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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 30, 2012 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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ha>> the, everremxpeatence anytng leae is? ha you hhardhe ferm em hwpece yt ne lous d s?red ahaou h f hth? nes s>>daren athay ty'rekay, entheye onhe topflr. ca are trey, ey oeop foatifl arod. th wercafinere durg ire. wan fti ro liv therneacro thure re ver. n ey wive - th sayroth heye r. fi b i waid - getth obayrve he ieyll tke you fi bho. d et >>ny wdbonewhen thehe w il t ou comeout? ho e of cial>> woingor tenmhe w in me t?ats tru s? of doalounowng whe tey'r te goi n to s ru dowhe t'rarrioi? >> ooksto stagred. i g one ntri and ok>>ks r to aagd. gne nd usin ye, go outs e,in f gho somne yego down >> rht.ts f's hd t gomin rmatn. bewn of k. ht this gs th cae.inat beficif s ardoin tlues ey cis butth icas rd to eep ciar in t bs w i re, who cut i t. t p s wrstreae,ng iho al t ti as ople so in ea i al war t tis re.le o th e arin tow s, dwa othe .oplere thar cin ofow d tcks dhe boles wh jtth clothf on t thsr ck, may bo a w s jall bag,th on some avth nk,ayhoes sl tryi to g,t th as uch me
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offi als yi tho thsh teetboro ey d.rporcamever lo ingfi fos h soone sayg wetve rot ormer osuppges, fo wan to h lpsoyoue t anay giv wyou pplipp., an o imine h oficius mo tha aniv u happto hrthatli imt thee ocimohaesi nts e pp h ablute t th pectg s isas otabteshnd. ecuat n ct zone. s. i c slat toyour euesatne c theratafterourrineureskaina, whathats li er tte seah fri ka rea,tive at t itli tas tdayseandh f dys t fig e ret whvee ittays fks a de t andig st wh it ou if tsis farch andnd s ritcue effoou aree tsssum g pchple thathey e re foreum p trye g to g aty to anfind are rytookay ghat tyare anndre ale, nayjureat the t ae in alirly nrehe anece lycoitio ye. e la wce tkedocoioxecives ye here from hela td ecescouy,o reom fataties theyelt nfidut abt tha ta es cou e uneyl tht idt gb in ere emsees aa see we' ou untth gog toave g finn e se aeee'wor we'rokeeptogein finrs crssed weoro hav a'repin lcrtleed bfav a l cel phe, i bs spty. ere no wer. weer c ph isp. sp
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king o ane her o man fore whor. weaid tyhadspnganr n reho jet dis, at t ty sdre for the t wi, er t he h sbandookor i e ou he wwihe hnd okrryi peoe i arnd to ou y la omi wback yire.eoear t lamick peop comg ine.eporng w iseft,neigors at nd he. th is op ominlpinor w ist,igs n ylig's i ortahe. th ys inowfficls ig ita y her scralingo doicuseo-hoe secheshile therave ightrangdoseho sees le hbecae the's e powht in e ea. tha you vry uch.cath s weowen . lharninou vowh. wend cn lnfirinng uate heeat to fro ecn ir sup ue sto at andytoro e now 26uptopeop whdy he w peried he i6thoph un hed atesrom is ser risto h. i werelsoun atch g es m sto danrous we siationsohatch is s ll exiing an us newy k.siio t sonst sctiocran thaxig is oewny toof astioanluxuhas oskysaper to it is danxuingver we 57yserth i reetn maattaang rwe'vbeenwe57atchthg thi etlose mata 'v en causthisch crahiartilyse collsed stery d ing usis higra witis ththey ll exd rienerd dg igringandy wi anth fteyxen ts gnt m hanngngdyverhetreean t g
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bew. pelean rrieeree abothis. auth itiebeclos t epetree iebois evuate thisthieos taa,eenclung a evteis aarbyotel lu th acits wkingith stru uralbyel e ineeth tot fire w ng t whh are ey g ng t do rual eee oabouithis whre w are t gey tooingo sure the ouis ar t ngli se noheisasr has ever h li newe. york snowaas sysmhisas h th isaccoewing th rkchar sysms. th scog mhropotanar tansi auoritwho ys e ystis mpon 108 tsi yrs aud.ito he hast ver een 8 yevaatio heke aths. ven r n vannelio ude the eath rive n el uheea ve flded. e easiver rivfld. cr sing beeeenas er maattaandivrngbenbokly matad bfloolyaterpillg ou elator haftooerllou thiss elor fthobenew jissey. uld ke u fur dayto tob thew jy. terut ofd he u f fldeay e turels. 'sflot gng trece on 's tus. own. r vicle tha are g tingcen undethe hud nn. v leharerive lcoln g denneles op butudhe hland tunn lln eloput hnd nnlo
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eensew yor wh i haeninnown the>ns orwh hainwhe neigorho ofbree poi artb akinigho fat lest atee oiast, 8 0tbin le ame havet,burn to the 8 grou. famies, youve canrnoimage,he ou destat .mi , thou're shoan by l oag th. de deatrah yeri the hoy osth the. dede verh ri quicy, iou nhe te deer uic i hohis hapned te i th fit plend u wots areapd opleh fipl w doreg toy? >>le do ito un erst>>d - >> rorte we' havg a t of tuble hring unyoust - hope ou rcanteeare' avaus. we a tle hngjoinu pe bnr j.. a llmainin. u ca to eck bnour othes ouse mall u. w t y 'recao knur sheing. se >> tota u w yeestrtion sg. >>ta 0% tron110% dtrucon, 0% erytng. repter:hat es ilook likehen lkin duc, yt. epr:t iok ke n >>innotng ere'one cster of >>hos, ot ery use e'e cerlongf teide thho's y engtill u te isde th mag.ll u seryo offhefountion agndow hous yosittffgeunonhis
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waowou >> rorte whettyou hed tt e daisge w goi to b wa r te hevereuere, didetou hav da woianyo b ree,idu av exctatn ofhat sy goi to me? no. ex at asoft wasoialkio ? asas kithe nice use, odhoushe code ce fi. e, gotois ocknd onuscod cluer fi go kon the bluocks destyed. h ery bks i mn nhingstd.othi y left evenihe sewal mis nnghi ried ft. en s al repter: tri epr:irefhter t yingo fit thres. u'reefer rs ng rfipondth grods. ze . re >>'m a rndro cotruconstewt ze buil ng>>gh-res.ouc thesewt il -re my.rien. ween es lobing myen waswengto obwithg i waed u the asto th wa uhose, ok a w ctur. e-il tmho, a my w brher. ur>> rorte tha youo mu. >>e- t tank yo y >>eporr: abr thir. i rtewhat'soumu >> thappking. yo ople re t>>ing or com ahi i weaw a nu erppg. ofle tg om fos wh beir homwe wernuandg,of zannowh they ere leroetomer a colend ofthin and nn eyte ut. a eycowere c ryinofinnd ags, .
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re cool cs, ains, they ere olst a leing.he wepokeoe ne leg. wekentlen, h hi wi a reeoung le ch hdreneathed t histim. a inedib enghake chen th co td nt bstliev head not inib likeenedo the co warngs n hav bgev e vedotthroh wh he liedthlivedars avg roug dveryrohakywhe so of e hos lkvesif a ug ryky sof ho lsledkhamm wassaken t t fronof t omes edmmasen si ts of on t th es homiers,ff tiof thfodatis, frts a mis, t shatred. focommtiity at's gng t havefr a to da lo of atd. mmreby ldin's g t >>vell rht. db, waloert only wi th the ebveryin be>>. r. that wrtyi is athveryhe rybibe b at jobs aaheatherry we hrd fm thebi bhead o obfema ea dierctorf h fhe adma o cig mafuge, who dior waingolk thathi cis n ug o waglkat y t ner. >>hisis no ov. yt. >>s wenotillave reoveatho de wh. hopelly opleill we blle tho ab deto w ay sfe pey lelb unl weet tthe sher de othe srm. nwe te r oe s.
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at tis heint, mucf lerrorblg. ma tattawitht por.t, uc 's llolyin eas herematathpo all heloassiin foodi s re ppen. yol knowewh? forsi fdi some it'en yoowwhworscase r scenio. ok amenet' hspit hee,rsse nyen. medi al cent h piterhe wt ut paents dint pevacted. w tme elte pats henacd. n w yo ci teemporilyost werut h e t t nyo pow cipolyt gng r ain. t owzann >> whearfromhe g mayn. eaier at here wenn warom sheers aythatost pow aear rewehes attow aortutely d toresteuetulyo bacp to geratost. evybods okinacwhenpre thoingo getgeto per ev odback in >> ienseheagic th ngesti.t p ifou'rwithtckpow ioueskic at etiry mute th if 'rthday.ow dends wt are y e'r me thin, y. how etense thdes dama wre y n, s. w we eeardnsethma fomnew rk we citrd yo mhael fw rely ione the ci m'sel o b bebigg.t crellen ise heesidci o ttinpubl traggporttio u cen didunni i reinorinblrart por. yoknowtni ts poireino po my plyoes wowe it. t
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mostoieoplare saing, m itoul pl w . be st daple bef e ysag,tul see pow be aing bacef yon reity eeowis, isg iaconapross. rey s, uow, whaas too.e ne dew,rminhaion eds to beho needpowe onde moinn s irst u see ed crws thewenogo t st spit s andee 911crhe cen trs shelitrs, and wat1 eatmt en cilies. to theelos, mpornt patces tm rst, li. oeor ps t, th trile odowno redentl ars hithethri own re nt arrdishie some pow stor in dawar is mamelandowfor lot oorthen ples, causda loarf mand ster t oe ta n bere t s rmpl, ushilo that te uld lphing stabe g t shiack ha li d g weanonlyck ho. lifr. we>> loing ho. picreshe. s. unbe evablo howg danicrousshe he .situion n behen youe g beabow doedanus tun be pwernou g li this pris i newersesome fli theictu sis we' iewseme sing. e>> ao wh iftu youe'tart s tsi aourwh hous fyou' in lotoufrt w erwaoug si ur cat seus what ou'n tthe fgrou. you ve w rll be caseate ou u reref.
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yodon'lowknowhat ur efot' yon'w gog toun owintot >>than t'you. goto cotod be illis oan peo e i thstorous path tat co arbee sckli oeo insi witno i wer.thor soate're t garng tfind s out w si it e r. i sore g tndutactuly doi. orge s one iftu o roi ge irerter neand senus coelli o redeoer swing d en inedibco strlig o s wings. th is angthen ibhtrsonriver wi outs e hiths ae artmht.n ve th tshi isust yesrdaytm orge th is wi usst say via gesky iswi liev u iaunbe evab wheyouy loo i a what ou weve beab dhelingu thoo a t at w poweof t winand e frce dofnghat twate i der andwehat tin youd e fe okat teu'veot iood,erdatouwaer baupa ve d, genetor. t wabayeerdaousa t ner. hu on reryedarushgnt tou artm thu rbuding i th sh righ >> y, th is tm corr t.bung i i thmn, it wagh yths unrrlievle i m si. i ju watwaedhe nevhuon ris an si rosjuat ick. hu en tt stismsurgane osameck i ound tstrg7:0 ieasa sh ndf:0
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war cingown scond strt f whice war ve cg on be seennd newrttr andicxchge epl e, a it was o be n ld.ew l of d schden pl a wt hadas . to- ceof sn stai to we siadh for whe the's o-comm ar. the ter aicameo int tsie f whths mmar lobbe r me nontwe'r te trpednth aptmen >> undstanbb i no w'rsr ydu an apyouren >>ancendanushg to try w to y n geto ur safcey.shtoryo whatgeapped ne?f wel, atpenet th poi thesaid canwe av the ildi the wawate in tthoiheid an helobb sodi weth --wateen t sye o tixthbb sofloo a-ommo s eawhic t isth wellbove oogrod. anthenmoome ic i llveo theeigh rs, an en e sawwindslown ou. wrehe cogherne, whe er oawnot gondswnou upst wrs f frcofne thhe ot o winds we to owin, whst f f dh we? nd>> wweto re yn,hdoin day? wher?ar you now? wt e yw aryouin y?livi? erouw? >> aruell,viluily,his bu ding l,doesave a bacpluy,geratois weuctuangyre esnee o heac founat foges thto uay ve opor, foatoth whh isood. we he bpon wating te whis ned. an hjust b takg in all oatg te e nefoote ofll oanstthak ill de ructn.
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wean't otofelie o wathate're dect eingwe't it'sienbelvabl wha whapped.t re areouble etng out o'sf elurblhapp . reildi? e hathe watut o eare fromou di habby?e werre tolom we cy?not le eo. be use ercholwe wat h c gotene into hebee lobb that'sat h dagoeroufor oto bbhas wnstrs fr the da wious,r treo uld be st fthlectcalwi t de iues,hey n't nt uctl go dnther i sts, yput. t u g evat ds arnnoter stt.orki. wee ju atartki hu erinwedownjuere ourpartnt wtingor rd wn tohuinwne urrtlea. >>ave ey wng wto ld y, anea guid>>ce we n th mig be teing u ho on, y waian ids wthig long as ssib ndte theg ho wlln, ai gebackso yo ngs ibdhe w ge>>ckheyo s dyobe pa ent, yort s stafd now 's dficu foromepa ot, thet aff opleafoow get dcuorhmee. o he an we'r just f wleitinfor ethwor theyanade'rnst winr a ouncent her p.a.wo eyoursego ancndt id a. plrsse b paent.o dwe'lgive u urthotic pl b pa t.whenou c le e.'lve th tolthusic tnk en c ere' ale th olrfewn jer tyciwe'r e't
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lowe to g ewo. i cater ccifirm 'r that but weey s gd sayo incade. t t crerm at i t s s cuinew. s a ttterf fa, geoe. w mu od dcua erfa youeohaveor mu how myys? ou wreve w met for ? odw e. w 'reconcned wwe'r ting or geto wk. dw weaw encictd es'rfromhe g etw hoken wectom passe. myhoiancn and i ss tak the pasmy toncrk.nd doe't kw wn 'reakheas oingto . be le tooe g k wton eork, ifng e we'rableo g appantlyk,heif s bway s'rtemle ad e papalyis unde wa. >> shatay d syoum d a pather nd you ofce uwaan >> tnnintu d is erpo t? ouf u >>in ell, y copoany >> l, wasice d say to orkyremoly. thas cale d isao welessmo. prof sionth. wealctuay i w aresbleo of don weuawork fr homr f ew.o drk t th saifrom f safy w fit with myaiompaan thaaf wa w i ni .wiy patheyai at just behawasaf niand ey us b bo hasfeen ched ingp boasnus, carul, hegs e. he'seen eckin u, ar, spret 'sn kiod. gerge,e'lle chkingn
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withetou o regar. ba sgee,fll you hn't ngnmin thlove oou reegrts,ba pturean u t cleainy wa to ve f llowourres, pre stor see how ea youwaore hoin fowr uphereas the oreeow dsou ge onhoand upre hopehelly u'lle ab to t d out. g t genoutd sa ly pey llabo t than, ge get. apgeeciat it. sa repoers erywrelong ange heap iat. stors pos ywngth. e we e gt or you to hpell .e wee g ory th iport take loooutto hlwhat he srm y id inrt keooat s ver, ew jinsey. irepter er i inr, t j y.hse. heartheind epr ihowng. i twent h.outde. ar eisd isow. wntt hut .fo d. the i fldingrom e w h fojers's elongeachflngm isnd eportocursnted ngeneschnear samilis ormmercued esarhom alws wail to gt er picres, he fom youom b ntlwwaou toto ge feicss, he fllou b plea donuputo y rselst eask.on tot yelt cnn.m/ irep t. oo see mo or are ur o sto.n. ep ee mor e oto. [ le aounc ] ci tur 200his ar. [
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anc ci ur 00in s at t.e thre'vbeenome od ds. t th'vene d d so difcultnes. but thro h itsollif lt s.'veersered, suorti som of tt bigrost it eas mod n hiveory.sed, sutiom tig s odhiy. whyhoulour niveary ttero yo hyulr vey eryo beauseor 2 yea weve bn heing eas vebese 2ea fromwembit bn tohechieg ments omittoient anthe xt gat ia uld you. ane g i d ou ♪ ♪ if wwanto imove r scols. . wh sho d wenves in? wntime scs. whhowees? ybe w buding e bu ng whatboutpdat equment attheyutan hatp, bqu nt rent rearcshow.. ey h b re... rthinrctranoworms hoollikenvesng . inanms ol ke es advced acheeducion. dv d he leucs bun.d a rongoundion. lebua ng ndn. t's vestn outeacrs s stou ac sohey n inire r stents t's solve y is.ine stts s e . i d't snd mey on soli
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.d s mam pbablgoin tohe g staon li pblin abtot on g a mtath. st te i s at gastati abon m. waabou..i uld y... ttwo i nthsatgo.astiwaou i i ry rd ely.. put o shs. in m evy lt.i ry i t to e gastatn ch amallmoun m y . i o gaat allun th i fget w tout g iny ca th f [ t le atoounc g ] in ancait'sot jt the oers givi[ the aolt ncgh p's jth o s vo recved e j. pow and ssoc tesvihet pe. vo apecal adrd twj.yearowin andow.ocs ap a tw ar♪ a♪.♪♪
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the frofire rk iandnhe nth ro re yo. i d redenthosehose t n acua yo s rroureed bntsese flooater cordg to aua s ou b ffol cnty ooer rdtonew ark ffic lol c toy cnn aut tcondw ion at iicl takg tonnlace ere. a tone thendn iyingmandakorcee. e evachetions of 2ng00p.m.nd nday mond mrnin ableacon toof 2 scuem.4 pe le faym find minleo ue peis fnd.i w60eoplstraised isla. wh's60 goiplonra oreir la wh rveianceoi takg paceon by the ei ce ast akard see wha pte i ppen bg wiesidets o t d ee makhae i re ty'res e. en witheyon'taveidoak tres eypow't.e this ppenfte the maatorow is enevactiontehe wamar suorly al w acon undetand wa issu al wntamated dend not s goosituion r tseamed lks ot ooecid totayntun t fiisld. s certnly e heci istoy thhe fi willsle rty escu heisth shor y. ll've al gcu mor infmati or el g meopolan tornsittho ty, f ti is i cong meol tithout, f new i yo. oey a storg n fewmtsyo astorg lorited n b seice
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12:27 pm
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12:28 pm
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12:29 pm
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12:30 pm
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12:31 pm
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12:32 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
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12:48 pm
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12:49 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
1:00 pm
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1:01 pm
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1:02 pm
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1:03 pm
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1:04 pm
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1:05 pm
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1:06 pm
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1:07 pm
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1:08 pm
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1:09 pm
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1:10 pm
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1:11 pm
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1:12 pm
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1:13 pm
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1:14 pm
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1:15 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:53 pm
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1:54 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
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