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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 3, 2013 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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"outfront," news. president obama just emerged from a 90-minute meeting with the top four leaders in congress. at that podium you saw john boehner. was there any kind of a breakthrough? 90-minute meeting after not talking for a week. we'll go live to the white house. plus one of the lawmaker who pushed for obama care to be included in the fight. rand paul is "outfront" to respond. and the story from the beginning, the violent confrontation between a motorist and a group of people caught on tape. we have news at the top of
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the hour. president obama and congressional leaders just a moment ago literally, 90 seconds ago, wrapping up a 90-minute meeting at the white house. if the congressional leaders are about to talk about that meeting. john boehner was there a moment ago. i want to get straight -- mitch mcconnell, i believe, is speaking. he is getting into his suv. let me get straight to jim acosta who is at the white house. we saw john boehner speak. who else spoke? a 90-minute meeting. what happened? >> all we've seen so far, you caught me poking down the driveway for a few moments. all we've seen so far is house speaker john boehner coming out of west wing. he gave a very brief statement saying at this point, the white house will not negotiate over this shutdown that is now into day two. obviously, house republicans would like to see some sort of concession on obama care. the president, if you listen to what john bain her to say right after this meeting, the white
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house is not offering that. what john boehner said, he still wants to have conferrees pointed. what does that mean? what house republican wos like to have the senate do is send members from the senate into a joint house senate conference to try to work out some sort of agreement. senate democrats have obviously balked at that. that may have been some of the conversation at this meeting. john boehner saying that's what we want. we just want this conversation. the headline is that there's no breakthrough. >> certainly the headline. mitch mcconnell has left. harry reid and nancy pelosi just walked out. >> democrats won't negotiate. but the speaker has to accept is yes for an answer. he said that he wanted to go to conference. he sent us something in the house that he wanted to go to conference. i thought we would throw him a life line.
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i said fine, we'll to go conference. all we want you to do is open the government. i went through a litany of things we would be happy to talk about or anything else he wanted to talk about. we said we'll be happy to talk about discretionary spending. we'll talk about agriculture. we'll talk about parks, health care, we'll talk about anything that you want to talk about. and he says, no. all he want to do is go to conference on a short term cr. we have the debt ceiling staring us in the face. and he wants to talk about a short term cr? i thought that they were concerned about the long-term fiscal affairs of this country. and we said we are, too, let's talk about it. my friend john boehner, i repeat, cannot take yes for an answer. >> thank you, mr. leader. on march 1st, we saw many of you
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out here after we had a meeting in the oval office with president obama. at that time, speaker boehner and leader mcconnell said that they wanted to proceed on the budget discussion under the regular order. a washington term which means you pass a bill in the hour, pass a bill in the senate, you go to conference. all of that was march 1st, before the end of the month, the house and the senate both passed a bill. but the republicans had resisted the regular order. for six months, they have avoided going to conference. now they come up with their suggestion or two of 986 or 988. it varies. 988 which is a figure our members in the house do not like, think it is far too low and the republican chairman of the appropriatations committee said it does not provide for the needs of the american people.
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nonetheless, having said that, the members of the house democrats stood on the capitol today and made a solid real offer to the speaker of the house to accept his number. which they don't like and they don't respect. but for the purpose of opening up government and going to next step. all we have to do is bring it to the president. it come to the president's desk. government is open. then we go to the table as the leader discussed. some of that discussion can be helpful in terms of addressing growth, deficit reduction, and how we go forward on lifting the debt ceiling. so we just have to find a way. and we have to find a path that they can go down. if they keep moving the goalpost and won't even accept their own number, as the leader said, if
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they don't take yes for an answer, then i can only conclude that they wanted to shut down government. that they think that that has a purpose for them. and we know what that is. they to overturn the affordable care act which won't happen. and frankly, that's not what our constitution had in mind. if you don't like something, you threaten to shut down government. it is not that kind of a system. in any event, ever optimistic because so much is at stake, i'm hopeful that in the conversation, we heard open of other. that we'll be able to find a place to go, as the leader suggested. six months after we were supposed to in order to discuss the budget that can be helpful. the next challenge is lifting the debt ceiling. it was a worthwhile meeting. i'm glad it was held. we had, shall we say, some
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candid discussion, wouldn't you say, mr. leader? and we won't go into that. >> one of the things i felt very happy i was there. the president of the united states was very strong, strong, strong. this has never happened before. they can make the historical analysis they want. a political party would be willing to take the country to the brink of financial disaster and say we won't allow them to pay our bills. the president said, we won't stand for that. and in, happy to work with you, pr speaker, it is all focused on obama care.
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that's all it is about. as i said before and i'll tell you tonight. they did the same thing to social security. they did the same thing to medicare and they're trying to do the same to obama care. obama care is another social security. another medicare program. it is signature to this administration and this nancy pelosi and harry reid worked hard to get it done. one thing that they made very clear in that meeting, we are locked in tight on obama care. >> you're in that meeting, more than an hour. what is your sense? how real is the danger that the country may default? >> i believe based on what we have seen, the performance of the tea party driven, cruz led house now, no longer in the senate. it is in the house.
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i think that it looks like these people are headed where they want to go. bachmann said finally, we're where we wanted to be. we closed down the government. she's not alone. >> let me just say this about the meeting. and that is the following. i think there are certain principles or attitudes that we should have. i'm not saying we agreed to this in the meeting. i'm saying for the good of the order. and the confidence of the american people. we should take the debt ceiling debate off the table. the united states of america will always offer the full faith and credit of our country. no president should be held hostage to that for a social or other agenda. so let's just take that off the table.
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it is really dangerous. closing the government is bad. the combination of that. we have to think about what we're to go now. >> let's take off the table. secondly, secondly, every bill that ever passes in the congress is subject to another bill passing in the congress to amend it. >> and so if they don't like certain aspects of the affordable care act, they have every opportunity in the majority. especially, to bring anything to the floor to make whatever changes they want. but that should not be something that is a threat to whether government is open or the full faith and credit. so take the lifting of the debt ceiling off the table. recognize that any bill that has passed enacted into law can be changed under the regular order.
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but don't confuse the two. >> did the speaker say he would not bring it to the floor? >> i don't know why they haven't accepted their own number. we stad on the steps of the capitol. over 100 members, as i said, with the support of the other members of the caucus to say we're making a firm offer. as i have done privately over and over again, that we will accept the 988. you know that our members do not like the 988. most have dug their heals to say they would never support the 988. but to open government, that opinion is a luxury we cannot afford on the side of the democrats or the republicans. so we're willing to compromise to accept their number. they had two things. 988 and overturn obama care. this won't happen. we're willing to accept this.
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>> are you going to meet again? >> can you tell us how long you expect this shutdown to continue after this meeting? >> you can see harry reid and nancy pelosi walking away with a phalanx of cameras on them. before i go to the senator, i want to you hear what john boehner said. he spoke very briefly. not like nancy pelosi and harry reid but for just a few seconds in front of the same cameras a moment ago. i want to play you what he had to say in that 90-minute meeting with the president. >> in times like this, the american people expect their leaders to come together and try to find ways to resolve their differences. the president reiterated one more time that he will not negotiate. we've got divide government.
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we sent four different proposals to our colleagues in the senate them rejected all of them. >> that was what speaker boehner had to say. i want to bring in senator ran paul. senator paul, always great to have you with us. you've heard speaker boehner, nancy pelosi and harry reid. harry reid just said very clearly, they're not negotiating. they appear to agree on one thing. the democrats said they are locked in tight on obama care them won't put it on the table. >> i think one of the interesting things, i hear from the american people, why don't you compromise? i would think you have to negotiate. that means discussing your differences and trying to get in the middle between the two. we've been offering some compromises. i think that's what the american people want. we started out with a position that we don't want any obama care. that's what we believe. the president wants all of it. 100%.
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i would think a compromise would be both sides. >> what about what you all are asking for, a short term resolution which is what the republicans have asked for. and he is saying, i thought you care about long term fiscal responsibility. he had a point. and then nancy pelosi said they have agreed to something they don't want to agree to, a spending cap of $988. something you've been dying to do. why isn't that enough? it does seem like obama care is a bit of an obsession. >> here's the problem. people are like, why will government shut down? we're not doing appropriations bills. we have 12 appropriations bills. had harry reid brought them to wall and shut down. that's how it worked when we had differences between the house and the senate.
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they're defying what the normal history of compromise here. we're offering today to find government. only 15% of government spending is shut down and we're trying to actually encourage the passage of more of the spending. and they're vetoing any more spending bills to try to open up government. we're trying to open up as they're saying we won't negotiate. >> one thing i have to ask you. you just raised an amazeding point. in a sense you have a lot of leverage. you've created a situation where the problem is only 15% but people perceive it to be closer to 100. now you can get them to give you spending cuts and spending caps and all these things that you've wanted. why would not you take those? why put your entire heart and soul and reputation and next
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seat in office on obama care. you have to realize, those numbers are above the sequester. we aren't getting any great spending reduction out of this. i probably can't vote for a continuing resolution above the sequester because i think one of the good things we've done on control speck. this is about us not obsessed but one thing. congress has the power of the purse. congress is supposed to have overnight. when that's what separation is for. you have a separation of powers. when we have a divided government, we have to negotiate. the fact that they won't negotiate is untenable. i think they'll have to talk to us. >> peter king was on last night. person that you've been closely affiliated. with that is ted cruz.
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i wanted to play this. >> they have 30 or 40 or 50 people driving us over a cliff. it has to end. we have to stop listening to ted cruz. >> what do you say to that? there are a lot of republican who's say what this core group, the minority group in your party is doing is destroying your party. peter king is one of them. he is certainly not alone. >> i think it is unfair actually. i think the one thing that we're very unified on, not everybody agreed on the tactics. everybody admits that. however on, obama care, we're absolutely united. the republican senate caucus, we shouldn't fund it. it is bad for america. it is a disaster for us, we're willing to compromise. that's what the american people need to know. we've been giving and giving. the president is saying my way
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or the highway. and i don't think that's what american people want. >> if it is a disaster, don't you gain the most by letting it ham? now if it is even 1% of success, it might look like a bone head way. he said you won't defun his signature legislation. the polling shows the american people seem to agree with that. they say avoid the government shutdown is more important than delaying obama care. >> i'm not sure it is as clear cut as you make it out to be. i think the people who want me to stand up and fight obama care, they think i think bad and it will reduce your choices. i think it takes away your freedom of choice. in my state, you'll have four choices where you once had 50 choices. one insurance company where you had 37 insurance coils. it does take away choices. 61% of my state voted for romney.
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they want me to stand up but they don't want the government shutdown. i have been one who says fight. i fought for defunding but we lost. the president wants 100%. should he not need to negotiate to get somewhere in the middle in order to get a compromise? >> now, senator, one final question. you just heard harry reid when he was asked by the reporters, frbl meeting do you feel the debt kraelg will be breached. that is the big thing. that is much bigger than this government shutdown. and he seemed to indicate from that meeting, yes. he thinks it will be. he said we are the most important economy in the world. we're the reserve currency of the world. payments have to go out to people. if money doesn't flow in, money doesn't flow out. are you to let the debt
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ceiling -- >> i'll for taking it completely off the table. and the promise to wall street that we will always pay the interest on the debt as a priority. do you know how we do that? we bring in $260 million every month. the debt payment is about 30 billion. what's going on, the democrats are saying, we might not pay it because republicans don't want to raise the debt kraelg. that would mean you have a balanced budget. we should pay our bill and never hurt the markets. i would pass a law saying the first revenue has to go to pay interest. >> but it is still de faulting when you're defaulting on social security. >> why would you be late on your social security payments? we have a bill call the full faith and credit bill. we've pass i had the i before.
2:21 am
you may social security, medicare, and you pay with interest on the debt. we have money for all of that. >> senator paul, thank you. responding to what you just saw there. the laerds of the house and the senate who just met with the president. and they agreed. there was a big agreement. they both said the other side refused to compromise. we'll you go there political speak and say if there is any chance this stalemate breaks. then later, new images of the driver. one of the men involved will be on this programs. we'll be back on "outfront." breaking news, there was a no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself.
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breaking news, there was a 90-minute meeting at the white house. the first meeting that has occurred between president and the top leadership of the house and the senate. that meeting just wrapped up a few moments ago. nancy pelosi spoke, harry reid spoke, house speaker john boehner spoke and they all said there was no negotiating. the president made it clear that was not what was going to happen. a big disappointment to a lot of people. 800,000 people going without paychecks today. you all heard rand paul saying we're going to stick with what
2:24 am
we're sticking with. obama said we're locked in on obama care. it sounded to me like they had a 90-minute meeting that might have been one of the most frustrating meetings in history. >> the question is this. which proverb is right? is it darkest before the dawn or darkest before it is totally black? it looks pretty bleak. i would say this. this is not a surprise. these guys have been apart. there has been no wiggle room, no private negotiations. i would view this as progress for this reason. you have to have the first tough meeting to have any prospect of
2:25 am
>> if everybody had a question of whether the administration was willing to throw john boehner a bone on the president's health care plan, the answer is a resounding no after this meeting. the president gave an interview today. he said it was said in this meeting. obama care is non-negotiable. period. it passed. most pelosi said afterwards, look, if you want to amend it, do it through the regular order. what she wanth to do which i thought was interesting taerk question of the debt limit off the table. and she said let's just agree that we need to raise the debt limit. what i heard from rand paul talking to you was, he sort of wants to get that off the table as well. if there is any sort of hint of optimism, maybe it is that everybody agrees that it would be cataclysmic not to raise the debt limit.
2:26 am
they agree it is cataclysmic except for one side -- here we are. it is like in a replay. dana, what about the moderates? you heard rand paul say, basicalliering with admit we made mistakes in how we handled this tactically. what about the moderate republican who's are willing to go along with the white house at this point? >> there is a group of them, maybe close to 20 who are actively saying i've had enough. to those of houston have covered them in the hallways or folks back home. he this even met with the speaker. he was concerned enough that he brought them in series of small groups. however, saying that they are willing to vote for this clean bill with no strings attached and actually pushing, demanding the speaker to bring that up are too very different things. even some of those who are the most vocal, lack of a better way to say the.
2:27 am
they won't put their vote where their mouth is. they won't buck the leadership on the procedural votes they have to to get what they want which is that clean bill. so we're not actually seeing it yet. i will say that i talk to some privately in these halls just today who said they are going to give the speakers and the leaders a little more time but maybe they'll be willing to do that by the end of the week. >> why are they so afraid? the polls seem to support them. the american people say we would rather keep the government open than deal with this obama care issue. why are they so afraid? >> it is such a great question. one reason they're so afraid is because yes, many of them have a the love angry constituents saying why is this happening. when it comes to what most of them are most concerned about, a primary tal edge from the right. that is a very real possibility here. you have the peter kings of the world who aren't that concerned. but most of the lawmaker are in sufficient conservative
2:28 am
districts because of gerrymandering over the years, what they are hearing is go, go, go. in fact one congressman from georgia was saying that he is getting calls 10-1 saying keep on keeping on. keep that government shut down. these moderates are not in that strong of a position, but the wing of the party that actually votes in these primaries could really hurt them. >> so here's the question for the republican party. do you want to remain a congressional party, in which case you'll keep your majority in the house. or do you want to become a presidential party? if you want to possibly win the white house, you have to appeal to independent voters. and they are overwhelmingly against strategy. they might remain one but it is very dill to see how you win if they're mad at you. >> vs a very interesting point. do you think that they mean it on the debt ceiling in they both say they want to take it off the inch tap but from what i hear,
2:29 am
it is the same as we don't want the government to shut down. >> this lookly becomes a tom boehner question. is he willing to step up. the president did get them on negotiate if they're big to negotiate other things, they can probably get something. if the tax on medical devices is enough, they might be able to get that. in material of defunding, dlaig, stalling, significantly the president's health care plan, they aren't going on get that. the question is can john boehner sell something else? or his caucus members or does he stand up to them and take it to the floor where he can probably pass it. the question is, could he keep his job? >> and who will be the speaker next time around. >> i want to go back to the
2:30 am
white house. jim acosta is there. we've heard nancy pelosi. we've heard harry reid speak. nancy pelosi and harry reid took a lot of questions. the president of the united states is completely quiet. is he going to say anything or just stay in his lair? >> i don't know with that. we're wondering if it was possible earlier this evening. because the speaker of the house was coming out. and those democratic leaders from congress, harry reid and nancy pelosi, came out. but i can't really surmaze why the president did or did not come out. he did talk to a white house official who said if you look at what happened in that meeting, if you listen to what they said coming out, it is obvious no progress was made. that was plain to see and hear as we were standing outside the west wing. i was there as john boehner walked out for a few moments. and up that harry rood received
2:31 am
took questions. john boehner took no questions. we want to continue on the resolution. and he said, and the white house won't do that and democrats won't do that. and he walked off. and then harry reid and most pelosi, it was striking to me. harry reid said we are locked in tight on obama care. nancy pelosi, they want to overturn the affordable care act. that is not going to happen. erin, if we are in this stalemate for the next couple of days where basically, they're not talking to each other, i think we're entering a dangerous phase over the next couple weeks. both sides have drawn lines in the sand.
2:32 am
the president saying he won't negotiate when it comes to a temporary standing bill and you have the house, the house republicans saying, we're not going to talk about a resolution unless you talk obama care. you could not have two sides more polar icesed than they are right now. the president will be going to a local construction company to talk about it. you can rest assured that the president will go after republicans the way he has been to put the pressure on them to do what he wants. his way or the highway. essentially the white house lossture at this point. >> all right. jim at the white house. thank you. i want to explain where we stand. a very significant past 34 minutes in american political shutdown history. we've had nancy pelosi, reid and boehner emerge from a 90-minute meeting with the president. the president did not speak but the other three did. let me play for you what the speaker said. >> at times like this, the
2:33 am
american people expect their leaders to come together and try to find ways to resolve their differences. the president reiterated one more time tonight that he will not negotiate. we've got divided government. the democrats control the white house in the senate. republicans control the house. we sent four different proposals to our democratic colleagues in the senate them rejected all of them. >> that was speaker boehner. he made it clear there was no negotiating going on. and harry reid, you heard jim acosta talk about something crucial. we are locked in tight on obama care. not moving a millimeter on the democrat side. harry reid talked about this motor significant event and that's the debt ceiling. >> we have the debt ceiling staring us in the face. he wants to talk about a short term cr? i thought they were center about the long term affairs of this
2:34 am
country. and we said we are, too. let's talk about it. my friend john boehner, i repeat, cannot take yes for an answer. >> and nancy pelosi also weighed in. expressing her frustration in what she believed was a kraigt concession in term of a major spending cap that republicans wanted. which now doesn't seem to be enough. hear is the former speaker. >> for six months, they have avoided going to congress. now they come one their suggestion of 986 or 988. the figure varies. 988. which is a figure that our members in the house do not like. we think it is far too long and the chairman of the appropriations committee says it does not everybody able to government to provide for the kneads of the american people. >> senator rand paul just came to to respond.
2:35 am
i want to bring in paul begala, he was an inside we are clinton during the last time the government shut down. i can't think of two more people to come on at this opponent. they have a 90-minute meeting. you have five people in a room for 90 minutes and they all walk out saying, that was a huge waste of my time and the other side won't negotiate. so what the heck happened in that 90 minutes? >> it was the five of them and their food tasters. >> they're not just, you have to have a relationship for it to fray. the problem is here, they had the wrong people in the room. i like john boehner, a great patriot.
2:36 am
but negotiating with john boehner is like negotiating with kermit the frog instead of jim hensen. you need puppeteer, not the puppet. he has allowed himself to be the puppet of the party. he could go to the house and let the housework think will the way the vast majority want to do. it is this tea party fringe that has been wagging the dog, pardon my mixing may metaphors, tea party tale. and someday, john boehner will pull on his big boy pants. do you think john boehner has overplayed his hand? >> i would not talk about bill >> i would not talk about bill clinton's pants like that? honestly. i think that's a little bit of a low. a little bit of a low blow. john bainer could put a clean cr on the floor.
2:37 am
sure. but the ultimate point is that the republicans are united on obama care. and obama care is a central policy difference between these two sides. the difference between 1995 and 2013, in 2005, we were only talking about money. this is talking about a fundamental change in the way people get herring in this country. the president has delayed it himself already. his only position is this is what we're going to do. you're going to give up and do it my way. that's not fair. the longer this goes on, the more the president is in a box himself. admittedly, the republicans are taking the brunt. the president can negotiate and his position that he won't negotiate is going to get old after a while. >> does he have an obligation to negotiate over obama care? that's what the question is. i said this to rand paul that. and i thought it was for, 15% of the government shut down, 85 isn't.
2:38 am
i said when you have the country in a position where the public perception is 100% of the government is shut down and thing are really dire. so maybe now is the time to get the other spending cuts that you want. why not do that? why go for this sort of tilting at windmills. >> we're not going to default on our full faith and credit. the republicans are trying get to what they think is extremely important and what a lot of americans might think is a big mistake. obama care could turn should goo a train wreck again. fundamentally, they believe that if you, and you could do this. you could go and repeal the taxes in obama care. the republicans have said, hey, let's get rid of the original mandate. that requires people to have an
2:39 am
insurance policy, by law. if they got rid of that, here's what happens. obama care collapses under its own weight. >> we appreciate you taking the time. we'll take a brief break. when we come back, our breaking news continues. plus within the last hour or so, the michael jackson trial. and new development. high-speed chase. dropping one of the charges with [ taps baton ] [ dings ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every thought... every movement... ♪ ...carefully planned, coordinated and synchronized. ♪ performing together with a single, united purpose.
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high-speed chase. dropping one of the charges with a man and his family in an suv sunday. that was when one of the bikers came up to the suv and was pounding their helmet into the glass. the driver was hospitalized. and two of the drivers of the bikes were also in serious condition.
2:43 am
the harrowing confrontation was caught on tape. it has raised serious questions about who was the blame. susan candiotti has the latest. >> reporter: at first glance, the man in the white helmet appears to be part of a terrifying assault on the driver of the black range rover. it was all caught on video that has gone viral sinned sunday's attack. that man surrendered and u.s. was arrested. slapped with several charges including reckless endangerment. sometimes video only shows so much. a law enforcement official telling cnn, edwards may have been trying to protect the suv's driver. businessman beaten and slashed in front of his wife and child. so for now charges are dropped. the manhattan d.a.'s office won't comment on edwards' role, instead issuing this statement. prematurely individuals with low level crimes does not further the goals of the investigation and could weaken the cases we
2:44 am
expect to bring against the cases of serious crimes. however, one cyclist, christopher cruz, is charged with reckless driving in connection with the biker run gone bad. here he is moving in front of the suv and slowing down on purpose, causing lean to pump him. after that, police say lien feared for his life and sped off. running over a few bikers, critically injuring one as he tried to get away. cruz appearing before a jfl his lawyers saying none of it is extra. >> his motorcycle was struck and he stood right there. he never assaulted this man. he never tried to assault him in any way. he does not know any of the other motorcyclists who were involved. >> reporter: investigators are still digging for information, for witnesses and listening to 911 calls lien made during the chase. promising more arrests to catch one those who brutally attacked the suv's driver. erin in. >> thank you very much. i want to bring in jerome davis. he is one of the motorcyclists riding with the group.
2:45 am
thank you for taking the time. i know you were not totally sure about talking to me so i appreciate this. you were not at the scene of the first incident when police say the suv hit the first motorcyclist but you did see what happened next. what did you see? >> we came on to the highway southbound coming from 95. made the u-turn. we came around and everything was at a stop. kind of like, it came to the front. it was maybe a handful of us and we tack a ride. it was just a ride. like a heavy weekend ride. and we were coming up and seeing -- >> so you saw, we saw the suv and the video here.
2:46 am
you see it driving over the two bikers. you saw that happen. so the video, it is very hard to tell who did what or who started that. from what you saw, what do you think happened? >> the driver was a maniac. >> the driver of the suv. >> yes. he was a maniac. he hit the first guy. he lost control. it went over. he stopped. and from my rear view left -- excuse me, from the right rear view, the body was underneath the truck. he just, right over. the truck came at least thigh high. and he kept proceeding on. the driver of the -- >> of the suv. >> yes. >> you describe him as a maniac. you said he and his wife did not look concerned. to be honest, that's hard to believe. he had a 2-year-old child in the back. there's a gang of bikers around him. he is alone.
2:47 am
can you see his side of it at all? >> i can understand it kind of in a way. but from previous, what happened, an section an accident. if you're going, if something happens, you stop right there. it is an accident. you think and stop. you don't keep acting on. >> now, before you go, i have to show you. we just have these pictures from the nypd. i want to show them to you. take a look if you can. they say that they are looking for. this is what they released. this is difficult for me to tell who these people are but you go out with them on the weekend. do you know who they are? they say they want to talk to them? are you familiar with them? >> i don't know them. haven't seen them. >> you don't know them? >> no. >> thank you very much for taking the time and obviously, this is a story a lot of people want to know what really happened so we thank you for coming in and sharing your side of it as a biker in the gang and thank you.
2:48 am
>> thank you. still to come, the verdict in the michael jackson trial just came out. we'll have that after the break. ♪ [ male announcer ] over time, you've come to realize... [ starter ] ready! [ starting gun goes off ] [ male announcer ] it's less of a race... yeah! [ male announcer ] and more of a journey. and that keeps you going strong. at unitedhealthcare insurance company, we get that. with over 30 years of experience, we'll be there -- ready to go as far as you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, these help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay --
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and finally, a not guilty verdict in the michael jackson trial could have been worth billions of dollars. a jury finding aeg live not liable for michael jackson's death. jackson died from a drug
2:52 am
overdose from propofol in 2009. his family sued the concert promoter saying they were responsible for hiring conrad murray and pushing him to treat the singer for insomnia. murray was found guilty in a separate trial but this was the big trial and casey has the latest and casey, this could have been a huge amount of money. this trial went on for five months. what was the reaction when the verdict was read? >> reporter: reaction was believe it or not, kind of expected, erin, because this jury came in with this verdict so quickly. they only deliberated for a total of 13 hours over four days. they had potentially 16 different questions they would have had to answer in the affirmative and set a dollar amount to for the jackson family to receive any money. so when this was wrapped up
2:53 am
quickly, and wrapped up on the question was dr. conrad murray competent or incompetent to form the job in which he was hired. they answered no to that. that was question two of 16 so that ended the deliberations right there. the aeg attorneys very happy vindicated. jackson's attorneys may consider an appeal. >> we'll be right back. no matter how busy your morning you can always do something better for yourself. and better is so easy with benefiber. fiber that's taste-free, grit-free and dissolves completely. so you can feel free to add it to anything. and feel better about doing it. better it with benefiber. see who does good work and compare costs. it doesn't usually work that way with health care. but with unitedhealthcare, i get information on quality rated doctors, treatment options and estimates for how much i'll pay. that helps me, and my guys, make better decisions. i don't like guesses with my business,
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our top story top congressional leaders meet with president obama for more than an hour tonight. when they were done the message the said, no deal no negotiating. day two of the shut down continues.
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