattaen wre i amar di't he i d s oearlas mata wbad whe ouam diare. h i out neworrl d hee. harr, wch i t ewt tt way ty meared 36-ft w i tay tead -fwa .32feet. 32eet. whh isix ft hier thaet th32recot. wch whis wa set f bai ha ring hurrthaneco wene waswaetdrivbag d n ng re ts rre mornneg, t asentiivg d t rn tti low rt ofanhaanow lack ouha coedissays ck25000ouhome insi coisnew rk cy iyself 25thou0tme thw c syways ifs y 've een ou, ut d nth syscometel ye nsix thbes, sa, ix d ohemel x tunns franhaan ts, oueen anbrooynoode nnfr hathey toot knoen wen t y'llan oo t th pdeped out or teyo xt fnor w tays,llhey hthe. p d ainut o th t lood g f reas,yy dih eak me hnoc he, sedadthod ai k h h sad >>ye ha we'rgointo ha a cnc >> yeter is m ning. ha ashe s'r'sinhaominga up c we can r see me ngdama assin uphn. w anis s e ere ree ma ls of suerge.d ca s. s i'e loongt lsomofne'sire stansung igethe ca mddlef ei'oo reetom 'sthatean'te od. an i e wel up mtele folk on theet atamag't.
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weup lkon tnside ofeag manttan let' go t tseof ali vehi.nan i wa int' ttlaliic cty stery anvethey.e wahing wh 's hwapeni with himlaher c er wasan jusey beagng whatte hdnibyit ime hier asusnds, anbeg t urf,tes hi ll. s,i, in tlaf,o se you. in one i piecfrany. hos itooinghereou a s?ou ine ecan hoitngre a >>till aotfwind ou n se >> ll st al beguffed bnda l o nd b the sewate sstbe gne.fe b eit hrs l oo i w bhestanng te sheren wtere.hat weis h a wigan as m rewst. wr t it was te oan. the wa geta on mw.rom it t o. thwa thta oceain i mand oveoppe the bks a h over ppedeahe i bod dwalve wpechhe is bbout ahree qua erer oedf a bo al wle bind meisutee yocanee tseua r od a igh b d ov theme. e yoatern is t ge. r wgh ovheomen agers g cvoy of truc wenh agatiolguarmen c y pull out rom her uc wey ah ginniog thr arrveyn llutm r atl atic ci y.nnth st s keeyo tiliestlcci op ator s w sdthatils it ds op or t lo lik w er sat w setous ds dage i the loiktlaic ity w se s ar. thdae ar ie tesla ywn, there me ar th powar t lin,she own, tings
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ha bloowiarou a bn,. t gs buit oeshalo n ok le rioudama.ou b bu remberatlasicity n is l oubstamaiallmoreuiltp tn re er lany o thtyis are o th tallreshorlt t ile oth therere gre oromes eeat,tronhemes there ara tfes allet,on homesallhehe wr down o oanf cit le malandom l cae ma w pcesike wnat. o 're ing itetmanda bettca ma nse p is oncee t sun. com e g up we'rgointtto hd to e henchore t un anget om see of wha st of'rin hto dama the's bnre ar ndant seofreha s ofout 5 peo e smadhe bo br i t 5 elteeo in stlanc b iunty e ros bk to tehilanlphianc shou be fie.ty o ph badelia'sootsomelahi oue flfiding60 mil west o phelhe's. me e oerhing flngiles o the'she e o goininti betwn thth sgoveor o f in nw jeey cisti tw thchriie a the m orve oof n je at cnticity. rigove aor shed the ma mr dn't foll the i trucatons icy. ve soperth, di't wmak ha d t engh tget peolle ouhe of iheucs ty. er di had woth ha t emen t ontireooulast o nighrett mu . adcallh g eh t so im inegh tttre wul b sell e phe he calamthis soornimg abet t w whathoulhave s ppephd. alt btomisrnabt li oatul ivetialpe asse ment bfmatlaic cy light now o ial sentfledasla it c ma t w-- itplay dged the wotdaft ia
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despe hobad looitd laay d nidt.heof i sphod oola ni >> sure l ked>> d. ank u,alirtaly re apecia l.d 're ing k ita ap heaianow -- o's nex e g eaw - s ex petekg,ongrsman per kinglooklike he'te reakor gran p us. ter ng ing oktke e' lonea isla, an . r obv iusly lng t on isla too alaan bigrunt bvly th l st m. lacongoossma aking tha youig rnt h yo ti. st rst ll mng examalynghaheou d age th you e yoti. t mxase. d e i ven' had thlot ou liv rerts whahasapped i longseslan i n'd t iv reoutss ehafsype i ng an meto, smitown,hich its f kn hasos por. cato yoitn,ellch me wt se o fkn tas worspodama is? ca>>ol mye w sat's r oht. t rssolumalyis for'sr. lustg.stan lrngbeac h lo allts segell ian l ac war h lollsupies,nd it'sse i waups,'s bacallvery difcultto get . hoitalhaveeen ut dn. ballryifltet hoalven d peletay hind and a nuer o f emenpe weray trandndnd yingo nu o fen gter theman
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in paces gikehe masapea, thein pese ar manumbpefhe fir. ar atne ti12 mbreme strared had at sendi litame vicle ra d en do. ta vle pret muc ike doyndh.hurs areetuc unde war,dhrs abyl, rea ye hindery,wavery ylharay lonhiy, isld mo tha80% thryar onslmoha% th cuomers are whout ower 1.1illicuerar wut cusmers oveer 0,00have ost 1eir liwer.usrsve 00vet r r. it'srobly devtati h lon isl d'sasob evteven.ti h onslevt. ha tosay tha pple i ha offolcouny are beingthe ha p ebrunofthis i they nd tolun firet reondebe g aree doi aunis ey t phfiomenjobrede art itasoia allyh venryob it rrowg. ly vrougthe ght, anhis ow rnin uge t,bancall there s il askg evinyoneo sta oftheballheroa . sk justevneagaita of ie wasoaust stai i ceed theorstasxpectiont for ng iand. edhestecon r id. you kw,we'r loongat
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pictoues fkmstery, a'roo yore ct f ertalk ag,nd ouyoan ju sethe flowateand tlk magetheru ju lkedbout th see rcueloted t rker helpgeg peerlen t edut h hicl r to et th ou o er t whaarhe clo thexpeuatio o? knowhe e. ater ha is recing herepehereio am i n owerismanttanecg rebut,rem i knt's vyn harand th t, earlon tivn a nsber v lareh how ny days rl p tple ll be a wiout nr l w owerys but pheree ae wi tpection, fourays oer wet rrewo a ct n,eks? ur rigs oowwexpec sen t t days efors?powe is r toreigec s t t ys orof cwerse r there culdn do anhingtll yesrday o cehe c evdn thiomorng yebecae of an nge wis.tesay evhirnyecaof wi 's oy gog toe th moing ey c otartgo wi resting the topothr. mo's gg ng t cbe aong rtocesi stg hepo g t ag es th aren pce to do whever ey c as quckly as thre ppossleo dbut 's ihortaer for c pesle toquly s reize at tsss i t ing itaor to bpeeo a ree t long har g op bcess. an a ngaralo, t p getss -anunle 's soluly nessaal foreopl t etto sy ofle t lu nsaorpl sofroad becse ther tstilre wis wn isadec
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impoant geth eriltree a evythii move fr the is po t et ads,eend a aeopl eevhi are veur he ther much ha er s, ao gpl thre eruc donea but 's g ain,h it gogo ne ret ire an n, taloout coorati om t re enplic, andalt ainootias t ght,pc,nd kno nhatroba y t t, earlyno toatba te howi rl tyou bual ose opleho refud towi ou bu e leacua , nofuonlydid toy pt thselv at r kua theno putly t pny, ny fst resnder athlvt rk he utsk. area, wher f femeneslmoser los a thei . eaer fenlivos.os >> s eiyes, hey deceot ivto vacue util thes, uddeyy ec cidehey ed t bcu ulhevacued ded th dey t b erybo hascuoade th ando ad ge hem. e bo coasressn per kie f u nd a dis mgening thk yom. sir. coss pe ki app fciatyour time m lonng th yo ro fr u ppatur ome onrecer rowherayour f cotitutse. soohankfo talngec w th eruur conttu to g oso znkraidal w mbolu. sh s goan t gdate oomeo of zid thothe olath -relshedgo teews.mef u're thheookgt a ltheel s. picte. an> thisre is aokg p ltial llapd cre in ctmid wnaniss p alnhatn. th wasapnockcr dinnby strgd
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wis fr suerst m at th dntr e cre is wifrsust danings f.mhe thcrsloo ofhatang f luery hig ri thas unr oocons oucti. at thlu ildiig is rihaun7. ins slatid t beth 90 dis orie . ll wn itsla te0nish. re'shat erane ie w litoked like berensh th 'st lenend th af lr.ed ke bee coern ght now,h le thcouraf con tw,s tatraneplunng tour tegrou. new rk'ss m tyornelooergun ss to t e cre waou jus w 's mr ipectoog slast idaycrwa anus erythg seem itoct b stfd.ayan e thbut,f ours the em bheav wisf crted probt,m therrshe ta a lkav atwi this a ddencrd oberrume, henta latlou ofis a debren wheth face oumen nhatoun apftmenbuilng i rippbr offheac atapenil i ppff th ill hapning a thsdy's intee wis to thrgh theapngs's te wi eaohr lehe aptmenmplelyics sed.le peen firight hadleinoric injues. leda d. eirhtador ju. >> ada rig zoraa. thanyou ry much
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ose e rlly aig dra ticra an u ctur to chke a look t e thisry rarninc let' get jurnifeo aoo dgado atis e ereme eath in t't nter jfe in d do tlant eme th nnif, whe isandyoing er nextn nt we ifwhis dysandngs g ngxtoe we nd go movi ver sloyverowa the st as i vioeser lo i stler gwang t e be squzing outmore ain i ou es theras wstl a gom t bequngsnoutre nas ihow ouu ner w athe ranor. ire iw whue tsentise ft, e aara ow i prhsure t thatnts lt of , andy aa abou90, pr100re milat t l tef wt dyof phil elphou.0, no we 0e ilalin wi r tn ou w ther ilforph ar s,no inudin ginwi rnew jeuey ershinon, c.r a ar welasnin intorylw d, ajede're ao in , lkin aabousnowel r toyl are a easin ou ow li wst virnia. coue weealki out s blizlird the w. r asa.e z mouwe ieki tt izore he asor z u, leda oeehatrespin rit tre? ther it i forda agaiinwant trit? p nter i oor yo ar ai bantimor tsw. p ther os no ow and tbareor iss noeranyno slete'rjustnd tlkinaboura.s buit i no goiy t osl b'rst win da yin ou ra outher bu ioileda tiththos ndinda gus upou tero abt 50da mish os pehour it goi tusbeup t abdanrous0 bi alsoake pe curnditns
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feeit aoi lot n us bolerhan e ac alsoe cit ee mperure.ot ght w we ve 5 s ertn ac the. i kn it ere. feelt s aweot c llie 5s than hat.he kntel a cie ant. >> yep,it es. it co. 's stting rai np, wree . are. ito st ngviouy pa thaie wstm. abouto g e. the bru oupath t s st ou gorm. hennif delrudo, ank u ve much ts m. ifel, k ve ch alrighstilahea is morng wee gog toave ch ce taltalkghil toea mor crnrywegoo e boer, e ch m tor olkto newa m c ne jers .bo , wepokeo h mm oesteay as hewa s prarinfore the rs weke hte a h r 's wdly hetiven itte we'ltalko m.m abo h wy veis ni t we and howtehing loo 'llk bo h sr hicityoday niwendowngoo hi tysmaay com wit8 aiags, cras manamamentomysteitais, a theorld on tridn setyell asnantte a heich ldn winstan idovershreeynd allalf ns. h wian eree af . sml inize.ig osafe. smine. ofe [emalannocer readfor tas of at'sot? cck o theatescolltion [f snalks fnom ler cuiadne.r asf 's? c oheesllon sn fleui . eamypina arthokeip cris garc chken my naringrtollske the
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re his iseasoars chn mut-ha e acngssols. hee s so lmun chasineac so be cinarchic lcne caric [ le aounc ] aa-sezer us psentthe ld tth. i ve a old.[ anc aser i pok dntquile tbu.i stl ha a rny ne.i ad. i d il [ mabu annstncerha r ntrutis, yquidoest wo on nny ses. mannat?er maleutnnou, er ]uit doesn't wove an antiy stams.e. ? leou ]do tally a ti[ maam annncer reay. al-seler ps co and oughly ma nnghtserour earst ld sptom alel p pl has co ndfastghctinantistame tsr t s om relve yr ruy no .plas stin ti[ siams ] ank u! [ le a ouncel ] y ruu'] k at'she c[ d tr ah!nc re co [ ma annncer alkaeltz plu 's c tr♪h what relf it s! ♪manner malekannoutzer ]lu y nealkaeltz plu ♪seve allatgyelit tolereatouller ] symoms, lusne ka tznus lunges on, d pave.ll toateryms,s s es, pa allyank. y th hava ise ur re cd lyk. thav e r cd nighour est, thom sarnt. ghr t,omar .nobelaurte ecomics anone theost ted econistsben thurworl
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cocs ane het d ontsofesthr sarlent, can u te me es sawht, cd tes n ll tee in o yes? whd s no. n ye . he n't, none n. at's y al has e a r'e yo n rate cd. 's alasrayoat. allyank. youroneyeedsn al. lyk.ureydsal
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:34 am
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7:38 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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7:59 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:19 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:46 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:49 am
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8:50 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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8:59 am
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