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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 30, 2012 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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>> hi wasin a ea destatg rwinstor >>as >> rorte a tnkerdeat oronsh e. rte it ter bond ythi i oughi wod ev seesh t bd hi ghwoevee >>eporr: mes oshorine shedway. >>or m oore edy. me aerocnfro ho su ound a ateryet oc ro nsumho by re. sund ert umy . wesrgin, an acrs th appachia, icand ow. esinancrth paiaic d all . i lf is th l i le cy of ndy. a thper srm tt'slivi up le o they. a r sme. t sas b avi th u llin he . brrib athashein forest. >> lk atibhesaves comg re. throh be nd ltes esom. >>epor r: n jer y caroht be me othe rst in muc of>>he or nerrstca >> oe t weeuct a mont nhere of evactionsts ne lonramo n wee no ac longersble to c neandonr ib scueweeopno. lre o>> rorte c tho whodtaye wokep tohis. ueop. rtehohoye ketos. tomsriv n jeey nd om elseivere, nehonje rand nonssep, ae,eonan reses ctinu toy un l ns anitfales c
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in t bt of tmes ndnd weearlnhn t14 ft beelw itast ght. t btof tsrl fbeitt t. ter lledhe reront, en t st ets,r ed t rennnel t,carsand tsts, t el rsdsuays,hen a n-edowerlanervg low nhatn, asus,span . aederanrvgowtrsfor r ex osioatand a masspae fiball atrorexiod ssfill it'she la nit eskine uld e an 'slai skeightee r t d an xt seral da. reeht q trterof miion swithalt edaectrity d e some qere erwn tre iin th etry mee t ihe daness- >>t's colete dark daere'ssabsotely nob>>ys te th polirk aittl bit earle'rso ly ob we ts dring th ulitl aitown thrl r strewes whethedrgater u com a uwnph to a rehehad bueer hor oomelli u pele i aou'r on tdu fiort o li peoor, iouhoul'retn tut. yoishou evuate you shor,d mveultoighe. yoou grouev.te >> eporur:ho mhe ou >>or nework iverty'sassirefrivfronewk hoerital'sost ivckuponfailand acua onshoal t pobegafor 260 upilpaentsd ua insudincrit allyll gar26baies. pat evts thiwasn th
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ininitorstly s.>> e evhisnhang i ostcour ha wi ctinu to ngreadith our e mbeblowwig cnuto adh in bee wi. >>eporowr: gutwheew ykn wi >> or mesthe atnticocewh y brey meint.s eme aer atichomece , mae more y we up fla s. t. a memamo wep la son rrol cnnnew rk. n olnnw . theevastion i brey he int eal asrdon io kinof reap yr mi t 80 hesin yri nt up iou lame h hos th are p i me verclosto o ho thanotrer an th ghind oughthelameereaposg o om ot anh one ouse td othe ghemeap debo h fe rick i seseivein he bree poi, quns, th tbo ie eeoiqu, t la. repter:ou kw, andeon somedy w liv he epr: sum kd it ubesde sayg ighmeng w iveum fire n u a rriceesaygh is lereon in all e hos he comtietel. liteted l litehoted.he om elu casee me fndat ns b te dpret muc notng else. yo can teed.ars cahate ere fat b etuc ot se innera d.yo n th we rslievis aatejeep thise b ieve i ainrahond
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repter:he siation he is vy ten us a ep r:rysiio h rpring, fra ly, vyusen w an werriv he. ri, a, its no a si watiohere iv oplehoulhpanic bheris it noa t ofiioreonc n be usleulni b50erf o ncisbe wnbehi50 meftherar stilaccoing t ayor thsandhiof poplehoer are il co trg pe tor iide thheirndouse ple are trartmts. w, ieople areirbeinse a rcuedn atm. plreinriory ba rs.ed thn are in a dum tuc oor ba so s tothreescu pele i a auallwentumith t th o myor soto on tcu dum trk,pe she i all invntedhh me mr tgo o n tumthe dutr truheit nv thehove ithme h t t get o aedu ideaf ruwhasoingtn inhe veeth h to becetse a eashhasng ven concned at s hastotec goen sh ate lpve ncyetd s aswhilt wegoreoing dn thee stets, tet ileeng de remded of stat s, expiencn 25itemd f katra.xpnc n founaty inhis ty, 2 none has ied. trere e no onfifoed atjurins.s y,that ns te go s newsd. bu te no it firtai y loured le newat t goorles. ws wh alslook likbunew ilean whe youailoooke l in theew le wiows. wh lsat wokikw anheu skeinhe wins. the windo we s chdrenmoths a fhershedo wang auswenost asechenth a f smrsing. ople nwa ba aonie wavngt at se . sm whg.were they leailinie
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wenot themn th dp tck ttharso.we th e pele w e emthsafe d ei ter w w tkedohe. mathr ofpehe w cindfe eishe' w w tdo maofciery ncer d rit nothate'he's not ttinhelprom e ste y new erseerthatrihenoat's t neein.lpm e s t's ewseliaten >> w veee50,0 oplen s li w ,0 le bokeand obab hal o bokeis ked abal flded, oke fld,o tre's anhererom ,000 t 000 t pe'sle tt ar-- an re m repter:till00n th home00 -- pe tillar i teir ephomr:.ll th d th canmeet -out l i'aski t forrheom. atio l th an gud toome n.ut arei'ki desorrateor t io nati al ggurd ttocomee in neere tireste tspeclize tiequi gent t be mele t t ee t r ci stets,ec ze be ab tuit e t saly g the pelend cisto bes, eablebo evuate those sa gheebe leevtese ave en kin ere'a cin ofomma wi e stee ndin we hav e' bee c o-ma wi rep ter: hat stee yo hearg?e av >>hey'ee -comi ey'r epr: t emingyobut therenot arre. >> y' ijustmiha 'r gra mothng itheadt .to tl i soist sor bt we n't ratth to t t ior bwe y rt o granhildn. th are mon old ins yr runng ouof od. shanlastld spo threonld t s hernnou. shst po
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andcldreorer dghte er is mningndhe sai i dcink rehaveenou foo ddteo et m ng thdugh eeaight. k ve th isouoo monold thh ins.t. i n't t tothhem.s cannon helthems. i t tom. nnelem >> isheabreangoea thmayotalkbout tha i i taed t herea laea nohtnd thshe yos lksayiut haook, th ta terwate a n e yi k,h comg in teif ou a othe gundeveom in of buding yeed to t a oto heher g gund.dve yo needof tbu genginto yn d aptmenoon t secd or hird hoor.r gd. yoed tgeto apen tecorrd r. s ts a maatorevaction ar andeopl jt cause t ey han' eerieed imaor acbefoon, di't a uallarnd plevacte? j us h eie i fodi all ac? >>eporr: ty'vead fldingere bere so peoe >> or tre rveommeed t evuate fl ng e bet pele hoe lid teoough th rme tloong ev tefore pest o h theli tghecid to tay oobecae thxperncedre t. o he th didt reizecitto wldy b cath ther edd. thmostideoplredideav wenouoo and ter o ltht a cupleds. stpl dthat theoodouews. i d st r lad a w cleustd gt t natwshed s. ju i a c plead mines wo,t g t n whe ju wer runn cg the iinervi wi themor tatwh th ernnth st e i vi ofew j sey wishe amnound th te t naonal uardofs on jts wy to s a unbokenow. te naalrdon wo
8:18 pm
kew. >>that a ge rieor th >> mar. at weill ntin ta r ceckn wi youthhrouout eight on ma wethatl evelining t cory.k wiou ou t 're ve ohtcournnhe at elg :00y. e our hr toght. ere e 0 smanylace hwetot. nte to bng y repts fm. snyce we wl be l egain b yep:00. fofow wbe lin o0. fo twttertw er nderncoor. th is arewher myell phe istorki. er myooouses ithoths reerwer,y thil ph isenti arehaski n mysewer, noho cellr,serve,hino timailres nothg. ner,, thnomayof ll rvown whe il opleormay go th t ne thyocape. townght,headlyhe pe le le ofmago peasidheigs, n jer y netot,ly alpethe lp fey cget. we ill idllig n erunehats al e ppen cg tothemt. welatel we' liv n t snot si of ndy. entoem tee'iv tno sif y. [ fale nounr ] hy stle
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r pln brd? ere'a beer ia. pi fsbure granun! ] fl y la srs be cuitplbr e'be i pi ur jusan15 m utes fl lae li bt deitcateayer us mes lideteer dd aayerf wmth yo nexdinn. aer w hpilbury randyobiscextsnn et t makg ben. ilryndsc takbe [ loz ] when fir staed wking i t aw mon. lo]enirta w ngwas , so sai "h, i nt tretii at aw."on s soai "hi ttit a befe yoknowt, i'm8 yes ol aefyoow myeol ti wenby vy fa. go by o,
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8:23 pm
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8:24 pm
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8:25 pm
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8:26 pm
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8:27 pm
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8:28 pm
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8:29 pm
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8:30 pm
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8:31 pm
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8:32 pm
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8:34 pm
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8:35 pm
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8:36 pm
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8:37 pm
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8:38 pm
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8:39 pm
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8:40 pm
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8:41 pm
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8:42 pm
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8:45 pm
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8:47 pm
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8:48 pm
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8:49 pm
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8:50 pm
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8:51 pm
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8:52 pm
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8:53 pm
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8:56 pm
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8:57 pm
8:58 pm
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